08-29-16 PodDammit goes LIVE

Monday, August 29th

Today on PodDammit, For the first time, we broadcast live on Facebook Live to answer some listener questions! Keep your eyes peeled. This may not be the last time


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So I mean. He's still. Only tells all in a pod and audio podcast the first time ever earlier on the FaceBook lives so I think we're sorry about that. But this is the least exciting thing we do we'll do a little we'll do little impromptu as the men's. While we do so where's well you know I got a question. When's the questions as they come across FaceBook like don't we get questions and tons of things but tiles it would give it more insults are questions. And that seems to me if you know me and external microphone to honestly it is still podcast and exactly we did a lot of shouts you know just lot of hate Ted him miles a thrill. F off Mike in all legged funds that are not a lot of questions so we got 20/20 Beers right now for those those startling in the collections and I'd be careful some of the questions to. Yeah I might be selective of the one you can ask him hey everybody has one good thing about him back podcast is is not with Colombia so we we can choose with a reliance not a maybe they will have someone else and it's. You know I mean. So if if someone as was miles ugly maybe I don't wanna answer and have a tendency to. Exactly genetics will get there to get ten on a computer at this weekend. In fines and questions maybe. Another juror no excuse for being. It's just another 900 at all. Thanks Tom thanks and appreciate and love you don't relieve and adopt ugly kids. Or is hers so like you know the key is known to go to the agency whatever the deal is you've still got to hampering you don't pick one. I'm an artist an attitude of I don't wanna. And don't take this wrong but it's like one of the power and you were dogs if you wanna dog hears her dog was of the dogs you don't walk up and down and check them all I think the dog but I thought was cute and disposition seeing decent and frankly from an picky kid. I go for the same do things like you're not so ugly bit disturbing hindered his position seems decent. I'd take the kid with the biggest unit down their second make imports are. Yes and Ziggy can make money formula I'm retired in my a look at that picture for good reason man you're gonna make my thank my son he's been whether he's healthier you're and you write me doesn't know. Okay use of the use of give us our first question what are your thoughts on Capra neck. You know the right to due to one of them I get both sides of the yard Rambo look like in a lot of guys that don't don't disrespect the flag the flip side is saying that what that flag where resumes this respects me so what did. And what do you do know the right in this country to make those decisions exercises right and it's not important it. Whether or not we agree with me is the right to do it in the expressed so they don't it comes full circle. There are any you guys don't of the season opener for the Huskies this Saturday that from Peter. I'm gonna go to some huskies' games this year I I and I've not heard about Saturday's game normally. I guess I don't know I don't know on the wild and another called schedule with a different well they'll hit it what it is starting to get I have I have a couple friends who have tickets but I know for a fact that there's huge husky fans so I think that the opening games you don't really notice of that I don't think that's the one and asked me to go to him and eventually like you know down the lines elect becomes the tailgate but. I think that the these are probably RD account for would be my guess. In there. Opening day isn't as I'm gonna via. Ravens Jacksonville to miss Lopez is real so every year schism Woodward from Baltimore all the books find one away game of the ravens got a couple friends ago. We could've gone to New York City owner and why do that we're in Jacksonville and others into Jacksonville. Not a dot go to the land go to looters it jaguars next venturaland. Go to we're well I think you know we will let only going to be doing Jackson go to hooters now I'm a broad go to hooters of Manson outs and a couple of weeks by. That's about it. How many touchdowns for Jimmy Graham this season. For. It's ten for Luke Wilson. It didn't add. Me personally I thought our hobbies and how about how many plays for Jim Seagram. I don't think you'll just get just get on the field first and then he still hasn't you know got he's and able to get in the flow of the offense yet I mean seriously is only out there for a few games where record low eighties just he had just started to connect with the wind. Russell the rest of the team and you're just there and yet if they got to remember one thing to mad about the way the Seahawks offense works when you watch these guys that Tyrod Taylor's of the world order. Russell Wilson guys who you know pocket and throw the ball. They're not throw into the tight end Brad depth Italian time as the system offense based on a seam in the middle plains zone play and manage your find somebody in that in that seem typically. Win it's a boards and everybody just takes off front in the tight ends can elect. I think Jimmy Graham as a wide receiver tight end here he's one of the few the Mike and open but that's not. How that offense works in that oh crap situation in on I mean that's the last guys it's not even open within themselves and every press play from if there's any pressure man he's not going to look I mean that's the bottom lines actually look like New England sandy you know there's the offenses tightest exact anyone who has a quick release and Russell Wilson does not have all of the ads that might need to decide what my office labor. Tom Brady Peyton Manning those guys go to face that overall murder one out of my hands that gap Aaron Rodgers is just a different way to put positions or steak with a Super Bowl football team yourself once in a Super Bowl predictions. Oh god out of you know out of our but it does have a third teams out there. There will not be the cowboys to get rid of pre season and right now in Green Bay at things can be really scared the government going on about Minnesota and up in Minnesota will be fine and to replace the veterans are going to boils. Think Green Bay I think comes under green Bay's Seattle again I really do this on on 1000 in NC. But not packing that kind of punch out anything Arizona gets up there. They might man I just don't. I put airs on an. I think that my ego I don't know who's going to be NE AR how about generation it has have a championship pago the you know patriots and Steelers or as a safe bet my Pepsi because if you don't wanna vote we know the patriots do. And rumbles are clearly those famous Ted last week normally you think the giants and take the steel does not matter with the look Michael season. If they did to the playoffs both of the two teams per conference you don't want to play him and the scared enough and we'll take you on the toe did so but Alfred steel ago. I don't know I'm just Cincinnati. They finally win a playoff game and they're going to the top like I'm in a playoff DaimlerChrysler were data we got a bit of a whole new world assume they'll be too late they don't know enough to be scared to go go round of the pleasures you got to lose I think it would go Green Bay and Carolina in the NFC. Championship. And raiders'. Tom. And raiders ravens in the AFC attack. Just remember we film that's that's I'm gonna him if I feel like the two right I'm gonna have a mylar film on ballistic today here. Don't don't don't discount the raiders as a right don't discount the raiders' man it's not to adjust I think maybe in my next year there and in my NASA does come quarterback in the league in my. Russ don't just think next year will be I think it's fair to discount the raiders OK I am getting twenty to fourteen years. If I have to know if you think the mayors and make the playoffs now yeah he's now I'm watching every game and Alicia and they blow with the Yankees. That's that's in low with the with the White Sox yet but to look they barely won that first game of the Yankees they came back. Ever barely went in as great that is great women they Lhasa last two so really they got their escape three times I mean even just the flow of the game they weren't quite sure yeah. Was ahead on Romo dirty now know that wasn't a dirty hit it's a look at the timing of things and its momentum and whatever anyone says. It did not need to happen but once you've left your feet or you're in a moment when you can't stop and he done got quiet dudes behind him. Both of them wound up on the same time and I don't care what NFL player to your coach when even bid to do if you still didn't make that it like you're going down anyway. Course she hit they broke his back in 2013 to those four guys Ernie has its Tony where I guarantee you as soon as he thought as a I'll Mac can't play golf tomorrow. It's as if there's other dirty about it aegis Oldenburg. And the less they old cause he's my age but if football pockets African our Brenda I peanut butter. Doesn't call outs Steve instrument Steve Smith have been all of them like you know out young to me by nine years. Without questions ago. Had Ted and miles had his surviving that small space Withrow blowing it up. He has been that bad yeah it's been a Goodyear and societal issue now how about the dark as much laid out in sixteen has been a really. Just been a different year with Steve I don't know what happened and knowing what goes he doubted that noting go to a stomach specialists or anybody and digestive issues just hasn't happened you know I'm not there's a lot of loud noises around his fart but there's never been a lot of smell that it looks like a Lotto. There's a lot of thunder but not much light left flag and rain necessary. Although also last week the last few days on what was. Ever to my fart and it's like smoke ring around entered the flight you're far dating because you need to take a dump now hamburger and asked him. In my does drink have Alamo and this is the spice things up a new look and try to be decent in the respect. Tend to another thrill when is the last time he gambled and lost Robert wants him now. More recently than you'd think. Montauk as. But wasn't a wasn't each and blow us. But im a little losses the loss possession on my way home Thompson in the Mac tablet. Part of part. In fact the Camarillo account under all the windows are down an opponent you eat it out I mean I'm still let's leave Kruger played a winner but number slide rule. Pool wasn't bad but I dig at home wired to my ass is so I had group treatment. So but five days ago the announcement. Today coming old enough to know better you know would gamble. Many get a big that it's hard now in your when your area like that your closing in you know like I I get. Men have is now planning get on the plane. And whatever the oppression of pressurization that man I I am. Normally I don't Farley fifty times in the holiday but come on a plane now for fifty times from here to where I don't know. You know his society I just get I mean I fart a lot of plane that's the only bright side of traveling to straddle it took socks on plane but if you're up too far. Everyone assumes it's them suggested her kids booklet. And nobody knows that old man hello bows and gonna tempered I was about 1010 and a half minutes I was sycamore parent just has lark Bunton now a nice little doesn't. And Peter wants and attend any new menu items for slather two weeks will release in the fall menu two weeks the Foreman people are very impatient about this. I believe you gotta Jesse has chilies and I do appears to be amazed the sheer fact that it's in today era at MTV music awards. Include. And I finished by damages live on FaceBook number the real predictions too horrible. It's horrible remember I was wrong in other sports one less thing just was a steel pizza. Pizza and.