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Friday, September 29th


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He scored 49. I'm a little more big gonna kill enough. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network. This is done men's room. It's been done a far far 999. All you're playing for team so more RT nuts over today and our men's room pull your favorite frozen pizza and as the volts are telling it looks right now. As if visual or no is in the league. Followed closely by the party pizza and we have a medium I am all on the line working on what you and number two. The first department store in the United States well lose. Critical difference here. I don't wanna look we know they do think Kentucky for a year they enjoyed estimate as they have the hottest women they never sleep let's say what rural Appalachia. My guess he did shocking Howard isn't nuclear it's shocking how many good looking women are hooked on opiates it's a beautiful you can probably wouldn't do this country girls I'll stand in my neck area and a small town girls. Our Canberra news small town girl my meal on. I am I I am not at all how she's ugly they go yeah I am not I didn't. Nine I can any runaway pay wild Ingraham radio and it calling it a Packers beautiful beautiful marriage. I dare agree me in my small here is your question in the movie baby what type of animal is bad friends flowers. Aren't they can't. Are you guys and scope gonna drug that is that cone cells Duncan got a bit better go find another skirted turned the so it's great run ads and ads I graduate Flynn aren't plaintiffs whose friends are voodoo loosely now and I did this thing done hate. Chris Tucker I think that's tonight and kind of play the UK food and got a dog and that's gone into Joseph the hello bill and welcome to them and try monkey powdered. Load Dylan. 00. I'm the better the oil hub. Okay now building our. OK Billy sober nuts over. Are you were going up over good because if you were sober you would be built. Into it they're good at what is your favorite type of frozen pizza village. Well I've got to go ahead and garbage game people who cold should truly be everything won't I don't what don't know all the journal I got hooked. Zorn who should be. I'm very happy and with the green boxes start with a half moon shot shadow a shadow adds another pretty good dough pizza and that same vein as the rising across Bryant yes that right back a little down the middle here than to join our shadow. And no red Barron both so far on this fundamental fairness strong. He's strong to say your favorite player he's a strong gold tooth if you can't find things. But as you favorite now apparently. You know most people don't know that he was pilot to do yeah. Immediately talked. About it and ask. Good question. And I don't expect anyone to know they have to ask which country is home to the world's operating amusement park. It opened in 1583. The oldest amusement park yeah. How dangerous those right. The pirate ship has an actual pirates are conducive. Roll goes in his push shares down hill and all. Do. If there's no place. It's important. It Norse mythology one farm animals hole coerced cherry. And not horses. But as of farm animals that they called it what it is whether it's. Better. I pray to quit and I am real bulletin boards Gerri yeah. I'm OK I've got a good arm. My guess moms. Spears items I'll go to notre. They sort of joke if yeah horse Jerry out of the new photo on my wall from goats. They learned over effect I should say I really don't yet they're stopping and eating a lot of address why would you know why would you know would it will donate a hundred. Do you think. Yeah. It's jones' news. Billy goats and that the that the seat he got older and related vigilance is going Gerri yeah around noon there was a Billy goats rearrest Billy. Ever really go as a yeah. You've been hit it all right if I can't say Billy equally dead Naval Academy their mascot is simply name bill the go do you think the you can beat him. I don't know if your blood starts right but here's a question what was check golf's first name and starter. The yeah. Lol I I grew to like in the old dog trick you Bo does what he was I'm. Yeah guy. Brochure and check golf's version of an editor. There are I don't know. Love have a kick off. I for the record by the way I look at the worst coach of the more like giant ring and to the line of duty but I think. That's good husband I have no it's like the very good for the cup what you know. If it. I this is very disturbing and manager had the first tennis balls were stoked with what kind of care. Yeah the. All I'm a bit. Coupled with its. I don't say I. Got I know. Learn. How to avoid Billy and I are I don't know let me just our resume is like a human hair and a yamana Oksana. Then on settling the norms and has me dogs really strategize and we are gonna be anything you would hear emulate that is earned a Christmas bonus now and this was a big Elway who is our next contestant ready to play the game shaking me down the hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. Oh I. Tell me she's sober now. Well over. About a third of our agenda which they're frozen pizza I want it red baron they can't do it broke out Google Earth. Why now why Superman. Well I could they ever right now here in February free food no no no oh my god. Why are we or did know one why do you think that's strange that no another did you like that doesn't know what that's good regardless many on the menu in America. I yeah I mean I thought it was fairly common for our car. Domino's and Pizza Hut asked whether pepperoni and catch you pizzas with the other Ariel as the go to Maine and I don't think the response emotionally Papa John's little Caesar style Ramallah. Yeah are you don't ever go back if you chart are popular here pepperoni pizza and is okay when delivered and have won an Emmy deliverable and it's. About I don't run our our one more question DEV hold cash you answered the pieces. The pieces aren't already know that entered into orbit is all all over the border in there you know. I remembered the irony but yet we get to locate one and we get here we will be fired from remember thinking about right now look at Asian food there's caches all over the thriller. Yeah I have ever seen on pizza. There and what the Italians get most of their food distill from Asia. Thus cashew I believe it's called cultural appropriation set the record there I know we're noodles from dock it. I dare to question Ed Peterson you know he was the inventor of which fast food breakfast I. It and it equipment. There is only one that's in the original name. That's good work this item right only one of the original name all by itself. All your make it sound obvious buyout. Because it is OK here are our breakfast item. As we bought pure power like I think not now Erik Erik Rick Maher I don't. No doubt that's about all the studies segment buff play. Pigment mocked and made love that game is big dummy euros or next contest and right to play the game LO fro blow welcome to the men's room. Twenty planet you can bet vitriol. ZER and I mean these or know. Gotta be digital world. The journal ticket and today. People ligament that it won't the legends tournament. All right usually as a liquid what was most consumed fruit. In the United States. The liquid. Great. The wind integrated mode I'm tailored. That's what I thought I would get to eliminate. Twelve could be. Home of Arlene. You know what hurt me all of comfort can answer is not my fault I'm sort of the fruit people out road in terms of the share. What were Stadler and Waldorf from the Muppets named after. I have no idea I'd never watched the Muppets. Think new York city hotel hotel and multiple story. I really started to spend it. I'm not positive on and I can I said that while I was lucky I now I apologize that is Michael. OK it is not America what country produces the most full length feature film who. Bit or polish. Oh. Question for approval. What hole animal's name comes from Arabic word meaning. He you who walks with me. I. I. But it go to go to at all. Hi art yeah. Birdie you. They moment letter I know. OK after raft correct giraffe a whole animal problem for him to ramp. Are you sure you're okay. They ever hit you wanted to come over Jack guns. We are under way to my girl to get all the more beer you know we're gonna put John home and it. We'll come back. More from Lamar big Galliano I hate four point 99 I don't like you are listening to the men's or radio network. Changes your. Jeff got upset may have details we all scream for ice cream that is on the way after emails on our question today to game big dummy if I guess cashiers on Pete's is the thing dude embolism and apparently everyone that has ever had been issued on pizza while they agree. It is delicious and I cannot believe. That we do in order to I never even heard of it and never ever even heard of avenue and bring one barely double wallpaper one man Christ almighty I want to try I never had like the temporal memory as burden specifically and let's listen yeah well one dollar. Barcelona RD game is not a big dummy we Afro blow on the line playing for team not sober and working on question number four. Our global road below here is your question. 25%. Of Americans believe which literary English detective is a real person. Who. Dick Tracy. Sherlock code. Oh yeah. You can just sit there grounded. Prep. I doubt there are current. I ironically enough Mel Blount. The voice guy behind Bugs Bunny Porky Pig etc. Ironically enough what's the first line and mobile is too sir. OK all right. Are they got this backed off folks. And a final five questions Steve for mr. blow. Kim as big downgrade to ever Brenda can just a great play to get him to run. Hello es lo welcome Sandra died. Being urban normal immigration maybe all I. Looked over. Observer OK the duke down more normal. That's a good return of the community normal. Fees on what your favorite time frozen pizza. For a short Urlacher going. Are you could hear the question. According to billboard what Beatles song was the top single of the 1960s. Good I don't know where you're from Marie and gone to bring their with the post today. The total grant. Virtual 8208. Q. Until the last of more than the first look a bit and still finish in the course of the week. They just stayed out. Somewhere there's still playing that's on. Didn't and Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt made the threat to rule out the declaration that it never does and a song about Modine. All right and golf which club is known as the bested. Feet eight at why the bad boy I don't know though. As he could ever eaten them all. Quote losing only to back you. I don't know the driver. We will theft. And read about it. If that particular that the. Our senior usually found in Chick Flicks as they say what were appears in more film titles than any other. The and before. Chick Flicks them. By the way they're chanting for Eastwood in the in the commentary. Do you have. I don't feel great we love you front the front of the president of the planned party OK Laura. You running for the president of luck. I'm Lauren and my own party to plan party people are the normalization. So America if the name my priority is how do you know how are you gonna get the normalization part. We're concerned and make everything normal on Larry you know diamonds. Disorderly we'll and so that's exactly amendment and work on human man this and then work on everybody if it did his big dummy here as our next contestant ready to play the game idea hello Jeremy welcome to the men's room or our. You can get a fight and I but it. Now Trofimoff I go. Derek what's your bear frozen pizza and like he demands. What. We've got a dramatic therapies can make epidemic or problem because it's so weird. Well you're the guy that not to wait for food or did little. Yeah and I'll eat pizza but I found I had never order for myself. That is displayed the weird statement I've ever heard in my gut their life didn't get there why Europe three I'd go home from god named Venus can now be easier for me to exempt and say in your life your number or when you've alluded to a grolier dating what does the look on her face. No I'm glad denied it and it just blew me back Democrats on now or. Now you don't get tickets on the welcome BMI daddy torque curve like Domino's I'd like adult not a delivery Japanese. It's a semi truck that's that we eight dominos all the time not only. I got burned out there and parents are less water. Obama way of summer is now saying they're gonna bring us two large pizzas look at shoots with a yeah all right sure we'll probably noticed him. I just a regular pizza some place strong casual guys drags out seven I don't know. And I would. No big computer company which company's first product was an audio also later who. No one of the big computer companies. Our almighty I'm. Thank you for not saying Microsoft or. All right what was the first boxed cereal. I think if I can't believe sir local golf invisible woman starter. Not a whole well so people like I believe you and Ted are fans of the serial I think the concept and it is ridiculous who are now. Hello ma'am let me know red phone yeah hello hello. You guys suspended surreal to me mum and they break and our details about the league's. Uptrend on shredded well of for an adult defendant mini the frost of one. The play like thinking a burglar as putting powdered sugar and right did taste better but I'm losing anyway. I don't know I mean twigs and pretty much I can now believes him because you know we need to box this up and give it to people. But you're mad Adams look. All right what they had had the first album to include lyrics in the sleek. And makes sense lump it Phil Gramm's very going to be. Own fans. The beetle. Yeah. Editor Vonnegut took a minute ago about what the album Sargent Pepper's start first whenever that was the first album to coolers honestly I would have never guess now before that they would have all the other. Artists who were available on the same silly little right I do agree Percy saluted the red OK I resolved now. This big W as our next contestant rather play the game. Hello Chris welcome to the. I'm OK the. I pray you know we're not so we're doing good man. Okay look at Barack Obama shares are gonna frozen pizza. Our request way did your head of the occupied no. You know. He's being an election call. No I don't spoken sounds like journal lecture hall or nine million people are talking about the lives and assure all you really meet all of our guys like me you thought oh that's aren't. I like the double dip in TV radios and TV listen to radio working on your computer. Iraq wrote that bit you guys inside and all. Worldly. I could cooperate tomorrow. Eastern Ohio so here's a guy behind was the nominees Ohio what's the name of the founder and I would clearly one Cleveland before. They got garage hardly any got the rock and roll hall of fame and start program or are there aren't. I've heard that that I think improved he's sure he's Cleveland that bad to be gorgeous. Eastern Ohio eastern Ohio and Kroger where I guess you know diablo I would lead Cleveland over used to not like Cleveland Michael I know look Lieberman. There's jokes but it's no better or worse in my hometown bald look pretty much mirrors right. Eastern Ohio what they did god do Demi and adamant that he's developed a lead Cleveland to go okay bigamy and whatever mobile fun of you but I give you a high really shocked Zanesville so these are covered roads. Well I would generate where the all camp didn't. Now I had to go. The F at their target is the only jags need for your entire life when police say money and put a damper on what. I did you go out. Usually don't early in the morning or late at night. What are you doing if you. And did Q and no it is not master build golf I was literally into loaning leave it whenever I'm gonna go pending Jamaica handles those young. It's live. Volek and they're elated believe me if I told and heard the word. Yeah I would absolutely love you plus you never heard of Penn did you think you could which you probably had did you waited a couple times today. I don't know taken them. They gonna pay. It's. Stop having friends dumpster dog play digitally. No I am speculation in the is contagious there. One person doesn't everybody does how about Pandit delayed in America do appear. Nervous. Which car company's name translates to abundance fields. Whoa yeah we're all on newly car planned capital USA not consistent with your neighbors Raleigh have held some cars on right now. London feel good would it be out corn. Made kind of a clue. Heavily form. Com forward. I have this day out of the store without their. Toyota. There is very Yahoo!. Means flowers or what abundance for fields abundant feel really it's about. But I'm also. But they do have a sequoia. Which is tree the could be in an abundance of Toyota and conclusive corolla. It's an atom. Israeli. Well Adam Carolla and Armani I've come out cameras cannot tale with a camera and coral room and played really it's an atom police and Adam AT OK yeah. Science guy I believe that yeah that derivatives event everything donating to is our next contestant re competitive and hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. Well why women and a oh yeah. No no longer news overnight over. Funds so tough to break it doesn't hurt my. Okay that a euphemism left or you mean like you out New York were found no room really hurt my arms are out there there. Dirt leave. Good chicken manure I mix it always. Nice work joke and I've put an oven for one hour and we'll be delicious enjoy yourself and vegetables what do what's your favorite frozen pizza. Feel that I ever had frozen pizza in decades so when I was a kid my mom used to go cheapened by Latinos are forty feet. We got it was a the real cheap loans may imagine and so and all young woman named mamma Celeste bottles the last act probably probably we all do it man that was. I was not a strong introduction to the game. Tied if your question Dr. Seuss created the first animated TV ad for woods' car company. Wow that's how one arm. I'm gonna go buy a person is state what you always do and I'm gonna go look forward. Good all right Erica here and copy relay resumes mavens Florida and by the way miles and one on the Cummins does is don't forget the pizza question for Ohio guy. Now we have no idea. So Ohio guy if you're out there oh I forgot currently this is very important a what are they had been broken committed these I'm sorry meaning to him the rest Nadia calls back close and your fair frozen peas if there is big dummy goes next contest and write a play the game. Hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. Are pitchers aren't I. I'm sober now. Unfortunately over I love the show and John what's your favorite frozen pizza for people get mad. I got to go to where you don't actually Newman's hole. There are only I have not had Marlon Cuba in the blue makes everything. And he did it's amazing still make it out of turn and enough snow drifts into the frozen pizza you wouldn't know what you deliver a frozen pizza would you recommend. I've I don't know if you artistry it more Margarito more Mario are your heart artery that is weird Paul Newman man. Actor activist obviously as a proportion proceeds from the Scrooge car racing cars are all these different things in life and his legacy. Is on the grocery store shelves like John Kraft. If I just don't think it that would is up and it's a good thing and another went on crack it but as we've been recalled the little group of men like my kids don't know who Paul Newman is that they know salad dressing that's just weird but what they know is that he didn't have the sound that no one at bat and his legacy you know it does a bag of Atkins isn't healthy and OS and a vet said as far as speeches go and I insurers preaches fund Marguerite and all that. Sort of celebrity endorsement of frozen green delay. Chris Farley's dudes it would probably get the Paul Newman a white these other guys something else goes on not trying to be healthy when my frozen pizza and all this stuff is pretty good idea I know. I know about a few things here and McGovern got called those who did. Well celebrity would you buy there pizza mile it's an Chris Farley John Goodman did job back in the day not now he still endorsed him now. Had try to be an Italian celebrity Tony Danza. All by all area come on don't and most critical doting Briggs that yeah it's gonna be really easy to get guy that would go to pizza shop. Danny DeVito Tony there's already Tony feet. It's. The vetoes I due to vetoes and Harvey yeah but there morneau for the Cal's notes he hit The Beatles just look. The feeling it paints a very old anymore ponies repeats they Cal's own Trimboli Elizabeth Dole's own basically just like a pizza enchilada. Dinner. Yes that's good. I was once with people that never ate a lot of Italian food. And we were having an. Was like a mankind yeah right and there are like forget it's a Italian enchilada he's essentially yeah. All right in nineteen and into 2421. People were injured. But what kind of home to cool work. Out. 32 teams flood threat. Have no idea how they would you think about NAFTA being flown to. Put her to blow up a thirty among all I don't know. But you more than you'd like to think probably packed a month thing I would I would all right what is the most popular flavor of Gerber baby food. I think I notice. And it based type thing you know otherwise this is not necessarily based on what children thing. But if you were feeding a child in big food about a third of it in open your mouth so this by the largest labor that. Parents prefer to eat when their kid dribbles on the side of him. But they don't. And of the best outlook go to sweet potato or carrots my kid only eight orange suit your kid or foods in the sweet potatoes farm alone I would mostly be kids' baby food. I just so much of it ends up a new basal like in the bond fingers she does suck him off to think about much long story short but. I realized when I. I need fed kids they were giving banana no matter what the options more because I cannot stand any of the other ones know of their pretty good they got a banana every goddamn time there's no doubt euros or next contest and ready play the game. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Boy it's. Right it's over now. Know where I love in the Childress and which could get a frozen pizza. So you know it okay part of he'd make a strong round. Only a few different ones so I don't think we've had a full size one did you notice them added I think so I think it really. Oh man. I have never been appalled I don't know I haven't either is not going to be a party but then again. We have an in pizza was statues even for the week. All right here's the question. Now the question itself is ridiculous. But I give the hands and if you listen to this show with any regularity this and should help what. Why do most fruit flies diaper look ahead is models might recommend that the use these maps. Gas. It was. Skadden. Government sadly that's the flu I think checking. Carter were never brought it in nineteen seats in the 1960. Orange Bowl. That's where we saw the first appearance of what sports I kind. I. It. There's an outdoor event that seems like this particular thing is that all you know this. It's also been sporting events. I'm not much to report Burton and to me chills up and large events. It is large new book. A blend. The good rich Brooke but Goodrich. The good Rick it's the Goodyear brought another tie here here's some just random information for you guys not a form of question. You produce enough saliva every day. To fill the wind and enough over the course of a lifetime to Philip 53 back up next new. The I spent a lot of them over that there's a fake McDonald's in city of industry Southern California. I noticed you know why I would got. They film their training videos and they film their commercials there yet since most of the McDonald's as a joke ever seen him all the old glory McDonald's. But it's not a rumor about. And won't last thing Thomas Jefferson was chosen to write the declaration of independence of Benjamin Franklin. Because other members of the committee were terrified to Franklin would sneak in the job. It was big dummy 8449990. More big dummy a brand new contestant coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Drew was miles so. I Sherlock coming up right before we drink and tolls with these shots of the day in the meantime the game is big dummy Steve who is our next contestant ready to play the game Ted knows who it is change and is. Hello I'm James Hubbard a former. Over I welcome the trojans which they've got to prove people. It hands down for shatter the senate to vote for gas in Accra after the bomb death rising crooks. Yeah. Thank you for being in the grass I know all the hard work he has put into very loose and freedom all those okay we we busted our ass you don't grant people noticed. You know we're back at the the party they're mildly couldn't find you I was talking with were ill intent permanent stable and over also initiate a yes it was good. It's an. And I actually broke and I heard you were there is not generate new direction aren't figured even know I was talking with Robin. End. Danny from a morning show that's nice yeah I saw pictures that I saw yes I'm get the hell out of here right now any bowl and if you were battered thanks. Think that the with our digital media they would want our young that'll work. I can't of Orange crush appears on every episode. Of what hospital took. Aren't loose show it is currently running it is not as huge cars off but not on anymore. New York. I never watched it. There again Obama and I mean top. Hospital shows of one her what to because that's probably the absolute worst thing you can drink and can from a health perspective as far as the amount of sugar the amount of calories what was the reason to put this into a hospital scene Eric LaSalle. OK okay. If we. In Canada's though they who's our next contest and right to play the game it is okay hope I can't believe they know this and so hello. If indeed the hallowed gentlemen welcome to the men's room. The RR. I am so very few hot. Safari Beirut. Jim what's your favorite frozen pizza. I verdugo. And if you can call and get a wild look if they put it this. I didn't hear the question. What statement was the first to have broad vision of slavery in the constitution. Props to them by doing. It's. Sunni and welcome back we're told they can. I am I didn't I fell a mystery at all Riley ferret I Dag yeah like yeah Obama but I guess maybe tens of some things. Tim what did you excel. In the last really got our writing missionaries are long 88 ratified Arafat and place an ad in the newspaper the period and now. You I was really good at acting now I hated mount so my. Care. And that part of being a photography. Misery loves the logo. Out and I hear there's a very good that you got a lot to go west Virginia's. Arnot say I like and are aren't they like Pennsylvania and. Well yeah. They're trying to get why people go. They'll get a cold man Obama clearly out of slavery we didn't want to disarm them winning one black person Il we ma'am. Which athlete made the cover of time of life people and Sports Illustrated in the 1980. Where is where I don't. How I missed athlete tired I think in eight years now proven business at least. Our Reynolds that played college football I know he didn't. Nineteen I don't want to. Wasn't alive in 88 I don't now because you could you born. 89 how important following here. To Mary Lou Retton. Known. Only dozens 1988 male aptly called male athlete and you used. Over time with the cobra wife took over people and the cover Sports Illustrated all the nineteen million every Jordan. No he's definitely Mohammed Ali and it. Right sports. Mike's eyes eyes eyes I. Am Mike Tyson and. All right are you familiar with The Lord of the Rings movies. There. You have to yeah yeah yeah yeah. Well I see what happens to. I met were Mansur and the hobby it later became which figure. Let a man turn off topic here. Eric Gagne he's I don't own. Never mind that's from Harry Potter and. We have no idea please go to their. I didn't giant tire management irrelevant they are total records is once it later lesson that is. I never I don't like I would Warner brothers' burn out very very glad I did an opportunity more of endemic of an engine working on the question number four hey Jeff also on the way to his Beatles. We all scream for ice cream and if you wanna be a contestant on big dummy 844999. Cola more big got to come announced.