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Monday, July 18th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question


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Listening to the men's room where miles and drilled 99.9. K guys SW I. It tasted the gold. Men drove original goal is now they're veggies taste the end delicious it is OK okay Chris the. And it's on them now guess what. You can gold mountain only to take a moment. See we started this thing a while ago I feel like to hear so much was only available on tap or reference that is correct and that's the way away and you guessed it San affiliates of this intake at all. Guess what everything we don't know Oregon and we did nothing and Middle East and Zedillo and bottles of that amount by your favorite stars. Convenience stores in the area that's our work at bracketed you Korea but we know people that we'll do things for. Don't think we load up drug may appear on her own way to do that signpost belief that a man they made an incredible people you love the red. Give the golden days it is back united together 22 ounce bottles of grocery stores and convenience store Houston emailed the minister of events are live dot com let us know where you find the gold. Not only that. Just like the red just like the black just like the sausage a portion of the net proceeds go free local Fisher houses every time. You tap the gold if you're doing. Held a lot of good that in fact tried to David you are random question question we will take a quick break a break and come back the more your calls right after the. Now back to the men's room here's the question that rock you like to let live resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. We've got beyond Saturday coming up and after that little profile us. Contestants and Elvis week playing for in MA summer showdown against a resort casino we'll do the game formally known as black white makes your Jew coming up right after the shot that they give you chance to win those tickets in the meantime it is. Our random question quest and friends and pigs that brand and welcome to the men threw them. Oh wow. I don't know good Jason are you man. I'm doing well myself mr. Arnold okay. If you like Kevin a cocktail every once in awhile. Well I'm over the next stage so you know that's not the Atlanta do. He's I mean look out of my team a long time to. Many many many years ago and found that I didn't direct. You really haven't had a drink yet. Okay good for human error or let's say there okay. We're gonna ask you this. Why would you say it's your nineteen young years of age that you have a very difficult time stopping doing but what is it hard for you to not do anymore. Masturbating as a very acceptable and you'll never stop doing that. You don't searcher zealot who live long enough life where you need to quit doing things get you killed yourself that's I wanna ask you did you hear young since surely there's got to be some elect. Don't play video games for awhile there I don't know like him do this too much of Eagles nineteen and I don't even know what I would have given I mean this on they liked what he had helped probably should have given up I'm just starting to do those things that allow advertisers also was like it was physically and how they like smoking or drinking all that but just. Hal wow man and crises can be beat. Babysitting your trick or treating for gods and there's certain things I knew it you know it just. The very thing you cannot stop doing may be some in the gym by some you collect. I guess so one thing that I can't stop doing is just eating sugary foods and I had heard or try to Lotta times but it. Urged east and American I don't listen to what which is ever sure food. Start first okay your goals Jerry Pinkney the last comedy star mercy on Saturday. A day not too often but when I'm firecracker in marble walls. I'm and where. Did you get up you're supposed I don't know anyone that I mean I'm clearly about what I like five cinemanow we're never. I just assumed with everything that I have known if you open you just eat one after the other. Yeah it and leave your rappers on the coffee table on the floor I might be speaking about my kids you never know. That's seems to be the Emma I can do you have total and you have the many star burst now now they're. Yeah I bought their -- had they you know like garlic all the candies now like three musketeers receives unum and those packs were there like bites are. So the star burst you get a pal Joseph moments like they're like little bites but they're not all individually wrapped. I ever. Get though. Yeah let me ask you this quite what else do you know yet what would knows what it would corn will be your second choice and have star burst. Okay season for a time for sure. And district can't or you are you overweight. Are yeah a little about you aren't considered obese Clinton's star birth relay is what I'm saying I mean like I know the met with the help. These things but I just can't imagine star burst. Is responsible for anyone packing on pounds he writes I mean like if you're a chocolate thing or potato chips thing or soda thing or chocolate covered most most people know who we hardly knows good sugary candies are really that they're not overweight. Randomly give us this is such a small thing. I say man you can he would every want to your doctor tells you know like you got like a five year window right now to Disco like I mean you have to be unhealthy. But you know what you've got a little time right now and not be too hard on this go there on the don't get too out of control we don't really start going to the doctor and killed thirty. Right every thought I had them meals by the time the adult about it stopped dawns on them like what they say to me ham and you should stop smoking that's not. The got to say that there's anyone who smokes cigarettes obviously you should stop smoking but when you're talking to me it's like uses some smoking. Not registered of the standards but because you've been doing it personal and led by the time I go to see the doctored. It's different when you're a kid below the age of eighteen it's important you get all your health stuff checked out because when you're growing and everything else but. When you reach that beginning stage of adulthood. You might have an accident but more than likely you're not gonna die of cancer wanna want it happens but it's just not that's not more than numbers lie. It's gonna happen a little bit later for most people that's just the way the did it that your health works a little older you get the worst you get the technology gets better on the certain raining on your parades Kingston you can role the ninety Unita. The general health concerns of older guys had you would think you don't have them to doctors as well. There's genetic markers in on me just to let you know my original forty time at all horrible approaches things you can expect. I just wish they wouldn't do that as the may have thought the spoiler alert or what man. I just want to watch the movie you out of the inning of this movie sucks don't count so doctors Tonya looked. Twenty years time like oh c'mon. C'mon let me just yeah join the time I saw very weird cartoon union it and forget the name of it but it's late. I think there at the ES superpowers or something. Tactic college kids toward two years now I wanna say it's like eighteen for something. It's a strange cartoon inside turned it on like Robin. And his he's my kid draw about that but it's like Robin and cyborg in some goofy people but there their kids. Yet MIT aren't my kids love the show and you don't seem in a thousand times that I'm on I think he's the episode where they are right there in the future and they're all old yes and that's CNET so what I didn't get was at the old people came back to the late teenagers right. In they really don't do this don't do that. But nobody early episode all they were like well this sucks it will do anything let's go back eaten craft and haven't bought a house that what is the message here. I put out an adult is that welcomes really confused let's cartoon that I supposed to be we'll take our kids closely watched whether eating out or was the message out screw it. Clay as he AA everybody is a shot of policies and actually that's to me like I watched that show in all and my son particularly low superheroes so when he first brought an ultimate. Teens. Would only teen titans some. Tight jeans I benefited so okay Coleman you know and that he would be like in the room watching him maybe about a month ago that you sent them once this thing and you know it's obnoxious and all and I don't care about that book at the end of the episode. I don't know which has happened but to ride its. And I saw that episode and at the end of it you William and his late. Don't listen to them like that it's not okay just grabbed the corporal severe eating crap watchable if not okay to do that with. Why can't be needing crabs if it's like what I haven't. Who pays for that saver I don't secretly tell. Television show on the other so great plays with them all you need to brush mortgage look I've lost almighty and then by the end of it like. The do those those to be brush and moral clout right but he don't they shudder I don't pepper let's legislate. I am really confused over it like what was the boy the anti establishment curtain. Reason we ask what. Can you now sob doing you think if you got paralyzed doing something you're exposed to that there are keeping you from doing that same thing again I yeah. Unless it's like guy skydiving in Iraq climb and those people don't care they're held back and they need the adrenaline they they need to get right back into. Well there's a 32 real drug dealer named Nathaniel pal from Portsmouth Virginia who got paralyzed during a high speed police Jacque back at chase back in 2007 and yes I would stop doing that did not stop his drug. And that did not stop this crazy drive. Because the cops got into another high speed chase for them a few months ago com. He's in a rental car and guess what his legs award because he's paralyzed from a high speed chase in 2007 Sienna Miller has region is so used a cane to press the pedal song went over seven miles now Arthurs neighborhoods pass a school it finally stop when he slammed into another car. He'd been trying to get away from accounts because they busted a low selling Carolyn he owns it with federal charges for distributing heroin painkillers or state charges for dangerous driving the bottom line is is that. He could take as Carla so far they do need to Hogan now. You know I mean what's he like Keegan soggy and get out card round he can't do anything to me he's parent. Do you miss. Do you miss that big of a message Italy anything and you like you said you'll you'll screw up doing something and you know man I don't need to do this again but god knows forgot parallel highs and highs reaching for the cops to zealously and drugs if I did nothing else in my life I would stop selling drugs for sure. Out more of them likely but I definitely would not get a ball that has been chilly day when my maybe cut off here here's your suit as far as your job must. It's just kind of cliche that areas generally do you have to have a dude in a wheelchair selling drugs. Yeah oil import you know what did you write in Portsmouth Virginia I'm here to Thai grandparents lived there lived there. You don't need any additional drug I mean let's it's like in the only thing. Kevin and others are like our guy and there's a lot of out of white duties Earl Heyman you know be a regular basis. We get a tax exemption namely could be Nathaniel Pao in America. And ran ran the numbers and I'm friends yeah friends of friends and parents. Friend ran requesting questions that Angel ran them hello saying welcome to the newsroom. Whole. All I. How are you Sam under the theory goes there and grab met. Let's go this was sent. What fell and hit you. What they'll and it means yeah. Sometimes things just fall movie that you liked bird flu threat ceilings. Well. I don't water. So I would business this partnership program for the building trade. And down. There are there a few less than Intel intelligent elegant Mac. And down. Whilom put aids treatment here up on a cross beam when they're building a brand. And it shelled out and cracked me right over top of the head. How bad did that hurt there's there heavy. That war is only one of the most painful thing ever hit me and diaper like you know EDT but unlike how how many feet was the statement work. It should sell about three feet so too are too high but still nobody has. Like hey there's a twelve foot that I have a 100 foot state managers ugly and it's OR. And I don't even weight difference between the standard when you buy after out of these big industrial ones. It's incomprehensible. Yeah and it was just a standard it mattered it. Still think crack down on me and they're too excited down. Well. Gore today yes Errol I had a I don't remember this for my mom tells story we're an area. A small one bedroom apartment when I was small. And when the apartment was kind of more of the studios is one big room and so there was no room to put the pots and pans in my mom put a cast iron to put all our plus best of the refrigerator. This will play attention put the cast iron pan up on top of the refrigerator. Most of the weight of that however was on the door so when I want to open the door that thing just fell flat on my head and my mom looked over me like you know like is he gonna cry as a go on him as a two or three years old he got to live whatever hopefully I just careless getting this crap over OS and I apparently just turn around like nothing happened and walked away and she was like oh my god. Murderer who put that they'll have been there for being little in my area my apparently used it as they booking and boy you know. It's a solid piece of iron but it's like the original iron and ultimately six inches tall government. I don't they use it as a bookend and we were real little so my Brothers climbing up on the kitchen turner to get boxes that are. And the thing fell off the top and landed plea down on as Vito. And in my mind this had to hurt but I thought my Brothers super tough. Because he'd been making you know defeated gallery thing but he did do that you can't see the support to the businesses were shut. Like malveaux open and believe screaming with no sound and the blood started gushing now. Then he started bawling crying I'm okay yeah that does yet. I I had a situation my my first wife we were going to. When you look at at that point in time I think it was we were supposed to the next and look at engagement rings. And she was reaching up for something in the closet and whatever was in the closet though these are very thick book or something that you couldn't see you standing up atop a box of some. This thing when she picked it up slid down and I mean hit her smack between the nose right between the eyes so. The next day both the Verizon black and you're right there and marine. And weren't jewelry store in like downtown Annapolis or someplace secure remember where. And I mean the looks I got. From the from everyone and there like. You know him hanging contained. And I mean they did just that this just though I mean you yeah the pure single look and I just was it like and I explain it to one of Mike. Shearer. Based on a ping and a coauthor. Aaron. Work just stared at like I like. I'm not gonna make up for punching my wife in the face with a African engagement whatever like that's not an Arab decision tonight but I guess apparently haven't enough where the first thing that comes to mind just pick a reality is he's an actor they'll lie I see a couple all the woman has a black guy. They're buying jewelry. And to try to relax zooming what else would you think is great news you're the black data we used to work or someone came am of the black guy ran it and all I mean every single one almost to a person like your instantly pistol like. I'm a grad board for a non would be the first words out of her mouth like look my god from whatever happened happened and but she explained later she says look. I'm gonna go to work tomorrow or promptly pleading with me please don't look at six and make him. Every do better is gonna wanna kick mind acting as who didn't think I'd give this any did but. She had to explain why he already he was it too so look maybe you can go and work and all Woodard Africans are gonna wanna come over draw apartment. In beat me to death. And I really. I don't want that to happen and then on the other uncomfortable side to her like a solid girl I kind of now. She had a jet black eye. And ours it's like hey NGOs. Nothing happened I just announced it kind of makes me feel even worse bride she's just so quick about it doesn't or. I've given a check black and I did not know her shoes behind me. Complete L bush tonight is eternal and you want to tell. But that's the thing so and you know you feel the impact Tom and Norah insolent turnaround. And she's got a hunch or hold face and felt bad felt real bad in general to bar but she's like look don't worry about and understand she's the board for a new. There's a little hyped about it but understood it was a mistake but then we're talking later deceased smokers on smoke and security comes outside I'm like. All Jesus you don't think it's got Columbia man simply ignored the problem is of this I'm like dude listen rule I did not know you've Ayman Al hitters like man that's not that it's. Don't think I did easily Caroline when I get up tomorrow about my life going to be like. I didn't think about the feud started well in the. Is also an age limit but when you reach a certain age it's just whether it's like thirty years so when you know you're not gonna get most. I hope to god and every punched again and I hope but never have to get the fight for any reason because first of all and don't actually and half the time it just it just unique if you don't say things that sound like command doesn't want to I'm working on that. But it's the same time I love this me all and I hope I don't get much yeah there's understanding what a pathetic you're probably not good again fist fights after a certain day you know you have a kid or whatever you like all right this is not be so even if you see a guy. Who's older who has a black guy you know I was wide like. Haven't of that yet mean you know I mean doesn't matter with the with the with sex it is like if you have a black guy passed a certain age. You immediately suspicious it looks terrible unless you train plane bock senior gourmet a year right. After off thirty if you put a black guy no matter what the excuse season Buick. We should have been doing that was dumb luck that my little what you say what 800 no no way around it but hey you either got to fight which of revolution of her be if we just do it's that the stupid but the thing is that you could have a busted lip. You could have broken noses crooked and need to be reset view it drew Levin your nose or menu really jacked your lip when you see the guy. It's like on man you got caught Oprah pick where you want to punch when you got your lips split open where you get your nose broken out doesn't it just doesn't seem to be the filter of the filters always the black guy. Which is not the button. You know I mean it's like it's not he's decided to know how restrained from my box and fight. Our match you know I had one buddy you are now friends now because I split his lip and he was like I'll man I've employed in awhile thanks to you. And it like that was fine. Because he was leaving right. But in the fight given somebody else had black guy for two weeks like that was a pretty fun accomplish it now yeah that's the crossroads if they ripped your act chicken and third girl doesn't look that way or the iPod yeah. I'll also Israelis I don't know bug out there weren't sort of a. I don't want a good month and is that a reassessment and hitting clean and I and one that often it was always a great fighter. But the nice to meet you beats. My ass one of the easier to tell your friends do. Don't make me laugh because my razor disguise you obliterated me. But the rules there is no evidence of those in my basement and Emma Walton school Borger an academy of sleep all day so mad about this but he is. I leagues as a black and yellow do we look at. Everybody thought it was a bad as moments yeah that's right movement that's right massively get a black guy you'll bring my past Virginia blackout reason grass looked. I'll hit you we are number skylab if your old enough skylab was this piece of crap bulls open the up in orbit for awhile finally came to analysts say hit the Atlantic Ocean maybe some debris you know emotionally and an assist some debris film Australia maybe here. Either way there it was panic is this thing was like the mother ship out that was floating above the earth for a long time those no bigger hotel above the earth then Scott. So when skylab fell it was like something a bond movies like a Mary I'm just falling out of you know out of orbit because if you wanted to do and experimental whatever like that I'm pretty sure before the international space original space shuttle until it was skylab so she's bubbly the Russians in the US and it was shared and it was just a big floating shot craps this thing falls well now the. But somehow it didn't really burn opening that was the weird thing I remember as a kid broke my attractiveness and it'll mostly of the come from space in the PMMR Obama. For what ever reason skylab was fully aware of them like no it's it's when you hit somewhere Bremer they tracked it. I remember this from Tivoli first they thought gonna hit like you know Montreal and then near Rochester New York where I was at the time and eventually crashed Atlantic Ocean but. The big sigh of relief because they're like look. We're not gonna lied to we have no idea rentals and delay them. Hope it doesn't hit you right and you know chances are it's not gonna hit a populated their heads is on if you do the math but you never know McCain. You might be the guy who wins that huge ass stuffed animal the fair. Seoul China. Its first ever space station this is bigger than it's got this is called acting on one launched in 2000 levels and be brought down into the ocean in a controlled crash. But since then China has now lost control and one amateur astronomer who's been following it believes it become that any moment. They say the re enters the Earth's atmosphere it's likely to explode in the pieces of molten metal but it might not as you said. David tracking the satellites fly overs using telescopes of video cameras. The skies as if I'm right channeling to the very last minute to let the world know it has a problem with the space station to when unlike every other country boy actually tell you everything from the can be a real bad day at pieces of this come down and populated area obviously our odds are it's not gonna land and more all. Populated area had a simulator what is but you never know they could come down and in the appoint this would seem to suggest that is not being deep orbited under control that that's the implication at bats implication if they do what'd they do a controlled reentry have a better idea where they can drop this thing united anybody. In this case are like look it's just flying by the seat of its bands when it comes down it's gonna come down we have no idea where personally. That's come about half twelve I looked up sky laugh real quick they thought it was gonna land outside Cape Town. South Africa and Atlanta due for a strict when that yeah me that's like losing guys. You say oh this stuff at the point that something's crashing I just don't know how good average public. They said that thing one thing on Jupiter this and the thing to Pluto and it'll acquit but this was calculated. You took time into it's very. Very impressive if you're truly understand what they accomplished that month but. That was your intent. This thing is falling out of the sky like there's a lot less predictability here everything knows you've done as a computer program you know where things are going to be you send it. Entirely different with some things just fall. You have no control as a prop when you look at a map. And you see one of those dot dot dot dot dot things that in that indicate where something is going a solitary bacteria yeah like this was the path whenever you see like this was where the plane was supposed to be that. It means the planes not there anymore but I means like whenever you see like this they they never say like. Heroes are intended path and here's how we came here so you never see you let them well I'd rather not run the exact number it's always like. If you see those dots you know bad things have happened because it's like. Maybe it's here maybe it's weird dot dot dot means maybe the trail behind to continue. Maybe a dozen and MR. Click it and that's stuff from space. Went after a GI Joseph awful hotel once tried it my dad and the head who mistakenly hit a mom in the oh loss to walk off a lot it. Many parachute GI Joseph noticed a regular Joseph I thought I could just kind of late they were standing in the truck I'm only the third floor right. I have a GI Joseph is doing my sister like look I'm Mike the judges I had a role like that you know 34 inches tall yeah. And I tossed some and has he's important Hoover and the thing all may influence gonna hit my mom and that at at at the latest father that he was the Joseph he's the head of the gym I've. Yeah Bob derailment and left you know I love my mama told terrible. And then she was like yeah and he came from like thirty feet up that really Urquhart. Is that what those are responsible enough to know one of the few times my mom pulled out my dad's temper and just like turned around with like this O'Donnell lets you look at us. Fred requesting gless and we'll take a quick break a mega mart your calls next. And through richer. Last year and. Right you'd like to live resort casino on medi nine point nine KI DSW. He knows all the way on. Let the other show on the day of the return of your guess is is good as mine and ran down. Time ran requesting question on. Hello Matthew welcome to the men's room and what are our good heard all artist Matthew Daria. I'm good at oh Goodman. Or it. Matthew let's go this way. Where would you say it might if you. Then maybe have to go back a little bit of I think most people do unless you have a very adventurous sex life but where would you say was the most adventurous place in your lifetime that you've had sex. Our baby. Apes is bringing. Gulfport. Our University of Oklahoma and Norman Oklahoma. It was nice course you remember that are the beautiful or. Not at the thing of its if it's us if it's a school course that means of the course itself was probably in great shape and by the way it's not the most people know about. How nice a green is at a golf course. It is not wet you really could laid out it's some of the nicest grass you've ever sat on it's always nice evenly cut it and look like there's no rocks there's no bumps you like all the things that even if you set up a tent. You know my god there's a big rock gonna hear a lot that doesn't happen on the golf course or anywhere use it it's just immaculate. It was you say I was puzzled one and done move with a stick or were you with this woman and just decide what the hell. Why did it here for awhile and she still had their parents or parent. But I'm like a judge Bob. The university so cute site you want that apparently that awkward funny how how what factors. I think tomorrow wherever I want in. So she silently looked they're getting hit in the former all right that's cool unknowns like midnight lot bought one no one around it it's why. In rhetorical aunt she gets run not make it onto the green no about thirty yards or so it order form I was like OK it's happening at the when I enter the. Normally they call the nineteenth hole like where you go and after learning elect a snack or soda or some America vehicle bar area that but yes he Rebecca. Throughout the reason we ask where's the most adventurous place you had we X-Files league when I'm leaves. Without anybody DV involved are we any word on the street. And he liked to drink crank but use a big golfer the reason we knew we like to drink his late Friday and Saturday but basically he would leave his keys in his store. So finally one day again right it's like Saturday night for the afternoon right. So we did you shall we wrap on the door he opens it is today manual to he's an indoor. Any widget reaction. Off that too much of the nineteenth. I think ninety go back sixteen. Just the Florida Leslie Aggies couldn't go reason I ask where's the most adventurous place you had sex I have heard similar stories like this before but I think the only story I heard was it might have been Mickey Mantle back in the day. But Darryl Strawberry's and make the rounds so I wanna say they had a thirty for thirty. About he had doc Gooden for the Mets not too long ago ya let's just call Darryl and doc now is Sunday. I CR circuit just talking about that everything strawberry. Actually it's funny he runs recovery centers now. Does he really yeah he should get out doc. I just didn't do yet Docklands leased lands trust okay. Well Ariza radio interview Darryl claims that he used to have groupie sex during games in between innings. He looks at the crown until is Solomon he liked that he put her out to the clubhouse attendant. He also said he used to drink in the clubhouse and smoke cigarettes in the dugout we all knew that shore that I. The situation and have to be like this aren't likely you're not out in the field you on that happening obviously. And you're not going to be at bat like you have to make the last out the inning before I think to guarantee it. Have enough time and then you have to hope like. The Mets walk a guy. Or like the inning goes a little bit low so long you plan on taken man could have been in the middle a pitching change in China think when when you have the opportunity to have sex in the tunnel. During a baseball. I think you can pull it off. Baseball is slow moving sport man they of this important to try to polarize this is the one baseball stuff liberal and the thing you would get on famously admitted listen I got my Babbitt to stay here I never had sex during the job and I'm thinking you all could be thankful for that but in my lifetime. During my it's not that I did never. Have sex in a place that I worked sure I'm just talking about during the actual job that I am supposed to be doing sneaking someone and her. I don't know woodworking or somebody and they haven't had never done a never had that opportunity not during work hours now when I was actually on the Karl but I wanted to play everyone would probably like these veterans advocate reform movement will be but I do it I'll attempt slid. But the long a song we got. It's other foods they SOA delicious. Rendell ran down brown hello all right welcome to demand an. End to all our bit is all I. Bryce. Whole other great do it over there were done good meant that I you. Not too bad this cylinder there to draft day off. Most definitely what did you dawn today what did you accomplish I'm guessing very little. Patent goes there and maybe eclectic areas the bears start perspective but from their parents got together turned about a mother Barings. And how much they're gonna cost. Hopefully only 300. Currently holds true in your area. I. It seems to me like gag ever you drink a little bit. Define a little bit tired but I'm gonna ask you this question that what did you manage to pull off even know your little drunk do you know your little tipsy what did you managed to be able to pull off. Our. Were primary field all law. To be I could be drunken anything that you think is a worthy of. Main this is kind of a good story and this loop back around Barack I got. A couple month Erica not a month Kabul we come back in the town and hang out spam me for a little bit luckily because my birthday. At a pretty bad hotel party had quite a few people are very went to the strip club and all that not a good time and got completely loaded. There that Carol that I had been talking to you for awhile and I want my friend actually and Kimberly. Basically sat down next to me in kind of good stuff for like a one night stand pretty much. And we are not going to get Sunday hello everybody else went out and did that hotel earned. If we're both so drought and I blocked out during their quick cam member or. But somehow Rwanda banging on I don't LaMont scarves yeah that's somebody came out into the cargo grab sudden tyrannical or you know. Where they really quick grab what they needed he ran back it was pretty violent. Out of date and uncommonly used rare. And oh number there is you know the twentieth tell you the next day that this happened. Now we need to continue to remember the beginning and renewed may be a party here and there in the middle but I. Usually around the entire considered the likely new goatee and comes well before tunnels snakes you know very like and so what's a guy they remembered the is that one time. You wake up the next thing you realize it's you don't remember. Bits and pieces of last night and that's one of those times were ahead though that reality check like. All right that might be enough of that I might have to slow down does that. A million times. I'd invent I don't do it as frequently but it still happens with more regularly than mine happens with less regularity some trying to keep that men it's not that it's not going to happen and now will happen. I just would like those gaps to download your dad bigger times you know and for better reason. Like you know don't know. My daughter's marriage some dude who went to a bachelor party we got all hammered New York that's what magazine is gonna embody these delegates select food. It's my son in laws bachelor party what did you it's like meted do whatever the united excused or. Other reason we ask what did you manage isn't whose eyes and like it was Tuesday. When you alternative. Yeah. This think I don't bachelor parties are like the brother in law like the father and Lawler there it's like. This seems awkward. Yeah Alia yeah because you can really what you you've just cut the funds filter and it. Because now I just awkward to because lake. It's a dice hanging out so even if you don't go to a strip club. It's natural bit I think his friends are gonna reference his sex life he might even drop a joke about it but it just it's so awkward to play. And her family asserted that joke about how you are sexually whether. Thank you address and now her brother knows what she yeah that's why is not touching his food Brees last what did you managed to pull off even though you were a drunk Trace Adkins he is a country music star and according to several ports. The other night accounts or he was slurring his words couldn't finish is set an even stumbled off the stage. He was such a massive fans were leaving early on especially upsetting because there were a lot of kids in the crowd. A DMZ has video there he's sitting on a stool putting serious way to Mike stand his cowboy has covering his eyes and he seems to be missing every other word to the song. On those statements just people with a did donate the performance he backed securities is basically admitting he's messed up he's had problems that while ago I read done at an interesting article on dead spin and they desperate every once in awhile they will have a bunch of people. Give them. A little snippets of their lives. When they have run until professional wrestler in the real world. And in this one guy basically wrote and he said look I was I kind of just day. I was on the road wrestler in the northeast if they needed someone for an undercard. They would call me you know I was that guy who could fill slot if they needed someone to have their ass beat I'm the guy they call it. So he's talking about oddly enough I thought that yeah. So he's talking about like he spoke at its near loser and Antonio breast other affluent what is it this point in time and a small town and and he's he's very is the way he describes you know very technical work on skills and stuff like that but he's got to wrestle buff Bagwell. Who's the guy that I bunch of breakfast with a 1 morning it was just he's buff Bagwell all right. So bunnies but he's but buffs got the stuff so buff apparently is sold. Hammered. Hammer drunk the he's falling down and hurting himself that's the story the 40 I was backstage like he can't keep anything to get like. He apparently fell playing time and everybody rushed over got to take a public to food. You are you get a column and I I'm fat fat fat. And so this guy's freak him out of luck that he's got to wrestle buff Bagwell so he's just trying to get with buff like okay. This long. As far. Do this that you could finished says you know and outlawed Google these things adjusting to choreographed basically what they're gonna go and deal. Bus to a so they got there and they Russell and apparently buff. Just turns the lights which puts the sunglasses on goes out there as soon as it's time for him ago. He did in he's like it was it is praising her seem like. He can't stand up backstage now he's run into the ring red Whitman off stuff flying through the air like nothing ever added that nobody knew buff Bagwell is hammered. He was completely memories are of those pills out cause I was drunk whatever the hell was those quite impressive. Others the president and you can't stand backstage moments it's showtime like boom easy just flips the switch and off we goes I didn't see that buff Bagwell you know but I mean. Right right I can imagine a lot of guys do that at the same point in time like he did in the news and in a precedent. Trouble that way Noah Kravitz is going to yeah I mean I think that's a few see more prominent. And then wrestling world these days is pretty. Pretty corporate wellness and many nations are now right I mean there's certain things they can't even saint mark. And that was even before Buffett related to the big time WC WW that he was still doing those regional things neutral affiliated but. This was before he broke that's just. That's where he was like you know the small town do in this gated. That's impressive and resentment that amber just go. So economists that out of Iraq programs nominee used to be in the maybe the drugs and got pulled deceive people slow burn denied him all the drugs as well but I mean like in the seventy's an eighty's you never saw it rock band that was not app though went on stage in 2001 announced it. They ended two for all you know self congratulatory stuff the mergers. Dude wants his guys shred and they seemed a little sweat here than maybe they should be equipment that house. But between songs as a singer born on about whatever attention they need in that moment he wrote that the guitar Portland slumped over and infinitely. Dude I think he's a thought where you seem like puke. So it was a slow starter and backup which is drawn to the one negative like even more so than that one bastion Iraq general right now used to be that Michael Anthony from Van Halen news that a bottle of Jack Daniels passed around on today. People who drink beer you look at the drum riser minutes full bottles of beer David Iraq overtake you drink literate registering can have a good time on stage at that point in time. The only person that I've seen in my adult life after whether it's a two to Ron white that a drink one night and isn't in them. And at any better you know that's dead is far even just putting alcohol stay but people all over the state and I don't like to struggle mightily. But he's still goal he's had a very tired like just having fun I can kind. Read a pleasant question Lori phone calls coming out as miles tournaments are made at point nine KI SW Seattle.