09-13-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Wants The Real Deal

Thursday, September 13th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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He would sure love to hear is real. Trying to. Lord. And he invited to join the party. This news. All gathered in secrecy. They say. Your radio more than three times. And you'll. I don't know I don't look at Arizona our 2756. I. Along with Steve the throw hill. Do dead smack. Who are good ball. I had to my con. You are an amendment. There wasn't really put did Dele. Did you meet and potatoes tennis these psychology a fast food away Sherlock is back get right to play profile list plus headlines and entered Jonbenet fumbled three males. And everyone's favorite TV time would take a class period Niederauer I give it a Wisconsin man crashes wedding at best western before bride punches him. In the face. Meanwhile a form of LA give the keys to a Ferrari to the wrong man who decides to take to spend and drive it about place. A good man who raised ever congress African rock python. Into adulthood at its debt doubts. May Miami option offers dining room table with two stripper pole you can meet and dine out. And Charlotte police officers offer free copy of people willing to not leave their car running unattended. That is all coming on today's very special episode of men's room. Here's the question. Oh. Bad is good day to you and yours today is the day. That we played big dummy the game's still. The game show that we board views. For your clothing it. Paul lost lives but the category will. And the last will question from a category but here we're big dummy separates himself from your average more reputable game show. We will continue to ask you questions until you get one not right because I've always. We want you to leave here smarter than you showed up. Today are based on the average of two way tie between the lovely Kimberly in the equally lovely Eric. Both of them channel their inner ignore ramps about a way to answer nineteen consecutive quite good wrong. Can you do better or a poor she can't plea deal with the goal and all we go on good. Dumb I think it doesn't play big debacle 844999. Alone like the men's room on FaceBook or follow us on Letterman to my answer your emails to the men's room and then to my dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. You. True my job and I'll let it go are gonna show number 2756. Well large and in charge program we have for today guarantee future re B average earlier this sometime in the middle of bottle no probably like. Mid February or something like that illusion could soon agree we should do this shows you be so good I think we can play it very soon but this is a February 22 show that that's going to be members current I don't know today it is on the a year it is and I'm sure it's going to be somewhere that a big Joseph porridge and they want to go play a big dummy Ted's meat and potatoes. The head Jeff has these psychology. Of fast food what is the psychology of fast food of Pernod Bruno had a lot of different things I guess from where. It may be decided in the plays this is sketchy and gauge in the tiller third look at deals on food Linda cars are priced menus all that stuff I agree go man I gotta go. That's coming up with a head shot a no Sherlock is also got another will play another round profile this and of course the game is big dummy if you'd like to be contest and 8449990. Look it's an easy game played basically all you need to do is get one question right you're playing for team sober. Or team not sober and as we do every week. We do a little men's room poll now. Last week. We asked you would you rather watch a porn that starring your parents and you're just watching it by yourself. But your parents. Are the stars of the young adult film or would you rather sit with your parents as they hate watching porn star and you. Yeah that that's were I went man overwhelmingly that was the winner. To sit with your parents as they watch a porn star and you at least as far as the contestants have played big dummy is concerned. That's the way it shook out so okay lo and behold we do the poll and we get this email and it comes our way from a lovely lady named Linda Linda is also a mom. And she says this question was supposed to mean by nice 77. Year old son okay. And I think it can tell. Really tell you a lot about a person. And I think would be fun to hear it for the miserable. So because of Linda seven year old son this is gonna be the poll this week. With figures filed what about two years ahead of us the question is any need to pick one to eat would you rather eat fruit flavored ice cream and or. Ice cream flavored poop. Rob and I talked about this earlier in the office and became Jimmy agreement that we would rather eat the ice cream flavor to. Now look it's a no win situation because in the end. We just eight poop but it taste don't do well not really not viewed the ice cream flavored boob and that's exactly what we could still pull domain. It's icing played very true. But is still leading I don't know pulled flavored ice cream is ice cream the taste like poop that's actual a screen to view we Yahoo! flavored ice cream it's ice cream for real. But it's safe to lay boom days ago. We agreed we'd rather eat the thing that they think ice cream even though in the end we know that we need to tell you rather eats ice cream flavored poop. Yes OK that's still a 100% and you would rather eat the poop the yeah like yeah ice cream. You are happy about it but this is the point it leaves they think they can regulate it safely registry I'd look at any audio like movies get into your teeth but nowadays right after he's got a few that you Wear it well it's I couldn Winston bullies is they look like ate her it does but I just don't know I don't know any nice greens. I am I had I don't know if I think I'm one miles on this on. So you get eaten ice cream that is likely to look yes I knew I'd rather eat fruit flavored. French Fries. Then it poop. The taste electorate for a jam rather eager to taste like French Fries that's horrible you know why you French Fries because they taste like French Fries you know why eat ice cream doesn't taste like guys look this is now my question this is Windows 7 your name and I don't give rise what is the one who wants is probably doing a research paper in second grade and this is very important are those I was through on this and say what tales only apparent. Yeah you guys are eaten. Fleet of the taste like poop and we got people that are even eaten bugger flavored jelly beans again. Bugger flavored jelly beans yeah I'm more no's came ma'am I know you're not years and years ago but do they actually eat them or is it just as you'll clearly get him out of there and spit it out that's right. Abandon the same thing that I do with the blue flavored ice cream I was still only eating ice cream. It just tastes like crap I think the most difficult part would be figuring out what poop actually tastes like isn't you have to actually taste proved to find out there lady behind that you know I mean you have to figure out what that flavor is unsure 5% of our audience and those. Well I mean where you get into Iraq plays but they pose a video that came out those ago a party for what was it. Was the cavaliers winning the NBA finals. And they show college young guy a guy who got up horse crap and say what it is not oh yeah yeah it was at. And it was celebration Gregory celebration somewhere what's yeah I mean it was like Cleveland or you know grab a city just know it happened somewhere. What do gadget picks up it's his cup starts June and from the care people get excited when teams what solidarity I'll bet you are realized that some may I mean I don't know if you've seen a horse poop in a parade man brown dropped a little about it now loses its substantial stuff like wow. And all right Reza might be celebrating. North America to weird when sober happened to him what he knows what group they. So that is our men's room Paul pick one to eat. Who flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored blew apart the game's big dummy 44999. All up who was our first contestant Redd played big game hello at a home welcome to the men's room. Hello and if overnight filled. And revolved pick one to eat. Facility proof flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored food. Odd that they do flavored ice team and that's only because. I don't want to actually put Putin will yeah I do know this I think it is no hesitation to meditate. I'm right there with you have. Yeah but the flip side of the aisle know that I be the third but it was the juices. Are ideally eating poop is really only grows because you know it's hastily pulled. They taste like ice cream what's yeah you've got to eat a lot of weight you're eating Booth. Yeah I'll let you might have been dead to right are you potentially guys can people go to the bathroom of a cold. It remain a walk out of the snack we'll if bid if good taste of life as street Knoll would have brought look literally bit. These puke when the pew Khatami and then so to them based feels warm up like this is sweet delicious in the mine were absolutely. And yet the Euro denominated in delicious and if they don't know is finally real. I'm. All right here is your question. What is the name of the last human city in the matrix two's. Oh move. A lot of big night. It's right on that it'll I don't I'm. Our. Object. To it and I don't know but I. Work during that most people would give an up and stop jamming and on but known Adam like they pulled that out hand in harm's way to victory even made noises like. He reasonable people why do we only some weird noises what we're trying to remember so congratulate everyone doesn't yet he's got a clinics go to the moon and I mean it was like watching everybody does I do wanna watch every home and it takes longer to get to the to remember the answer RD most in an answer but a lot of times like Diana. Only when they Bosnian men and sometimes are not quite sure what the answer is yet. In arms LA they buzzed and real is crap. But they need so about jeopardy players they don't make the Lloyds and we make we think but you do don't you market would do yeah yeah. I do armament well I think it's just they're Smart they just or they just now. Well the ones that do they know not to make no one's that are very reactor in Tehran they they they they show them a lot like you'll see like watch this guys it like any time I was sure sure Barak. Focus on the game's big dummy for 4999 cola who's our next contest and Braden played the game. Olaf idea welcome to the men's room. Are you so we're not so. So left overstay don't look. Okay. All right our men's room bolt and pick one would you rather eat fruit flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored foods. Eight teen play learn. No no complaint against it okay. I looked like it definitely definitely boo or however you can connect. With doing this for a seven year old this is not on. Yeah if somebody gets healed but it is it is a great question. Well thank less overwhelming we that we openly use on this show yes for a seven year old beds thinking but also for our so that's they can. Here's a question. I what fruit is packed with the most calories. I. They've got the most calorie banana. Oh no don't be entry. They're okay how do. I was blown out of got a lot of explodes through sincere about a hundred. I have the only one that accelerates crazy which even of the fruit or vegetables not a golf tour is how wide the super fruit. I don't know I think Jose islands and inventory it all that but I just notes and launch our good where there was avocado I assume control of the rules of Britain superhero what loot super boom there it is super food decade. Okay and that broke out and I know. Started to question what I was scientific name from the north scar. Had no idea. Oh yeah. But it does it does deft. The big difference. That's a bunch of stars in this case pull outs left little Pei thing out of people with a list say your name exactly right. And I very little that they need to look at live while talking to him because like their lives were gonna go redundant to say your name. Densely at all. I wanna says he's made just screaming name on bed. Wholesale. All right here is your question. What seven letter B word is often applied to people suffering from manic depression. Seven letter Ali. All right. Outstanding work mental map all look like you know it. I don't know a lot of lives and left after a bottle at a guy like the person they can say the disease they have only they could. There was no dummy for Ford 999 all of who's our next in Desiree to play the game and I believe it is JA Isa. This could well. Hello wow. I'm Jason read it good memories overnight over. Over and over Jason look in the show our men's room poll is dealing with what you'd think he'd would you rather eat. Who flavored ice cream or ice cream flavor coop. Hello. Blue jays hello JA Salam hello. And he's got he's got and Cuba. You really don't want it to them doesn't always question would you rather eat who plagiarized got a record labor Booth sacked only your whole. You offended them. Hello Matt welcome to the men's room. Oh Paula and. So for player of the deck. A major bowl match Dick one not a flavored ice cream ice cream flavored food what he leading. I'm gonna do the ice cream flavored loop more I got I got that makes up I'm sorry. It's. I had. Yeah. Used to be sitting at a table of Mike in my house. We enjoy Irish Beasley retired from my miles and Matt. Yeah AI. Here's what we call ourselves the M club 3 and I am. I've benzene ring is made up of annals of what element. Of Benson. Are you know like getting up Morse code on the back. Does it tell you and it's getting more. Often it'll be. An all push on the capital and there are not enough to. Obama went into that his car. Apartment. And injuring his. Car what name is given to an elephant's seconds in Pfizer's. They wouldn't be what. Matt Matt. I'm used TV to give a more thorough due to dude dude dude dude dude did you hurt that I asked where and I got a hologram telegram from him not having a great weekend. Disney donated 44999. All of those are nice contestant ready to play the big game. Hello Greg welcome to the middle. I'm dead and I'm still overblown that I didn't check. It's hard sometimes to do that Greg our new poll pick one need we dreaded group flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored who. It's easy. Yup. And things. Go up another chair of the big board table. All right did you get your question where are your body would you mind global. Bella bella bella. I don't know what your brain. It is in fact interface between your eye. Another Whoopi Goldberg who refuses. Just simply in the middle of your forehead because she does not have by. Are you next I don't know what is the opposite of not too. Shoulder at all. There's no matter. They won't lift. Perez came up to dilute. Dye her all right colonel by the rules. I gotta die Arnold globe. There is a mundane little Sanders. All right. What holds morsels of bone. You. What do what do you majority couldn't get home. Yeah that's probably expert Gerri at bargain or use the heartburn and now. Do you realize there I don't build it now man you're lucky during a money can't get the balls and enjoy the vitamin C all that outlines a literary merit like a screwdriver. Can't do what amounts to harbor and too much from his sake. You know screwdrivers and times though look cranberry and then he got in my dress. Monica you know a lot of and one minute. A monstrous yeah man it's part of plumber crib Berrian or does he went about it as those of the new yet I've picked up a brunch. Now at the bottom of the over brushing. My brother talked to me lose bartender frankly he's the only good thing. OK okay Nevada. If everything you Friday loses. Yeah yeah tomorrow night your question what number does the letter V with a bar over topple that represent and Roman movement. Yeah. And I came out and a variety of. I don't know Romeo and don't feel bad you didn't sound Smart when they called it fine and you know what I do they take anti great questions this. We knew we get to Narnia. Are here to question what is the only mammal capable of ruling in sustained flight. I. I. There divers were. Okay there is now on the ground. Game is not big dummy silicon Tanzania materials together Hijab and how would these psychology. How fast food on the way if you are too big a doesn't play big dummy call 844999. Hole more big dummy coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. Head snap count and I'm dead meat and potatoes says the psychology of fast food will do their pro during a toaster and a with a shot of the day in the meantime. Game is big dummy for 499 idol here come some comments yeah and got. Do you mind that the drug could charge right castle. He approached me and had basically the same sentiment is this guys has looked so smells good but it tastes like crap are we sure the crap don't smell bad taste it. Castle said the same thing to me at all he said guild of fatal flaw under theory because I'm going to eat the ice cream flavored poop. I out of you are and if so. He's that you're just making the assumption. The group pays back. Into that I can say yes I am right. But as I well I absolutely positively however making the assumption. That it tastes bad we also know the when you heat up broccoli cook broccoli gonna has that smell of selling like poop. But from my perspective it tastes like poop. I felt bad but he beat taste good to medium just smells like crab a minute you know when your took him broccoli and are now oh wow arteries smile after you blew the lid on it whatever it JB yeah right get their meanness. Horwitz. It has amazed got hired a threat out by movie I know people like broccoli boy wonder coconut with you this tip make your mouth water remarkable brands Mattel now like well son Jack not include your mouth and water to the smells like the thing you want to eat it in my arsenal like potato chips are laws allow an ultimatum aggravated ships so it's only a far different are like oh god I middleman mr. Leslie got Garland exclusively. Usually owns Frito so it's not the best deeply those. They just kill your breath that's a big turning dictates the way they smelled somehow. Can only imagine Chile Chile looks like crap Brazilian all the lot but it feels good it does smell good. You know look at I don't know who do you like the GE did smelled really really Brussels sprouts have that kind of a groups melt them down probably Brussels where my cheeks. Yes some Jesus Manuel moved out about guilt or something like that entertainers like rotten feet doing who got me a slice aid for far 999 all of those are next contest already played big dummy. I know kid does that is Justin hello Justin welcome to the men's room. I say. And it's over a silver. Just look in the show. Are miserable today pick one thing he flew flavored ice cream or ice cream flavor poop. I think I am normally. The who flavored ice cream and share. You think you can get through that ma'am I mean look I know my position is on an eating poop but like everything else like eat voluntarily. In today's hip. My days where you're entering. Yeah man but I you know. If you if I had power something down I might as well people that. Who clearance and aren't content. To be bold you reach that group. Do we that third line we got a stack the oh yeah crappy rule to. I didn't like how are you 880. Well. In theory and you have that chance like three times that if you do so Jews. I yeah yeah their army like it's always available that's for sure after like Sunday morning packaged produce a lot of ice it's. When you we can't start new they're doing this good if all right ears your question that lets an I screamed get the coffee if it had to wait five minutes. You're young and it a backpack and leave a grown kids. What is the only US states. And as a radio station world would call letters of the exact same as the name of the city. Nor can include the W in the cable for. Got a good golf yet to order decay or dog whatever it spells spells and into the suits. But I'm just asking for the state clearly stood wanna fit to. OK so. Well the name of the got to start with a W or the states does or the W Erica and I broke for the state to call winners in this case for the CD that there is all the citizens of the city zoo you know are they don't you Oregon that's a big hint here and there is only four letters long let's have a as sort of a sergeant Cameron W and it's only four letters. Don't think that he has four letters long and I got to pick the date if it stands. Sure am Muslim figure out the city I'll go back to clear the state would be easier. This is something that would drive me nuts about it though the answer it drove me look I found this morning and right. Because I'm in the business I guess I spent like ten minutes trying to figure out broad look at the guy demands and and now. Couldn't give me that I you know Internet that was the real quick. You know I got not to go let's go to Wyoming. It's. We've got to the they've only okay. Yeah that's right there's. The fifth time. W leasing deal. Wait till you're on the left and with the cool little well they avoid an. All. I hear you're going lakers'. Minor league affiliate did the Georgia and I don't urged them to go away go away. Would river flows through Jackson Hole Wyoming. A little bit acting did your hand evil can evil tried to jump. That I wouldn't. Bow or my tank you know I was totally into ten AC scans of rivers. Eight so easy I don't know the name of this river yeah. So why won't. The little I don't know the reverend Al. And gathered here. He didn't make it right. Of course our own making with somebody else just make. Doesn't want him to do walked across although little is that OK okay. How big it doesn't play big dummy a bar foreign 999. Cola more big dummy coming appear in seconds. The show and many things continue on the men's room. On the radio network.