10-19-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Eats Out of the Can

Thursday, October 19th

We play the game known as Big Dummy


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Mean what sure love to hear is real and the members of this radio program I assume. Trying to offend anyone. There's I'm. Invited to join the party. This season. All gathered in secrecy. Gunmen were. Three. You know they say. Radio more than three times. And your leg in Wednesday. I wow. I'm. I don't know I go get a number 2698. At along with Steve the through hills. Do Ted Smith and wore blue ball. The my car. Okay did you are in the bedroom. I want to really play big double game. Dead meat and potatoes says each State's favorite Halloween candy. No way Sherlock is back get ready to play profile list plus headlines have been your shot of the day fumble as their emails and everyone's favorite. TV time with a quick flash. Really diehard new ago Iditarod racing dogs busted for doping like Lance Armstrong they said dude that they had a ball. California restaurant amid the debris fell pot pies fried chicken for thirteen months and all a lot of money for it's like good. Politics may soon feature poker who's fallen pole dancing to worst college roommate ever filled girls water bottle full of food. And Michigan community advocate busted stealing from corpses during open casket funerals that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All our bench did a good day to you and yours aren't today. Is the day that we played big dummy that's the game show that rewards you for your stunning ignorance. And here's how it works you gallust. Here in the background but there. Have a question from Knight capital but there's more big dummy separates itself from your average more reputable game shift. We'll continue to ask you questions and do you get one right because as always we want you to leave here smarter than you showed. Today our Megan's dummy over its two way tie between the lovely Kimberly in the equally lovely Eric. Both of whom channel their inner ignorance and found a way to answer nineteen. Consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better of course again to get the ball and all we go on big dummy tickets. As a play big dummy call 844999. All you can like them intra month FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are my answer your emails to the men's room at midterm live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. You don't have turned the men's room. The dog that I got a lot of this summer 2698. When a huge show we have for a variety exciting return to know assure loggerheads Kevin house Disney potatoes. I did a story today. Each State's favorite Halloween candy and they've Larry Page state to state so that no state you are you're probably more familiar with the eye candy than anywhere else because that is the most popular candy in that each state sports and the I have one of mine an eye candy corn what candy and Halloween did you hate giving you more than India. The that I wanted to say that I hung in what I was legendary gene or something I live the single is like a little yellow think yeah like listen in front. I don't know Bristol make that trash whatever. Don't give it to get not only did I not like evil when you went to school the next day if you do the border system that embodies the country's three three musketeers for Snickers. Nobody wanted the better hobby and I reject them and I'll tell you what on the that we can go on the candy corn there's all kinds of that is and I can't think of the peanuts. There's all kinds of styrofoam and their own wants those longer on the bench utility but the but the ones that have the popularity I think that just at least in my lifetime. It was a Tootsie Roll. I am just not a huge fan of the Tootsie Roll they were really prevalent and that was that was the mainstream Mona I think that I hated the new it's because it was cheap and it was Balkan at my brother like him sort out from me but. He's still pretty good it would take me like five tootsie rolls and you want anything more now on what about the flavored month. Look man I would try to flavored ones because Tootsie Roll I hate them so much is can I got a good Tootsie Roll game. Are you and I'm just not going back to kill the boy I like I'm not I didn't do the other that the blow public. Not a real center carp yet wanted to know that a lot of teapot I but I will file that no for summary from that because I don't know why are ridiculous the bull part of me is the superior suffered a minor and it's not just saying the same thing I am I'm going through what Tom Coughlin what did you say to regarding doesn't mean all Tootsie Roll I think the best way to do it is an offensive did you eat that to your role when you've got to yes I'm that little work. Really yes it was great flavor of dominos start or whatever you know pretty good. So go ahead Jeff coming up the each State's favorite Halloween candy on the like. And not today as the day we played big dummy you know gained 118449990. Every time we do play the game known as big dummy we do a little men's room poll on the side. And last week once again we went to the world of your favorite categories and your favorite adult sites and we had some doozies there. But as far as the categories that we allowed you'd pick Brock this. Number three coming in was what we know to be hidden ties not animate. But tie him tie which is animated guests pornography and it went back and forth Manso someone said it's not enemy its entire and a lot of people agree to have someone check them later and said well. And tied to a specific kind of animate whenever. Don't know what to per week number two on the list in love being latex you know people like at the second best in the category that they can choose from a number one. In alliance I mean was even close price go dominated this day. Like Buffy Nichols did RES time we played big dummy cell. Okay we're changing it up a little bit today and are miserable and I want you to think about maybe a growing up we know times are a little bit rougher maybe it was just the staple kind of food in your family. And as we get a report today that in Hawaii believe it or not they are now locking up. Cans of spam the same way they do Soo do fed baby formula well you know the stuff please others like you whatever the crap visiting wise of any tie it in some areas you know. Because they're so popular because it's being stolen by the cases. So they have to lock up the spent. Okay now but what is the markup in the spam black market I just I can't imagine nose and you knew no they're not selling as I guarantee you have your Steelers fan you are eating it. I don't know do deserves a lot of stuff they make a spam to play with pattern how to pronounce it that spam. Mu should bu yeah usually I'm sure she'd moo what does what does it's basically spam me Geary it's. No Steve you right now go our rights AM and then react to elude it now you never know. Spam and I have on rice. It is to Alicia Taylor spamming muffin sandwich for breakfast and it's fantastic yeah crispy fried up Spann and John Graham yes I've done probably they just replaced him with the spam which is basically the same thing to expand into Christie basically the same like crispy pork belly. Had it in the Benjamin it's not too far away from probably a barrage far away and Sam woods yeah I want my outrage that the IER I I like spam I did it if you like slick look. I understand of people like Spain and spends on the worst thing I've eaten but I just I I've never met the person and I cannot imagine in my life. Who would steal spay them up by the cases. To the point that they're all march in Hawaii has the like and Newser dot com after a series of brazen spam heist the Honolulu civil beat found spam what wal mart's under lock and key at the con meanwhile signs at tomorrow's markets on a Wahoo red all the corn beef served relocated at the front please ask staffer assistance sorry for the inconvenience. The extra security. Follows a theft last month when demand. Went into a safe way. And stole eight cases of spam that same month three women were four gold while trying to steal eighteen get all the magic number on eighteen as. Eighteen cases span from a longs drugs rehab farm again and earlier this month a man punched a security guard at Honolulu mall escaped with a single case can be. So. Now placed in the pays for its fancy itself out organized retail crime and it's not like I'm Lucille spam and feed my family. I guess they've heard they worked through middlemen. And they're selling it from the back of their cars we've heard all kinds of rumors and now all the spam soared Wednesday spam black market looks to be that he has an okay self. Here's the thing it is is a crazy conversation we had the conversation we all agreed. We cannot include spam in today's survey spam is the reason for the survey but spam would be the overall winner. Hands down just based on the fact we know that spam is the most popular canned meat products we'll see your point doesn't god they are black market for Wal-Mart has her locked it up so we thought to ourselves our choices today if you were to have and you have to eat. One canned meat product we pulled out for doozies maybe you don't know a lot of these but I tell you were lucky you don't hopefully you don't. The first choice is gonna be a can of so RD now if you want those thirty is an oil if you want the man mustard then that deal. So already answered Sar Deans you either he's starting to McCann or you do not those the two types of people in this world that said. Get them and mustard they're actually threatened delicious now we move off debt busters and that's what Vienna sausage. A Vienna sausage is it timing tiny little hop up and I don't foment any cam there are maybe six of them I don't know how many here in the here comes the African Starbucks. They should name one after you got like a mogul blow. You could pick her if you look normal frat federal local whatever relative to see your rank is they're all around the ring in the outside and buy one in the middle dead OK but they're dirt there basically encased in large. And when you pull them out of sounds like this. It's the equivalent of eating a raw hot dog it doesn't taste as good as the raw hot dogs Olympic to meet quality is the thing. The meat quality cannot possibly be the same because this is one of the few meets that actually dissolves into about I never heard of anyone cooking them a never heard of them you basically just eat them raw out of again. My father used the used all these seats are deemed when I was a little little kid and I remember it would be a treat. So you've described tambien sausages pulled a little. This in front of the TV in a power quote unquote good he hand we will looking back you must hate him because you love your children you an argument being well he probably was eating starting as the times if you know he did you have to hand and then they here's one that some of you probably don't know. But maybe you're aware of there's a thing out there called him spread. You and him spread is like ground up ham where they might put on the maybe they put me out of the man and I don't know but either way it's like a side got to be anything he what I should be man Mays either we hope it's mayonnaise but we cannot guarantee even open again Salt Lake camp food. It does and it spreads with a knife I'm. And in every time ever seen a picture of hamstring it's always like to white plain pieces of my head you can't tell you kind of feed into your bit on embryos bodies just I mean come on it is and I think that was a double red devil. By the in the rain with Don red devils it is the company a makes that the most damn right I've seen in my lifetime which got a looks like the men's room double logo. He's got a pitchfork no we don't hate them that that's the difference in the doozy of all cities. The doozy of all these it was actually brought up recently in the news when. The president was down Puerto Rico. There handing out supplies and one of the things that they had. Was holed chicken and can only now do yourself a favor of no don't do yourself a favor if you have any extra time your listing the show when you have access to a computer. Go and look at hole canned chicken now. You'll see the camp you'll see the result ticket. But then do a little bit more investigating. And see what comes out of that camp when you're gonna look at you can get the looks like the size of a suitcase and ask yourself self how to get an entire chicken and McCain. For right at the soft zone we'll put. And when you see them pull the chicken out you go like I should not have as cyclone is not beer but canned chicken this is a candidate that has an entire chicken inside of it and it's (%expletive) done in the scene GL is the who's Vienna sausages and look it this thing right here this is all you need to do you think if I mean I don't know and I'm assuming it's fully cooked it. There's no I I don't know what you eat that I don't know what you do when you eat that I don't go to these prices aren't they miles take a bite Vienna sausages hole canned chicken or hams were the whole kit chickens fully cooked. Yep well. Views would you like that and he's I mean what do you do with a damn thing a hand for a mortal way I don't know if they are if you're if you're buying. Chicken minicamp. Which you probably don't probably the best cooking utensils or kitchen and got out on Christ I knew this is gonna have a good time here he's a cameo king. Here comes a canned meat king of the United States of America like a jealous sergeant hair club and here I wouldn't say on the canned meat can what do you thing of our four choices so I think guys ounces of canned chicken and hamstring I am just giggling on the other side of the building about this a barrel sports threat I have to go one it. Pentagon and our partners and here we sort through all I've had this conversation there's there's only certain people ever. Who can eat so our deeds yes you're usually raised on that. Sure that you're used to eating the bones and chewing on them as well panels Ali that about a month since my family came from hungry originally and they came to the states. And they were pour. They were raised on Sar decent depth of the day oil mustard or fresh water it was fresh water but I've I've I've converted to cause you're all really not I don't they must you know when you look at 111 unifying thing about all these sorting through a saws just hole canned chicken and hams McKenzie is for all canned chicken and most of these meat canned products. We're salt team based like you yes you always put oh yeah absolutely anti assert my dad was a meal right now do you kind of as you can probably also for salty but you were thinking of Underwood to doubled him. Is that what it is part of sort of west and here's why I don't fret though right it's a split the ending of him reads well here's what here's the only reason I notice because you I mean if dammit you guys met my friend Mitch friends guy who are grew up with. In my wedding so Mickey's father was the Pam spreader now. But. You have to dragon is it's no other guys possess sister was a hand spreader. He's okay Obama now there's. It is black in Tacoma mid except that one up man. He lives in Atlanta whomever here's cope if so you know his father was a commercial artist. So commercial artist makes logos and packaging and sign age. And in the basement of his house was his studio. And his father was the guy who created the Underwood read dabble. Well that's a double bottom of those let me answer that I don't look so he's got a pitchfork relevant in the name may have changed over the years to present Libby IE you know I carried a dollar of the him spreader. Yeah so. He had to free him fresh. Am fresh for life stole much ham he's dying down you have all basement full of hands bland let's see I feel that's though so it will I think they would you do if you just passed. I'm no more free in my life peers are based willful and slowly give it to you if you're a prisoner who. He and I don't act yeah I brown had a complete and new flavors so do I go papal hey I gonna ask you follow. So we're caught up until it. Hair club. Let's get you in the first vote are to know are already in Vienna sausages whole cancer let's take starting Devin because you're actually in Vienna sausage is okay and shake your hand sprint do you vegetarian do you know you have an. Is that what Mike does he gets exactly currency did you take my starting to interview on hand spread. Polls can't say I'm Paul can't chickens and my guess you know wants and no candidate look to hear from and please please how well you can say no malice is a hole canned chicken this is an entire ticket. That they put in can't. That is for real just say yeah is that if the crew is their jelly around like he does lies just like just told the fish I don't know fact I would rove is generally or sweat whose value is Jolie fruit from that burger filled to finish no one wants and he would gel yeah it's. And Zach or eagle available under the botulism from McCain and canned chicken or hamstring. I hate to say but it's hands brands Fred. Yeah the country I don't know I don't read little hair I remember those little sausages. There's so there is because your pinky than they look like paint Keisel stuffed in a candidate to do our best to leave you with like an evil white no anchovies. Eli because we just didn't think it was as popular as far as what people have and we are starting really like he enjoyed prisoner and I like you know like and I love it shows man they're great academic attire candidate had a popular camps spread yeah exactly. What I think that is what thinking that provincial cheated realm right rap you can stand behind you must not if not we now realize where all this comes from. Port people. Pathetic and it's made of more people in respect. Their is no waste. In any need in our business there is no wasted all that melt and you'll see Norway rats even the bones. Have a purpose of ground up and put in the Vienna sausages along with us now the lips and other expenses are as we worry is that we can't serve this is pet food we know we portals we we we had pig's feet on here but it comes in a jar so we thought if we're gonna do canned meat product would stay true to the canvas the group of death or that you should go through I'm on my current with its alleged media. And of that Chinese. Growth three yet you you'd be amazed what kind of fish cannot can no America or do nothing and they don't admit they don't say like no this is made us about the site that's how you try you see the nose out of museum through those gentlemen and they play like head cheese. It's. Good. It's it's about half what you really think it is. Or sweet bread the one I probably okay meg was a kid glove work I did make books and and what was the process of vetting you added blood to ground fat aren't. Two I think oregano salt pepper and what do you do with Hugh Hugh heated up to a certain level and you can boil the blood you know Boyle you just heated up he wants is ever final regulation process that eventually becomes a giant or forty pounds scab. Cause you're kidding me for a successor who has. Could something that was a bit that you could make this deal with this up pretty we can party and any like good god no one wants to our which you can make. I got herbs jab but didn't and then you're it's it's another force meets have been put that into. In testing casings. Because that's what the natural to Syria is a once you pose some in the intestine can just mixing please don't ask questions you're taking it out gaffe could incite seizing in there and just stuff in Iran that wants to roll the old saying you know wanted to have a sausages may do you really don't want to know from sausages are made it. Everybody in the case things don't I don't know if you go to college cafeteria or high school cafeteria. What may have been in meat balls Monday B com news kill floppy Jolie opens and she'll leave. And then meats sauces and it just works his way down there are negative vitamins by the end of the week that. If you could you go vitamin debt might eat you. Can't Ted where you go on starting in Vienna sausages OK and Jake and ham threat. I won't get where I am nor am I don't know why he's going yeah see anything you don't know what's starting at Rangel Garrity is not a third round developed. Starting dull start I'm Daryn appears the serbians and Bubba like. My where you'll understand spread hole canned chicken Vienna sausages starting until on the starting turn I'm never out of before about a month I tried any the other stuff now you don't want to I don't want to as the canned chicken man who did you look at the picture of the whole enterprise not a fixed the hole can't say that as I saw a man on on the Internet. Pulled in all. All of residue it's you know I I don't know it's. A no amount. Okay I hope you follow this up with pickled. Theme that's not bad mountain owners you've got eggs pig feet. Illegal hey I'll tell you assault case the egg Anbari every one of those fatalism Labarca pink ones yeah absolutely yeah why now why we're worried about and I don't hear all right I'll I can't highlight there hello. And there are many I got lucky because I don't think that's this requirement for having food at those places that we were in a bar that had hit some antibodies that lets try palace where that. They are cheap we are fully on the call love well I don't recruit. My computer into a bit harder to break and vinegar in his arm one beer do would you be pickled pig's feet. I know on on one you know Olympics yes and doesn't taste. Blake a bigger pick the stage where you are baseless and run a little bit similar to most visited there earlier I think you're kidding right well this figure. My grandfather used to eat chicken feed sandwiches and all know that it's chicken feet need betterment of the bull look at my pickle. They do more Pitt well he may have bought them pickled but he would batter them and because I don't know how do you buy chicken beef and inventing dull indeed holding led a soft shell crab. He did it. Again he's a decision which man in it. But you have the peace and you know the banks all the way to a bird made out of bread you know lives through Oak Creek is now but yeah he Mobley swarmed by. I did you serial port is I don't wanna point out want to remember back what we're preparing all right it was eleven and we got him Hampton so. Hundreds none are very much lower by about her dog canned meats will be sorting via sounds just okay and jig and our hamstring we'll take your calls coming up on the game known as big dummy for 4999. All you are listening to the men's or radio network. I. I can't golf and again very ill at a bacon cheeseburger and he had had a leg. And military. I was together they're probably done is get a par par 9990. Steve who is our first contested re play of the day hello meg and welcome to the men's room. All out off. I've been sober not so. The government doesn't show. Right Megan. Interpol today's deadly product so earnings since I was just okay and taken him spread where you go up. A lot more we call double a credit and could well let's visit the brand name. And that's true we now know is that. We now know what the the friend of the designers. Sun woo and his daughter hamstring trying to keep personality. I may get off here is your question. The word that loss drug. How many years does the luster is at 515. Or 25 years illustrative. Gallup last month for lunch sure I'll see 25. A month from five years it didn't work to try to happened decades and that will be a most of my most of those same five year for the windows of the centrist. I thought it was like relationship picked up what goes through with this war. Most seven. Now want to for a score as anyone getting here all right so scores twenty mean hot guy. The words lost its initial thought maybe the seven year is I think you're not only lasted five year was a luster. I got to the senator is just wasn't as long phone yet put it you gotta stop what is this is the bacon cheeseburger camp and why do I house burger. Oh my god you young stuff OK are your next question made a lot. To meet all the The Beatles t.'s current The Beatles as in the band The Beatles they mentioned at the animal a walrus. In three different songs. One of them is obviously I am going worst one is a song called glass onion what are the other song that The Beatles mentioned a Waltz. Any old. Old. They yellow submarine would get your hand. Aerosmith Coca. Wanted to come and get them together at. Everything is moving walrus didn't mean. A lot of people and Delores why is animal people look up to it otherwise. You don't know communities that long who is the signature of great wisdom. Oh yeah. I don't wallet with a Arrigo 50% chance on this question becomes who can grew almost gave bruised left handed or right handed. Remember everything in the Southern Hemisphere goes the other way if if most well. We are correct about that it actually worked out as well that's volatility of the directions every drop Harrison new and I'll ask them will be in affect her for years I had the game is big dummy for 499911. Was our next contestant ready to play the game you're gonna you gonna Avis. Hello he's a good welcome a major guy. Heidi we are in your wheel house here this summer not so finally today. Over there over who went all right well actually look at home okay good defense thank you guys and a homegrown here they're the number. I influence the global edition. But by no fifteen dollars name's Dennis and your middle just throw DJ am the most you know wherever you. Well that's just clear it up yourself now and they all camera I was gonna go again. And let you do that way I men's room bowl and I'm sure you've had some of these products just this week. It's already in Vienna sausages hole canned chicken or hamstring. Well I'm going to their goal is the whole can't just can't I have you had a whole skin chicken before. Well mobilize all our smoother than it does you know minimum. Nice dacha is you know chicken feed is you know in the. He's good in Minnesota looks like Daunte right now. No you wouldn't lose valuable for all canned chicken and. You know what Russia had you know you're at you they'll drag you you'd both it can. And then Manny Greenwald rolled into the top. He's letting you said you're chicken and it ended nobody catering business amounted there're there are a million people listen right now going you know what man I want mad man he's worried a YouTube channel called like as to shine alone where you think it is the worst product possible and turn into something that's edible Couric nor the fact he's put potatoes instead as talking Goosen yeah. Tacos. All of this well Google to do what both how to talk people in the small to denigrating him and it didn't blow a little local Barnes and just get Samuel took. Looking forward to. While potato topics I would go a little I think I think he goes yeah I've seen a sweet potatoes opulent so. I hope to yes it certainly didn't. So easily gonna hand you would tackle made it canned chicken meat in your complaints but the tables. I say it seemed odd the whole deal could be all of this seems happy what I got to ask and you come from the different generation when you are young and war what was the bulls would go to. Just candor we look for him little good month and I don't get kidnapped in broad background my mama Phillips followed. She told a brother in law and my little. I'm just think how do you say your kid no you don't wait well wait and then it shot up he's well he's good stuff for you say you were kidnapped at some point in your life. Carroll kidnapping led don't tell me you know my blood is a lot of this was. I was born. Six years old you gave me coming out even my mom Laura they made news then and only just deploying. And my brother in a row and didn't really blown up and nine months into our older than he let me go back but in this same got a different army medical news. Did you know just like my dad that he felt it at all. Jesus that's a happy story you guys at Emory and a man bring their hands hang out or. What the boat and a little slow bullets earlier that is a Hallmark Channel movie queues waiting to happen and then your cogan of the whole chickens are heated dish for everybody there. Graham. Can't close it's total joke so above just being pulled. As long as I can't hang up for me I need time to recall election I think she's wild. This issue hill man it was a lot of left turns that leave it there. The game is big downer doesn't slots over there 844999. Omar big comedies what's coming up. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.