08-22-16 PodDammit is in Pain

Monday, August 22nd

We managed to drag ourselves into work the day after Pain in the Grass 2016....here ya go bitches


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And Kara. Well and applaud Dan it. We're. Is behind the scenes bog down we're gonna work a little bits you can hear what it's like work. Going to be a lot of writing much paper shuffling the hour. As I like to say however that you behind the eight ball. I'm like yes some behind the eight ball but not the able of one of the behind it if it which means I'm just a little bit behind here. And trying to cobble some rhymes video while we're not modeled on anyone's parents taker to vacations but she's gonna be guys. It was a nice behind the pain in the grip god damn there are not well romantic. Person attractive people dead and it was really beautiful women can think if you legs yes. Yeah doesn't give me god damn hug. Never happens to many times did you guys seen any of butcher babies know now as we all I'm really the only way we saw nothing. All right so put your baby's right there on the second stage ray before it the last main stage in counselor interview. In butcher V screens it was going crazy it's out of my cousin we got to get to just for five minutes we get CNET. And I mean they just thrash and I mean people were Colin knots. The front the most crowd and I think I've ever seen the second stage and order the regalia. The biggest problem that they had was that they needed another set spotlights like toward the front of the state to look down on because they were getting out there command where. The you know that is really the two people that you really kind of go there and it did take you enter enter in the dark man. They got a great man they got a great light show by he can't see anybody up on the stage yet. Those chicks are hot but that's insane once I saw them live like. He didn't even matter what they've looked like a debate which is kick ass they did men in Philly we overcrowding and not the I was like listen we till they stop and at least stopped you could Hewlett the roar from the aircraft with. And for them. Yeah I don't know a lot about them as an assault that look like this that I would like to meet them and I Graham made Juno that's she's. I don't know that I earlier but it seems like it might be the next big thing from Iraq itself. There are programs that pumped up Emmental you can add your play in front of ground of that candidacy then that's all you can. Don't they look William man. They will slay I think another great moment of suspects each plane with some of those puppies from the Motley zoo. I forget who was somebody we work with was like yeah man I'm really excited to see Breaking Benjamin as a yard missed subdued. They have a very long very long war all of the law if it. Look on the other side of that fence that's breaking the insurance that law lives of people wait to take a picture with the majority poke at it yeah it. My very own regimen is known as we had to we had we do a couple of interviews next days we interviewed. Gossage departs to some parts. Argument breaking management undisturbed and data structure itself that's all that. Cyrus we talk to all of them and remember none are so we're backstage but we don't here's the thing we'd we did really doing prep on the normally would this prep on an abuse. But I can't I cannons have mine like you know like. I really we we interviewed recchi to and I was going to look about -- find out where they were from all the stuff and Mike in on office at their regular. We'll select group accuses or whatever like I'm like you know what I want them to tell me that the U Rockefeller is about me go oh god your from wire and then I'll be. I want to be surprised you know mentally you know the health and we do have ways. So. Do the interview him but that we I'm I'm backstage talking to them the management of Breaking Benjamin. The only thing that I remember about breaking management from the shares tour. Is that they are not allowed they added that the two there's the the lead singer is a little bit to a peculiar. And he does not wanna get on an airplane now I'm saying he's peculiar not because he doesn't like to fly. The guys just peculiar about a lot of different thing happens Jack has to be a lot of them right so the key. Here's the very descriptive words it it is yeah without saying anything deeper yeah that's another thing it says everything. Peculiar. Well they do weird dry it is very peculiar he has got some media centres particularly but he this is so the so the managers like. As I would bring ethnically merry thing because they've made to go boat over to do a European tour for the first time ever they've never been outside North America because I won't fly. They have been in Mexico that have been in Canada and Germany Europe. So she's a call now please please don't print out these don't pregnant I'm like a lot of man. I'm like she's like he he's very sensitive he's very touchy about Mario like look. It's going to be okay. What won't get there you know and so like two questions and a look over and she's like right there against the wall and I'm looking through the band she's back there with a arms full. It's a Mike so tell us about the vote and I can look at just goes. I'll. I'll god and his look like them I got to rodeos and it was cool Obama started about it lets him a bears turned him down and Hoboken photo you know the thing in Portland we attack them. He's scared to fly and that's one thing to work we know you're scared to OK but you got on the boat tells about but you original problem. Old people like about sick as a boat takes it's an older ship so if you were to take a cruise ship cruise ship. They do double to dessert you know this is queen Mary the second this is like in on I mean this is. It's gonna take you 1213 days it's not a boat that just gets you there to say it takes a while I hope they can hit an iceberg cannot think of the title present right exactly here. They're a little mini vacation between two hours. And it's it's 2000 and your closes older relatives actually first of all there's not a lot of people on their from the United States across a retired. Because we don't have holidays the last five weeks. So us mostly European travelers when he got to go thirteen days one way denoting most people are retired now listen here these Tony some real kids and get on a vote. Full of people who do like ballroom dancing every time they and they really do you have. My wife's mother has thought about doing these cruises and she's on to the river cruises to make a like number standards they all have late night dancing options for. The elderly clients that's what they do it standard. Then dancing. In these these these people man they go to like dancing lessons and stuff like one of the reasons that. My. Bar about my wife's mother and and that they they they go do dancing lessons just so in the ago. On these crooks don't Nancy warehouse to isolate it figured they convinced everybody else I would be shocked to Mike at fox trot. Mean yes it has. I don't know it just seems that fox trot has meant yes that's that you won as the I don't think that the guys probably have some you know they they have a nice tour here in the US. And again with the Royal Caribbean or the it would princess or somebody like that to do almost a cruise tour. Only go over to Europe and then do the European do I had a part of it too viciously. They're backstage there in a pain and maybe the old person crews got to relax until there. I had this take our time CN dancing is Gionta and advancement Latin and chests. In middle school. All through middle school for me. My gym class was a hard time it was like right about 11 o'clock. And lunch started at 1130 for some of the younger elementary kids so they came into the launch captured by that was in the gymnasium. So no matter what. If we were outside. We were screw. Because they're setting up the cafeteria in the areas of its raining outside of it's cold outside the snow on the ground outside. Then we can do a couple things in the smaller and we relive the facility in doing so when their rules raining yourself and you could use the ball feels and everything yet. Yeah I think you did do was one remain eat we always had you dancing. And it was just the thing man Mike you know exposed to rain today. Got down to be dancing again. Yeah I mean it was is because that was you'll be fooled that you could do this one classroom that was inside like. It is a stretch seeing its callous Dan ache system like dad always like all right. This letters in the dancing is like god man it's Listerine all we equally Danson here all week. Sucks. It sucks why didn't they teach and I don't know as part of its own curriculum what is so stupid I mean hold it hold down around. For that actually quite squared as square miles and I just bring your partner around and around the Air France Harmon I now you know now my school because they'd been at the same thing the week the week of dancing in the Dutch had a different line of chocolate city council on all add on stuff. The chocolate series a series there's a line dance called the chocolate city hustle were isn't originate from has. I don't think tonight. And is now I had nothing in particular job completely you know this got a little video interview loves local. To the hustle. And all of I don't sort of like I did you grow so do you up. The rich chocolate city councils don't you run like hell. America the oak death row row. What do you if you're one of the most enthusiastic dancers and they give you a free ticket to the dance it was a common view one way I got a ticket every damn here. I told you this live today. And in the video I thought the same thing and everybody else does only had to put a little bit more hit into it I do my class a little bit more enthusiastically as everybody else does he you know everybody else to columns a robot out there and you know you look real good design and you drag it. That's the tea but I know there's a moderate damage our personal it's the machines right pleased as a favor though if you. Even if you got the pod down please please sinister message on Twitter email listen baskets were the pod them and is this week. It's knowing you have only we need to count some brave and so please keep parading us as much you can even if you like that'd and we appreciate that until there's about them.