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Friday, August 10th

Mens Room Question: Why was the adrenaline pumping through your body?


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Simply what you're about to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Educated. Please do this and that's trying to offend anyone on purpose and go. Lord and are usually invited to join the party. This is done. Progress on page behave. All gathered in secrecy. This is done men's room with my. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And you're. They go good it's all over 2882. Little. Along with Steve the throw hills. Suited to read some. Lot Limbaugh. The head of Bart and I and I. Plan. Okay let a. Campaign here come the bad jokes bridges the return of dead birds as the FCC. Get ready to play a profile there. We'll headlines events are shot of the day publisher emails and everyone's favorite TV time with. Thick plaque hinted they're arguing already mammals guilty yellow jackets. He ignites a three acre fight instead. A Turkish swim a woman meanwhile files for divorce from her husband what he wore to bed. Vandals would act tells more damage to gulf course and go forever code that. United Airlines pilot does something at work that you never showed a dual led wanna burst switching out hard drives could play dough. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All have good news good. Day to you and yours you might remember the 2010. James Franco film 127. Hours. Based on the true story of the guy gets his hand trapped under a boulder in the middle no words you talk. He stuck up there for you guessed it 127 hours until relatively big coats off his own hand Tuesday. Back out not to be outdone a Washington State man he finds himself trapped under the tires of his own logging truck. I managed to. It was this old leg off from their four said he was a way it will save the gory details. For a few minutes from now but that limit is but in this way. He is a very tough dude. But not all of us haven't enough to do such things look there was a sixteen year old girl org and she's with friends who were jumping into a river. Former bridge that was about six and he's. She did not want to know you've made it very clear that she was not going to jump. And that a friend bush to offer the well three seconds later Shia are broken ribs and injured trachea a bruised esophagus and aircraft. And the lining of her books. Think about. Obama swept have you ever seen your kid attacked by an outer. Well father of a debate to shorten it and that's the point of this is this an all these situations demand adrenaline is the thing. And your always gonna surprise to me dribbling drills level middleman. For better for worse you're gonna bring an action so today's question is that. Why it was the adrenaline pumping through your body. Her brother Joseph caught 844999. All alike you men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and instruments are live. Answer your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you. You know have gentle men's room. Hope Soledad let me go out Minnesota for 2882. Yard truck program have created a guaranteed future rebate. As exciting return of ten vs the FCC is coming up bad jokes as well right before we bring it to those with a shot today. And another round up profiled as that is all coming up and today we're gonna talk about adrenaline. Adrenaline comes in many forms of many when he flat. But just becoming came in I get already we should now know that it has nothing to do with that but we should clear the air in case anyone else. There's also made this mistake so it says for the past year I always thought it was Robin forks. I now see it's fox we could change that. Leading goal even swab and fought fought Robben far want Limbaugh wants. It at. While when Fatah like ironic being that we want Yuban parting nonstop all day and unbelievable I'm on him real mobile my thirty seconds every thirty seconds he's in general do not mean Chrysler but probably you rather not long fought all the info on this. So don't talk about adrenaline. Drilling comes in all forms and fashions. It can be you getting ready to get on a roller coaster you don't know before it could be that time where you get into an accident. And everything kind of happens in slow motion and then after word you're just like oh and you don't even realize he got to figure out what happened you would stay misery here now that work look around and you look at yourself you make sure your all the one piece whenever the deal is. It's it's is just something that that they relate to overtake you in in the then have a an emergency. I wasn't the actual and a my my daughter has seizure one point time and the adrenaline was flown to my body was almost it was crazy it was almost crippling you know I mean it's usually need the help ride but from Democrat. It is the other wife call me knows if she doesn't want to control glad you're around and try to exact the Arafat back at it because that existed. I don't know that we should rebrand it it got any. Of adrenaline dump clicks on the were real but the worst when I had was. I didn't smoke much marijuana and I smoked out of we caught gravity bong yeah okay. Yet today we go to 7-Eleven. And I am convinced it is getting dropped but I see the guy Rabin at a CB gun in his hand he comes up to the track. As he opens the door much like you to get out there are. This cannot legislate point nick candy bar at me like. Are you look at the hook up well and how high or U I yeah I think even as folks having oh I don't know I think you if but adrenaline. A series of you could be injured you can that you get enough by chipping about you know if you've ever been and and a and a fist fighter a little hurts and that's all you're just go one minute lecture and greatest tool and it's endowment. You do you gotta economy you guys see what's going on you like to bring my hand and bring terrorists and Barack Inger it is another broken I'm OK my jaws will store and you wake up the next day you're like. Are your car run over by our drop or later on what art and you can't talk and Gainey per day or two you know I mean your job all locked up that they've got kicked out argument. If that time. It wasn't nearly as bad now know the adrenaline was going through your airline I'm still gonna fight that's what people get back up your we watch on being like are their no don't do that who don't get back out like the government of its because all the adrenaline going through your body of this. This is it if you do feel giant. You do made have been Dahl a bullet through it is go to. You have never had as much confidence that's why like drunk dialed adrenaline that is the work you're drugs are not worried about anything anyway. And an adrenaline I think we think would draw can get a big drama numbers. And that what league you. You gotta miss characterize it like I now have a superpower and the people understand. Why am so confident when I'm gonna show them it happens and out. Like sometimes yeah that are applicable times that way too which is just weird do you know what I've done that but let's yeah I've got the drugs. The clock they found in honor green I don't mind using it is the purest crazy straggler got a mile road but as soon as the music hit in the curtain open and solve a crowd. It is a black out. You could remember a year you due to these in no time we blackout and an idea the only time and come back to resist get taken a punch in the face like wow like I'm awake now for right yeah because it fits it's adrenaline but the adrenaline is unbelievable crazy. I do you know what I don't have a moment I'm a player interviews. In the zone. And but I am would you adrenaline alone there dead and as a moment quite easy to pick democratic. So we talked about that a lot though they're there is that it there's one thing. There's one thing to be a bar in somebody says something and the next thing you know you're in a fight it just happened to them he planned it does not have and I was supposed to go. It sucks you know like it's over some dumb half the time you're young your eightieth minute but. With fuel this was planned out you're gonna light on the east lake union no rule. That day is coming out seven days not sixties like if you knew your gonna get to fight nab argued several market now bar. For the rest of your Brett if you like Garnett and analytical and wanna go because you would I. It is the night before I sit next Saturday you go to bottle of Ali. Billy's going to be in a fight on the I have not go our goal and I want you regalia bitch or whatever fire yeah I don't know I don't work and then fast like. I don't wanna fight right result but you know the states coming so that all that a journalist this little building like your training in your. You're working out and you're doing all this stuff but that doesn't mean you ever listen I have tiger day honestly get close out the day where you gonna go into what's gonna punch you in the face and just do you practice that we would practice just walking into the ring. People yelling and screaming and it's partly we we get this over and over. But when that curtain opens hustled all the people on the actual print out bid Jacqueline topic. Well look look I mean Mike Tyson was Mike Mike Tyson one of the greatest boxers our generation anyway with a set. As far as the strategy I was got to play the punch in the debate that's basically it early yet without a business that the positive based everything's all but ousted got mad and relatives say about the most profound more records ever. Punch them at the rest threatened to hit. Now listen this is is this is nuts a logging truck driver. Is recovering after being run over. By his own fully loaded truck near lake. All I used in this minute after the 2000. All right that's two out of thousands to bow to blue and pierce county west I used basically. A special set of skills. To save his own life even though he ended up losing a leg. I basically felt or heard the bones break in my leg. As he stood tightening the load of his logging truck. Deep in the woods it started this gated in and knocked him onto the back wheels. So I spun around on my back. This from Como for spun around on my back. Underneath it as it had already taken off most of the let. In the first set of duels. And that's when I showed it and I ripped my leg off. This was April 16 and the weather near the lake was cold snowy and windy the rescue helicopter was not gonna make it and the nearest paramedics were nearly an hour away. West said he knew just what to do as co workers rushed in to help them I told everybody stay calm. West had been made it torrent tourniquet. For what was left of his leg out of a belt Vinny told them to ask dramatic 93 and 96 out of Graham fire and rescue. Troy UC was also a firefighter. Oh and fire commissioner way hoarding valley fire and rescue it it's something he'd been doing since he was eighteen years old. So Troy it was a one to handle the attack situation as he took his own Mike. And as I was the only one the was calm. And everyone else was freaking out it was I that had to calm them all down. So the guy that epic Torre's only right off the meat and it's only everybody tells them he. Here's the here's the communication with the 911 dispatcher. Told the dispatcher and ego is the patient alert is the patient oriented and I go you're talking to on this is what I want. He's extremely fortunate just to receive the injury that he did that a friend Jake who is also firefighter of the morning valley of fire and rescue he could have easily just been killed there on the spot. It was a split second decision either I get pulled into this and lose my life. Or I ripped a limo. He is recuperating at his home after nearly losing his life of me getting a prosthetic legs soon. They say there isn't much room for west and his wife to move around eleven a single wide mobile home with a small dogs but the tires are crushed his legs. I guess did not crush disparities it's all positive there's no negative here. I like I mean obviously I love despair man I really really do but there's some negative. And yeah I mean I much rather be banners like man I think it's so fantastic about this break the spirit. There's little mate. That all may we have we have the story coming up Avaya a sixteen year old girl who was pushed off a bridge I don't know if you've ever done any bridge jumping before daylight time or something and a delight and a counselor to India to me that bad yet public like camping another reason why I would do drop bombs on a lake in West Virginia that was that was common a common thing to do over the summer. What really would freak you out though at times was windy Dublin Ohio bridge into to a it was a damned late. And Daryn hey am I guess day. And I experts and Pretoria. I confounded. By every once in awhile they decided drains Rehman a lot of thought a black magic and you can see how shallow that lake wasn't certain areas ET trees were sticking up. The giant rocks all the things that you don't anyway. You can't believe that nobody has. You don't mean you can't believe this elated it went approximately like I am glad that it there was an adequate job but did you get an early order that would that. I'm glad we're so that we don't we jump before all we saw the late can drain did you ever down again. No oh no oh all right I know we had no. There are other cell replacement goes well we just did we realize how dangerous the one area but I Ursula get off some clips it literally like. Six foot to ten. Again you jumping off into that giant and breaches themes thing not only W government or even if you're like we used to climb the girders what you plan the girders on old truss bridge. And he just grab on and go with everyone was doing it so. The entire everyone well like those that I wanted to I thought Amanda dorms I was called lab people so you can remember event. Only the gorillas the people friends soaking wet like he'd slit my people in the country even even. Under and even just launching off you mean it's just leaked cornered as you get up once you get a push our phone has not ever about it and do what bills. All right let's go to Jamaica and the all right. You're at mix what is it reacts next Dix where the hell is in the grill where you get a jump off that cliff had there been to Jamaica and wetter than hell in every interest in there's hundreds of people doing it in its golf and order a dale there at the shark they miss August 01. So not only do you know that there's sharks in the water and they'd go get them want to look like just to have ya but but when you're standing on these rocks and just a polish off or enough to get out and get you there aren't that. But back baby and husband he did your adrenaline. Isn't going to god there cameraman directive that's dead Borough of public they have a lot of black people in Jamaica to open. Made a good job make contract exact by default bracket if I don't all black people into religion or join a years as some like out there watchers who took office clip and other girls that we delivered on November don't do that dugout. Well I thought that I had a couple cold mamiya that a couple guys that were like in sparkles like below is likely to ground he did you get the track record in the Alley. Grown up where I grip of the please the people jumped off the water probably like I don't resolute or. Doesn't like like that it was like of people drowned in the city whatever the records of the community pool she went to era. IEA an asthma and that we don't have a pool what kind of strange ruffles and I and the lab and eclipse. I don't think I've ever played around a trained to stay away from third rail travel is brighter minds right and I heard so many under I was at the electricity orchestra with us. Why would the adrenaline coming through your body for Ford 999 cola. Hello well blur welcome to the men's room. A lower naked ladies. Oh it's. You're going to congressmen argue. I'm pretty good great big real joke just. All right well the Al but eighteen year old seventy years old. And now we have broken down go Kart. So we decided I. Our buddies RA. We had little trouble at curves that are about where we put out that. And absolutely get it flatter around actors you know get dragged dragged back article art. Always a granddaddy of them it dragged back our. Yea great Alltel may you know build up and my buddy did the road come duet. It's a 180. Not knowing that I didn't get that goes believe behind him. And so I actually all the way around behind him and smack my head to look up. I'm. Yeah. A black out. I think we'll be live right down the street from where our bit and I eat I woke up in the shower note. Out that. To live within this hour with it. Another. Good economy our. It did you have route to the hospital. Hold debt did you go to the hospital. Yeah floor I don't want to just keep it that sour note look like. Billy just wanna go to beat her mental health project at this point. Seoul and they'll look like now we're taking it a little black had come out in force people in my head it. Play had a pretty big daddy and hit a pretty big gash in it to appear at four stables and that's that pretty big Erica. Am five stops. Are you ever at the worst thing I've I think when I was like ten years old on my bike crashed into email. But that but I can't imagine going a bone loss you can be so doing stops have been whipped around like that on a 21 in the back of the boat man I mean when you hit that watered it just you know if it is literally will shoot right straight up your bunk at the superdome it really well it will go right in the year. You have no. You've got and adding as a joke isn't. That is not a deal no god but the appeal cleaves is you know you don't horrible really feel like yeah I feel like you've been taken advantage for the ultimate but today why Rosie on adrenaline pumping through your body 8449990. Utterly ridiculous. Very important thing about the the day the amount of water pressure ally novel high. Miles I think what you're talking mode called Aqua man's revenge. Followed John welcome to the men's room. Clinton he's almost there it is going to be the most India man what it really like a single second delay from the time we think. Hello hello I'm that we do we throw the whole. I do it good how are you man. I am actually Annika or turn a little aren't. Oh arm in arm wild animals. So in some pretty crazy people on downtown minus where it's all the work I'd human traits. But I never have a don't want pomp and not to my first born child about three months in. Was it about 3 AM. And the child's not watching the mom. But it just as some birdie out. And surely you all there's a certain color palate onto our tour in Europe. Until now hot making a lot about eleven London. Boom boom. God why are your thing you know all right yeah soccer yeah. We don't work at night. And work. And it didn't fly through no no it doesn't know her I've got to be any the other way and I think that would work out whereas OK if you say he. That gap and am. He thirties though it think about singles or man against Bob Bratt comparable my bad sorry you read on the album is OK I think the HBO allows. Right the go on with them out is through mud. Is literally within that hole I don't and they look like while. But point taken. Thomas yanked its adrenaline is pumping I don't know what happened the next guy but. Given journal. I told you my daughter we 02 years old she had. I think if the American girl bowl I think it was I don't know but anyway it looked like her support that's all she wanted so she's gone to bed is far is I do. And I'm shut down weitzman a walk in the hold my bedroom. And what I believe it is my daughters his face down in a very horrible position on the hallway floor. I cannot fix blame below what Woodruff and orderly tears over on the right hand to shape it was her epic gulch it was all very lifeline but I mean. Event all of them adrenaline is currently sheer anger from you got to the next day I explained to her how important was. That doll maker back in her bad girl with enough left in the hallway. Why was it adrenaline pumping through your body 844999. All of our golf coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Yeah. It's. From the Washington Post. The bridge jets Molson falls. Park in Washington State about forty miles north of Portland Oregon loam is looms sixty feet above the water. Large rocks jut out along the river shore assigned says that diving from the bridge is prohibited. But that didn't stop many thrill seekers and teenagers from leaping into the river on a hot summer day on Tuesday afternoon. Sixteen year old that Jordan whole person and her friends prepared to do just that and her swimsuit Alderson stood on the outer legend the bridge. One member of the group started filming a video and it's among could be heard gunning down 32. Home one. She hesitates and says now I won't go win she's saying no. Ready someone asks Alderson does not have a chance to respond she's facing the river but clearly not an a position to dive or jump properly. Suddenly a young woman shelves or from behind with considerable force. As he falls to the air her arms are flailing she plunges the equivalent of three stories for about three seconds before she hit the water below in a violent belly flop. Her French Alps one of them curses. An ambulance crew arrived in roster to the hospital. The ball left holder's in with five broken ribs and injured trachea. A bruised esophagus and air trapped in the lining of her lungs. Her mother said that the sheriff's office is investigating the incidents she's lucky she's not paralyzed or dead. We're lucky she's going to recover and not have permanent injuries. Her daughter does know the woman who pushed drop the bridge. I'm very upset with her the mother told the daily news that adults and I'm sure she should have known better she could've killed by daughter. Jordan orders and sister Vanessa. Told K. Oh I end that would be calling. They oh in the with a vehicle INK all I am right calling who picks that occurred TV stays like. Yeah we will be coined Bud Collins. So it going to break our men smoke right RIR I'm okay that's I would get a it's a regular watch and it's an eleven. They. Change sort of going it at a strong throw real change real change and called encore. I you don't really play around a sixty feet there's no good way you're gonna land when you get shoved off a bridge. Another sister told Klein but she confronted the young woman on coaches leader of the victim or a black one. I'm not sure I would guess by the bridge jumping these are what. You know. Another sister said she confront the young woman on social media. She pretty much said that the she was sorry for doing it and she wouldn't have done it if she knew the outcome of it and knows it was an absurd thing to do. She told the television station adding that she thinks a woman should suffer some kind of consequences but. When jordin holders and and her family members spoke to reporters the hospital Wednesday. They declined to comment on the one who pushed her surround about a friend of them but you get the idea how many journalists Floyd went up there you didn't do that or you're not if you've ever jump from five point you know that is just like. It's no there's no dialogue would you do any job you're still in the same gravity prone position. What it's in their right sixty features so high it is what's that line like 354 in and get over like he gets beaten Canada man you know you go improperly it's a long way down and you didn't jumps on the pushed. Yeah and it's it's almost like they say she's flailing arms all the way down which are huge jump that's not what you would do. You've seen these you've seen these giant catapults. The to have an affair which is basically like a slingshot right now. And they and they pull you down man there's two people in their you've seen the videos of people pass out my eyes to look back at their head in the anyway gotta go. Add in three minutes three seconds later they pass out again and their mouth and it. That to me that to me is the scariest thing I mean like. I love roller coasters don't know what you giving me I could even I would I would I agree that crawled to that day. I just don't and one time. No I've never dull but that's the thing though so that it's like to catapult right. And what are you arms on medal exemplar that you know which is basically like you're it's like it's like a big slingshot died in Europe and in your decade between him and images poll data for you fuel. It's insane eleven's commander. Any debate out of town I am back. I was dumb guy I would show you video of this you realize you might have second yet I might. I might look nobody does in my and stuff. Well we save I have blood goes hunting around around the warm that that I still I'm just want to do it I'm just not sure we're as a stratosphere and Vegas that the deal or via. You get in this giant roller coaster. But this thing you're on top of it and I have this right the trek hangs over the edge when it comes to stop you're just hanging over often. Yet we don't see you don't use it attracted so you're just looking out 500 feet six whatever the relative but I'm white I don't know. I don't know but be okay with the united I don't rely on top of that. What does that wonder are you up. Or via your likes it and your on top of the stratosphere and you're sitting in this thing. It just like you never know what it's gonna go off when it does you shoot you straight up but he got a without a doubt I did okay yeah how was. It was also I will tell you this if you sit there and it's making that weird that gap sound right and it goes selects. Literally I didn't think about it but my buddies he goes did you say this is a ride out loud as it is a ride this is a. Then pin it on. Oh. Yeah but hey everybody I think I don't think you can see everything you would scare Boca but off. Bode would you do it again and oh yeah a guy insect. Heavy in the roller coaster where the your underneath the track. Yes the RT yeah he had everything Hannity that's cool I like guys as well. Why it was the journal on thumbing through your body 8449990. Morey calls coming up here insect. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. Radio network.