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Thursday, September 13th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. It's not understanding my card 94 point 999 a little play profile within minutes. And we had your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on a company in New Zealand wants to satellite in orbit last week that basically looks like a huge Disco ball. And I saw that that is what is. Supposedly is be the brightest object in the night sky one and flies overhead a lot smaller than the moon though obviously but it'll be directly over the US in March. And ball back to earth later on this year. No the idea's is for us to bill to look up and see I guess it's a satellite so I think with anything else is just out there for studying for coach. The big news mobile I'm Steve Smith's. Baby just gonna take high Def pictures of the plans thrilled to shine a flashlight at a regular sparkle. Dance party month. A glass door dot com's has the best job to have this year is indeed a science test. If they might be right that is so far away from anything I even remotely understand I've. Could even begin to comment. I don't know that I read today that the average cost salary of in announce a manager's a 160000. Dollars maybe might want to think about burgers Fries and shakes don't go to college to become a data sciences or your new job in we're in and out and Albert work my way of command from it once they see. With the data scientists in that you have personnel studies did an excess. Ted I was on the side but standing around all these sizzling burgers happy customers French Fries and a great prize Bob good motion a somber tone it. And l.'s of the top finals of the top five also include marketing manager. Occupational therapist. And HR manager. I can't. I can imagine that a therapist would be a good job for this year. No any year but a tsunami alert is not even that the volume of customers you might have any one of them we talk to them out there because there's great things to tell now. It's gonna flush other bad things on it didn't. Look like you contagion. If you think that it did it take mad disease away I was a therapist I would just say that is flat. I heard this item that is where that is flat here. You need help if if if if Danny Manning is get this out for her I didn't and he tried punch him. That's your solution for this it it it has lacked unity talks about but he what's at a new low I'm gonna write down this little piece of paper here. Think it's. It's and then tell you need to brief. If you're an animal lover though this might be the best job ever an animal clinic in Ireland currently has a job opening for eight cats peddler. Check on alert come home I do it. I get away from my caddie is on me all the time that I choice bullet that was your job miles would if you got paid to not have to leave my job and I don't get paid doesn't say am I have take the money at this point act act. You behavior etc. what you're the same way Mike can you know what did you think of all the times you could get paid back can't just not leaving you alone I had to regret it now. That becomes one a dollar for a return got their thing. Swipes in my hand and on time I shoot my god my own shoelaces pits and you know that's what I'm eating like I know you're gonna last may but right at the road from me as a cat cafe. If Jesus Christ. Incentive elites in her head defeats in on that they have ever call me and all the cats can be about all of the cats can be adopted doesn't you don't take your OK if you go wow. You know don't. There's just handle and why should they have look at lattes that you can give your cats you can pretend that your social and have continuity at I didn't say out then I says there you look at that I am personally miles I'm just saying. If I was a very very very sad and lonely individual can I take my cat there. And deep in the Beagle boy need to do Keith Duffy we could have cannot be on the subject yes. He has cancer need champion good great and that totally set their lap of copy when you'd want them to. First of may you two guys are cat people in your turn on the other cat people. I'm not fly in all I'm not like hate us those cat people and we've let them Keck I and that I like cats and Rangel I like my dad. Right but I enjoyed my cat but it was a lot of fun time to my cat when I'm at home in my apartment. But I would you like cancer generally kids like you definitely like yours but yeah definitely but for W I cures. Other people's food hit list for the one of the dog and lets the dogs are absolute ass like you just kinda like the the cabin comes running up to you earlier walking on the street you know the sidewalk whatever and ask me ask you music he's going to yeah I got my dad and yeah Dagestan outside like look at for Carl's side. I thought the one puzzles and I have great result bottle by Jeff. But I gotta pat him on the head a couple times and I'm gonna continue on I enjoyed cats I'm not to have people on the attack it and there's some psychotic cat people. Look on. A WK recently held their wedding reception at a KFC. Had forty guests and accounts the less than a 150 bucks perfect I'm sorry you well as weird to have and I can't see that is incredibly. Cost effective. Ronald values don't get delicious chicken and mashed potatoes they're building a reception you don't have a salmon options are staffed and well and here's the thing. Would you rule by everybody's meal later. Yes I'm absolutely I do yeah I definitely don't they do and they're gonna put a down payment on our halls instead of loan on that money on a one day party I just think it if they did that forty guests only custom 150 bucks. That's not a bad day KFC man. Now it's what president Alan and Gloria from city hitting quality individual meals maybe a lot of family pockets here all alone to get some specific which I'm sure a lot of people did did you rent a really count. Great yeah Janet. I mean look if I'm having at KFC. I'm paying four feet short I gotta root everybody Mikey get in there. Hit wins the grab yourself a gravy is press woman. It's of that family size of west that's right I wonder if they at the end they had a Bora that they love those British charities resolve the gravy drag is there another injury does that. I've been done to do it we work our health. Amanda Massachusetts thought he won 101000 dollars in a lottery went to claim the last Friday and then at that you'd actually won one million dollars Harlow. When a bomber just a slip of the eyes there ups. Do that's so funny you go into that office thinking about a brief occasions that you know pass and. Geez didn't you leave that office unemployed and a millionaire. Really it didn't get vacation vacation with thing grant said obviously with ten grand I would take some of that get wouldn't go so yes go somewhere there's a thing about. No one else knows they usually one million dollars. Old money grubbing family members as far as I know you still only 1101000. Dollars so we get that yourself right. And balance the budget now I'm gonna go take the kids to you know. Spoke and for the development arm the fifth day take to get to smoking and get ready to honor I drove across the states. I want to smoke can launch of cost effective communication glad I didn't make it to do when your kids there I know a lot of dead guys I don't think my season and the American pairs team. Drivers who runs Spokane and if that does it fit very go David. This is because it's gonna get. One of the ride the bus. An eighteen year old burglary suspect in Indiana told police he's not the one who broke into a gun store over the weekend by smashing through a wall. But added that whoever pulled out must be really Smart and really strong it's XXX. I knew I will be him right there at its. I heard he was handsome and very intelligent as having used the Internet got a break. I didn't love them but that's all I know what though I don't know that's I don't know who could've done it again he's dashing hero and a demand from his. He deserves a new guy for hate to strong good looking. An elderly man started choking on a piece of hamburger at a restaurant in Massachusetts but 31 responders happening having lunch there and saved his life lucky convenient right. I mean sort of did you have the problem for three sorry did them on break you have to think that. At least one person at any of those places per ship needs to be trained for that but you never know I'm gonna get like here in Ireland. A Tony gunshot you'll see more people joking. Yeah. Final blow my mind of what it is I lacked credibility obviously you can chew on their food is rarely sees the body choking but we're all eating every day. That's true dangers out there are no restaurants like I told my kids when they were little Choo Choo shoes. Because they're not more trip and deaths everybody's walked and but I see people I see more people trip in. And I didn't see in general joking you know you're right. Yeah just as choking him and if I thought well track. And then it's done it did I choke what counts is joking is when you think you're going to die package you can't read Mike Hsu units were actually joking in my life it's only ever been once I spoke on a. Giant as hot dog and a bullet Yemen last year hurt. I you know well you are my dog and a bull riding events and discuss something better than most might cause thing I've ever heard half. I choked on hot dog and a pool where people writing you this could replicate may god Doug and it was really hot at. Wow that's an absolutely amazing that all day and it was loyal. Our DVR and I could be a downer effect on all three I'll pour three within a man that are open all the way to the end. Me that was due bigs do and one but it would just mold as they do is slow and traditionally men come run an open Wrangler jeans and wrapped his arms around my thoughts were important wiles. They only volatile thing and I give fans. Amanda was doesn't got drug and hotel bar and attended to get laid at the wedding reception being held the ballroom and it did not go as planned on not I'll tell you how about a one hour from now you like knock semis are on only one hour now from now with. Earth Day bills. Many Drew Brees and. Throw him to police to everyone how profile this is playing I start ten miles of the simple game where we share with you a real life news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. And as you listen to a story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Shane welcome to the men's room. Well I'll change how are you all. Anti anti but do you know how the game as flames. Now. Friends that's the last thing here is historic. We have a couple who walked into a pet store in Clearwater Florida earlier this month. And while the moment distracted the cashiers. The guys jumped several exotic fish down those fans in the mall down. Now it should be noted he put them in a plastic bag personally wardens flapping around his underwear with an even look before him or lucky for the finish the jury's still out on the map but. It's not clear how many fish you walked off with but each one sold for about one month's number ten if you realize what happened when she saw dropping water on the floor next to lieutenant. And she was actually able to get the license plate number of the car for those couple pro ball. The contract endowments privately they're resident from theft it's not clear the woman has been charged but police haven't been able to recover the efficient. My question is do you believe it's in a rising young couple is black and white to make your ages. I all these. What do you identity. If you look kind of paintings where he does now since I've spent the Florida Clearwater Florida they won't do. The girlfriend tries to catch you guys start. Kevin pants or fish dolphins and Gaza real intimacy fish tanks and more are an old school restaurants and some hospital waiting rooms abdomen there right maybe there's like a I just don't see in the generic kind of think who who would you sell them to. Some kids still like this since they do but I do but. Goldfish the easier her right good deal when it's your kids allowed unless you are reasonably interest and there's a lot up you're not getting them right you're not given us problems. I watched a lot of Cribbs a filly he didn't a lot of black dudes love fish tank a lot of rich black do because the Fisher in his Pena to fix what you can. I'm regulation. Chain money thing final answer. I'll untimely and easy to load. Oh us. They totally go black final answer. Final answer we'll find out if they are black like make series genetics that with the tee you're listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles so. Florida profile as we had a clear water and someone who did when they finish apparently there exotic and expensive although the official Tony box. I managed to bag of the fish accordingly like new migration. Back the water and tied up and yeah. We put the Baghdad as fans I guess probably a few bags tennis fans. I guess I don't know man out of the of those pretend to be disturbed like you're competing this weekend oh my god. But Jane we as you do you believe that this couple of stolen bases blank white makes you work east and seeing you in black. Ten against whites are against each. Shop. Way and that is what all of you have now all and I am oh yeah. GOLF Magazine and we whip. Everybody I mean thrill that'll come off the cruise Garcia and his funeral for. There yet have you given us the name that would help yeah I'm monster are you today whose daughter's life. Good things Garcia blue chip prices may now be eight update prone to reduce home Saturday it's time for TB tablets it. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Everybody likes the price is right. He goes that same most people within a plea does may thirteenth ranked but it's also like the yodeling dude. The big storm of the show gamers have gone. The show game the shell game with a but the I'll low yeah like I got to put the hand animal woman and you know. We're showing you around price is right so this mortgage streaky they used to play at all times and it's I don't know if they do anymore I don't want to join years. It's like when are you home during the day much you have an overnight show after your take care of the child are like those the time. I remember watching prices cracked hello I'm Barbara so with so it's not hard to watch it yet to meet watching price is right to her like. I don't commit to write her daytime might show or like a judge show whatever feel secure home sick from school. Yep it's a mutant vegan I used to watch you and ended overnights and I would come home and I had this I got the blower a sort of watch in general hospital. Yeah I get everything out like that everybody went through that phase out of that fees and I was like thirteen or fourteen deaths are watching for some reason. Welcome to the latchkey kid and he came on three deaths and I think it well the game as I figured I'd change that much that's why account. I assume they still have some video games and you know drew I you know drew Carey's ghost whom I do. Like you carry a lot. Yes so a lot of times people get real excited right in the right up there. I mean we drew carry these to do with Bob Barker to know kinda hug armored jump on camera whenever well. Sometimes people jump on the new fall over. Food on the ground. That video runaway who ought to watch and a B a shortly at the Yemen drew FaceBook page. You've got to watch to be YouTube because it's eat is just chick. Yeah they show the love them. Great thanks a massive purse that you kind of goes to hug your real aggressive and grabs netbook and I've had just lost his balance but I think that being the owner of an analyst franchise that drew should no matter and flopped like grabbed his neagle and. Yeah no. Yeah because of the gonna flop so again this tumor or those of dawn debt write it recover quickly. But they gotta do now yes miles there's. It is kind of funny is fired up as people get the amazing that he has followed a more often here's the thing you can do a lot of things you can never really good show he can take twenty episodes. You know week in a week and nothing and then one chick hugs him and knocks them over and balls and now he's you know on social me. All right it's on me like that's our excellent yeah. I mean right I mean it's got to be good gig right where they they rent due to a bunch of mini Dayton and then you're off for awhile. I think. I don't know how they do that but I think they'd they'd tape on the weekends and they do is in the music and that time you can finish indict Hewlett you mentioned he's a part owner of the SL senators have seen MLS in America. But I solo show with him. Maybe 2010. He went to the World Cup and got. Credentialed as a photographer. Aren't that was the first time I realized how much true Kerry really like soccer a sport in emergency was just amazing but yet. And you know what must have been before 2010 is probably 2006. As I was just kind of start and around my time to watch a soccer whatever you need any heat. He was so passionate about just taken the photos that show the fans you like they like Afghanistan watching this I don't. If you are in that position and and you are in the Hollywood world that they're obviously the Drew Carey Show. You go when you write you tape you do all these things you know it's it's it's not. It's a day to day grind on getting that thing and in good churning out episodes we would you do it when you gain show. You might have to work one or two days a week. Are you you might have very long one or two days but it's almost like the guy who works 312 officer you don't like guns to eject blowout like always blows out everything it in. Every other weekend in two days. And I know this because Georgia radio station a patsy eject owned and I know how he can have operated this thing. He flew to LA from suburban park Maryland and he taped five episodes on Saturday they've taped five episodes on Sunday. He flew back for two weeks when that time was up he went back and flew it and did the same thing over so when you think about the amount of work. That you're doing and when they take these things it's a it's. I can't see Drew Carey ever want to leave this game it's a really good gig all things that he'd go do stand up. He is on after openly that you wanna hold on his workdays are only a few minutes up that it is just not as bad as a grind to do in the sitcoms in the other things. Yeah I think so I think the challenge that would eventually just Levy is just try to do debt but who knows. Please let me drop back into an inning help you know many people like him. And you might be the next legacy of that program people might not know Bob Barker. The only thing that will carry on for the price is right from generation to generation. So microphones carry on they keep coming out with a long thin microphone that they never produce anymore since 1940 because. That's kind of the most iconic thing in a weird way with prices right to keep it consistent the long then mine that's the only thing. Donahoe barker beauty to host getting better well let's battle probably carry. On as well the barker beauty cement I was at the Bob Barker was hit his putts to. You tell that the guy that only works weekend exactly geez precisely as you don't worry they're Happy Gilmore you on it but I thought it expects. Speaking of Paris sports in people in the media about Kostis miles favorite. Has been working for NBC for awhile NBC has Super Bowls and actually Bob Costas will be there right. Me wrong good. It's there's been rumors to that event meet meet the nation Randa. Basically people are saying and cost is you remember like a month or two ago Healy go off on football and I he just said in November he said it's destroying people's brains. Simple a lot of people are speculating now that NBC when Tim off the football broadcast. Because he made those comments about football. But the cost is is quote third credit. He's it's kind of mutual says easily I don't have a problem with that I'm actually happy with it I've long had. Feelings about football. So this is the point is bettered it basically just they like luck I have these feelings of football. It's a giant elephant in a lot of stadiums that people are watching it but we know what it could be due and people so. I'm fine being off I'd red area I'd rather go do baseball or something Nelson cares. More so than that he'd hasn't been covering football all year and I hate when. Certain networks do that like. He's almost a minute protest. Yeah but if ESPN had it is the third team that they put inside the desk are edited to dungy and it's a couple of guys a camera that will. May be rainy mosque amateur who exactly they've got. But he hasn't been doing anything other than just kind of like the armchair handoff. And today they go to the Booth is generally cover info right I just kind of like when he ESPN brings Berman back. And you just wanna watch highlights here you are his leg you know like. It soon playoffs and you know here's Chris Berman Ambac are all wrong sport like it's just that you have been there all year yet in doing inning LA. I give costs is to the Olympics because we known to do the Olympics where Muslims every four years so it's like. There's a remote can't fault every week he can swipe in and take everyone's job breadwinners. In the due to an all year he has. I think he should I you don't think it's odd though he's been a part of the broadcast team and then you have the Super Bowl with a little odd to just take one guy out the team go. Jaco. But he's the guy you pull off. I mean he really event and you know is responsible to response should be. I don't care about you know it's. I think they did directly. Isn't Bob Costas host to be the Commissioner of Baseball and now he should be proud as ever as he's just got that antiquated if he could he go back to Abner Doubleday. And you would be as basic as you give it. Games and be like cricket in last for eighteen days we're wasserman Busch Stadium and we really enjoyed him. Which he really truly has that just I mean antiquated. View of tradition. Surety. That's why tandem you don't sound like an area. He has to do is due in her duty right almost all of baseball got the release what does that say yes no mixed in Wright mouth I. No change enough if the with the fastballs and curve balls but not all pro and an age old doc. I'm Bob Costas. You know it's funny you bring up. White nationalist or her in this kind of people right I've always aware of this so there's a show on spiceland caught hate. Thy neighbor who writes may follow the guys British. He's he's mixed so it's funny when he goes to a lot of the stuff like first of all the races dudes are really short right so whenever they bring up Muslims they got a stare at. Is there really sure if he's muscle whatever they've recovery stuff like he's mix and they're like. There is not positive rights or whatever they say the and where there was a isn't high heat I think we just stay wrap them. So he. So why he led in your rightly beads crazy like he did in the Daschle's people though we're a racist just this and that Bob all of our. So last when I watch you when you go to mass of sporting event or something. And there's the people there with a giant God's signs opened their real aggressive yellow and actually and you gotta repay anti I don't know why I'm wrong move in the right. Right so he followed a group with those dudes around right and they went to southern decadence. In New Orleans which obviously gave. Large is legal there by choice thirty take of this is their annual trip goes and they didn't get pumped you're kidding me though no. I don't know guys goes the decadence. Old to go broke both Fo all icy. Yeah they figure out there and throw down their loses there server is not is there some broke windows is point oh is about to dig people we've got to relate yelling at most. Yeah Brendan dozens of movie comes on to him right in it's so strange because its right they look like the Village People. There's like a big hairy one is that the small little Lake County Indiana construct and murder here in Iowa where a group of like five gay cop look like yeah it's like these guys but they. Quote unquote hate gay people right here but it just really and I've done this to its foreign events I've seen those people and kind of got their face or whatever. And you realize after watching the show like. They love it all the yeah that's I mean that's the whole Lleyton that's the whole thing for but I'm anybody like some six sexual thing to a village yeah. Tied up and yelled at beaten norm show. You know no time I'm glad I literally don't I another man out does as well to my they have regular I really don't care about your opinion about anything good to have worked for Uga would ever so. If when they're young and all that no yell stuff to me I don't care than the one time I took my son to a soccer just me and that means for a time. Yeah this guy's thirty alls and some problems you know a major Muslim leaders and Angela. I'm stunned that right now whatever else you think you're doing you yell. At me for my god in killing there is gonna last problems go. Left things you do on the split and he was very understanding that was not kidding. Well yeah you raise your doubt they're boys are my kids stand in Italy could manly applause sign earlier as anyone know how to fit we'll make it fit. There's no question about men don't yell of people wonder what their did that would be my advice because most parents were renewal we can do in do you. I liked to would have sort of problem now with Gary real closely here I think you can can we maybe go for how come over here hunt taggants. Alright you know what people can be funny or they can be honey through College Station, Texas local news report about a chicken. The owner of the chicken named the big mama shared her obituary as an ad in the eagle newspaper. The ode to the hand spoke of how the sword family rescued her from being put down a 2013. She no longer had to be cooped up and spent the rest of her days with 24/7. Love in College Station. Now there was no foul play involved. Momma stack. Her family believes their beloved chicken has made it adds to the other side in peace. It's good news. Don't foul play and it. You know whoever the new studio whose yeah. She was on a man who's the opponent. What is the main thing that goes on in Hollywood right now Jesus what you got the sexual assault I don't know how they act on it that I don't know originality and just really lose three treading other crap that other people did because they have no original correct. Okay steady taken an oath. What Candice Bergen is back Purdue's season of Murphy Brown. I mean in them. Mean yeah. Now war. He wanted to show was great I don't want to when it was but he would've that was fantastic. It has to do it when he used 25 years like. It just seems since late as you can see the need for one reason it's just this man and and I'm not trying to do all local writers in Hollywood and all that thing but. And all like five or six different god damn things you do write the characters console but otherwise it's the saints as hospitals it's cops. It's firemen and remain in the sitcom you're from the same situations all the time the stupid father of the witty mom almost so. I did that that stuff never changes and brew you have better actors you better write to you knew about the characters and some of the shows and I think that's why they survived by. That's why I don't understand the need to bring back specifically. Murphy Brown or that they're the only thing else that you can read those show a thousand times. I don't I don't agree with the with the idea of a reboot. If she's gonna come back to television and that's what she wants you that's fine but I do think in a certain way. It seems like the demographic for television obviously is always skewed younger and so most of the shows are but. When you think about like this shows that for somehow stood the test of time. There were there for an older demographic door loyal watcher like Matlock. Or break for Angela Lansbury or the murder murder murder she wrote to oral whenever is that Bob are downwind right as for the long run reason notion that there ought there's an older demographic that deserves a show and it is kind of catered towards them. May have heard you know from what what Simon I get off somebody's got to do wasserman. I sort of got a may have thought it was a plane between two X six year old people violent guy like that show. Two hours they talked about and she's in business revenue cities I know what I was instructed trying to be friendly. And then they kept reference in the show pictures like I didn't tell me do a TV segment related equipment I have no idea about this up. I think I'll I got out of the number one show on television and I have never watched it I write I think you know what I gotta be out I've watched a couple of suits my mom but he's I think badly and yeah I guess extra. I guess. Think it just seems crazy to meet you were talking about Murphy Brown is back bruising in this patent and I don't know. Zoos and James I was old life. Yeah right but they. We did a show like black it frightened that's different shows great that's one of the few shows on network TV that I can make an appointment to watch. But. Make your point to watch but again it's still not it. I like to characters I like the writing good conceptually when it's nothing new let's get oil polluted so what is the wonder years since narrative it's like that in the Goldberg is the same pretty sort of what I mean you don't need to reboot all the shows when every show on TV is essentially what every other show on TV he's ever band might. If you go mobile new or better or funny or Carrick a like any network TV in particular you don't if you want to on network TV. No matter what generation are you can compared to 25. African children these guys think that either you like this said the characters or you don't and we method to house a little dramas do you need all the new isn't all he's good he's a young doctor Wright but he's also very easy yeah. Let me guess is controversial to get the other show house where he was not a young doctor he did not have mass murders but. He was controversial as decisions like all of these showed particular filth and addicted to pills member who's. But it only shows are exactly the same but nothing new was ever gonna happen it's illusion I don't get the reboot slate. Come on and I mean the 500. Of these. Gandhi and shows already. Sentenced to it sucks for like if you're a guy that's right he shows you are there's new shows out there like. But again it's a of the roof boots are going to be safe and stuff would also rube who's proven to reboots. But there's safer in that network knows they're gonna make money. But on the same token you can also have something in that completely breaks the mold. Like a game of throw rose or breaking bad Chappelle show well that is about what you're saying and I think this explains why I think. Does the older demographic is more likely to want to network TV and nothing yet why a lot of this network TV just reboots of garbage of Iran remarks before. And cable news to break down doors and don't yet that's the point my table still plays you can go to come up with something original we would have us. Super original Aiken the original mouth like that opened doors would look zombies are African news but Walking Dead figured out ways to do whatever they did. Game thrown supremacy is nothing freaky new but they found a way to make it interest. The browns are beyond seven on the new and does so because having your you don't dinner 430. You start to get tired you are down each Darian and I and then you know your your by 8 o'clock tenure at its third down on world you're limited from figure. Obviously by thirty as the. They generally refer Syria headlines annoys my cock you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. No it doesn't match graduate running about western before bride plunges him in the face. Meanwhile Florida ballet gets the keys to a Ferrari to the wrong man who decides that might not driving about the place. And good Matta raised African rock python into adulthood gets to have doubts Miami option offers dining room table would do stripper poles you can meet and dine out. And Charlotte police officers give free copy of people willing to not leave their car running unattended this is true and it's time for your headline. It's time to hit. Here's my car. I shop story in Wisconsin man got drunk with a couple co workers at a hotel bar and decided that they would crash the wedding reception being held in the ballroom to try to get. Laid me well didn't go according to flat. He went inside intended to dance with 217 year old girl and 118 year old woman a groping all three to four a fourteen year old came over to call amount on inappropriate behavior. He responded by yanking the young girls air causing her pain which caused an uproar. This double ended with him decking the father of the bride. Feeling bad about not about assaulting an old person he walked over to the bride and apologize saying that he quote pokey didn't ruin her party. She responded by punching him square in the face is arrested on a bunch turn. He should have been any was like go on 1000 dollars bond and I live he did all that he groped for underage girls. He punched a man in the face for no reason we did a bunch of crap they let him out for a thousand bucks and it's. Yeah I wasn't what is or what is your own ground by the fourteen year old girl doing the things they do exactly not only that it put out they wanted to do when I feel he's the only one paying attention these days. Draft good thanks. I think so yeah absolutely really he wants him now until his buddies drunk off disaster in the end a fourteen year old is the only woman says this could be your desktop groping my sister. Yeah there at all was that she told. Aaron Afghan he was loved and you can defend your yourself. Yeah charged live. Is the child has certainly done that to do against a fourth degree sexual assault. Thousand dollars thousand dollars to get him out fouled them raising dollars. Free on a thousand dollars from. Around the world a man and England has paid the price for having an African rock python as a pet. The man's mother heard a crash coming from his room and found him dead on the floor the corner concluded that he died of asphyxiation from the animal however the mother believe that the man trip will handle lenient. During a show of affection. Trip through the thing coiled around the neck. Bummer when that happens when one bad timing think that wasn't the fact that. These snake was coiled around his neck suffocated him and he felt to me was the fact that he was walking with a snake quarter all right okay now look that's what that Israel feel bad. Yes she's seven he was actually a very good handler he understood it bad if it's article oiled you unwrapped from material nothing head. And mad that the snake was starting to get a little bit more or aggressive. That's great if he understood that but he didn't put an end of and rights. And then see his own and they were you taken off is it out because tonight like NASCAR Mike writes. Exactly right. Gap. Guys snakes are not pets they're not totally they don't show affection and I'm happy to see you there is a gala think awhile back that would sleep whether snake. And it cheesy family was coddling up alongside of her one night notice. Just lining up along the length of Vernon was laying the entire length for just pedaling as they slept she tell told somebody this. And they said yeah put that thing in its cage when you go to bed it's not peddling it sizing you up. Yeah deceiving and each just I didn't get any guy that ranked as a wild reptiles it is not to hit eighth. Let them do it. I guess about a bill I natural selection is natural selection in the wild yeah everybody's you know multi thoughts on just. They look anyway you wanna do that and I'm telling you like it was a good today didn't do that dummy deserve. In Florida ballet isn't deep water after he gave the keys to weigh 300000. Dollar Ferrari to the wrong person. A young man came into the valley and insisted that it was his car and demanded for the keys saying that he forgot his ticket and then he had left it in the car. Though he never actually for sure the ticket when he got them. Well when he got the car he just sat and with a girl that he was trying to impress the Bally thing that he didn't wasn't didn't attempt and just walked away and they drove off. Police found the brother. The owner eventually did come out and said where's my car and they figured out that it was stolen police on the card to charge I would hope the kid the girl some Coke and some wage. Nice to. That's available party enemies here in Florida you got a Ferrari now is I think for our you pull over probably has told her traces of it in there it's a Ferrari man I pulled my question is did the kid bring the token of the Ferrari or did he open of the glove box and say look there's openly and I would say the end I want this is my belief. I think if you buy a Ferrari they give you may. Like I don't apply it when I'm gonna be free oil change under the domain here's an eight ball enjoy Mike understand this. No one who's celebrating sobriety buys a Ferrari. You have got to go voice through all do a big clean for two years fired Ferrari. Descended charge the kids and how are the tells the kid would charge the kid with Grand Theft Auto as well as possession. Votes that was his Coke and there was this girl that he picked up sweet. If that's what they're saying and I wanted to get his duty that is Ferrari's Dolan didn't just get off lucky that somebody else was getting into his token ends weighed an old rule that says. You got no doubt that is the bases you realize you have. Thought I'd give your doing tells you don't leave it in your car if you're doing Coke you carry with you at all times if he's going into that hotel to eat Floyd probably make the to go to the bar that I need to spend the night he's got his Coke on him. Yeah arousal but if you are Ferrari yeah. He or Coca amen to you he's got my all time as I am wary keeps the brag to your Diet Coke and him too and I found argued William Ferrari man nearly we don't know her body homer felt the threat. At different headlines and that I I I. Personnel CNN sampler turn up dead birds as they FCC bad jokes ordering Intel's once again with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all through we'd be all about the bridge but we shall return. So until then please do what you do best and for a leaflets say it's. Day. Yeah.