10-18-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Gets Knocked Out

Wednesday, October 18th

Mens Room Question: Why was someone unconscious for so damn long?​


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He would sure love to hear is real. Members of this radio program are simply not that great. Trying to look. Offend anyone. There's a lord and I'm in the invited to join the party. This is. The red sauce. All gathered in secrecy. This is done men's tour. They say shake your radio more than three times. And your leg in Wednesday. Okay. I had audioblog Arizona our 2600. One was Stephen Drew hill. To teach kids to bed you Auburn. Add to my car. A man. I do I don't know men's room. Yeah they're sort of ruined Sox last. What do you don't need to know has news from the paranormal. Get ready to play profile list. Plus headlines about your job today fumbles three males and everyone's favorite TV time to take a class regards hi Helio said news as we head to California where wildfires have also burned it. 31 pot farms to the ground. Billy Amanda bought an apple watch hasn't saved his life by a beeping sound. Detroit Mankins is word after wanted big gets 1000 shares in turns himself in the a child was chased through the neighborhood by a clown and uses they sell these stick to defend and this is an FBI says hang up if you get a call from a woman screaming for help. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All. It is good day to you and yours are a guy named Kelly Wallace. Yeah two door car accident he loses consciousness in the league goes into a coma. I was in 1984. He woke up nineteen. Years later it's like Rip Van Winkle reform to do slept for almost two food. Decades but it these doctors know why it was because of the car acts in an I please say that even fight him until the day after the contact. Now on the other end of the spectrum is a seven year old kid named YE Shaw. You recently he was the ring bearer and a vocal whether there might be seven year old kid at a wedding he came to the bribe all the good stuff. And many slept for either led been that day. You love it the thing is nobody knows why doctor ran all kinds of tests from the game a bit even centrally. The kid woke up the doctors alike is far to get double nothing wrong. Well there's something wrong I think the longest I've ever slept outside of something medically induced. Was about 36 hours and now we're beneath 36 hours following my thirtieth birthday I think that's explains itself. And according to TI fleet institute the average adult gets just under seven hours sleep the night. But sometimes whether because of alcohol and drugs and lack of sleep a coma whatever we've all had that time that we slept a lot longer. The normal tablet you knew it happened so when you know and today we want to know why so here's the question. Why was someone unconscious for sold dale. Long the brother Joseph caught 8449990. You can like commence your month FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are my fans in your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Hotels and audio are gonna show number 2697. When you know we got married today resigning return who Sox last. For all we understand any and Elvis back there I do not know stories but they're wow what what if you do we have Rory today against him. Is there were also in the gang who specializes coming up. The exciting return of what you don't need to know we have news from the paranormal there is a lot of paranormal news going on like this are gonna keep you updated. On that as well and ordered talk about being unconscious whether it was through sleep whether it was being. Knocked out and ideals and a medical induced coma. One where another. You might have been out of it for awhile Steve and values and your thirtieth birthday belong is that the U travels 36 hours. Yeah without like being in the hospital you have about sort of look at my thirtieth birthday. To be completely honest I do not remember a lot about it which explains why slept for so long but I know that they gave me three days off from work. In advance to the party in our member of thick white man. I don't need three days I drink all the time I can handle hangover no it was the nicest thing they've done is give me three days what. When I finally woke up early you wake up and you're still hung over so I assumed it. Maybe I've been asleep for about eight hours. But the sky look different and I thought it showed up looking at the clock and it was a you know more thought should be PM and it's a real wild to figure how long I've been asleep my opponent put on the news. And hundred on the news they gave the date on what hole as well I'd slept the entire day and a half men. Yes I did I think the long weird one and he was a day and a half as well. And I was out on a Friday night he kind of got involved in the and some. Things orderly he'd be up all my ranking so Friday night goes into Saturday morning. Saturday morning goes into like Saturday afternoon. Kind of thing and I thought you know a little laid down and I'm just gonna go to bed at like 7 o'clock 8 o'clock on Saturday night yet. Sought falsely and I wake up and I think it is 7 o'clock on Sunday more you. And then I'm thinking. Wait a minute it's definitely morning node is at 7 o'clock Sunday night. And then I'm wrong on both it's 7 o'clock Monday morning I fell asleep Saturday afternoon Mike you know 8 or 9 o'clock. And I slept until Monday morning you know I walk out you figure out it was Monday what I was positive those mourning those some tell Lou that it was the morning for sure right so that's why so confused or else it may be at seven at night. On Sunday night in and I realize now I slept all through Sunday and woke up Monday morning. And it was I mean it was surreal because. Sunday NFL football day for me. That's rally around the area of my homework all that crap on the rose to meet your party so hard on Friday night did you Sunday just ritual exactly. He did all I killed I chilled for the entire next day and then the following morning that's how long I saw it really only. What it one point time when I was a kid stone cold sober went to Canada and we can do do. Oh god like 72 miles in seven or eight days with the Boy Scouts dress that's a long we're gone we can knew the entire time we're there. And I gotta be honest Williams as far as the physical aspect of it man I came back ripped. Or like I realize like you know like your backs all muscular your armored 78 days Manning you wanna get ripped go canoeing for a week. But I I do remember the aspect of sleeping in tents and sleeping in weird places and constantly moving and it was one of those things where as like being on vacation with your parents like you wake up with a crack a Don you know like I don't. You know everybody so everybody be before we get and gorgeous day in your dumb the would drive fifteen hours today. It was kind of like that that every day we do it our in a canoe and we have the senate tear down amigos. There's a lot of work. So much and I got back out I collapse for about a day and a half down let's America slept as a kid I do remember back as my mom was impressed. Like man must Wear your ass out is no negatives go he notes up to sundown a horse I don't retired yeah I'm trying to think a different had nights. Rob Blake on Mike after a festival and only slept for like. Like I slept like eight hours got up like two or three hour residents slept for like eight more drive but how in the longest streak through. If I have one that won't until probably about being unconscious you were unconscious when I'm on what I have the times I've been unconscious or been knocked out. Time is at a standstill like for whatever reason I just start dreaming. And I don't realize they're account I don't realize some album on an early I'm. I'm still somewhat in the early stages of sleep some non like in a deep sleeper REM sleep but but then I guess I must get into a because a start dreaming. We'll go all the way through every time they knocked unconscious I just. The scary part relic concussions for me you just lose that block of six carried out there's. So it's not quite right somebody doesn't matter really. Remembered we said this or we did this right I know what people really great show we knew knocked out and you just lose those hours like. That's the scariest part beat I had no recollection while I was out for five minutes maybe. What I'm a dead bad mushroom actually mushroom mushroom. And I'm you know these are the complete Elvis and I really didn't draw is now says didn't knock unsettle her grandmother drunk or sober M sweat another way it should be noted this is not a magic mushroom like emotion right you cook I was then yell out I mean dinner those no alcohol involved there was no drug use involved. I just ate this mushroom and all the sudden I feel like a little black out. But I just I am still trying to play cool and I'm sure you know as I get up like I got to go to the bathroom and then but I'm a Mike at the same time I'm insane like I'm I've but I'm not feeling right like I'm I'm telling you I'm not feeling right this is really weird it. The sweat starts foreign. The sweat starts porn in my mouth even in my stomach starts to hurdle I'm like all right I'm faced with the ultimate dilemma which in this is coming out. So I think the last thing I said was a you know I I think you know like I'm gonna pass out Nokia. So I screen this kind of in my life but I really think she here's sold and I'm on the toilet keep in mind aren't. The next thing that I know the next thing that I know I am being slapped all right. By my life hands around my uncle. I don't think you better be no idea how long have taken Zambrano going to lose little how long waiting for the state oh my god but does so then you the next thing I knew their budget firemen in my place. All by the way just jacked I don't know all they do is like lift weights and on and on fire balls or whatever these dudes are huge on of their body armor on the we'll think about firemen their hoses Lula heavier than okay are these guys just don't even want to know there's these big dude and I mean am I cannot I'm I'm I'm Kathy in these big games so so anyways the names he comes. And then they they put me in the they they put me in on the stretcher I while I get in the ambulance ago stretcher. And still kind of out of it you know any like unconscious but I'm not there really. Yeah and then they put like an IV in me and I'm on the way to the hospital the one dude says. Had blasted red dress and what is you know adolescent caveat caveat an analyst. But done but not really didn't Flanagan fisherman Ali it was like I was in a dream you straight with me Montgomery would be on the ultimate champ pro athletes I don't you know I think our fans Dan has program. So I kept. And I guess dream state but I'm still kind of I'm on the air but I'm not I did ask him if they had a few bad. And wanna ruin the inside the endless I don't know I'm just assuming. They you know overcharges 400 bucks you drove in a car whatever you throw open an ambulance I'm sure it's like because you're just like tenfold. We know might have his hold on sterilized products we had a completely scrub down the end is just an 8500 dollar yeah that's the ride was just in the right it was a miles or five grand right. Ineffective or those a woman today who was being going into the same exact ambulance in the ambulance company that I I used and I I really wanted to scream. Don't know I didn't. It's still expensive with like we don't call you and Wilbur Wright and clearly there's so we sort of the dilemma like if it depending on how bad situation it's. She did just over to the hospital. Why do you think you can make it and your roll the dice you know and examine the blood drive is going to be forty bucks with a five star rating there's going to be 5000 dollar hey if you. I know a guy that had a heart attack if you know drove himself to the hospital. But for whatever reason he went to like the wrong one or maybe didn't have the equipment there so then they put him in an influence. It's into another one in his only lake complained to plaintiffs had he drove to the wrong hospital to see our with the president. You try not offensive. It's unbelievable riot police said an unbelievable in the heart attack the worst party and oh the bill don't know what they pay those GMT Amanda let it doesn't address all they don't like they're not a little different not just women and money. I mean so what the hell do it I don't know and it is amazing like man about can be cheap. Our dramas are my heart attack those as I mostly on a lighter note just. The sleeping and waking up and that the times are different might its. You are Germans they are now painter at such a weird digital Jennifer Knapp now now if the that's why the man that's why I'm inevitably is of the TV the way you deter roam if it's morning or night. Yeah you relate at Damon I just started the clock. Think it's 7 in the morning seven and I don't like in the summer so it's equally as bright mom wears on and finally if you turn on the TV like. Jeopardy zone as last night if if I can figure out we were our listeners are taking easy Indian anchors. There there's a time when there's 24 hours some you I mean it's it's it's all day all the time I don't know how you go to bed and I you wake up well I don't even I know what day it is equipment Anchorage couple years ago and at this point the sun set at like 11:30 PM which was. Still weird Agricole were sitting in a restaurant and that at a great time whenever. Probably waiter comes up we're paying our bills we said hey man you know what is there to do any rattles off all the stuff that you can do an anchor drag Rolex OK cool we'll check that out. Which is the closest places like Landon Beasley won't Mulder closed now. Would why would they be close you have the sun was still up musical. It's 1115 tonight man don't pose a late ruined all of got to leave you can't tell me it's it's really really winners storage as a man and woke after spending nearly twenty years in a coma. The first word Terry Wallace 39 uttered was mom after catching side and his mother sitting by his bedside that is not easing that is mom was still there twenty years I think about I mean not honest and got it. Most people. The most I guess this guy's numbering and obviously there's different circumstances for but I out of seeing Nicole years you would think permits right less frequent that is next word dead. Taking guests. Pie close not less so now I drank and drank a beverage of choice I'll I'll get into reality without a 39. I guess what guess appear that they have bothered to Pepsi. So I'll buy milk you at the Pepsi Milken is Molly wants is for toward mom second word Pepsi third work milk and so how woozy when he went into the home. 21 years old I guess I twenty years older when it didn't mind he had a kid when he winters ago. Terry Walsh lost consciousness what is involved in a car crash in Mountain View Arkansas in July of 1984. As a result of that crash he spent nineteen years in the cola and his injuries left him a quadriplegic. Terry Wallace's wife sandy said it's been hard dealing with a it's been hard realizing the man I married can't be there. His daughter amber was a new board at the time it carries accident she's now a young woman and the inspiration to Terry's recovery he says he wants to walk again for her. Terry spoke his first word two weeks ago and seems to be recovering well announce anything that he wants to say to the spokesman for the rehab center experts say in. Cases like Wallace's are. They're there and they're not as common where patient is able to talk freely. After a long period of on consciousness those are extremely rare I guess it takes little time sometimes people walk up to a short armed walk read everything else again. But the doctors the rehab center in Arkansas our Terry spend most of the time in Tacoma say regular contact it weakens. Special occasions family stuff. Al could possibly helped his recovery back to his mom still sitting there. Other doctors said that may be why he remembers things we might him kept his mind going. During the accident balls and for him and driving in the car plunged into a creek. I guess they were found the following day the driver balls this friend died but Terry was found comatose today later in the break nipped. I know there's Allen yet and I'm with you mean I think that's all some. That his mom still was isn't enough because I'm an almost 19100. Killing was lukewarm at best since the world like after a few years it right he's not getting as many good or right it's not that I won't visit you but you have to wait it's his birthday is this prayer and I think it has some polite yet. Awesome comments came about the ways we're talking about an ambulance bills meanwhile there are so high and look. This makes complete sense and so when taken Rupert says angles both are so high because they have to respond whether people pay their bills or not. You know all so like look I see I pay my bill Brando when you do house riddled bad words on you but they've got to show in ten easy payments so essentially if you do you pay your angles bill you also paid for the other fifty people they cannot pay their ambulance I left work that's essentially and that as far as. You know it you pass out for a long time you wake up your stern of the clock in you're not sure the times AM opium disguised so well. But mark my Clark who set the military time when I wake up close is I don't have the free doubtful did a great point did right what I like what he dig this like look. I know I'm irresponsible I'm gonna have many moments right get blackout drunk a wake up random but this way of the military time I release covered that but here's the thing I take an afternoon nap I don't know military tablet growth you don't like it just like I know I have to do math. Impossible Illinois and need to know physically I know the coach. 79 and Gaza. 5% yet right now Yemen imagine I'm tired of them Al I don't know if you look through you know in those demands do whatever is going on the confused but I like this guy's a military dime guy you work you're doing that make him. Although I do behavior we yellow military to our regenerate a severed your exerted by. And I hang I'm not thirty yet C use and hang on hang on hang on let's under the must leave after they leave and I'm remain time as an that I don't know I don't know we are gonna bring out on AMP I don't want to gaffe but but but but but but this is the exact time of my crap come almond eyes and think 2100 sounds cool. Sometimes that's not sure who it's not a cloud there huh yeah I think he gets if they think is so I never make these appointments but I that. That's why you're always liked it a god why would someone unconscious for so damn long 8449990. Look hello Don welcome to limit drew. Our rock all I. You know computers to Syria. Yeah I am back in 2001 and my gallbladder out an unknown users to use us old. And probably later a new market around due out surely. And also I want to Larry Joseph loses and I hate it when you lose cafeteria because you heard. Okay and I don't think you're sad that are both more mature at a billion man does this matter anyway area and certainly can't get this thing out again tear Hearst. Then next time you know. To have police later. I look. And I found out that every time they try to do. Give me out to dinner later. Yes my blood pressures you know in the mom totally onetime. So the reading it to secure need to it's and so I figured I was through your mind my greens are pressured Justin you're slowly since trying to brain cells. Yeah well I'm not I don't remember failure. There's there this year and yet Amir's 116. Games today run a lot of field. Yeah I have a little pocket schedules they're right either W or now and I get a bag return to my sister church of mercy. And so appeared through her brain dead music cue it up all all your your and they did. Would ankle it sounds like he I don't know on the heave it up did you. Download in the comedy out. They'd try to pull me out and I kept that your motor home. Nash attention might do a huge you know we shall not only steel bodied person does look familiar cruise but I. End at cheap cases in delusion it. Would face isn't what you're in a coma in your still thinking about boobs. Well of course it's big and more Antonio Pittman with Annika. This I think you're still in the in the trailer that you living what a man. There is that we're gonna go with. They're loop. Why would someone unconscious for so damn long 844999. All homo I'm articles on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. My. Nobody has a great story here we go to Kentucky. Young why John was living it up in his uncle's well. In the seven year old ring bearer from Kentucky even though snagged the bride for final dance there on the evening he's not stupid the next day when he complained of a headache and an upset stomach famous figured he'd just maybe had too much kicker out party little too hard. Grandmother Rhonda Thomson. Said it would Wyatt had trouble waking up the next morning and couldn't stand up the mom grew alarmed. Second grader who was alert when he checked into a lawyer able Children's Hospital then fell in the what granddad Doug calls aid buried deep sleep and he would know wake. For another eleven days it was horrible Amy Sharma told WD RB TV. A battery of tests including three spinal taps turned up no clues as to what happened. Doctors ruled out viruses bacteria. A brain infection wise condition confounded experts from the Mayo Clinic to London where a doctor said the longest that he never seen a child sleepless ten days. Ron Thompson said adding that the doc predicted accurately that the boy would wake up and nothing would ever be found. And that's a fact what happened. With a album ads used for seizures why it's awoke on Thursday he's able to drink liquids. But his speech and movement are somewhat limited he's headed to rehab and has doctor warns of the road to recovery will be more of a roller coaster. Father said that and a family friend. Why does the spunky kid full of life it's a heartbreaking thing to see him go through something like this Padilla went to a wedding. And then basically fell asleep for eleven days as terrified why would someone unconscious for so damn long before Ford 999 cola. Got a few comments here. One of them did the first story we shared the guy who's in a coma for nineteen years he wakes up sees that his mom is CD in old and hospital room. As asthma. There's other responses he recognizes mom instantly after twenty years of not sitting here. I can't tell my mom got six inches offer every parent changes the color. Jesus I've been this back in high school my friend and a medical condition where she would faint randomly while she was walking. One they were walking through the performing our senator and she fainted right next to in fell down the cement stairs that lead down to the guy's method. She's operative fifteen minutes well the next day the rumor spread that we've gotten into a fight in that are pushed her down the stance got off the seats let. Well when someone goes into a coma that long doesn't it just make you think of the picture that was going around the Internet surfer. For a few days and it was the old Monday Night Football a Booth. In and had Howard Cosell in the middle of the microphone and OJ Simpson was a coming out again later and Bruce Jenner was the color commentators and other both standing beside him and if I can't or what caps Carlos tells us. Make due respect that you've been and go from Tony you're you're not gonna believe there's about that's. Our question I was the one I've got just so damn long 8449990. Hello Michael welcome to the men's room. I did jail. Okay. I look I hated it going up I would call it came out and developed an employee I got issued. Long live little Ed gap between ten and none of that now why I called him. I'm not easily it is to go. Do that I'll let them Matthew if you are. On the way home I took that I'm glad I'm a big news well and it's an odd to dial in England on MS. He took 500 glut Alton. I'd like and so okay 500 milligrams like it's well done iPod and on and let alone OK I don't even knelt down next period. I'm sure they love take your mom play in some. Gas on the and I got a moment or two more. And to top it off by Ted about. A bold. And about an hour later a lot of them outside of my life I asked him completely out and got it made him familiar anymore. My darling American event. I you actually thought I was dying basically and K now why don't I haven't played this thing out without a man I didn't get Salmonella. The one thing I do you have to play than I had. I'm not only one of the few people you'll ever knew they had a lot and send them to look at demonstrated. How many low one out at you. Company Merrill one of those. Have you taken in my life told them and I'd also it can and small elude him. On top of the old news M Hewlett innovative and it looked like download how many mell long has absolute. M were you talking until I got to count for me doesn't used to know and I love. The more many NT is here. I felt I had no idea guy and all I know it. I would never expect those kind of diplomatic and into the mountain that was on neutrality it's so how long were you actually out for. On I would doubt about ten minutes. Just that my luggage in my life on a dime. Well what I mean look man yet obviously had problems drawn up what's with some degree of of sleeper summing do you think that that had anything to play and. On the big slowdown could I don't want to tell them I'm coming back on that data I need a little. Ratner on the back I would say look a lot in my new. Month and it's somewhat uncoordinated. Soledad and oh my god damn it and then now I'm actually got it on long standing up. I'm glad it did your dad is here I go on back down the middle of a lot. That deaths and a hard punch listen. I'm truly teach your every yeah I guess I'll have gotten a bit about it in Manhattan and you want while Welker. Aren't all that damn honest and momentum I was gonna say that you never got teased and added that you know. I am I yeah I haven't read exactly what part of the thing within within the past hour with a for your wife is taking that much and any opiate. You would think. But yeah I did like the ball on something really wasn't you know hearing that that was what brought the ship that that's Siegelman a rose on line shopping got me drugs. Yes exactly and it down there during your whatever that is. The fitness that match would that fireball again it's always a fireball. Alia. Why would someone unconscious for so damn long 844999. Hole is still to come or turn much you don't need to know we've got news from the paranormal coming up. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.