08-09-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Goes Down South

Thursday, August 9th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes goes down to New Orleans! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to drill. Are they as big game 8449990. Look we liked Reagan justice John not playing for teams over working on question number five. I saw another be fair I do not expect anyone to know my answer to this I just wanna share in the Ambrose so that has goals what insight do. All dampen climax yeah. You about it. You know about family you know go online video cameras. Don't know how life. You know Lou I think since they lose all the stuff and intimacy you know make your day to read and read. They get excited. Well I went yeah. And right doesn't look exploded during the WiMax you can definitely say hi guys doing what I look like this it's sound IMAX. True balls are more vague warning goes in the world the real ones. Do you think the stay in Florida don't they man and got them all over and that is why. As these nasty and I seem fake when silicon now. Yeah I mean the more I did that become popular there's the fate dear. And thankfully most like to be the the two top fake animal and we must look like you're people who drive without a shirt on there is a very special group of people. You do lawn art you know would you get in until you understand yeah personally there's going to be a lot of when I called charge keys when you are locked in to go home there's going to be collectibles. Things that you would violate our hallmark store and a little figurines and we are craft and collectibles so to speak it. Oh wait they think flamingo personality paint their house you have a good time employed the yards can be fundamentalist latter golfer some damage Charlie probably have my. A lot of outdoor activity there is no question a lemon Bleu blown Margarita glasses from Mexico look at things you're throwing for the Larry I wonder like decked. We knew goal into late. It's an anniversary it's a holiday you forgot to buy a car did you run into a card shop rite and they have carved in my view this makes sense. And you brought a hallmark every other problem they have when I look at that only this is. It's almost like the bad Burres in the sky mall like who buys I don't believe they need. Anything else here it was not a correlation none of this crap is anything I can imagine I know. Anybody ever wan and got ahead of that I think you'll like it I don't I don't I never met the person who has laid this type of stuff yeah. Surely somebody's mom. Yeah and they give you that Kiev to make out. Solace thought if you think. It's the cult candle curse of writing in the says something lovely young I don't know what to do with us are like American putter bounds embarrassing he usually don't buy into what anything from home large storm that's not the card. Because they don't want it it's not evil were three gifting and rescue and you know you have to guess and Katie Davis big dummy for barred 999. Alone don't park and bulletin text content that they can regulate. Sony goes back for a trip to be brought to a special train just aren't you aren't that I am whatever fund all of you'll go back from Hawaii like you want these chocolate covered macadamia Kelly yeah I don't look at it you have to let us sincere thank you yeah desert Tuesday and Jack. And welcome to the men's room. I want to. They milieu it's over until. So we're. All right James men's room full force drivers are. Are they may van drivers German car drivers free customizable. Sure three incidents I had coming come there and I don't know that me and recently or just now the deserved. I was just were ended by embryos will stop at a stop light and again my concern is probably goes yeah this means anything. There that they had. People only what I mean this thing. This has sent you a little bit and dismissive in Denver is the only time anyone brings up an ethnicity or gender as far as car. How Lehman event RA here is your question half of all humans in the history of the planet. Have died from what disease. Not cancer growing not a great marijuana. Half of all human than Israel does look into the. That is correct. Why do anything into words back in the day and we knew what we can find it now but it's. There's an outbreak of there's still a mother of little polio. Well learn everything about. To win yours now brilliance always always. I. What common substance. Is considered a performance enhancing drug and competitive shooting. Most stable would I can lose performance enhancing drug him in any stretch of the imagine I think I've got against him and shooting this common substance is considered performance enhancing its common substances very own. Even I know enjoy the substance but I think they would all agree it was not enhanced and you won't perform. Clear. Always good news and he is only area hangers I mean as a housing marijuana simply because of your high. And you're shooting you might just be a little more relaxed and have in alcohol. Now is so this is competitive shooting I feel more golf around someone who probably not drinking income. But I guess in the world of competitive shooting believe him and how calls considered performance one guy back in the day you really great and just beat everybody this game now I want to spread the reds responsible for those rules can have a beer at lunch as a friend Fred otherwise down here Ernie and I go for a Texas shooting not get something. Well birds and somebody in Saudi dragged him. This game is big dummy far far 999 Olin is our next contestant write play the big games hello Brandon welcome to the member. No no yeah his buddies while. Price remember anyway. I'm sorry I'm John you know films. Continue never volatile numbers into the good news room manager Bob all right guys. I am in Ramona weren't good driver minivan driven car Prius might think. Are you OR five plus sizes is okay. There's. Fairly alcohol and enhancing shooting because it relaxes you can. Those who says hello America millions of and my Winfrey just didn't feel like numbers still look. All right there. Let's say here is your question. You penguins used to propose to each other I did pay you won't bring a certain things and of the penguins let it go. Calls you are don't remember tiger whereas. Yeah. I don't know are is delayed launch. You know this. I'm not a real lot alike. Stacked toward agent on a Easter I'm not to turn aren't. The only. It is that a buddy that Monday was like in its rockets from my girlfriends and that's strange but is that what we're watching beyond penguins and you do the rocks I got Iraq I think. Good thinking and. I mean they're the ones among lions play and I don't know her bag deserter decides how they don't go to sleep in the back of her neck and then after I'm afraid and surrendered a walk around and we should be glad it was penguin election show on house cats here is dead bird she's downloaded it today and tomorrow's going to be in my other domains in May four point 99 I know laughter. No doubt they'll welcome to the men's room goes on our I feel a sober now it's over. So we're available on the show. Miserable worst driver and a minivan. German car Prius for bicycles. And free. Prius coming coming back strong here almost over thank you might think we'll. Pardon question. The last president that was neither Republican nor Democrat. We go back on Amazon or you gotta go back want these two groups lounge streaming down and shut everybody of all and garment ones like garbage on the other but at some point you could reasonably have a favorable for you the last president that was not the Republican ornament. Abraham Lincoln. Defense republicanism. Fillmore school no I have no idea what party do. The lyrics of the women love him to. The man alone. All right question which gave birth to lighters or matches. Do I did their matches lighters or matches. The match. There's an island. I noted Gupta if about a German. Tiffany Craig of. His older in the United States or Germany. Germany. Federation and the. All right general myself but Austria Hungary and when I'm yeah that's the calls the hungry and it is only eat. How long does take a full time to reassure our eyes from Islam. And the alarm was big news again with. I. A lot and anything. Close confinement rail. I true or false. Flawless have all learned some good dance my grabbing their own arms thinking that they're tree branches. No away. I am horribly done like I just. That's a little stupid com Lou June moon nerves do you move so slow that you forget the that is your own army and I'm I'm the guy and I know you're slow I don't know Derosa stupid you've got to grab his own arm and dozens are isn't true breakthrough designs since the polio maturity. Yeah Darman I'm a big fan of the slot garden today I'm a huge fan of those laws I give it your regular credit really well one thing with that they've moved rules slow put them and here's the mating call. I understand and here's the mating call unfortunately it's on the other side of the river and because lost is so slow to kind of an easy mark for say anything nauseam. Gunmen Sloan gets out country's wounds across the river and it gives innocence lost Moody's. Susan Bosnia is also lower. And the. Oh my all time all we. Yeah. Our dim its impact on the night. And do it's. And and you. There right. Jim Donnan says it's a grim New Orleans style my extravaganza I think it was going to be here and some great food from much emails not coming up there and you have no I Sherlock tender emails the men's room and men's or my back I'm coming up next you are losing momentum and you know we're. How big is your. Men's room. Mobilize it's sales. All New Orleans food got a first down for a few I. I emails in the men's room women's survive back down. We're in the birthdays a man brings up an interesting point here about Herman from Paul today which was. A would you believe the worst drivers to be is many Dan. German car a Prius bicycle as well have those are numbers for other makes only be done a buddy says guys. Could you please add one more vehicle to the bad drive to list. Vehicles with tissue boxes in the back window. Those brilliant I don't know if you have to sneeze that seems like them the hardest place in the car. To get a tissue anyway. That's a really strong point I'm just saying if I'm. I really need normally the glow bodies physically you know if you're driving your affront to give a pastor with you they're up front with you in western anyway. Our guys are happy eighteenth birthday to my amazing daughter Mary Jane for announced that bin ski. Did you get a no look out and the journey German thanks guys that from Christina looked around. And I would hate to. So you can be the toast and so do I want to see you'll feel more smoke without the deal is. I'm gonna tell us this woman of 60000. Our hearts. I don't know if my elbow me money drew a dangerous he had two birdies on the best month in an empire no firemen. Nauseam some mud turtle lags with really yelling no rule in the plus thanks guys who run gunmen from angry ND. Blue. Old. So that's as my hobbies are only good guards say Andrew Warren Chicago celebrating he is a fan early on you guys it's fun to watch. Like a kid on Christmas he record you all we were gone and never misses a show and and every bad joke day he comes back from work so excited to share in the Wilson on the bad joke so much so that I wrote in my wedding bells last year to him. I would always laugh. And his bad jokes like freaking stupid did you give my birthday shot editor's choice it'll make his day that from Haley your Hallie I know gimme your penis is too small. It's down to our sister sleaze on today's or 27 trip she is in the Coast Guard station in Hawaii. Thank you for your service and we will be a great birthday can she get up finish sand wedge NS I get up god gave thanks guys that from Cynthia and and fish sandwich it. One always my friends Jaffa Mary had a birthday in Iraq and one near my world I love you so much and from your prince's Rebecca. Not a big bong hits. Was really doing as low as this does is for my by my man Jeff he's a prince. Prince Jack you're no. You can use in the emerge they weren't sure whatever the most disturbing thing you can come up with a as though every a lot of of that from mud Justin is a sobering number thanks thanks yeah because missing socks on now Sam Balch my daughter she bounced my consult my business okay guys it's up my buddy let's see here and I guess here. Andrews a birthday he alas our forgot it won't happen again can you make your penis is too small please thanks guys that from just. Why is birthdays he's not a sexy babe the mother of my spot my reason for living in a big fan of the show. I secretly installed the radio dot com apple. And set an alarm go off for the start yourself. My two uterus suck it up got gate and an original face challenge things from your average listener Kenny B. It. Yeah guys fiance I dare you room Rivera's Tony ninth birthday today Allen love you guys to sing the birthday song and talk all over yourselves about care bears. Thanks guys that from Jason careful. No words if you I don't know how his life our customers there aren't you don't know and I'm okay. Movement and her daughter written after getting the gun went on things emphasize solve our problems. Themselves on doing for bird they shot and a man who's thirty getting get a Melbourne Ted please. Love your sexy lady top shop. It's lemon. It's a birthday and good night make sure you fill top shelf like Colombo would. Those were not Garland thirtieth birthday in honor this milestone do you wish him happy birthday wasn't dirty Germans for his dirty thirty thanks guys and from Allison. Yeah I'll feel mostly I think he's about I was so you can enjoy a nice box lunch. I need to find out you get to clean back in the business. Ordering thirty tourney could you please give a second I've got a gig please we appreciate all the hard work to do they beautiful benches and from big time well. You know ladies man faced sandwich or a Joey chestnut please for rob in Milton thanks guys look at these families and you've been listening since the buzz days you guys are my 34 birthday and toaster your shot today the day would Meehan in mind it I'm closing in on a seven years sober. So I get drunk on The Andersons instead thank you for what you bring to radio or your fans are loyal for many reasons. That from the lovely Monica who says go hawks congratulations are monitored on those seven years of Tobin accomplishment. Guys I enjoyed the last in my summer cold bottle says you're about thirty dead birds they can I get an OJ Chris Ellis police. That from rob fish sandwich Brenda Davis heard today could you give them until the Germans talking about his egg roll and dipping sauce thanks guys at Bryant. God it's. So she saw the control of the dead isn't she. I'm like oh I'm. Looks okay from a birdie on number stalinists who. I'm going to emerge into Gaza along mica a gay Dieter could get majority Germans talking about juggling soccer balls that from Jeff. Doc and do not know much about Sakamoto and much you can do CU in cities around malls like no no. I mean and how much for just a couple reminds him not to and then something's. Then my dad has been the if you love this show big internal actually here comes the dope pusher in the plaza would love that from Dalton and Olivia. It's. I'm bill that this is and I don't think he's an all right there in front of it in their golds on its all time. Guys it's why I'm husbands. You nerds did he said Bernie Sanders in causality guys who loves it when you say is named deal where it pays you very please give them I and I'll look out there know oh my god what the hell is that Jay love your pieces on that from his awesome wife Nancy phone lookup. All the guys you know have you have you added. Do you have any. I gotta tell me you don't even see new bid saying on Tuesday. Really well. But does come another fine retail. China fly. Our hero Greg guys are patient I was the podcast among way to work a couple weeks behind anyway had a time in a Muslim and when did you or someone you know say I've never heard of called up before. A first I'll be you know done from a Victoria British Columbia tape which is a beautiful. My name is jasmine JA easy easy and why it occurred jam and jazzy yeah he do jazz and you're there and our guy I also have to speak to a sales rep you know sometimes from announcing his. So I know my name we say easy and instead a Z. So it's JJ's. Instead you know M why can't they have no idea what I'm saying so I just laugh about that also a what are your sweater in Saskatchewan is called the money hug. Thanks for doing what you guys do. That from the lovely jasmine doesn't remove your point that out because and our web fairness and they do a good money you know as well I'd be so disappointed but they give me from my and they have how quickly and I expect a little bunny to come over and hugged me Jeff I was bridges on the live of their it has a lot of the low one fish two fish you would ever held and relentless advance and you say that the fish on the on the dock and every door and you say is that becomes the guy is just a month we worked right you don't have central what is things that Ford is ZZ. is so like. The zoo reason no holidays and browsers. From Christmas to all our. I guys I got home from mark about the nudity before my boyfriend Monday and is not a surprise in my putting Johnson sexy lean three. And waiting on the couch with a pair for a well he neglected to tell me his best friend was coming over for dinner that night and he got to keep our place. His friend walked in and got a full look at me before I realized it was not my boyfriend and then he ran out of the room. How do and his friend you know what I say mama would you dormant for your boyfriend it's always bring the other and all sorry days guys for the bears oh it is it. Never laughed so hard in my life they're from the lovely Emily archives and awkward yes it is just a little red blue. Oh hey we're gonna Andre tells Liz and I think agendas now the most news time for a little does meet and taste I. It's an end. You know compact man caught and you had to cook and I just did all that. I wonder I want to an end there boy Cuomo's here I'd never seen before Jim really short hitter. And I'm certain are you is social worker you have been dug it could sell honey. I'm here to help pick them in hand and look like that's yet to be hearings everything you do you scenery and ever general I want you to know we have to see these teams to see past this their top five's Linda doesn't exactly. I've ever read allowed through it that there. Its list of delicious you appear push him I didn't always see doubles noble. You can hold a third hole 200 K okay blew down there holds up right now. I mean do I do miracles. This for a just to a New Orleans food and today we have to talk that way all time do they got new noted in Beirut it's better scenario do what did you bring them home vulnerabilities. I don't laughter militia grew trust. Okay you know knew if there is no don't don't because you don't check stub left I thought maybe she knows. That's just what you put an LSU I mean come on there's a time I don't know and it Pucillo mr. Tay engineers couldn't tell you go but I figured it can be an Immersion. Yeah. There's an Obama onto yeah. She's in Taj Mahal there's this New Orleans and it's the entire food and at a couple beverages are friends and vita breath they sent us. Some of their season barely we're really get excited I was purple haze in the white shirt I've been wearing and people keep saying I'll do it all here I think it really I don't know how to swim shirt. But we want to over the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. I don't believe we drink any beer that was not a beat. I Eleanor carries a certain morals and turned more. A credible result. Renewed call Myles is right so we've been for April waves over rock most of time no. We will disarm bar and I want to say they had three different beat us so no matter what I tried to order. Marleau and I knew it art or did you divvied up whatever the other flavors there's gonna try and that's it to you wanted to drive the ball and I by association dead and. Isn't always drink all we just one. I believe is the umbrella. Oh this is superb play for my bad guy and bruised or. Drew for please also by your joining us about hush puppy oh yeah I know you're talking about is that. You'll like and why does my thumbs on the ovals I visited me crazy because. You're gonna taste food that has been season today. Hello I'm nobody got there I don't like I jokes imagine yeah without death star joked I was. Hush puppies there Huckabee obviously you don't you see throughout the southeast especially down in a new loans cage control we have here is is cornbread in the Steve brought into a little dot tasty ball. Physically and corn I don't know real salt salute to act and I'm sure he's always come of the sauce I think we try to chat him. It in aaron's new unit milk flavored country is especially stuff. I was I go about how you feel. When you usually fall flavors. Mainly when the man who improvement throughout our government. Got to those guns are you all that. A new more beer and moved out on the I would only got no no revenue remove the Mario. Cuomo also by great today you know I like say in the fund don't use I I decided just right now fresh thought that there has to be a correlation between gumbo and of Congo. Are you sure. Bob thinking about it. I know most of the whole everything in the bundle comes of the Caribbean gumbo right there on the golf America as well my Faldo. Yeah except that the break is dumbo got rice as a sausage and they got some beans and there. Mike I know you love white rice moderate yes all right this is sausage ended chicken lo in spicy rescuers are you be the first. We're done and did we know you authorize this is like so dumping all flavors ambulances what happens when you flavor food. The mind blowing experience. You don't and his body usually. Do you there are not things don't go I guess I debate I've got the typical. Odds are real if you're another Seattle area does this really really good yeah yes after the yeah that's the distance there on the coconut. The good dude in my defense the head chef but all the stuff but I back in the microwave make sure was reading them. Do great jobs onto my. Manners are good. Feel spent trillions well I don't know I wouldn't have to play a little over a bit a fight over a little bit because it's this is the blackened shrimp po boy I mean okay po boy accorsi French baguette sandwich generally filled with either shrimp. Crawfish or maybe even chicken sometimes is Brendan sometimes black it depends on that I generally just don't let this is well okay. Now this is to have Bob Mike you just taste what it's like to have a shrimp. With seasoning on that group a man. The rest is like Brendan tomatoes and pickles and things. If you're familiar with the rest of flavors of it yet is does. It's mind. Good eight black it is the right amount of spice to make. It's got a little like not much teeth but it's like it's flavor correctly. As opposed to just dump and pepper are or how are right something I was emerged as soon despite huge sort of in her away from what we heard about this foolish old homo I. Pretty sure it doesn't have oh yeah. Yeah. These are sure. I don't know morals man if other Pope oil also. Made famous in New Orleans which is they lunch time I don't see somebody made up. Everything in the shop amazing these made a foot the working man. Does the Pope done right you didn't fill up pretty active Devlin now is as she does it was then. That's when now now is announced for an intuitive thing right but they can pitch burger we know we you like Vietnam. Mainly Brothers are ever the po boy it was kind of ad version for New Orleans and it took off. Is to listen man as a desirable thing. And I'll leave black and whatever I put her on for bread and often don't itself was so what would be your what we into now this will be a bead is limited series is the umbrella drink it's a tropical AL. Both pomegranate and passion fruit really. Also sounds like two ladies that know. Pomegranate passion is pretty good and a lot of big fruit in my beard kind of dude and I don't. Yeah about a surprisingly good that is really don't really want some of the chicken po boy there's so there's those immediate guess as the cardinal must. Also those that excited about our boy that says man this is this is all show crash look I'll struggle Judd Apatow are. Oh nice I thought I thought it was chicken uno that's the whole crowd and a deep threat and they've they've brought it to be Friday's missile piece that has got that it's got everything on drives and physical menacing with a shell everything yesterday to get rid of the hard shell and then you're just skate around down there and yeah and I just prior alcohol crap I don't know if I'd not this is also that's also blue crab makes you should enjoy that we'll go to. We we we should probably take your breaks we're getting there in Brussels and I'm not getting and I'm sorry we had in the common car World Series and I need to eat and I don't wanna sit here and talk and more for these guys. Yeah yeah yeah thank you will be a brilliant. Albany we really appreciate Mandela's and thank you had chef for a brawl that are working. Thank you would be okay jemile Baghdad and value are you heard three here and I felt well my god. You must move them out of my beer isn't malicious it you if you can't find them court. My name all right Bob thanks until we appreciate it we'll take a break come back job today is on the way and return to know if your life is coming up next. Yeah sorry I'm fine tune even if you're listening yeah radio network. The smiles. I'm Franken tells whether Soledad the first girls seemed to throw hill cold it'll take six slugging her story to a headline this. Now. I. There's got to include PR newswire misses came out today if you did your college kid extra cash. There's a 50% chance we'll blow it all on boots hit. And knock it's a team Breyer I was Brazilians and it was fast food and who's going to be like 90% I think you're doing 98%. I'll rural familiar with looks like we have a new movie coming out. Black Klansman that is correct. So says David duke is afraid despite pleas black Klansman won't make him look like an idiot. You elders are you kidding I cannot believe that knows Cheryl they've been to live despite a number of neighborhood of London everybody ventured into I would continue. North Korea continues to produce nuclear bomb fuel despite pledged to do new era is the monkey go go. I just I didn't Nazi nice comment I thought for sure we added who would have been fooled by that. Am leaving this one's sensuality. Needs to boost the mood in meaning of life and play well. He's able I don't read it very exact. Are you ready. No gel. It's not business as usual we had the very best and see the royal find out you're tells him yes indeed I am today. We chose 22 year old Chloe Wilson of religion Shire England. Do you need to know that she's been battling crippling stomach cramps numbers and seems a teenager but she was only recently diagnosed with. Something's troubling politeness essentially. It's a long term long term condition. Berlin colon and rectum don't play him in all Serena she just found this out last march so she decided never called removed and an attempt to stop paying so look. No medications to help anything else it's a good job she did mr. Poland they say it was so heavily disease. It was close to perforated once home birth rates and I've got all kinds of bad things happen. So Sebelius surgery to remove it the downside is is now she is the word cost me bag at the age of 22. The good news says it's not letting it stop her from her sort of her dream her current job so fellows. If you were in to watching pulled isn't strippers who also have a blossoming bad. I have great news Khloe is the door for you yes in fact she's returned to work and continues to Dore gold and gives her being in front of an audience. In spite of having a colossal new bag attached to her so bad they're playing and great great state. Well seat there are no better than early summer I go. Okay yeah went down with so if you've been sued. There's an irony to prove ever again she will not need the toilet she might they have some good brother for a living is wont vote she didn't you go home and they say you might want to stop dancing she said Aaron thanks now. He's very ago. Boozer imagery those boos because we've against Yemeni national over the tone it down the throat to party in aren't Tommy's. Down oh yeah there's no. Does a lot who drove us we'll take cal are not an 844999. Holes. I shenanigans continue on the men's room. Radio network.