07-16-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Goes Up In Flames

Monday, July 16th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Hello hello friends joining us now on WA AF Boston's legendary rock station also what I mean Iraq California drive station and beautiful Sacramento California. And our newest affiliates say hello Chad no Barack won all five candidates rock station in beautiful Chattanooga Tennessee went on to the program here we go random question question your guess is as good as mine categories. Will be athletes in light beer and return. Answer men's room if you're just joining us are questionnaire what made you. And worded invite you another body store real quick here. Our researchers in Finland. Say they have discovered a new species of loss in the. Oh boy good it has a huge. Emerged stinger. The log jam up which signs his name on the watch for still pie go crass suckered Donna. No way you said that had Dana why did they name like Karl. You know like why does it have to be can I know it's because he's about they always made things like that right Chris and I got close a movement got. Grass good doctor the day when they talk to you ago. Walks. I mean a big call it a walks. It has a stinger that is both longer and wider than those seen on most laws Chama I have studied tropical. Perez stood loss for a long time but I've never seen anything like it. According to boot. The ball or TE's. Second URV out of the university of Turk goes bio diversity unit. This thing looks like a fierce weapon. Researchers at the anger it is of walls like the one they discovered use their stingers not only to inject other creatures within them. But also low. Tell lay eggs in the job and these types of possible paralyze a spider using its venom they in my ear tags on his fighters of the hatching larvae can eat it and any potential spider eggs. They're trying to get more funding to learn more about this thing and how the stinger got to make an out of all because it's a pretty on the money it's it's a huge state it's a huge loss looks like one of the jab in round. Randolph brand into the big Japanese won they're still basically why horizontally while vertebrae and then they can spray the venomous get a death. Out of the hole. Hello hello and welcome to the Denver. Yes I don't know I don't know it would go to windows. They'll. Dylan you know looking at doing about its business it does get a leg there. Hello. Nate welcome to the men's room. All odds are. Hello Nate and god go to welfare. Again I made us go to. Looking back there on a lifetime of dumb things you Bob what would you say is the dumbest thing that you purchased what was. Was that the battle on the thing you don't use that thing was just a bad idea at the time dumb. Maybe as a Canada. Iraq no wave you know when he realized that you know I got to be asked I think lately. I have found that my my purchases in the kitchen. Have been along not for most people are able like I need to act my when it I have well I'd buy him about a Cuisinart. The media type press again all right because I thought to myself okay. Man I can't wait it just mingle with grill out the grilled sandwiches I can make on all the beneath all the the meaning other all the world she's won at whole what are the hot sandwich all you can make any kind of any god you all don't Turkey and cheese which do you realize I believe there and I. Man on our team you know you just realize like all of that you could fold it flat and you can make pancakes they didn't even open it yeah did you use it now. This is the jumpers is probably sixty books we'll show and it's notable let's face it it's like you know like hey man. Which do you refer to Dini. I doubt it urges the values do. By a parachute to match every shared. Well like hundreds of dollars on issues. How many pregnant and that or my theory I think I would violate black or white shirts in arming and I'd have liked to colors and stay there how many different pairs of shoes did you. But we're about ten or eleven that compares. Nike's apart but I realized that this is a stupid. Idea hatched by stop and just wasting money. Used with anybody else. Yeah well long. And our I don't think it is I know you're sailing away so I'm not a box that. And she's you know look you in a decent shoes and I asked do you have like that was a heck color coordinated as well. It oh yeah. Doubt about another thirty dollars well above us and it does. Okay zero always color coordinated between your shoes and your hat and your shirt. I do look like Vanilla Ice. Now and I. Okay I'm more evidence would be that was another of my parents always gone on an accurate statement actions money they brought back the game show to tell the truth are. And it's okay it's a decent time killer kids are way aqueduct are somewhat in this. One of the people who throw an eye socket game but there's three people up there and are all saying that they are. I'll god were to call like pageant coaches ran right after the bat I nor did it when I'm amounts of farm and celebrities have to guess who they think it. And they into the guessing right before one clue was of the defendant and once said there was one guy and apparently goes. Did anyone else notice the bad guys socks matches time. Yeah peace arch of grasping tightly so therefore he's the guy and sure enough. That was the guy I thought you know what. He's absolutely right right you're panting dad I'll talk about band is like history SARS is pink tie no one matches the Sox student tie itself some under cares about pad in Sonoma county and he's right. The super low core liberal. File this. The reason who has what's the dumbest thing that you purchased I guess there's a big trend over the past few years and high fashion no world at selling the dumbest sheen's possible. And after everything from jeans with free ripped butt cheeks to genes that look like one pair talked into another pair. And now the latest a fashion company called oh boy AZ did end. Just released upside down genes. Meaning the belt loops go around your ankles the pockets are right there are facing downward on your calves and the fly is down there to. But since they had to stay on there were also putting a flying but on the top which makes them look pretty confusing. Any idea how much these cost much a 495. Dollars one. Or that George version cost 385. Dollars for the latest upside down. And friend. Right and friend and friend. I didn't really and friend I didn't accept or try to make sense of why you would want to play on that one I just can't wrap my head. Hello deli and welcome to the men's room. Although top fellow billiard back. I just I don't know worries. Don't you gotta do I don't go here. What salary you busted doing there who got to we'll resume and who must give Hillary in the act out. Laughs. She's I mean I the new guys I would like quarter when I was a kid Powell nor. And I. Eleven or twelve great really Internet rolled around and sell the bonds you know when your mom and dad. I think the first I would LaMont. Why isn't always moan why isn't that mom always bus boys report bad. Ours and a dad and say anybody of the gets. Well they would go to it was just a young young kids using the Google search engines and no nobody called neo and clearing your history and all that. No but it's still my unarmed India or back but here's the thing if you're looking for a search service starts at peace. Things pop up on that and three were errors at the start with that that letter bases loaded still always mom. It's already dad was like I let my son that is Abbott bought from the jury that's good moms more activist going room to. Everything I can we just yell from a room so there's always kind of warning with him what is modest health. But mums the thing is it your probably right but like my form get the bad times the magazine right Susan the back of a closet behind other stuff in and what do so just her being in my room there is no way you solve a game it moms no matter what. It's not that death it is here but it horn was it did any truth in the back of a closet I get home from school and she's mad and I'm think it. You if you want to throw my grabbed the find this this is my Lehman I can walk in to. Hypothetically I can walk into my bathroom if I had a son okay. He's got a Playboy. And a jar Vasily sitting on his nightstand and a little walk Galileo. I'll probably take it in just put it in a story close it and walk out and not say anything. I would what are the but I well I don't know where he's not used as a mom yeah Iraq with a via an armada nineties it again but Jolie's dress that I would never I would never approach my son ago. I know your masturbating you know I wouldn't put him on that on the spot I just know that he would I think you've pulled aside and say man like you have to. My mother as my mother don't remember what she busted me on my Foreman I guess before she actually I guess you couldn't take it. As she totally got older kids covered it earlier freaks out called my father were remark probably wouldn't you want you to do I might be as far. He's client. You know that is your son and his eleven voters all went. This is gonna happen letting go to not look these master data from kids do it. I did all this has gone down my guess is about a week later two weeks later she just couldn't take it and Michael Moore from school the Boston. In Jerusalem ahead do know and for me he. I can understand why she was so angry and you know what my supposed to have it but it's so humiliating. If I'm like I wonder if she knows why I had little obviously she did and have the time you think maybe your mom doesn't know we can do with it. Some might just be moms too with their son I think it is I think everything I think your reaction to be completely different if a son has foreign them like a daughter has four. Maybe maybe it's not a plus I think Susan like Obama just around more the view that is getting caught by her were. If you are very good iris then there's. Reed grass or you busted doing there and why. Some employees of the courthouse in Alexandria Louisiana. Then heard a bunch of noise. They you know more than noises coming from. They heard though they symbols all the commotion coming from somewhere than they checked the stairwell Wednesday morning. And when one of them went to check it out they found the source of the noise. A twenty year old man named to Miguel burglary CEO in nineteen year old woman named Jamie Lee co TA were having sex on the stairs. It turns out. Miguel is an inmate who was cleaning the courthouse as part of his work release him and Jaime Matta there billions in new meaning to the release part to make it hasn't sexy time. I anyway now he's back in jail and she was also arrested they're both facing obscenity charges for having a sex there. In the courthouse is not unseen until some walks into the stairwell. Everybody we get website that I give you all get about bedroom and about the size I'm having a senior wing years. More other adequacy questioning coming up they are far 999 all of you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. However for our turn and ask amends or right before we had drinking and that tells with the shot the day if you have a question for any of us here in the men's or do shoot us an email to the men's room amends or live dot com Massa men's room. Is coming up first more of our random question question before. Or 999 old Brenda Brenda hello you know Linda welcome to the member and friends and friends there Erica Camilo Nolan. All I saw. It spirit of full color bigger yeah hours. I know let's see here what do we have for you honor and a question question okay when did things go from bad to worse. Nolan when did things go from bad to worse. Forehand. When I was eighteen years old. High wind dealing Walgreens like bread. And doing all of them by all the liquor. And I drove away. And. Five cops pulled me over. And they asked if I did it I said no. And they're like we'll find out that you did it you were a little bit yeah. So I go to leave majoring would you vote the duke let friends. And they end up showing up to my friend's house. With another like every cop and my parents put me back the cup car. Moon and handcuff me and then let me out of here. It's. Apparent the Labor Day I'd travel clinic in a gap. So what do your parents say about all of us. I'd help at all but I got a good adopt harsher when you're eighteen years old you know you. Man oh man freezer as when things go from bad or worse is a much worse story. A quote once in a lifetime trip. For a woman in Australia quickly turned into a harrowing experience when she suffered a eight bite while feeding the shark that don't do eventually is one to one of them which then dragged her into the water. And Melissa running 34 was on the yacht in the remote Kimberley region in the northwest part of the country. That's about 15100 miles north of Perth we know exactly where it is mine she tried their hand feed two for nurse sharks were swimming around up. Told the west Australian incident realize that she should not hand feeder shark. She and it's because she's a 34 year old woman and that's the black and owl. After the charred bedroom pulled into the water she now realizes she should not hand feature tech talks of the people have to tell you. You are short week even once. Apparently running till the last Australian she didn't realize she shouldn't do it until the animal became quote like a Hoover. Sucking her right index finger into its full mouth of rows of razor sharp teeth my take you maybe I think the shark was in shock as much as I was the only way I can describe it is this immense pressure and it felt like it was shredding and off the bone she told the paper. I came up and I was like I'm lost my finger by finger is gone. The shark then pulled her into the water in due gong bay. Wedges inhabited by saltwater crocodiles again grown 23 feet long away more than a time. The entire count her was captured on video which shows running screaming as she is dragged in the water before the boat's crew and her friends helped to pull her out. The nurse sharks why by the way down a couple of them are fourteen feet long. Quoting having a very strong jaw filled with thousands of tiny serrated teeth. I think is the surcharge told her we'd love to bite you but we wait for the doctor shortage it here the 34 year old through the west Australian newspaper the incident was quote completely my fault. And it was just dumb blonde doing a stupid thing morons everywhere like pleased to Barbara episode of that. You act exactly like hey man there's a lot of our egos were not. And you know yeah I don't call and feed sharks it's just it's just what goes to the back of their yacht. In depth on fourteen feet long hand beating this year it's just an and I know somebody so march and other nations. They don't normally a flagrant it it doesn't mean the shark doesn't know that toll blonde moment random friend friends. Just people aren't guys in here a blonde moment. Hello Cody welcome for the manager Brett Hull I. Okay. Yeah I think speaking from experience Lankan state but don't tell the blonde you're dating Jennifer Von. Did weirdo. That they had so everybody. Joseph didn't know you just don't work if you can vote for paper ballot you can tell you is that time of the month you cannot act. The whole bunch of crap if it. Now my girlfriend of the volatile and they've gotten one moment but I never thank you from the one night and I don't know why aren't yeah I thought we got UN human. We hear when we got I. Where reuse duck or once we're used stuck doing. Where you stock or what Prius stuck doing. I have a mild multiple hit all kinda did it and I didn't really. And I did in each time. I moved in no problem and don't let my buddy and it's like. An old. Like I got a billion I thank thank thank the moment he can't remember. And Mike Dylan good correlation because they're often thought and then now all of them and I'm out there. I knew about their Kudlow and tonight I got an exact one in pompano by. OK when I look at my record political. Not as good acts. Yeah cool you can overdo it duped as bad as you go around very organized you and we are no logic it did back here as a reality show you an immaculate think Gary said and a we don't see just how much I had it in the wild come on. I think the drive. Brand. If you did some differences too dude and hang with the body energy operable and I feel like that's something and believe you know I'm I'm down. On reason asked. Affiliate suckered into it where you got suckered into it for sure. No doubt it got suckered into but I'm like I can live with that the only Taylor Swift got stuck honey malfunctioning it gondola stage prop during her show in Philadelphia on Saturday. Apparently is part of a show where she basically flies over the crowd to a secondary stage and performed a few songs now I'll believe Russell Taylor slip that she flew. And it's candidacy clientele and I tenacity that about this time the gondola or as my wife would say gondola. Would only go up and down a bit it wouldn't actually transporters so she was lowered back to the main stage and stop the show to ask the crew which he should do. She Astor goes away for writing music and don't say from Blair had to walk to the other stage rather than fly she wasn't getting response. Eventually they had to taker. Down on the second gondola on the other side of the stage and in the credit to gondola Austin mini god solutions that give the government says that's him that's simple ideas. Brenda Brenda says uncertainties and regretted the U Camby had one gondola boot camp can't get them a break down how did you regard him right. Obama himself might want to go 11 pop culture random question of the week. Wonder how good if you're Taylor Swift or you know somebody in the military style. Then feminist. Whoever's involved in tropical. I I try to stay with the Garnett actually noise and the sound got through those guys soul. Tied my TV remote in the and a little kinky lately about breakfast sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't last night and Washington. Dvd kids are in bed all I want to do now is sit on the undercarriage and kind of do nothing right go brain dead. Turn on the TV it's on whatever channels on which is fine it's just not gonna want to watch so normally. You just press in the number of the channel you want ago. It OK off you go. Went out today you'll put the number up on the screen would hit OK it's just it's just not gonna happen but it's been weeks of this announces right. Some like whenever and Cisco channel that I knew that they were I am not clicking at faster than obscure the double Lincoln it and pull my finger office still count down a little bit. The screens black but I and so they're audio and still acting like it is trying to catch up and I realize it's the Disney can look at 1030 at night. It's the Disney Channel and I can hear it but it's not ops on like assumes a stream comes back. Things are back to normal takes about five minutes and foreign labor at the screen comes on and sure enough it's a live action Disney show and it's. Already making inquiries are entitled stupid right. And now my remote will not work and I turned the TV off. I turn back out I could not doing if they basically I TV has been stuck on the got him Disney Channel since last don't know. Tough on the turned off TV I was so aggravated I just wanted to go brain dead and what Stevie instead it's. Just some stupid show and it is yeah they're gonna tell you when you call. What unplug the box plug it back yeah I tried to act on them. Drawn at a computer unplug and plug it back here yet who I did all back on bloated bloated back soon. And Disney Channel. Hello. Hi welcome to the men's room. Stats. Today luck seeing or not. Alerts. Sorry sir. Yeah Berry had given my name is not content type key to. Keep teeing off he told G-8. OK I KE IG is no saying that now Mike I know it's. Yes. I'd swear you we are we're in the money and I are here on our direct question questions were no money questions goes what would you waste your money on their pact eat. Well I waste my money on lie and I headed over so we're gonna say the waste my money on some CD's and books and you know it it was created based on this. Limited today and that's a little money on each. How is music in reading wasting money. Well I think I'll blogs. Wouldn't consider it not been. Traditions changing those in the I don't know. I'm always you old money like are you spending bill money on the stuff. Are you pay my bills it's you guys everybody don't tell me to save my money put it in the bank don't body blow it. I'm like hey you know I really want to light up you just gotta do. They are doing all the time or. Two bedrooms and one. I don't. I don't want my you can email all of ZoneAlarm that I you can you can still below money in the bank until a smile as around with its Fisher well I guess I. Yeah I don't look. Analysts at the money in the Mac it's like man you need to make enough money to have money to put in the bank Quito which meant a table that we we have we we get you know yet we are purse here in radio free T shirts without question all the teacher to match will be a lot of free T shirt which is cool to go through. The other thing is depending on the genre that's in the genre Brock wouldn't get a concert to get here there throw and in CD's so that's great because like Guns 'N Roses reissued appetite the other day with some bonus tracks and us. That's a problem so of the drug charges of big box of Guns 'N Roses things like all of dude doesn't a big like Cynthia says it's not even gonna take this I don't have a thing like I'd love to I have I vinyl is this pathetic I think I have like a vinyl and I can do that I believe anything and I mean I can labels speaker up my phone or whatever but I mean that's a bit to get the means that you need to get a bottom line is a did you just want to music you do vinyl because given appreciation environment but the battle in between and we can result run out of room to get duke all the albums that that it just keep rolling in there that I don't buy it somehow for a dollar. A reason we asked would you waste your money on. Forbes magazine. Looked into what people are throwing your money away or how much money the throwing away basically relented to it how we eat. And how we spend our money as far as just going out to dinner staying home to dinner so they looked at over eighty different dinner recipes. And compared to what they cost an average restaurant too what they cost if you make them from scratch now believe it or not. And well and you probably do believe this the cost of groceries has gone up significantly. Within the last few years. Before the survey though they note that the numbers were much much lower. But they found that the average dinner from a restaurant is about twenty dollars and 37 cents says the average price for dinner. And that includes may be a five dollar delivery fee now that compares doom. Four dollars and 31 cents if you make the same thing at home. So that's a sixteen dollar difference that means if you order delivery. Three times a week it cost you about 48 dollars or roughly 200 dollars a month. That would be just for one person. Some of the wheels of the biggest mark ups include spaghetti with meat sauce shore are 21 dollars Alps compared to three dollars at home. Pork chops 25 a out of a restaurant compared to three dollars you make him at home and chicken wings. Twenty dollars compared to about two dollars per person. If you make them from scratch. They also looked at how much more calls to use a meal could service like a blue apron and it's about three times more expensive per meal that if you just bought the ingredients and made it yourself are. All right however it's all cut up and chopped I'm never gonna blue heels so I don't know about you but I also got to cut up a lead up to you send you to specifically vegetables in the meat and then a specific amount of spices okay. Aren't met but here's the thing like I know I can make spaghetti in meats also don't. But it never taste as good as it ever does and go to a restaurant at a Newport to optional I can make a well but. The on the menu at a restaurant there so much better to leave that money were really against any I can do I think when you get any help realm of things that are out of my world like. Sushi. And a calculation of Murrow I feel like not the Barbeque isn't great when you go on to barbecue but over the weekend however like I would have deuce barbecue and slogan groin and here's the deliverance if I decide. Everything Mandy hungry have. Among among Barbara Q well now let's go get it to them hungry now while for a barbecue I need to know in advance and I want you later yes. And there's there's certain things right lake. So getting meatballs you know we make you know Blake chicken wings like in American then I think well I had a profit rental only do you have this week and severed ties salsa did your free did you think they would like steaks age is it you're never gonna get a stake at home the way it's done in a place you you just you don't meaning to get that you either make it past her prime the worst giggled. Yeah it's a lot like crap and you meet me at that few if any that. Our and a question question a 449990. Random friends and so what I. You can look at your veteran recruited them and yes. Our next order food to feel pretty good that you have to get. Tell me what you couldn't get a break happiness I am happy that I cooked at home because. I did something that makes that direct. Evidence that purely somebody else's food it was so much about it about everything and I did that the door got business. Hello Philly welcome to the maneuver. Into. Good through. I don't I don't know you do it. Clearly don't Sully I know it's also. And Hillary. Grill you are triggered a great Oca aren't the sea here all right tell you seem like kind of person who could answer this question what was the stupid reason for the argument. Good typically and then reporting yarn that would be issued. They want my breast and what are I don't know yeah forget Jordan played not well. I know when it got wet well according gagged and we're just going to count and that's when it got to get bear back it and she did you afraid that we're gonna. They have the right. The idea of course. There's an article and didn't get my doubt that I would all like just the way. And that. Adult court it was it and I could've gotten from Kingston Jeff Burton Jimmie and acted on that chat. It's important that he'll go over your driving that you can think of quarter tank could make it ten miles per share BS parent. I'm out in the system but Elliott or anything yeah how to get that weren't right out of gas but I really wouldn't matter how bad it again it's back today exploded into an argument. A gradual part of what do you shut up and churn out great site map and let's colonel mark. I will say this though wait did you say anything when you made it to your destination back. Didn't. Dot com I'm sorry I can't that's just listen you guys radio any good as I did you. I don't know I think put on outlook. I don't know but I'm glad our Deborah I'm guided in again I literally lead us later here with the problems bizarre theory is there is a very weird group of people. And now we are group. Obviously they must've round of gas on numerous occasions in a bothers. Or I don't know with their I think really needed to happen my aunts my grandfather man I mean and I love my grandfather that he would go just I mean any time you got no car. How much gas forgot who were getting low on gas. Work we've only used to fourth the tank is still 34 when LT five inflation shrug over tax cut off every camera dance for going to be on a stretch for ninety days and never seeing gas station is almost like every time you saw the opportunity to gas. And then when he would get out like. Then he would clean the windows. And he would get like a napkin and I won a favorite house. And he cleaned brick and lights again inning even known as the Washington mall often like he was very end I am a window cleaner. Yeah I don't I don't have problem that don't get me wrong I mean if I if you're on a highway needed you know eat now about bugs were but that you've gone Mike. To 30400. Miles sort of fill up again. But the city didn't get my right how to buy it every time debit media didn't use the little girl dance all the time for shore and also back in the days I think where you used to work on your own car. Right maybe they took so much more breaks my problems and tobacco legislative input has ledger about when he stopped chemical. Oh all filled up the Marley and hey you know how much again and you look at our new governor of the anything more. While they knows allows wealthy got 2000. He knew every free can drop of oil were came from when he changed it all in a written down those Pennzoil quakers to whatever analyzing an idea but I every cartel. These kids only picking these replays all over the years Levy here's a couple of copied remind you been driving to law. Oppose us to the reason for the argument there's a 31 year old woman named what time should bear in Charleston, West Virginia. She got upset on Wednesday when another woman started working honor. I don't know any more details over the naturally if they knew each other why the woman toward done what ties you with the deal is. Anyway we'll Taj was so upset that she bit the top of the woman's finger off. Almost run any hospital with Tosh was arrested for felony malicious wounding so she's looking at two to ten years in jail for take that number of bodies finger office. Brad a question question may four point 9990 Morey calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Six is you. True that a classic class today far. Lauren 9990. Random random breath. I'll quick gunmen came and glued to the doors have a very what. Hello Larry welcome to the live through friends friends. Or not Riley there. OK with an area of low phone troubles today if you're on hold there you're not anymore still smacked a 4499 NO. I feel this was honoring the question question. Wind windy mother nature give you the business. When the mother nature gave you the business. In other words from my wife being put under house gaffe when that when did the earth not cooperate with the U. Never been struck by lightning last ability air you haven't. It's already our team yeah nutrient did you watch the World Cup. Yeah it Lorca well alt and how are not Americans upon. Now new dream. Let's see I got on the let's. Didn't I didn't need but me and my buddy you're on the woods. And we were allocated to change sides need big street throughout their paintball and out of the arts it's icky sticky were taken content are retrieved and it would to insult all Egan didn't eat cake chased out of the age. Big tree. Got you down at all's not another one down one that we had started tightening already in Atlanta right on his leg. Thorough and us steamer. All day home. And then how long was trapped under the tree. Are you even that big big boys so attack. We had to call. We had to call other Ukraine there are being held they came down and we all had to try and cheering and you probably 8280. Pound. While why don't we all your friends is steadily Barrymore want to meet the boy did a tree has landed on my body like Garrett and go ahead and call call them professionals from this. Well you know Wanda. Ambulance billion now. Hello we learned in the back is still there and I today hospital and none of you have this man's theory and it's. A little candidate. Mile ride know all about the analyst Gloria based politicos launcher and once you once you know. Then you start critically thinking about what your options as far as what the severity is of whether you need one or not and that's that's a life and I think in you could be wrong and you could that. But it doesn't matter is still goes through your head because you think of the available. Obama and you've got quite hit Maui the somewhere trapped in her confidence is like. Get a bone coming out over shouldn't compound fracture of the bone was exposed. Coming out of the scam and she's screaming that are important for calling them once usually don't make Colleen over lord I'm not famous bit I was talking to someone in our office earlier and they're talking about the medical bill and this one blew my mind. It might be cheaper just to give yourself a shop so. Whatever they give your shot of it was like 56 books the actual thing for them to administer it was 67 now. A Sid should be cheaper then. If they gave me the medication in you just stuck it in your own bank of the calls more for them to actively stick it in your game. Then it does Ford Everett is you've got so you can just get so yes ticketing 56 dollars for further product. And then it was an additional 67 dollar for them as I say to administer. Guarantee you they shot just to go and do. I don't mean literally putting your diabetic would eager to. I've won diabetic so your party insulin dependent. So you knew what you already know you already were familiar with needles how they work and we're going to throw out all that stuff I would try to negotiate the daily Potomac look man it's just call sort of thing I cannot. It's like going ala cart on the menu boy oh boy I love to get done explain French Fries McDonald's I have another six bucks who. So I'm gonna go ahead and forego by the way that maybe the hospital who might be the cheapest thing in the hospital with just flew all the food store and the hardly any legislative looks. I mean it's really super G you can't look considering everything else is so expense but demanding is like fifty but it's just you know I really feel like how to get all the way they did I get up and a dollar lunch room and hot dogs go insurance golf market began jacking the price the chicken Clinton and then after I hate her for the games played what do they didn't report like who you she did food insurance that I told you this man of getting and I think you're gonna be in this scenario but he'd have been if you do the best hospital food you can get. It is Children's Hospital. And the reason is is because he got all the adults whose drive for like the people who worked or tried to help them you know who cares that is syndicates life. But the kids they've got chicken nuggets they've got hot dogs. They've got an iso remake his do so. Why if you're can't is they don't have you know you know you eat my you don't you know if you bid that I you know you're sweating Bogart about that you've got a little mini golf like all night you got corn ball instead Allman and you can eat like a king had children you have no idea like this is unbelievable the double that they're both about Denard yet. Edited to sever children's hospitals one children's national DC wanna CO and I did tell you both times I was just amazed by the out of the food it's amazing it really is and other hospital sucked they have a woman though. And they get on there like and then the delivery is like you know an hour to two hours sometimes I still think the strangest things that my sister was in the hospital PG stock deeply two years strength. Is when the so they had to put her like in this war to this hospital where they make forced you to eat yet they kept anonymous stuff. I would get it when we went to visit her once a week I would just be downstairs he loved but couldn't get corrected it's. Like so that the best here if you want me but won't stop beating a path around that problem or if it's proof. How much I Greta I really remembered is the teenager but. The truth got a fantastic really this. I raise my ass when would a mother nature give you the business in Arizona couple driving past a brushfire. That broke out on the Arizona side of the Colorado River managed to capture some incredible video. They were driving past the brush fire when they spotted a fire NATO. The fire NATO was in blown by the wind into a river. We're began pulling up water which put out the fire NATO and then became a giant waters about instead. That's just everything to tell your man's off fire NATO and no water. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.