09-14-16 Mens Room Has a Beer With Jon Ryan & Greg Woodman

Wednesday, September 14th

Jon Ryan of the Seahawks and Greg Woodman from the Podcast "Kickin it with Jon and Greg" joined us in studio today!


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John Ryan and Greg Lemond from Kagan it would Johnny Graham RI welcoming guy Zelaya I'm doing I'm better now available that. Yeah. A half hour. It probably keeps you on that sideline business from Japan Hansen. The company's Iowa vehemently that that there rent and no debt now they'll ultimately how Zia house podcast. And Gosselin aren't. Now that's doing really good you know and what to expect he knows the couple eightieth talking to linger on for an hour every week we do we call that our show yeah. Where I am going up Lego lower lip of the review but a note don't get you know it's on the iTunes and also along with the clubs good food table with a chicken and was you man now another you know that was. I don't know I think we're dictating the now I don't like man I hear chicken and a good news recently sold through Brothers and look baked chicken you know and that's pretty much what you know that's that's how it sounds that's like a limit limit did you still. Did you still Kagan if you had to man I mean if if they put the ball down how she gets knocked out of the game. I mean you the guy on yeah I would be the guy it would be pretty though I'm not a crack I mean ultimately go on high school holiday cards like that I think epic career 50%. I label that career long affording nugget. Okay inaudible what is your what would be harder you ticking for house to our house Kevin Stephan M partly why would you think you can do work I think I would viewers Nokia time and another the first article went with the vote to consider. How proud I was like yeah I kind of a AT&T sure about this but usually does he punted and told to use the go to a mile and a cabinet admin thing I. Akin to a duplicate Kate when I kick it was a block. Doesn't belong to Ali I got to do you have Imad. I put that thing on the ground in the woods every played a lot on Sunday. More than I'd like yeah I'm in Europe six plays but I mean we are on the look alike are they give that man is not a lot of offense defense donut thing but Obama pulled from. Co I'm is my time it's not. I can beat the game changer agonize can pin these bitches bank gives them trouble let quarterback and I don't yeah if you guys are pregnant belly it is it's funny usually of the party you have your best games and you you best seasons we play on bad teams or another gesture that the labor leopard got here we are terrible lovely five games. And I got a lot of attention back into the Von Bulow to I don't think that the guy was on owns sixteen lines like you're the alternative would you and does not match Iran now that I love playing time yet it's always the all pro potter who plays for like the lines will have brown right back I didn't I don't bowl biggest. Yeah they get the most opportunities enemy during the Singleton of what's how about hello offseason wise obviously you guys in your on your last podcast you have the lovely coaster club on we did not comedians now how he how do you guys booking guests and you guys find these people hey honey did you know how to get here. I don't know I won't rollover embed the message and you yeah. I thought clothes I get down your feeling right now you're funny you can get a. We'd start hopefully is is it is accusing is accusing kind of crazy to see how that other half lives as far as just you know. The you do want to have entertainment goes in the podcast but just Tennessee punters always mean the game is entertain the world that your wife lives in the army which are much different sitcoms. We be different you know I thought I'd be all. A lot the same you know and we're on the road a lot duel that I when I go on the road pronounces and it's completely different you know can you were here that comic you're you're there by itself. Right on your urine Toledo our our whatever you're not always a new Yorker LA your view of some of these towns. In immediate it's a it's a rough but the rough way to lift the honesty and. Have to be strange because your. No case let's say selloff but shows a couple of shows Thursday or Friday or Saturday whatever the dealers you know in your and there are hundreds of people out there and sometimes you're doing two shows a night. In a laugh and their ass off and they love you and you made their weekend and then. You go and you sit and O'Connell lodge that there are now learning it in a room by yourself and hope that someplace we'll deliver pizza. Or some of like that did you have any yet yeah eagle eagle from being the star of all this stuff too. Christ man I hope Pizza Hut close. Rogen and literally like twenty minutes later you know the beast and Malia a Holiday Inn express Barnum like the litmus. But. You know I love doing this guy out of some good to have you as you get like what state energy stand at the nice hotels and Brett obviously out there that are NBA finals owners also laid out it's not would be I Applebee's eating. Speakers Greg I know many Nazi. Question for you to answer but I would have to think that wind when you to go out what are the what is the percentage. Between the people who recognize you and the people that recognized you get a couple wins units and as far as it goes also Erica can appreciated do you ever get the all you you. But yeah I don't I think it's great to visit my friend John do you think this world you already know that like yeah that's. Yeah that's always good John iPods that's all we cry it's pretty it's even in Seattle we will get recognized what a bit onion. For some unknown reason you elect me in you know alone and that but I wreck that's quite a bit legally here and a solicit or or or anywhere else you know LA or whatever lead he has recognized and rent them look like the the pill would you you will when you look till we wish we are that's half as you can did you do have a. I mean for upon her honest to god you have the very impressive resume he did you when they Ed block courage award back in the day when agreement doesn't that they won that which is a big deal because we've we're Baltimore for a while so what we know what important thing that is. I'm not only that but you've got to suitable and view are the only potter in the history of NFL to throw a touchdown in playoff and. I realized nobody else had ever done that I do think about it. How are yeah agent I don't think I really. Allen is a you have the long run that many potter and up packer history to line of scrimmage and just seven yards. Chris that I. I mean there's all these milestones like a who's gonna come along and kick your ass on my may be some what putters in the arts. You know I'm failing me did these these young has yet more athletic on time every year I mean I don't think he's more athletic is as I get older and less athletic that look or I'll let you know I only get every room get there that the dumb now very nearly a dollar but if I get older and more crotchety as we are now. Hang in with John Ryan Greg woodland from the kicking it with John and Greg podcast you can download that now on iTunes talk and little places rent a quick break here drinks more beer come back and talk more against Verdasco I owner aspect. There with that CI John Ryan and great woman from the Kagan it was Johnny Greg podcast got to ask you guys we know that John you are from Regina. So schedule me if I'm really Regina. That though Purdue. I like your style at all and you'll love it here don't you have a give us signers of the named after you and Regina now that you're a medium for our Brian Andrews I know I don't think I that you like kids or is it gonna meet the what do we have in lovely Regina it's named after John I know they've done something. He we don't really have anything I can city we have Lou football league it's that the John Ryan the bully them that's pretty cool that I got that I started with my much charity event. No there there is no signs it it actually put on back there over the last summer are now back to my golf tournament badly beat people with them over me. I don't like play and probably thirteen years to go back you know and recognized Munich. Welcome home anomaly that girl really think this is Lara and fart sounds more news come back to runner Greg. Hunter Greg are you from and how did you guys get together and decide that that is what she wants. I'm a born and bred in Washington. Born in smoking and we moved over in my group in Renton overnight Kenny dale. And then so we met I used to own would skis in Fremont are I had I was there are quite often that an announcement I saw Isaak yeah I guess I am I'll tell us there right is that there was some candidates Isaac. It has dozen or 1 o'clock in the money no I wasn't. I think that's not people breath. And so it was a year I became in one day after will we were there in this kind of set under the two pretty funny story that we told him. He sit there and Amber's gonna Jenn nice guy and 'cause we came in what do you do when he's like oh a work in sports and it was all right. Turnaround came back and I was like. Stewart in sports what does that mean and he's like all were for me in football and I look in my what does that mean it's like I a continent like for the Seahawks and he's a gimmick you John Bryant purposely yeah I'd like also we are. Yeah. Not before they so we don't know it was organic to give them my card in and it was pretty cool I was like him as I mean you come back anytime you know if you ever wanted to do and evening here on reason whatever guys via. Next day yet texted me and it was really funny because my wife didn't really doesn't fall football or whatever but. He detonates there is a nice email if you borrow be back again and I was like acted like. Little bitty girl that I like this do you just texted me this John is that why why didn't get my buddies like all of that's a loss of men and after that we just kind of became buddies and send duplicate. Yes I floundering but custom team from late in him and I were a similar ages you know we kind of vote we live in the same area were we have so much. In common yeah and the same time we have so much that is completely dipped his talk about Kagan and realized yeah I mean you know I'm married to comic we're not having kids. The big east and we need to realize this you know when you thank you to where you go down now now we should act exactly well god. I that I know I did but you know we have so much in common yet so much thought yet very as a fentanyl way myriad. So our lives are very different yet. Yeah everything that there or is it is there ever a possibility the NFL like you know like when you're watching Felix that the Felix action Renee RK club guy loves and that's exactly that's okay oh I literary strikeouts in the game yeah. Oh it's not OK okay I don't think it's video copies normally like a Salvadoran. Well yeah. That's the deal that the guy hey yeah thank you and everything about the fourth down club he's good don't think you can be a football team like all you have to I hope I'm gonna go man hoping to get that third duke it out or in the fourth down there when you're not going to beer is John grinds up are we got two minutes it would what is the. Armor less player for the punter is like right on the border of cheering for the referee and then yeah it clear that plagued. There's no debt every fan who recognizes the importance of what you do but at the same time. They're never happy to see you yet clear Europe allowed us stayed in the NFL when you walk on the field they have no problem with you there is just the fact that if you're there the only thing that worked out the way they'd like. Yeah you know that part of it was so cool well you know how people coming in brief in this town in Canada you value recognized in people you come talk to a time when it's like. The guy you don't wanna see how did and I know we don't play well that's exactly I never wants the votes there but we're glad you're here you can't you ever. Ever have one of those I don't know one of those moments where you knew that you could absolutely just in your big dude and I mean you could. You can light someone up like this is your opportunity hears you wonder whether you wanna take it or not like if you at have you had that opportunity on a shot I'm sure you've been cracked back garden looked. On the year of the onion I've been the nail more than I've been. It's. Music it's our. As Earl Bennett Chicago he would blind side and once I'm on DeVon Hester returned an ID. Well that was that was a terrible game for you that there you go block twice again. I can remember once I got Athlon now neinsager. But but but he'd he'd basically just not yet. Yeah yeah I knocked me you know technically in so we always ask this bigger city just not always been you know kind of a bigger guy is as part upon them. Calling the shorts on leaves it speeds volume there'll be there'll taller guys who can reliably you know along it and of the long levers and of their of the electorate so opposed relied more on weight room for a way of them into having thrown income. What about though about that sometimes when. I would win the NFL see something that the flags them. And they think OK so you show up. With your wife on television show in years whatever is and you and you just funny is so low bar rescue whenever there. Did they say all right we gotta tell us this guy from week to see how. I have if Pat McAfee knock someone out on the return they don't they drug test him for there is a really get tested after America I don't know exactly like I didn't know stuff they select OK Johnson magic I was training I was training after earth turning for American ninja warrior and I was at does this course but I'd. I wouldn't trade that ushered on in that posted it on non Twitter and the times W ago and I got drug test the next day when the. Deeply you know Ventura vote in LA that has I don't know. Well that's what I know and you know this is not a Joseph yeah no no yeah this is the reality the hello I didn't expect. Look I don't I don't I don't know I think I'm sorry I heard about it I have no idea how they would never to let everybody know you're here right now we have a group of spies in the something as soon as something weird happens IP Utica. Even in the off season they do that to you. Yeah yeah well all era with a with a public that's written out you can. Awkward if you will isn't that. It's. This definitely can't you know you can't do that in your podcasts obviously there's a reason why can't you know him because that's all unique is its that is our demands on your. Pull off my shirt I would still got them good night. Maybe they go months ever I've never remotely have that problem and a total of took off my shirt accounts tackled me and that you move on Sarah digital to think that everybody in the NFL wants to get traded either Denver CO. Among the most fun I notice daylight but they're not gonna say yeah. But I do you legally get your injury in town get five minutes man held at the moment the Super Bowl ridiculous isn't it I know they got from adult I can't call it the young L yeah at Dulles yeah on the tablet look. With the cowboys on you it's like what made you want a felony now you want to wait a little bit over got a pocket. Yeah it's just what actually don't want to buy and we story just walked Tennessee with the holes go alone you know and then Jerry Jones apparel. Our Gary has led the cowboys there's Leila they don't like cocaine you know it's. I don't know the White House yeah I mellow out soon and legally smoke at least. Then I else how else is Nate Newton had a house I couldn't do it and you know I don't want it and then Michael urban commander Michael armour walked out of court in that firm the thinking goes. Just got slippery particularly mile somewhere around eleven I got that was Michael died at Jackson of the Dallas beat you if you get it got to show up. So who's on the guess you guys have had on it gives a quick overview the format is it just. You guys talk about guys up just your daily lives it's a lot of guys. Leavitt a lot of and also to Tommy I think that in and in the big big problem because look the bachelorette or maybe it's it's. Well I tell you know I've read that the way I used to live tweet that you have four got off them at night if we can open up the talking a little footballer. The game returning champion on the and we kinda working and do. You know a bachelor bachelor and I are organs really anything anything from a what we did is that kids in the summer to. That's our favorite movies let me get it right we got to go for it up. For 45 only about American into words 10 general don't want to my kids right looks awesome. And my daily thing. In this man during a temperature for a three and I realized flag Arafat in the City Council tonight but I'm not doing anything like a waiting for commercial breaks go smoke a cigarette in enemy here. Critiquing what these people to instill. When you approach this I mean obviously if you do something like this it's just it's not like anything else that you do nothing out of normal. What is what you most worried about as far as obstacles ago and that is that the one took you out with most were able doubtful that. You know yeah I mean well W Wright went oh yeah how good Alexander right when I was training him triple his guys in their own like 150. Right now we're 170 pounced on the peak of 65 and it doesn't want you at the time those 230 he knows those syllabus at my life but it. A as they battle a fill up mentally and cable news once that on there and to earn thirty pounds was right over the hasn't been an LA and yet it is definitely when did it certainly it was a blast you know it. As they double pumped up and Islam to destroy it is coming to give you practice run to the oldest and you're going out there blinding you don't practice on you know idea of the first dependent ago. What gives me that in the bar and after. How developers got the guy is like you know a housewife from Omaha and these emails that the firefighters yes. It has gone down and I know our talent can look like the real competitors police say those for later in the night hours after I mean it's illegal after the second third obstacle ma man and then yes I was I don't destroy this course that I got up that conflict are. Yeah I visited early night for me that at. To begin with died Johnny Greg's podcast download that first. Thanks so much him and guys are really appreciate the rappers generally met during a time dead.