10-05-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Hits the Store

Thursday, October 5th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has the 10 Things Not to Buy at a Grocery Store! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Called granny France coffee tables for Harry right now puffy nibbles is rotting away our victory and that is followed by grand eagle and then it's UA Ter tied there with trans in the hair came up the other rear of the game is a big Demi we've got to that town are online and on question three parents I would do is your questions in the world of DC comics. How old Jordan was the original go to what superior. Or. Crowds out noses superior he does bring Leonard and Jim Talent as an endless hell could play. That's right and rentals seven dream. He's our Seth Rogen. Was a set so then the given the Green Hornet Green Hornet my own I could do was Ryan Reynolds and paint. In oil and it was we are proud of terrible move game is big dummy for 4999 alone who's our next contestant ready to play the game hello Nathan welcome to the men's room. We Rhode Island ass. And they remembered bowl today Vigo grand MITRE and profitable preparing. Well the thing that I am fairly well versed in this bull Austria engine a whole lot about you want to explore all the committee hammered. But given the recent information you rubble and the Marisa Tomei ought to go that. We'll be sure to let her know that some real numbers against the dollar went through there you have both Lugar. Everybody's envelope you'll get Palin alone. All right your question what is leading off an golf. And what is the name of billboards girlfriend on the comic strip. I'll man's well let's do this we will explain it and and a Amy and. Very good. Point and from there we knew we had a little rest and removed. From the movie list. There's all of our new. Our question which company brutal hole longer. Blog or to get a certain. They're very good then to limit their academic sense heroes together. Our opener against Syria are so bad they're all of straw. It is stronger you think it is his Guinness although it's it looks like he's gonna kick your ass and not at all Nelson a light beer but they are great. Our life next to lunch. And as the taste a lag it's not heavy at all but I and it took me years to try again slumped hydrogen gas to restrict the snuff out greater yeah I was state got less calories in coral relied. Really oh yeah yeah oh yeah gap now might be to bitch. David may got eight more hard 999 LO is our next contestant ready to play the game hello Nate welcome to the men's room. A lot of little. Maybe a sober enough over. Turn this welcome Michelle. They tell a category go and lift granny trans puppy nobles or hairy. Of course all right they three course do well quote. You never saw the golf you have to applaud you and I usually question. What fictional planet forwarded the red star may just twelve before being destroyed. And I'd be grip on. Very nice word overlord. Oh win against than ten million we'll Superman. Who's our next you're Desiree to play the game hello Richard welcome to the men's room. On top. It's over now. And then in the polls today to categories grainy trends coffee tables are hairy bush when he biggest. Always thought welfare falsely grew nearer Marie Callender their friend Marie Callender mean long. Hook until fluffy. Right which you like the pot pie in the reform it's definitely gonna. Especially if I would I know you would. Really look forward. Did you question impact and affect what instrument did you play in the Muppet fan. Which are the mother in the play book. Duped what instrument did you play in the Muppet fan. Oh. But O'Neal won't and respectable. We amount RF one down you're going to Richard doesn't. To London's every team knots over the coming on stronger hard news and actually doesn't read play against and those who would do is change change well. I do you so we're not so we're. I overwhelmingly so there's. I don't think sobriety. James' eagle on crane had granny trans puffy Noble's ordinary. Dominick though. It the underdog here let's let's let's keep it clear betraying. RF. Fans on the gas and that is why your victims friendly way tie with carrying granny really death panel my thought criminals dominate this is just done right now. Good day for Bobby Nichols who doesn't know Bobby doubles man you should take some pride in my Jaron people are now what the company. If anything in Cancun gains he hear me. Mean yeah if you can. Have a national puffy nibble they right now right now right now right now with a narrow right now. If you're faulted that we'll be drowned man all right if you profit levels he's got mobile to salute to do people and they go bad you know they've got poppy nipple to. And questioned with what weather phenomenon is measured and intensity. On the Fujita scale. We choose to have fun and I don't know who on the Fujita scale. U debt of GM JIC. A. I'm gonna go volcano. I wanted to know okay. Tornadoes in Japan yes yeah. I do seems like noise in the United States why don't we give them the most without question without question we did the most but. I guess you know tornado or you were having makes sense you don't hear about it. Don't think we dominoes. We absolutely yeah absolutely. Let's see here. The empire stadium was originally the name of what stadium in England. Well. I guess my only guess it'd be Wembley. Only guest James very good student out of stadium. Well you know at a marina is brand new style right around Emery and it's. Okay thanks Sam government puts what stadium where UN when you're good Wembley that was Wembley government of okay how big is a state. The united couldn't tell 50000 since 2000 men nice place all places in the gardens Florida now include. It's English are a bit like bullies Jeremiah what do honored to get a pie. People. In hot dog and popcorn European Internet stuff you could look at both the death of his it was England it would just be meat pies. That it's an NFL game meant. Fit that's all may be one of my mental game might just need the rebounds carjack him. It was big dummy or parred 999 all lose our next contest and ready to play the game hello Ian welcome to the men's room. All right yeah. I didn't vote or not. So bringing in love the show it in your categories picture of branding brand puppy nibbles are very very dog. Are yeah I think and I have to go lions just you know England men's NCA trend. Is now number 20 for Christmas. You can do and that's been applied then it like their scholars that I really sits far. You don't know is going to be everybody can say get. Your but I left just clothes Nolan Smith. I dare you question the dogs of war took its name from which Shakespeare play. Our wounds. Julia you know. The rounds fired today I really do I would not know that in two million I don't remember anything about Shakespeare at all. I remember we had read Macbeth. When I read a mall you'd read all willow although. No matter what does that Macbeth a Mormon real Macbeth like 314 years and battery that comedies later comedies jittery all that is really tough to read a comedy when you don't get the punchline there Amazon funny Q not really comedy game is a big dummy for 4999 Nolan who's our next contestant ready to play the game download Dave welcome to the men's room. All I. The show is playing for kids over. Today welcome and Interpol. Gravy train and wealthy middle very very. Eighth upstate community. Yeah. Keep puffing. Tardy here is your question. Who drove. The magic school bus. Well I don't. Mr. squiggles. There's yeah. Business results. This reversal amends for whom I had the easy way out of his revoked in control might as anybody I do window because you are yeah he's sick inside cause you have non. Imagine a plus from magic school plus the Mets who looks. There was no way you're really even want should ever. I don't think this school was it out an educational worn it planet is sort of trip intent on a prize yet and cleaner. It's all the managed I have to go to their doctor about Ellis the old I was diva that's why I think maybe he's. The metal world. His teachers shrinks like kids are like the class of kids down and then they go and I bodies and learn about. Now an enemy and stuff it's weird sounds also yet to tell your mistake. Watching how about you do it right the med school books. Art what is the name of the larvae and from the lion the witch and wardrobe. Darryl. And chuck you know drain it if it. Leon. Yes us. Cool. I should know list. And why should you know I can't actually I see my widely liked the movie I. The hour. Mobile towards question towards. Al Green songs taped to the river wasn't very big hit. It'll make its biggest chunk of royalties. For being the song for Al Green. The amiga vision of royalties has performed by our coaches screw talking thank you Talking Heads order latest big chunk of royalties from a big mouth Billy bass the electronic fish. It. Shame Beaumont Hollywood body commission. Now talking about Adam threw an air of fake it. Nasal a lot of those big mouth sucking bat yes I'm an hour one minute that in the solos than those words ice I told you guys in and they were massive in the Smith family. Everyone had one everyone had a run and everybody laughed every attack. He hit it says it it is in the I think the vast staff at the thing that's something where like seeing the back. Stella got deadly materials they got they had seven out with ten things not to buy at a grocery store and the return. No as Sherlock you are listening to the men's or radio network. Sure yeah. Hey America CNN Jeff coming and for instance me a detailed ten things not to buy and a grocery store that has all the way the first time for a few emails here from the men's room amends or live dot com. You know from the comment sections yeah mostly these are for Ted albums read them as we cover and first let's see Ted. Magic school buses on Netflix. Ted magic school bus Netflix the magic school bus is on Netflix Ted is a look the magic school bus is currently. I'm Netflix tenets such a tragic childhood never seen. The magic school easy just for Tenet and that's what I never thought. And they nearly a third that the revenues the new revamped magic school bus were ms. bristles sisters takes over the glass. Apparently we need to check this out manga school bus is on Netflix and the people airport. So where how much I'm not sure let me look Ian all right. Don't want to have my daughter Leila Fox's eleventh. Birthday. Here that dead at eleven I would love to hear the awkwardness from Germans had that but don't want to risk it was my daughter. So instead can you give her a triple shot they say a budgeting is the first time we ever had any trouble shot fish sandwich or questionable shot that would be a little kids they sand wedge a ladies man they sand wedge and an original faced sandwich I would appreciate it guys that from dead. Outside your. These sandwich sandwich when tiger goes to bird there was fraud and are best friends and Brothers Brian said kill. Getty gets real wishing him happy birthday in his DMX voice rock on bits is that for Marianne and John. Cool so there are brood of art form or. This is about thirty seconds around the suns into don't have anyone in my life to do it for me I'd like to send myself a birthday shout out get a good friends dirty German talk from thriller dead at the last shall do me some good that from Jason. And use our first true you do a thorough examination but when the moment. Yeah speaking of need to hope there are hundreds and you know pornography on the. I'm sure I get the journal thanks and happy birthday song for my mom Heather she turns 41 today thanks guys that from Christians. Lives I don't know if you got a message the other day but us trying to get a birthday shout out to my coworker Dennis who turned 45 years old. Blah blah blah blah blah gonna get the dirty German talk about his bird day thanks guys that from Chris in Vancouver bomb. The guy I want to what you grow the content but my platoon. Judge come over here on a given the very worst of them asks. It's up to you. Eulogize my buddy Ben the butchers birthday let's get him some wedding puke and I just said that and rounded out. With a big old Joey chestnut cheers guys that from Jimmy the Prodi's guy. Did I just said that. It's got to my wonderful husband Mike. Been spoiling him on his birthdays for thirteen years and I never got a shot until over the radio please excite his day. He buzz is last day in day out works 1012 hours and listens to you guys every single day your last keep him going. So please give my face sand wedge and turtle wax with a Joey chestnut appreciate you guys that from TD sandwich. Okay. You know I do it's very happy birthday to a broad much Daniel he's an awesome Big Brother never had and he's one of the best musicians that ever met please give them some dirty German musician talk. That from Joseph Garcia. I'm sure they'd love to give Jewish attempt to become speak with a mild flu. Job he can play with my strengths. To come my I have dreams. Oh that's music stuff I don't even bend on drums. Let them buy your or get all you. I've always fellow mile I've done a great birthday and I know how you guys can do it thriller and Ted is Germans making her feel very special. On her birthday thank you guys for the last managed Vicky began said the key to save every day that from a RAZR X. There are a number thought to be so romantic with the content like to see the cracked a bone. Dawn every day's a new day with you and I'll bring that drink. Hope you enjoy score. He's a gruesome and it. Ramadan got. Do you play it is just my beautiful wife and best friend Patti who would have been 52 today she lost her battle with cancer have cancer this year but I know she's listening wherever she is. Petty I was in your show every day I still do we love you guys. She's been listeners and she was eleven. Can you give her a little kid fish sandwich aside good up cupcake edit cut down a big job next collar much appreciated that from doubled it. Willis. She got pregnant no. Net grown guys every rule. Have you been good it. Did I did a lot of I haven't had any. I don't pay your day guarantee you that says I started Germans brought you by men's or original size town now men's or live dot com from Lee's world famous sausage tasty and delicious quite honestly it is some of the best sausage that you will ever put in your mouth you can order online men's room alive dot com. As far as double lectures here we have the Equifax breach. Miles you are incorrect the breach was caused by an unpacked server which was left on patched even after the Department of Homeland Security. Notified them three months prior to patch their servers a fix was out and available they just didn't do it. I've grown better about that from rock. What effect that let's that's a relief I actually shrinks. Hello gentleman and Robin. Back when I was in EI TU ninety AIG. Art now now let's go to the military and right it's got to be military eight AIT. Eight army our army intelligence trading in my I don't know. My buddies convince me while I was drunk that I had cheated on my wife. Mind you this is a military base that I'm stationed dads and were off on a four day weekend at hotel drinking and shooting the yes and having a good time so I called my wife when we got back and told her whole needs the hard owe them a is that did what happened while he just didn't know what happened but they can mr. Liddy did and terrible what happened and what do you tell you out into Ramirez's story gradualism the story and granite yeah. And one more on a weird animal encounter I got my parents and I've come across many amazing animals and are scuba diving adventures. But there's one story that sticks out in my mind as the most potentially disastrous of the mall. We were diving at night in beautiful Monterey bay California who that is awesome when we happened to come upon the first shark that we had ever seen. We're able to swim right up to it as it was just like on the rocks and sleeping. My dad and I took several pictures of it than my mom the 48 year old woman with a heart of a two year old decided to grab him by the tail Jesus cars to charge of overseeing the swim right in in my face. Thankfully there was no collision but I guess in my life flash before my eyes with all the shark is it swam along the it was thoroughly annoyed with the Allison Barrie itself in the rocks. Later on we look through our books we learned that was called a swell shark and the description said nice sweat and I'll soul unless disturbed. Apparently the mother did learn her lesson though at the very next day she did the same thing with a huge Ling cod and when you know what's the thing came in straight in my face again. Since then she's still not learned to look with her eyes and not her hands but happily there haven't been any more events involving large creatures in my face. That from the lovely Melinda swells shaft hi Donna Jones still account or turn a no as Sherlock but first head checks and towels I. Who won the well. I guess it's the wrong side iams the laughter. Won't. They. Yeah. Khrushchev that mistake we'll be coming out of this nature that. The okay. Ten things not to by the grocery store many things I think they're gonna blow you away but he just don't think about you know it's easy regularly purchaser. Did you grow if another merger Jonas you probably varieties. I guarantee. Except for a couple of them you probably viable all the time I saw her other stores three in a better deal if you go and buy these products. Or some you can make you know OK okay I'm there have a ten of them ten of them ten of them. It. Salad dressing. Want to make a vinaigrette and held in less than a minute you again bright years combining oil vinegar and salt and pepper. It's a calories money. And most of all space and for anybody now wedeman Arafat anyone have been regret but if you're gonna doable she's dressing in mid 2000 dollars an island right thousand island pretty simple man okay I'm gonna get catch up right. And the other part is the yellow Porsche trash maybe until maybe aren't but did I thought I think our tails off well I had have been more casual right I know. Don't know I. Restore you don't push for implements all of them. Our tails up what do what do we want French dressing how we make that. Well see you when I do oil and vinegar well no we can do that what we can do probably Cesar may be if we are essentially faced a similar when you either make them well you doing great you know you already do this vials and granted only that you are correct we do right by the dollar and I was just checking to see if you you don't do honey mustard then all of I would argue that there are easiest honey mustard. Miracle whip honey and Muster. Within Iraq. We better to be an advocate for. Yeah. Discards. Pretty simple we all do it you need to buy gift even here in a hurry. But the active activation fees are often five dollars or more even on just a fifty dollar card. You get a gift card. At the story itself. If you want to back specific store and there's no activation fee oh OK I didn't know that enough what about like a owner about the prepaid visa cards and do the same thing to prelate. I don't get a fifty dollar B cigar wanna evidently got a call and activated threat but he used to be greeted by the cart through their last time I did it was the whole thing and had to sign up for this Els a three minute. I bought this because I didn't wanna sign up for a thorough bread sorry that's what I look how give you all the same info at the seems weird in June delegates yet. Ten now things not to buy at a grocery store today. Think Valentine's Day. Got cards in general chocolates green carts you spent four dollars a one card it's gone according. You did either by fifty playing cards and envelopes from Amazon for like seven bucks Rachel message if we got to face on the site I won't say this gift cards are kind of a ripoff. But there's one thing I've learned in life. You get that woman a gift card you do really knew whether your wife girlfriend and mom. Yeah I don't know what it's ready to cart two things I know she wants something on Valentine's Day no matter what she says if you get her car and need to guard need to car do you like RG keep carts. You don't man I don't I don't I don't like mind I would give my mom credit she feels very funny ones and they're very specific death when she got one that haven't held are beyond and stuff was like this as you would burning manner one with Jesus like making jokes. What I lap band but I don't think I'm definitely ready she got me a card for moving to a new apartment to him what. What does that say welcome to your new home. We literally that's good sense I think the cover of it's that nice move. Night I don't know jazz for no good copyright I assume they got their deaths. Did things that's about a yard. So I was zap your guys out name brands spices. Basically look they're charging you more than any brand store. Anybody that comes over to eat your food they're not going to be like this is all brand. Couple little more storage for probably think it including those who have some business and go to any health food store whatever you can bile with spices and ball. Of course miles the probably you you can grow some and home to about little window during winter and get your hands and then all the money on the stand to spices and especially to the set meals right like. Like outside of Thanksgiving I don't have a ton of useful my celery salt to my enough negative press. That that's a really good points per. It really is all spice is the time they just isn't around glory and there's geeky here has anyone ever had to hide more than one can they were not made in a I evil evil while I had to with I didn't think I had even cayenne pepper you know minutes. I never could partially there's a few ago pretty close I think parsley use and other stuff like garlic powder garlic salt and usually Coleman's on mustard you. Coleman's Muster only a draw mustard and yeah I didn't do any man drive us is gonna change your life. All right Muster did not go out at home when you get honest I don't know the other one is a white why PO WIP o'clock PM the. This X flowers. The pre made bouquets they tend to wilt quickly they're filled with a lot of greenery not a lot of flowers and frankly you go to your neighbors' gardens not a battleground. That's they recommended due course they don't wanna go to actually should save some cash guys feel the here aren't. Pull off a Paul any period I don't know I'm Ben. And look Penn he's attempting to not imply any growth usually our Sanders another your first hit it. At that. I don't doubt about that a lovely fees it. And I get emails to slow them. Up and party supplies. I think they think just go to the dollar store and I tiger you'll pay half as much in building two was like party supplies are great but like even give a birthday banner. And nobody seems that she never used now whom. Ten days not to buy at a grocery store today on ten feet. Sorry people. Lunch ovals they're really unhealthy especially the pepperoni pizza kind. They make a strong point it takes almost no time important to make a sandwich you're given this thing don't buy them period you're not losing Oprah I authored this thing go by them at all. Well Anderson I feel like you're gonna soon there's say there's no reason to pay lots of money in sacrifice that all things just to see if you look at I will say. My dad was lazy when I was a kid but he did make as a sandwich yeah. Are far. Batteries. Grocery stores make an action or expensive because they figure. By the time you go to the grocery stored again don't you. Absolutely need of the hour on T placed by Mike and Home Depot or just your regular also late getting hardware store and what do you get cheap batteries. I mean I would think Costco yep yep vitamin balk or user charge it's got that idea did things out Dubai grocery stores today until three. Bottled water. It's safer than you tap water. Also a thousand times more effective if I think he'll look illustration tap water get a verdict telling people that LeCroy now. And the cross the Cuomo to defend draw the may have some very good flavors. Can I drink any package cherry lime just the other day that damn I was star state are probably normal sized hands. Death yet. People love you drink eight of them one bad idea it just number eight I hit number 23. Well number one we missed number one. Sure I'm number one was blessing you did batteries. Bottled water bottled water so now we're now at number war. Diapers. Again there's a massive mark up because usually don't buy them until you absolutely need them they're saying Brian ball from Costco or Amazon you're sure. Save a bunch of the JE my we say the same thing about than the toilet paper right in the paper towel probably in the cleaning products and all that would then be cheaper cost go to. I'm the grocery store the only thing I'm buying of blue paper you understand that I need to get out your store quickly. Thank you very happily abrasion area says meat and potatoes still a double drag itself with a shot today and returned a no way Sherlock is coming up next. You're listening to avenger radio network. This is your. True. We'll bring 2000 weather Saturday but first our own Steve the pro hill called a home and plug in her stories would have lied since. And plan. I'm. Martha Stewart says prison was horrifying experience that no one should have to go through. I and I mean I don't think anybody might prison but Martha Stewart of all people does that shock anybody that Martha Stewart. The woman who still enjoys leased to release does not enjoy prison. I am. I'm with you. The only reason I would thought might be different is I guess she went to like when the club that she did but it's still pretty stale bread just remember when she some kogan was snoop dog she's a criminal and a Colin what happened as a means there's a one of these people who felon you know snoop I mean murder with charge that she didn't just the charges George Mayer just job. All right George rejects man's claim to be some sort of agricultural product. They act. And. It's just as well as line of defense I'm an agricultural front. The guy who worked for Hugh Hefner and seventies says it was kinda gross. Yeah. Yeah. And no Sherlock. Yes I was maybe a little sticky maybe you. Researchers are proof were not living in a matrix type simulation. Well the monkey's uncle. Sherlock. The preeminent. You can keep it would have for just one and a man. Maybe I'll. And if others are responsible and don't then maybe that's the thing DNA and reduced sentence to Hudson. Most fliers feel airline crews treat first class passengers better. GU Alec cares are you kidding I cannot believe that knows Cheryl not currently I'm the savior of 71 blast they treat you better. Yeah did you much better security bring all of you Winfrey take off they give you a hot wet towel and they call you my name be Jerome bathroom to speak right. That's what did you think they were maybe get real food right leg of course you get treated better proverbial paper first guide them glass we're going to upgrade. We continue turns out overweight people do eat more than they claim yellow. Our dock. And this is not running at them that's a good. All right and study shows that horn to drug users have a higher fatality rate than the general population where LA well. Sure and could you do I have imaginary attacks. To be ready. Men's room knows just. News. It's Saturday and as usual way ahead of the very best chance to even throw another flat out nortel's. My brain feels so much that now popular now aren't there. Had today which shows 46 year old Casey and Terry. Of Cincinnati Ohio and you need to understand is currently serving six years for robbery at a jail just outside since Matt. And his wife candy recently tried to help him smuggle bunch of drugs specifically. A dozen balloons filled with Matt. Now she went to visit while she was there he swallowed for the balloons for pros and guard realized what they were don't. They immediately put him in the cell and the may have to wait five days for him the past five who's gay man is a wait 5 days I am a dead he ballooned so making collect evidence bribes. No no no he wasn't having met before they can grab the balloons. He swallowed them a second time and no he did not wash them off first. I want to think about what's going I'm now they waited five days from the past the balloons he didn't hide the evidence he swallowed them again. All. I can get this on the way to the another four days for him to pass them again before they were finally. It would to recover all four balloons he and his wife are both facing charges for drug possession every smuggling drugs into a prison. And the gloves drug I'm CPU. To win total in nine days and that's the balloons because they can't even even when they're covered in feces. They're all man yeah return to sender. Yeah I think I. Is. Again I would never want to work to possibly can't wow yeah okay it's going to be a first. I would think so may have hurt people like washing. Gross stuff off of drugs to use so this guy pulled amount comrade Barry was miles man. I mean this guy he will ride out right turn right right I'm a loser. A strange to him. Reform is Boozer imagery does lose because we think it's yummy okay so over the tone it down the road Jim Varney in our tummies. Now now and I bet John Iraq. I know there are dead bears play profiled as is gonna get just an online right now color 9844999. A little play profile let's get another minute. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.