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Friday, September 29th


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Cauldron has announced that no return SNL with Donald Trump but he won't be on is now regularly. As he was in season 43 that is a weird word by the way. Regularly yeah. Maybe not for you seem weird coming out of my mouth. Most things do. HTTP if you think if if if the B Mayer's. That's very impaired I think he's. They're gonna matter got to redo what goes on the production of the show OK number one contestants can only got two drinks per hour. Few drinks per hour a model. I mean honest to god man you've done a double. I have ever write a ticket and off how big are these dreams that we can count on Long Island basically do these basically they've set up rules them for eight. So like your your wife or girlfriend set up for one of us a great two drinks for our would also be available all Thai food correct. Anybody who can see who as they see grind growing. Fast to get permission first. Bluntly didn't sign really is a producer that's a fair verify that vote that could send it then you're able to consent. Houses straight so far away from just normal life because Cooper bread or people just do that on their own. About interfere we want to consent. Evil moment not on TV we have that right away we can film. The Cooper right we're lower will be that. We know it's in the shop outside the do you believe that this hunger. Who's willing give them the old man for two dollars and quarters compared edible underwear is black white mixing where he's. All right do and that's what we're doing now or football but I'll hook you put your arm or moved here. I'm Jessie new methods unfolds in G got a in my bleed to. Without question and then the second war and what flavor with a pair. You know what half half half a monthly I honestly haven't seen it what it in my in my own question enabled with additional research I can now about my. A woman to from Arizona recently gave birth mid flight and our baby you'll get free flight for life but the airline. Spirit then it's not worth a look at an overblown spirit I have never learn airline. Listen just. Don't I ya I need to be this guy but I'm going to be this time. I own spirit. Let's assume that the woman is thirty years or 45 years. If you know anything about childbirth which I do because I've been there to see. When a couple different occasions. The woman is doing all the work. Mean she's the one in pain she's the one who had to carry the child for nine months she did all the heavy lifting in making during the entire parts. She has to give birth on a plane that's unfortunate enough under the surface especially spirit there is she not the one that deserves the lifetime flying monster but a. And I am left and look look look it was a freak won a lot of the monument to hear it a regular below. Book the mob he always by Dick Harris. Kids and you flow would do. It's your mug go big but goddamn thing and they overcharging for the guys who have kids sitting on my lap like I would be very clear that the airlines that we look. Will break through your kid you patriot what money could you only plane ticket I eat purposes. Is the one for my kids here's the thing. You can't via okay your kid gets a free kick got great all right but your still gonna have to pay per ticket connected to sit on your lap. Now if you get the free ticket hit the need one of all of the kids and on your lap the first W no mention of the Biden ticket you do but if you got that breeds are forgiven we heard I don't know I was thrilled to. I don't I don't think if the kid for eighteen years behind the ticket one way or another I thought is the one I don't mind buying into one for me. One I hate my kid to do some in my lap in economic and not your beard is not good like feeling like with your dad and sister in spite of the week reiterating the fact that I will physically decimated through if you don't stop. I'm not saying any of this is happening but trust me. When I like to Pickens calls the same among college my team 500 dollar and in your answers on my lap I spent 500 dollars and they need the free day at the big kids eat free and Fred 500 additional dollars for this there is another catch. Can only get to fly for free on his birthday. We all know once you're over. It's. A bunch of. Ten things you should never suitable woman and what did you do to your hair. I mean I could try to daylight if your player your hair looks different I like your new hair cuts. I like you you look different is also acceptable although that's kind of on the fence but no what did you do here there. Not the way to address that usually guys will be taught the women don't talk to women like the guys content. If a woman ask you about her dress. And she's a deal like my dress like his what a Wear whatever I need your member Leo does awarding like with the matter the worst thing you can say is they both look the same to me. Don't be ops a woman wants you pay attention all the small things as well but we don't. One that Lopez say woman off so quickly you have no idea are you ready it's one word. Relax. Things you should never say to a woman that relax chill girl if you take nothing more from this conversation. No matter what you do. Never tell a woman to relax. I was bar drinking at the time of the carnival going on in town just outside a bar. And around midnight or so and a carnival shuts down a local cops and some county officers were standing around talking I was leaving the bar to head home I saw the police chief. There was everyone pretty good relationship reputation with a local PD struggled to a given mine have been drinking for the last three hours. And I asked him if you would give me a field sobriety test because they never had to check up. I feel pretty confident because it never looked at heart. So go through the entire desktop so no it doesn't standing on one foot walking the line ABC backwards when he was at the very reaction on the side when he says they don't look Charlotte right wingers over these things do not little pieces and a pretty good. The entire time the local PD was watching so when he finished one of the officers that way whoever I want more tests where if he takes me over to the group against you stand there he says take your right hand and pointed that cigarette butt by your left for. We're gonna call that Iraq. All right now take that same hand and points of the sky and point at that star now again rock star rock star I'm sure you know it's. Come on I don't know dancing in front of the entire police force everyone starts laughing and I realized what it was. That's fantastic after around in his defense I literally just pointed over to Iraq on my left foot I did the same thing and instead it actually did the move. Let's say haired good afternoon gentlemen and Robin. On the state 32 years ago my brother Dan was born and help celebrate the stay out appreciated it the dirty Germans you've given some of the worst advice they possibly can't. I love the show guys thanks. Not just local forewoman of the good guys and say hello to go deep sea diver. Job. Doesn't think that's true that does remind them it's easy pick to be. Worsened by wild couldn't. Good. The only truth to have backstage at all black or they won't like you wore all black. And intrigue corner in the very back who had been hemorrhaging front. And she into the back of my car and thanks to do okay now can you. Clinton and all that connect really. Yeah. There might actually drinking in your fingers to the music you know arrest except for whatever you want have not looked over. Oh my son who was a lot to me when there was watching. Okay. I know one another call you anymore he's yeah. Hello Tony welcome to the men who. So obvious to all and so. Above. The girls. We've got a pretty big backyard. You know they are. Those are some of them but part of what let go of your hard work out but yet the public didn't you. Now done men's room legacy can continue. You what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program person. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. They say. Or radio more than three times. Analyze a lot of Minnesota in 2630. Track. Along with Steve the throw hill. Shoots dead smack. Problems. The my car. As soon aren't men blew a we've played big down day kids meat and potatoes we all scream for ice free oyster loggers back there ready to play profile this. Plus headlines amends or shot of the day fumbles or emails and everyone's favorite TV time to take a class treated are part of a turns out the crow attacking Canadian mail carriers is the same crow that last year flew to McDonald's. Stolen life. Truth. Is afforded does not have enough ways to kill you know a gas cloud an indoor pool is ready to take your life. Ohio bureau of motor vehicles ask for help maybe mascot so you know what happens next Nextel Pete asked why anyone whatever eat bacon. And get the answers they'd expect it to you break it you buy at police and how policy. Doesn't go so well for a woman jumping in China and it's all coming out today is very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All that bad news good day to you and yours. Today is the day that we played big dummy the game show that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and here's how it works. You go laws Wii's been. Literally fired up. Category we hope and a week as to a question from a category. But we're big W separates itself from your average more reputable name Joseph. We will continue to ask you questions until you get one right because I've always. We want you to leave here are smarter than showed. Now today our biggest study ever it's a two headed monster the lovely Kimberly and the equally low we ever both of them go deep. And found a way to end certain nineteen consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better of course you can't forget the call and all we go on big dump. Cricketer Saddam big dummy call 8449990. Look like the men's or month FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are live and cinder emails in the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. They joke you know have enjoyed the men's room. Let it go look at the show number 2635. And play big show we have Rory today delight when you look at is in the past Disney details. We all scream for ice cream your favorite ice cream and you know we'll stay on ice cream coming up with a head chef whose brought in a variety of flavors rose to San today's win. Pretty excited about that has my scream last night a look at hello ice cream coming up again on the program tastes like green that's right taste the head jetstream and it ends meat and potatoes on the way. Head out today as they would play the game known as big dummy so far our biggest dummies as stated there would be Tim. Early America for the nineteen questions. You're playing for team sauber Ford team not sober and Beverly Purdue men's room poll last week it was your favorite sandwich do you guys remember. What the number one Sam which work. They did she drill team. Grilled cheese that she stay number one Matt is yeah act followed by the blt. And in a tie the grilled cheese and the peanut butter and jelly San time for third place OK so today on a men's room bowl is very simple. We want to know what is your favorite frozen pizza. Your favorite frozen pizza and that's just that he's it's if it's not. Lifestyle question Murray del. Really shallow and another pizza dude. But whatever wild animal foods like Obama girl's cowboys guess of the elementary school but inevitably some McKay my kid. It's late in the stuff and it's Marie calendars man and that that stuff is dynamite I had a top five and above other. File posited that you know every game is big dummy goes our first contestant ready to play the gates hello Ryan welcome to the men's room. Well obviously. You're sober enough. Number I am on the blue pill after. You sound like the living dead. Thank you have to be very welcome Brian what would you say your favorite frozen pizzas. My ability Filipino. I've been a boom twenty Marty pizza party pizza gas party to match I have one of those in my freezer currently under my general about Marty Ryan when we went from around the square. Were you happy about this this new look. For the part are fleeing their thing and they've. Been penalized. Thank you see a Maria differed about a lot of things. I was real fired up beyoncé know what has focused smiles as he knew where we're seeing fire up this more people that seem like it's. That'll lead so lot of reason I bet it's more Pete. And it's more lethal more power cut corners to track. You don't cut corners a square's gonna have more area than a circle right. Another great angle of her. Well known that I believe I was a ridiculous the boxes same size right by the as I used to have this now the Pete in that box is that big is it that may yet abided baggage hole they'll repeal and that was an older Jim sent. More pizza double or anything. Inside the circle. He you can keep you well then your spirit and I don't know man I don't know I don't know if you don't know don't mess with my circle all right thank you my little boy your faith let me. It's square I don't know that there is any bigger than it is. I know Bennett I'll I'll bet it I think it's the same exact amount even count them rebel attacks. Remember that. Brian. What do you goal Simone from Illinois. A person from Illinois. Something a little more sustained. They'll. No not pass. They're closed and Illinois yes. Illinois yeah Illinois yeah minorities and. For the month for melanoma. Are right here is your question why does the statue of liberty pulled in right. Go back to doing all that fun stuff is our next contest and right to play big downgrade hello Matt welcome to the men's room. Oh are majora. I had plenty sober not summer. Forward that are right and what is your favorite frozen treats. The darkened figure preferred they glare I think it was pretty marker earlier period there is adores you know. That's usually notre I think I know that's meant your old man oh man adorn our awareness Northern Europe that you know Matt. You do know your Frick an Italian noted there are for an oh OK and you can't read your book. I have children are beard I think if you're tie in it and you can read did you learn about these EB. What are your last name's. Valero all right my prize the mighty due to the I'm just pulling on out there that couldn't do the right moment. He loves them I'm glad we have. Aren't you are. As your question what are the names of the three fairies and the Disney classic sleeping beauty. Our own. And in other ferries and sleeping yeah when you're council I want. RJ and Terry Catherine didn't believe him are regarded Arab north. More fun. And meriwether. I have no idea there and addresses on. I don't know about sleeping beauty was he won't shut the door of my daughters are this morning that Snow White as Snow White yeah I was like look dude I'm out of the game right I have no Cinderella the love the blended stories of criticism doesn't similar November because she was good last sliver right. Right Cinderella was never a sleep for a long time just like Snow White and sleeping beauty how long was Snow White like how long sleeping beauty sleep. At a time Snow White who did what I'm saying legs no way also slow for a while and and you could mean it's dinnertime and one which is better looking does that this idea beauty. With books would go to we want to paste the one Snow White paper program IMAP. RX leaving handsome man that is over the ancestor of the unit sleep he's. There's your question was over seventeen million units produced what was the highest selling single bottle of personal computer. Oh boo. Boo. Boo. Current and this is old school and REM and U. Units sold seventy. Mold. The first apple. Our sixty commodore sixty. Dollar program DOS origami random act. I got format and basic ethical laws was basically her words that that figure very basic. And if I met your next question Thelma I spoke to come. What is the first elements on the periodically. Aaron and wider community yes that was number one we're going to be arguing. Now learn some Italian month job. Our next contest and ready to play the game known as big dummy what it called did you know he goes to Johnny you know could. And things I love the Johnny O. Oh by the way. The beach it's the same size. The party. Oh at the same cross and toppings are merely supporting the different shapes seats and optical illusion. Of course that it somehow to go I first thought that this is more pizza there's just read that say Bryant put a deal you why they blew it. He tried to it and it doesn't stay like a more pizza just this it's where you could fit board your opponent that they should be assigned push you right there looking more pizza they don't put that on the of their decision on not wanting to Brad Mills shopping our eyes for. Maybe if Jim blatantly lie under managing a path that. Hello Ben welcome to the men's room 000. Welcome to show them and know what's your favorite frozen pizza. You definitely good enough resorted to those birds. The giant general. Lot of quiet yeah I know you're doing. Most people do. All right there's your question we go to the eighteen hundreds and what year was the first modern Olympic Games. Didn't. Early in her delayed eighteen years old question. That's different Watson. Are you know if you hundreds late eighteen months. Eight in new. The all about every 1895. Song felt close. I was like agility. If you go down and it's not that it is a woman the first one. Against the fact that yes they did what I did OK but they say it's unofficial or they chillingly like in my nets them a forehand as well as the department at a moderate more gags at the old ones that'll baking grease you guys were pigs over the giants did a cap don't know I don't I don't know. The road. But I don't games may have been differently well we no longer be the gladiator stuff or have people fight living lines and we took we took blows out of the games and we came back. With equestrian. All the regardless of if they had like gladiators so blind man. And a heart beat out by Al buy tickets in the summer Olympic. Somebody idea carnage like. I did tonight's question what is the name for protein that acts as a biological had a spate. All. I've heard it or. Button it. You're familiar news. Remember it from high school biology at school. I can't put a finger on it. I read yogurt I did it and I'm. Banner tries to sort out there have been a Smart I never would have got that I'd never paid to avenge bad cerebral remember bends time. The senator I don't know I'm kidding you probably did not do that puts others were association now let's did is they don't euros or next contest and ready play the game the gulf of friends that. Hello west we welcome to the lone all. He's sober not silver. Over bird boy got. Been sober for forty minutes or unproven and come back kind of count down at La Hoya I got a list of favorite frozen pizza. I don't know of California Pizza Kitchen pool fencing bullet yeah. They're uncivilized. Don't have they have all of those of the offensive. And could. We tell which flavors to so many. Barbecued chicken aren't as good good I'm download debit two. Trying to boy those foreign pilots. Part of the question comes September 24 1906. President Theodore Roosevelt established the first national monument. What was it. Rumored to have. Obama left no it's over at the meadowlands. Doubles title over doubles helped move. From yeah. Arizonans are. Clearly a bit but I had to throw mine goes picnic picnic where we're looks like we didn't get it. It. You know the all right you're escalation with the national monument but read it to edit it and pointed it is verbal sort of done. Electable general. What was the name. Of the US research and development project to create nuclear weapons in World War II. Oh. All marry. Is he a good man oh man yeah I saw. Who when does Obama appeared on our fans that is fans of the watchman would be to my goodness. Yeah yeah ordered. Yet. You did not Guitar Hero now moderate they're all that other members doubles our. Aren't it's a geyser. And I don't I don't know is around. About I don't know Eric Burke. Well I. I'm just basic com. They work like university Chicago or something wrong. Maybe pack I don't know much about it Graham amendment purple dude ended up removing. And an atomic fire bottles of Motown group and items on the wells are most of them in Manhattan the Manhattan's. So what are the somebody project is lot of project. Alan Oriole 12100 total food. My approach here is. Who does the b.'s stand for and Lyndon B Johnson moves. Bush said Phil. I'm not bitter questioned former west. He didn't play bad man labor Malibu. And I suspect. In my gives their uniforms and a little man boobs who. The Great Gatsby was written by which all. Release broke him. Okay. And Scott FitzGerald and pretty good it. That being his mother hated the guy named Smith yeah it's got kids aren't they getting fit into our business and I don't have a first name is Adam. The turns deja Vu comes from what language. If it it. Your gotta be French grand. Friends a lot of buzz coming up their foreigners were F. Scott Fitzgerald game is so bad guy goes our next contestant ready play the game. Hello Dylan and welcome to the men's room shifting gears and drinking Beers at a car. You know over elbow and yesterday horse who. Yeah horse it. Yeah there we we'll run defeat to the node deployment we're drugs so you know who all live right Dylan was fair frozen pizza. Had grown adults got you know prominent public that are really overload and it will be the unique frozen pizza. Yeah allow remote tribal kind you buy normally if you buy frozen beef fruit having this trouble disclosed in the game is not gonna go home. Because I'm gonna I'm Leo it. I don't that you're not Missouri very good design though they're Jarno. Hit. Hard here. If your question it's. Orson Welles provided the voice for what strange former ended three and former movie in 1986. Come up in this current. I don't know I don't know. There are multiple choice question toward. None not one of the field career how many US presidents were only children. All Luke. Who nine. I'm Donald Trump have brother sister emulsion in Europe and now we're having never heard about them were only two all know he definitely does OK one at a one of the Brothers they're adding one of the Brothers in the family late wasn't really into business and stuff and kind of was an outcast hello Barack Obama zero brother sister. This weird however nobody wanted to do we know about Bill Clinton his brother because Bill Clinton's brother made himself known. Bill what you wanna try brother recorders Roland know Roger Clinton member Roger Clinton used to get into a little trouble there with the law well yea yea that's how evidence seems to be the day comes defensively and a one brother did pass away many of these young Coca because I'm like why don't you ever learn about the Brothers and sister all the way there's a reason you proof read questions before you ask them so the question is how many US presidents were only children but when emperor threaded there was ponies presidents were only children. Pull my golf when resentments I know I'll Barack Obama has let's see. So now what does that eight yeah eight sad day and we went and held out 12 sisters and five Brothers who killed six Brothers talk what are they this is also adds yet you know Kazaa has gone it has been for monogram nuts that's the thing about rose who's this we would welcome I don't know totally unload judo. Credible compete with friends and envelopes limited history now madame president. You'll be my brother did you are at the Pacific yeah I got here is our next contestant ready to play the gate and yeah. I think if the and I went using the last time you talked about that you don't burn. Look forward Colby was like chemical Lulu but not too far from Jerry sent them a little. You look at it hello Tony welcome to the men's room. All our Richard auto job. Antonio sober now for over. Pushed her frozen feet left. Particularly pathetic your and. They can't be what. Chief market is cradled. Well you can't just do plain cheese pizza. Yeah our root systems way. Other players believe it we love her. Its appeal but you even imagine how does he plain old team but isn't plain old cheese pizza just better than most other foods in general. I know can be are better. But is still good friends it's better than right most of influence that ultimately elect our daughter but I would take a piece of cheese pizza over a plain hot show. Jimmy very passionate about them back puts a lot of meets. Your question. Who is next in line to succeed the president after the vice president. There were. Secretary of defense. They have all right go through it. Well you're right there again. All right we newsman. Chloride dug up trading. What city as the capital of India. Indianapolis. Newton. Okay this room content that could encourage. It. Like defend. I thought they are the coolest New Zune New Delhi. More of the name of the first may have made satellite that was launched into space. Idiotic if you were surveyors. It's Russian. Launch Kirkuk. And 57. All you heard this term do you have a pick came crashing down. I didn't answer to he said it was Russian mean I was the first one. Did land on head Europe I could ask Europe how do you say hello Mandarin Chinese. Me how. Do you enjoy about it via could be out. The idea. What they thought they might make my day. How would you repeat. Arthur. Thirtieth and you didn't. Yeah John old Brazilian air cure I would work more with Tony their question number five and older game known as big gun. Paid four point 9990. Let you would like to be a contest in more of big dummy coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Children had kept coming up dead meat and potatoes grille screen priced very and it's all about the delicious summertime dessert and another Ted's meat and potatoes in the meantime game is big dummy and we have Tony in line he's playing for team summer and working on question number five. I don't Tony. Well there are fantastic here is your question true or false. The original Steely Dan was not a band but a chrome look miracle it. I. Oh. The brass. They're not question. A good stage of the United States would you find Fort Knox. Or Barack court nominee. Where all the treasury money is where the doldrums. Or through. A I was Wednesday they'll upload a new vote and they are we're so we're. Defied broad and it. Max not a random. Our goal. Or. For the men are men and women are. Are. There manhood go big dummy actually in that respect your excellent in this game you're gonna held onto. Ron I was in seventh. What three lettered name is the most popular dog name in the United States. Who are our. Imagine growing demand and a with the people. Where it being. Tim Cook. Or say they've made a movie about a dog with a snake. Or. They gave. You are either don't. We dance and actually well. Had a lot of heart got hugged U I called my goodness you do lose. Okay. Get back into the surgery room you are required all right the game is we needed to do is big going to have another contestant read play a game hello my Al welcome to the men's room. I thought wow. My children until the. Wonderful welcome to show after. This US team argued that in mind. I can control and can mileage repaired frozen pizza. Probably at. The party pizza. Yeah good golf party in your mouth. I. It don't make you nervous. Don't buy a pizza from. And dirty about all went below a dollar pre here at our old. No you don't the cheese burn through your mouth you gotta be easier on the frozen pizza I think we left feet to behind my house again that I think we've said so late penis that's of a I. He says they'll well orient this argument a lot of things does this. Pose at the devils. The ovals our animals out of coming up located on the greatest honor all right Jeremiah ma'am. I don't know what he's going to be nuts what was the first department store to open in the United States who. I'm caught. And I'll look you never you never shot before. You and I rarely shop and when I don't tell Wal-Mart OK let's a big one but is not the first comes up first but it's a bagel you're on your jacket who. Really thought oh onion and Wal-Mart bathroom but it had been there for three days no way these how do you check and employee found. I don't think not object to the bathroom as it is three days the smells the same. Yeah he had not read Ali I know I mean anyone of those bathroom supermarket grocery store I mean it's just a warm place. I admit you don't know me up yet again I guess biased media. Mullah mama nothing else and I know what I wanna let go at Portland coming Lima oh. I'm okay. People are 49. I'm a little more big gonna kill enough. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.