11-01-16 Kim Thayil

Tuesday, November 1st

Kim Thayil of Soundgarden called in to the program! And expressed some love of the cubs being in the World Series!

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Guess who's who is you'll never guess who's I don't know who's heard the lovely young woman Jim bails on the tenth well. Hello. Usury put on hold. We Adam yeah yeah areas can fail. How to go one of the go on we're to longer command the dog India was middle. Our problems are playing game six and yes they are and how do you feel about that. We don't particularly if they come to Cleveland I know but I know you're also Mariner's fan who you Amber's parents when I grew up because. Still it's you and Eddie better. Yeah I think as you get the super fan I'm deftly. A depth we have fan at. A kind of funny to grow up with a perennial loser than moved to Seattle and adopt another one to. And I think that happens. Yes all right you're older bureaus that well. Are you feel about this man already got we got to Chicago about working with autism he's as I got emotional mess right now. I'm incredibly. Built but it is nerve racking they're not make it easy but they have been or. You know boy you'll let the thank you go man you know the cubs are really making this typical. The cubs we might I mean they've never made everything look easy but these are in the World Series yeah. It's like it's kind of weird because right innate sense it would look over in the World Series the way they still look like cubs crap I'd like even only me that are about to become yes it did you what do you do healing rituals you like get some old styles into your house a case. My god check it out so. Game five. I had two old style flip in my fridge what I don't know but prompted Chicago. Talk. I did it my best friend came over we would deep dish pizza from jurors are those. Actually grew the other and we have these two old style that we we started with advice really relief field featured on. And don't do it and if it did seem to work there and I guess for a person who's not particularly superstitious I carry the baseball what. With me you know a man ever want to I don't know superstitious but once he sports comes on in your team is playing. All the customers that they ride doesn't matter who you know are they rightly servant puts what did you even look in the may begin a ticket tutoring thing Micah. A credit. Casually united I'd had too much stuff going on here so I wasn't really planning a book America. Doesn't mean listen man. Anyone who says outlook in the cold. Servers and go. It's well I look at the Cleveland Browns don't reasonable thing. But they actually got there's I mean everything and have a catalog anomaly guys listen man and I don't know what you know columns in the World Series but this is the equivalent of like you for members in the mall like this is something that need to do. Rihanna I would I would I would remind myself of that but you know. If it's a complicated 2000 miles away but but no other way what got you guys held you know as holed up in the studio or one. No Roberto the things spirit of the project that a bit doing our part from the sound card stuff which is. Mostly from interviews that were wrapping up the 25 anniversary. Of our box set for bad border figured a few other addition that the river double. We're releasing the entire album. On doubles final and it was originally its single viable thing we're through that for all the audio fidelity remove it because what's cool the gate folds you know BR. I don't feel I mean though it hasn't won a fifth anniversary bad motive may actually remember. Going to the storm buying and you're actually in the band but when I'm hearing this omelet it's a cool moment remember this moment but on the flip side of god they among getting old. I mean really look at the thought of that and with 25 years over the store buying this problem. The result suddenly came back and 25 for union labor mean that do you ever think about that are original look of the parent you have little atom. The older vision dvd or whatever is about to old footage of me and other you know it's weird to look at yourself I just don't have any footage myself on film. 25 years ago looking like look at that jackass and right are you can be content with the yourself for you like cows and asked her you know and I. Hopefully they'll both were quick profit think geez what a jackass people who play the what if I'd let you know basically. Try to address the fame of just less grave at all. Do you remember anything from that toward on you guys were out with Guns 'N Roses and guns rose obviously out now and Faith No More just toward the not too long go to came back with a better back we terrific for more and go to that's European leg of that tour that's right to do any if your memory highlights from petty get that back I mean their memories from that time. Oh yeah of course they're very good memories there's only so much damage to the fear could do. It is that it is basically an automated help create memories and some situations but no we have we have very very great memories armed. We toured with Doug ruled that hole I hit it both to show. From the motivation dvd were holed out shows the Paramount we have the Melbourne opening up for us both tonight well. And the more visual for release are VHS and never have been released on dvd until now. It'll be India super block box that we got data dvd for a lot of footage from that year when we toured Lollapalooza we did that tour after the Guns 'N Roses of what I screwed us and it goes ministry in and pearl Pearl Jam that your idea. Good ministry ice cube. Pearl Jam but chili Pepper's on us it was easily the music play anywhere rushed into an amazing bill. Yeah well look if it's outdoors the chili peppers pointman Amaral was written contract but we've been certainly. If you get a birthday party you do in your backyard the joke ever but what does it tell them blink of the sound of the of the ministry almost burned have figured out in left and so there's another. What about when you go back to elicit all the analog stuff in your brake pedal down and make it digital or. However you do that idea you losing your parts and go. There are league identity go but yeah I'm a much better guitars and a minute how do you how do you view Euro group. Both both things happen to be viewed do you listen you think she's you know would've done that differently. Now other with the with the new experience or new insight into the instrument or myself. The bit other yeah I did surprise. When I look that was all the I have heard in awhile I think you know that this is much better than that my recollection because like how often compared big. To Wear a bad valve. Just from memory when you actually referenced it's like to know that you have abandoned the producers we all kind of make sure that we open our best foot forward and put but the good thing. The way to get dale from sound garden Q when you when you guys. Can you rear whole bunch of unreleased tracks from bad motor finger on there as well like I was almost an entire CDs worth. So when you take I guess that means is not going to be a new black rain on the next night in uncle on back that the new sound aren't going to be all new stuff. Are valuable will build that great wanted on the KM well over the rough told that hasn't retrospective. And it goes on completed so we were able they've completed. The additional traffic on route 91 that we were able to completed in 2010. Our third that there are November rain. You can be obsolete you don't upon Europe is primarily live stuff and and are outtakes sold at their outreach to black rain and with the before it was black race. Of different arrangement. If the effect that work work demo basically what are what they're like okay. What's so what's with any news on us on the sound guard front you can share with us as far as and I know about that the 25 anniversary of thriller finger but I mean as far as new stuff coming out her. Yeah I hope you we've done in the past year we've done some studio time of writing it spin interrupted by Pearl Jam tour is a big Christmas told Torre. And now. There are combining to do a little limited. A couple of the dark tour. Our later this month and I think once that stuff kind of wrapped soulful good W important business of writing material for so the camera not like being home I mean is based Jose's examine the duke has announced that its he's got a wonderful. Wife and kids that you gotta love being at home but he loved you loved playing so what you're saying is they don't want him back. Well the guy can happen and let me ask you the same question that everyone asks in town these days where does one find it Temple of the Dog tickets. Yeah. Edmondson didn't did its part try to by the crowd picketed at. Another miles away Blu-ray audio disc coming out from the original bad motor finger album three besides three official music videos newly mix from analog multi tracks when I was there believing guys that do you should release the VCR you say it gives us up on VHS. You don't look man press back instead of putting on dvd we know the sound garden VCR for you to watch this on the process. Are you gonna bring us some of these and bringing up to the studio force here were coming back he'd just been calls on the phone cut. But these system only a few miles away I suppose we should do that nick and that we'll yeah try to upload and I ultimately told you we treat you for beer and going to saddle up on the phone a little about it today that there are a couple of good typical fruit. We do know it'll actually in the Gatorade or you know. The the can't fail thanks rarely appreciate it thank you very about it yet maggot targeted at 25 years and Laura today the day went to get that. My roommate who say it was a ceremony from the cult. Blood sugar such magic from chili peppers about motive for the girl came around the same time right so we were bought all three of those I was into cries. Chili peppers first while roaming it was Lewis about motor failure render respective bedroom door to switch it quick review. House the sound ardently these cars dude it's what you hoped it would be my cool. Yes about chili peppers in my honest responses of man it's a great outlook of the wants look at song. That government. Under the bridge this is just to see new piece of crap I can you believe it put us on them nicely you know. That's the longest released as single which I could not believe they released single or blue bell well missing about Tucson tournament around for all they've they've about a couple things before this and will open meg okay. Screaming life. While. EP and in the latter out of them and then you get this in 92 in the same time Nirvana. Ray broke. Alice in Chains came out they were kind of underground more so but they still kind of look at Dirk so that they took into the right exactly so. Sound guardian the kind of came out first and in the people who are into the and like and in my circles were into them is out of the nation. They kind of got bear not buried so much but. When Nirvana and Pearl Jam broker that same time they kind of took over that that sound very sound and as a bunch of underground sound garden fans at. Now or it wasn't that they were being too critical I think more people who were sound garden fans kind of leaned in and outs and change way too so it was more of those two bands together in the pearl jams and her bonds of the world who were more mainstream more people getting approach for bringing more people and that's the sound sure. But sound garden was. Out of the brand that was that was the ban itself. Others bunch waging get the super deluxe addition to and it -- as the four CDs hopefully bring about just to see needle except there's a two LP addition. And a one disc edition where they basically just go through and dual. Don't let them put. Mr. Obama final guy so a lot of downs and these reissues it's. And I don't know what it is what you put somebody on CB does. Even have a degree for a reason to lose and analyze and think part of it is that which erupt with I think that's why is like right now 90% of it is that now. Grown up like anyone like anybody from the moment you discover music genre it is means whatever means you when your team it would nothing in life is more important it is. It is it would it is so you know it's kind of in gross result in society music and a blueprint for inaudible way I consume goes on by some now. I'm vinyl and and tiger probably right around with a new ones. Music starts and I couldn't be hackers say album to put an unseeded alone as a feeling it's. I'd finals cool but a lot of people like vinyl. Edit on the weirdos I'm still within the CD's that how shall. And I. Not value out of your let closely approaching the old with your CDs don't trust the it's it's ridiculous that people come over and Eric are you serious and we listened as seen you'd think yeah. Seen in Idaho and they wouldn't come back silly yes my question is at least slow the other down Gardiner one of these bands that just felt like I told those MF first ride my. Kevin values question and stop with the I don't there's talent like look man and six years and now predictions CDs economic splash just like. That generation moves up and you demand. These things but there's a alive seated on their alive with the Paramount as well which is also on dvd from footage from that last and they played in town they simply don't Paramount this goes back 1992 so that initial performance. As well and I do remember one one final note on the on the sound garden thing. When that album came out back in the day it was actually a play. Off oh god. Bad motor scooter from Montrose ran in a way they're just kind of making fun of them hold John Schroeder an album and everything else. Kim bell thanks coming on program Barack men's or my question today I'll never forget the time that blank count on fire we'll take a quick break about a more vehicles and entity.