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Friday, July 15th

Emails, Mike Hawk brings you the stories he's NOT working on, Ted is 12-10 against the FCC, and it's a Bad Joke Friday!


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Miles and. Any nine point IOK I guess. I have dealt lives proudly presents played in the draft 2016. Out of go down Sunday August 21 and white river and Peter here's a good news if you bought tickets to see disturbing Breaking Benjamin Alter Bridge anthrax knowledge so. Now we have added a seven bands to the pain in the grass lineup two stages. Fifteen bands along with our friends and window pane and poppy able check out the entire lineup of all things pain in the grass AI SW dot com wanna see you Sunday August when he first. And white river and the unity haven't got your tickets. Get them now man it's going to be a great day and those that tickets are gone facts KI SW dot com. For pain in the grass tickets at all things pain all right our question today men's or blank question style. It might surprise some I was blank years old when I did blank we'll take a quick break come back and read those emails in the men's room Edmonds or live dot com next. Nine point nine KI ESW. I hang out easily affectionately called the busy time of the week bad joke trying to become another drug charge right Cassel will be indicate off the bad jokes of course exciting return it to its vs the FCC. Shot a day in the week and also coming up right after battle thing called a bad joins front. My answer for taking off they dude it's the eighty's weekend we go back to 1984 and a solo album that would be a go upside of this day for Steve Perry. At all. I take on a song that went to the number one no one year later in 1985 of the artist noticed Phil Collins. Matt Joyce. Thanks nor received a 77999. Of Oprah host Gerri by Steve Perry. Thanks bill the 77999. Of Oprah studio by Phil Collins messaging and data rates may apply you can also vote on Twitter at 999 KI SW. Using hash tag Steve Orr has stag film we'll have one of those two tunes coming up momentarily. It is bad choice Friday kicking off a dude it is the eighty's weekend our men's or my question today you might surprise some but I was blank years old when I first. Did blanket William bunch your emails here in the men's tournament men's or live dot com. We'll try to Riley's a broad drop brewers a men's room original red because we think it's NN newsroom goes out there bitches regulatory twos and on draft favored bar. Convenience store and local grocer. All happy Friday Beers guys I've seen people do the bungee cord jumping always thought what Evans of the court breaks obviously you can direct. When I was in my early forties and the county fair I saw that thing. That would satisfy my fear of what if a sign a release form which should speak volumes to not hold them responsible. If I should perish I was harnessed up take a 100 feet in the air by a man bucket or basket. Attached to look at the crane I was handcuffed put my hands in front suspended under the basket by a quick release clip. And when I pulled I would freefall 100 feet and land and inept below. Any thing about record breaking because there wasn't one what are rush. From our body van. A legitimate a lot of people are surprised when they hear I learned water ski at four years old I grew up on a lake in my family and our members of local water ski club we competed in tournaments. And our club hosted two events every summer. I know my first slalom at six to first place in my first trigger minutes and it took first place that I enter my first jump event and eight yes. I took first place. In fact I took first place and everything I inner for three years you see it's easy to win when you're the only skier in the event. When I was nine another roller girl joined the circuit educate my ass and everything man she was good and being jealous spoiled brat that I was I quit competing because I wasn't putting any more. And from the ginger midget owns or I'm tough if there's nobody else can you competition and if that one girls just love BJ retires waxing. First and I'll walk the three and have blocks the grocery store in the highway about a selfless just after I turn three I just had to buy some penny tattoos elect kindergarten every day about myself when I was five. I still want to my kids go anywhere about themselves. That from Brock. And the very young age of nine I started smoking cigarettes might eighteen year old brother was a smoker and thought it would be cute to see me smoking have been smoking since I'm 37. Solomons are I worked IT and construction. But I still remember when I was four years old ethics my first computer problem it was a simple non system disk error. After a computer starts it looks for its operating system it something other than the OS are in the spot where looks for it returns the Sarah. Until someone aired till someone fixes it. That's from rob. And Stephen says I was fourteen when I ran away from home and became a prostitute in Hollywood California for eighteen gloriously. Wow Wednesday. Everything from the always do reached out to FaceBook today we get on that attacked the guys excellence that is decks. I'm forty years old and found out three weeks ago that chicken fried steak was not made it from Jake it still blows my mind. Obama is weird. It's chicken fry it yet you know the chicken fried steaks or bribe a state like we do ticket but that's not shaken state. 'cause of the just most most people normal people Disco wedeman in deep fry and that's the Eaton picnic and make it more delicious. All right first how do we eat when I was fourteen are critical you guys but I can't get them. It's a great story that pound a week with a lot of weight and I was fourteen when I became a convicted felons power over its people. How's this for a race. Read Deborah viewers through emails here for the men's armament or lack jobs. Guys can you please go belated birthday shout out to the love of my life Doug Knapp who we fondly referred to his dog bug you love your show and the sausage. That from Stephanie Stephanie we can't. Because it's a belated birthday. You know we we don't we'll man. Another on my fiance. Has birthday is on Sunday a taller she is not deserving of the birthday song sung by you guys have from Justin. But giver of sucking up update regular in the birthdays. And it's like that she doesn't deserve it's not now. Guys can using my daughter Katie the happy birthday song today she turns three and has been subjected to your shows and she was born giver a little kid fish sandwich for me. And a shout out to Swedish hospital in the nick you for the amazing work they do that from Steve. Today is my extraordinary daughter Riley's eighth birthday. Could you get a little kids faced sandwich and a whole lookout and a sucking up cupcake love you guys you make me giggle in my daily two hour commute that from Stacy. Well look go oh. Guys my son Aaron turns eleven we as near podcast every time I arrived together can I get a suck it up and do you like that. Followed by a little girl face that which thanks guys from Bret oh. Guys it's my guy Daniel's birthday he's devoted listener in his favorite segment is the email rating how about a uh oh look out an album and oh dear Jesus rock gone from Gunner go look on. Oh all yeah. Guys and Davis Jodie I would love to give a shot after mats when it birthday today have been losing 2000 guys since we moved here from Michigan. And 2010 along with a birthday song I would like an oh look out. Eight LeRoy Jenkins and an owl. Hitting the wind window and one more year until I can legally tasty delicious men's room original red have a great day that from Cody people look out. We. My goal. Today is my daughter Jamie and my sister Kim's birthday did you give him an oh dear Jesus and Alan fake and a cut that's bitch off. Thanks guys that from David didn't. Well look go and read no. Red column my sister Jamie Tony third can I get a dope pusher a bomb ripped to please thanks for making my commute fun and interesting and for making some. Delicious sauces so we needed dope pusher and a bong hits yeah. Yeah. Guys today my mom's birthday she would love to hear miles say happy birthday to the lovely babe because babies are real name thanks guys we love you that from Brittany at Ebert they loved it. There is a sixty wife's Elizabeth's birthday were huge transition goes in every day can we get an original faced sandwich and Al and taken and how hitting the window thanks so much rock on our campus chemical look at. Oh dad my husband's next birthday today could get up all look at what that ever is that wrote a little girl faced sandwich love you guys look at all. All right yeah. Crawl. All of it is today and I age one more year thirty and as I drive aimlessly around the how about a symphony of turtles sex and perhaps a cut that bitch off thanks guys that from prince on the throw. All the journal takes certain. But if you wanna symphony you gotta set up a symphony and Candice. He can't just park that out not fast movements of sympathy and isn't certain yet and I heard them say exactly defenses there. Yes. So our guys stadium dad dad he's got about thirty eternal forward she I don't know if you've vanity scamming automotive over they shot out he turned thirty today thanks PS guys could you also give him a fish sandwich. Sandwich. A beautiful life Molly's birthday is today can you give her oh followed by a bird in the window and finished with turtle sex. Love you guys and keep it up and down from critical look on. Oh. I had a boyfriend localism is your show every day he's turning 35 miles of Indian and and Al hitting the window in a barbershop face and woods are one year old daughter loves to dance to that keep on rocking from Amanda. Oh and I again if you said okay so you know oh my god you run. Brother and I and I said OK it's geez man it's harder on the sun. I didn't wanna give a shout to my house of mom Diane who's 57 a lover so much can you please play turtles having sex and suck it up cupcake that for memo it. I don't know. Guys my dad John as 37 miles and you've forgiven Powell and oh my god look at present in a barbershop fish Sam was that from Justin Morgan and Scioscia. Not what I can run again if it's an email so you know oh my god you. Other can dying enemies and man it's cheese and the other Amazon. I'm Omar guys my name's Angela today I turned 35 I would love a birthday shout outs how about may be barbershop or Ted fish sandwich in a cut that bit shelf. And I think interviews and email so you know oh my god you. I enemies and win. Geez man it's harder on the saw. Get rid itself. Medco all of our guys are you know. We have got the OK. Okay America and I've had a good time. America our hero but says old until those Bolton hose in lovely some Diego California been listening to you guys since I was seventeen would station Wii on San Diego and Kate as you end I think you're right she's. Thank you all arcade and let us for coming to the program I appreciate the show very much guys and in the military. Getting ready to leave tomorrow for the Middle East just thought I would UG guys an email to say how much I enjoy your show over the years always keep it real can't wait come back and keep listening. That from a Casey what else do we have here throw you inspire me with your comments about the delectable flavors of bacon pared that stable of every child's life cool late and I mix the two following a recipe for candy bacon. A substitute the grape flavor for the maple sugar into this deadly can be placed out of my next Super Bowl party was awesome. Yes subject my cock in you stumbled on some there with the act cool that he had a video game. Does my cock ever let profanity passes lets our efforts in gangs are darned and everything more than that nothing like a thrill tosses out Sunday. That from Mike when I get pulled my when I 'cause on the air. And Mike doesn't. I don't think he even implies the cuss words like weak UIC thank yelled at and I didn't. It is easy and it happens demand might get myself some good old time he sings my Mike yeah I could give a class is as clear as mud and a indictment read about respectable parents nearly knuckles were I've. Golf with a weaker since here's an update right now at a at an assignment that newly famous sausage. Guys bite of Seattle having this weekend Sunday we're gonna be down there the Ali is serving smoked men's room original sausage from eleven until seven and proceeds benefit. Food lifetime. Also Brian and I'll be doing some free men's room original sausage casings that Conan Steiner in pioneer square on Saturday from four to six in the Capitol Hill location from port six I try to sausage and then there at the bite of Seattle is free but that Alley is like a separate part of that. You you paid again and it's a bunch of different chefs to give you free samples we'll be there on Sunday an Alley guys got myself ten pounds of your delicious meat can't wait to have it in my mouth I certainly do for the military that from Landon. Guys total Lyon all are what mall location has men's room gold they even have the cold ones in the walk again. 38. Street Tacoma Costco men's room summer gold point two ounces boom. Guys the gold is a total white or more in Lynnwood that Tony two ounce bottles PS it's the stuff that does not stick. The plain and simple that's great about ten cases from my wedding of the red so it's going to be a good time listen every day from Jared. Founded louis' goal of Hague as the Mount Vernon fought off the masses to graft to the bombers and high tail it out of there. Our guys is shelling out here in little load Olympia just asking if you believe shot that were having AL little thing for the Fisher house all weekend to the fifteenth sixteenth and seventeenth. At the Olympia Buffalo Wild Wings location only. It's such a great cause you guys rock thank you guys so much that from the lovely Shelly we have a couple lean. Now. Yeah. Some two holes. Go fund if you indeed go find yourself getting KI SW dot com and click on the men's room page you'll see the goal. But yourself banner they're click on that and you can donate any of these bank thousands. There's a terrible story Josh. Lost his right hand during the fourth of July saving like six year old kid. They're doing fireworks at this place any notice that this kid basically grabs an artillery shell fire were the with a schools we put an oh my he's got his hand right right Josh runs over there as fast as you can do about kids and rightly cocked back to throw it. It blew. So his. He lost to him. If you elect to help them anyway. Gonna go find yourself dot com there. All of I had Julie. And an ongoing battle with cancer this month to undergo massive treatment she's been so positive gracious throughout her battles you need your help with the never ending medical bills thanks guys Danielle. I'm a wife and I recently started day page to raise money for allies is autism therapy needs them husband father of three in my own son has autism. In order to help people understand the challenging we've created a short documentary video about Elijah. And parenting a child with autism in addition to funding our own son's treatment wheel to raise autism awareness and inspire the fans like gossip through our own. A media channels. Thanks guys that from the woods family and finally I guys why sports bar in spent away will be holding charity fund raiser for the loyal customer. On Saturday. Jay was a victim of a hit and run he was out for riders motorcycle all the proceeds from the event will go papers medical bills. You can bet on tons deletion team gears wag gone live music in men's room red and gold is going to be on tap all right bottom line some great things in great beer going on to watch sports bar and spent away the Saturday appreciate all you guys do. I thank you so much stay beautiful. That's from Greece the guy who works. For the lesion. Are going to be exciting return. When we got we got to Ali all geez it was it was not much we have headlines coming up at one hour which is exciting. We will return to that but first of my cock for stories that he has not. Working on and a couple of headlines that I got that are really exciting miles. Did a book and I got a guy recurring thing real savior figure it out two guys in California fell off a cliff playing Pokemon go. A couple of friends it is a couple from Toledo hop the fence that sue. To catch pulled its while playing bogey Mundo. The other half defense that zoo c'mon who into what enclosure it doesn't say I'm here. Are the people they traveled to Congo I don't and I understand in theory what it is not entirely know works like are they just acting with people now. And I like. It's I think it's not it's not terribly specific geographical accident LA and it's one in a zoo they just kind of pop up in different areas and it's you end up just. Phone and only one or you know that's budget relates. This is that they tract of people go to opting know what you a lot of churches are intend to be Pokemon stops a grocery stores schools stuff like that so key to drop floors. Leuer is yes you can bring in places. Yet Greg let me ride a bike can I go somewhere and just drop when there's dvd try to get it yet they're gonna strip club. Some Pokemon go players went through areas that the all time. 51 area 51 in Nevada and apparently there was a ton to cancer they don't like Canada like to go on today. Not really have time that we will shoot you through it and and book out of they find it Mike it's supposed to be secret. That's why everybody knows that the Nevada Ted bleed it's a big stage for all doesn't actually exist them. Yeah well yes it's what's inside of his that's what we guarded. Candidates of faith based in real look. An eighteen year old playing Pokemon got a part in Texas and got bit by a venomous snake she. I got an Anaheim California was playing Pokemon gonna park on Wednesday and got into a fight with a group of guys who want to stabbing him several target open. Until people playing volume on go in Houston on Tuesday found a cage filled with twenty baby hamsters and mice and apparently somebody had abandoned him so they took him in game put water in San their lives. That a kid got bit by the snake coming down. I don't know who to blame coComment go on that it's a single. There was what he'd been bitten by you might well there might have been yeah on playing a clip for existing right. Doumit walked tell all book and it's been there were thousands of viewers are blocking off a cliff I feel yeah clearly on and you act or anything you walked off the cliff. Whereas like snakes there are eight calls. And they even around. You and I mean this is not just me speaking this is speaking as the head jet slid by I think by my classification is able deadly slide around their boat their bite yet. Know what happened. I thank you might we appreciate it got headlines on the way people from now they are there are some slack took a mile how good is coming up we've got the bad Joseph Friday on the way to the bad jokes ready to go to a 642 Iraq first we need to go back in time. To the last time we played Ted vs the FCC so we could this go back intent. Or did she admits. Slit tips and a month Barack. Silly Philly. Fat blocker frank swerved she lifts and drink your Booth. Days June bugs affect. Did she mix split tips and how it's Crocs. Silly silly back. That's silly silly. You know a couple of the joined in studio once again by sergeant Eric Glover that Enron council the drug charge. You're right I do this let's do now yes you. Any time. Whose 320. By. This is the end of season. You're on last night I honestly don't know they've already got it from Taiwan. You look at dye it black beauty yours I don't know it was great demanded to shake in your buzz and beautiful the way we give up some great rhyme and it actually performance through your increased. Porridge and I lost five pounds just went. How did this week we're gonna take a listener submitted ten vs the FCC in this comes from our buddy Eric who is living in one. Ali yeah his are right that the crews are stationed in relying solely on cable boy came hale wining the McCain letter. He left a sailor airman K okay thank you thank you for our Lionel listeners and are deliberately pressured them. So we you know we we love you brother and then laughter. I Alaska Leila. I'm glad I don't know today guys instead I like those guys are I know they don't event but I I like those of our fellow out there from your colleagues friends on the mainland it. A little as I'm stuck living in Hawaii. For work great place to visit don't wanna live here try to just that it made it just for you. She shear sheep Shearer she for hours she slipped sheets slits sheets and towers she spits and saying since it's in showers. That from our buddy Eric who said later and suck it up. And loops pleasant visual now yeah there's a weird twist today to. Meehan mr. mr. megs. New podcast in the may catch room over the song about winning. So I put that into the system. Case I one band to play it I suggested that well here's the deal Bennett Mike also put in a song for refined with food I don't know what that song. The senate you don't get it one way street Michael's tea Ted -- play the song as an idol if you lose the output announcement technicality that's it it's exciting the VT over the I don't know what the losers long and well I'm way up the way we had a ten vs the FCC Jeanne eatery that one time through and then three times fast. Malo. And I got to act and Monica you can market. She then there's what is going to be a mess she shears sheet. She years she for hours she slips sheets slipped sheets and towers she's. Spitz and sinks and sits there and shout. It goes back there she's here she. Shear sheep for hours and she slipped she split sheets and towers she spits it sinks in sit and shower bought G cheers Sheikh. Shear sheep per hour she's flip seats. Quit she did tower she splits it's inconsistent showers through she shares sheep. Cheater sheet for hours and she slept cheat it's what she could flowers she's written statements. The winner. And then I got married guys that I don't know stretches bad don't trying to get ready go 20642 and rocky good email the bad jokes to the men's or amendments or live dot com Saddam to us on Twitter at 999 KI SW you can take the bad jokes to 77999. We'll take a break the drug charge right Cassel takes a bad joke Friday next. The men's room he's back in 99.9. JR ESW. I thank our very toast goes up just they are we can now they'll kick off they dude it's the eighty's weekend bad choice Friday style to get their vote between Steve Perry host Sherri and Phil Collins a studio both eighty smashes. One of those two tunes to get off dude it's the eighty's weekend not a bad choice Friday. First of drug charge right castles and it is time for bad until Friday but to ensure the dead bout between the gentle Friday yeah yeah. A lawyer Ed both Friday and last for generations to come as we first must continue these rules. If this is the official men's room that joke by the over the moon okay he's okay is a bad joke. Not necessarily. Dirty joke for instance a guy walked into a block. And yes we all know about them now. And it's against them and what he can do and don't tell is a bad joke not necessarily happens at one. I mean we all know that Jews don't Hollywood. And what's better than winning gold medal at the Special Olympics. Simple rules in mind before you saw. You. Here. Whitish Sean Connery keep his guns in the library. Tried to Sean Connery. Leave his guns and worry why for shelf defense. I'm doing now. I had confronted rusty by our president Eric Phyllis -- companies be as V brown sugar up that is miles tournament dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle's. The only bad jump Friday rust Leinart is a silly companies be as being that would be brown has sort of nerves literally would go on a bad Joseph Friday. Hello hello hello welcome to the Grand Rapids. Are and I. Why do which is where named Eric what do which is where name tags which which is why it. Load Colby welcome to bedroom Friday. Line on. Hurtful I with the duck arrest there. Why it was dark restaurant why. Because he would require addict. That's true that is patently troops about you didn't pay scale and my guess. You keep the ones used to whip of one. Hello nick welcome to bedroom Friday. I. Wanted to help get arrested what does the belt get arrested on how to prepare can't. If that. Hello ray box welcome to the men's room. But ticket ticket I. What are you going to make your car audio. College Jamaican drug intelligence. Quote moron. Right just like you have the other text joke the joke where you give us a set up unfortunately the punch line is not suitable for these or any other airwaves but if you would like to I get the out punchline to the joke all you have to do is text the word joke. 277999. Heidi say virgin. In German. You see virgin injured. Okay. This. On the line can't. Talk about another thing OK. Yeah. To. Text to extend joked to 77999. And I have limited today attack.