09-13-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets In Your Head

Thursday, September 13th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has Fast Food Psychology! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Got here I come out their Big Ten OK Jeff the psychology of fast food you know I sure like dirty Germans making an appearance as well let me jump game is big dummy 8449990. Look we have Lisa on the line she is playing for team not sober and on question. Number four. Here is your question. Every United States presidents since FDR has remained the time magazine's person of the year at least once. Except there's one view. Is the president who has never been named time magazine's person of the. And Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Mean. I'm just gonna go on a limb and guess Oakley he. It's okay. Richard Nixon. He made things happen personal data put a legacy will not elect. Gerald our star forward that cap now our own lives personally. I think getting the president is exactly. There are multiple choice the longest years ever at. Was the 1970s and 1971. And 1972. Just give a mind. It was a leap years sort of measure today go to also added two extra leap seconds breaking the longest you ever. He moved all the Iowa and around then I'm going to thank you can anyone. Ninety sevenths. Pull inflation back. I'm closer to six weeks with. Are true or false. Ducks quack in different accents depending where the for a. Well first off at any. It shouldn't all. The little. Austin well. Column and those are real ducks the elder a different accidents that they they did quite well my daddy okay today and Louise is jail levee here quit at that game quite. Dave is big dummy a 4499911. Was an ice can doesn't read play a big game hello nick. Welcome to the men's room. So we're not filled. Silver nick welcome to the show. Men's room in all 51 to eat fruit flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored food. I know one question comment all right. So that ice cream flavor to. Mean is it. Like you know you know be out once and Emma it's like if you eat a banana and he has a banana flavored like there's nothing like it when guys. So is that I can play Republican matchup if the schools I don't know I don't really good these guys for its ice cream flavored proof. The food is proof like you'd put in the toilet group limited to iPhone Flynn tonight and I got that that was fired the group flavor I feel much dependent and I haven't tried it but you know your item in this. When you drink it grape soda is he's nothing like graves which are familiar with the artificial place of great. We're gonna assume that there is not the technology it's Emeka artificial food flavor and Henry is a straight up to a group. Like you and I like I'd go without book Labor Day and that. People really thing about the colonial you're faced with a situation in order one man I feel like this deserves some thought you know. Ari is the question what does the only NBA team that has a winning record all time against every single a recruit. Clean I don't pay attention that at all I'm gonna name our random wanna. Lakers. We've seen as. Nothing is never beat another team and they remember all I don't know when he left there the whole time so if you're 23 times you wanna be. I don't only he'll do his thing. Credited him probably. Silently one of the best friend Charles San Antonio senator. Oh yeah I put the silent assassin could. Have trouble down there this year do it 000. But tour. I just won the super fight when their main guy's been injured stuff and he came back into. It's odd to see that he just he just doesn't wanna play there anymore but he just always raced you earlier deceit and kinda have that you have done gone off. Are here is your question what state is the most northern most western and most eastern states in the United States. The I got a little thought on the right now. It's a. There's a few of the title back to cross into the Eastern Hemisphere television. No deft and must from the left and northern most and greatest pop. Cards are false who has been Immersion of Playboy print and braille since 1970. I just want it as well oh sure the goat trail yeah. Year I now on for the pictures for shark. That's why doesn't know it there it raises up to uses an exacting its look like you can make fun of it all you want it's the one time there was an arena for the articles that I actually believe all three with one hand I agree with me well and it Greenwood both hands on the peninsula this works. There's a dollar 844999. Alone who's our next contestant right by the games hello Scotty welcome. It's. All right Gary was senior political. Solar welcome news shows. Brady left miserable the blood need through flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored who. How did they get about the assault there where. And glad we do not require that it whether they're glad we get occupy your time. Thank you coming up to go to. It's clear that it's okay hopefully a lot of fuel we talk about this later on tonight with the family discussing his movies don't remember dance movement numbering about. All right here is your question. How many times are really fried beans actually for us. Hello. Cabrera lived there from the French late in the. Well fried beefed. About atmosphere of the three front being that we just got. We're McBride. Through the Moreland I'm an affront. I mean I think we re Friday would you assume the second time but it's just always throws me off as they come I can't and not an hour they're worried about the right behind. Yeah. Are we got a pure false form. Neil Armstrong and the crew from Apollo eleven had a fellow customs forms and landed back on earth. A little. Yeah no way airmen are no way everything to claim to know why don't tomorrow you've got to be getting event of our cause inflate it. It's never just easy. You don't believe like you into the freaking lose even if you stay bay is that of the flag you come bag you hope it'll burn up on her three and previous arrivals all things like. Yeah if you do decide how 12. Fellow these forums. Yeah they were only in California. The it gave his big Demi par par 999 alone with our next contestants are ready to play the big game today walked off the sound stage in men have saved customs like 200. But in the warehouse hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. All lob it still are not. Jeff is over now for over. Obama over Jeff welcome to the show. Men's room poll suggested violence the seven year old son picked one to eat food flavored ice cream or ice cream flavor hook. That's the need. Three flavorful. Check cream flavored proven it. What flavor would you give up. Chocolate baby. Yeah I feel for the most specifically would not want job. Who led I'd gone all in LA. Are you to question and does it matter. Well the flavor there short maybe. I mean look I know me deterred but when you say chocolate like it just reminds going to be that there might have for breakfast that well maybe not the statue of children. Yet not healthy at this. I just I don't look banana flavor and supplement doesn't remind me of those who is not cancel. All right your question what animal injures more zoo keepers and any other animal we'll. Monkey. I'm saying you know waiting. Injures. Drifters are people who those animals are more likely to end. Have you monkeys do they get mad weird things out. Negative. And as a mammal. Of the four legged variety. And I found off on the plains of Africa. Client yeah zebra and zebra Jamal good they've never been domesticated and so aggressive like their conflicts they can pump you a tournament. Usually about foot. Look kid you're so I mean like it doesn't matter apparently how much time is spent there gonna really get used to people aren't they gonna take you the vehicle. Death travel is that a problem it was. All right your question. Multiple choice instant replay started adds. The 1960 Winter Olympics yeah Super Bowl three. Or the World Series. Yeah. Keep instant replay the 1960 Winter Olympics and Super Bowl three or won't she. I'm Olympic. I guess the same tubes just by photo finish known. Alley answer yeah you never basically what happened was. There was a 1960 Winter Olympics in squaw valley California which you do. Other judges as CBS if they can review the tape of one events to see if the skier had missed the deep in the slump. Ultra good about my season is another and as I've been realized right so CBS. They went ahead with the idea and I was a reports have to make government by guys he would troll. This I think is I don't know the guy actually may negate in the swallowing up until now because of us skiing we have to wait five minutes and NFL football game interview ever go to law you've got to figure out a different conversations. And everywhere on the stadium's CNN ever MTV's the ten week what are you are a good thing you have until they have good. In gold technology in the prim league as far as the ball crossing. I'll late that you can tell if it actually went yeah fine yes. Is a prim I don't I don't know I don't go out there how did they could even draw artificial lions on the field for television viewer Lara how hard it is he issued a laser beam across the goal line or whatever it is any kind of indication where. The Balkans draws Golan. Lights go off. Maybe you might have to review it and if he doesn't alerted put into the ball. You put it on the nose of the goals and yet to put an art but now those of the I don't get it does down even I know I gotta touch on the ball goes I got sideways to someone's mug immediately and I. The one yard run whatever it. The points of the ball that made it but the round marred did I really don't. All ball somehow has to be able to be a while now you have to go down the whole ball. Yeah. Table tennis ball sick. It kinda does very go on another victim are still going head to heads have announced its meat and potatoes as a psychology of fast food no I sure like has gone up. Stay tuned for the dirty Germans they are up next you're listening to them into radio network. Israel went. Tip on the way decimated details as the psychology of fast food the first time reviewing emails in the men's room mad men's or live dot com yeah. Guys like to request a birthday song for my daughter Emilia ten today can we get enough oh look out and and Al hitting the window that from mom dad and Oscar category goes. 00. Because I'd like to wish my Sunday evening having tense trip around the son I love you and wish I could be there on your birthday instead of driving a semi in the snow through Montana. How much they big dummy daily double that would be the cat right as of now. Everything about that from drugs and I could you address until the happy birthday with a big old draw. I Jenkins and some dirty Germans thanks guys that from Jeff senior. Boom coaches say the cumulative donation at the moment Doug Newby is solar house. It's. Now made up on the source of this is to put them you can go home at halftime suggestion yeah. Guys did your birthday is just my boyfriend mark from Cheryl he listens you guys every day happy birthday sweetie you're the love in my life and it's a wonderful life culture at all. He'll listen here. Number they thought they only dry Jake inside to my brother in law Bubba a great having another cowboys fan in the family you know god thanks guys that for Matthew. I. At any time in January is nobody Alex's birthday love to get a big old bomb rib and a geez Louise enjoy the model that from Kirk can be X Graham crackers. And wait till it has amassed since ninth birthday this is how are remembered and it's also the birthday of a long time co worker and friend of mine Kevin Brown's hair ball. Which carries a guy to get much European as is too small and some dirty Germans thanks guys rock on that from the boat builder. Yahoo! we have such tonight enables you to complain in the fortune and usually you scream Jimmie it did. Guys have almost everything about used to be stuck in her. From Robert from his daughter Emery and Lilly can you give them a little kid fish sandwich please thanks guys love the show. Or take shots on beautiful girlfriend Kylie just turned 21 gonna celebrate at Queens of the Stone Age. Gonna get a big old Lee year old Lloyd Jenkins thanks guys appreciate it. Yeah. Guys there's my fiance Brandon AKA band's 31 I want to do quick shot on sale lobby hope today's been great but you also give them and I'll look outs in an Al hitting the window. Much appreciated that from Tina go look at. All pillows my name is no boy aired shoots the ball make a rule as cruise or cruise. And today I'm 46 and wanna know if I get a birthday song followed by my car doing the auctioneer bits. Thanks guys and have a great day. But a lot about the mother bunches of this but you better confident in my about a mile about a that is such about a bit about about a put it in a better better better better better better it is better Betty about about a bit better about it and the thing about presented its better when he's in here man isn't it CO workers whose brain guys in my forties and a third downloading are now hitting the window and a little kid they say always is a dirty talk from thriller in the dead Smith. Thanks guys that from the other dead longtime listener. Okay. It's. Yeah room who can open your pants and pitchers injured. Josh Grogan tickets for around Asia. To her she couldn't Turkish yoga. Hose my dad made me birthday today and I know he reloaded you guys think the birthday song. And you love and I'll look out at an Al hitting the window thanks guys have a great day go look at. Oh I never did Jim Hoover an original face damages your penis is too small banks in the second shift crew here in bowling fish sandwich. It's all of all ages levied on the today good time Jenny turns 39 for the second time that she's a beautiful wonderful mother who wants nothing more than the dirty some Germans to wish her happy birthday. At the luckiest man in the world husband Justin. I'm not too much of a pilot who tell them I must containment of the industry. Sodomy doing enough to be there. The nickname is the time Jenny. Miles today's birthday big 55 love that she and another round of golf can you announce that forming plus a little dirty German. From dead and thrilled as from about Iraq. Yeah tonight if you could tickle my. Brought into play golf and it's a program commission. A golf club with a golf club. Our guys really oh happy happy about it. I mean I've been America it's I'm beyond any I. You don't you tell you know. But it's. Low. Doesn't they're two Germans brought. Available through news and world in a men's lives does come another sign retailers. Am trying to fly jetBlue bringing tells the shadow of the day is on the way the return on know as you're like as well the first time enjoy. Check it out staged brutal. I don't know heart this fellow help get there al-Qaeda people don't want us messy segment something that's not a couple off a quick comment at comments. All right everybody likes fast to write short. Whether you're in a hurry or you're just like hey I want you get a cheeseburger at this place like you like to go to fast food but. Unfortunately for you there's ten little tricks they're using psychological tricks man. Judy even realize it's happening. They used read on everything moved scientists I think the color red stimulate your appetite when you see it. Orange yellow pink work to do but think McDonald's in and out fat burger chick filet Carl's you checkers. Our own Larry is good or they are there right now and that's that's the color of the makes you wanna eat fast meaning he does with mossy ridge never thought of that but you're absolutely continue tragic. Everett doesn't think it's all the Omaha. Taco bells you've got a little. Yeah any Berger the fans didn't read into. That little red even five guys spread their rights that's an army at your right every army's red. I feel violated Jackie a big winners like managerial candidate and some luck. Over the that was my blog here at that and I really thought of the desert you'd there's no there's no. Blew her. Narrow green come to get a burger I wanna vampires always have to feed me and like your blood red Notre Dame no more hunger said he didn't shake. Mean I mean I can go ought to knock me out I would just want. I've read all I really lay low. Now. Kris. Read them some to sign with the they'll smell good. How base lease up as a huge impact on you act like they're saying here like there's a reason in its energy walking into the mall east both these doubles and about me. So yes they always smelled good and Obama brings everyone into the food garden general than they do they wanna do once again right did you smell you you follow that smelled assumed an annular cool panda express. And it's funny are different places have different smells like Tony McDonald's. The overwhelming smell is the French trapped without without a doubt but I feel like it Burger King the overwhelming Seles the parkers and it's annoying noise that fresh bread. You look at those subways and I'll read AM like come on I didn't think so well after the break it Britain I wish I feel. It's full report. Basically those pictures you see the giant closeup of the perfectly cooked perfectly Bill Berger. An economic dismantle fast food joint pain you know. Well I think it's that she's always ridge just right man who mainly play yeah its purpose of our. Perfect on the corners in the finale at a shot at name your sources as the ones that do the fake plastic. There with a fake plastic guys in the face classic guitar and continued to take better take a bite and you look at it like oh my god man that does not look like they're going to be degraded those employed also men illustrated another testament home just a mess of people but I'll say this written my father years ago my mama don't tomorrow as but he ended up. Got to lose some people may French's mustard they were about to launch a line of barbecue sauces or something like that. My father who's not a chef he gets tapped to be the gathered take a picture from the site. Some new look at the bad to much like you've got to show up on our life is turned a big tall ships hat and then in his hand. Is this platters would put more beautiful rack of ribs you've ever seen in your life solid kid of the time on what do you do get to eat them at the in the shoot is like. They were made of wood it was mostly shellac is like this there is nothing admirable about. Yeah. That was a that was great that that blew my mind when he told me quite rare do you think you look at food and commercial. It would be like everybody it's photographer right and sometimes he takes pictures of foods to the restaurants yeah. And on the site its actual food and it's the best that it's ever gonna look and see how do you get to eat it. He's a raw I don't know which usually call I would eat all the food that he picks up he hit it in maybe just maybe more after Henderson's I. Glass and top forty music relaxing music like classical and jazz tends to keep people in the restaurant longer. So fast food chains generally are gonna happen faster pop music to make these leaks didn't turn out so fast food. Yeah and then had a Matt. It doesn't allowed the pot and I yellow. Does yeah did I I auditor brown grass and I figured if we added that. So sad about strip job he Idaho. I'm Greg Lemond was short as you know I can cook well. And it you don't see me he would tell you about a trip they get to be a law and order plan to social workers but really I love you have to get in the hoop earrings or even the duke guys they don't let me get him out and house. It is not that narrow the. He'll veto office this week the restaurant it's less Wear combos and it would for each of you know. Bought separately but if you get that deals and we should buy more food than you would buy otherwise OK okay us. So it's. So we'll debate Jim Rome. Brown right through it if it hit it lied aid. Good fool I'm guarding you. The bright light aid picket the practice but he keeps you forever. We both at five that didn't really want to Izzard as though the opening of the whole idea that you must vacate the government doesn't physically mentally classical music outside the building up front keep almost we will from sleep and corrects on the fast food editor anyone's job they don't want to be in the want to look man does it drive through bar food and get the hell they have been doing everything they can't get exams and to not be there what do they have to spend all that money damages due attention and drive up. Well only feature got so bad at a luncheon. But just about turnover. Right Anthony Lake if you set it up in a rush hour whatever you like or number food you might order more alcohol the check is gonna go right McDonald's late US order in the homeboy you know you can play caller I don't turn I'm Geraldo but is solid you look at McDonald's go others nor does it. In I wish somebody would be faster because I don't wanna sit back corner this corner and Abu that this move is a one dude you got a little boy and he's almost exactly yeah. Keeping menu options limited. The games to give you good selection without overwhelming you you would too many options here that Cheesecake Factory in for about six seconds per menu category router you'll have Blake. Five different chicken sandwich is far different burgers and online customer data. A very appealing names and descriptions. Of certain match did say it was due to. Coffee is always aromatic. The beef is always says. You get none yet none right think about that artisan bread yeah. Like right to do is use certain words they break early Greece smoke pretty thin however just bake it burlap mask make it right which are fine where maple smoke are melt the geez. Right the well first of within a quicker Roosevelt I think the reason they say melting Jesus meego does not necessarily Derry. Solve Orlando by there aren't they are not direct line to your ethics duty here lately with melted cheese to go okay displays actually there's licensees. Melky Jesus probably that you dip. Different sizes for the same night. Restaurants make more profit off smaller sizes. So they may be added the large ones basically that large on purpose because they want people to buy the small the whopper junior. Play into your deal. Yeah well that's what they did biggest sizes massive writes a lot of people just instinctively go I'm so small Fries small Coke right. That's what they want man does it make it all that extra money off those maps multi. I want to get debased. Okay and that's not true movie popcorn as I get the barge everytime I read I give sliders and I I enjoyed just you know delivering a Phillies. Demand they be white castle and mariner or whatever the deal as the smiley taste better if I get a slider for whatever reason. A much happier unified has gotten a god damn sandwich in the normal size but I haven't I TD to maybe two hamburgers and sitting in Cuba sliders on firming I don't say all I 88 in a minute I don't feel the guilt. Ali more. Yeah that's the thing to give more of them blending I would be more of a normal bar would every go to a fast you do get a couple birch sugar was her idea but regular rest judges get one bra attitude right now if you don't have. Thank you bacon no blue and New York crazy barbecue western with a with a particular studies have I think it's good that they. It's liars like. Before these enough. Just. Did an army on a 10 are OK let's do that. Like about a special menu design it's they put the expensive items to the upper right quarter. That's your eyes tend to do first when you're when your read it sure they also highlights certain items from making them bigger than the rest and putting. A box random. A box means and I'm gonna be attracted to it meant as a doctor I Oca yet there's a box around you know need to visit a special deal like. Two for whatever but generally they'll be a little box Iran official weigh in the Sony improve yourself like we knew it used to about public today put a box under hadn't noticed everyone's going to look at. It's is that he's a big one of those you look at that look at that dial box stuff. Right we need I say I'm still I'm still love my mind blowing about the colors of the fast food restaurants will devote jungles. Among your every weird fast food no we're not doing even so what is running low but subway isn't as in the middle rent. A big screen and in their colors are young and also remember bread is. Is the most persuasive but they've been saying that orange and yellow orange yellow and pink flip play into not only is he read job. Jimmy Johns is red panda express quit rose. What about taco time is of common stock go time is another blow to borrow wrote tomorrow. But ray morrow yeah a lot of revelation makes a very wary of the green what I DQ. The Interpol way. Wendy and escapist. And doesn't psychologically to even mess with you for years brown. So I had Jeff we appreciate their young psychology of fast food would that ship hi sue a government attorney tells whose job today the return of no as Sherlock is coming up next. You are listening to the badger radio network. Which is you. I'm gonna drink until show today is moments away the first our own Steve the throw hill Colmes the little things. Bush gave birth stories weather headlines it's. Mood and a ocean and Sherrod Lott and. Maybe you can be addictive and may lure teenagers to smoking science. I. And they act. And should not. Verizon will not be using tax cuts to boost spending on network upgrades. Monkey's uncle. Joseph. Researchers at the university Bjork of found no evidence to support the theory that video games make players more violent. Yeah. A sure. Plug out of the Q and but it game's first kind of broke onto the scene they start of the studies then. They continue to do the mound a deep reaching the same conclusion how many more times you need to reach the same answered for you believe it. My neighbors to the nice piece of meat and ice that are there and he just played those games all the time because what I did they heard of dragons the day today that the Americans watch more TV than any other country. And I know and. No safe level of smoking exist for cardiovascular disease smokers and aimed to quit instead of cutting back. Doesn't mean you're smokers shouldn't smoke going kennel then they wanna I wanna earn an additional one smoke a pack. Poor health literacy can be dangerous for heart failure patients boy yeah. Show. Day. And bill countries stay in a bag just isn't the same since he was accused of sexual monstrosity is GU well occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl not included. In DC could go to the ocean I don't know I know you don't. Around half of all doctors appointments shortly study finds. And she. And path have you ever know showed about a dark informed of the time you were told and it started within five minutes. The only way that works if you the first appointment. Many may mean may you know I've I've just never Hamlin started at the time they told me I need. And let's see thrown addicted teams aren't as happy as those who play sports or hang out in real life. Well monkey's uncle. Sherlock thank you see we've heard you aren't around and no immunity during a down somebody else ends his series to be ready. Men's room. It's just who it is. Davydenko and as usual we had to be very gas cans even throw the fun out nor. Tells yes indeed and today we told someone known only as Solso walker so also war betters are Twitter handle now face a do nothing more comfortable than having sex. In the family home especially when you have your siblings around well 11 that would be salted water she learned the hard way. She found out that maybe you should save the stakes for when the home was empty. This after her eleven year old sister made clear vision over her sister and remorse for having sex and proceeded to fill every room in the house was angry posted this kid. Very very if I was sure he does some of the notes. But the job of for a I didn't mind part of the problem was they also have sex in the kitchen I'll. And that is why the one note reads you tainted my transcripts. We continue. On at being eleven goes smash meaning that don't smash somewhere else. You don't need to find happened Jesus. And you're both growth sinners nasty. This is what that there's he had sex in the name web delay got something to eat whatever it was she came home there was a pretty much. Every single room and house and he's supposed to build from the very disturbed eleven year old so I don't blame out of like the fact of the eleven girls like I'm FB eleven years old. Yeah I mean let's get I'm miles Linda skim the cream of the crop obviously the stuff I was like I'm every eleven like eleven guilty to the term smash it and go smash so morality you're tainted mattress gets in the all need to acting find Jesus. Kid eleven things tend to not trust kicked I don't know ministers deserves it but yeah they had sex in the kitchen at one point and I guess. Maybe their clothes to Wear as much interest in Portland chisel put me anyway right sums of interest and for next you. Rather they had sex and I was kicked any interest some growth spectator interest. Hundreds of Lazarus is also water report those boos imagery does lose because we think it. Yeah main banks all over the tongue and down the road to party in our tummies. Down our garbage Zotob. Ticket doesn't online profile this'll take collar 9844999. All look. The show and many pins continue on the men's room. On the radio network.