09-19-16 Has a beer with Elizabeth Greenwood

Monday, September 19th

The Mens Room has a beer with author Elizabeth Gerenwood. You can find her new book "Playing Dead" out now!

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I'll let them. And it it's Elizabeth crane would think of him. Your book you felt like a decade journey through the world of death fraud and basically I guess if you ever wanted to just drop off the planet you have the formula. What I did that's been hit in trek along the way the but is not exactly how you do that eight game. In your deal a good number of people here had he very got it back the lead. Are certain amount a year I'll eat sleep and populist than they've been caught. And they have finally it this one English guy as I understand you faked his death if you live and Google got him home but no pieced together he's turned himself and the guy. You can look at that you're talking about John. 2000 you eat with health it is like each ethnic kayaking accident. Is I like his wife helped them but grudgingly Y a at exactly right aren't. I I got away with it for so long as he has yeah event in nationwide they're worried he called her while mr. born. He wasn't going to be high profile page and diet eat it up with green dollar you very tight lip correction not the pair of former teacher. He'd gotten opposite from hot water out for real or eat at the sheet transactions. You realize he was worth more dead than alive with the health of his flight eight completed Q collect the great insurance. So basically the reason that you get away with an ambulance that supplements were nobody care. Like I don't know what the old. I like today you know and eat eat it after him or any pain he had just gotten out and say you know. Then like I think that there are a couple 100000 I did that. Kind of buck the trend in the sensitive as I went to the bogon arrived there this weekend and one of the things and book and it the team always comes up like look. If you're going to figure on that you insist on doing and the book tells you millions of things went. Drowning yourself is generally the easiest way to get caught like that's the worst. Way had to pray that. Yeah it can really the evening because we think you know of arrogance they my back what what where are you happy to reduce the body you know at that corner late June or else. Yeah exactly and we come up with it say yeah well look I ran out you know I think he is at the bottom of the year end and we all think Ricky and boring. I actually added eighteen drowning really raises a lot of red flag airline court meant. He says almost Ali usually within 48 hours a body will watch out on short. So why not this by the and then it actually is here you know recently gotten in criminal trouble in financial terms aren't all that need chartered a fishing boat and jet. Never seen not only. And we'll help Olivia Newton John's courtroom. Yet that's exactly right wing that you lose dozens dead Elizabeth and they said he Tuesday that they were found that guy did they find it. I know I knew that they spotted him in Mexico and south Americans some of the places that I in the U at. Pat you're speaking about Patrick McCarron that he is already eaten aren't I act late friend. So that he chartered a fishing badly did he back pain and in Mexico. He had recently filed for personal bankruptcy and act now ending child support he won't. Know people didn't go eat they eat out it felt it plummeting back eerie that app away and I. The fact that I Patrick McDermott dot com and you're. Well we monitoring I'm wet track or on that they eat where people are logging on front. And denoting an entry like last error I mean rather arrogant I aren't at city it's followed that trail of bread cramps and look on the ball. There he led the blocking content despite trying to let people nearing panic right it. Out Smart the people who are on his round he ended up leading member rate and it I. You either mentioned in the book that as far as is the way that this thing plays out. Typically it's a guy. It's a middle aged white guy he's going through some financial difficulties is exactly we figured yesterday's and then or and then for for for women it's more people who have been. They feel like their life has been threatened by either a domestic situation you know somebody's gonna beater opera someone's gonna killer because you know the abortion whatever it seems like. Completely different reasons for the sexes to one disappear but. Do you think. Do you think they'll ever be a case Elizabeth were someone like an Andy Kaufman. Or how they just had to say that that Kurt Cobain from Nevada where it passed on the that it will we ever see Elvis pop up on an island or one of these. Will that ever happened in a lifetime do you believe. Got a really hope sell and they did we I don't know he we all the rag tag and I got to like IndyCar and if you do lacking any golf like I just about a minute it pulled off the biggest joke ever like he said he was going to do it. That'll happen. Now I really hope so but I think with the Andy Kaufman and fortunately eat that shipment they all the I week it would it happened you know I. Learning the kind of headed that Pope meant no in theory the theory and added and a wrap the phone with her and I would like and then yeah and still alive you know I would have you know a few hours a path public content up there are. So you get inspired magnificently to do this knowing anyone here you're student loan debt. Different says Whitman and the thing about you realize that you yourself or not so. Are you opened everybody's at a buddy's day you know man you should take your own death the difference between you and a 1000. You wouldn't pursue those early start don't reassert and as a result of this July 2. 2013. What is the relevance of. July 2 when their school which is big game anywhere right here at your primary car crash in the war or lack. In the Philippines frantic rat dead on arrival here hop at all or go to my death. They're at it in the but you've you have enough. Isn't there a documentary that certificate how idea you know I can't even find my birth certificate of need. Like. You this morning that that I want and the right time kind of thing well obviously. Great engineer I get to light they're light and ray yeah pick rate even hearing any like many he'd say in my filing cabinet at home. Cut the airy in outlay your tax return Olga Lake Erie I agree and document that kinda been a reminder is that list. Like gives them if they I don't know I Arab shows often physically go home to your files may see very documented death certificate for obviously someone is alive like. Is there legal trouble is that you know apple and come on the states obviously by. I'm not need now are yeah I don't. Find out of that school. Well I met her eye on that at this different now I am hoping that it's having it isn't damaged and they know I never I felt it would. It's a little bit and that the what if you wanna go back to the Philippines because that's not harassment do you plan right now with a look at your past Fordham is elated mammary YouTube stole passwords woman's debt. I mean you man unit the things they wrote about the candidate that's brought that he played in the Philippines I probably will be going back there any parent would emerge. You can look did do was how out candidates over adults how dirty is that and really that world. Did you feel any of the field in the timer or anything like that I mean your retractable when you're going into these situations and ended any time you think oh god man this is America. He really can't which I would really more concerned that they come gonna go home and and it and that doesn't happen. And moral you know different in part to me about getting my death certificate that I I knew I would be talking Cadillac says. Eighty character entering transco laid down by the blocks yup I was very waiting Ford Albanians that air conditioned lobby at that huh. I. Atlanta they found a lot Larry good emirates and it was again. How long a long as they did to piece all this the government does. Like I mean not right yet Aaron and buried near being around got riding one all canyon what you're announced when he knew that I don't hurt. So in that time have you ever thought I'm gonna really do this. I can do this or I have the interest and you can convince the into it yeah you can do it even Nolan now. Ever. Heard Yoko or hiking never happening don't know verbally you aren't everybody I don't know that me and I had an excellent target for like a killer it's like he'll never believe it. Demands then exactly outside this this is my line of thinking I enjoyed the books or much. Oh yeah sign a copy your book incident hurt it. Yeah they're all the look at gobbling get a journey through the world of the death fraud at Lisbon agreement thanks in government program ever in Seattle's about the show. Well it int he democratic as large. A cut of the program during. It's those with a shot of the day your guess is as good as mine includes categories of holidays. And relationships let's get color and on the line right now to a 6421 rival come back.