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Monday, September 17th


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I think first we need to go back in time to the last time we played ten vs the FCC it's only good at all. Let's go back intent to. Ali it's pretty pristine lucky posse of lesbians prefer. Picking what c.'s Jim McKean pain and. Promising. Portly polite people are plunking Polly's. Was he put us back Polly's pretty pricy plucky posse of lesbian prefer picking what's he still licking paintings. Promising portly polite people are working probably worth it. Polished pretty pricy plucky. Posse of lesbian prefer picking northeast of looking panties. Privacy courtly polite people. Our plucky Polly's what's the clue how he's pretty pricy plucky posse of lesbians prefer picking what he's still licking AMP. Probably portly polite people are plucky Ali. Yeah Leslie was a big way in the strategy then. His favorite daytime game show. It was 325000. Dollars and job Bo and. He wins another day this time forward. As bonuses the FCC. Oh yeah. I heard you know some new Ryan Reynolds hurts adversity at this. Man oh man but a global here last minutes we I actually getting listeners submitted Syverson the FCC can you believe that. And employ and rent and less mature and thought oh that's yeah they like this pillar of undermine his miles miscue when gummery or Canada kilometers an ex Cuban government. This one is a labor of love but it did the gauntlet he goes on the collective sense from our good buddy or jelly joked. And he goes something like. I. Sometimes. Sometimes. Rick licks knicks picked dec. Sometimes knicks sucks Rick's stiff disk. Sometimes. Nick licks ricks big disk while Rick sucks nicked if it's public debt. The way we do to vs the FCC Asian eateries one time through and then three times fast. In the twelve year about that in twelve. Winning percentage. I like judge Joseph is that and the string Q. Eyes got a deck. Sometimes. And sometimes. Right sometimes Rick licks nix fit dec sometimes. Knit socks Rick's stiff. Disk sometimes. Nick licks Rick's Dick disk while Rick sucks knicks stiff so that. That who does back sometimes Brit lit nit pick dec sometimes nick stopped Rick's skip disk sometimes. Nick licks ricks it this wild Red Sox knicks hip slick. That one foot putt Rick let's knicks picked act. Sometimes nick sucks Rick Steve Smith sometimes nick Lex Rex just Waltz while. Socks and step. Slicked back to you sometimes Rick Rick nitpick that sometimes it sucks ripped. If this sometimes nit wits Rick's picked fifth. While Red Sox. Next step. That. Oh now what happened. Eight wow. Janet I don't know if it hurts the FCC. I didn't get ready go to bat until Friday 20642 and rocky isn't as bad jokes on Twitter at 999. IK ISW 677999. But it jokes and that into the bedroom and men's or my back now we will take a break bitches Agile primary is next. We will carry fewer of those investments as he shot today in the weekend is coming up but first it's a bad joke fronted them but we must first ensure that bad joked Friday lasts for generations to come. She refers those bring you these rules. It's official room joke Friday rules. Bad joke is bad. Necessarily. Dirty. For instance a guy locked in to a and yes we all know about them from Nantucket. And. Joked that that. Not. One I mean we all note though Ali. And what's better than winning gold medal at the Special Olympics. Some rules in mind the board. How do you kill clown petty killer clown you go for the juggling. And electronic dual 6 or 2 o'clock its viability its dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle and away we go. And a bad joke Friday hello Colin welcome to the bedroom. All job. Aren't you guerrilla but not go wider gorillas have big nostrils. And epic anger. Hello dawn and welcome to the mid through. It and you. So what finder drop your leg bird you'll find a dog with no legs where. Apparently you left Q of course. Hello grow into the bedroom. Best bet raucous beer fitness. As good as him welcome to bedroom Friday. That extra half hour. I did that kicked the prop up the road why did the lollipop browse the road one step that was after the chicken Barack. Hello. I don't trying to order all of our guy. Did you hear about good and it Barbie or conservative or are you know about divorce Barbie. Simple app can step to. Mike Cox got a text joke the joke or you're about to get the outset of impartially the punch line is not suitable for these or any other airway is that if you would like the punch line to the W at the news tech support joke 277999. What do you call eighty West Virginians in an orgy. But he call eighty West Virginians in an orange. It's you know. Advice. I. 77999. All right have admitted to bring in Dan.