09-13-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Prefers Flavor

Thursday, September 13th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is the men's room. Say hello to our friends tonight Barack California rock station in lovely Sacramento he begin and got it Bologna the fox out based classic rock station as well and are honest affiliate in lovely Joplin is Missouri that would be big dog 97 point nine. Everything that rocks. We get the big dog girls down there really are older we're gonna get the big dog girls big hero now you're the man we're gonna go out to the bars man to the big dog girls with us and we are gonna throw down Missouri logo comes down to say hi. Game is rigged and they are we've got to adjust and align he is a working on question number three I believe correct he had he has by the way economic game Minnesota unlike the smoke Croat cooked broccoli. I can only assume that's from my house I mean it's mostly poor. House flies have phones. Yeah accompanied Brock great Prophet Muhammad broccoli and Brussels sprouts and Justina because you know all all right flies really like who. Below the dogs like coop sure do OK so maybe castles not too far off on his theory that may be who doesn't taste as bad as we think it but don't like to look the bug. I'm just saying why. Doesn't taste great because they can't. Of course I'm gonna say and I wouldn't but I can't so to me of anything of that money servant older the man. Call them out of the day. All right here is your question what is the highest number on a standard roulette wheel. Well it. 38. Or hormle Jesse wise. I was most of what. Well yeah hopefully. I am on my birthday night you know political editor has had a birds by the way it's up 3630s. The disk 38 Miller's right with a two yes they do below zero writes that I number of solvent courtesy cars. Are you a question thus don't Beavis and Butthead. Weren't they worked part time. Burger joint you know. McDonnell. In the world. The world. I don't think there's. Coffee so gay isn't there for all eyes millions of but do Americans could easily got a mirror in front of you I'm. And our place right now I gotta get talking up. Yeah. Adult. Who are you to question. Would shoulder and did you throw spilled salt. I believe that you elect shall. C thank you the pep talk felt very good. You guys do that with that he still assault or some of your shoulder no. Why is he wrote I get my fellow pet dog real on the one. All right you know and you could people who you cannot you can do this just concentrate on poop just. How they usually dialing 844999. All those are nice and doesn't read like a big game desert is thank Jack and welcome to the. I don't know the only time. Doing great man. It's over enough over the I looked over. So Virginia. I'm sure you're aware of the men's room pulpit one to eat fruit flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored food. I'm definitely going to complain that I created. I'm not heard me. You say that mountain. You think he could remember what that outcome of cumin and people who irritated with you. I think rightly so to be fair miles to the time to bring good news affiliate job on the far right eyebrow of the big dog in you you didn't awful wounds and and as I didn't want her loyalty will I know people really expect it would make me. I mean you know he. Do I thought it would be off sometime sometimes the target of far left duffel Derrick I don't know I didn't. All right here is your question but what is her she's most popular product. Who flavored ice cream. A lot of looting or regular. Chocolate products. The reason. I ever felt colonial Mumbai she's. Did you first draft purchased are so many of the battle with the woods so what's the big competition at the Pepsi to Coke is it Eminem martyrs march. So Mars is not Hirsh now but. Leases is. Her yet Reese's Hershey's car or does mess we fit in this. And nobody I don't like RC cola but they also do. You can't guard Daryn yes the crunch bars are there must say yea I. Are your question. What brand of cat crude was advertised by more respect it. Are you let it be eager to be deterred you won't lies I don't know what you know oh yeah. And you know go out there. Okay it's. Little over the central. I think we have makes it's about now now now now now ma'am ma'am no ma'am no ma'am they're there we have rounded. You know long. It took me to learn words or so and then you had more us form our lives have been rescued or some stuffy white cat doctor Gomez eats she. I think yeah you've Hugo. What fictional town as the Netflix. Series stranger things supposed to take place. I don't know. Yeah we'll all form the way. I don't know. We feel like I don't know if that was the entire reflecting a lot of red flip. Not reflect France Italy politics pocket and out. Story about kids a good friends with. For Larry bird's. As you Farouk upbeat from scratch with yeah. Could cook. Who's he Giuliani has earned a white he teaches the stuff that clearly is little unity government are what only may in this town Larry what do you like oh well around than friendly it is good but it. I what is the trail behind jet planes made of all men are home boy and a technical. Yeah sabres. Water vapor and I would. It is detrimental to breath life. I don't thought I don't question for you not doing too bad. All right there with male Muslim is is in my hawk let's go to word in that album struggled to open house. Dog it only. Prior to eleven maybe maybe get some call. That's a mole engines centers but as the mold since it's another term for what reform act. What are the income that they clearly farmers do. Our. Well it now. Hey buddy though Mandela and other government artificial insemination to have Massimo government doesn't with a that as bad things as deference or you know I mean and then if you got a worked at thing regulatory gears on you all night you for the handlers usually like me right exactly you know I'm tracking. It out on it and it is absolutely well and I know what happens naturally doesn't let you do you like you're talking about Summers and that he knew the secret is they just if you're gonna. Disney donate four point 999 fellows are nice and does incredibly big game. Hello Dick. Welcome to the mentor. It's over it's over. Welcome to show there and del Carmen street Paul would you rather equal flavored ice cream or ice cream flavor proved. Accurately equipment ice cream flavor food rather listen here sometimes those who do bruise tasty Doocy you know. And whenever that does anyone who ever knew man and my guess I'm an island brother you might think it is but I don't think a lot of gonna look like raising that. What do your proof team barber for my rivalries and that's. Now with data provide could pick out your proving a little better to be the most the other actors. The front as he buries right to act like like horse who looks like of a brand bar like a fiber breakfast because it's got all the Haiti and everything is ready any day area packed improved. It's so big and really be sure this week. So they invented it oh my followers Google bought over breakfast cereal. Are dear to question what was he regional purpose for breeding the dog breed check out. Shouted out well to eat new. You can tell home. You look at the list doesn't. This. They don't look like the guy hey. We're gonna dog did you increase that. I don't know that specific breed AD. Or unique token Christina lord candidates faced when it what was it similar to. At a little green eco light. OK and what what what what color was in the place a very good indistinguishable and a. OK. You also Griese dog food. Co own day to Griese dollars. Are your question what kind of root is a calm quiet. Former federal worse than trying to help kids comply. Cellular yearly. Couldn't want. Just sit there are two dominion though. Now the food. All right this is a staple in newspapers now what first appeared in the New York moral newspaper in 1913. Ergonomics. Everybody to death and I'll tell. I don't think the concept of social media. When we'll you Rhode alone there have food through a hole in question for. That's right on paper on the cross for us would sea creatures that only animal that can turn it stomach inside out. As I had some people. Refer to the rectum business. Blowfish. Sure problem that affects the Arctic this. I thought I value my words. Get this man and hit the need frankly very good Dick OK here you go well though they're neighbors. This does make done it far far 999 Ole if you would like to be a contestant or a big dummy coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. I have driven dragons don't shot today is on the way there return of no as Sherlock right before that and meantime the game is big dummy if you like a big intensity for four. 9990. Lives Steve was our next contestant rant played a big game hello. You know. If you look and yeah. I'm not a damn thing today he's sober enough to over. I need. They're not sober Joan nice job I love to their rounds grown up the West Virginia just outside of Pittsburgh you're semi Jeanette in Pittsburgh manners like nine may Internet. You know yeah hardly any and all you Pittsburgh you can get anything with your name on like license plate and Hinske changed yet today do you net net net. And had done miserable today think Lundy who flavored ice cream ice cream flavored Booth. Flew. To train other two have you are you twins. Now is it brand I'll cut you guys salad goes preview did from the signing. Two girls on the homeland. Somehow hey what's different than mullah. I'm which a friend's name Paula. Doreen Dora a name adoring hanging out didn't have to not move. We are stricken. I think. You're in. You go girl. Please yeah. Oh here's the question oddly enough the old car. And new money you aliens that come line. Yeah. And you can't say all the radio. Children. Yeah don't work at night. Well I cast or go back here as far as drugs are concerned are we gonna take the approach of. Caffeine and nicotine. And alcohol all those things almost all those things count and okay and I think here. Scotty caffeine and based on T the right. All these easy call easy so it is I would go you can't alcohol. Is an alcoholic alcohol and you want to go back to Jeannette doing pride are contrived potty mouth I don't trust their but I wanna go back. You know Arnold was inevitably do and that was on the main draw really look like she encourages you to personal look you don't mean. Adori would be the darn reason I give up its act that mother or friend of fairies there actually drink anymore didn't expect it to make complete. I do now welcome back to the program. I did you know thinking they'd let them. What I'm out. Thank you Doreen and chrome are you to question which African country is the birthplace of checkers. As in the game up doesn't know the hamburger both got. She's good reason to believe that perhaps luckily. Like what he sort of took her so if you. Came into. It and is you're yes. I. Can I did don't know all the I had asked. I shake. Hideki united checkers I went to where I currently have a new America is Google what people that thought Derek yeah if I check here than these seeing. My god you mean this is a busy torn African nation you would not know the month. Are you question. What is the most popular Dallas good photographer yeah. It. Intermediate goods vehicle what are the most popular green vegetable. Oh yeah. I. Okay. They've a let the chips. I do I have. Watch out. Looks like there's an iceberg. Glad straight ahead. Vice we're left right all we HL let's tell. All right here isn't quite as different content providers who Omaha. His wife so what and then I had I had. The which Berman animal Walsh is its food and water before you call good for a that's sanitary. The most unique a fish. The raccoon rector who won't direct uno washes Alter quotas and vegetables. I guess so I don't know that wouldn't you want your food to if most of your food came out of somebody else traffic or dumpster absolutely doesn't pay well yeah yeah I hear you. What they learned how to engage in any Doreen. I think in the coming on the show she reckons all the time list. There's not a body of water it wears you Washington I don't read the whole time and lo and him running water. Got into American men. There's no doubt if are far 999 all of those are nice contestant ready to play the big game. Hello Jeremy welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. In this Phillies over nothing. Am over there for Jeremy welcome. Our miserable today Jeremy is but one day each who flavored ice cream ice cream flavored proof. All. I've been thinking about that pulled out. For the typical day dream. I would smell good. I don't know never had a I'm assuming that it doesn't matter I mean it normally ice cream smells like the flavor than it is for this in this case include. Flip flopped the nuts and sprinkle it supplement just Goran. All I. Arm I don't have to log located oops I don't know that it's all about but I have I go to the the equivalents and I can confide that I don't. We'll cut. You're tougher man than me. All right here's the question what drinks did bock enjoy so much that he wrote assault report. All the Sebastian Bach. Known as Sebastian Bach a via removable. I have no idea I listened. I'll just. Stuff since I'm nearly as inside that's. I could do the whacked off a year. Palin go dad go to get a bunch act said when I grow our hero world and were table tennis balls originally made. It'll all. Hook ups if somebody didn't do anything. I man. And David and most. I'd say it. Would it. Work. Number David did. But we'll talk it. Okay yeah golden mean of course. Maybe correct welcome here. What a raccoon. So the balls made a cork before you could hit I believe that you put it okay. Making them cork soaker that would be correct that is right reckons that little known facts about around those court so there's. Where in your body when you find bought also put. OCC IP UT. Call me. In your back. It says to us. I'll give you. Question four Jeremy. A guy by the name of key camp Gillette. Was the creator of what's in the 1895. And later. Who else could it be the stadium inventor I don't think they could have been Angeles David is really done a far far 999 all of those are next contestant rated later games. Hello will welcome to the men's room. Hello. Old little boat. That's over will welcome the shift men's room pull that one need proof flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored yeah. Well. All all the big oh. They did it a little cape like I screamed. And I can take but I won't go in the Booth. They're like I explained that they thought who've. Well they're two different times vice president and one is on ice cream is in fact who they labor like guys theory here. Joining food right agreement that is coming out there will blow through your day like I couldn't get any although maybe there's more troops off. All all. There's been troubling Gloria although I have. There's no easy answer myself. Look this seven year old Jesus for research project segment we're just doing this for the better of a Linda is a seven year old son to. All yeah it all all the publicity thing keeping them. And this was harder than your second grade. Okay now there's actually been making him under the newly blue it really does security and a vote for ice cream flavored group then. And air lol yeah okay. Writers of course like this would remind you are you don't actually have to eat the pollute just a question about this but it's okay it would automatically gets on your homework oh were you warned your account for half an hour brought Ottawa back. I want you know I don't know what it. Who wrote the star spangled banner. I can't imagine being a secondary collapse I don't know. I'll give you had. Also were minor league team with me they're stadiums in Maryland. All of that out so I. The first thing. Did Francis Scott Key mall in front of Maryland. An insane person. Almost. Francis Scott they went into the JC Penney's that hey woody doing this weekend can you write something. You on the mall Diller got what the star spangled banner. And to hot commodities to equipment and Oprah yeah yeah you wrote the united and all and regret the big deal to the United States and it's a reward you. There's a place called Frederick Maryland. Really boosted him up good work out of you Villanova he wrote that sitting down. The I guess the main team after two right Keith. Frederick keys that. Oh gives her name was Fredricka. I did a story isn't even got back at me and he really have to check our your is your question. What action star is known as. The muscles from Brussels who. Although all of some say damn yeah. I. Tomorrow. I'm on. Having a comeback JC DD. All the young ball mandate it's. Okay game is big dummy four point 999 Olin who is our next contestant ready to play the game them hello Tyler welcome to the mantra. Okay. Tyler proposed today I think when people flavored ice tea right stream cleared from. Stallone I. The third among the best and I had no idea who flirt. Who flared as committed to leases. Newton. Trust those bids it is just like a big goal bullet yes. If you question. In Sweden whenever some car accidents involve what animal. Dear. Friedman. Patient secretly called. You still. I don't think they should at least a moose head beer back and saying Canada real popular at this moment elicited a much anymore or it isn't at the moose drool who stroll on Montana new. That's pretty decent but moose milk somehow tomorrow moose drool to me sounds go to the illusion. All right I'm just might it be set and I would rather have a balk at a moose drool or Bakken and who's modem in my click here for the month talking cold snacks got to move so McCain. I'm more of an old. Tied to a question to. Sergeant Joseph Friday he was the hero of what detective shield. I had no idea dragons. Historical. They'd get. What recreational mode of transportation. Was invented in 176. It was huge and sudden. Ethical. But I guess over. In the nineteen trillion people who love to hear mistake. We knew a guy that was out there almost eight champ now. Okay. Do roast it's kind of coming back all right career day. They're it's a thing people are gold skate again. Question for talent as my daughter resided birthday party members of the roller skating and wow that's the only time your life he ever enough there. Oh god yes god you're gonna Brett you know whether to go global next door. One at a bar and back Somalis over. All right in the Alfred Hitchcock film the trouble Harry what was actually the trouble with Harry. Never in shared they go weekend at Bernie's. You're a murderer who. Well yeah okay. I'm looking back we converted. Mean same as vacation they've got a dead body of a car there. Take it everywhere DeVon now it's funny to think job they're dead body off weekend at Bernie's was saying this house is so nice sort of party with the dead body yet we then made a mistake otherwise I'm vacation my own though. I read an article right when mammals did authorities later more locomotive were. It was a nice there was discussion of what Oscar for a movie then. He played dead so well. Your question what did George Washington what type of Al called George Washington soak his wooden teeth and for flagrant. Which. So if you throw his purple. Maybe it was my memorabilia. That they put. Tried Tyler was in sixth. For a let her name is given to handle the sword or dagger. I. It's towards going to be necessary but kept grip. Mike Miller it. Which US state was the setting for the animated movie Pocahontas. It. Would be the movie about a Elizabeth Warren. Delaware. Floyd. Virginia plus you know. Little did let them just before us right there and edit the Minnesota Jamestown. Also known as Jimmy tang. All right what do the letters SPG stand for and basketball players statistics. Shot and it. Close enough to prevent. He'll. All right questions nine Tyler first to recognize and are. Peace overnight and not so sober. Says I was union underneath. I look kind of burden as the dances plume of the most beverage per square inch. There's a murder we eat this is not a burden relieved OK automatically my guess. All I know what it is right to make all. Then we'll hang. Oh American. It was so cold and the question then Tyler. What birdie there that I was gonna say Turkey at the top of him. I was as they pick up. Noted that. It. Art which three US states have deliver peace in the nation's into Mississippi. Pennsylvania. And what East Coast and he's ghost city your state stateside. Greg your. Three states and of the what are. In the north east of the country. And it's not like the old boy. It sure I am. Adam Terry Edwards barely figure nine to get one right to it actually held at the very get. David big dummy if you like to make it does an 844999. All. Silicon had seven out dead meat and potatoes as the psychology. Of fast food aboard contestants were big Demi come and you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have joined the men's room. I've had a day jab and out tests may details on away with the psychology of fast food. Food how the fast food industry gets in your mind to make you order more delicious cheese burgers. Let's go to a dead meat and potatoes in the meantime the game is big Demi 8449990. Let Steve goes next contestant ready to play the big game hello Bucky welcome to the men drew. Media silver not silver. That's overbooking welcome to the show. Would you. Rather eat tofu flavored ice cream ice cream flavor group that's the men's room full today. Is flavored and care. And we also have to give credit where it's due that was suggested by Linda seven year old son who wanted to know the answer the question now is there's a very bright future you don't like it you know like where his head is act. All right here is your question what was the name of the mailman I'm signed self. Never once and maybe. Told everybody it's. Happy birthday today and just one year players know that advertise. And I make sense played in Washington who just down the week. Pardon question what does a lower just island an area in Europe. I. The small military and. Great great you know. Throw it right so if you skip over absolutely true question but yeah. Great that. All right what continent was home to the Inca civilization. Yeah. Good job you know I don't know Betty goes were known by the other drives us the status distinct religion like India and couldn't talk Jamie is up big dummy a powerful are 999. Alone who's our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello lethal welcome to the men drew. I thought I'd do it right. Yeah yeah yeah. Lethal Holyfield Holyfield. ITF. Why is the only eagle test perfect and he really bruised and they wouldn't just go lethal than what we see just to confuse people. At least let Lisa with you sober now so. Over at rightly so would you rather. People flavored ice cream or ice cream flavor foods. Well these units I knew it would scoot into it I complainer I think I'd at least be able to keep it down to who go to that. Judy go through labor rights groups yeah. Are there with you got to. All right here's the question which he won the 201516. NBA championship. I'm not about boss sir I do not know what year. Tony 56 owns 4050 and cavaliers extra. I'm seeing it. Our four main ingredients of a Margarita. Came out triple site lemon juice in what's. Would that be like I. We'll. The moon where. And gift certificate that constantly yeah they do come of the line. Thank you don't consider main ingredient yes the end comical rusher. All right let's stick. What is the minimum age a person must be to run for president of the United States of America. About the drinking age when he won it. Thirty synergies. Finally they only knew about that I. I left 21 year old Oregon man not burn the United States presence all he I don't know if his time as. Apparently sold on once I was gonna give a second here letter lovely affiliates identified themselves game is being done it until time if you like to be a contestant. He's 44999. Cola more of big dummy at least a working on the question number twenty knots over go to the second tier. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.