09-19-16 PodDammit reads the cards

Monday, September 19th

This week on Poddammit, Thrill brings forward some unknown knowledge about playing cards, and the guys talk sports

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World. Through miles showing his. His grades shuffle insurer. Every time he'll little fresh set of bicycle playing cards you're handling 130 years of expertise we probably craft each deck deck. Using custom paper coatings C you can trust bicycle performance and after and that's and I'm looking for cars it's really another company besides bicycle of the. Bicycle eligible. They're losing. Certainly be well bicycle owns them there's like oil. Made cards for loan bicycle owns them once it is like four or five bicycle basically just bought well. And I if you play in a deck of cards by suit gets in my in the true with like I glasses I think. But the one company in Italy or something that makes them all for everyone around the world no matter what pair of glasses you by no matter whose name is on it. It all goes to. Aids epidemic yet there's there's now only three late rate basically he went to any store yet they all came from the same factoring Italy. It just depended what logo that put a look where you wondered gee do you want playing in nineteen go to lake what's. What's the one Mardy Parker there's a cup there's like actually two more now that like I've got a game yet. T seen them a lot more pitcher right yet they all. The worst part about the fact that all of us came from the same place is the athlete yup. So we put your GR that it costs. As well which. Add content like man well. Those are Gucci's of the calls over much more my door exactly the same god name glasses as the ones that don't if you you understand this right it. If your killer of my house and today as my a deck of cards this kind of shot. Just pick up the deck on the way. He's gonna 7-Eleven and index cards absolute yeah I never looked. I like like and I'm trying to think where else did you get my target guests of Wal-Mart country with almost all and anyway gas stations did that cars short usually yet deck of cards. But sometimes some chips but I feel it Decker car in die should buy it I don't think I've ever bottom deck of cards. I know when he decks of cards and want to undergo a forty day a Nirvana decadence. I would condom but girl different summer classic ones some old ones are over in France on from Russia had been different suits Boca they'll have forced through schools. I wanna go go for emerald sutra resents it basically there is got him Terrell cards might elective of terror card are benefit gonna how to play a game and an era down to where it is now so. Different countries like Mexico has some different suits. Japan Thailand Russia. France no problems have gotten as of crazy men over the same. The face cordial roughly the same item in the suits are just different suits or works a lot different it's sprinkles them gloves award back. In the early nineteen hundreds Lisa enough. Nab the they all did they introduced me five suit that aren't and the others who was Eagles heavily. Okay added see this coming out we got a question Lori from the stream thrower did you get this never ending fountain of useless knowledge about card manufacturers. Because I collect old playing cards is that so that's what I was getting undersea so what happens is right so you buy it. A pack of white bicycle cards and humble and I'm not making news now with a free app I got a new deck today what by the liberal reach him and pulled out mailbox in the all black. Beautiful Ron Mexico. You can barely see anything to behold in the right light it's crazy man admiral Perry scarred them and or worked perfect everything. And it wasn't until civil war believer Matt that people really started playing cards to their yet rich people to know more mass produced was the thing. Did paper there are working to broker broke for the Gaza missile war to pass time. Started just making the index. Those like most wars are not constantly fighting most of the time and I don't think so in between battles you know killed timeless or point in. Poker games and all the rest of it amounts when they decided to mass produce because at the end of the civil war these guys brought their games back home both north and south people started him into the games. In a groove and start printing cards so I mean why are checked checkers. Mentally traders think the civil war vets or not that's the civil war soldiers like these started making. Let's say was checkers I mean Chinese checkers did you know at the travel version you can play against a base in the same thing like the cards and then they started making these little games so like the soldiers had something some junior right and thrown were shoes. They're very owe him my life on this about god name cards and type in your debt collector. I got I got a ton of them that like as a little kid like are the man as you start seemed like David up old ones the jokers are cool and different things there's. Different civil scuttle original one on here there have been realized and all the countries they did different suits began four suits but just different I don't know says he's got a gold so. Then you realize or over the years that you have a ton of these things you take them appear to go gently with a few play games. The ones that I will play a game with a man Randy is there from there. That SES dec I had you don't put chipped up in the corner and all that Bryan Adams that's one thing that nobody owns casinos in arm has some decks have been kind of worn out man like here's a predictor cards I think that's where I've gotten most of the decks of cards I didn't want from Vegas answered yes it's like nearly normal and a yet we'll keep money in Vegas to mandate is shuffle the rooms so quick. Right by Dele giving you use like once which is an art the useless to us now I've been if you're like it really relate. Expensive room they probably only use the deck once or something like you know the mid with a 101000 dollars and it opens up about twelve packs a day per table. And when you think about that man and that's something we deal and I'm our prices probably gallium and the civic eight they go through a La carte. Yet so the dice. Keeping the guys can messed up on shouldn't they drill hole ha so you can you can buy like craps to ice but the seemingly have a little hole. And I knew what sandals or need guys did they are they're awesome and that's how you think that's how they know like. Because of the just sold the regular dice you could sneak in a happy marriage are no nicer here you couldn't you make of all weigh them or whatever the largest if you take well. There's other certainly glad she has had a backpack and he took off just the corner just a little nick of the dice it would come up to the number you want more often talked. Sure it it it was different another way that they that they will all Princeton. To sell them out to people's not just drilling a hole winnable they'll actually carve off like and that corner piece someone that. You know make conservative if you decide to use those guys cheat and play Dyson Alley with your friends so we're going to shoot. If it I don't use those dice and game friend man. Yes that's like dominoes were on the civil war to had to be counted as worker that thing goes pars some it is and they don't come and wounded to it. Drag car in an you know but but it's ET sixty. But there's nothing there query more play different but nothing major pain whereas with dignity and you have that. So what are you gonna call on him out of that man good Phillies are never fun. How you do everything else Sox Mandel and has now given our second understand but I have seen in my own little travel case for my dominos and it's as good old bulky box said. I don't listen I don't know where I could put that it's out of any kind of a pact and I'm cared command diverted canteen just think I. Airmen to us that we are trying to prevent a civil war reenactment now. Believe they're not a lot of the guys actually where civil war stuff. Yeah this from the civil war and I've been the one before and it's very specific it's it's really stinky. It's as stinky group of people and I don't mean that in a way like the people stinky I mean the that the closer seriously from the wall yeah it's into reenacting it and NAS summer in a lot of displays always historic moth balls but has to preserve that wool and everything else you've got like so. It's like grandma's house meets mothballs meets the smell little trunk and Graham almost like civil war spills like this of. Gloria they give her grandmother were cab driver New York City that's about what it's miles Daniel Watson Miller your favorite casino games. I don't have one I'm a slot guy underdogs I imagine that damn bro I'm not the Desmond craps nice car drinking. This that it might fair game to do to casinos to drink actually notice on gambling and casino is is spot the hookers. I know sounds dumb but you gotta understand why people go to Vegas like all the chicks recently dressed like hose right. But not necessarily pose with a hose also dressed like pros and typically. You can figure on the hookers based on the beauty of the woman and the guy she's talking to. It yet so mentally comes down to. Those you're actually dating she's clearly a hooker positional god damn way that guy because you plan to penny slots side he has got to take money out of the equation. That's a hooker. What you always have faith. And I know it doesn't look tougher okay sure okay and the next couple of data. Haven't a brother to Vegas a handful of times in my life only one time that I was there was it was an in the December was close to football season. Think I would definitely bet on a football game I don't doubt elements sports I would lose my asp until anyway if there was a game whatever I private money on that knowing that I would lose but still I'd I just just make game more entertaining on there how many. Tony people lost money on the hawks and I mean might look out there your third. Well I don't you think the rams saw that women and now there's rams' defense has played yeah arouses look I don't know last time you got to remember some mouse to man. I don't know how good the dolphins defense says they're not but I went and watched the first game in tonight and the other question I had leaving was wow is the dolphins defense this go to work is the Seahawks offense this bad. Now we know we know the rams defense didn't play very well against forty niners but at the same time they always had the Seahawks numbers aren't. Puts him elected and have an office. Of my knowledge that they got the the up bits like by the NFL that. What was the fine for Wachovia assault you were having contacts. Contact workouts in the off season. This the second tower in defiance of coach Carroll got 200000 dollar fine. They lost to draft pick the team 400000 dollar fine. William of violent views of the rams a noise it made no impact and her team medal now. It didn't to a god damn thing I disarmament Jesus Nichols wants emotion Russell sat down for a couple weeks. Not to play. May he come play. I don't know used to be true this is just my pin in giving it to guide him had a game and we said the whole summer when football sort of Mormon back up and I don't know. Only thing this guy ever talked about as beautiful life. And give parade now futures kill all over the god employs and maybe were were really into it too much but we had said look man. Everyone else on the team all 32 teams dog football is the only guy and involve football and Oklahoma football tomorrow's wonderful wife and all of us and nobody pairs. You need to go play god and football and I think he understands that now so. I only Israel's problem I think you need to work on offensive line yet injury. It just not a cohesive unit you. Others like him but if we see you do run more than Russell and you have to try and maybe you can run farther out are you gonna put in and out offensive line and it's. That's the promise we have it we have a situation like that you're not getting her to the ball when you have a crappy offensive line to get rid of the ball. It's quickly you can encumbered he's got a great offensive line he gets from the ball one point force it and that's why his tight and castle that's why Jimmy Graham. And Luke Wilson will not catch a lot of balls because he only they're gonna catch balls is iffy decides to throw the ball and two or three steps and an offense and run. If not there of there just. There's like nobody's been blaming Iran close injury on his offensive line it's like he held on to that ball well. July oh okay. It exactly right and then we have this problem for twenty mentally and I'm gonna take a hit. Been rather as very its removal he never has to turn around run back to step up in the pocket and throw down demy he'll take it easy always gets hit he generally avoid contact yeah except that. I brothels burgers like camp he's so big to the biggest let people hit by doubt and I imminent offensive line as I don't drag. Stewart sixty pounds and the guy gets obliterated every. He got killed yesterday still one. That's the thing what help me he faced punishment like no one I've seen and pretty much wins every dot dame game you play I hate that's on the bench do. Big ugly Krugman on the yeah and I sat on the island that house great summer camps on somebody I've been brothels are harder. Yangon where I'm not have to bend it I'm able to hit it out anyway about Reynolds. Good. With Seles among rank in Chicago and Eagles summer it you know what excited about them now NASA vanity maybe. Yeah I and getting on a bears yes you shouldn't be an Eric Cutler at the pilot garbage part of that Mo Fo get a contract extension. You did not make the team in a better and you're not very good and they're like yeah. For a while millions more let's keep this jump. We're on the wrong businessman Fernando Washington DC is just pumped like pretty glad we didn't give cousins a long term deal. Let's bring you as it always cite other incidentally. Yes still Kirk cousins has yeah I agree husky games but it. As the reason he was playing there you know you're still a good quarterback and everyone knows your game and you're still be. Tom Brady Ben Roethlisberger of those kinds of like everyone knows exactly with a gonna do you can't stop them. Hasn't caught a prime example organized his Damon flight manual and he sort of fall run prime example was New England through their system that can plug anybody and they play the same system every single time of yours about the system restate you don't sound drew. Read generally without Brady or employment Perth were great white and why. They still beat the (%expletive) out him and Jesus Christ. Then god dammit you know crystals and offer stone Mariner's wagon. I ass out at a later. In another even though they lost couple over the weekend some other teams into some are still they're still in good shape. As Fisher LA you have. Terms ran a Red Sox got blamed for names of lost here's the bottom line though if he can't be to god damn Astros doesn't matter which in the playoffs ouster because you're gonna get beat so no matter what you do I mean like you can't win against the Astros again thing else. Like OK this sounds can do really well and whatever is meant to play the galaxy. They're gonna give beat I don't know why because of the for the galaxy they're gonna get beat but you still feel better saying you made the play now yeah. It just feels better now. Yeah a couple of years the only sound is lost the timbers I was like what's different this let's not make the playoffs I don't want you not have a timbers from Roger right. We always lose LA team Gandy and Robbie Keane historical. Facts and that'll get a ticket and hope that the hopefully he'll get in just we US playoff baseball. They're on that they've got to learn to beat those teams and the loss Friday was on me. I bragged yeah yeah I you know I thought about that way ma'am. Don't overlap this and I go well actually texted him that now's like Danny Manning or ornament diplomatic path. Do you think sales to get an NHL team yes. The awesome they're huge aren't you supporter wrote Lehman. I once the bill I've never been and the city and this has more to do with the City Council and anything else like you don't normally. You're trying to commenced taxpayers department bunch of money to build a billion dollar place four billion in this case somebody is like no build your region of definitely. Me man. And doesn't. And all those people who are here and almost cash. And as such in the league is rich as city we are nothing but money to spend a sports stings but none of whom no movement in the. Lula to his liking you go to a team bird's team you grew sort of sort of straight right. Of them the fan bases are there for those two individual clubs not I don't see output in a Major League team. In the Seattle area isn't a win for everybody. More Canada. Then there's no city in the United States is more like him CO. We couldn't be anymore Norse than to begin to Canada other than like buffalo might be the next closest Canadian city but then other than it has Seattle has a very Canadian Qaeda very European kind of vibe to it it's like look there's a team in Nashville. Winters are resuming Columbus there's a team in Charlotte you understand the Florida but snowbird mentality of putting a team down there because there's a lot of people who retired on their of those guys they don't know. They'll go watch. Win the Bruins play the Panthers and Norman are from an article on their for the Panthers at the and that's and that's the long and short of a mean held Lance got a hockey team meeting of all these southern. States and have hockey and I don't know make their passion and am given their fans of the service but you definitely think that if Las Vegas. Las Vegas we'll show. Las Vegas I bet they'll be packed. How could you not go to if you're and if you're in Las Vegas there's an NHL game in your in you want to see an NHL game wanna. The biggest music you Jawad Cuba does Germany like neutral like no one can really root for a team from Vegas just in Vegas you could discuss the game after I think people will go to games to break your visit his leg as well like you go to service LA Hoya you know you don't candid honest. But circus a late as the only exist outside there all of us are on the road that are saying if I'm from Boston red nor any major city that has a hockey team and I'm in Vegas it's not like. I don't watch a hockey game to a we got to go to the pool we actually Brando but you might enough flying into Vegas and go because of Bruins plan. Couple bites and good morning and meaner so my guy that might give you more reason fly into Vegas. Israelis and these reasons play out of your your earnings trend exactly like I feel like man if you're gonna go to one reason you motivated if it's a cut lose and you know gambling you're since drinking existence and phenomenal. You're gonna Davis could you just want to cut we had we were we were at last year we went down this convention. Radio rock contraband convention in Las Vegas. And the guy who puts on the thing and his wife and another guy who puts on the thing we're talking to us this and hey. Next year we're thinking about maybe bring in this conference to Seattle Washington we went. Have to know how the parents hello ma'am no no we're going to Vegas courtroom yeah. That we live there. Some that is bad places is the fact whatever it may not there yet when we go to Vegas we are people coming here we shall Merom the do you know why people showed up after guy named dimension to the Vegas and Vegas ran I mean that's why. In February. In that fit her look bad in my back my correct I've never done a college football game since I've been to college. So if their plane in Vegas. I'm probably gonna go. Unless you gotta be like do they're gonna play in Vegas flap Friday night and a simple. Yeah health lately do you buy your opponent by anywhere close Agassi who live there in Vegas would be a no brainer. If you know Brenner who apparently can't believe leg of BYU plays in Vegas but like during the Olympics of that if it happened in the states when the Soviet. Junior was over unity camera people affecting. Our own feeling if you went to BYU and the new go to Vegas like I'm defecting to the school. And I get out of I need to get out of view IQ and go to place for people have so there's never been you know be transferred to be like you. I never that that there's now only way you can do you lose your mind it and write well yes jump of I have a decision by them by cast. Our model faced Obama's note to love Coker threaten to throw his questions come from a lot of muscle and you come up.