07-20-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Never Heard It That Way

Friday, July 20th

Mens Room Question: When did you, or someone else, say "I've never heard it called that before"?


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He what you're about. Here is. Trying to look. Let's send anyway. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. They say. Radio more than three times. I don't let it go to Arizona or 2867. Along with Steve the throw hill. You know Ted smash and Bob. I lied home. Do an event grows a. I had jumped bridges the return of did vs the FCC. Get to play profile list. What's headlines and entered Jonbenet fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time with the click clack. The could be drawn here got a Western New York for 8911. Call about an alligator nearby. Meanwhile Florida man goes to target and dropped his pants using god as an album. How thorough they got to Jacksonville where Burger King customer truce that truly hasn't her away. In Texas two fires blamed on exploding tortilla chips on a hot Austin today in Ohio man phones in a bomb threats away we'll miss his flight. And it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All that good kids good day to you and yours. I don't think we can all agree that words were all important. There in the building blocks and language which is of course how we choose to. Communicate specific ideas can generally speaking adults are battery using words that children. Like if someone asked them gold to go for the question really about there's going to be even though we should know what bad things yes I am and on the goes but let's. That's the style of children would do that children are generally funnier when ministry and we have a list of words and phrases. The children of other over the years that a stone pair. For example. If your job all of you brought up on Halloween eagle what you think we're talking. That would be a world how about about a battle uniform. This is another and can your kid that wants an Obama battle uniform. Talking about Iran out here. And if your child tells you that they are one parent wrote singing in the pants. Yes indeed very far. We have a whole list of other somewhat questionable things the kids to come up with but a lot of the times working juices say the system out of ideas brought right. A new home with her pacifier or was there a pinkie. If your grandmother your Graham on your granny your me moan you're Como no Amanda I. What do you call fried egg and placed in the hole and Brett. Don't bother to answer we have a list that has 66 variations on it. This is how you talk in sometimes and get out in public you meet someone. Burned out what you learn to say is not necessarily and all the people don't talk to salvage my and that lead. That leads us through today's question widget that hasn't. When did you or someone else say. I've never vertical before the prohibition of 844999. Although like humans are on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and into Graham and and survived and did your emails to the men's room and men's or my dot com. You're listening to avenger radio network. I just had a leg O gonna show them or 2867. Yeah. Today. As the bad jokes are on the way the drug charge Ryan castle being kicked off the bad Joseph tried before. We drink and toast with a shot of the day another exciting vs the FCC's Steve and I were up till 330 last night commendable incredible rhymes and medals to stump Ted in Ted verses the FCC lo and behold we get in here and there is yet again another listener email with a ten vs the FCC suggestion and as our mantra is losers come first we're gonna use that once again. Coming up with Ted vs the FCC of course profile this is though also on the way. And that they wouldn't talk about the things that. Turn people call things depends on sometimes where you grew up. Would ever worry could be my grandmother still refers to her toilet is a commode. Yeah I'm not sure of that word is still around but it's it is Bamba but people just don't you like where you from there used to work and get good drummer and you might be just an age thing in it could be and that's another thing it might be based on your age it might be there's all kinds of factors. That basically figure into you know what what language you use or shall speak it is another example where most people would call that a faucet. Sounds let's raise yeah that works out terrorist pick it sounds like to thank insight into your negatives and Al Dora odd but that's sounds terrible I now but I I would say. I mean they what does this mean I don't think. It just but I got a how does not affect how fast it but we're not insulting anybody yet again I think it does make it a test of the Manhattan. Knock it off the African use a hose from the faucet yeah my hope is connected to mass picket today and get them get dirty well this all starts. With a woman name attest that there. And she's an author and she lives in California. Before she started the heart warming a Twitter thread when she revealed that a friend's five year old daughter had referred to a Croatia said Steve is a Halloween eagle. Because she did not know its net. And so bad enough hundreds of followers and the problem. Ms. can't think you know everything about either mentally you don't even old Halloween eagle is to explain that would make sense for the King Abdullah gaga when you wind typically when you backtrack and a kids. Points of urgently where the logic began to like. OK I get how you connect these dots may have but until you do with it takes the wild or the held taught him well once you start this the Halloween eagle. You can imagine you know hundreds of her followers from around the world responded whether own examples of made up boards including. And socks for gloves. And I'll be room for an elevator Mike that's a technology were announced. It. Are you wanted to Downey relented under your preferred to Downey room from what I remember. And a puppy heard store right away when Rivera appeared store upon the hurts them again Apache. Nobody hurt. Greg Marian Darren yeah. SP child out of town that I don't interpret dad did you really want to German was vehicle to battle unicorn. Did a rat nine Arthurs in the food and yeah. A conference fiber all of the Colorado Sorensen I am battle unicorn of that little unicorn. What rhino right right as if they are trying to. Have a I'll be rooms are elevated his hand socks or gloves didn't Gardiner told me she liked my hands Sox but now they are for ever hands on my mind to from Jimmy. A Chinese used to say that she was singing in her pants. Any opinion now let's whenever she passed gas she was sick out their pants. That sounds so kind. It does it sound so much bill is usually how honored I was distracted OC my parents. How about this one he called what our son was little economic pronounces words so he called it RG. We'll place what do you call RG. Carla place arching yeah it was no one's RT. It's a place. You could find displays a no matter where the skin goes in America. Al McDonald right exactly yeah. Run out a rare. Shannon set herself or the gold and Arthur son now call I don't think Archie I'm like Mad Magazine you accused me Giles this market is if there are there's Ronald McDonald Brett error. I'm like wait what. What. It that the things. Yeah. RG I read along the comic RTZ and kids look at. I don't go away are no matter how we got there at that I'm speaking with his bat you're not a connects are out of this one what are pasta pockets. Pasta pockets. Like they show hosts. Not really close. Ravioli. Yeah they're having bonds. Other pasta parts Parcells in my family shifts I would about. I. I had mayor Connie went to the family that was that nobody in their families attack and they never spent a lot of they called the main McConaughey who's that Italian answer lots. He picked. I think it's gonna inherit ligaments if you have. Angela what are would it little little white trees on your plate little white trees cauliflower telephone. Saw an cauliflower little white trees. Are. Are not tomorrow but the next day going backwards formally known as the day before yesterday it had. Not too late I believe things are not not tomorrow but the next day going backwards for a lay out the day before yesterday the my daughter referred to in this place as Liddy bird pronounce are now know it sounds like Hebert lighting bird it's a place like Hebert yes. Because you just couldn't pronounce. Is the problem kids and and seriously think they call do you like this and I. And do not understand. What you're trying to validate a place we would go. What do we know that was I mean. And sort of a defend you but they couldn't say it's the library. My daughter wanted to be library here when she grew up library and I asked no library here someone who goes to the library reads books. Not someone who works there. What are flamingo witches what are flamingo witches and so pink which flamingo witches. I hadn't prince five year old watching. National Geographic channel. And was looking at the flamingo witches. I had and I can't think of our vultures flamingo plus which he says he goes a vulture thing again you look at your kid is. I don't. Know what you're trying to this day. Hey. Let's see here once is our boys renamed food at what is a taco sandwich. And let's talk a sandwich. Are we don't that would be a torture. So well yeah absolutely yeah the talk of samurai and Cal's owns a pizza sandwiches Boca how about. To be a pizza pocket. Let's not get technical I couldn't think of the word tortilla and asked for the taco flops a my sunlight is so much he really able to bag and so they shall ever be Soeharto flocks and flocks you do what I do is all the time that on the is a real thing is thinking of an armpit and we say might need it. Yeah I called when needed but it made us what he need it yet but when your car ride so that was a foot deodorant Becker. Albany know out on the back. I mean I get sweaty and heard on that part I like it but a lot of people to say the back of the knees but I've never been called out for saying need to be really funny I don't know if he had here on the back in nearly you do on your arm. Like it's pathetic that this landing strip and have a bear like an open. Like under you're are not new to me like to think you both say they okay that's not exactly out. It's the blue collar aerodynamic. What you're someone else say never heard of called up before 844999. Cola. Man. Taco for ups hello PGA welcome to the men's room. She then all the time. Yours ago party's record a pizza parlor and do all the there. And young lady was taking the order of the settlement. And it just wanted to simply end the boys. It was. Boy oh boy and then he got outraged and looked at me. Thinking pinch of salt. As you were young Mattie you. Unthinkable on a lot of I don't know like delegates aren't funny guys that aren't anybody's chair Pete with the the dialects and bankable. God us through all of cover up our neighboring Angola pizzas and go boy I like them and I'm a huge angle VoIP and whatnot that were you and I. Always it was trump all other brand or how parents hope to sub so. Keep in mind the store is a twenty years ago right breast or subways when he should be q.s and they are now. But a guy and you open won the end of our out of him off more they had different flavor breadth. Large Baltimore looking lady comes in she orders sandwich is put it put it on the Apollo bring. I played the Filipinos and that's without. At the recently released the boundaries we have somebody if somebody gets that they are like did you Apollo Theater yeah. The toe tap at the jump I know it's also makes it since she was so confident if you put on its Apollo breath it's. A fancy they are like the idea of both political and a few months ago with a brief filming a poke holes robocalls. Two or three times they say how are gonna love that they get Bernal I have finally exit. Okay put reportedly in Baghdad and everything and if you've never heard it called brocade does a po which. You relied upon demo. Okay what if you're someone else and never heard it's called that before 844999. Cola. Loeb Joseph Loren welcome to the manager. Time. I cannot and you're I wee hours. Yeah of your career grand parent or in the region. Your first look at your mother's Auburn or your mother or mother or your father mother and your honor all of. What brought not by me one more time do you honestly got no resume masks of civilian. Slowly Google but there's nobody there's no word for grandmother or grant all Erica. So it's mother mother or mother that other I got to and other smaller and father's mother. So my four year old trying to cheat sir now. It's really should purely because I got it over there as well and that's my Sister Kate. So your first my mother differently than my daughter first and my mother what does he referred to Erez. So if you refers to my mother as. On the bubble which is mother's mother okay my daughter first few hours long mall which is father's mother thought no. Yahoo!. Does not confusing but let people come over here is talking about noise we want to always keep saying different things she's saying you're better and don't confuse. Kid that is copyright and I refused right now yeah soul. So scared that makes complete sense. But he all right it's is it's is one stock answer for granted. To my mother and Bob what did you all your grandma what did you call your grandmother or your girl. So growing out my mom was there a reason why he's so all the more. Almost order small fire. My fault but you know I don't know but they mother mother authorities say mum on number like. Mo Mo the mom mom what do you do. Translated mother's mother. But it it comes out of mole mall which is mob mob. I'm Tom oh god I'm that's you know that's not bad but what about the you have to grandma like what did you call the other one if you did. Oh roughly a guy doing color Obama. I'll kind of be my mother mother bought from the other side and I computing but. But what are my father's mother would you call him multiple roared overload. So my dagger in Nebraska so is his grandma grandpa. Okay they're out throwing crowds here's where no matter how that's the Nebraska way man. When did you are someone else say I've never article that before 844999. Ul and my family says that. Think one side will be Graham Allen Davis out of doing meanie here and nine Aaron is your brother and I bombs or grandma grandpa passed my problem and opportunity for me Malle. Which would have driven my mother crazy but on the color me moxie they don't but because I just they deleted the odd man out who I really mr. Obama. Hello all my my mom's a Mimi Mimi Mimi time moms Mamas and Mimi at Mimi my mom's mom was Mimi my mom's a Nan and now. On NN well done and a Manhattan and man yeah man non novel I'd ever color matches my ma. She's just mom right that would be weird if I was like hey Nana. I'm able drivel I know it's mom you need a couple people that called a mild as an adult all the mob right. I'm Tony with a win that's what mommy demands that that's the one what does you'll do it when adult calls the mother mommy just so gross I'd almighty god or that come mom or dad. Evil you know it comes as a whole and I understand I understand there's a time place that you don't have to explain that and I get that but. I know not in that way I don't I don't either way they got there about. Somebody call on their own father heard Belichick used in Salzburg and dancing the term debt. My thing don't ever bite my daddy lives in Florida. It's all gone did you graduate but there's a few people that I had my daddy there's a PG county ethics I know you know you have one guy that doesn't ivory no I don't Rosa and how about when Torrealba has certainly knows guy and we're seventeen years old and and his father walked into the room really were teenagers doing things teenaged do you are under way to adulthood and it was still well identity. And it's just a lovely guy to death but it was always the weirdest thing. That can move back and dumps it sure is old and I'm running on my arms up that's that can access the I should say my pops up pops in town and I hope I exact. A left what did you or someone else say I've never heard it called that before. Hello John welcome to the men's room. All the time yeah. And. So a couple of months ago I went to visit my pops in Spokane. Your father had died yeah my bottle sometimes announces the grand on the local possibly go that soda. Yeah a big bottle of sprite brand very irritated. So I got there and start just knew you know what I wanna do leader Jameel these options. One day as is you'll want to go check out the bird area. The burn dares the broad area yeah aboard Barea and I have no idea what the heck he's talking about. In jail are if spinal clicked in my head that he meant aviary. And he once convinced. Battle that is called a bird area and you still called it back to this day even though you looked it up in the dictionary you said no unstable barbarians. A bird area and what wasn't in AB Avian bird watching yeah basically. Yeah ads were the birds did you guys have ten best. Aviat tells you and help Al Gaza via the verdict I don't Wear tan vest man you gotta you gotta have a really good paragon of binoculars and a field book. No matter how many out of the that's Iverson's it's more you're more likely to get me to go to a bird bury him than in every area because you savored area I'm. And elect whoever owns it. Like some guy named moron and every city Mandalay welcome LeBron to bird area two bucks to get in fifty cents for kids about the way as we're talking about what you quoted Graham burnt shriveled timing and aren't a lot of grandma grandpa would be one cent. Granddad grand mom. On the other side. Sensible points out that Mimi which is a very popular remain. Well it might be French but in Tonga and if you say who were on TV and Tom him. It means PO. So Gramm RP you would not I guess the dog and you don't call where mommy didn't go take a little mainly. They read back as a higher percentage of grandparents being. That's your group. Mimi has to go Mimi. If senior paints is cool on how to save its. Communities. Hello Curtis welcome to the men's room. Hey good. Let grandma and oh it'll make you just don't understand something finally today so when I grow up and Chicago's. You know that being backed up game. We played out all the time really just the other being that you know anyone trust index. And when I first moved here I hear you know they're ready on a portable. It's concourse hall will wait don't I don't think they'll get there and I think that's I think that's Cincinnati and is Ohio doesn't listen it has it has been calm known as corn hole I think we'll agree on that but let's face it for about ten years leading a government kind of discovered the game right everyone started getting into it. And some people gold would be bag being tossed because nobody want to call Corvel and first time I heard someone call core hole. I gave them the same look and I'm sure you get an overview at this point. Even also uncomfortable term I feel like we all just accept that god dammit its own corner I think if you had a vote on bag toss. Let me warn the Abu I was utterly black but the problem is that it's called corn hole I lately my family like overplay in Baguio. So did you go back though right they just a bit in my early Cornel is that really want to get your mind that the blotter but here's a problem that indirect I did for it would bad is the right person put the thing it's according wintry when they. Bad dollars in dues to was as bad ago Nolan said look medical bag Hogan called corn home global makes dental. They've gone back ago so I knew it was bad deals to have someone finally said in court homeland. Whoa man went what what exactly do you wanna do I always knew later I just I just know probably for the last twenty years I've heard it referred to as core I have seen only as gain more popularity not he doesn't I totally out of this thing look to take you economy at this point earlier some deluded that they elect a Pope mobile. Yeah and to poke able. Put the rose a point when this became all the rage that everyone as everyone hey man. Duels with Polk. Poking a pokey was like sorry about it it's a fun read like Montero all the all the stuff routes so corn holed a real except corn Julio. But a big oval remember the first time solicit payment. Wanna play Cornel momentous exit only around you know I wanted to do now what do you or someone else they have never article that before a 449990. Hold Weimar calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you. Should come men's room. So I got mad dog gone away any real bad jokes to men's room add to men's or live dot com and the return of Ted vs the FCC. Coming up as well our question today when did you or someone else say I've never heard it called that before 8449990. And we have a few comments the game and if I don't do that someone. The blood cops. What are the blood counts of blood kind islands and ambulatory done very well done let's leave. And just take it. An essay text and I guess curse word or like the letter asked the curse word escape old. I got toilet paper on the shoe toilet papered star of the beverages and I got a Buddy Guy pulls toilet paper as that gets. And that as far as what you Cole you were grandparents I call my dad's parents ma ma am pop pol. People look at me funny every time I do. And in miles I thought you'd appreciate this. Says I was an army drinking. With some buddies I was approached by some of the marine friends around the party and they asked me if I wanted to play Corvel with the them. I know a big clue what they were talking about. Good laugh when I said what I thought that call away freezer bag oh yeah yeah yeah I'll do that do that I for the bean bags well one way deign to all get out and on that Iron Man is above events that you both parents at an embraced me and I'm told the store before but it is miles and I will reverse certain work out great like fifteen years from them culpable. It's very complicated 200 come over he was uncomfortable for me. And that were in the studio north of commercial break or whatever but that work on a broken those days miles is a man after the show. Do you wanna get together impulses sent out Aaron here and I'm playing very goal anonymous. We don't like listen now or I do tossed salad. Because right now. Tomorrow's welcome comments after the show's strong with the with a mature it was my place it doesn't matter let's just tosses went what are givers and know that and I'm trying to be cool. And I'm like listen man it's just not it's not something don't want to do with mana. But we're friends theories that with the Obama went up cycles and I don't understand like oh yeah a little I don't wanna Dalton's south. And with you miles Bret my god I'm going to be cool a bit nerve Paul's. When amendment. What do you mean when you say it and my original rule which would do you could be things like. I would got a little bit we manage huge little bit and we will get along together and smug together you know to. Succeed because that was an old marijuana lingo. Back in the leg due to bigger okay well it's been outdated yes I know people heard being here before him well. There are people out there you Ted Turner want your dog he added god that is the popular odd terminology. All I knew to be true. Yeah talked this link everyone means something different every. Body else I'm gonna look why is he so adamant about that. Why did they think of friendship lately down what does this have to do and I don't wanna toss the salad with you miles around that would have meant I was like there's a reason I don't know that inevitable out Yemeni girl got you back. Justin yeah I hope you're asking ads did not do that which you said that about a little more clearly about as uncomfortable moment but now I think I'm living at these all these toss out blazes are completely liberal way when I see it kinda erodes I still and I'm an adult and until they needed a fresh one of the bush noted. Frist also win now when did you or someone else they have never heard it called that before 844999. Olin. Hello all lie and welcome to the men's room. Hey. I'm. So and I know it dearly. This since. Yeah you to do rumors that they're. She did. Cheaper hoops. We were working on the project and and she asked me or the screwdriver or Castro which one chi said the pluses. So instead of Phillips or I didn't. It was negative or minus Boston minus yes. Let's reminds look at it makes sense is that nobody says that. Etc. it's good you know you please describe that hole and I closed the minds aren't. She'd actually gotten it my kid saying it and people where she works. You're now they're off the collapse still inside and he's actually got other technicians. Asking us plus or minus heard. Satanic she's like a virus of bad information is a screwdriver you organized and a glass of story you screwed our old died of leukemia Canada absolutely. When did you are someone else say I've never heard it called up before 844999. Alone to. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.