09-12-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Goes Back In Time

Wednesday, September 12th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Size class are no way they'll learn is really open these flag and as well during it tells a shot of the day is coming up. Take your warning about the logistics. Bottom because they've exhausted by bright bright that's the only way I've ever seen it. I mean I'm not receive and I'm just guessing. That's would you do I do see a clip of a guy. Go to town on a GAAP are tailpipe parents. And then I think he turns around in the camera catches on the news that oh my own you know you're OK okay but it's like the middle of the dignity. How did you think nobody knew or should have a section detail I looked into your dad says to the car what car unit that though Michael you have to have such for the car but it. The car absolutely European. Rob had a Corvette. Car automatically a 76 Corvette Amanda hopefully you know what I deal he'd be kicked. At least this conversation. Is feels great I call it didn't shock me if I'm blank was in a blanket 44999. Lola. Hello Dylan to welcome to the men's room. Hey guys so odds. I mean maybe Gary and the room. A caller yeah ago as a solo you're never just touched I also worked on the destroy our sort of funny lunch Oreo. Ireland would. You say I know nugget the world. But. This old probably top that so called good. So we're are not your current at great. No. So it like a giant exercise that you I don't know why he's sure with a bunch other countries basically war and learn well. What were under way her god knows how long and we had. We had these people on board and someone it's not an air Limbaugh Coulter way in the trashing gospels have alcohol and Canadian boat to apply all. Someone god. That led to a giant helping comfort inspection. Pills and call Hertz who can. So all it did anti turn to thank you we're gonna search your. We're action at all born in belonging to and make sure you don't have encountered entertain that are not allowed on the navy boat. Well. They take a dog looks like Yakima await their call out certain earnings stood and exclude. Chiefs and officers blocked our collector old also and done. We had this electrician who won't say I need a washout and how he always got so mad whenever recalled units play you made a homemade masturbation device Strom. You large old sponges slid eight blue glow sandwich together. Adding to understand fractions. Yeah that's not the and don't want it to you emulate what do you browse through this like how do you respond to some says they ma'am what is this for. Now I told one on warns Jay your supervisor emulate look to seriously come on you should know better in the next. Wasn't thrown overboard. Are backed I don't know all I know is that. She was sort of bears say user in the chase for the rest of the day and we would not let him endowment and on Bob. Oh yeah. It when you did you get to see what this apparatus look like. No I didn't but I had some very descriptive talk. Explanation. From you guys know we're an urban grid this sounds like you Mosley also. Just how soon are coming out gala muted I mean look at it Jimenez MIC you'd come up with a device and their elected device. Homemade style and I just never needed them and an army solo time though has been very easy and then probably I appreciate about it. There's always TV you don't like yourself it's like Mandy do just fine. You have to cheer those guys are in the military. Image seen anybody in a long times I know like an younger. Right so late I'd I would make a homing device now. By you know what a practice of tornado 1819 year old Ted. Smell and elsewhere Ted I thought there. It didn't shock me if I don't Blanco was in the blanket 44999. Ole hello Revis are welcome to the men's room. Connect. Well I would not the but I think I'm out there miners out ought to build done lately is older voters want but it's good. Your five year old son doesn't. Well it's now all but we exited out they literally don't wimp when you do complete the one who we are told one about mom I'm there alone and end up on them on the nose. And the whole attitude on the on the blue. It's a and I did. The entire life and it's I didn't look at the Clinton did that include blurred a bit unglued and that all though odds that let my light it up and well it. And I hate cob and all the double I don't. Did was never hungry grown on good job with the battery life and I'd like it does it don't know overtime like the iPhone owner does it stay where it is. Oh now it's. Unbelievable but it's brand doesn't that was at the reason your marriage your life was at the first attraction was it was that how you met. I I'll let let it dead I would give birth date you won't ever. I'm gonna do what it did didn't immediately candidate that I look good I would at least the blanket but I don't. Did you respond in Arab and I was part of your old ploy. As you're wearing sunglasses. I don't know that I think. It looked out on it. But I doubt it did do let the debt that boosted by. At that we don't do that most likely we're gonna get that bad but I'm well you can see is it is it out there about it and act like one of them about that or Latin dubbed him to do with the good. Does he know what he's don't like I did get away with stuff and sometimes I'm like man I know you know we Judith Bellic. Is he aware of it. Lou you know the battle it. It's almost like you definitely animated doodle on the album and bent down. Like you ever think back and act in my life and let it stop them on kind of good. There it is like you know I mauled. Ahead. Girl out of Iowa to realizes his mom moves incentive I can't think of anything less exciting than that boo you feel like a maniac at the moment that it hit them draws or that is world will change then charming to find out blank was in a blanket 44999. Lola. It hello Kimberley welcome to the injury. Ali really I mean. Neighbor her intentionally after somebody was kicked out and she comes over and everything you tell them the first coming ever had a neighbor. My entire room introduced themselves they end. QC who usually partly. Long story short. And I got mine came into my house say in light bill would lean on everything her husband had done because they were having issues and I guess somehow owing last year they decided he knew experiment and having foursome. Were you part of this foursome are old banana. Mango and banana in costume I guess. I'm not sure how elegant quality sound chair and this affect your relationship been a positive way or negative way. Don't think either I mean I just never thought that. This type of that person. Went like this kind of attitude bubble lead signed Mike would be into this like I guess there's swingers now. Close the still together. Aria you know good and they're young very young are they attractive couple Alia she's very very very pretty and he should look into. Puck and I had and then most this thing is I know art super bubbly and a seminal part of a very social don't think the if they were no I never get up there to bite you into regular foursome sessions which turned down. I want to ask my husband person so well do you think he would say you can say yeah Tuesday in the states that are these your dad mood they grew up. I know anything she saw a case so you Hollywood yeah I've been do you. Let's just as deathly with a husband and easily but here we are now gone from not some giant yeah. Now besides. I'm out yeah. Yeah I mean I would get that strange but I can't eat. But you don't know if you don't know anybody that lifestyle right you think your neighbors to see like average neighbors. Not gonna guess they're in no way no group sex Derek is a general amount down the road for me there is a couple. And and I know this based on their vanity license plates which parliament today with a man who has inflated is and I know you're right he's got a couple of its you know like. Man I can't say about this it's like this. Isn't obviously. How well she's out for example Demi right there but I don't want to give way to play 828 hits. I declare their imply when you walk by they always talk to you walk the dog or whatever the dealers like they're very nice in their I mean they're there. Third older there very core I mean exactly the bubbly mood they're friendly and I just keep thinking to myself like. I know what's going on he was Brasilia. I am very well where the bumper sticker also helps that they have all manned right decided basically just says like come on down the to the fun part yeah they're all gonna be naked for a lot of stuff to me and if you don't know you would never know tomorrow. Right and you could hang out with swimmers all the time we did there's certain words that might come up like. I really am clearly television right I don't you have any idea when he'll make most people right like. And you guys forever Arnold what you do in your bedroom. Wrapped an arm of the ghetto not exactly it definitely prefer it that way folded. Hello Trevor welcome to the men's room. I guess time. No back without lights all up to graduate. I'm with this girl earth about eerie ear and out. And seat when target had real freaky it can serve right out of you know regular sub. Ed as you approached me with the suggestion of inserting ordered Internet media spotlight yet. Oh you know oh okay. We. And say okay. Okay it's you know it's vermin they submitted to the streets little green stick that you put into the hole of the lid at Starbucks or I mean just to make sure you have is going to care. And that's it's usually a bad idea menace. Is bad bad idea. I mean. That's why I asked the first guy who called don't like how good looking. All of that was why Brooke got the strap again because I'm telling you Manley did the really knew who are most of the time. Animated ads Illinois. Well guys I'll drive. You know you're. Because of not many and really ticked up breakdown in gay guys abroad as Duval not get out there off. Put that Dobson was a sex toy stores and Richard killed or vibrate and put a strap bombs well while that game ginger blue manager as a way is questions gun today. And I didn't shock me to find out blank was in a blind more interesting are the emails are coming up next in the men's or mad men's in my dot com your listening to the men's or radio network. I. Our question men's room though lifestyle didn't shock me if I'm on the Blanco was in the blanket here come those emails in the men's room mad men's or live dot com. Guys regarding the long code theory for crazy woman really depends on how cold it is I live in Michigan where most of the Time Warner is twenty or below. I want my blood covered. Otherwise I totally agree that from bath. This is I was surprised by my brother and sister in law are into BD SM. My toddler nephews somehow locked they're safe closed my brother took it to a locksmith to have an open I went with the mayor when he picked it up in the guys said that it was the first two. First time he's found those items inside of a safe. I asked once in the safe. Rather said five K in two sex toys inside the bedroom is a wardrobe with a lock. I watched their house and found the key inside blurt other toys rope leather items and days strap on as well her nickname for him is the warden. Pick up which is cool. I thanks guys first tell my ball was a nice little cul-de-sac neighborhood we had two girls and there were a lot of young families. The only person our dog ever bid turned out to be a child molester as an adult nice dog knows that from burning the Glassman. This is a sad and a few years ago guys to work with suddenly takes me one day I thought I was curious because he quit the job we rats supposedly because of my fault. So anyway he texted me saying he wanted to go out of the club meeting had tired try to tell my I didn't wanna go to kept insisting talk filing up maybe all of double the girl. Tell them I'll go. I did tell I didn't have any money and he said he had recovered. For my surprise he did this in the strip club pay for my cover and gave me money for a lap dance really stay there for like an hour when he asked if we should go get some Beers. Went to a gas station across the street bought Beers and this dumb ass decides to Greg will open in the car. And start drinking I told not to be so stupid we could go to the house browse living at the time and during in the garage. Mara make should be asleep by then the skies stayed at three extra hours even though I told miles exhausted he's a ball last merely. When I try to reach my beer he pulled my shirt and said the first. Living Tokyo. Karaoke style jobs obviously I was a Nolan do that's sort of slamming us and with a beer can ask him what was going on. Yeah Cairo on kind of knew that but I never actually asked him. Also got to give me credit for his plan take me to strip club and make me Arnie then buying me beer to get me drunk pat Gray Davis. Don't quite work like that now you're approached him. What I do yeah absolutely. All right then then I think have been hit on the arm of a had a good aggressive on my dad I mean guy it was from. Probably two years ago this guy he was my favorite of all of those came on an hour and it's in a rush hour it's after work I let of the cigarette outside. Is that if you remain yet another cigarette most of yamana dues are handled one penny he does is I think realist we have the damn man I can repeat what you kill my for 12 the site of Braga. Ma off off off off Ali hey mayor if I breed of the government but doubts Goodman. I guys upper stage often at the end of Latinos is outside of the board. Say it's obvious seems to go for not surprised to surprise when I was in high school those a kid he called it George Russell very intelligent charming thing Ted Bundy. Standing around the fire keg parties he would make cryptic comments like. You noticed dark out it's easier for you to see into a house then for residents to see out oh yeah later in life he became a serial killer he's a guy who love victims of the dumpsters or restaurants. Just never know what folks are gonna turn into that maybe you had a premonition there. I don't have any comments from peanut gallery. Are a few dog about a homemade masturbation devices is I made all homemade soap time buys from the chip can. And foam rubber and condoms it's still in the sink and our bathroom straight for him to go as far as swinging goes and play you might be surprised he swings whatever so my balls and his wife got offered slayer sex. At a funeral. With us whoa gotta love how this show boost the views and ratings for so sick as flag terror back aboard also. Teddy bear born out of a greater demand for that will show guy that's been listening for overdose wonderful. Put a timer if you extreme sales of men's room amends in my dot com. Guy's gonna get emerge as John demos and hate these thirteen today I'm so proud of the young man he's grown up to be and a loving is dead can get a big old draw Jenkins. And an Al hitting the window thanks guys that from rock. I. 00 has always love Michelle just once they had before tea to my son chase will be a great day I love you for mom. Kitty you know what the hell does that row and Andrew penis and German talk about what it's like be a fourteen year old boy. Grateful as usual that from the lovely time yeah. Mike caught with the hadn't grown and broke T in his. You're beautiful afternoon boy is mentioning being fought CA tuna and you masturbating Malta new really to admit. Jonathan hunt for you see you. Can do is the master. Does it is that time here is my goddamn birthday and no on the beat MS in messages and beer and that is PS see you all soon as I move from the UK to Vancouver. That from do the bread Kim true European city home. That's my friend John browse Pablo can you don't want to have his eyebrow and tell them what the dirty Germans do June New Yorkers plea. My god what. Girl and I don't lose you too much away about a New Yorkers but the new stimulus as the. Yeah wow. The Big Apple come in combination with my empire state. It's for the right to know we'll. Connie majors if my friend longest par today tell me a list of things you want from you guys visits I'm running this email I think you'll like eight European as is too small and some dirty Germans commenting about his. Little Daimler. Thanks guys that from these Sam Smith this. So. Our Jim Goldman kingdom the dingle I think of pizza dude did you know I went to new people So Taguchi and people with the with the down and I think coach dean left I think about small boats you know somebody else wins the big ones the Yahoo! does have the Dinka. There's there's nobody Zach brown snack packs thirty senator brown the son did you hook him up paternal sex in your penis is too small. From a central life partner JJ. Friend j.'s birthday get employees have a dirty Germans tell him how metal he is and then talk all over yourself thanks guys that from may get. They are yours are known to some not so you can and I haven't really. Does so much you can make body parts thrust he. You're in the middle I was doing the right now than he knows what goes into these were not you know I dollar man and that's what is really didn't they want to bring back on the show probably greater opportunity or really bad is it. And it's a lot of stress relish and enjoy and brothels or go from being as to the wallet just don't pull a two hour. Tuesday marks the 33 Jerry Brown the son I Angeles and a long demos are really love the show. Got to get done eternal lacks the Montgomery in the ponds and maybe some Ozzie Ted thanks guys that from Adam. That Fifth Amendment if there it's a birthday. To come on down and if they are relatively about taking Weinke. I saw the show keep doing that dirty German banks are going to be don't mind please always my equally dirty boyfriend Bryan. Gerard AKA Brian GA KA Niles PA KA big G. A very heavy 34 birthday unless they hearkening get a big old bomb ripped and of course. Some dirty Germans thanks guys and bad from sun's heat. There are loads of new look like a donkey but don't want to ride that. Yeah we did die and you can look for my health. You have an appetizer you can cheese they had shot. Possibly ever to adjust my 47 Jerry Brown the son how about a double joy just says that from Brad. Do you read. Yeah I apologize I am 36 and a cab driver and literally get paid to listen to you guys in the traffic guy may transgender man waiting on the to a very surgery. I'm loving your penis is due small and some dirty Germans thanks guys you rock that from Weston. So now we do not smoke you have the triggered memories removed or applied to keep the way I was comfortable. I mean I admit it's made his buries the battle who suffered sounds like fun. It is my girlfriend Kelly 46 amazing and the love of big sand lizards and dirty Germans that remark fish sandwich. God duke north Houston in my bed in the morning but I would gladly give you some Sunni. Now you can be the below bullying and I'll be typical cream in the Santa. Guys you're born. I got home you can push my dad Dick Richard happy 51 birthday alive and he's finally working his name is Richard but it's he goes by day. I he's finally working back in now has a pleasure listening to you guys can he isn't dirty German talk rock on guys thank you from the lovely Kimberly. Yeah I'm Motrin and astronaut but don't like to be the first member of his insurance. And any time you have sex as the Joker in the sun lots of exploration ship. Homers until labor guys and older. As birthdays details of you get a shadow to him as he as the best bread dude is turning 54. If you get given the birthday song and also the European as is too small I would greatly appreciate it thanks rock on that from the net dude. John there you go back behind everybody okay have you had to guard. Yeah do you have. I created a huge lead duke made says. Young as a Dixie chairman Francis but men's. So available through these we'll stay on men's lives does come another sign retailers. Who I am trying to fly. A glue. Guys Roy said they're not have to go all the way to Baltimore Maryland for men's room regularly to find a distributor in the Washington DC area. All of the show I've been if you played big dummy on the hill some of them would still be trying to get a correct answer Iraq on that from added. And one more on big families hey guys. My husband and I have seven kids and we are normal whatever that means only married twenty years in the kids are 1916121074. And two. My husband has a dream job of the big company we live in a typical house near the edge of the the Cali kids go to school. And yes we do have a TV it's possible to have a big family and other criminals or cult members I don't believe you longtime listener first time emailers that from the lovely house. We have a likely story how we started that ice at the over under is eight their fine yes go go. I know before we go for I didn't go whole idea I think Owens. That. Hi silicon nor has Sidney signed bonfires yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah beyond. Blue. Okay dialogue Debra size class that timers Edith royal brings us three stories in the news they're into us to determine which of these three stories sought the leaks now if you like the men's room on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter amends or mod. The debate is already underway and who saw excellence as we know these are sensitive time so today we what would be racial addition if you well. We start in Kentucky. We're assistant police chief well he told a recruit them to catches juveniles smoking marijuana to shoot it. It's a black. That's where things went really really sad for him and we'll go to Georgia State University where a soccer player event. She was suspended from the team for using a racial intent on her social media. And then we go to Alabama. Where did you was placed on paid leave after walking into her class and tell your students to quote. Turned the embalmed tunes off. I thought you what you want to hide out I net all impact pat but let's start in Kentucky are right. We go to Kentucky and a former assistant police chief. As we said basically go to recruited against juveniles smoked marijuana that he should quote. Shoot them his name's Todd Shaw he resigned from the global department just last year. He central they say several highly disturbing races threatening FaceBook messages to the recruit. Basically you'd only started their few years ago would have been the top for over twenty years. But the recruit as some other questions like well you know what's the right thing do. He says it's a black you know that's I think right thing to do as what to tell parents of juveniles those guys that. Call the parents. If mom is hot effort if dad if dad's house and go home and make him so QB but that's because quotes to a police recruit. Users Osama he continued I was dead he's black then shoot. Anyway hidden on losing his job so that's that's his story. She Soledad yeah I am or even just go. That was go to Georgia State or Georgia State University soccer player was suspended from the team that after using a racial epitaph on her social media. She's now withdrawn from the school most of students they golf police bulls and of eighteen year old freshman. After the words appeared on her students to pay to seek a version of events or Graham maturing in popularity. Now the associate athletic director very told Atlanta journal constitution. That officials are made aware we're garments just last week. Just days after university expelled a nineteen year old student. Pupils and video of her races ranting on the same offensive page bad student a bloated basically allowing him builders don't put essentially. And his goals one solving all problems school Borowski. Gives you some fairly known instance of consummate. On FaceBook. No good Alabama where and how well I schoolteacher she's placed on paid leave for using a racial slur to complain about the music than students were playing a class last week. Not give them up. Students are allowed to listen to music in teacher. Pity but your food and nutrition wise but they say she complained about us on the big chosen last week while working on projects they're listening to dear mama. But since I. When did you return to class and according to multiple witnesses she told them to quote turn embalmed dunes off. The students and parents obviously complaint the school administration. She admitted to using the slower and right now he's on paid administrative and Jack. As far as the men's or FaceBook pages. Concerned I Kaelin says moon. The athletes at Georgia State Sox released. Jeff agrees Georgian athlete hands down. Jessica says I'd say the soccer player Alabama teacher is no surprise but to say that in front of her students steadily worsened posting it on social media. And Bradley says definitely the soccer player that police chief should be taken behind the barn Jonathan we can all agree that the police chief sucks the most I disagree. OK I think the teachers sucks the most. Just because of the soft. People hate. Even if dear momma by 2 o'clock right Herrera and I'll let nobody really big Dexter so all you think a nice. Note to his mom right now I didn't want to have pressed him back barely enough data NBA or college under Kurdish you've black people smoke and weed and you and what you mean. And walker oops I just I don't know depends it did a double over that she waited aired at all the songs from Dubai that's the one right there was hit a smoker's. It just doesn't excuse the I I Iraq I would discuss I mean give the end. Sadly I think that soccer players sect's belief that this kind of par for the course the old. To me and all that but it. You don't wanna say it but it's true I mean I think all career kind of par for the course I don't think there's a lot of question about the black community cops right. The revenue in Alabama teacher it does not shock Wheeler threw just Luther couldn't talk we let an athlete. At a college in Georgia. Might have something to say. If you like demands or a month FaceBook are follow men's room onto what are Edmonds there lives the debate continues on who sucks less. Are still gamble drink until the job today is coming up but the word goes fifty slang that is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have to gentle men's room. Well Montrae dad tells the shot of the day is minutes away bonfires. On the channel are they go back to the. Good days and some lost 1950s flag a lot of that in fact is not a lot of protests and southerly still used to this very day. I'll give you the term you tell me what you believe the term means if we were in the 1950s. The term in those. We're gonna go this weekend and make some lists. Coming up and you see where he'll speak to make money because he'll make racquets. Okay all right everything you do is you may get what's an ankle biter. Kid that would be a kid oh what is grant money money the burn rubber. Do a lot of equipment exactly what is a candy ass. I'm I'm from India and things sugar coated candy yes finally we know how okay. Cloud nine is to be happy short cooking with gas finally doing it the best way callow bongo. I can only 1950s as exactly what it means means hell yeah. I've never heard of before march that would have us at all man is as good as has Chile. It's awesome it's it's a really good DOK and it's chilly I can't I can't exactly 1950s like when our path our path. Earth. Parents choose correct. Here's one that came out in the 1950s. It's there. There are no doubt there is very and a hot mama. Good looking woman yeah and goes and it. Confident in my whole flow of mass and we are made in these days we got a good where success guaranteed when it okay about what is inaccurate now. They don't I neck or not this phenomena steering wheel allows one to steer with one hand. Eventually called it a suicide enough you don't have to put a mass in a monetary prevents kids don't get money in my life. I don't know I'm gonna look on a trip to biscuits and what is up move up. Down on the money is no fun at all baptized him and all of that is a real blue book and what about that hey man your rats in my various. Stuff Boston might be used. I do hard time you're exciting. Auto. And finally what is a screamer. I wouldn't know miles. I wouldn't know. They allowed embed the 1950s a screamer is a hot round. It's not okay yeah Perry on the 1950s flag Aaron relatively inexperienced. It's a few range. Israel knows Jessica. It is. That is that is usually heads the very best guess Steve thrown on a find out who are toast yes indeed today we don't forty think sure could lead shot Barney of Madison Wisconsin. And his name is Alec Cologne she. And Cha Cha. We need to know about collegial body he is a hair stylist in lovely Madison Wisconsin right Andyaat that your sister's hair styles right. GL I would imagine you don't solve starling your hair man it's really important let you listen to what they say I try to keep yourself still right because we cut yeah. And that's what that's what you would think well it's even during bear cubs guy police got upset at his client because a guy wouldn't stop fidgeting and moving around. Charity twisted the guys he. Finally grabbed guy you're twisters nearly came and got stopped moving ground but then things got worse. The lead didn't think the guys here with the scissors on purpose might be okay nick the guy's ear to the scissors then. Burress finishing salvo. He took his clipper and ran it down the middle. Of the guys' heads and raised with a guy who was left with a reverse Mohawk or. The pair the go leg weary from the threesome also this dude took clippers into zapped his ask them simmer of his head. From front to back naturally the guy called cops and here's the thing it's not illegal to give a bad Erica button making guys your decision was. Took a lead got a ticket for disorderly conduct. We've or lose lose a retreat does lose because we think it's Yemen are now OK so over the tone it down the zero to party in arts comedies. Now my whole I've edged up. I today contestant on line far profiled as we'll take dollar 9844999. Old. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.