07-18-16 2pm Mens Room flies a kite

Monday, July 18th

It's time again for the Random Question Question!


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You what you're not seeing here is real the members of this radio. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Lord and in the invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. They say shake your radio more than three times. And your. Suppose that'll let it go brave Monday July 18 2016. And a number 2416. Hour. Along with speed the throw hill. We did split. In my car. Okay higher in the Mizuho. Dan today the Rand pressing question is back. Your guess is as good as mine feature sexual fantasies and the Hollywood. You know it. Profile this as your biggest enemy summer showdown three plus headlines events or shot of the day fumbled as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time would tick click clack negative value go Taco Bell worker in Alabama deny service to deputies. Taco Bell. Denies her job. Meanwhile the main healthcare department missed for instance home numbers and take you to a woman who will shut your cup. Disney worker fired after 200 pick a memo saying what alligators. Single mom thrown in jail for not cutting grass bylaw more haters. And a man pleads guilty to rogue testicles surgery. Rove good testicle surgery that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. All good good good day to you and yours started when you're familiar with the hi I'm gone one hi I'm gone one. It was the Chinese space station it was launched into 111. It was supposed to be brought down what they call a controlled a controlled crash. Something's gone wrong and now looks like time long is this gonna crash whenever and wherever the hell it demo please. But the odds are that Democrats in the ocean or unpopulated area but again no one really knows it's just. Odds but the question is one of the cool. If you got hit by space station like a lot of things can happen to you order call our home land in new orbital are not do it. The peace spaced it out. But isn't cool to have I don't know say your throat torn open by a story. And have a to a guy and he's riding his bike home when a kite string wrapped around his neck. And sever his jugular now before you start panic about dangerous countries. It should be noted that this particular type strain for reasons I do not know. This very assault was embedded with pieces of glass missing wrapped around his neck and writing and by damn near severed head the doctors could not say. But it is a typical guy that's one of the few moments he would've actually gone to the doctor we have a list of the seven reasons they guides give for not going to doctor. I think they stopped at seven I reviewed the list somewhere I have like 23 more movies and and if you're wondering yes the number one reason we just don't want me here they have to say. You know I live and we night you thought it was gonna say give that they establish that there. Ready to fried chicken but down the greasy food eat some tail and let's face to me that's like. Just go jump ball full clip of that repeating table means to a guy like me. However all of these stories Lowe got all kinds of questions swirling in her head but we're gonna ask you today and a form of the random question question you give us a call. We asked you completely random question. And after your very obvious answer we will then share with you the story that inspired some question about program and the random question question call 20642 and rock Ron footer at 999 KI SW and a men's room live. Takes 77999. And cinder emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com. Now back into the men's room and here's the question Jenna and Ryan teel Mike to let them resort casino in 99.9. KI DS devil you. Know. Intestines. Today I honestly don't profile us playing for tickets to see in MA summer showdown three that is it to you the resort casino in those your tickets coming up the game former. As black white makes your you will do that a 50 wait right after the shot of the day. In the meantime it is our random question question 206421 rockets miles tournament dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle. I rockaholics. This is the men's room where miles and drill 99.9. KI DS to. They're playing grass Sunday August 21 white river and the theater and now even more bands as fifteen bans on two stages will be this year's pain in the grass i.'s 2016. Including disturb Breaking Benjamin Alter Bridge anthrax in our friends and poppy will. And window pane. Affectionately known this year as window pane in the grass is correct 2016. Get those tickets now it's going to be great day Albert Franken rock and roll the whole deal meant in the grass 2016 great lineup. Tons more bans now two stages it is going to be a throw down KI SW dot com. As all your details. I don't know the big show today your guess is as good as mine has stayed we've got those in and they summer showdown three tickets for profile this will do that after the shot of the day and today is the day that we do our random. In quest and yes there. They would have loved Zachary and welcome to the men's room. Oh. I don't today captain's home and play you know that's excellent when he knew Bruins. All. IE. But I do thank Aggies dyeing shirts in fabric you know would paint store. It's like remarking now markers in this I just feel more like powers in the. You know what what Iowa. I try to do straight line is Kerry caves and stuff like getting what I love sometimes I get detailed pictures that people can I you know I grew. You know I'm not. So you're crazy person aren't I've put designs on Georgia to be usually from the inside due to Europe dribbles and my lack of efficient wiping out. Stood to people pay you money for the shorts. Well only a matter because I had rely on the Internet now and so far ahead and panned out yet but. But I don't Robert I go to look you're sure to come on CDs designs of sorts. I'm at the margin. The more spoken yet and I future in this room it. Okay. Thank god that I make sense he's an amateur. Like seamstress right now the multi sell some of your professional and short maker the makes and cheats aren't sorry. Yes sir we can make enough money I'm there yet. I tell her license so I can sell the shirts. What's a good idea. Another all that okay look we're gonna ask you question did you Wear your own designs like about it assuming the weather returned to a warmer something when I see you were in her own designs yes. Karen all right. You know what snap as a pay conceive you incident and we can take a look at the shorts and even will be your first step. That's right well so and lane and then send the picture does it in hand I think that we will may be will be your first customers may be all of loosen your whole order repaired your shorts okay. Pressure this year polo shirt whatever you've got short church if you make Sox who will buy those from he does make some that don't gamble. I know one more question is it lake spray painter I paint with like brush this. Well it's always been paint with precious or. The we're not having literally could cured I gave to a firm lie because he. Sorry given the stuff but I I did the magic markers and then I get bigger market a yellow paint. Am name magic marker design skills showed up in the Payne Lee Arnold. There at least patterned tie die while in I have one like dead just Matalin but Islam. Europe is the name that I'm listening in this shot. How long have you been doing this. I don't do in their class around for a ears but I really got into the last couple years. Seriously send us pictures stuff countersued looks like our here's your here's a random question question. In your time sing about when you've got really frustrated not at someone or something but at and objects maybe you just got mad and you. I don't know. Punched the wall I get so pissed off on time and a computer my house I had this computer and it was just it should have been dying the way it was but it was in also frustrating and I knew I'd taken it to the store before as it would look. We've done all we can do this thing you're just gonna have to get a new. So I knew this so the thing froze up about three or four times to this computer and I took it outside and I threw it on the patio to those so pissed off that it. I did a smash into a million pieces. And then I put a basically the plastic parts and recycling through the rest of way and that was the end of that computer I didn't. I backed everything up and I went outside and I just absolutely just smashing on the grounds of so pissed off. If you smashed any thing or hit any thing out of anger before which is broke some like retired this toaster but what effort is you know. Well yeah I know what you're afraid you're paired mayor Rico than any more food and once I do. Yeah I overeat. So you lose. I was in Canada every appliance in there because. I broke and didn't have any food that they were going to the food bank next day so what are remembered that I really don't you remember I really don't even know. After that I Stockton. In refrigerator. That's good that's going to be different dreaded and have anything to do that I don't know that may be different triggers your food how did you into the food cold enough some spoiled. The total hit protocol and yet that's I'm gonna bash for what I what what's your top meal like ideally what we do it to open refrigerator and seeing him. Well. The actual frying chicken. Amnesty when I open it up next time I get an appetite. Is an almost tragic. No this is are kind of herbs and certain. Well you said you overeat so what what would be the one thing you just couldn't stop beating. Remember air out our input from I think. I had a I had hot dogs to hot dogs over the weekend on one hot dog at the baseball game I have another hot dog. On Sunday which I've dog did you go for that he's all man don't I well doubles smoking. Did you I got I got a little cause more and taste exactly like that she brought to get a stadium dogs but yesterday when play golf and they had and I needed something to eat them I can balance the need another hunt for lunch. So they had a with a call the Ruben dog. And the Ruben dog is hot dog. With sauerkraut and thousand island dressing in the Swiss cheese on the grill but a good is that it was awesome yeah I had the right call my buddy get a bacon dog which is of the dog Grafton bacon. Which look fantastic but I felt confident in my decision on the Rubin that you made the races I've never I've never seen that before I was his bake and he's it was awesome. He settles I mean I trust me if I go back into the vacant I mean like they have like work I did just always said that like. Look man I was confident in my decision I was happy with I'm I'm I'm not where little not regret initiative at all. And you go yeah you get motivated hackers million villages. That make it about a minute though there's an F I made the right decision. But we're talking I don't think didn't make it off. No look it was delicious I'll make the right decision and I'm not making the right decision twice I do that all the time if you can't completely product that's a look over elect black. All I had little to do okay. That is not a good at all. Series Honda that's about as a guy amid the right choice. To me toxic heavy ball. And psychologist food were generally at a restaurant you don't mean and you think you could talk yourself into making particular kept gay. I would say I made the right decision here but ultimately I'm looking on the table and clearly I did not ship killing Mexican and and the Italian message to you the most right so you could order something at a restaurant. Entirely different the window Reynolds has ordered an eighth at the swing and a miss ago I'm Abrams is like with the time the Mexicans like this. We have the exact same ingredients. It just depends a U. One is the package is up and somehow get the enchiladas and write the person that. God Jim chocolate starter Matt I actually got its image on the woman gets me the most is that I go to a restaurant I go to all the time when I always order the same thing. They generally I got to be on a day like watching some different like. You're right I should try some different account demon why didn't wanna live and in person. Regrets yet different iPod and I just order what I always ordered Ido is doing my thing is always look at the reason why little sore. Don't like the thing is it that is it a special board always throws me off because the waitress or waiter who's waiting on the always ask them their opinion about it. Is that worth it maxis out particularly well. Your lamb shank on these beyond the menu this is only going to be here for a limited time on what. Occurred to remove moods our competitor and Democrats don't threaten you don't pump though when they also say stuff like. Stick with your. Right is ally are an idiot thank you that's exactly right or so I can you have a guy New Orleans elect on the Mandel at this. It was we wanted to get. What holes one crawfish crayfish or some oysters or in the guidance. Listen. Every day announcer. But not all reasons sees. Third not in season and I'm looking around in every other tables merely an older sisters and it. Do not get them right now he's like they are but not fresh but they're still oysters oysters that are now fresh or terrified of what you know what good looking and the sad part is I can't remember what he said legitimate oyster season is at least. If you're in the world hears only need to have a good season for three months like I don't know what we're selling them but people keep you all you need to know. Oysters love cold water and so if you're in New Orleans and they do have oysters in the Gulf of Mexico is just in the winter months when the waters a little bit colder I was derelict in May August and actually a heart attack but it's a 115 degrees and even the oysters have died again moved on they're like gone somewhere else that they don't even wanna be that's too high they had to do you think its muscles of the same and if they have the guy he was Greg's thick southern accent but he super flamboyant. So what is audit it's been basically Angela yeah I don't make your own decision on I would need him I'm like that demand thought and we do. I got the airport do that you. I ordered like I was sitting near the bar right in it was a nicer kind of restaurant in the airport and I ordered like add shrimp cocktail of half and and then the bartender kind of gives you that weird like. Like motion into Munich and harmonies like here's the deal at trump got chills up the freshest thing I think you should get the popcorn and after the trial. I think they kill the bacteria I thought I look at half a bucket bucket upright and playing politics with pain in his defense he's right what do you do in order should got troubles at an airport that's the weird thing about I wonder if I had a ports located new the water I mean this is the weird thing about Indianapolis Indiana and I don't know if you know this or not but most most towns have there. There decadence a year there what they do better or overload the Memphis ribs or wherever you are man Kansas City Barbeque New Orleans giving you name you go to Philly there's a cheese steak you go to. Denver there's an omelet yeah I mean there's everyone's got their own you go to California to stop this Indianapolis is known. For the shrimp cocktail. Now why if you know anything about jog specifically don't want it seen elbows yes anti stay loyal and let it it's one of the best neat yeah apparently the fuel in there you go. This is in fact the greatest. Shrimp cocktail I've ever had now if you look at a map you realize you're thousands of miles away from the close of the salt water that I think even Salt Lake City might be the closest salt water that. Maybe closer into the Atlantic geographically I'm not exactly sure but it makes absolutely. No sense that it would be like going to Alaska and all they serve his cheetah. Regulate what in the hills home grown already agitator for one you know Africa like everyone else. You have cheated here the depth. Reason we ask any laurels you don't have for Judah you know definitely think it. It won't happen to not only up enough that the reason we ask what did you smasher hit out of anger or new survey found that half of us assaulted our own car. Main ways we beat up our car slamming the steering wheel and kicking the tires when the man of the car. About one out of five people have knocked off their own mirrors and one out of ten and actually attacked their car we'll we'll within object. The survey found that things and make our cars and make us angry is our repair bills bad gas mileage and parts that seem to constantly rattle. And breaks or yes capitalists have beaten up our car. It's ran a pressing question will take a break come back to more your calls right after the news. Return here's the question and drive teel Mike to let live resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KI SW. His mind. Today the categories sexual fantasies. And Hollywood your guess is as good as mine get another 450 right before the shot of the day in the meantime though is our random question question. Hello hey welcome to the men's room and I. Hello hello job. RA and the though we don't we're doing good gay are you. I'm do you pretty good and you're OK we'll look we've been through. The our random question question for a long time yet and can't do is we have someone call and then we ask them a random question for no apparent reason. However you call for a different reason which is never did you know some information about kites so we're going to reverse the random question question and that will give you the question that we were going to ask based on the story. But please if you will I can explain what was going on Steve the story was out of India believe is out and the long and short of it is there's a guy it was a business owner he's riding his bike home after war. Another kite flying and India is a monstrous activity but those guys riding through the kite flyers work which I believe with his usual route. In this case one of the kite strings wrapped around his neck and he's riding his bike. Witness has basically said if you're looking at him from behind. He sought wrap around his neck obviously affected the trajectory of the guys. Blood start spurting out of his throat. And then is by tips over and he pretty much of bled out within a minute or so that's not how you expect ago but they said that they said the difference would this play history. Which is where we have absolutely no idea why this case the worst shards of glass embedded. In the page during which frankly seems like a really bad idea and as a perfect example. This guy who had his jugular sliced and store or riding a bike and that. Says here that you might know why it was broken glass on the tight strings. It. Yet there are buried in a bat because he is that crazy low flow that's why. Married and a broker I'm not in that pride nominee it and a clear of the kite. What have lent you are either trade a bit here you are. Put under a string of them are met cry. And it it better than they did but this is. A way I did it during your pride to its core I I you're you're right so you walked right in and basically get it could just don't pursue around. Is it is early on my right is up but is there. Competition it is television he basically just trying to take out other people's kites or you're trying to block it out and cut the cords of the other cut but is this company are faced with some McAuliffe fighter kites. And. Let me know makes and everybody have their own rights no different suck right. Do you have like a month low crime you probably right I don't really good tight door Skype's amid big bamboo. I'm an extra day it may vary a bit I don't like wind on the Craig can admit or more of them all right you know that's a really good guy. But you know you are right in you know you love a good price you could get away with it could win anybody at the sky once you have that there are broken glass. On the care of the tight and I can't could have likes it. You know what I am and I'm looking and I'm glad you want our meal I. And Greg have a question do they televise these competitions because I think in a weird way otherwise I might sit back and watch and pick the kite and nothing's gonna kick all the other tights but he none of that it's a but I did to televise the. No and let me go try and are you at time and not come about. Trinidad and they're able to look I don't know about that island OK but I thought I'd competition anomaly a rocky start time. Just like Jesus would do so yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah I thought it but nonetheless I didn't know who or things when sound is did you did you ever get involved in the glanced kite fighting. And no my boys didn't pack so how much is that yet you build your own. Yeah you can bet he order types or you could perhaps be a big deal I think you'll you know you gotta get a web part yes. But the bumble I had a bad guy. And Jack and you know but most of the time people make those. Aren't they do. That is just crazy like did you boys ever hurt themselves either constructing these Cutler fighting someone. No no no net par there's ever get cut by another tight. Yeah. Yeah I think and I didn't I don't think I thought well you know bring about a candidate you know the content he thinks. You know. That wasn't much technology back then you are so the judge I went when I didn't Emmys. That much technology and instill those Lagos taken stone maybe of played baseball or made a ball Levy our table was a late hit. Break of the Arnold glued to illustrated. In the trying to herd and today I mean you are you you did grow up on a beautiful tropical island. Yet credit surely there's more to do general aidid you know. You don't want there are more and oh yeah he apparently you'll want to have a cry. A brilliant I'll think about earlier this aren't you go on vacation and we we've been do on vacations to the Caribbean night or islands but. When I go there and what did you say there's more to do and I know it's different if you live there but. What did you do we knew that there moderately the aptly said on the beach in drink a lot of that and I got a brand. I went back it's a and a sprinkle on an adhesion. You might buys something on the store about. Like after that I don't know what it'll out in the building when he's got him constantly fight. Fourteen year old kids on the road chaotic day I get a taste our guy. So yes my wife and I are in this is years back were in Curacao for a vacation all right. Aha so easily get to the we get to the hotel I think we checked in on a Thursday or something like that it was a nice little hotel we checked into the hotel. And the woman says is yours Olympic Games in the ABC islands just love the west of Trinidad in the to make it. Was it a little. It jurors are blue of course it was. President blow Aruba I mean rubles waters there sparkling so many over we check again we'll check in two and and the woman the woman whose work in the front desk says listen she says okay. She's as I just wanna let you guys know that on Saturday. The venezuelans are company. I was senator do repairs you know I don't know enough that they're having a wedding. The Venezuelan to cut are like yeah. I'm not a big deal. So it's like there's there there Friday goes by and also Mike Friday nights you know starts to get a little crazy and then Saturday. It's a beginning in the morning. There's this rush like a corona commercial. They're like forty half naked all beautiful people running to the beach as much clothing as would may maintained in like one tube sock. They set up a DJ system on the beach volleyball net man and they partied for four straight days. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life like I thought I could throw down absolutely not I Ann and now and then we figured Alex. Oh the Venezuela and go. 2 PM the music still Blair and you know they don't torrent did you learn from Thor I mean the man got a warning so. I'm I'm home I'm in my. Who'll were the people that you he did seem like America we hate every once a rule it doesn't matter where you're from if you're not from America we just don't like it. But what was there aren't any particular country like how god here comes out probably Americans. Like everybody you do like everybody does very little good you have to let Israel and didn't. We love everyone in San Fernando that it. My house yeah I don't I am proud well how many other towns are there. This part of Spain and having that is the porn they were there and I had imported and every other night about what kind of blow was that we have blow carnival how did you get a carnival. Well I am not I don't want to pick I just expect it to go I had surgery I can do that. Staying anymore what was the thing a little wedge and big ball that it would. Taints I'm do the parade I don't know the parade anymore hah. Okay that's for the young people let's let's ask you the random question question anyway based on the brink of the kite and the guy who got basically almost decapitated. What is the Al east cool wave that you ever injured yourself for the dumbest way you've ever injure yourself my son has pianist and and a drawer one night television is terrible Leggett told the story don't like it like there's just no way I feel bad for you. I know that her like that's not cool was horrible things and anti draw the good shots are kind of lean myself into until it closed door. But my Jimmy was popped out of the boxers and I'll manage I shut that thing gratitude garlic and. And losing. All you like. And you're in bruise a little thing I had excellent what does what is most of cool hey did you ever do a food. It is not mean I too much else. But it was one might might lead brought out when I get a broader UN young there me. And I see here what to go to Ole boy. And and I don't hit the Yahoo! and here are my Brothers. You know do their group whatever but my younger brother he had me up on the war by my neck. You know among people of this role is job security and. You would definitely given me a warning whatever and I'm fun I ever at a have to come rescue me you know but ballot. You know the worst thing that ever happened to me you know what I what I might have been didn't GAAP. And correct. Well yeah Dayton we get well yeah I want my there's only I but I went out and I will threaten to kill you get when you get down to the Port of Spain next time for Easter please be sure listen to say postcard from your lovely destination and that we have never done one. We don't know yet Tyler could you content Carmela star on the violence carnival. Yes kind of started in December to march. And I gonna try to end statements of Syms store you don't commonwealth. Yeah Mardi Gras because our houses say all the right in the annals that's right I had an old school Catholic things you got again and all that fun. Before midnight and went arts you know why are they what here's where I think the catalyst to run single it looked me in humans come and you get a good ball wouldn't be doable for it. But some of the cap itself but let's. Let's do this. All in about four or five weeks and says it takes a year. General audiences and to have spurn it like oh hell no. It Beirut but you don't know again he had decent per game and starting in February. Billions more will I be drinking down they're like what's a drink of choice Madrid and Rama wondering elect president a beer 100. Abdur-Rahim. Bill whiskey. One shady. How do you not know about once and don't don't and they're can't let that. I don't what is exactly how is that this is Atlanta like merit is that like the mama JaJuan that's that soaked in the would. No doubt they'll love that one is the one you don't like there the book and why did it what it quite clear yet. I never got Vieira that you know manipulate that good enough mother with kids and. But do we deal are there roms and Nomar Iran no we don't run yet okay. OK I must say there's also an issue in this just my personal experience are up if you talk to the native of anywhere and it's I payment if you go. Don't mess with Philip boy believed they'll do that if you ran requesting questioned 20642 rockets miles tournaments dramatic nine point nine KI SW CA now.