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Friday, July 15th

Mens Room Blank Question: It might surprise some, I was ____ years old when I did _____


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You what sort of thing here is real and the members of this radio program are simply. That's great. Least do you think they're not trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. This is the. Thrilled. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And your. And I suppose that'll let it go quietly up Friday July 15 2016. And children are 2450. Along with Steve the throw the beauty takes. And a Psycho. Of aluminum parents my cock. Yeah. Current events. On tap today due to the eighty's weekend inspired as choice Friday. Returner Ted vs the FCC it's a bad joke Friday bitches. Plus headlines events are shot of the day fumbled the three males and everyone's favorite TV time to click track during an event I don't go to Russia where sex comes to an end when a woman is decapitated by a passing train. It. When you rob a bank and then have that Palin Wilbur you'll probably be easy to detect are you running. Rating toward France winner crashes bike but continues race on foot. Amanda tells girlfriend he's a police chief sees his plans go with what's. And he gets Norman mariners and standards for your weekend that is all coming on today's very special episode of that and through. Here's the question front steel bikes relay race casino. Hard. Day you and yours. Are we talked about it recently on this report. But it repeat and sent a guy tries to kidnapped in general girl but it happens. This particular eight year old girl who knows the outcome films such broke little move called the cute pol. There's you need to know about two balls that. He would do drop there and took off. Now on the other end of the spectrum 72 year old Mick Jagger he's expecting. A tough. As a kid ranged in age from seventeen fortified so wide and one. Els 69 year old fellow and so on and so I'll Rolling Stone. He just had twins and me do sixteen seniors. And then there's this deal work a little bit old little known company of the proposal. A 71 problem. Good look at day over 101. She's dating a guy who's seventeen years old. Overly they met or someone's funeral. Three weeks ago and they add without asking or having success they may both they. The older an old man business that the pit error. Now don't do things early in life sometimes you keep it light. It's just out there and it doesn't matter what in the Specter on one meter from you today with our manager that question. And might surprise some. I was blank years old when I did like a broad program called tools export to. Rock grounds footer at 999 KI SW and immense her life takes 77999. And to those emails to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. Now back to the men's room and here's the question brought to you buy to let live resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. I got up on the vick's jail and Joseph Friday the drug charge rank castle etiquette of the bad jokes are returner Ted vs the FCC. We will break it tells with a shot of the day of the weekend and it's bad choice rather. Hot soak up here 5 o'clock it's a dude it's the eighty's weekend we're gonna roll there and go back to 1984 and a solo album that would go platinum for one that Steve Perry. Yeah yeah. It's like traveling heard about it. Tennis can be subject you. That takes those on the winds and number one at this day in 1985 from Phil Collins. What is going. Technology. That's the future. There's never a bad choice Friday to resorts need to 77999. Of Oprah oh Jerry by Steve Perry. Takes filled with 77999. Of Oprah studio from Phil Collins message and data rates may apply where you can vote on Twitter at 999 KIW using tactics team. Or had a stag film. The two students coming up in honor of the duties the eighty's weekend there are your choices. On a bad choice Friday to welcome our close in men's room blank questions style it might surprise some but I was blank years old when I did blank. Miles until demands are met and I'm point nine KI SW Zia. Miles and and he nine point nine K I guess tablet. Crackle bit miles from the bedroom and I'm what nine KI SW and to weaken we have talked beer or. Of it's the let's start with the B merely ask here first thing it's been through build it out. Now only temporary locations local Barnes and for the first time in 22 ounce bottles at your local grocery and convenience stores. It is a delicious citrus in pale ale. And it is they don't listen here and it's got a nice strong kick to it as well but. Goes down smooth these. And remember portion net proceeds from the sale mr. gold go to the three local Fisher houses in the area every January and join build the red. By the blackout they're still men intently by any of those three Beers you do a lot of good for the Fisher house let's say you're doing a lot of good for the Fisher house. We started midterm original red back in the day there were two local Fisher houses in the area now there are three. And would like thank you for that and that's true that's to big deal for men's room goes on sale now if you wanna find out locations reconfigured to syndicate -- W dot com that you find yourself. Here's an email to the men's room Edmonton livestock double feature to get information out there if you look at Florida and haven't found it to be able to pick it up in your area. Take a KIW. Back down for all things. Gold I had a question today as we bring back the return of the men's room blank question talking about ages and sometimes you do things at a certain age it would surprise people. Maybe it's because you were so young when you did we restorers talk about the other day where those at a kid you go to graduated valve valedictorian class and have 25% of his brain. But more impressive than that the kid could read it to two years old two years old and for me that was that I blew my mind because I I can remember when I first started Rita probably six Iverson or somewhere in there that's just. I mean I guess there's a lot of kids manners a lot of great. Lists and I mean let's be manna like my daughter and Avery accelerated us on some from a daughter. All about the reading and one and your exceptionally problem at stake. The read out loud that read books to you and read their books trees apology review book I want to hear. They're reading books from got Damon and let you can read but you know are mostly you know shut up there's all kinds all horrible sure it's a horrible book about eighty knock knock joke book about two weeks ago. The regrets at him within three. I mean with that three some of that read them all and Greg I am proud to agreements like maybe you know you can also read quietly. This can be done you do after your books make frank their books. Sort of stupid. You don't go on I just wanna hear but I'm very glad she sure sure so I got a ticket to the book he's reading that you think about that the book written your kids. When they were to. Good night good night moon writing and you know media one fish two fish red fish blue for the federal goodnight moon mr. brown can move prominent dollars and I don't read mr. brown could you don't understand this is something that you would never even think seventy years it's it's it's too late it's too late. You get like ten Dr. Seuss books written in a gunnery and your kids and you can bring to account of the cabinet. You realize it's like eighty pages. It is so much longer I mean remembers Phil had. Hectic pace I don't know that this was great fun and go to his color is longer than hell out. And it's really beginning shortly kids read it you know you're not going to believe. How long that an earlier book so you can't get your ticket doctors soups you know who doesn't like Dr. Seuss well me now. Most of those to those bedtime stories even if you bastard has with like where the wild things there that there's not a lot of club that has got a lot of Reading you needed an address book in ten minutes and you know put on the back. Doctors whose manner for like half our commitment to acting and everything other than like mr. brown canoe which is shorter one but there's a couple of but the rest of just ridiculously long and boom goes on too long conflict are your thoughts on point the crazy but it wasn't house is just think she says get to nothing now she does it like this auction blocks but adults at the very confident good night or might. OK so story about a crazy lady. That's of this got him books about why am I agree with the might hit the woman's crazy don't believe blacker. Take another thing decide that this edit yeah this is an I mean like the ladies ran around saying good night everybody everything but goodnight nothing immediately could easily says goodnight master while. Terrorism miles is should bother her but whatever the case should allow the miles Levin's home she stood at nine she's crazy and articles. But that she says goodnight nothing it's time to leak is there any. Does the woman in the story have children. There's like. It's like something jetlag was like I don't think they're bailing out where it's our secure records story about a eliminated fewer and not only just crazy man and a rate of garbage to kids I was also. Outside Elizabeth dividend to a dvd. Veggie dog back there in in. Production studio about swimming and I knew there was this trend. Where when you tip when you handled baby. You immediately put the baby in the pool yet in the idea was was that a a baby's been basically swimming in amniotic fluid last you know 65 months anyway but I had an oxygen hook it did have an option hook up with that the babies are used to being in fluid and that's kind of how they're used to moving around so. When the babies born in view we know that a couple days to debate to the pool. Babies and hog heaven like you might have to do you have you can teach a baby to swim almost at that age. As soon as they can hold their head up so takes of the few months whatever but almost immediately which can in the pool I think there are popping in right and alert and look in the learned to swim or that or you know most of the time I think I learned this I just remember taking office lemmings when I was like. Or my years old and finally feeling confident enough to swim. And it was terrifying it was absolutely terrified of like now like riding a bike and learning that I had some. Like their lives get them community pool like you're gonna take swim lessons okay and are excited and we thought there being nice when he's an inflatable animals and muffins you got dressed employees had figured your ass. Mike our pool the big thing that's like you started with. Will you call those the swimmers use him in practice to Singapore jumping or running board EA yeah. So that's how we start and that was like you've learned and need to play in the shallow and then after awhile they were to say yeah you're the boards. That it in the that the community still amazed believers of BD I'm always amazed when I mean adult canceling any announcement now. Well the UV either in the that I spoke fluent or you're not exposed to. Felt like anything else like. You're either if you were if you were. Well maybe that's a bad example I guess if you grew up in Texas you probably don't know how to ski you might not water ski through or just basically depends on where water. I'm announcing to the little three year old kids on water skis in front that's not what I wrote and I and the best he can and snowboard that can barely walk right how can ask you before I started trying to. Grubbs an area that lake had it it was late that you'd nobody swims in those lakes that would be discussed or river outlet and there's pole there's a community I was assumed everybody went to the community people when they were you got two kids outs went for that laid them driveway and run and a birdie and I was slim and Lincoln DC merit an hour and provide the DC late. You didn't see it. Pulled it right you're where oh might have been resident that's an outside it was in the days we got to go to the pool argued that it's free and now they're up in the polls the spot and I don't match you with community pool they have late crappy pizza damaged much of dollar to. Yeah I can't be like a terrible Katie Levin heads the Boston big. Looking and you know under the if you tell kids don't eat in all of that governments conferees and what's it senses proven as not necessarily true but. At the time it was drilled into our head but it yourself food and then lets you want is for cute oriental bullets some kid. To drop occurred in the pool like all the food I can get the chili dog race here. You're selling Mitchell ago I want to get into the pool boy you don't want to whoop. In the school. Yeah I think this is a bad combination when. Went to the community pool grownup it was a lot like wild waves outside a DC we're told that story about how people would just go by the 400 dollar. Some little faster so thing about it you buy a 400 dollar summer passed would get you in the park anytime you want ago. Anytime of the day we unit while so we're on dude you can go in there right so parents would buy a couple those passes 800 dollars. They would show up at the winner of the L Six Flags they drop the kids off in the morning because 800 dollars for four months of daycare. Do you know anything about daycare you realize that that is the greatest deal in the world but even in hindsight I thought about that story about man when I want to pulls a kid. You just get on your bike. You never changer by. He just rolled there you had a car gonna pass out UN and and you spent the day there in May be there were three parents there goes both parents had to work it was just to see kids in like three laughter. A stupidly as it changed Campbell in the six ways to whom we were going I'm certainly during the summer. But on weekends in a prepared so you after twelve noon. Why are you in my home when I get the app out of the guys go play with friends and which do good moments on that. The epilogue sort of didn't really deal but. It was understood so if your fighters all of human bite you right difference out the inference mama teach guys that need to be outside your New York it is going to be in the house so. Something on a normal things kids configure themselves though. The way to do what our parents did is okay I'll drive you. Just believe that the parents you know it was twenty bucks and go see this movie. They go to your case it's the same thing. I was thinking about when my kid. When I was in first grade I walked about a it was almost a mile to school. That would never want more money and is still it was almost a month I noticed that and I'm not kidding I almost walked a mile to schools well but I feel like we'd save that. No one believes you because everyone's thoughts with a group of friends you know yeah a little over with two while with two or three other you're schoolmates my school district that I'll have the cut off. If you live within a mile they went pick you up but I would like. Nine tenths of a mile site could catch a bus but it was the very first stop and look call Blair on the city. So I want it was almost exactly a month or so but but I had to I was latchkey kids. So I left everybody was already gone and I locked the door a walked a mile that I walked in my back Coleman and I was home for so and I can distinctly remember looking at my kid when she was teachers don't go there's no way in hell I'll let her walk a mile. And try to do this is I just I don't think she people. Well to go back to the question of the day I was probably like thirteen before realize what that term was like a bad term what time. Will we got lucky Turkey there yet latchkey kids and I saw like a whole special on the news about allows that man. I'd be back at what was wrong with the Ella Leo as auto Lola has is that they really just you know one of those local news to scare yeah like. I left it very very dangerous to your uncle left future only you know we had a secret. Passwords which Rangers had to know for unit. Particularly the capital changes acted out on Domino's. Candy bars at it that if you lack is Cuba. Ha password has been about. Select unique password mean my mom my sister Barbara you know and I think I don't their own public in about our new lemon. Or like if you know in the neighborhood of somebody stop to talk to you and you know badly they might have been a friend my parents I don't know. But when your kid you know stranger danger whenever I accident I think once I asked the Alley you know the password and he was like narrow. I'm like all right just kind of walked away. And then like six months later we were at a cookout that it with an. It's it's got to get a fair to ask him he's the professor that he was like your. You're did this market that kind of cancer but generally I would I acted like there due to the password. I was in third grade or I'm I'd stay at the school board members who went on walking home this woman walk my mind. A basically in my own deal but more can this guy in a car pulled slows them all with mile ride home. And he's kind of system memory uncomfortable plastic bottle apple doctor pepper remember. On the sidewalks up exit. And hold that head to the wind and hit him square in the face knocked that ball out of it's like a map a man won't take off run them. Gold and all these weird wrote and I get home to god and cars in my driveway and I've freaked out NASDAQ and among. I'm running out in my mama's separate me from the guy who would've beaten me to death and the state. She's like this is mr. Jackson. I don't know what your father. He says it and if you broke out last series at outlets are at an end evident from my partners. I'm. So I don't. But never met the doctors do it records. Figure out you know to meet the 7-Eleven they're convenient story and any lately you I was talking to keep it without acting you just you have kids you let but what your little kid just doesn't register to thank you about it with a note of the like who's on the runway speculative pulled his pants are held them off into a locked out talking. It's like 4 years old central port as fans out there and how. Red or black glance it might surprise some I was blank years old when I did black hole the line we'll take quick break about the calls right activities. Remains were retired here's the question brought to you buy to let live resort casino 99.9. K I guess W. Everybody on the oil for the return of ten vs the FCC can. Our question today men's or blank questions style I was blank years old went I did blank hello and welcome to the men's room. And it's. Now I'm I would ten months old when I tried my birth mark. Hole ten month old and eighteen months yeah well how did you try you for that you grabbed it yourself over to your knowledge. I learned that my god I'm tired of my dad and I kept my head skillet Marchini that he thought he gave me dreamed I would have liked it sure he put it down and by the time he went may get it began it was gone out of some oil drum baby. These regular house minority just like to work it off. And it worked there back in the old days like well these drugs on what he's back he's eighteen so what about margaritas and there's still a favorite of yours. I'm actually really go entered you know that might that I drink for football the Walking Dead and then my arms reflect age and but rather an out like I'd rather I and all that when did you Wear an alcohol. I'm probably shortly after and when he won just before I ask you to draw and into public drinking before you to. I'm the umpire. We have a lot of family functioning bank any kind of had a panic on Natalie you know get something to drink. Out of. Medical anti UB fourteen years old meter can of beer payment function. OK what is is the -- schools. Don't see that's that's that's different than me if I was fifteen years old walk around the beer be different if I went to like. My cousin struck and download real quick bathroom but to be walking around holding a beer. In front of my relatives somebody's Columbia whether it's my momma dammit and I mean somebody tell me. By what do you do is that stupid man when your fifteen during Rehman coax it looks like so that's exactly it. Why isn't though though like I remember being younger years you can use wait that long prepared and am friends with. They regulate pollution there somehow. That was okay as an adult recognized him in warm up significantly faster than my Michael Campbell champagne that's my daughter had a little glass of champagne for her on some players some but not too long ago as the campaign you can have separate. Probably yeah I know that you sort of talking nonstop for our. Does. It. Available right here ago at a corner my parents friends and neighbor like. Super Italian. That they are likely got to have line and they are like the I was young. Thirteen. Of the kid's gonna point to so I was pumped. Cap that let this Lumix it'll have a glass read one half last re putting on for you know taste like crap. And while that might given I think we currently ginger ale. I think that would give you anything that they know was Wednesday's gonna. Yeah I political agreements all the boos but. You would note to taste delicious yet I mean I can remember pounding of beer and from my dad older. Senator Levin this walked over there for her open the Beers that are down. And he was just like okay whatever the thing goes wrong with you and I was like I just wanted to try to beer but I watched vacation. And you break into rusty Griswold to his beer like for an honest after the first time just pounded it is drinks a whole thing and put dynamite. Well the first forever held my dad it's a town manager because he tells the stories like. He's got up walked over there for injury to can be corrected you drank a whole tire thing through it McGrath who done it. And I was like well I don't even remember that really you know I remember kind of a little bit of that Brett but I also remember that I didn't like the taste of beer that much. Well you know and I don't like the taste of beer and I know it takes a little while he used to but at the time to be fair my turn to drinking Budweiser. I still do not like the taste of Budweiser at all of the horrible so I think maybe have even drinking something different I'm not saying I would have loved it. What I think could have been a better start but yet I can't with the odorless. That's a crazy now body's all loose parts sodas and stuff. Go get a six pack a root Beers and having to fight through whatever you want to fight through and you could actually have delicious route grameen set of wine coolers of the right that's what we always tell it was terrible wine coolers like the united national group even during the terrible even though the hard lemonade and things like that I mean look if your. If you don't like the taste of beer. There's a whole lot better stuff out there now that a bottle mad dog Boone's farm some kind of fortified line some crap like that these displeasure at cant have kid cigarettes but certainly. You're gonna aren't they might surprise some I was blank years old when I did blight that's funny. I love can't figure about it and I love toy gun. I don't own a gun seem to choke announce a pack of cigarettes I'll really influence student for a Idaho is what you're up that late Anna came. Until he can't figure that that the effect maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm a smoker I don't think right now the thing that got me hooked on cigarettes. Yet as an adult when I mean my adult decision moto would do with my health. All you think back of those delicious. Candy cigarettes made out of sugar revenue at cigar that I was hookah or two guys were kind that just had to Wear white stakes. So when you got wrecked it yet don't want to play and then in the year you kind of sucked on Emery let them or whatever but they didn't really doing. There goes another kind that was covered in powdered sugar. It was not it was in when Galileo is at a low low powered sugar so it is almost like you league blow through it in the group. In those of the ones I ever get yields probably thought man with her but most got a sugar fat and Aaron which you had to go to Toys 'R' Us specifically. To get the one that had little puff out. This is like those with a one in Asia those. You had to be good for mr. Biden votes. You're good you know against cigarettes and act like hell man I remember going to the store for my daddy. And I figure whatever I want because they. I understood I mean if you're nine years old. It's the weekend and a guy they would file is too lazy to go to on the understandably. Need to impacts of merit and was lower house drink back in the days you startup. The guy obviously you knew you're underage is again I'm about nine but I had the money from a violent and you pray for you want to back and they never so they know wasn't for me. Last week and my daughter and I synergies and I'm gonna go to Oregon and Arizona iced the chips from the store in my once a year like. How we should just go by me sicker people like to keep this a year ago air that's all commodities. It's I think your kids are old enough now where they. Even back then you would myself. They give the kid it's like 1112 like inference pants that the kid that flight seventy in writing that they are not the smoke that's where the I'd be comfortable that's the way I would wrote my eyes and I'm glad you're under double double check your ID if you look under the age of you look over the age of the yeah I believe you're too old and under buy anything. Condoms and written proposal short for parents -- black question might surprise some but I was blank years old when I did like hello Matt welcome to the men's room. Oh are our top. I was like eleven under first computer and a but story we and let it written an article or something but. It is so that would be good if you are you can get every channel pay per view porn everywhere. Senator norm in the news and signed a man. Now I just couldn't get Barbara and you and exercise on yeah yeah. Sitting smoking related. And who is known so you know my computer or research unit. And they're like the one I ordered local programmers into a 35 votes won't even. And started reprogram the reprogramming. Exit from doing that either and got through duty and they look like. The year started that an opera and friends and didn't go to install satellite this is in itself apparently thirteen simply couldn't buy everything we do. I'll do that now. Can't do it anymore I can do about it was early 2000 and later they finally get over security. And I. At you know menu used to be a Republican eight foot satellite dish matter fact of the joke in West Virginia when I was growing up that was the state flower of you know it's over if you drove Dempster was a victory has cystic trees and flower of these things were huge. You have to put concrete platform on your yards to just kind of a stand for. And so I'm gonna say that there. Six feet eight feet across the president about eight from when I remember and look like that part of the center for an annual talk about like. Gazing up at the stars trying to figure things out there so many. Communication satellites up there at that point in time. And basically you headed island satellite by knowing where it wasn't as number two you know murder get a dial the bird and you have to have a transponder number you you look into the saying I'll tell us as it. Boom 24 hour spice so don't think for one minute that we can go every one of those satellites we could justify that with carriers were because. Some satellites would show old HBO. And some would show live feeds so in other words you you would watch you begin this would you get something we acute turn on the game. Air sea of baseball game. And it's OK the Padres Padres appliance might be to pick in office satellite that's meant for the San Diego area right it's all through you don't you know announcing the game you're watching we're in rehearsals for cardinals again you never but at that point in time when it was it was pre production wasn't post production so the final. Product that went up. That was not the final products which are watching was a raw feed in in in when the raw feed came back down they would receive that. They would put in commercials. They would put in the graphics all you're seeing at that point and the technology was the actual. Picture all right and the actual audio so. We're sitting there watching the game and realizing. There are commercial in new here Jan and they're just talk you're neither side like gotti's parts of my god don't trade him he's absolutely terrible oldest Dave Winfield or whatever the story that it was just. That was the crazy part about that time was watching the shows in their in the draw. Feed. Word it's just like you would think the run channel. Or maybe just skip over channel but it was it was black. But that was an actual Dorgan to connect ABC here in three minutes that you just can't wait to see X into the wild as you know 68 here in town not you know Jews are. I'd never do on the raw feed things to go out and radioed to that you were of these guys do an indoor soccer. This is the Baltimore located these last called again the black and error as professional as you're going to be so that you don't broadcast network. When they may ports of the break in Utah where respect and security you brought the commercials play if you're listening to the radio you know commercials if you station. I you hear these guys chatting on the as soon as they Pittsburgh rules and humbled or blow it portable durable. And you. Agha an iris items that there always have binoculars. Like Arkansas. Sack up and goes on the block on the crowds grow old rule that lies in the by him. Third cycle counts okay the cardinals' second look at huge knock those. On the blond look at the five seconds but he'll or the recovery office read off. Look at that. Enemy and from you you're in its duty to not get it. Welcome back to Baltimore blast so I hope that. This was everything you every break he's just sparring in politics in the stands. The whole thing are nothing like that Abner now appears that our our commercial breaks are just to get all the cuts were you we just 'cause for like four minutes. Twice an hour and just do all out that way hopefully we don't do it on the air like from the side of the border on a delicacy to count down on the clock and the next last commercial right so it's five. For a couple of headphones on target here and on these guys don't and gawker like Mike's gone on agreed to won't look at after the show good evidence that as. That it happens all the time I used to run the navy football network for an it would go up for armed forces network in theme being mean and I'll which is fine steam and Gary. Coach so that fine steam and I can't remember he wrote these books and a good walk spoiled in this mad about golf so what year he's the color commentator and take a big Q. But same thing that they go to break late here on the navy football network it is so called it. Maybe it's errant rather a petty David good to lastly and years like right before they got good I was running the network they were all yells after government when when your leader broadcasts of football that that's that's there they're there in the opener. I am not one of those suites it's locals aren't lasting need to be looked ounce of the old school league they pop the windows open your pursuit of the old school in the press box. It's the same thing that's whether we're in the coats no apparent reason and the partnership and stuff that is. But the goal the other staff and Ellis started it is the exact and I will say this and if you ever watch CNN terrorism anchor black dude named Tony Harris. And it a good job and Tony helps on CN. Play uses calls them ravens game than this guy. System to fill these things you bought solid and I mean so parents duty as soon as you went to Brigham and this is not you seem stony heresy and and a day. Great broadcaster McManaman so. We go to break any tight right. Blown down and I get these aren't too bad you want you. I was literally eat a beautiful children and he's done midtown bridge and as Adam do rod hookers and blow it. Taught America about. Back to Baltimore bad crash on medical it does take half of and Arlington couples every time I see a man exit will be dependency. And know he has things he mostly funny stuff everyone in the studio right now. My question a might surprise some I was blank years old what I did like it's miles until demands are met at point nine KI SW Seattle.