08-01-16 PodDammit has a potluck

Monday, August 1st

Today on Poddammit. Weekend antics, pool parties, and potlucks. See you guys at Pain in the Grass. August 21st White River Amphitheater


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Through all the time. It up stick together mics aren't. Now they're on and I and hello welcome to pod them and real loser in and listening a month away from pain in the Gretzky ghosting is not so that was what first wherever and theater of Lou get a chance to see it. Shake your hand get a beer. Do all that stuff if you're in the men's room happy hour and a half party will definitely throw down have a good time. Just for you we do have some time coming off fear coming up on win and take some time off we're there to go and who's gonna master made for a couple days straight. Governments often moves now it hasn't figured. They'll golf. Because anything of this weekend. Electoral pool party tell us how great is water warm. Now the COLT via which should be one innocent those opening heater and the bats it's a good pool though and it's like my buddy. He was just my ball the health pools are you there like yes but it's still your pool but any outside it's legit twelve feet deep. So I mean you can die off of or in new people or doing flips this and that I say people. That wasn't it but if you want it to you could nice those ought to find cooks a mention sausage. One guy never met before you as well as easy as spicy as at this event of lake. Got the beer and so it's got a different. Kind of taste to you but it's not spicy you know it's like Q in the main thing just the text right. So I could come up we just sliced Ramallah and this guy comes fives like ten minutes later as I get it now as huge Hussein. He's like that maybe the best sausage are Catholic and Jeff noted earlier I. You know Friday not only to. You party for blue moon and celebrated the birthday and so into the blue moon party knows the founder occurred on those at a time. And had a cousin committed to he's moving here from West Virginia. Nice gave him tore where he was looking for he who bird and look for apartments all day Saturday and Sunday. That's how he got from one place in Seattle and met well you all around here. I was there what is your. Show them up and rip off for so I'm usually just amount of talent so he was Virginia not at West Virginia but the cost of living a multiple most places it is reasonable. He is is this is what we kind of figured I would do brainstorming on this together key works he's committed to. He he is a dense whole. Rap for pieces that are used during surgery he's he's though he's gonna but he knows that his market is going to be Idaho. Or again. Ants in Washington. So we asked you a lot of driving and he has to do a lot of flawed so my idea was if you have to do flying to flying every month at least couple times a month. You should be a little bit closer to the airport. And if you're driving. In your south as part of your territory and Mike UMass will be done there's to bring North Africa is. Yours your base in the front party territory north and you've got all that sells off to pass. Well problem as we gotta get Oregon whose ideas south gonna run it orally in Portland like we put army and if you're flying to Korea. Although I'm resilient I mean to be drug organist one thing please see dash rip off do we know that so to Bellingham are force's sole modes cheaper held in Berlin exact same courtesy of a family is just singled to he's Reno's growth removed. I think yeah. I would say that you're single part of it yes the city. Oh it's not good at all hey man all the money spent on her ass yet now. Put that toward apartment to judge inserted into it Jamie nova had CD release party playing in the sense at tavern on Saturday in answer to them of their about it. To go into his first legal weed spot and then at a ball for pinball. So basically use like this is the greatest police have ever been in my life from Marco we'd store in my plays and I. The thing down at a ball is almost on the one point tumble for those two are some accuse these actresses grass roots. Methane is a key they're taking and when he comes in the end game ending and oh yeah I got adamant that policy but at the 35. Wow Christ yet the kid that. And Caron yeah I think they can you speak there and take care there that I do not colas for breakfast. That's enough of that. We get pinball as the new as the new hot thing. Plenty of equipment in LA mineral routers. And terrible discovery of the body that sold his bar in the loosely the other guy with a terminal to a pinball play sales went. Thank I don't get it you know like a river by shortest and cargo net. But I was late dealer and a out of ball and in Fremont there's one over here there's couple meals like. Scheme at how good their beer sales are but it seems pretty good. Like a good idea I never saw anybody embargoes and drinking a beer with him he hit that meanings. Think Erika Ramirez get ten. What else we got the having got a sausages Ted says go pick some the it's it's unbelievable man from goal is out there now if you haven't tried that that's another great here we've got going down so it's that's fantastic and. Email while both of those guys I guess like a number I Goldman readdress sausage. And as you said that email is like him. Pan frying to badgers saw as a drug drinking or gold. He actually lower the golden said that all the people now I don't know how many people whose cooking for whatever owner of the sausage it's the bar in Italy yet because it is. And I really don't notice to tie it's just Meg Whitman. Who do that pool party ring I brought like. Three or four pounds of soft drink and then somebody else that brought state. Like. I kind of was tops are going or something that he marinated remover nightly teriyaki and garlic. And somebody else smoked a whole porch and end to re complaining that kind at the same time like the state got cooked. We could go sausages and that we chopped it all up and of course you know the part it's like summertime sizzle reels of bro like pasta salad Mike writes this. Fried noodles like I'll do not have a right to meet fast and numerous African author. What's that mean. You know loose women. Haven't peers that you don't wanna be held down with a giant meal but like Austin a come back to seven of appease the state should reward sausage at Sherwood is this sport. The failure had the best way to eat not the healthiest way to download agrees that. Yet if it wasn't me you know what was it. President did you know who's gotta believe they're gonna say. Well dealer we're all so excited they say man. We had health they've brought a tale day is similar to coups who's this tomorrow mouse thing it's impossible to make some ago it's not that maybe brought some. But in the end it for par blog is all kind of garbage. You feel differently. When you explain it later in our view any meat processor I'd like I had a great meals and healthy now asset category mail. If it's a big help about looked like it was the one man or the other wasn't as bad as I thought yeah. Well the other good things like one of our buddies I didn't know this whose wife is pregnant. So. She decided to make clay these newbie she's key geeks who suffer pounced. But by the united turned into just a couple of us like holding a pilot and eating cheesecake and it it was my only had been due to whales aren't you do get an up. Look at seriously to get over here just grab a fort and had to resort to plastic forks left so I held on app plastic fork on night. In every case just in case and I wanna miss out affording. If I report. Added to that about them podcast we'll see that pay in the grass hopefully. Somewhere down the line there. We collectively sewer where it's at two weeks away at through through through three Tony first those first three we talked to McGinley three and three weeks to a through and a format and in. I am not even know what day it is round. Here three weeks three weeks three weeks I'm basis.