08-30-16 Asa Akira

Wednesday, September 7th

Adult film star Asa Akira Joined us on the program to promote her newest book "Dirty 30"! This interview has been edited for sensitive ears!


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Adult film star outside here. Adult film star television holes director author thank you Colin power you heard. I'm Rick howry are doing god diamond television what do you host city beach ball back in the dating you hosted and you step in and with a host of the sex factor. Yeah I've a couple of things how we rapped on the earth even infect actor at the last episode finally aired and we're hearing up or he's into now. And track so you so it. For a change you get a television show that actually lasts a couple of seasons most of the time it's it's one and done you know. Well I don't think you're at the television thing curt said yeah I think it was more like an intern had so we'd like to think it is a television show on our computer could put. Also this is your second book and I got a tea it's. It's very personal and it's very real you don't hold anything back in a and I don't you do holds up back people might not evil one half half half a I think people held back a little and well you know like it's seen its seemed to me like that as far as your life obviously you started in the business when you're nineteen years old. You watched Howard Stern growing upper listen to him or whatever and then he ended up as a regular. On Bubba the love sponge and his showdown in Tampa in in were in radio so. Does this chemical to hear a story where someone famous and the ways they get famous is is the radio. You know I mean yeah I always going to be used an authority on our side on the right now when you look at a dog. He's the toggle here we had our separate the night. Start an argument above what you mean the other read a busy morning nutty peanut Beagle way or in a Pug way. You know I mean he just looked like a creature we think he's he's easy like he does he go through your trash canned stuff does he have those features are being a Beagle. He'd yeah you definitely found in now and it is eighteen any underwear or Jeanne crotch his love underwater. Big fan gear and no better place most manner and. Correct if you don't know what you've done dogs are little more specific though I don't just don't hide if you don't actually human being. We try to lead them subtle thoughts on the eBay yet dogs is due to the point. Doggie doo they'll just hide anything. Also they care Oz I gotta ask a you're trying to eat stuff you're not that your parents your parents Japanese and you you are some time in the and Japan as as a kid growing up and you about New York. Do you have that international. Like just in Japan are you huge jurors Ernie plays around the world re kind of surprised where your fans come from. You should I don't like and look at my social media like analytics and style and I see that I have. And everywhere but not so much and Japan that is weird isn't it like is Debbie Rowe pixelated and they like natural. I think I'm daylight that are women a little bit more subdued. And I'm very laughter I'm. A gap like I'm really submissive Beimel allowed in and that's what I and I. I want to I don't want to let you kill the enemy. And I'd love to decide to Wear White Sox immediately. I like she'll choose not to hear. Wipes actually just White Sox hitting it again Ozzie didn't wearing the wrong spot all the time it's easier you just don't go right into a career can take out there that I. Also I got to ask you as far as the the book is concerned in this is Justin this is just this is just a great story up on it there's a and tell these guys because they don't they they they didn't check book I took it home where a lot of compromise. But but you get on a plane ride in there's a guy that you find attractive and he can give you a look and you realize that this guy is in a wheelchair and just pick it up from there and tell them exactly what happened on the flight. Well actually he tweeted me and Hewitt the fan and I and I looked at as Coke violent I had recognized him he was wearing a gray gritty and both its. Twitter profile. And on the plane and I'm like such a sucker for a great idea and. That is my note to self if you fly around. That's my story is a good idea you would then that's okay. And it didn't. So I I noticed him in the quietly just like one of those moments where like so I'm married now. And outside of work worth totally monogamous you know we don't sleep with other people. And it was just the moment but like I I mean it it happens a lot demeans her and it. You know where I'm like oh my god is this the moment I'm gonna achieve like you could a guy and an. She lived and that I mean I don't wanna give away and Cuellar is packet. App like the whole chapters basically about this one time I was contemplating cheating on my whole. That's a journal that it on the play but how long did you contemplate this what does the plane right firefly we just. The entire plane cry aid bill ride home. And then I mean pretty much it you know I got home I was snapped back in reality it's. Think I had an idea that he have any idea will. Oh yeah had a 100% I mean we he was very very forward. And and and you know of course they're acting like I had never left with someone in the wheels are. And you know. You know join the club he exciting to me like I loved. Trying new things I love like experiencing. Keeping sexually and that's something I had never done and I am still very much intrigued by it. Well so you buy a gray hoodie she's. Yeah I do duo are Apple's but it has to get your book and flip through and it's well funny things are balks walks. Troublesome you war. Instantly many try to backtrack liberal like really man well Oprah yeah are. Well I look at environment that. But the first thing we read in the book and we're dying of laughter opens in your bird for a convert cantonment. Miles over the book and for suing is the moral. Yeah. Arianna and we are mugged multiple ones maybe. Well it happened to me twice. I don't even think I've learned my life and her when did you know if someone wants me right now wins a check. And told me to put it. Probably get away how much is yet how much would it looks good now. Well it would be my solo masturbation remain at. Different rates for us. Yeah I looked at Wrigley every backpack do you have any nieces and nephews that you could just give marbles to a holiday. In my defense that wasn't just any old marvel it was. Yeah yeah. Are different. And so if everyone I mean when you first it and to warrant you can't charge you know the premium. Because you're not known you wanna get your name out there. On figure it. You know you're not recently. Like at that level yet but and you know once you become a name and year and named that companies can sell sure. And that's when you can charge more and liken it. For example is you know can be up to like two or three times as much as your yeah. And expensive to buy. I know because there. Yeah yeah. If you want yeah. What are the most like what are the different things and then like what's the most experts of the new term for what's the least xmas so by someone I barely have any money. Once the least expensive thing. The least expensive thing it's probably a photo shoot like. There's not a lot of money and photos on just because like the magazine business and dying man. Oh and the top of the mountain. I'm. Probably I was meant a surprise in the book also that there's a shot that some guys do in a putter yeah. What is that'll about. It really rare though I think I mean I don't wanna make it seem like that's the norm no I don't I mean I'm what I read I add that more. Oca. It's like there are a lot. I was convinced of that but I'm glad to hear you say oh yeah 100% like some. Some form up like whether you biography Alice there what ever. No they all definitely take some credit enhancement. Does that does that make I impressed with the old school guys in the day. Atlanta journal of the world of the Ron Jeremy is the world of the guys he just had to be two or three takes in just you know. That's definitely really impressive I mean even though we have the Viagra and Alice it's still impressive because like. Maggert Alec it's not gonna give you like an instant. Yeah. Yeah you know you don't. It being a male performer is not an easy job like IE. I like to think of myself as apparently the actual person and I am pretty you know despite the fact that we had not always McCain likes sometimes you're working with a woman who you're totally not attracted to she does not want to be there. You know on glee. You're having a bad day like our our a lot of things go wrong and so even even with the Viagra it's not an easy job. On the regular material we really appreciate you take the time to talk to us in the anytime era in Seattle would love to have you on the show it's dirty thirty remarked thank you so much right Gaza thank you.