10-06-16 Christopher Titus in studio

Thursday, October 6th

Comedian Christopher Titus joins us in studio as he makes his rounds on his "Born with a Defect" tour!

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Like lays into the live in studio blood only mr. Christopher Titus joins us hello everybody good to see its idea what a Grammy am on the radio strategy Normandy dreams you isn't this weird bubble of governor had today and I got lost three times trying to find them my first interview this morning. And I hit a place they'll have homeless shelter next to a whopping Barr who's strict and enjoy that. And those dudes like it's kind of cool devils they both stay in business at the edged up whether that many don't try to win the mid the only law and is it just got. Liz this is that he is I don't get blamed for breakfast I NASCAR does yeah of course you get your excellent boxcar Willie the Somali if that's ever bundled with a yeah well I'm glad that I've met get a crack and I've highlighted that the crews there are times tonight did the Rialto theater and not Tacoma tomorrow night it's the Neptune here in a Seattle the born with a defect tool and a world. Wrapping it up and I'm start work we filmed it already old enough for a couple months we've actually working on. I'm writing new stuff now so be brightness and his stuff so that'll be the silent part of the show in the new stuff comes. I don't know man I know like what I am goes on Barack. Like I don't know Rolling Stones c'mon they do a big mess of George eight million dollars to buy a ticket they play brown sugar cube look crazier than to play some off the new album and like there's this massive rush of the beer garden into the hill are gonna say with the stable would have been material in the about and new. You'll you play it's originally supposedly if you get crushed like a who concert just trying to get hot dog explained in the lower ranked dead no way it's it's not always certain amount of funny how we spit it. Al refers to a certain amount of money. But it takes like six months to shape it cut it down short of the day this show that area. Hello dukes they knew there was something like I knew I just held on any new and I was wrong I did kind of that it was a horrible time and Derek yeah. I've I've I. All Macon Georgia and apply the same kind you have like oh my god that's so we're actually we're at the that is that week Texas is kind of cool enough text well that oil money south Texas is like this intelligence. Macon Georgia I. Yet there that there's a level of you make fun of us pretty much all the time yes I'm here for three show I had yeah. Hit yeah hacking and about how I certainly don't want tighter bank of the planet and I don't know they can't attract island. Yeah yeah he called Rosa at the ticket medal. Come on down it's all good funnies just go to roast you and a relative to say no these are jokes about there's a new bit in the new show where whereas at depth and my daughter asked me. What we're at home it in the enemy we can watch TV would mean like what I do podcast just tell you every tired though none of data you'll watch more good news though the news now I you know I make a much and is what's on the roku has had a adamant that it against is not going to be attacked by dragon in the real world itself what's and his in and make and I actually start and see the real world Wright's reappearance like well Heidi it like when I got visa card to have the Harvard feeder trees going coloreds Chinese is an amazing child. Those kids are gonna end up getting killed and eighteen on the Internet oddly I could be quiet bus with their parents and teach in the world's gonna kill and his last words. Yeah it yet they asked some of so we're Watson in what today is the rights is that Ferguson right now I would wonder is ultimately asked multiple no no it's our nose and a New Jersey rejected a terrific no. No I don't know through the North Carolina was shot and was met this man is now know it is losing and that was recent. Remember some black people are getting old raped by bullets that's not Leslie remembers with the yeah this Ed -- is what is so I've got this bit right that's what the jokes is a bit and it goes from my daughter estimate in the middle of it I think immediately apparent. And but we've committed in my judgment is that. Where black people so angry and I was like what I tell us what Bob on good it might rub him good should be illegal to ask me that means Dakota aren't bad but you can only by the color and Afghan factory good revenue Willits beat down at that you do like. OJ I am and I don't I don't know night in new York times of the reflective of the practice a little girl I was going to bless the consumer with a few of the troubled youth or doesn't think those that don't learn the night so this big hole out here that has nothing to find out. I all right directory to faculty on this show so. I do is it's well it's a bit about explaining. The black experience to as much as I can do it to a very privileged little white girl. And it's the most uncomfortable bit I've ever written and it really happened and I had to do it. And first like three months they did it may. White people you could hear in this is squeak and she's. You can hear and advance our residents as a seamless to us to go and do what it used to this do you have as animal IDA could be a big black I dreaded his wife was what a minute she also to kind of look they're about sixty subsidy just. Slowly melded in that same person at George Allen and yeah yeah I think George Clinton and and and his wife who looks just like George Clinton Rosie felons so they're sitting right in the Ferraro announced current showed their great. And I do I do that first line ago by this guy I remember but the getting salary but bullets and this dude. Takes the second is I cubic Andy loses 86 beating on the table. The white fuel sitting around and always have been have been doing OK except got a today. The white people solve this dude lose it in the it was the best that I could break and. Please pray that we haven't bouncer and yeah. Had arisen out of cars I don't know yeah. Can I doubt. I know whom they love their Danny Edwards. Today today he asked people what do you see anything yesterday yes people with terminal illnesses to hang around long enough to vote I hope I don't know what. Yeah. It is yeah. A hug and a good do you think you so much. About like you know they deserve to model. Go out to mock if you just what kind of washed over me. A week and a program are opposites can live in a horrible. And maintenance chemo just keep me alive with a with a basically someone just Clinton arrows in my but I was gonna stay alive and scope of wealthy is it scary or is I mean it's so good but is it unbelievable to you just to watch this whole what happened the country when the wind and we start to believe a guy who pretty much lately I would like to activities at. He lies 78% of the time lies flat out lies seven if that. And we're still far again you get the bit about you guys are fine but he has no probably. But I mean if you look at the less popular run and we just. You know they showed a clip of Romney and Obama debating and and I've ever think it. Oh god can we each of these guys back I don't know I hit back. I can do it Romney right there are always they were talking about issues that would trump though to be fair and I do mean as an I'm not a fan has been to be fair. It was much really tell from now pelican and I don't think he'd lies some neighbors sometime I think he's an accurate so maybe some time no but I believe that he believes what he said you know the difference. Sabathia is a big break this side of me I think that's the worst he's actually an ugly to worse I'll let Bob he's a monster four year old says anything you want to view Disco okay amnesty for I mean hands of a four year old and the kids they get the last August to prove I'm like proved that this cruise. You just keep playing in his head all the time was this sentence no different in what the bugger me again on dividend might not need right now I. And they get Hillary's got this wait a body behind her allegedly allegedly it I know how. An alleged links that I wanted dying innocents is just one car I don't want to know that Vince Foster guests sitting in the front seat strong carbon fibers I'm sure this I was I don't originally had to I don't see dad meant. And I have heard I don't even burning at the end yeah just not my god he's just like a grumpy model train and the easiest thing to. Let's face I don't think. And that aren't gonna put on the phone I told you when I'm playing with my drains and into my street he's the best answer it better. Object par. 1% month as an attorney Jack is with which he does Bieber daisies assembled I had one I'm old now as christianity's holy officially. 5252. Into two do you think wow they like oh you're only sixty want to make light up and people tell you look great based donate are you still love our I don't. I want and I used to work and I'm Amanda principally. And now it's a you can still opened up mechanical improve the news again and I you know I it was a Williams got to fight hard for those of you don't want matter Hartford and is due. I have a problem I don't like despite HI I hate bullies not only bullies. In an aunt and I think is most fuel only police can't deal with globally that's what they call them bull crap but I can handle the ball I ran I guess the noise because my day that I have a whole another level of bully attitude that I can access it needed chart and so we just channel that's network Hartford and I hate I hate somebody -- this -- divide you're on your phone I will now pull lets you roll them out window and got. Yeah now here's what happens people go to the five states that that. They get angry first. Then they then they realize they're kind of like negotiating a and then they realize they have shame and that it for the phone down and and that it is it's it's amazing to watch they can't argue me. This the guys on his phone Ratigan on get on a freeway and he's he's just do stake in the to some appeal as Condit he's got like this is a slight he was attacked cocked sideways and you need to see chin strap from day it was bad it was bad and so these guys are in and night. Eight cars pulled from the duke and he's still sitting artist and I want packed and he looked at me flip me off. Talent around him and I and I and I look at I don't just like turn to get in eagle in this guy he did that cycle thing that that that's like at least on front. You know what what you said it's going crazy supplement some. Not a gimmick as it did with martial arts trained long enough you just don't be scared anymore you can kicked in the face by guys who care destroy you. So this I think they Easter it's driving crazy like he's gonna scamming dries on the island. And I turn and he gets behind me and he's like run at number and I just and the rates the red card in this due goats slightly blocked about that that was it's me. Put them apart like comic of them all because my career is rocking Tampa. I tell us then there was gonna let god I don't go in and out nicely fill out and Tiffany it was on the way to another theater yes so we put this thing and in front of an Arabic behind the club I think about it I guess except they're killed and at least Springsteen's Clinton played the clinics that prepare bread to. So I pull up and this kid gets out now put this on I think how big it is going to be but I know he's tracking through the mall. I get out of card and this guy did that goes on in unfold on sixty. He's exceed six I'll make all these unfolding evidence condom like oh no my sister right with me right that he's Harry Potter geek. So all right as he grabbed his phone inserts a McKinsey and you back and keep that stuff inserts filmmakers like golf pales into what is on the website that happened. And the guy wants any eighty S and here's what I know he's Ron gets out and he's got his hands down in Eagles. He's got a and I just all I did was put my price that's all I did was get into fighting stance and as you want to switch that's only get Alley. And this guy spends the weirdest thing I knew I was. I was pretty sure I was getting my ask it to her credit you know it just accepting it as accepting OK I I it went in stitches in my when I got my second rep I'm getting beat up a gap UW up debentures held. I had a sixteen year. A despite misty site to find three guys let me dvd excuse had to fight a three guys and it kicked this guy to an as a deterrent there was an eighteen a backbone behind me who. As I turned to the back of my head. Through a full on hook it Jesus ever taken as attorney turned right into it is he'll hit you right here under my under my nose. And my lips went. That's why you have hair looked yet rescued and that you see it's still cool so I go back I go back and get back up our you know trying to if you gate yet heard get up don't giggled and getting about getting get up in the master who never stopped anything our master never stopped eighty you can have a bone steak yeah I think honesty don't get I don't get. He goes take a minute I'm like hello hello I would oh no it go to the bathroom and you just take a minute and the middle of the test these people parents and their and their kids are there to this that there are part. Their kids are a little kids so a lot about the imminent and I looked in the minutes that little line and I smile and my lips splits tell. You can see he's so well. Saw here's my problem I realize is much kids in the go to watching that there was an adult that day. I grab enacting it when approaching a lot about tennis that I want every every one minutes from now. That cry he's dangerous is the immediate reason we train Harrison known it's hurt. And these kids are looking at me Allan good and I want to calm her down when he realized once in a Portland napkin away from my face. And I keep talking. If Clinton. The mice those go you could see the US open and close up and I look at these kids getting more and more horrified. Of the act with that. So yes that led that it closed at that. That's back to Connecticut so useless on this ice like it was switch I was it could not get hurt and and it just trying to do the best we can't. And this dude it's so funny meant. Loud big guys who have never tricky to tell entry he just goes we do dance an element of any agreement would be unit boosted its randomness is doing it. Met my assistants like got it and dominant type his cabinet. And he just goes you Manny get to his cause. He drove off with we got to know where you learn passed out. The color march what you seem to learn this switched you've got to do this that's what you create in your gut and later that night he beautiful spiky blond haired dude worst apparel British. Specifically the weird that do that he's in front of me and he looked he and switch the inside of an Everett is like. That's like but I don't these people are eating a lot car that I can't fight them I don't know why he failed that double what have you done the switch stance and then he did. I don't like our own eyes that look man this is Reese this is stupid yeah. How right or grown men what do we do very well is that by the way that's that's the card people that case and a guy who had a problem like that once I had a guys and other traffic incidents that rubicon. A lot of way to Vegas guy gets out in and I got a product cycle for. This guy leading the step of on this monitor behind him because we don't make it's worth that the company they'll go when you go when he goes on the on the kick butt to turn. How had a good luck and more grown men we gotta calm this down. I happen to an estimate that is. Tonight did the -- don't have kids -- -- -- ninety minutes of birth control of the man Obama or are we could just mild withdrawal of a dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle emails. In Syria with Christopher -- tonight this golden unicorn Rialto -- into -- that's tonight 8 o'clock one -- one sure only tomorrow night the lovely Neptune the regular -- -- -- -- and Julia were hustled out there and there's a few to get them that balance pretty bad -- you you mention your daughter's having discussions about your daughter -- Augusta area if I get twelve year old son and it fifteen you know daughters in my house that justice -- almost think now today yeah it just acne can smell this we in a trade title back gave -- air -- on his son's twelve which means he's Olympic leveled them right now. Okay does that hasn't found masturbation that you can tell I don't you don't wanna know had an okay. These guys. Now I did. I didn't find that while some may may I don't know I don't know here in California now I know me like I. It's rare start earlier telephone Julie do everything starts earlier California little. I don't have women go to California dead I was the Baltimore to go like good food you masturbating Google wasn't you know it's. I don't wanna do it the old one they. Esther from Stafford they are talking earlier efforts that you now hold it didn't mean I but do you ever get went when you're talking your kids it in your talking about whatever they're eating your data on your cellphone plan whatever the stimulus got passed and we'll I mean is there a level that you jesus'. He just wants to say. Do you have any idea how I grew up you little piece of the Koran that you well I mean do you have any of that and you left there is okay well. I do that it's like in here separately doubters we have taunted about racism teacher racism and in an exit you know. They were promised to get paid after slavery was over in the never got payment out of Africa it is that no. In my ears and my dad yeah like he still had lap after that I didn't my daughters as. Always say the checks in the mail this little this little what Francisco's wife and I attorney on the class. I don't know I don't know I thought wow I ever OK okay. I do a semester become the junior I guess that's really got the right candidate yeah it and it. Talk about a lot of them nice and my kids of the it's like look man you gonna be a lot of people and and there is a very satisfying store for people absorbs name my. Parents and Ellis Island in our grandparents urban a year ago and the didn't speak the language you know they may have to movements there the words themselves and find work you'll want to hire mom like owls are feeling about my vehicle will have worked yeah it can't happen. I was kinda cute we got up had a job at a police as they aren't. You're great you're great grandparents did it wrong you'll know selling that we as black Republicans that trump can't bag you we have got I was saw the Internet that they I don't know what I. But I think that would you go on the road. They mission they're glad I love this show is about them date they are a little I had to act clearly my semi tough telcos are my sign on with my goatee you're good so ago Q school may make money your after the incident fiftieth. Located at its money can be critical. I can no more in the sense accounts. And he has on the points. No matter eleven you know I don't need an underwear no pants I mean he's got a lot of teacher garment. Absolutely no. So he's this government and minimal value of the Latino about can't focus needs I think you give very weird and on the road decree a two pairs of pants and that's not I had dinner I don't touch it ever what he's talking about. So I and I go he do when he goes on watching cartoons amok this balled up and I just backed off a late. You have no pants he looks you right in the face he's goes well. Like I. By the end. That's when Lou we're sure it's because you can't do you. If you don't have did you think you've been frustrating your life. Even angry that he skewers so adorable that it's so cute. You have no idea at the kid take a single no kids anger it's attend and hear the and I affords layer of bitter frustration I think. That smells like almonds and tastes like and terrorism and an end so and you can't name in the face 'cause the laws are different now that's why they didn't have those closet I'm not symmetrical. Take the times family vacation do you guys that yeah I think again weeks and they take a pilgrimage somewhere in you know an inning kind of connect and I say come October images the Wailing Wall we go to the lottery. Palin iPad as they're really the democratic and just happened look at the pictures and it's that's an expanded alliance goes the holocaust Memorial Day again again again and it put us up and I didn't read it myself yeah it's very excited our road rage incidents that tolerance museum that's been Buick and that's that's. The sorry I didn't know you gonna park it. It's really about maybe taking our kids to lead Reno to so they understand that life is you know and I mean this is now batting yet again tonight. I'm organize all driven arena regularly and this Carlyle Bangkok. There any other radio show TV show it's like a mile in Hawaii and Hawaii round of the credit related blog app that was a different show you wanna good vacation what we can promise you is allowing his trip. A real life but it back when you know we are no matter how agree anyone's ever said you are being annoying and are filling a million got to embark. Just what happened arena Reno might some might might micro used to book comedy she's the comic matches to book comedy it she got a club in Reno the State's senators opens club Reno. And we see that the duties in his about a hotel is is it some nice casinos don't we look in and our keyword or in the door they could be the master key to work so we shouldn't think that's not a match differently than drank it we've been drinking and loosening its own weight was sitting in the hallway waiting for this guy opener hotel. And in excellent back with a another key doesn't work now the key thing becomes that we seem content on he's got a three foot. Crowbar and weeds is Ono her hometown math well let me just let trek. And pop the end of the unlocked and I didn't stay and that's when you know in a nutshell what it meant well look if we do distribute to be the headline we'll find a nice place to be nothing but you know I riddler I mean I theater not a strip mall nothing like you guys are really think about Elizabeth what are we want to do well the idea we haven't got to the regrets. We don't want to think it's a mourn I don't think corporate would be more likely to do this for us any time you come off of an idea. You know cost is a big thing that it's Reno so they are teammates that do cost like that's not the goddamn issue there and everywhere I don't yeah I mean seriously we don't know lands I'd. I think there's there's that they would happen is you think it'll be just funny. And it'll be like sending that a group of guys don't know which of the ten nom. I'll tell my buddy and I are all buddies and I had to address that god damn America again remember you know we did vetted over there in Reno really think about help oust Al paso eventually you do every idea do you any suggestions on your own worst place I've ever been a Warner Robins, Georgia I think they have like at TGI Friday's should be done a deal worth zoo this is would actually use it. Do you ever. Have you or anyone throw anything that you like Europe on stage I had to do and were in Utah of all places that it was a it was literally it was I was doing the show there's new coloring optional up. And normal people Utah more and doesn't like really know what everything that what they believe that the nicest people and have a little bit over here I'm jacked up on caffeine and I'll there was this duct dynasty crude and just showed us that obviously come down from that from the hot country and that's. And I. It ended guys heavily he's literally grizzly and beards on an end and away and we just had that weird kind of misty and smoke in it and disease of smoke. And don't show any sort its pocket and I story and I don't like it more than anything I write comedy lot of guys want you to talk I don't I write jokes and bits equality movement favorite. And and Rick Williams and so. I just trash them I just went off and do the smartest idea I trashed him for like ten minutes I stopped I I went through every redneck everything I could do to just destroy it. And the guys on the content Nokia were done. So I go return answered and joked I'll listen some whips past my head fast and it bounces off the back wall and she'd taken later. Late in not not a plastic liner and because it oh light pole and win. My it's really he's Joe's not expensive and yeah. I had a bad news like this Andre it's got some mass this would not grant that is apple. Yeah. Yeah it is higher in this in Reno to tell us what an attack yeah critics aren't hot I don't know those aren't seeing it was a does not back thousand dollars or isn't won't I don't know I don't run up to the last. It's gonna go about. So I turned and I just rationally just destroy it it's been so basically the rest of the show was me make fun of rednecks and Europe and it's a redneck and I mean that. It's stupid became cool our country like it like it we keep when he had no choice exerted and earning deeply gig is a dirty goes over a genius with the d.s yeah that's where it wears jeans on and hang out with him because he does doesn't it was an Armageddon comes he's gonna save me. Well you just burn maybe I had the W jokes down based on you go I won't crowd on a man I would do not an option I would just with reports I don't I don't disagree just about them after they don't get an idea that there's got jokes in the show that are. That you just few of these pocket. It's kind of set aside for comic to here at the three Smart people gated it would rather rather rapid. So cute so I guess that would show and the club owner goes club sorry as part time deal without the autopsy do we sit down he goes. I I go listen to some tackles me five times piece and I and I rip bomb and the audience Kraft asked them to shut up. He goes don't with the government of idol idol idol I could get the shell angle national at least only keep man and he goes they were buying drinks. Yeah. He is on the third the price setters and they were buying drinks in the east mine. It's okay. Is he does what might not okay. And I get up and I go on and my electoral map on lap Mike. Unplug it and wrapped it up put it in the bag guys take on that tape operative back and and I go. As we currently at the that we just and I just got there like it was like at night I got there Wednesday night Thursday show and he is duly noted that actually it. And like look you can't run a business and the people that paid when he sees shell and moral view of the city to visit them but keep you. A drug that's only it's only to get ever left our Brooke but at some soreness you know I kept as it did I guess liar I got talent. The in just face in the way your game works man yeah you know you're doing a couple shows whenever it's late nineties you got to the your hungry and everything else have you. I mean. There's one place open and some of these towns legally there's one bargain here underdog diners do it all down my got a nice you know Zuma our our program I mean what it was interview since the situations in those places just after the Uggla right. You from around here yeah yeah that happens it's an episode the DIC one nighter since I did that mounting a show about right IEX recently he was answered jump and honor. And to look at me and she was blind I know. You know it only well I don't know why you wipe the blood personal affront to what that doesn't make any sense at all put him in about what they already missing something growing Jeff Foxworthy is yeah it is Donna. I just had added a couple leagues ahead when I say kill the baby would go public if it's me. And I told the story to tell what's in the room ego do much you know middle of the show this big white box while looking in the White House went. What's the message no grass I don't mind. That goes it. Ladies and gentlemen there's cats they might have hitter. Your baby's got a hundred more energy need to get all these. And Mike McNamee I. I stay the nice guy a so what I said I am I I didn't know what the guys that lays gem of the president's been shot now back to dominate. I can not assassin who wanna get the ice bag and I get on the show I get a stage it's the guy who owns the club in east paint me as he's count money in my hand he goes. By the way they beat us. It's you who. I really really yeah half of the I thought I had this. Yeah I did that ability to Foley's well again. Christopher Titus the barn and expect to learn the truth or just nights at 8 o'clock at the Rialto theatre in Tacoma tomorrow night 8 o'clock that computer man anytime on the just the last time I come to show itself to two hours in its full out and a and I have to show I always wanted to associate at the joked. Hey man tell people we're going YouTube for via the movie clip if you of the. So that's did it I did that movie did special unit due to the parents and disability act LEP desire for handicapped undercover detectives and I played Nick Nolte mug shot pretty much right step as it said Peter fairly got involved that he yet he gave me script notes Peter fairly like fairly Russia he said what are you doing and I am INN and I don't know Peter fairly is called him the blue. Yeah semi script only help yuck supposed to get this right we've some great great actors and it. But as the first family bonds really taking people with disabilities and put them in starring roles and I comment about the comment in a little else and I sites that hasn't been done and that. And Clinton an Billy Gardner comes in the studio award to editing and Billy goes do we get. It's really funny. Some letters on this once I. At present or does is tonight badges that's it's a Rialto theatre to college aren't evident to Peter thanks some banks got a Hollywood last.