10-17-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Can't Help But Cringe

Tuesday, October 17th

Mens Room Question: What happened to someone else that made you say "DAMN!"


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You what you're about to hear is real. This radio program. Yeah. Trying to offend anyone. There's a. Invited to join the party. This is the. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. So I don't gonna join our 2696. And along with Steve the throw hills. To read Ted Smith. Who all Limbaugh. Head of my car. It's hard to imagine a. Hey right gavels the drug charges reduced it didn't spend now. By popular demand. Brian brings us to insult and still pulled to the the word has what scientists have determined to be the funniest word in the English language. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines read your job today fumbled as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take a class period you don't I don't go Cincinnati man. As a forehead tad too. That we promised my clock or read later in the show it. Meanwhile being sent on to death by a 345. Pound cousin is a hell of a way to go. And Canada the chief financial officer the chief academic officer and the chief communications officer are no more. When you go to the Pittsburgh airport lost and found option and abandoned car you can score. And jockey Jesus selling off all their robotic band members well that's I across the US Avaya that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All bad is good day to you and yours Ari there's a video. Of hot 34 year old topless woman dancing provocatively in the passenger seat of a moving car. Jeff and more Sony on the windows got a finger an amount all that's not what hair blowing in the wind. And it's pretty hot right up until she smashes her hand on assigned book and if you're wondering get the impact killed. And obviously about who the video ended because her friend was videotaping her while driving. And when her when her body smashed her head on the signpost naturally she stopped video pulled over bumps all the videos. I guess that those hot right up until she. But as well moments really does look got to go to jail that we did not people up. Now another dale moment in ever northward flow and she wasn't naked dancing and moving call no but she did have both thought were all homes ripped off. By each grave. Not a good news for her is that the doctors did manage to reattach both of them a monitor their full working order. But just know that could happen or heard those guys in Florida. He's dating a woman this woman Sloan walks into the garage in sheets and weeds in the woman's son shoots him is because. The woman's son believes that he was sitting on his girlfriend. The reason the story is so bizarre to go dale. Is that the kid didn't have a girl for a in a maverick it's an imaginary girlfriend and yes he does have mental issue. The story does not get much better from where we just know that someone was shot to death. Good evening I'm imagine very well but again you can help we'll go. Hale well praise and Allentown today do you go damn if something happens to somebody they can be a stranger can be someone you know but that is the word that comes out of your mouth. And that's what we wanna talk about today and so what we want and oh what happened to someone else that may be used they drag hill. We're a big joke why Ford 999 only you can like them and your month FaceBook follow us on Twitter amends in my veins in your emails to the men's room at midterm live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Oh dawn analyze it all out of the show number 2696. When a huge show we have for you today they drug in charge right now. And could you ask for it we had a story and it was out it was an out of Norway and Sweden sweet sweet sweet you didn't. One of the government officials there are determined that. Children often have a difficult time in the bathroom based on the embarrassment factor of the noise that is made and he proposed that Sheikh. She did that music being played in the restrooms and the schools so the kids wouldn't have to deal that embarrassing factor one hearing all the sounds and everything else. So we said well you know I mean if they're running the bush there's going to be new again area and by the way we still have time for suggestions this is no shortage we have a few other we're we're pretty well locked in on but there is there's room for a few slots that are open I think we should do at least an honorable mention desert and that is so you'd like to shoot is a suggestion there please do so on the ten songs to prove to. Which is coming up with the rank castle the drug charges we will sit and spin NA you know we didn't wanna do it US fourth oh it announced that all the comments came applied it. Instantly about all the songs that could potentially deflationary thought hey you know what man moma mother take this thing I was still hot no but no pun intended over other than the patents admiral an outpouring today. Again no pun intended. I don't want the word we have what scientists have determined to be the funniest word in the English language generally that's right well that's not bad idea there's a list of about ten words on there. And we do another round of up profile this and today on the question whenever someone else that makes a day and we'll start with a story Steve that you brought up of the woman. Who was traveling with a friend to the Dominican Republic and they were on holiday. A woman named Italian aboard Dina. Blows 35 years old. Was filmed as they say. Wrestling her upper body out of the vehicle of a car window yet wearing only a pair of skimpy bikini bottoms as her pal drove down the road. However she suffered severe injuries after her head smacked into a road sign posted yes if you're wondering all of this is on video. And it's it's it's pretty graphic and it's it's. It's wow it's it's like this kind of graphic because I mean it shouldn't be shocking based on what's going on but you realize what happens and you go man this is you know stuff might see your head exploded just. Because you like because your body. Jolt. And as a new video she later passed away in a hospital. Her friend Yvonne now was the person who was filming it and driving on the of them on the cellphone. The pair was returning from a beach while on holiday in the Dominican Republic. The Ukrainian motorist was initially held in detention of suspension of being intoxicated as they drove back from the beach but it has been reported that a court. On the island of the Dominican Republic has since cleared her of unintentional murder. Her picture appears on a Ukrainian passport released to the local media and they're both young they're due thirty to 35 years old both attractive. She was driving as wells filming her friend's antics when the tragedy occurred I believe she was famous for filming. These types of antics out of an Italian who an eleven year old son was captured. Play police taking her finger in her mouth and laughing it camera. However within seconds of video shows the impact. And they were driving in a key the Condo. What does that probably car that we don't have good depth Normandy you know that's one of the things and go after the different countries you see all the different cars like all Mel we should have backed. This really cool right there. She lived and worked in the cans. Died from severe injuries after being rushed to the hospital. And the video of the accident has gone viral however Russian journalist based on the island. Said after the court hearing that Obama was not to blame for the tragedy. As a driver she did not commit unlawful acts her friend I'd buy her own negligence yeah well Pavano was found not guilty. And I wanna say that this woman was a model. Are or something like that now yeah. And I. Looks like on. Yeah. I guess that's kind of what what I don't know she did that on YouTube or what the deal was but if if she was a model wouldn't be shocked and choose attractive to trick well there. I'll move on a damn man I mean you're on holiday and this is this is this woman this is is this and a two car window hit her head smacked in by signposts eventually tell you know to do that yet. Specifically why they keep your arms and dams and everything else in the Winona Ryder Metairie go inside and external time this is why they tell you that I don't feel bad but bill junior you as a daredevil just like an old man and energy. They see the videos people just camping outside their windows. Not like same thing played some rounds due to their hanging like sitting kind of like she was the building on a busy highway just follow the car. Yeah I mean again the reason they tell you I don't hear at all. Meanwhile we get a pair surgeons every attached to woman's arms after they were severed by train a rare operation and first in France in the both limbs. Were working. They were working on both the same time for our procedure was conducted by double team at the hospital in southeast France. Surgery. Begin early in the evening. Of August the fourteenth one hour and fifteen minutes after the thirty year old arms were severed in the accident itself. An hour to two hours after this happened she's on the operating table. The speed with which the emergency service as acted in the skills of the medical team allowed both arms to be reattached. And gives the patient the best possible chance recovery because too much away can cause irreversible damage the. Somebody suggested that she should write a book about it called farewell to arms. I can't overlook comets may own anatomy of golf I am just saying it's this is what I read I try not to laugh out loud earlier what so split. It just said farewell to arms and one would only talk oh Jesus power and I don't know if I read the book and it knows about idea that it that's yeah accidental elbow problems yeah. Let's go to Florida for. He was guessing game that woman would now find that the nearly as funny as relentlessly would you guys can get out of this one all right. Florida police say a man. Who gunned down his mom's friend and then opened fire on two deputies was upset. After he believed his mom's friend tried to hit on his girlfriend who police say. Does not exist. The man was killed by police officers following gun battle in the middle of the street in port Richey. The sheriff said in a press conference before deputies arrived on the scene he had fatally shot his mother's male friend. According to the sergeants. This aerial walked into the garage of the home where his mother. Her boyfriend and 56 year old David Armstrong were located and accused Armstrong of flirting with a girlfriend. He then shot Armstrong the 58 year old effort to secure in my. He doesn't have a girlfriend. He I mean how could the father that the firm in the mother's a capital defendant's argument. Although I'm I'm sure the guy. Probably thought he was joking the first. You know a bug or delay Quetta Shura was you know I don't think like oh god every inserted he leaves the house comes back out to shoot him again. He was pronounced dead at the scene. And he did not have a go for the suspect believe that the mom's friend was a victim in the case of trying to figure Brian's girlfriend and hit on Brian's girlfriend please no Brian does not have a girlfriend. In his mind he did it. But in reality. He didn't dot well in my mind I date supermodels on me in my come on man and out. Yeah I mean obviously that's insane I just I can't imagine for that the poor guy got shot like. But when you see that kid the luge sobbing and my girlfriend like you don't have why I never hit on anyone break it sounds scary it was I don't know if I really like tell like I like hey your girlfriend doesn't exist yet that does run the wrong thing. I think that we method didn't mind this guy the others in Cobb said that to shoot him down. After we shot the guy in the street again he started walking toward elementary school to rifle. And and development usual market yeah I mean he Joshi absolutely lost his mind over the imaginary go for what tell what happen to someone else a major say damage for Ford 999 hole. Hello dad and welcome to the men drew. All any Mac. A Leo got the miles how're you. Good so my store that many days damn was it. In the summer one of the outlook and millions and friends were playing capture the flag. We had this really cute neighbor reloaded my premise really crush and so as you run back from the other zone being chased by its guerrillas they don't he jumps and neighbors chain link fence can just Wear and some basketball shorts. And he catches it sat on the top. It is all. All I will. It is. Ten deliberate act. He will and then balked and let's go to. Okay. Cole global. Yeah. Is he have any children you know now. Another now know doesn't. How old is a graduate and a Ellis. At the time he was fourteen now he's probably don't want you. You took all the kids read all the Harry Potter star. You know if you remove statue land grant did what bullying lightning bolt on the forever is overblown the outcome of that for him what was the end result there when it went ahead and I'm sure he went to the hospital did the kids did you know he's yeah actually I was swinging open. All. Oh wait you said no he did not go to the hospital. Got his mobile the nerves and so she clean him up. Just cleaned up attack without culminating in stitched yourself we are all stores output was up. Did you do when I was errors stitching his Central Bank the other. You don't you know again that's owned Delphi is that there are no you're not now that I know for a fact of my mom clean my bare month. And in addition to Jeremy when I was an infant but I'm a fourteen year old kid I don't care if my mom is a surgeon did only does penis scroll little wrist surgeries I'm still wanted to go to the hospital and have someone else State's media and well it's not that. I wouldn't have a problem we'll look at my mother's and here's what you need to know two miles if the president into my junk in junk related areas. I don't care if you Kamal the swinger sewing machine and used it to back up however after event. I would still go to the hospital just to make sure that everything's okay what are your mama is the greatest penis surgeon in the world. Absolutely okay and I have a bigger thrill is the hard truth that I mean in the mall that would be the first thing is she's a nurse from Valerie your form at the hospital I know that but is still your mom. Yeah but I do you have written your satchel open nothing that I know but if I don't nervous Osama bin African blood you repeatedly Darren. You're known President Mugabe who believe that can bleeding you don't know what's that I don't I don't I'd rather have my mom repair that and catch me by myself. You don't buy low shot out of my Mother's Day it's my mom's house than a little bit on hold then bust me and masturbating cleaned it and all that. Auburn goes back Obama testicles more than you I mean I don't know any other way to put I don't know I don't care if it's a guy who has one hand India the world's hook it's like compared that you could help me out. I don't that's the thing that's a damn about the fact there's Mamas and wanna clean it up in states and now what they're on this one I think that pain is so certainly got it just it is a big well. And the pain. The thing like paying his pain in pain goes away it's that I have torn it open and that to me that's a whole different thing like I oil birds. I would not ask my mom put ice on my boys. But a bomb ripped it open it she thought he instantly please digits. Super glue anything to get duct tape. As an abducted yet take the duct tape off I would you see some of the other like due to backpack zipper is open. Mean fresh. If it does its act Arron Afflalo analyst doesn't follow. What happen to someone else that may just say damn it 449990. Hello ginger welcome to the men's room. I thought I was going ma. I'm starting looks alert villages ultra clean it on this injury nickname. They just don't. I think you're right good old friends and we just assumed there would be a woman and I know how to Diaz boys came on autopilot until the like this isn't the got ugly this woman in the world. Horror it's in June with a big though would you take Mary Ann or ginger ginger strong dude with his fifth. Did not supply and demand. So aren't I wanted to hear your our thanks Gerri outlawed agent. I got at a bunch of bikes out kid might at 1 o'clock I threw it. And you know you go to the well there's absolutely not a rise I quit while on. I did. Wanna listen to me trigger or your yours. They're just by URPRI's. So I checked my backyard it without it all all. It back out and it was pretty slippery despite a few laps it started out all right. Although all of this let's talk diagrams I slipped by church has always audio. Post I hate it eat out I. Long hair rule. Then we faced recently called Lowe's. Would ripped opens I'm only question is evidence someone else and age is a damn about how does someone replaced quotable but although to be fair to any time the number through sort of opened early and very strong chance of the people more into screamed at Arab a gender I wonder you know like there was a very there was a time those several popular the three wheeled the vehicles like yet. Yet and I was Laura I'm just assuming that they were so unsafe. That they stopped making them and then switch to the four wheel variety that we know of now. I think that's really cracked it I did the three little things that whenever you see wanna thank all poll. There's more of those death trap the then you'll see one of those three will motorcycles go by the look like a mini car like thing and I tried to you know like all these are completely say the way these little ones though that led to real old front and and won't we want to see both versions so I greatly to try. We still have two wheels and the the bag community get like one of those camps. But the spiders or what do I know it's right those are the two wheels up front as we look like Batman but you do that again in the book actually you know what you looked nothing like Batman and you look like someone who stole one at bat man's toys but shouldn't be arriving. But the thing about I think league three wheeled motorcycles. I think you approach it differently to riding on the road. If you put anyone. On the quad that you put him on the strikes it's it's all about having a good time to make bad decisions right now either right in the dirt over hills and bought and so on three wheels. But the very bad idea I think Tutu and buried for I don't know I don't know my highway you you just don't do the things you do and ride off road right Oca. But I mean I've held I would golf cart generally will all that studies to be through Oden and again I just have the technology. I forgot about routing though there was a ton of its little tiny vehicles were all three we are they must've figured out they were that dangerous because you're right you you don't none of that stuff has three wheels why don't you think I wouldn't be date I mean it's like there's a reason to put four wheels and for concurrent with this is kind of standard rather be that makes sense to everyone why you have four wheels on the car. Then you put one in the middle of Freud it just seems like a stupid idea. It's a golf cart that's all right that's all gone I'm gone out of our alumni role based on that aspect of your coming down a hill you turn in the holding just go see I'll buy you lose a whole world absolutely. I just think I still a lot of not just you Singapore one form of what's flip a lot what evidence someone else that an agency damage for Ford 999 Nolan hello chuck he'd welcome to the men's room. Did you remember here it's. An egg that they'll. Let the let's go to and it. When I let that in fact in Fiji islands. We had like bad side and that our class act who. Upkeep meek black garden. Don't do England Italy the built in my buddy who would feel like crap like Eric that other that's like somebody else that is gonna elect. Uprooted and make our cracked eight. Festivals and we'll pick it out. All we did that like a good month and a half full while lying near my buddy and try to go do that. And outback and you know back in the pilot who Wear flip flop it at Ole hot. Well he would gateway that its fourth in output. Get rid of all the dirt believe it that it be pride but on the short line. He put it pitchfork and you let Bennett get all that that if or when a white during his. All right I. Move along. Hey hey good. The ground and do it did yeah. Yeah. I'll bring it out and I know what to do with all all I can do it looked like he can't grab them. And bring him to the this scene and when I got back it it is quiet lead like two. Chuck he was he was Andrew was he thinking of someone else's vegetables and it was he busted in the act because of where you guys are digging. Annan on how we're making our whole big airs begin date other people's. And it's extensible and panorama. Dealing yet another kind of vegetables were mellow than the other carrots. Pound watermelon out front that are specific Alan you know BP so we had watermelon lot. Mom on the top people in the senate rules the real watermelon. Like this we have what's the difference. It dark darker and bigger and blended juices ruled out your com helpful it is it really get sticky. All right I'm gonna go on I'm gonna help America bumps and I go I don't know okay yeah. I'm glad you didn't read my here immensely to our own all right all right editor and it did not gain. And I not majesty dues keep piling on to know what I'm an hour. Hurt my team has as the PG I don't know I'm gonna get watermelon and yeah if you are pretty what do you think that it uses rolled out like that I hear how are both men and sticky sticky gee how sloppy here you would you eat them. When I was a foregone conclusion that you don't what to do right when I was eight. I'm but it got in there somebody which I've been up to the screwed him segment with. What don't have to someone else a major say damning for Ford 999 all the more your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. This is your. True. I don't come right turn tried castle and a since then you ask part gonna get in songs to boot to that is coming up in the academy evidence identity governance following I don't know well. Should I save them until they're nor was Regis so malveaux doing some of the military guys that are gonna we're gonna play you know so these are an I don't know which Sandra Melissa I'm gonna read what he's commend these are cool song suggestions would be here later. Was it it's been uploaded throw my eighth BC cut another one bites the stuff. I don't really remember this one back strong but the truth if you roll theme song from the seventies or eighties TV commercials. Danger zone by can you log in its I don't know that because they don't or because it's Jamie Lawrence. You've got another think coming that's one of my favorites commercialized shall we want our people missing plop plop fizz is always older I used to using marijuana vetted and who you think go below. I'm not proud to admit I like to put. Push push it. And then let's see Paul both jail drop it like it's hot and can lead to go let's go to go he I'll be prozac. How about I'm. Is. Canceled governance and spent in songs to prove to our question today when Abbott is someone else or made MA 44999. Alone similar comments these related to the question and oddly enough one has a dual boot. And then we go back to the slice testicle well but started to prove I once witness a stripper pool and the guy while she was giving them a web dance. Then punched her in the face she oh she's so. I mean come on you haven't figured out that I know all iron in my that's very rarely the holes are all he's in the lab then she booms are Republicans in office. Let's run it and if they're at Valhalla in front of the Pentagon the Phillies got Dario made him. I was hoping that we had a truck that my buddy buddy American Bulldog emblem on the front. Two of those were to pick a bad one guy wrote the well we hit a ball with a kind of let's let off. Long story short he slices set to open it ended up losing both of you saw. All of god and he adds our guys do they know who's the hook the ball. Oh don't worry they may feel the brunt of the truck now of the drug drug now does that mean. That he lives for ever. Does he become one of those guys one of those that I acquired asked the I unit still they say that if you don't have your testicles like years licensed companies tell people about to ask. And if you dig up anything and all that don't. Maybe don't you worry you live a decade longer than everybody I think are good do you want this is a good thing yeah do you want to live a decade longer if you don't don't they say that's true. They say it's true what I've never heard you'd think they have 120 years old your early life. Other people the world's oldest man a unit. You never hear it every time they talk to the world's oldest man all the world's oldest woman it's always I drink whiskey I smoked cigars. And really don't think they've done is like a grown on reform it's hard to get up every day do stuff but never all why have the fortunately spurs throughout my testicles ripped off. So I have those longer elect I've never heard a unique say yeah we live longer and until we Harry unit sales are Marmara big Ted right like luck. Wow dude has is sad thing torn off. So hey hey don't be soaps that windows seems terrible but. You're gonna live longer than the average person. As I was just the dirty secret in that who is the Highlander but you know why he lives and yeah. He has kept at it again maybe some class figure out if I want to resort to grow up and what happened to someone else and makes a damaged or 49990. Look at the that's right even count John Daly kids but to no accessible to Tesco. Hello Kimberley welcome to the men's room. Yeah. I thought he had been there and how many did go out and ignoring his. And no. One doing until the Bolivian lieutenant Ted I have a much better. And. Is all right Erica yeah this is always a high point person and it's. Not like me you. Lola and very short man. I went and I Don armed you know what quality writing and cooler action by me hornet. CNN never seen in my life and they get their lives since the end. It's. It kills me it is bigger others had literally before you have me for a few days by the dozens that you wouldn't put out a bowl. Jack sounds like it so. My my daughter. As it was a mechanic. He benched he was young and sharp blade actually shop Canadians are peace summit had Brokaw and brought. I'm and hit Immelman and good and it. The only thing I think his life he had a second congressional caucus on my shirt and I cut during that entire packet can or cannot think she's proved on this check. Smoking saves lives I don't you forget it right you had kids write us he had smoked cigarettes that would have done right into us are killed us to be dead or yeah. Mean literally right they are able to do the damage and Israeli lungs who you know and into the designers like Johnny slowly ended up and he can't wait come on again yesterday I only had among cancer heart disease that's now that's a great way to bring that. And made the last time. Right now the Obama. Or actually. How much are you know yeah that's more irreverence. What we've put smoking in the big and Shirley and 802. Did you just think gloom of night after that I was not happy I didn't dance I would no doubt. Okay I'm not I'm believing oh boy yeah. I've never I laughed out loud when some enough food on the no way around my. It did when you know it's. You know you look at the movies go. Please. They included his roommate OK okay thing is I need that I'm I'm fine now. Long chancellors and Donald of Hillary and how I feel bad because I laughed out loud at another west Virginian that. Oh I'm. I love my good. You can that was a Helena are we that he thought the story and let's hope this. You wonder how does someone else does it may just say damn the 8449929. Dollars. The new low miles that the exact day or all they love. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.