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Tuesday, October 17th

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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. As a consultant standing by for another out of profile us dollar 944999. A little play profile this coming up being minutes. I already under headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he has not working out all right someone posted a list of these scariest places in each state. Grunin and makes a lot of house and senate for Halloween and all buildings where people have seen ghosts who. Get on man look government Baltimore if there was an haunted places there was. The neighborhood through the wire kind of took players play that I would rather spend a manhunt and how's the walk down the Backstreet. Gap Madonna and guy moments Gary Glaser look like now you've got to get out of here. Dan there was a house next to my elementary school. Then I mean the bus drove by every bus that went and that's we'll go buy that house and it wasn't common knowledge throughout the entire school that. That was a serial killer's house. For real now. That's what it says it. It looked like something straight out of Friday the thirteenth man Danny go house by a school you don't have children ages. It's gonna be there remic it was they just move yet creepy there's definite impression. Right you're right to play that I would never move in the school that seems wrong. The physically. Fit but there's clearly does live there forever is a pretty complaint normal stuff I do a plate yes it is. Got to get ideas are good luck I don't. Texas. Home Depot has started selling Halloween themed nutcracker. C'mon man who do we need though expect to be able eating massive amounts of nuts now and Halloween with a Halloween night it. Got to live like those here's your bird dog doesn't have such a pumped. The footwork all the older now doing nothing nutcracker is a kind of I'm frivolous and he saw somebody use the nutcracker. They sit our new mayor fool at Christmas and every every one hour and then they serve no purpose. Yeah mr. PI hate them. That's that's important for the fifth the fifth. I'm just I'm trying to figure out wedge. Which Halloween character would be the not cracked. Something out one night and here. I mean is it like Jack skeletal ten from nine ma'am that's got to whatever reporter Christmas or is it like you million little dose that is little mouth opens up what are the nutcracker supposed to beat. If I mean you have a giant rat who chases the Taliban I don't know casual about Greg Erwin what. Who is that guy what do I modeled after a soldier like we theater jailers open. He's where's Caroline and man like I was looking at a might lose the desire crazy man living downtown. Let's shoes you're great you're really all look Greg you've got a crazy love wherever you would tell your kids hey don't talk to don't stay away from a guy with a weird beard he's even got to lose next to the school and to limit casinos gums get our message into us. He's always shop itself. It's like a Nazis channel. And I think the army is Monday night. It would actually put another one of those things in the break we'll stick in the back. No no no and yeah nutcracker gets your vote on that it isn't like they're just protect Iraq's embattled of them civilians were the last thirty years using different bracket I've got a little got a dozen you're gonna nutcracker. I'll month nymex. Barely a block so much fun I got to build reportedly never tried to use it on and let us know. Ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah. Nobody here against here. Arizona Spencer and I feel that bell had an opponent not immature mouth and those of the Nevada like oh my putting my food easily else's mouth should they don't. Thank you my my. It just didn't want her book the I have no word of god the nutcracker. I just don't leave us the only defense. And one makes no Mike yet experience doesn't expect yeah okay good night. That I have already knew we'd argue apparently you have enough that you need to track and if that breath if you know how rentable area as young child miles. Equipment all yeah. Just experience it not for the first time with the kids what a 115. Pound competitive eater named Molly shill chillier. Set a world record over the weekend by eating 48 pieces of pumpkin pie. Got there in ten minutes and amp why Powell tonight as a very he blew the bathroom. Love it it's pretty having a good 48 pieces of 45. It's a forty pieces I tell me I think that there was six maybe Oregon and ate some doesn't make me think. That's my death that I don't know it sounded right. Is he allowed to have milk. I would assume I hope until they are not right here for desserts after Thanksgiving until you know no. I do you think she would you think that she wins by and crest or do you think she got rid of all the all the pumpkin pie filling in until after the trust. The world going to be easier to so called filling out first yeah I'm mad about you get to drive again. The my competitive eating been he's a pumpkin pies. I write a new study found the best cities to live and if you're a vegetarian. Dolls ever just you know less okay all right if it's Cameron on this okay anything in California August LA. And that's those are the only two other guys the outright that I am still that in LA I doubt. A lot of these animals are on the West Coast and old and a couple more on the east Scott Dohmann an hour and Texas and now you or Oklahoma or moral authority there of course New York. To face on selection church and Orlando. I don't know if a fifth right farming into many. The flexor right. It appears laws here are the broadly yeah. That's a squash it. I mean I don't know if Clinton team you're vegetarian I'll leave that hard targets has now hit him. Try to. Amanda Florida was about to donate a kidney to his two year old son this month but now it's on hold because he got arrested and violated his probation. C'mon man Tallulah does did that I. I don't know is that what you try to get in trouble for kidnapping. Right similar route to lose person you don't rob rob your house and come reasonably they're telling him Wear out the violence grows you can get system blah blah blah got barely barely. That's even possible for two year old received some of them I just figured it have to be sized proportions it's nowhere from the how much kiddies so I guess. It's. And today everything would be O violate it with. Violated with the network. Power it's a stunning nine year old man got arrested for regular crack something open you've. It's my broker. A 29 year old man got arrested for drugs North Dakota the other day when a cop some try to use the novel from a gas pump to light his cigarettes. All EO. Meter. Thought whoa yeah that's not that's not a fan some flames. It's unclear but it sounds like he was just high on meth and thought there was a lighter okay that's a big it was a matters retrieved them at least have a gun liars. It reminded me of that and so those things massive drill ship that's that's your first time that it's not a lot of guests. A little and the fact that his connecting door as well the other thing. Hey there's gas myers' new moon. Whenever a 42 year old men of Florida was arrested for exposing himself and he told the cops about just how would you stressed out would put up. Well I area. AL might know better right Matthew quest Betty there's there's never been outside and let the sun hitches make it bare feet I am mass. It is one of the greatest feelings and man if I let the sun hit my naked bare chest and I just fry like an egg you really think a little letters have that thing is a bit about the sun Dong. I know lousy on you don't love you don't experience and on the adrenaline flow Sunbelt produce only a Chinese gymnast so we're losing Sony's own weird when you're Dong is exposed to the sonic game I don't know that it's ever seems right at them Stanley gets such a weird thing when you realize you've had this part of your body that is never seen this Sunday. Your tickets I get Chilean miner is probably like I thought the whole point you won't see the so called I don't want. It's never it's never seen this is not the the guys. And as you may have heard brewing in only does I don't know if you just leave it in the summer I'm only aware of this but I'm the same token you know again. There's certain things that you travel when your penis is involved it is not even in the question and amazed that air has said it airs it out it's just a wonderful good. It seems like the curiosity has gone out of the young man and an adult I mean I've I've taken the vacuum hose and I am gonna put it up against my stomach was down match. I would not play down there because as people pass came and I try to amounts quickly iMac you did you buy these. It was my mom's side. Old car. On I know I'm not I'm now. There were definitely the most devoted would you get on your back a little bit it is now feels funny. It's. Brandon Johnson thank you. You mean your stomach that I know we vacuuming the Lin got a good fun. I am and that's. Some around me putting my idealism that there's a lot less we she nor does it hit the girl but your room. Equivalent money straight ahead NN I'm gonna read this thing right now meant Ohio. Was arrested for assault has an interesting tact to in his mug shots and Jay were you resented a joke about an hour. Now here we agonize knocked him I've thrown a one hour from now the first and Amazon. Newsroom precepts. Yes throw helmeted police number one how profile this is playing my shirt Dan miles that the symbol game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here on planet or. Or poor. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make less good it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Roger welcome to the Madrid. All are not our Roger you understand how does your name is Blake. Do fans ask the last thing here is your story a dad in Pennsylvania. Found out that is 20/20. Year old daughter was at a motel the boyfriend. Thirty miles today. And he shot the guy and the girl. I was arrested for attempted homicide. And aggravated assault the filed in forty years old he's from shenandoah Pennsylvania a once you figured out that his daughter is on a motel six were there relieving the live on four. And the boyfriend this past weekend. He does not happen literally he tracked them down busted into the room. Shot the more print in the groin now the guy was dreamed up the hospital the word on the condition bone density unhappy. I would anyway at the father he's on the run right now that you wanted for attempted homicide and aggravated assault. Question is do you believe that this gentleman be angry Papa is black whites mix he or June. Even like thinking I'm pretty good of racial profiling I think and ask. And yeah. Where we're sorry to disappoint you there perhaps a racial profiling skills are aren't up to snuff. Drag drag in other day. Three Brothers their injuries. Maybe they called. Well. We just the name alone shenandoah Pennsylvania cast sounds pretty wise I've been there to keep it because it feels pretty wiped. I'm close to that talents constantly on fire and Pennsylvania so it's oh right on the horse fire elephant. Yeah and then he was so mad in his daughter's 20/20 years he still drove to the hotel and shot this kind yes. And I was on the run from cops. And am caught them bottom yet you know I mean this is why cannon did the shooting. And that's likely government do you shoot at noon and aren't. And I have not. Now it's. Most it's. You know I. They'll only and I never did it with you lady com month up that. Can't or does he do it black lady though I'm gonna go flat final answer is. I'll answer I'll find out of the journal. Black white makes your Jewish next bat with a T euros into the men's or radio network's. Pages you. True I just now profiled as we have Pennsylvania shenandoah Pennsylvania which is pretty close to the home model on sale mrs. tees. Bloody Mary makes mrs. tees Perl he's all right down the road upon until they have the brewery known is he laying out then there I don't know lovely area either way the dads unhappy that is twenty year old daughter Shaq and I was what for an motel six. So he goes there knocks on the door and choose the boyfriend and Johnson and intakes Albany is still on the Lam. That is correct in Roger we ask you do you think in your father was black white makes you or you intend. Used to white correct but one Roger Lehman masterminds running entered the residence a black based on his own personal experience background. Yes. At all. Frequent writer now former rival none else. He'll get his defense he's in his. It's racial profile with all but out of it. No matter you can still got to run Joseph good bye and now grown a TV news all the time it is time for TV to amity. Countless hours in front of the talking. Presents. Obviously I talk about all the time one of my favorite shows on TV Saturday night life. And now one thing I don't care for these clowns. Not deathly afraid that I used to be of him but you know I'm I'm not gonna go see yet. Yes the movie right. It's weird is that just called it the like can you don't know if we want to talk about not only did it may have got us right so for the people who have not seen that movie. Or never read the book. It's a story about a clown meeting Penney applies is a good shot explain to do a skit. So basically SNL had a pretty funny skit. Where I'd just say Anderson Cooper he's outside in the rain. Obviously when you hear Anderson Cooper talking to somebody he's talking to Kellyanne Conway. As Kelly why since she's in a sewer is. Let the I ended down. Do you don't know. Avenue and. Two minutes. Thank the Oakland isn't meant your FaceBook page watching the meaning it's very good there's even par she tricks they're infants Hillary Clinton's down there. Without sleeping Anderson Cooper creek county also played Hillary Clinton's as you approach to both. Yeah it was just very funny like nothing I have I don't care to see them moving any like that's all that other you know what that's pretty funny from the Greg is a whole thing is they they're gonna need each other and I think debacle with the quote it's. Now oftentimes when you watch anything in sports person pose this question to. Does it seem like more big stars are getting hurt this year present to think an old man thing to say I'm a mean of dumb of the NFL. Specifically the NFL. And look I'm an old man now so maybe that's it but I definitely opposites in the last two weeks in particular that there's a amid the giants were obliterated. Two weeks ago Oregon lost what three receivers in the game. And Ryan drove it in all I don't know of that it's more injuries that is more hot high profile people so. JJ watt goes down Erin Roberts goes on to gonna hear a lot more about it or don't Beckham goes down nearly Beazer these are more key name's Andrew looks bend down. Yes I don't know happen but it does seem like more because it simply play has stopped a lot more of jazz get rattled I think some of that might be if despite little more attention to concussion protocol and only a but I don't know if only there were a quarterback available on the market. See ya know yeah. So hectic hack at. I'm with you they'll I think when you guys like Aaron Rodgers JJ watt O'Dell Beckham junior but I did you might not like in unison guys sure we do you. To meet those are three guys you want to watch play football with the important reason you don't like him is because you know we're gonna compete and probably helped that team beat your team that's why you don't let. But part of the story. There's a lot of players don't like. What a payment plan for the ravens they're now my favor guidance. Our car further Oakland death. Yeah they're they're down the blame playoff football until he went down and so you bring up the other factors other quarterbacks out there available. And now you guys to be the judge and as Mike McCarthy because their coaches of the Green Bay Packers basically they bring up pound cat clinic. I think he just sounds pissed off because he has his depth chart guys but. He appeared in his voice Dana. If so what it's okay. Okay. Just listen requests by the census. Okay I got three years of us have broad fears of us don't tell and the quarterback room is exactly where reasonably okay we're fortunate to have a great quarterback. And their mothers were committed to the path the wrong we need to play better as a football and read only would have been a restored this week is okay a little bit about the. Yeah I mean I guess for me I just read it it's like he just sounds annoyed idiocy you answer these questions tonight about backup quarterback. Well I think of the noise that goes like look I don't have anything to do the collar cabinet situation in my Guinea when I do my doctor. Yeah you know I get it I mean meal I guess that after approves weekend's games and may be a die hard ravens fan might go did you happen. The early and the thing is so putting players of Neil malveaux looks like that can no longer be your issue for Colin Capra. I would I would you know I think I'm Gabriel worked out thing I just have bigger problems alive than what about a grown man decides to do during the National Anthem and get. That's just me a lot of people get worked up maybe so they don't have kids I don't know but like in my life. What a grown ass man decides to do the does not occur to me does not affect me at I don't hate I don't take and everyone has an opinion myself included but my opinion is they were sharing. There's nothing we do matters well. I think too I think when you're coaching a team that just as bad quarterback play. But those questions are different but you in my Aaron Rodgers just went down right now we all know the truth is that inside that Packers organization and their freak. Free Libre. But the season's over it McCarthy can't come out there is the head coach that folks series and darn with fifty some other guys on his rocks and go oh we're done now parent term and Iran Montgomery on the ground after four names of any basically is. Still upland. Do your best offensive weapon had at that time due respect him for his skill senator just like the last name things I cheer from Smith's. I dogs strictly about the pleasure for all the smells most of you got a lot of chair broke it and you can always find a cousin in the game third and in the few hills I think. I'm doing killed predominantly skill positions to. Yeah. When I'm not a lot of hills on the lion but I know late simply a lot of backup receivers or Beckham tried his leg. Very few starters but savior of the Smith goes down. Becomes a hill. That bullet when I was a kid in the DC area Writely for Washington had a ready backing Timmy Smith. A Teresa as a black man but I had a cousin Tim Smith tells us on world know we were all the recent flare. I hate and anger at the Jersey hold you back. Let's go to the into your name is T Smith you could find New Jersey the you know what I. If it if they don't care where you're living like. Then he's all right T Smith on the roster yeah and I think you still support that guy we traded him at my last name Smith Breaux is different team. Torrey Smith. Torrey Smith yeah he's Smith nearly goes. A few weeks ago I played that pretty funny I think about the basically. Lawrence O'Donnell he was freaking out because somebody was talking in his ear piece. From NBC news yet where he was all fired up as easily to tell you about the Labor Day sales of I don't care about the liberty sales or whatever right. So then somebody leaked available. Yet they fire the person that leaked it. All. Alone. I mean I give is leaking it to make it entertainment for other people not you know a mile through down to the blahs haven't already done what damage quote unquote good. Now with a format like I guess it's bad this is probably legal. Things delete in something like that maybe that's what it is Lawrence probably also could mean kind of screamed at everybody. Dell parliament on him I know we do we take a commercial break we visited here in yellow Leach is because. That's fun. Backs. Jeff from your house and carrying out here's that seems right now that person had you fired. Sad news and you did you guys ever get into the Trailer Park Boys. You don't then I a little bit above the dvd sets and I got through I was just talking about we just sort of other browser like season two. And I was OK on it and then I kind just put it down their big tobacco but apparently the season's 34 over the thing really gets good. So miles I don't know how this happened but the conversation comes on last night and a body Boston rob as he's known to us. Miles says exactly what he said I got to myself man a sop up for season two wasn't bad and rob influence. Don't don't don't always lived in four birds act like a ninety of that with a score thanks for that draft stop the restaurant that. And I don't know artist. I do think Trailer Park Boys. If you're not familiar with it if not shocking trail part boys was made. Forget that mean you think HBO and Canada. But it's not called HBO. It's whatever their version of and yet it's made my TV show PLC or something like that but is still HBO religious change the names like TS sent in Canada is ESPN. Right but they also have different ships yes so lately so for Trailer Park Boys. We never really sought a time here in the states and then dvd sales accounted app popular. I wanna say there was some other channels on the dial one when we got more cable channel has like 1012 years and they're like all right. We'll take became the stuff complain on here till. So I fell love that show. Even to the point I think it's a funny in a show like my mom who 73 does not drink does not smoke we know cocktail onslaught. She loves the show. Strategy enemy to show he's filthy. Always just cursing drinking. As they would they drink and drug and no Clinton at a couple of but it's hilarious but unfortunately. The actor who was playing on mr. Leahy he passed away. New 71 mr. Leahy of course was the guy and it kind of the was always trying to get in trouble and was always. Wiki hammered right death hanging out and if this week in Hammond I mean wicket Emmett that even like have to be at Silva. House of cards you guys like Alan. I haven't watched him and I've heard it's good runs and got us a little bit. A laugh. It typically. So painful. We've heard a lot about like these Russian troll factories and I now I don't want you to think it's like those fun little dolls to get smaller chauffeur are paying parliament for a fact they are not as it appeared to Amy Tan a little and incest yeah we're talking about like trolls Almonte. But to the point of like now like there's been late Heath. That unknown knowledge there's a lot of these Russian trolls on the Internet or whatever they just got to get people fired up especially when you talk social media if you talk Twitter that kind of thinks. See I'll Yahoo! as a report to basically dig dig dig in to police troll factories and Saint Petersburg. And the people who work appears to be required to watch house of cards. Basically they call eight plays for the Internet research agency. They target Americans and Americans and in popular website in the comments section spacing is making funny Hillary Clinton. But also they were forced to watch house of cards. And visited they'd like they learned all the late big issues we we have where we fight about everything the states. From what you did TV show food is to be a spy is not a dumb guy he's not a dumb individual. Yeah I mean he just crazy to immediately those cards and any more I think some of the house of cards stuff like. It's gotta be hard for some of them show loose because of the current climate in politics. Well I mean if that's how people are learning that's. It's a sad testament because it's all right there anyway if you just wanna you know download any of the information that's available online as far as I'm not an alert. But if you want a quick got cliff note version of a person guys going to be troll on the Internet why not just say and write that. To do it. Yeah it works I mean hell how many people that we know learn foreign languages from watching television shows learn a lot of things from television awareness things you and you think it would take out of it they. Yeah I mean sometimes I talk to people that are like from England or. Spain or something W that you know that town is in the country not like yeah and it's like I gotta be honest and it's only as a soccer and like I Sonoma Manhattan think are kind of had to have no idea who work with the right so would you TV and anonymous corn bread and usher bacon fat and cast iron skillet. That is the popular recipe that is really really good look at their though it's it's like it's one of the things like you got apathy due. Howie Mandell I he is a comedian I think probably most famous now for BM are now America's Got Talent. But I think a read about America's Got Talent like. Looks made Simon cal yet English. Who's up Heidi Klum German. Yet they had Mel beyond their this year she's English and how Amanda Borden drone. America's Got Talent but no host well that's never really without all together Diaz and they are read them like look at the moment it's America has the talent thrills of the world has host shore the problem is is that a lot of these big companies trade have a certain amount of shows that we hosted by American's eye right there only hosted by Seacrest that he barbies I'm good yeah. We have a white guy right now we don't Jessica. I think quite I am. And the one of those two guys don't want it gets an englishman and here. Anyhow I don't disagree with hard Mandela on this one. He just say and with all the stuff going on it's very hard for comedians to tell jokes anymore or sure are good but her crude crushing. Right any say he has people that are losing sponsorships jobs or be taken away. You know there's no there's no. I think the people go see a comedian on speech. They're still OK with it may recognize the comedians kind of there's shock from whatever their. But I think in other mediums it just doesn't translate so I mean it basically means that I really liking you seem on Twitter at it's like every day there and a battle about something. You know but they like they were bigger upset no matter what you say is released and grams image of me. I have the best thing you can do and nothing you can do is make it funny. Megaphone and Arizona and it's fine then again it's in there and get a pass and and it did that tonight deliver the material you have to understand him and what you do some of gonna find a reason to taken out of context via. Right not to be able to have the time you cure people swimming like that's not evil when I got himself but it gains traction the thing explodes in a leg look. Just assume you're speaking to an idiot when you talk Wright amendment and though might not be fair but chose to assume that person is an idiot and at the plate. And I don't know better but if you're on a stage that does comedy or you're a comedy club in your presenting it. Everybody who walked in there has a pretty good idea what's going down now you're James cordoned. You start telling jokes. In a room full of people there's not necessarily comedy club. It's gonna come off a little different if you're at the white house correspondents' dinner soon. Everybody knows is going to be jokes here if you're at a roast people who's going to be jokes they're really depends on where you're doing the jokes. Are the jokes funny and as the audience. But the flip side if you hired James cordon. He's a comedian guy you don't immediately if you hired Gene Simmons may be your shot to be trying to crank joke. But I wouldn't be shocked if you could double bass and played with the bankrupt Lehman Peyton may mean I think when you host an awards show it Peyton Manning memory this year are you Russian people that he was roasted pig even looked at me earned her right and then Ellison he's their right about pulling up a piece of paper here. Here's all the jokes I refuse to sell president never drink for the NBA like their end of the year awards show same Ethiopian was roasted dude oh yeah I mean I. I'm with I think. I think when you go to an event and there's a guy emotionally he's gonna face of jokes yeah he's a comedian. He passed aka. Now kids. Obviously you think's funny you can do them often and what my favorite things and Jimmy found this is thank you and it's. Oregon in the new Star Wars trailer and let me look like my squeezing. Is hardly good. I'm breaking a mere remaining seven years of bad luck. And thank you breaking your iPhone screens remaining seven months of being too lazy and new iPhone. Controls on office chairs. Making sitting feel like a navigating an engine elections this year. Netflix streaming and ask are used to watching. Mean those passive aggressive way of saying did you need to get your legs together. Milking shed your stationed at Starbucks. For reminding me why I never going to be remains with the rest of the world. That's regarding. No it. Hey arrives. Let me know what it looks like kids the Amish had cemented new routine. I do like that he was scant and what the strongest want Tampa. Yeah in May rights candidate that is just different different situation how I'm not a fan. Yeah I can walk through the scary part snapped I feel OK but once I was like twelve Romano on the hay ride. There was a girl behind me go to school with she's very attractive I screamed. But a scared person the entire time she never really talked to me again Ted so just traumatized miles West Virginia. They tell young he writes for dates and no fault you gone he writes today to get the point where they can he ride was like going to a school dance. They got the pottery is like seriously. I can make L somebody in front of fifty other people. I can't seek any news on here think that you people like this is like this is not does not enjoy it like this this sucks and he writes suck they suck runnerup PD cap. Mean we had had a round yeah. Those films most of the you have to leave your rap on every front at it it it finally get your nails do. Are gonna get your headlines on the way with Mike doc eleven minutes you're listening to men's or radio network. Please and Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real tiger does is not a man has more now forehead dead view that we promised my console read later in the show. Meanwhile loving set on the debt by 325. Pounds doesn't that's available way to go. And Canada's chief financial officer the chief academic officer and the chief communication problems there are no more. When you go to Pittsburgh airport lost and found option and abandoned car you can score and Jordan Jesus so awful robot bad it is time for your headlines. It's Sunday it. Its peers Mike Cox. I had an Ohio man was arrested for assaulting and groping a woman but the real story is the tattoo that is that is on his head in his mug shots okay. The man is tied to crosses forehead that reads quote. I'm a porn star and I have fifteen slots. That's tattooed. On his forehead permanently as and it's not gonna go away like ever yep he has that's. It's stupid phrase tattooed across his forehead what do you think the moment was when he said man I have an idea for a tattoo I just want talk to the guy who did the testing. I'm sure he went. Are you sure they're always there that all our usual. Like how many how many. How many times is appropriate to ask a guy like three seems to be delivered and in this case I say yes to like ten. He got a one I I'm saying this guy got passed up by probably eight other artists was the man on my right. Output what everyone under for about what you put I empty slots like I'm not going to do radical right. We'll look Ramirez. It was a bill that would be impasse somewhere that nobody can be drunk or high and get attached to listen that's the case for this guy plug generally you know. You do things I don't drive but drove the main reason that why you do and was the earlier for a country in an eighteen year old girl is just because. Did they invite your blood and a lot of ink in the running out does not work third time to give you got to have. When he was an eight week that would look faded before it's. The ports deal closes dome tonight side of the completely wrong reason for that what I was up about a lot of good we're getting this done they came back like hey we need to get this thing taken off. Affect house completely run never I mean also Google makes better decisions but. Give up from the artist's point of view it's like what did he gonna senator blunt gonna bleed more when trump looking into your body didn't permit decoration it's. It's not worth at just. It was something like that you can't be sober I can't believe it Woolworth Silverman Watson says a football player if it. This phrase. Finish are any around the world we go to Florida where 64 year old woman has been arrested for alleged homicide and child cruelty. The woman is accused of sitting on her nine year old cousin has a form of punishment for misbehaving. A punishment that ended up killing her. It should be noted that the cousin is 325. Pounds and she sat up and she sat on her nine year old cousin because Susan is behaving like a different version of cracked overdose. Fifty. Just walk up and the Tim has existed. Did you see a picture alone now I thought Jews and been a focal point that it is therefore could not afford them for face just as. Although I don't lose this guy oh Jesus did okay. And you know. If they're gulf and off and she's. Here's 325 round he generally does not in your repertoire so what else might do that it had joked a lot of free unit as a bowler your house always 325. Pounds you put a long talk with some on the gonna suffocate right to write a matter of the college of if they the TV stand falls over a kid ever refrigerator fall is may be no greater joins a crowded trades whatever is gonna have to keep king announced does that get. The concern trying to buy apparel to their kids leave them alone friends. And a Fred at the Pittsburgh International Airport items and then a little lost and found find their way to the at the airports annual auction selling the items and donating the proceeds to one of the cut the few charities in the area who know anyone once of the Pittsburgh International Airport. Think it's an affiliate to not say what they do have an immense kickass they get a lives have statue of Fred Rogers. And I also have a lay go Franco Harris I see the Franco Harris. And nails that are yet Friday to serve beer at 6 AM both cancer difference yet so I'm guessing that you go to the Pittsburgh international and I've been I. Rodrigo here's how bad the Pittsburgh International Airport is an orderly picked up on the story I think you have Mike but other things for international airport. Which I can't believe has international. They allow all the just about a month ago yes I don't anybody that wants to come into the airport to come into the airport so that they would shop they would brow oh yeah they're loaded walk they just wanted people to commend the airport his family's restaurants all these things. And they wanted to draw business. So it's like come to the airport like normally you can't walk past the gate without a ticket and well known and unknown. As the Pittsburgh airport man you gonna walk right out through going to sit there watching blades give me a McDonald's like. You can really go into the airport they're cool way. If you want to take a relatively unsure and they were you don't mean little school or whatever you just get a life you are QB and hang out and you know for that much I was like right that's pretty cool. Some of the items that people look forward to each year at the option include jewelry I'd phones watches in the light. One and even managed to buy himself a new Jeep Wrangler at the out there a lot of live Leonard and a and have your headlines when that might. I appreciate it we'll see you tomorrow the return of who Sox last profiled as well bring adults with a shot of the day as well this indeed it is all true we are currently about to get all of about this bitch. But we are back tomorrow so until then please do what you do best and poorly for the sake. So today beautiful.