08-04-17 Seg 2 - The Mens Room Hangs up the Phone

Friday, August 4th

Mens Room blank Question: now I know why not to do ______, and we welcom Krist Novoselic to the program!


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This is dumb men's room. They're adults. Listening to its. Tiles. Coming up bad film producer and until that Bimantoro mad men survived doc job we'll pick up the bad jokes right before. The shot of the day were two and amends or blank question today now I know why you're not supposed to do blank lets them move on here. Well no that double laying is not cool and if you that in school you know who got bullied you know with the bully was maybe it was due debut as you may be knew who you probably needed to avoid and if you have children you understand just. I don't know how cup helping that kid is hard it really is one of the most difficult times in your life you're trying to figure everything out your hormones are raging. It's just a different time and it's a difficult time and a lot of bowling and more about the army announced the bigot like bowling doesn't work as much an adult is eternal golden yet lets you give a rats as of people think but at the key that you care about everything. And nothing but yeah and you take offense much easier yeah I think illegal higher bracket all that stuff. More than enough fifty Indiana bikers escorted a bully sixth grade student to middle school. Tammy mic is the mother of the Caleb middle school student film like she was concerned about her son's a detailed. The call to call the called detailed look I am now called middle school. And dad's name is bill may who's got attendance. Outpost to double later out of him down still meant what I did it yeah we expected it to take them away. She says those so bad. He Hillary contemplated suicide. So she spoke with Brent Warfield of key easy motorcycle sales and service and Warfield a middle immediately stepped into to help. Warfield as a director of Unita motorcycle enthusiast and he told a fox affiliate he'd been hosting charity rides for years he's been working to raise awareness about bowling in teen suicides I decided organized arrive. A special arrived for Phil on his first day of middle school. He posted the information on FaceBook just a few days before and and got an ink. More than fifty bikers met with bill and his family for breakfast before his very first day of school some bikers even traveled from over an hour away. They prayed with Phil before they all's courted him to school. A Warfield said the school was very welcoming to the idea and Phil was very excited to have fresh I work. Our principles on so. Gentlemen elected talked here of course you were not been to yet this is fine. You but I will continue to stay right exactly what it farther to hear how old problem paid more for a 999 cola now I know why you are not supposed to do blank. Jesus Christ that I took part. In the welcome to the bedroom. It's our own. A lot as. Well. Once they you don't wanna do is you're having a bad conversation. With somebody on the telephone. Is. Start talking that's about them. The four year. Note that the phone is absolutely hung out yeah. Oh were you who are you talking about less than pleasantly. Well this. Ought to sit there and I do you do you're not alone your quick study you know are not alone yeah. You have most recently actually it's as I've changed my ways but. By the year and have to go out cities. Chip with a girlfriend on the catch and have a comment states what my daughter and that Madonna's been a real evenly on the throne. It's all right well up articulate or thought that hung up the phone. Protect my girlfriend will she asked me what department I don't know to this being a little street. He eighties. And just like Alec Baldwin. Is next thing I heard on the phone which Alice was. Did you just call obviously. Soldier daughter. Well right now is 25. Gas they've got a really good idea. I didn't hear it. To. Get attacked. But it gives you an outlook that we as humans use but see that's the biblical thing like I let out a as certain outlook on mounting on you know about it. We hold my yeah. Affair which he an adult at the time he said. I mean look I never want and lessen it and and if your parent beyond themselves. Horrible thoughts in my head as far as what I want to say to my give my grand at the much younger than that so these were cannot come out but he. When I say hey man we need at all what I'm thinking is you bitch ass mother apprised knock your ass now. You don't say it right but wasn't an adult right now they overhear you wouldn't say I'm talking to someone about as a don't like look. As a parent and I want to say that about you but yet it's truly have been the C bomb that to be in the I know what time your father. Is going to is only daughter to see mom is because your being a Ciba and the last guy on I heard I I have to review my car vote. And you used the C word that I said something that was equally. Just difficult for my daughter to hear one point in time and I did not know that she was your shot and and you should never do this now learned this the hard way but it should be an unwritten rule that everyone's nose. Never compare anybody to the pair. So I said look. She's being just like Erma. Under a call or see now Robbins as. Con and it depends like requested Steve go to Iraq and I would you rather hear you over here are some influence of an intimate. We'd rather and in the way it partnered with. Robin is being. Just like her mother or Robbins being it's like which one I'd much here and being at T wow it a bad bad it is yeah. Of Osama says they're really like your father I took in the cup that I was gonna say I think you really are the exception to rule based on the fact that your parents are just normal human being right. Compared to bat I said Ted let me just like your dad he would punch me and I've made as a political. I. He left on me I think he's an actor it is going to be the same thing and it you feel the same thing about the within the what do you mean. But what do you mean it. And we all have our parents hopefully I hate the economy like it or what do I do and hope I epic why all of a gallery things I think you're Utah's collecting and who else does that your mom. It is just all my god if you want it I mean I hell. I don't even know I'd rather do that that that's one of the worst things I haven't even dropped the and Bob like Detroit now and have them do that in I like put the workspace and there ought to be beat up by strangers and my family eight dropping a bomb a Detroit man out of a deathly cap but you'll likely meet about it but you don't know yet exactly but added that they've point time it's like that level of they just don't wanna talk to right you have gotten the point where like gyms that you can't apologize it doesn't matter what you say but you can't figure sideline and goal. I don't know this and I just feel like looked you know and I talked smack in the Q and obviously you love them and awarded appointment looking at my daughter of the QB in the C bomb but. If she's an adult to overhears same like look at Michael you might get offended but I said that the new probably all meet in a god who I don't know what Bryant have to do. Debt as your father liked. She might daughter my box feel optical blood daughter of an aloe. Is this the media anybody here's the thing about being a parent and here's the thing about being a child when your kid in in your parent says so mean to you that just it just the way it grabs you. You'll remember it for the rest of your life and when your parents that it they had no intent that that was going to be the one thing somehow that stuck with me. But you remember it because it's stuck with you they probably don't remember the incident not just them that everybody has those moments in the lifetime we're alike in key aides remember. Every and it's a two way street yet if your kid says something that really hits home truthfully you're going to be oh yeah it does and they have no idea you know they stay in passing and they stick into the kitchen and like I gotta smokers I would see not hang up the phone in modern times to you gotta make sure when you're responding to a text. It's on the right direction you're not in a group tax are now old man is it that happen in my family and somebody went home you can probably on the map on new. Went home after few beverages and fired off attacks about somebody else in the traveling with a job. Are that you're being affected do you look at it ever ever. So I think my brother gets up and read X. His sister I'm not realize it tax would be how how long does that cloud coming over the it was late. It was like honestly this was like a week before Christmas okay and I think the conversation my brother had my sister is just vary too late. You know. The kids will like this either end you're welcome we're probably not gonna talk. Thank you could still come over for Christmas and a yeah bullet after the holidays did you spend many p.'s annual offensive played out at a Christmas tree and everything else. You make of the next more important to the text elect. The Albion at the I don't know it's worse not having that takes comer not knowing how to get. Out of a group text that you don't wanna be keep trying to tell my family especially look at I don't know what happens like my mother mobile text something. I don't realize that the group text as I do three of which she's. Typically I don't respond but then I realized. All of my answer everywhere must comment on anything that has ever been said and then I wanna get out of that has maybe I wanna say so it's RT but I like apart his sense. Let they're all gonna see this and again and go on talking about sub Yuma I can think these things to my mom we didn't juggle. And I'm like you know I can I gotta keep my best jokes to me so from the fact men's or black question now I know why you are not supposed to do blight hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. It's. Paid for a Starbucks store and artillery that group texting and real real well this is in his hand out my buddy Scott lab and when you put somebody who you know age group actually audit group. What look at what happened when Scott what happened. I went in Gould. Are Woodrow picture where are on images and I'm closest to critically so and number eight seats right. Kobe got forty traders are and let our guard or vendors on up would you post up on Craig's is again. Trees are what round it's in my it's in my law and aggregate shoulder as she fell down and Gingrich and try to but I have to receive mylar next month. So come get the wireless. Get the fire would have treated at all you're getting up firewood in his front lawn for real. I'm not here in Chicago. Glover. Yeah yeah so anyway I found out why you're not supposed to ship in regular classroom chairs at the start lab. At the where the science lab table entire at all and it wanted to sit up I didn't read before Peter in my or her school's. What are breathing a reason why it's so they're dangerous. So bust my buddies and I were being degenerate like 1617 year old boys are. Died Earl predator allowed cable news you know just not around. And I all of the chair a regular passenger and so on city basically Steve's heart typical order of this elaborate grant. My buddies messing with me one of them through an object that site out of a quarter mile and I reacted my first reaction was to lightening quick instinct right. And I split exported opened my whole lot on my forehead to the top Margaret. The top of your forehead to the to do you have a line running down the middle of your head. Not anymore discharges she's trying to healed up pretty good but you could still skiers like Greg where you know you're ordered to go look up and oh yeah. There's there's definitely some other investors are gonna girls. I almost did it all look uber. Phillips holy all the time. Miserable I question now I know why you're not supposed to do Blanco got more your calls coming up a 44999. Poll you are listening to the men's or radio network. It is you. It's true. Coming up big signing the return of ten vs the FC CR men's or blank question today now I know why you're not supposed to do blanket 44999. All I guess we have some comments as well as the people calling in with there. They're the parenting stories so we don't feel nearly as bad as we did before and yeah I just think that parents aren't so kids listen your parents lie to you money and it's because when you went. As are talking about what kids do don't do particularly flushing the toilet the floodgates have opened up with parents. Not just that but also. Parents morning out we have got the cold and said he did not hang up its phone and his adult daughter of the time I heard him describe her as being the C bomb. To the guy to go for pitchers great signal that in this kind of thing. He's not alone double burns up verbal and called her daughter's BC borrow within earshot of the daughter no one woman has a fourteen year old daughter and says like yeah. I did call my daughter bitch once directly to her says it only did ones but it did happen and like I said miles. If you're a parent you know I was betrayed Galati are friendly but you know mr. you call your kids all kinds of names. We just try not to say to face yet but everyone tries slip up in everyone throughout the dude you're going on multiple right now. The institute school removal effort yeah I did but I wasn't like calling human efforts just it was a fleeting moment. Bush sent to bring it up you better stop him over mother pepper in this. But apparently. All of us are pretty bad parent that is what I've gotten out of men's or my question now know why you're not supposed to do blank. Hello Kyle welcome to the men's room. Yeah yeah. Well I learned not to like primer on fire. Little. On the route specifically do you think those rules and just apply in general. They're applied in general but the product is mainly used a wide wide did you like him on fire. Actually will not need a little on fire we told. One of the guys that was trying to dec decide. The one that we were farm inter. The application product don't get to claim anywhere near. This product when it's wet. And problem says when you do it's extremely flammable onto dry it's fine bit in the meantime. Well we didn't realize yet the shakes. Either too much cops you're just elect on those that choices. Wouldn't you say hello all go a year beyond yes and the certificate. All the big guest check how fast and go up. 40000 square feet went out and about two seconds. Ma man Robin. And so it label lower grade do. OK so bad that inspired him to dance on fire. It burned her split second and instantly. Did it take anything with it in polygamy the earthquake fires are never knew your face and last thing happened second you're missing your mustache eyebrows and for your hair. I have no way it ended blasted out about four feet and then they've got guys scrambling and then by the time one of the guys came back fire extinguisher. Which would turn out to be a dud anyway. Thank goodness because took a vote. It was already gone bit. Yeah he had all the data while goes oh my god moment but what him when he pulled the pin on the barge sting or for what does nothing happened. Yeah just. And dale any kind of aerosol anything that says it's highly flammable it is highly flammable. Yes and people still like light stuff on fire just to see what the hell that he does the kid we didn't want but it later in the Harrisburg there is still your monitors brain literally and also to throw ammunition into a fire but actually I've done I've I've seen it done a couple times a couple of dividend indoors. So yes and I will keep the kids met while he was a kid and grown ass man now because Leah. There's a good chance about discovered in my bed listening to see a map the Rochus. But you know who you are because the shotgun showcases into a fireplace when these things blocked it shot up our bodies moms again. And even though this were your idea. In a wasn't your mind this was not in his home with somebody gonna die. Yeah as his mother was not particularly pleased that we all got in trouble because of this that I would not say his name for restoring it into the fireplace. At DeVon yes and Jack. A ladies and journalists like we have a a very special visitor here in the in the men's room Chris nova Celek it could we have headphones over there was that the incidence Chris Chris I was sagas and out there about it I'm miles allies there I Steve again it's gone men. That's Robin Robin island how are you Chris mighty fine thanks how are you we're doing great you know we almost no Robin has the stomach issues out now we go forward and did not win Indiana on May we quickly we just wanted to reach out to you and then you came back and you said hey can and his command. Yeah right and we said sure if not a known I would write a woman sound garden church today and if a New York coming and I want to put them up Earl. And I did joke right down like this Super Bowls silica commonly known in baseball that's. Connecticut Tennessee Asia. Well thanks or step by what's going on wall are mopping it showed tonight in Georgetown it slams with my hand signs and trees and cash. He and in triumph as much as possible keep the Rocco. Keep the rock Roland nice nice we what were will get into this a bit later on the we've had. A number of questions we do a little festival every year called red fest in this year. We're still in the planning stages of this we don't have everything put together yet but we're gonna make it will be a bigger we're trying to get like. People who can spit fire enjoyable and it's going to be a little bit more of more than we normally do and this is that's what. Wanted to get a lot of dumb stuff but more sort of thing and a dumb stuff like Chris bill I. And I'll bet my dog and pony show what are overwhelmed as he's go to go to oh yeah its three front anecdotes you promise the last time that we would get farm animals. In an ego my trained mice specially trained iguana. You don't have a lot of you know that's and to teach them. Do you still have a goat I had to go to step three goats and radio pack but the part that's pretty old. My form is an old pal his home would do what what is the purpose of dale pac and so I mean as far as knocked us that believes there are huge hit it oh please somebody that they're in flight leaves the white though he's not we give them medicine to try to keep it down event. A Packers were light. They were supposed to be this huge business opportunity it's of people like what was what was the business the Dutch ball book craze like it is like 500 musically you know by like a sexual thing well it was just cut alternative the Ole miss so basically I can protect the ball. We treatments and eyes because nobody knew nobody he had and yes these folks would just like you know if you raise alpaca is an economic all this money it's known for profit ball who I mean it's like so you go okay hey Louis suck there's a sucker born any minute but there's so it's a pyramid scheme to somebody wants alike. Start with the pair about doctors have given it a bunch of money. I considered more on zoo good 215 Al backers would be just like me yeah the what do you do with a alpaca after like you know goats may eat him in Peru. We don't you know real world he will in the half pack a blanket like the warmest thing in the rise the GDP again. In Peru. I don't get it through its looks like a squirrel causey summer and our dinner party ordered one new look like an on an Iranian like a big rack. This company as a general rule and he's a good faceless world at least that in the states that I didn't know what it moral to rally. They just don't like Alabama to me seriously if it's an out of this take the head off of him and when you answer bright. I'm ultimately in order murder and if they put the cows had middle Kapler moves well clearly they do there's some kind of like chic restaurant in New York it's like you don't need centric. And you can order pigs hand that day comes down and away and you pick gap is that the strangest thing that you've beaten back from the I never would itself into the event but how do you do culturally like howdy out of prison Wasilla they like you know what no thanks I'm gonna pass. Ode to Coolio I don't know what I did that I like my need house Venus like rapper. The styrofoam. Yeah exactly price tag on him I hit it now it needs to be completely unidentified yes indeed I got worried and upload or go into the room the ring. And that that that I sent an email earlier I am glad you're here and this is this is crazy for us it was or we're just like hey we just wanted to see if you might wanna play the party you know with the giants in the trees with it will give you all that information may be can maybe camp but. That's kind of what we reached now would it we we know you're not that busy anymore. So why we are hoping that you could show up in and out to my people that's right I know I think that's what I figure we got to go to the people that keeps the people. Automatically get people who don't like when you put the band together do the people come to you urge you to go through the people. If it was going thought my people talk to your people like our ally Italian people for awhile yet that peoples and so with the same people like people. New York people management did they ever help with the goats or veil back are now now it's just music just music. What so. Are you guys gonna go on on Torrey display and a couple of 01 off gigs or with Switzerland playing like in Portland. Next month's. Astoria Oregon this month all of that I'll love story or now I live near there that's hard to. Drove up from today you didn't fly. Now why I wanted to flat with an equally close Boeing field and. But because of all the other forest fires all the blue angels gradual flown in this in this all the there's yet you find this area there's there's if into this is why I say this and since the last time we will we we had on. We got put on a couple of other stations so now not only is just KI SW but were on on WAF and Boston Globe and nine Boston absolutely were on New Orleans on the YU Rochester WC MF were on the fox and San Jose. The rock in Kansas City Sacramento were on 98 rock rob Portland's classic rock kgo in a were also on in Anchorage. Congratulations. Now that's crazy as universal so. It will a lot of low though it is like in all of your years of touring and treatment which one of those cities brings back the workmen Austin and I mean are good you are poor grammar and Jose Craig yeah Seattle the Seattle. Because SuSE I've seen too much and forgotten not been out. So just got a handful of the you know and you're always you always can pop up someplace. In your playing with Paul McCartney year you're playing with in it's it it's gotta be insane thing that any of that stuff Cologne. As far as just you know being invited on and you you pop up on stage don't have an. Haven't done that maybe there's certainly commend them on so be easier just gonna comic people and human schedule a bit are you mean you do have to wake up. I mean in the morning and India into Larry all I do yap because I'm a promise driver I'm always doing something like. I'm building a fence. Myself you know I was almost in so can I see you in The Home Depot so Tuesday yeah now. Defense is on the cell minutes ago this does red woods was kind of funky numbers of comic PR but it's a luxury you can do like to pull ours. Writings and. I don't know what you're not yet ready for the weekend and you know there's this day and in all for us it's cool that this bands playing and someone in the audience you don't know that repair the column up on stage to play with them. And I was sought to muscle buys it so Europe an audience to watch would. They find out there that want to come onstage and and you would. You don't like people people like how do they know old your song man exhibited no would you go opened just base is kind of stated yeah it's expensive that. I am a professional look I know exactly. I don't know I didn't have you know I don't necessarily know here to roommate but did you say that when what. With evil and went out I was playing with Paul McCartney and and he was on base and that was on days Iraq how much you want dad and his base was actually Nokia. All right and he. How good of a basis is Paul McCartney's bass as a base I mean you can sit there and all my gal like I want to do now my life he's basically taught me how to play bass and so we did that song with that sounds to be with people and pap smear. We're stand round like. Well I'm missing in myself these don't have on things we don't have instead be like. If I was being a kind who demonstration Bruce Lee standing there. Right yeah I mean you're breaking ball stopped. Yeah that it SO is gonna wake up like what happened but he just flipped you over shoulders and I think that all I can see here I've only grossly did you say that with the with a rock and roll hall of fame induction that you had to go back and learn some songs yeah how we did I went online on the tab sites. I'd tonight you know our watch YouTube videos of some like seventeen year old kid playing your parts. He's got a that the best Nirvana thing about lately is the is the footage. The RadioShack performance which was some playing time way back in the day not sure where that was the it was his property Washington seeing all the old stereos around you know like justice. The idea of playing and RadioShack and there you guys are like this is unbelievably early beta Max machines into something the CD. It was a compact disc player element you have that stuff do you have real real audio recording I am or real real that adapt machine needs work. While they all did is they always had you you know that was the wave of the future for them tone about last the remotes and I caught on with compact disc late. At. But that's good that's a cross between a CD and cassette I something like seven years. Now there it's off Celine. It is well the good thing about those so like I'm a vinyl but I've always been about. The problem is normal jumping on the bandwagon and were I was getting out of common tell mildly do. I got great uncle Richard I'll fifties when I must say amounts thirty goddamn dollars. Does that and decided it's the thing to do now but it turned to see you right now I mean my god they give excellent if you give them ten bucks like to start a hundred but you walk out and get my. Downgrade these sound so what matters in an MP threes that's the I just like Dick and throughout what's so okay. Let's see here. Down as far as about how would you describe. Giants in the trees as far as. Just the sound of the bad where you have you have to replace it and bring an end. I didn't know we have a somewhere that we just we don't know I don't know announcement that we didn't think you are really coming in really no we didn't we original order in my house that look man should I sort of settlement. Emails say that it fits on that you did see it on YouTube and it's on an outward like on every digital download. Whatever you wanna do. It's giants and the trees is is kind of like. Its roots Americana but it's cuts and Grimes and his cuts coming groovy ethnic. Group did you have an idea how you wanna disband the standard and all kind of come together and the other because of the different elements of different performers. Console. It does happen we'll cut counting Washington right live. And so we just had just jam sessions people showed up and then we wasted no time. And we started just making music and we were. I mean how available are these people who just want to have a jam session. Lung as like I'm sorry in the Dennis the kangaroo down I don't know everybody was available via okay that's that's rare in the and that it is good yeah yeah yeah and get a that's that we've got going for them that's very cool so just illuminate toward first and and then yeah something more than. I hope so we'll see you don't just people you know I thought I had my schedule no I watched him with an entourage you know there's. Five spot escalates idly outside. It's. Waiting for an equity 250. Without violating. Remember a bumper sticker says like save the planet on the backers of I don't know if most escalated to do now an ego don't forget the recycled right now you're a little more on that these men. Do you unlocked here is it so you want cleared out marked appear from my thoughts it blocks away OK anybody stop you. Now isn't that the weird thing about Seattle or is that the sometimes I get comforting part I did it's it's cool you know I drove here and in 2000. Dodge grand caravan and it's a it all the gear fear right example. Also think of its. Vague enough to accommodate your Franken as a good. You think about things like an air force commercial pilots if you wanna go into the shuttle program looks like the height Karl don't like look man of privilege 61 on 67 and I'm like so here's a 67. Did you have to get anything retrofitted. In your doll my plane and a great Louis Cessna 182 and it was a really mean now I've fly at piper Saratoga. Ye 32. Knows it really mean when. When you see when you see. back and I don't let the. Yeah yeah out making the hatcheries will be getting armor to remind you that you can't smokers more. That we would Greg bring Aaron who's on the planes in the back and spokesman adds that at that fly to London. Twelve hours is get hammered provides them and again I thought he looked terrible have you told anybody or any rescue crews with their piloted. Because Jim Harrison Ford he's wrestling people have been crashes by so. Bruce Dickinson a show about who they'll Zealand which he did notice photographs about. I mean these guys they don't like don't you wanna join the club later groups nova so we showed up and saved an alpaca prominent I don't know if you know. I don't air rescue it almost need a soccer. I don't need that. I don't know have do you get a chance to fly off the yacht for as much as possible in our are you about a hundred hours. A year in are you going for real destination are you guys are going to be able to fly a fighter like Southern California but it's OK analyze I've flown to Washington DC few times near CD what's the cost and if you read most panic moments where it was weather related or you know because I did I don't fly Kazaa you have to do weather briefly and then I am there's a minimum so he can do legally that I have my own personal minimums for right or just like they were taken from her film on the peninsula that. Because he did things what what happens with with aviation has. You have a series of events like all of this happen and that happened and that happened only in real trouble and so. I mean I know pilots not even have a glass of wine the night before a daily guessing here I don't mean just because they know that that's not cool and you know the life is on the line and and that's not you know it's that serious thing worth even just one glass on the night before is not greens eight hours from bottle to throttle it is illegal to consume any alcohol in the hours before you 54 Crist of Acela joining us which is very cool wouldn't expect that giants in the trees the the new ban check of the download all the music is available well and and hopefully. We can get our people to get with fewer people. And then once we get this red festival figured out hopefully we can present you with a date where everybody is available and maybe we can work something out or maybe you could play. I look at them and all you're affiliated stations. That nervousness though I that this guy if that was great I stated I think correctly and if you're at band camp play that we borrow they'll pack up for having me. He he'll be spit when they get from the definite and I don't know we're gonna goober. It's I think it's the growth has to do. Like a you don't want an out how can it. You gotta be careful. Chris thank you so much I appreciate you might think it's united slims I got nothing Alonso can you give me in there. You know any you know some don't let him and don't do so I don't I talked with people ha. There you go very definitely they'll progress on a cell like from giants in the trees and of course been called the Nirvana thank you so much it's always pleasure to have you here we've really pushing them by absolutely. Hundreds are blacklisted now I know why you're not supposed to do blank we'll take a quick break and come back with warrior cult you're listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Fat jokes coming out. 844999. All you can also send us the the bad jokes to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com bad jokes before the shot of the day harbinger blank question day. I'm now that I. And here you ago we go to a man who was 36. And as the story says a man is mauled by a bear after he teased at with food. This is the horrifying moment a man is gored by a bear after he teased it by dangling food. In its jaws of so much gore as the is trampled and then the 36 year old too I'm not even going to try to pronounce his name you know I give him I got aren't. No phone. From Robbie may come from Roddy. Have you with four friends when he decided to visit the temple in rural. And rural. That's a bond that's about to kick India I'm tired Thailand but up from Imus pronunciation it's. The Bucs kept around two dozen wild boards and a number of bears an a small enclosure. Which they care for and allow guest defeat in the size of the old my god I tried it now I know you cancer at credit when miles looked me. Out of an oak and bury this it has been bit assuming this guy is six feet tall advertise. This bear is a free game monster. Well I guess the guy stood on a surrounding wall Reese in the enclosure vitally do not feed the bears but the throw the thing that. Certainly don't tease him pay and I I believe the slumping to feature it if you go to it was due in this case that the temple it's amongst you the way the Bayer is in in the enclosure and if they agreed that to put an animal and place they don't leave me. Economic skate. It's because you don't wanna have to deal with that man so initially stood on the surrounding all reached into the enclosure to feed the boards and began playing with him before teasing the bear with food now the bear comes up on all of sports that's what you have to understand that the that the bears on all fours but what do we know what happens to a bare when it gets on Tuesday its own little hole at all so the bear stands out and just grabs his Jack ass off the wall Apple's been like army and you. I dragged him in the enclosure knocked him unconscious before tearing a lump from his shoulder. A man's friends eventually distracted the bear with a stick and jumped in to free the guy emergency service arrived just after that he was rushed to a hospital where he's recovering and able to talk don't feed the bears do enough people. Our beds or implied question now I know why you are not supposed to do blanket or. 4999. Cola. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.