09-26-16 PodDammit grabs some nachos

Monday, September 26th

This week on Poddammit we get on the subject of Seattle sports. Mike Hawk reveals a nacho nightmare, and We finish with more sports talk


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We can can we just knew he beat me with something. New world. Anybody in their belly up fourteen to fourteen viewers right now as miles walks and informally viewing before we became. Probably just grows there's going to definitely. Alex as what a Ted would see Alex Alex Alex what's up kick it didn't really set Evers and oh boy. Oh and those who he is here. It's actually on the mikes are not lower Tyler anybody else like this and I. I think overall yeah I go payroll this is the FaceBook and no we're actually they cannot noses yeah I think I'm different commands and yeah because on mice are rolling. Let's talk did you get to a major sausage bikinis and I did not a denial amends terms thousands there was lines everywhere man and I didn't know exactly where their ads and it was not it was a upper deck on the track it down you have 300 men I was all the way up there yeah. Are there staying understands different. Like for fruit and stuff there's a little higher to flip off another idea that well no I think that the the dinners occasions. Right. I feel like there might be many that Phillips in Seahawks games. Does the same as you find this here here near the summer's game the exact same stadium at its ships out. Guy went with. To the games name's Justin his mom passed season tickets we've had season tickets forever. So he goes he's I Mallon gets nachos and he never bought these not just before he's hearing about it. Third a pizza box. Oh yeah I mean it's an entire scene and heard box and he's like oh my god he like eat you know to do is no smaller size accuses pizza box size or buster. I'm. So we get into we get into the line and he opens up and seriously is the size of pizza for my options torn about Estrada Villanova supplies of food stadium for without doubt that either way out of cheese Ehrlich a cheese will itself. Melted cheese boo. And I threw dirt product yeah. I think I prefer the cheap jeans are online purchase of the great the American Hamas. They would just like not just the love for the day I'm not Joe's not juggle I know him as Joseph the other major drama of that stuff. Tell him and he's just sort of pass now on the aisle. And it was like embarrassing not Joe's I mean they would opened only two or three times. And there was still militias. That's coming up this concludes outright fascism I swear to god meant it was that it was. It does a lot of not shows like man that's. Thanks in my brother had last night as I our planet not as and everybody it'll monarchos you know tonight I don't and I have bad hands are my god there are gone now can you do you tap this food because of that. I don't know that I ever have that's when you basically do me a shared family type settings so that you know like when you order a safe family how we how. Now I am pleased. You don't get your own plate. So basically just different foods come out you take one off of play of his papacy to focus group with a Seattle delay things Jim it was a collective played I can do but that was actually a problem back in high school. Is that they actually serve nachos at that at the Haskell cafeteria that I had. And I owed by not chosen I'd c'mon at seven down and I'd leave to go grab a drink or someone that might come back there's. Muriel I hit a power and it manually and elementary school one notch and they also are much of one of the other guys you have pizza or tots which for the big winners were an elementary school. Aren't as soon as they they put it on your tray. In direct descendant down a deuce on them. You make them you sneeze from him. No matter what you did you made it clear that no one else is gonna even when and we all data manually to entertainment sciences and if you didn't like we stole your tickets you can bring up my high school was cheese Fries everybody that geez from when you do to protect them. Yeah well when you went to get a soda you held him in your knee. Brett and I can't you can't abandon filling in front of other high school and without even doing what happened when we went to a word Vegas. And aural smoke is a girl were in and out burger round and I I I know several hundred resolution tomorrow and hindering my god they are sick all the way it was for you guys. I talk about I'd like child monetary zone to do. Now you're yeah you're right I don't media for a man that I. Gave me this in. All I want to smoke a cigarette well probably not showcase that or rob is with nachos is communal select if you're to get a sandwich leave in the office I was gonna years and when you're Ramona even right now Peter Rodman notches to set him in the office -- to me to not just it's assumed the dodges are shared that it. It was like a leg my right is one of those things and cyclic it's you know you're you're not it's not. Not just aren't just for you to even outside them for me right when is it I miss I don't know that well in order not chip I get it would only home moon. The minute you leave man you know my invite you to him. And I chose and the might not just undergone only coveted Needham bats on me what did you put on the nachos. Man. They did they just gave you a plate of chips and insults or cheese was your dreams is that is the highest in high school let out a we invite I voted my company and I'm glad I don't produce as she's on on their Erica Hillary and her. Hammer out yet the only caiso mean geez. Yes DH this case so she's in this that it's not release these years you Iraqis that the whiter she's. We've talked about my body Aaron Hank he works at a restaurant stuff so retirement somehow we serotonin and Utley French food in this and that. Doesn't yet the French Canada and internationally the best through the mother sauces. He told me. But he knew what to sound we were safe and sound fancy that you don't eat cheese for she half com freaked out about him now. Right you guys think she's right after the break up that triple. Ride she hit it around they're happy that's gone from the FaceBook. Our revive that hunger. I don't he makes me wanna order route. Right I don't know if you're gonna stick us hero and we admire him and Hamburg hammered a steak houses and always give it to have a here's my thought man to go for launch it. You're not getting the entire reviled launch I don't think dominion tape in its home. It's kind of a 21 shot man. Go rim. There reviled for lunch man let's get it done I don't believe for a living room and hadn't taken ariston Statehouse room one saint lawyer. Lawyer here. I mean my lawyer body that's who they take their stood at the steakhouse. Oh yeah realize it ought to think their second office and I just think my body like I didn't realize like all the lawyers but a lot of law firms in the same area. Flail hang out this one state counts. Although business or cocktail lunch. Yeah although I investment bankers and stuff they all hang out with different steakhouse. We'll probably investment bankers is by the time that they eat lunch. Days Olbermann you know get there they want are exchanges over low 130 it's a fairly well you know enough to do that their days done. Looser after hours traders. He does that ending up some MI. Graham want to fish salad but I can't get the road opener just yet not yet. We'll get to another no there's no no questions him though and he now you can I think we should talk about Seattle dominating yesterday. All parents win the Seahawks win this pounders women even even Seattle rain. One last night and none have been you don't one late Saturday night in overtime Yahoo! two of you look at that hopefully for our period due to. Doesn't good day for Seattle sports and an inactive for our Russell Wilson. The half torn NCL I think as of this spring spring him CO my event much differ much difference to them. But de LA can take a beating again and a few weeks. That's same offensive line's going to be airing and in about it. The offensive lines how bad but yet there's often terrible. For these states and there were rolling last year and I think they've never recovered from that some of often part of it ma'am I do anything. If you're that good everybody studies up on what you do and wants a period of Cam Newton is the beginning and end of all things on the team. No principle and so it's mental things are gotten killed back. You know an egregious. I mean I think they sucked that bad. Whatever the cardinals yesterday to the Steelers I think I think the cardinal or fraud I think the Steelers had a bad game output of those who it. It doesn't matter you corals play next Cardoza carnal you via. Who are the Steelers play makes I feel bad for that team that's legitimately feel like demanded that it cardinals just. You're in Arizona you got to fly all the way to buffalo them play that to isolate the plane in buffalo from Alaska's team that was a track. That may be a lame maybe I'll beat that debt. Mean look at the bills looked there were so addressing the rules are rules man god daily don't always know what the best team and in a federalism match shows that over the week in the normally don't see. I mean just the certainly builds cardinals as not a company even even the two Pennsylvania teams plan. That's kind of different the Cleveland Browns in the dolphins that there's just match ups and you'd normally I mean you're I was one of the ravens and jags right yet AFC north at ways AFC south this year and try to be in the same. Conferences and snow. There's no nothing between images don't feel like what's on Saturday that no doubt puts on the New Orleans and Atlanta and loyalists to match. We've never seen that game before. A cancer quick quick show weapons here and questions here for weapons fails wrong with these violent son of a big deal lots and I was on over. Not a bad today Amanda our August Jill says a lot of very restrained. Doll and he can whenever he had to go and grow plants at about our dads drive minutes. I'll flower. Flower flower. Whenever we'd hang over smoked tonne about. And we need to handle a little hangover so slight residual in the mean tackles are burritos but thank you Marino. I go in Berea but I love fish tacos taco Yale out of on the burritos. I kind of mine and my taco. How bout them jets but but but but but but but but digestive kidney through six picks. Who was a pastor Gerald Fitzpatrick threw six pictures and my to a more complete garbage time when to expect them to the but you still have four leading up to that point man they looked like absolute. Garbage I don't know Zach what a guy named the eight tying him not only be I want to be disrespectful. To Arnold Palmer because on Arnold Palmer is Arnold Palmer. But I don't have NFL network so last night after everything was done alone to do was watch how it's. And I understand it's Arnold's home you know I mean like they're going to take the time to talk about it and rightfully so and everything else but I kept. Waiting for them to squeeze in a couple highlights and he did squeeze in a couple of highlights. But the two were like five games yesterday and had no idea like I never saw what that's all I wanted to was essentially yeah Redskins giants was phenomenal game. Both teams I think suck just cynicism from NFC east I think that division sucks except. It equals. The man looked you know we doing got a song but they beat the (%expletive) out of Pittsburgh and canals. You can beat Pittsburgh it's not dampened noted beat them like that many artists are relentlessly. You know they're guys that champions you know he's been dominate in North Dakota State and then T Dickey just seamlessly transferred to the NFL. I think it helps to have a good offensive line up and reserves or goes and I'll take anything away from Winston Gandy of leg work. There shouldn't be you should not be a quarterback playing in professional level that if you have a good offensive linemen can't make things happen and they're back there behind the guy named senator may give you time to throw that said we almost fraud problem. Brood have no business being back there anyway but went to go holy crap. Guess you guys this guy is legit guess US some regulation and they should highlight of physical Elliott in track and ice during college. He's running hurdles sorry I don't know and then five plays later edged the key hurdles of player the exact same way than they go back and ensure the exact same footage of the Jewish I mean he literally. Her older guy with one leg up. Cleared leg back in on me like he was version is not a New Orleans to slate is the timing of the thing was like funerals are brutal call her oracle social the video and like to have his pretty good hurdler. If he won the meat and everything else. Well Lindsay exhaust it's a series he he honest to god hurdle defender got enough to. Jeremy deploy them. Probably decent enough in the fall apart. Yeah how nice is one of those things man they gonna help the quarterbacking assailed it for four quarters inspire us elderly. Remember the coach is garbage aren't anyone's and his guards Terrell. And owners an idiot and I just think in the end you. You and a door Joseph is there would be self destructing at the end of the season there's a reason why teams keep doing or Cincinnati. Dallas deal meant if you do this every year what's the one thing that's been consistent. Your coaches. You've changed about the players you've done everything else you can do these two things have been consistent maybe that's what needs to be addressed just Jeff Fisher. But I am gonna guess what a little bit yesterday as the for the jaguars mania that's what a little bit everything Michelin teams where we we're the only way they're undefeated so I don't care and I don't need I don't you can go be pretty somewhere albeit ugly team. I prefer that you don't amusement out. Yet they also franchise Justin Tucker for reasoning kicked into to your feet are the gun away and we got in Cleveland gonna wanna game four times and missed every time so god just even that one position makes a difference and sometimes some Sunday's event that's a lonely flag on the way home and you don't dismiss lightning game winning or game time feel woken up agreement. You missed what four. Over mr. Blair's alignment with god damn man. But of another poll on on Twitter yesterday for which would play I was gonna put up the most points for the Seahawks and for the third straight week of me doing this house go won the vote. But I think for the first week it actually didn't pru were brutal Ky FM I think and I got to put up the most points this week. Two touchdowns one a one I tell you have to ram runs at him there right now potatoes on the Arlington avenue may have finally my big mouth got some points. Was I had to rope Pryor's a flex guy in my fantasy league. Because he's been cast in some balls are going to I didn't think that the quarterback for the browns would go down in the may have put prior in his quarterback. So my flexed position turning to quarterback package in the middle of the game you don't make it on just what's always wanted. Any meaning meaning that whether what they'll go oh this gap again another put him in a quarterback. Now I laws is that the thirty some points letter in my elbow landslide. Interesting question by Chris Kennedy he's still do Tony push ups. Thank ya know I guess that's. Course the tough guy Fitz is typically the equipment but at that to me the flight one of those standards as a guy you don't wanna drop below a nozzles dump dislike him. Just refuted when Prussia through without injury and all I happen to agree that at least wanted a week. Under Lattimore this morning hopefully carries aren't. Michael's runs all the time and you don't we don't talk at times I just say you know I know that he knows and you cannot totally. Out of there today we had a meeting with their total one very important. My meeting we it is right before the money meaning every time if he goes on it and cynical and general court. There's a pandemic. Yes that were chasing it's meant now when they we do you want to suggestion of course. Retired amounts Thames talk on TV time out to the other day with that I just I kind of like to listen to the radio guy called Plymouth play yeah back in the day in the and you you know just turn the volume down. So once they thought we should do we we should do play by play. It just kind of get in there and just do our own play by play regardless of what's going on it you know I mean just just recorded do it. A of those pretty good idea. It have to be EU would not have won and you've heard me during the fourth quarter of the ravens game yesterday. I would have been a satellite broadcasts. Are you kidding me you know I think I'd rather you clip your way silent cries I'd like to do played a player of the red zone. So it's not just like one game Lori have to like it's just like on the hour on the Cleveland. While ago the Cleveland are in play here is there's some different team and they win and I don't mess there's no way we would know all of that information when they come back and forth every game so mean. Maybe if we'd really deeply about play we get recognized numbers in positions and try to be somewhat professional. But helmet we just had reds on we like connect Garrick there in front of fast. If if it flawed but who the hell's that Kansas City I don't know other players Steve. No idea who that is he's fast. There's Prada.