07-14-16 4pm Mens Room fires up the grill

Thursday, July 14th

Emails, Mike Hawk gives you the headlines he's NOT working on, plus No S sherlock and Ted's Meaqt and Potatoes is about cooking out and ice cream!


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So men's room where miles and throughout 99.9. I just go bump program became known as profile those are excesses and l.'s weakling for tickets to see Alice Cooper live in concert he's coming to the emerald queen casino. You don't like our government talking the other attendees who have talked out gals out kubert there might. You he's OK woody woody we're wasn't what is a little. What now we say was don't need just the talking to audio and he didn't really tell what he would do and Eddie he did say that he was having a good Dave Duncan got we were we we we had a little miscommunication and then Lisa well we'll figure out of the rotunda to reschedule this thing if if if things didn't work out. If you listen to the show yesterday we weren't sure. So you know castle sends out and announces the drug charge that look it's okay global reschedule this thing for another time that's just not a good time OK when. So mice in their due and the thing also an altitude because of the yeah aren't yet to tell ouster were gonna help you have to credit I had my first time dug into rock legend Alice Cooper and eyes and things you know we can't accurate as anybody that would Jordan Saudi. Now if he doubted slightly younger it is the got hung up today announced the guy that did just enough don't you know that you know have oust Iraqi uncommon for sure and Alice Cooper tickets on the way with profile list. We'll take a break come back and more a big on Iran after the break. Back to them this week miles. We itself Saturdays on the way ahead ships in the house as well we're talking cookout food tonight's great with kids meet. And the day and that is all on the way in the meantime the game is big dummy Steve who is our next contestant ready to play the game how. On top. I've read this summer not over. So read welcome to. We're glad to have you back you never repeat customer. I think yeah bigger one of our gently you heard last week. Yeah right yeah the oh okay okay well you solid coming out of luck but Japanese suicides that we thought we just glorious softball. Profiling. From right here. Here's your question all of lines of longitude and measured east to west of what line. I'm ready and these suicide prime meridian primary you know that's the best economy Jim I've primer primer ready and have sold some of these relations. There's big w.s are next and doesn't re play of the game you read a primer media know all. Man gets answers yet billion in the literature reading it is. It's a good meal fellow governor welcome to the men's room. Our top honor comes got. In the Philly your morning. Nineteen both Kelly and strengthening their kids got. There's no 55 year old guys don't like a hundred I don't think there's any money and cold and Austin currently interning in junior and militant. I gotta you're sober. Yes there. In another because I was sober when I was nineteen so I'm assuming that you look. Well you'd be sitting correctly Jack yeah I got from the media at these soccer game last night and easily and are you don't mind that's it. McManaman agree mood you know my my daughter just turned 21 and more were having our first Saturday. And as voter looks to me was my Burres veer ever got. There we go. It was like yes I know in his or her rear camera with dad like legally just that would. I got to hear the question Mulder grizzly bear named would make you think that it's well the most grisly. Exactly this type of bear that's responsible for more human attacks in North America and India. Out of order. Just based upon. He's a better shot of running into. Collectors are all over the. A polar bears there'd been very detailed going to keep him sure there. For sure for Arnold. Boulder is gonna do that I'd read a story today in Alaska today. The high was it one point in time 97 degrees now this is on the north Arctic parts of Alaska so the top coast of Alaska. Hit 96. Degrees to give you an idea it was four degrees hotter than Orlando Florida. Fairbanks was hotter than Atlanta Georgia in the last three days I don't even Alter polar bear what the hell you do. It's so hot you are. I presume plus you know what I didn't watch the whole show the issue is that lake the ice right you retreat farther and farther back announced polar bears. Have to go on like the eight law or you know multiple daylong swims to get back out the ice to the seals on the ice and how they've learned hunt. Some of whom now are staying on the shore but then eventually they got to go they're gonna come to your town who couldn't eat stuff there. It it hits into a problem. But our it's not. Mary parent yeah they are the women are given an a for effort you know for sure they're involved gills and fins only. I didn't but the grizzlies mixed in with them to the polar bears about Dunn who. There's no there's no upside. To the grizzly bear meeting with the polar bear for the polar bears babies we just turning degree is okay. Again as well I look man. We've got to do this but it did all right let your friend demands good and I'm losing my side you know who's land it a result but I group the bare ass we need to me is that. It. A cloud ask circled earth. When the when most of what volcanic island was obliterated and a team three explosions. And Aaron are probably smoke some of those new day. Is it or edit Ireland yeah it's actually reformed. And in that period of time it's. And I grew a couple of holes I guess for the most part than I kind of did so room. Basically came right back. Like is it you Papa the next is there anything about a puff pretty much it is right back ala earth guy at me so. It and it will blow get. Us through the air on the same unit and on the same lines I go back up yet. Ironically had no idea man. Crazy and I just know I have. After the tonight. One of the biggest amusement parks in that area. It's on the mainland across from crack until also these huge roller coasters and all this stuff through basically just brain crack and tell. You know that things going to blow again it's going to be a monumental. Again like Yellowstone park. It happened right in the meantime you know go to picture with the buffalo. Or whatever people outside of buffalo this summer right but it's not quite saddened that our yes that is devices. It was about a sensitive to that now to adrenaline doodles. It's only gonna have a lot of I have a friend it's an Alaska and they really set me at Texas like we got stuck in a herd of bison I know I don't think I didn't know I would like the bison wings. I'm with Ted. This question the former prison island of Alka threat as global rock by the evidence but the work out with friends Spanish what type number. What are prepared our doesn't NBA team named after or. Nobody knows why they decided to change the maintenance view. Out of heart. Please leave and start. Please sit in that tough. Right at big bubble that day in and able and in his basement you know menu right. You law and hold it could anything look at the Vatican. That. Let's Iraq's Arab or hitting her name an important well definitely whatever the image all the pros and fives. Very fitting for them to do prison. OK most icebergs in the North Atlantic. Comparable about wanting glaciers on the West Coast of what I. I just very. And what in what area water. So most of icebergs in north when they come to our appointed to the glaciers but he's glacier on the West Coast of what I. Our agreement. I've got and I guns you are very gopher up big dumbed we have time for a few emails here from the men's room mad men's or live dot com yeah. Go abroad to buy laser rowing for our brewers a men's room original red because we think it Janet. Golden is out now check KI SW dot com to find where you can pick up yours. I'll tell us today is my son's ninth birthday he's a great kid and fan of your show I would it would bring a smile those lazy here's name on the radio. And they want the F does that bro and Al hitting the window and they suck it up cupcake U guys rock that from Ross who would love to hear his son's name on the radio if he would just apply it yeah. All right yeah. Yeah yeah. OK. Okay. Maybe this remorse up better to nine year old same day don't know. Today's my son Carter's ninth birthday he absolutely love your show Megan so Abbie you using the birthday song and in the face Sam is that from Brittany Phil aren't impressed. Well tonight under a digital summer retreat and I don't know held Power Rangers and costs and if it hits that it fast. All the Joes could you please wish my beautiful ginger American girlfriend happy 35 birthday we listen all the time and I know that share would really like a classic. They Sammons a number they saw that from chef Adam fish sandwich ginger American is that I think it is now and I'm not column blond Americans. Guys saying today and my brother Oscars Tony seventh birthday he lives in new York and does not listen to your show but I'm sure we'll be thrilled but I cinema sound clip. At a birthday Oscar can you give the original fish sandwich and oh look out and and Al hitting the window thanks guys. Arrogant pressure we look out it's not at all. It would have never been out there and don't get open Paltrow. And as we get there and I today is my son Jesse's eighteenth birthday big failure she'll be great you guys you know birthday song gonna suck it up cupcake and I jeez Louise thanks from Janice in Iowa. She will wait. Guys and your birthday shot onto my friend hobby and give a classic fish sandwich from trends rock god fish sandwich. Let us are here at one. I'd like to wish my dad had a birthday down here and oven heated Texas. He turned 62 today and is the best dad that any of us could ask for what they'll stationed in Texas again with our affiliate remember KH OT army out. Get a get a barbershop quartet face that would you know look out and out hitting the window please thanks from the. JJ jeans. And I communities and OK so you know I got you rob. Enemies and glad it's cheese and a starter on this. Look on. Oh guys you Joe's Joseph and I never had the opportunity email you guys just wanna say thanks having Austin this radio show the world and seeing as you guys are the greatest of thought and askew here for the birthday song. If you possibly do that for me in any funny sound by the you may choose to play for my 38 birthday thanks again for all you do can't wait to hear you guys all as usual today. This kind of tickles the parent. No I've Georgia are from Chile. For today he let T that he deleted digital one day our travel I got us to Seattle and we listen to your show we've been listening to its ever cents. Anyhow today's Herbert day and Al's wondering if you guys can which are very happy birthday she's loved in my life and we laugh and listen you guys every day from. Today in his day Patagonia and exactly where Patagonia Chile SA beautiful. Guys that frowned Erica hi guys I hear you go. He had ever gonna yeah hi yeah I haven't I'm hurt and I'm glad everybody thank you take your ego. Which. Here's another one here and again to guys I heard your confusion about the guy. Who shares his wife with his girlfriend and you guys that you had no idea how deep this will go. Well my wife and I are sometimes joined by my girlfriend. But her husband isn't into groups stuff. So we're trying to get my girlfriend's boyfriend. Appear from California. So we get devilish. If you think it's sounds crazy imagine how we feel about the people who choose to only have one partner to time. That from maxim podcasters flooding and up in Seattle. Yet and man you know it's a trio to imagine we're confused yes I think here's the best of both worlds right now I don't know that I encourage and other dude come up. Only guys on the daytime bartender at the sound check off a 196 in Lynn what do we have men's room original read on tap. And use it in our delicious beer cheap all of it with daily specials and a rock bands every weekend. You know karaoke on Wednesday sol man karaoke I can't Guatemala Oreo wins that is more karaoke huh. Will still go the center part. If that's what's great man of an identical terms of its its ultimate. I've I podcasts alluded to get their their delicious chicken wings and Keck that's all I need that would be by siblings. Fellows this valley is called buffalo miles not. But if you change it to Mike Tyson's right exactly that's all were certain fellows this past week in six crazy friends and I completed a team all true marathon in a tiny rocky mountain town in southern Alberta. It was awesome. Because in my crazy fear bears don't know because you're sensible and the fact that I would be running 22 miles and pretty remote wilderness you're not sensible I download a bunch your podcast and had them playing fairly loudly on a little portable screen her grandmother. Needless to say other runners were laughing along with your sausage discussion shelling out guess is the big dummy questions mailing all of Mitchell as they've had sent a so other and get the bears away and United Nations well that my friends signing off. That from Kim in teen eagle from these sinister seven ultra. Anyone else a little offended that bears do not like our show. It's a luddite I there were relate bear sprayed with Demi god David you players showed a -- entire bag and I have a lot of love that's for sure that is able paragon headlines go to won our first I checked my cock for some of the stories that he is now. And out right coming across my desk for right now here's headlines is professional Pokemon go traders are now advertising on Craig's list no no you're not professional stop and as well and I B saint I have I believe is her name she's the editor in chief of the Brooklyn based magazine silica. And you place that Craig's list saying quote professional Pokemon go trainer promises to help you do become the very best for twenty dollars an hour. She is professional these are the slow indeed every your username and password and then she will train up your volume on free while you're actually like working like a regular person while. They gonna lining up for tonight as terrifying glass skyscraper slide is already facing a lawsuit. This they 45 belongs guys slide it open last month outside the US bank targeted its between the seventieth and 69 floors nearly 1000 feet above the street. And 57 year old Gailey shark claimed that she broke her ankle wall coming down this guy slides and she is suing for negligence the settlement and I left I believe so yes sounds right yeah. Brighter side of the building with Gaza it looks it's no problem. Small house making you scared of it might and little prick. Your wrote ankle look at grandma. The visiting my Reuters got an ankle but at the Wright Kelly good eye good knowledge that she soup and her husband sued to yet does not begin having sex I don't for a loss of items consortium believed a word can sort of your arms some weird sex brother you can Wear it around and go for the vagina and alas that was a bit of a slide might. The slot if it's a thousand feet above the ground to head I reserve the right to be terrified of is still a glass slide. Technically it is a thousand feet and it is clear glass but still just slide right here justice and I didn't like the little that oh yeah. Those kids play on have you seen it. I saw picture before opening saw the mock Obama. Dad's. Now I guess that have to do less deadline had got free tonight a mile from where Boyd died Disney firefighters fed gators. Yeah I know all fired up by about the world they were warned to stop treating alligators that two months before a Gator killed two year old playing graves. Emails show that the firefighters have been feeding at least one if not both gators apparently living in a pond near the fire station less than a mile from where the the boy was killed. It is sad to leave like that damn stupid movies like flat earth it yeah I mean. It's priest very loosely on the idea of if you keep feeding animals bad things happen it's so they come back. That's what I got freedom and I will touch on this really quick it's gonna come up a little bit later there was that attack in Paris based Annan on Bastille day there was a semi truck that was involved and at cloud and on a sidewalk through a crowd of people the facts and I've got it's a developing story there's sixty reported killed already. The driver in fact was was killed by police of that situation is coming together we'll have more information later on him and Japanese. Thank you thank you much we appreciate that. Got another show dead meat and potatoes goes down foods and ice cream but first. Our own Steve throw hill Combs and all the bigs are looking for stories with headlines it's brand of no shirt. Jetlag really is worse if you go geez instead of blacks know. Chair not hold. And it works out that way but the time you lose time the right thing. Mathematics bruises or who's doing just having done this you've done right do do it plowed back into government. Yeah nearly two thirds of Americans can't pass the basic test of financial matters and the shirt. They say apparently the message of the financial crisis did not get across. That's that's the subtitles OK I look at the data from. Moving any closer excellent add another third say moral and political or moral slope like one of the examples assailants. If you take out 1000 dollar loan. That hasn't won 2% rate and which we 08 years in the to about 200 I think 12100 to Salem. I told him so good drive and an episode supplement is that people struggling kind of thing so you do. When he gave credit cards. Just religious or had a credit card which understandably but futile and it wouldn't turn it. 48% interest or whatever. And into the worst. Richardson. 54%. Of people have lied about the relationship status council should be new shirt. 54% of people of lied about 54% of anything and so for me it's him that's sort of the Jolie who sold to meet. Among a lot about a person to be any different social media right so to me to present some under the most recently as usual or click it weekend and a difference. Think you never sent a quarantine somebody with a wedding ring earning decent paying chat not somebody else like job applications. Now nobody knew me and I'll put some numbers that man. And I ask because I was I was also and so do wanna assume a basement that's a fake 'cause it really. Apparently triggered further nobody in the I'm not sure exactly. Why this is ahead Lyman I get this this is and something that's happening internationally. Forced anal zillions need to be billion worldwide. Ha ha well below me and I'm an agreement. And just not sure how this problem let's get the band. Down there somebody had better read an article are there. Forced was that all you know what that is. I don't know the country is country Africa and obviously had a trial being gay is illegal right so they arrest these guys and able that's how they find out after having gay sex. They basically go right in there and take a look at others you can Missouri writes today that found guilty and I was evidence that was used was a not because they didn't consent to have an act tests done to each other and. A prison. This. And I know it's all crazy and weird but it flake that it should be illegal to have gay sex and then we're gonna. Intrude. I just had that makes no sense and it just seems crazy it's illegal to put them in an incident where it is gonna go and impose on them yeah. Do the map on it. FBI agents believe an inside deal protected Hillary Clinton news. Or not. I think we'll let you know somebody over there. We don't know I was gonna and we're waiting for that and who we could stop caring about the but I don't think in reasonable you looking for other funerals for that matter what does he do it or not go wrestler known why do we keep going on email them anonymity. Candidates users who put them back to enjoy it more likely to be addictive. So if you factor raccoon assumed he had it in the percentage of people get that I would out of gas that as I choked down cigarettes. Don't crash your car because you need to get to poke you know share doc. Albion and in the headlines every day. Every day for as long as this. Hillary Clinton ego keys present double standard injustice yeah. Sure I'll. Began well we know ya right road. McCain says the fox Muslims freezing all no different persons praising god know sure not well. Public transit riders want better service not free Wi-Fi. Or about Obama and now every lap five he didn't just give their own time and literally they come. Police now he could face look you boggling ovulate I'm quite a buzz not bad but that. The FBI says it's mall where is the mall where because FBI as well where is good news Sharon are. Morgan stole smaller but don't think it was mall where the Israeli. People that National Mall where people that we don't let. And tank and tucked in golf shirts and white tennis shoes or malware. But I think if if if it. Despite packed with US China continues to steal intellectual property no. Knock it. According to the latest poll Americans want an alternative to trump in Clinton. Sure. You know you have to do that all like it I think you stated you. Doesn't matter what club and everyone says that might be of service over. Moving through those wounds I've understood it was a one point Havoc. Asteroid hitting her that 50%. What it is like thrown Clinton or asteroid heading near. More police diet at work in states with more dogs are sure. And so brain stimulation could it result in Alter brain functions now. I don't know who doesn't improve basin directly from an article out of aluminum being presumptuous and it averages they don't do. Ever ever do they do sobering stimulation. Don't let your brain a little bit stimulate near red camera. What to do is Atlanta hacking site at the root iPhone accomplished nothing new and I. Oakland. Oakland ports new road are likely to boost the local economy now should not. New study leave corporate executives intentionally mislead investors for personal gain New. York. Hundreds of doctors keep practicing sexually abusing me. And it's gone on seven gold for example notable no. I've never had a zero Gorton. I think maybe one year. They had to zero but it's just it's not your running down the street the bulls we expect you to get out in court that's why we don't. Cocaine and met him mess with your morals and no yeah. I. I can't think well policy. It's fighters seem much bigger tour racking up some Euro. Trump declines invite that NAACP dimension now. Act of good from now thanks in of the setup. Holocaust museum says please stop playing Pokemon go here. Please. Hire people are doing it in Arlington cemetery actual evidence I usually it's. Like guys I mean. Do we really have to say it seemed to me that's like one of those moments. They get mad kids about things you can do things. What you get angry sick kids who do something truly in order for you should never happens one. Yeah. You know like you to your brother require a likes to use a different discussion because on some level I believe. You do that goes about it to me click your Arlington cemetery nobody in recent. Americans still have a 100 I don't think there's an average person. The proud what you do and I'm a normal lives. Obviously one of my favorite. Men are more likely to remember when a woman says it was a great on the news or you're out yeah. And some workplace practices don't work across different cultures and feature off. Is there ever sit go to profile as and get your take is to see Alice Cooper the shot of the day is on the way but next. They had Jeb is intense media details all about coconut and I stream that's next. Would miles and drill return. Nine point nine KI SW. Profiler says their tickets do owls can overloaded the game from a nose black what makes your you can have a vitally right after the shot of the day the first the agendas and how's Thai Intel. Some years ago. So this study here lot of things had a lot of different food things going on and whatnot. One of the big ones is cook outs right people love to cook out they wanna go to cook out. Bad and I ran a cook out like a week ago. Eat delicious food and handle on beer gal. I lost appear politic look at it and corn home whoa who resent anybody got him Olympic team. Did the corn hole I did the guys said they play softball water sucked and I now it was ridiculous usually pretty much the man McCorkle but I can't make excuses I lost fair and square. He's on the move and at the last cup is for good amount. Yeah and there are a block away and the big day for Ben. Bad day for tech you know that much more to say about that I I Letterman adapt snap out you. But there was a delicious things there. So what I have here is a a list Korea it's the ten cook out foods people are most slow like look for for searching for the most. When you go the barbecue cookout you hope that this thing is there is someone brought this is you know yeah some of. Some what this is as you know it's going to be good barbecue. Get there early in eating for a one else does that's what that this is me. Like hot dogs and hamburgers there's a sizes all that Cuba. So warmer side some of them are actual foods I'd argue this much it's not hot dogs and hamburgers they're not even on the list minus. My is the first thing to look for his double legs. That's solid I mean mentally sound strange man if you finally playing good dental and select our collector for. Yet demo laser delicious I don't exile on the number eight there was eggs out. I mean OK our time here now a double legs and I think in micro talk about the Saturday. Doesn't seem odd that late July 4 and Mike summertime cook outs we make double makes me of my son that I bubbled to but it is kind of strange I think some eggs mix there was some I don't know you know someone seriously doubt zone they have like that doubled -- train ride that oh yeah doses historically has all the little things in their men like you know these people can look at that because they have interest you know I think the governments is a man like with the Doubleday sleeves mom's on the going to be gone with an eye on average about seeing 1050 minutes after government. Egg salad deficits that are four bit could you even see people walk up to exiled and do. These things were not hear me an animal with with a double day to let alone have been under the weak gold color inkjet. Yeah I thought I was like man there's two types of people some people take two bites and dabbled a go down with you man just throw it in there received a 12 bites. An actual receipt up there. Now more than one bite from a to butter which is take the whole way. Now let everything else that goes then I'd tell I'm a half biter I don't know really Aaliyah I don't know man. And since I was afraid it's important because it that little crack in your mouth and just take about a foot on the size of the cracker. It its own risks Cohen and the whole thing if it's this assault team. Probably take a couple. There Texaco I want salty duties drag mentally in the pimples science and I generally saying I generally take smaller bites I just feel like dead egg man. You got a technical and Jeff Green right and our next summer book of job the whole thing in my mouth when you got it and you don't label. So on this list at number one they say marinated steak. Yeah okay well you have to have staked airmen. Yeah you're looking for this so don't understand how people visit your house if you don't have these things what does this means that the disappoint okay. They sleep regular border searches for him this is based off of what people have Google and like how to make sorry I don't have merited stood X dual were related net. I'm now. Please. Yeah I actually I think it's rare that you go to a cook out Meserve state and ribs and. Ribs did not make the list at number two lowest barbecued chicken okay. A good to see a lot of check it. Yeah that's his reverend was you know why do raves are harder to make of that. Yeah I'm just saying like if it's a good group like five dudes are five people then cook steak specially radical gala ten or more people me. Conservatives that stakes every. I was knows some of those of the dual they have like a lot of size. Messy barbecued chicken and you got like Paxson thighs in my all the scandals that have ultimately formally woman that would be nice to Coca you don't. Four at Ben has a body that exclusively makes thighs and legs and is the best part Egypt Yemen slocum. Number three endless pasta salad. OK yeah like a pasta salad macaroni so. I make a fine fantastic myself because I do that no black college student loan. I think a quality man I would just like we got a red pills and everyone knows us as Mac and cheese. Basically our own little special things on the garden but the salami pepperoni Elantra and how Oprah futile although a little bit of pepperoni on W chicken are cooked chicken myself amber portal to. It's a very good and they're good the Mac it's a good and it's like look man there's just no vegetables in it because I want one guy Diem meal that I can. That I can FE eat. Without acting vegetables and and I understand everything about vegetables and of things is how goes the toilet trouble makers. Only to god himself my I don't need to dad and peppers did I make me a broccoli dish him. But it got she logs in a bunch of stuff in no way is it good for but it is delicious is it does have some crazy to. Crazy with the greatest trick it Maltese yeah. I. Laugh I can happen at the we slow mow that down this you have to think I also enjoy and goes is that ozone or so who roars of that or little run though you'll like that longer rice's area but that's a good summertime south amp. Every Tennessee puts it seems it makes in Spain. It goes right in his head to. Europe that. So after processor out next thinking this what a strange. Tuna salad with cottage cheese. But. People are looking for that I think Carl old lady's honor man. It sounds horrible I grab my whole life don't look I haven't heard of that list like I would never die would never do to around like that. So are meant kind of she's in the conference out of my goddess she's but it doesn't need to know to what I like tuna not like cottage cheese at no point to upload those to mix and yet here's what I don't like grape Kool Aid and a leg bacon mama makes them you Alex and tell you that could work out you'll president and god damn it I think. I would like it for a path that pizza paved road what you do and this is Andre can bring comedy isn't what it once a while when you go into the refrigerator and you actually look and see what's expired and are you throw stuff away yap. In my world I'm like just opening up the plastic and dumping cottage cheese. On the disposal like. Cottage cheese and one of those things I think when people buy they forget that they bought it they already have at the Vatican have nine and they think they want either but they never do. I never think I want eating I don't either when I eat some. That's up bad because this is like watery eyes she's dressed and but the Arizona have two kids like I would never actually purchases but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that when. Mason Conner she's pancakes. You know out of her ridiculous idea I was lazy man hot you're if you would even know if you just had a bite that you guys are pancake cool like knots cottage cheese what's. Ha that pack jetBlue. Let's see next on the list I think gay perennial favorite at the cut out potatoes can actually mine's gap takes out great to man. The mustard seed in the yeah I like a little mustard marketing itself as current do you guys Medicare which kind of potatoes you used eyes in the red b.s but this is me. Now with you I just don't like the German potato salad as much as our allies basement and I'm not I am a man I literally on the man he had let's do both all had a little bit bigger some mustard and some. DOS okay. There when I was growing up mama would make processor are up status outright regular with Manny and everything and everybody in my family to put it in a ball and then pour at a better equipment. That's yeah we put veneer on everything as it I'm kind of an Internet mostly to kill the infection of the filthy food. That's mainly while I Frank's red hot so much does the very vinegar base and that's what a pore over everything in England just that I today's the food. Next up after that I think goes anywhere up to date without tickets out. Hey look man I meticulous outbreak. The better you make teachings of the pat Guerrero is another one of those things I love to make it bats some. When my mother comes to visit but once a year whatever that is the one thing Iowa's tasker. Like it in issues like Iraq helper to inning mixture it's leagues but I think he's the virus to chicken that's a look at of that. Now what she's a town I put it through the process we Annika baked chicken. Yeah I was just used to make drugs or he's got to look at all the possible step oh yeah man Booker and a steal from Terry George. While say it like I could go and make the same recipe of the chicken salad she does and that's how I would do it. But hey when you you know lucked out ahead shaft but he ultimately had Jeff in my world as the ma ma. So he got that beat the executive chef and there. You want to make it from scratch and yet you gotta get out of the way let her do her work yeah exactly and it's again this is that had a tad cook out foods people are most searching for. Up next pork chops. And I haven't had a real import job and that's none really won't know pork chops are very underrated meet. With it would just don't go in the shaken may pork chop and haven't. You know I haven't but I I've I've often Eid Al drive Rome and then cook in the Enola probably no good gas eggs in Vegas as I never forgot what I was yeah. I always zero or go on. Recent shake and bake a lot of support for Israel reshape them made things that there was never tendency to me. I'd armor for awhile they had chicken wings you cooking your oven to shake debate are among those now in the in my brother until we spent a whole Saturday trying to like perfect. I added there was probably some sort on all that apparently liberalism were making these wings correctly. After pork chops are said egg salad. From a health nuts out there. Salmon. I'm rooting them to look at for salmon at the Coke helps. Meant onto another buddy buddy over in no abuse. Did you opening to an official cottage she no I don't marinated steak most of that out now suck it the last row on the list. Questioned by people over socket is my response. Yeah this tournament started this many hosting isn't your thing maybe they could put a satellite and that got them out of brings him to get. Banana cream I really yeah. I doubt that but I agree I'm absolutely adult and I broke my mind and all but I am a medical service although. Good book I would kill us for people looking for Lebanon that's an oddity. I thank you Brian what kind of par yeah I might get beyond piously the summertime pot York. I you know if you show a little pumped comprise is to fall right you should open an apple higher pumpkin pie in the middle of summer a delight. Thank you but this is this is drop pass go apple pie and Tammy. The cobbler you live without rules my friend man out and Hillary might present some time to legit coconut I want to let his ultimate is that guy coconut today. But you can't be apple biter in the summer did you soften up a struggle I'd like that you can add apple delicacies I think apple pie is relegated to the fall I generally are about as tuna in college I've never. I've never even heard of this combination much less anyone. Going to a cook out are recommitted to what it would to Korea and that they saw that as someone takes it institute a cottage cheese salt pepper and Tabasco bone. Never heard of that Narnia now it's a thing I guess I let's talk a little ice cream year the museum of ice cream is about opening New York. Yeah I can tell you guys but I'm wrapping my head where New York a. Two it's opening in New York City doesn't say what Borough Logan well the way people as we visit. It's gonna have all. All that could have all sorts of crazy exhibits including a giant pool of sprinkles you can dive into mobile. Can act and it tool it finds a perfect ice cream flavor for you. There also be lots of ice cream flavors you can try which is included in the a mission price how much of the cost to tour the museum of my screen absolutely for. Absolutely wrong. Thirty bucks. Eighteen dollars a team that's not I just go buy some nice trick that anyone wanted dive in the pool sprinkle. And I think it is a perfect and I do it make no offense the use of the Mitch is only one that I have a couple sprinkles you dad and round red. A mouthful sprinkled a later hairy as go by glamour marrow would you pianist the whole yes they. Our Lola and alcohol car. Good news why food champion sprinter you wouldn't begin to guess we will stick together all the news that bandwagon late like cannon like cat litter nominees come they have just come skew this is nasty people about it and it also like the idea that somebody who comes to guys who museum needs help finding out their favorite kind of ice cream like I paid eighteen bucks you guys can museum but I'm not sure my favorite and I screamed as. It's easy it was going to be open to the end of August after that. The yen the creators are talking about taking it on tour to other cities come are looking for a person speaks for Jack. Good luck fellas he could not ice cream be CME got to sprinkle pool he's speaking out there it goes Wrigley law. Thank you had definitely appreciate it very go to Eds and meat and potatoes coming up profile that says your tig is Alice you were the first that we ministry attacked.