09-12-16 PodDammit kicks off the week live

Monday, September 12th

Poddammit starts of the week once again on Facebook live taking listener question! Be sure to nlike the Mens Room Facebook page and keep an eye out on Monday's for when we go live! Maybe you can get your questions answered!


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Do realize. Rica. Well airline blah blah blah blah FaceBook livelier place but eleven we're on the marker from live for do we on the men's room FaceBook page we're men's event wow what a deal. Hello. Yeah exactly housing we might be on the Wal-Mart page elitist answer questions about Wal-Mart. During your favorite apartment there's target mega devil you know. So. Let's see here that you reduced to take questions in today as kind of when I went for an eye on the fire up the questions that they should be Roland and I doubt. Fuzzy this way we Columbia prepared. Yeah exactly does anybody know what the hard AA is. That was that's where the hard days and the horror either part of Andy. It was a reference and I have no idea I asked but I never a response in seed that's the problem is large it is treasures on. Trolley car that's trousers. Are closely man shrouded in the race of their slash offer no suffered just pain susser nobody wears trousers anymore. If that I Heyman put underpaid when I was a kid a thousand years ago that I brought under trial browsers TR OW ZERS. Trowel or at least heard how murders of these GR OUUS I know that I understood but it doesn't matter since knoller says it. If nobody says tribes when you come to supper where your trousers. And bring some cobbler. Everybody is correct me that the hardy is alcohol. They're there one or with a look present actually there is that you they used to be electric and there were drank now the facility three bottles a lab I was the gob to stop in their self loading wants to drink. It's like basically breaking case of an emergency re enemy emerged to relate you might die there's like horses. Fifteen or twenty know at least fifteen year old bottle of apps and there. Mine yet SL army mess of Syria 110. Proof I think the problem is mainly brought absinthe banker rooms all the exciting journal stories for the truth is. The reason you heard stories is because when they were doing absent back in the day it was cut it's like crack I mean it was called Balkans garbage so people were hallucinating and all the rest but now that it's legal but took the fun stuff out so it's this is really awful tasting green for a thousand I was at though onto the as a tailgate for pox game yesterday. And right before the close everything up as long as okay man final shot a final settlement do function Nazis digging for bottles in the schooler. He pours out wants to warrant Alex request this. Say give it to me it take you back in my. Yeah I mean you and what. Dials that is I got a house sailor Jerry round. Now sailor Jerry I don't know. There's nothing wrong -- its independent tester shoot you don't drink from president and not only for Natalie babbitt's sailor Jerry rum and it's got it's like ninety some proof so it's it's moment you know remain so I'm I took nothing back and I. Obviously his floated in the state enough loaded browsers like a market in the stadium and then of course is nine elevenths they've got all the metal detectors and ghost Sylvia away parents in this thing myself you know. This is taking forever has not drawn all right throw Michael wants and those sunglasses inside are you blinder just that cool. I am both of those. New thing but when I mention I'm migraines the first thing the guy suggested before ran many test or anything retrieved the Nazis. To do not. I just don't wanna do opiates whatever the red blood test that can do as so the regular prescription a guy Amanda's demo polite. And I'll look like he got him jazz musician certainly don't ideas are radical you know what happened to our children that it matters that may have heard on the white women had a six. So I take calls boxes. They got you know how does Hillary tonight consider not allowed to Wear sunglasses urging that we used to work with and I must say your name. We're fighting got an ox is I don't think I did not consider this like this guy would you re a pound of Riyadh. For the prescription elastic but in the end I decided against. Mail Ottawa. Journalists and and many of us ever been to stand would have not come up in China I got stale. Now I don't I've now been there hasn't gone up. It why what is royals who have some I don't know I'd and then now when I seem to go I seem to farm I'm I'm almost touched them all the famine there have been close either golf suppose and I cursed you know I mean normally drive one way or the other play golf for someone offered. Seven north and a deal also. Ever stood in Arizona. Now I'm in just. I mean unknown you know I think there abandon. I think there have been a couple of times where we were just kind of surprised who's in studio with a so I think the two times that you know. Ozzie Ozzie walked in were both Israel as well you know north and the way we do things. As Calvin different but. Most of the time when you're doing an interview on radio. The say okay we take a break when we come right back and nausea. We don't do that. We bring the guests and while we're on the air so normally during a break come five minutes. He would shake hands he had to say hi Ozzie are usually in the water you I think you drank you can cuts that thing up and get their headphones adjusted and all that stuff and but we just bring amendment so they have the time and another walk in his hair so. We're meeting them for the first time as rumored as were doing the interview most of the time so there been times where depending on who the person as you just looking over in his. Jesus Christ of its Ozzy or strict and hours or slash or your region some guy named emails and they're Ozzie sitting there honestly you we hey you know as kids we had you know we've Judas Priest in studio south of those you know crazy to not have rob Alfred BC he's got momentum he's a nice guy and nicest guy army buddies so you look enemies gonna shaved head with the tattoos on a double horns in the side is built like a brick as house combat originally just east crisis program. So I think those kind of people yes even Rick Springfield. Was his wish I know we play Matthew Simmons and rich Arrington who like hey man your Rick Springfield which looks a lot like Chris Cornell. What's his like hey man you're Chris Cornell. That's lowered Ellis wants to know how on earth we were for live day. You know man I think we're looking forward to begin is gay unit were well it's different got a Sam man lag might you do more technical stuff. Behind the scenes book for us it's like look to our show is always live anyway. So the only difference for us is that as far as the music you're that's again that's that don't just do we just do your show same way so for us we probably have. The easiest. They're like oh yeah no we're we're also show that. We mess up a lot so I mean I'd tell us that they're like it doesn't matter like we'd rather you here it is get god. And go like oral at 3 o'clock about it read I'm nominee and we must happen for a mass of women so we we try not to mess bettered it's a radio show not a space shuttle launch an enemy like. If we FO people are gonna die and nothing explodes you'll lose money instance I work. Talk about what we talk about UFO of sometimes winner who cares yes Christian is yeah you you will be able as those buckets that are on I am opposed to we're just you know we're recording it there was isn't the dog diameter podcast on live on the FaceBook blogs you can ask questions we dangerous mumble about him. Is there one city hordes are multiple serious you can record off or things brand and yes this is our our podcast studio in their vacancy Ryan all day zero Cassel do enough and yeah the ball was urged. God damn mad Max and yet he's learning and I'll deal would avoid civilian and yeah. It was my question anybody got a profit of rate over the weekend now and in I didn't Obama donated it man I debated at harbor them and start with the kids like for so. Yeah I went to a soccer game in our efforts MRI on that stupid I was stupid. Are really about the next. The miles sitting far away from throw just in case of a gas attack. These are just our microphones to it's only in the middle here and we have to look through him to he is apps and so we're we're just haven't mr. crosses Kennedy to the they are saying symptoms as is what you do if I set anywhere else in here I would feel very comfortable. What doesn't Robert Cuzco or Trader Joe's have been permitted him more today have a before. I would assume so. Costco discount retailers are ultimately announced go to another Trader Joe's had us and all the costs Costco shares as of they saw they saw Venezuela for the national and they don't like very kind to Trader Joe's has an interest in selection here. Kazaa have like some of the Belgian Beers and grab some of their own brand sort of got that from the don't have like the shiner box the world and all I've just just different stuff I can like go binder. We got a where's Ted so he's just kind of have to for today's news is on stuff unfortunately going on for him. Yeah what time do you usually get to work and what time you lead on I today at 10 o'clock. Boom that was early for him today yeah it was a let me you know I'm am because I was born I don't I don't mind I'm gonna get out there and a and that's. Yeah. He's the show up around eleven. I'm looking to get home before 8 o'clock. It is as the amazingly did you want to drive back to him I don't know man who share employee alike you know I was miles save rip off the rear view mirror man not rear view just don't you don't just about an at bat he hit it. Gotta watch that when you're talking about you not know rear any thing this is nice little area readjust everything they could possibly mean it's like the perfect little town without being. A little nerve with the worst reputation gal you know we we try to remember that lieutenant Tracy carries for you guys have little and I noticed you gave to man that's just not what people are talking like in West Virginia you know. Of those towns and there's always like. One cop who parks in the same place all time trying to bust people. Black and in that same cop does the cops the parks on front of the ball are you also would like I didn't wanna from high hidden behind a bank like waiting for you to leave at 1 o'clock in the morning unit in just a flip on the on the lights. Like one of those sounds Hillary has behind a bank. Nod Keon I had we should put a fake call three miles down the road or via Roy Rogers brought a little small town there recognizable yet miles sorry who's got a paper starts. Actually with the school with the with the cubs daughter son and exactly who grew. He read Mira Mira writes when I try to sneak into this school dance once and that scared little try to see this thing is they did when you live in footloose it's. No I was working on the drafters and apple have up there around us who events within Ametek eligible that it finally growing now and I master and hands out it feels like two thirds of the way through the dance and it'd wanna pay the full the full covered again it's like try to be slick and sneak in and in the top mainly read in my right when I was getting more questions we gotta get this thing going. Was the coolest game footballer soccer I think sucker is they don't use mascara. That is used terror I I don't know I ran until enough jewelry while playing a sport you need to play eleventh I got gets under season tickets and Dave I and I got it two tickets to the CR game yesterday. And if you want to see our dolphin game and you were there. And you could turn to me until the soccer is boring I would just point down the field and go payment if you watching this and I am. You list will gain altitude does it look it ended remnants of the Taylor going to win. Your yuck and that's meant as a journalist knows basketball but I really enjoyed to less abilities but please say the sound is basically did the same thing. Yeah I mean as in the same kind of game it was an exciting day well in a football sense it was a an exciting game. So but it ended its guns yeah I think you take that you like about Purdue for ways out get out of here major. We applaud them podcast yeah.