11-13-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Has A Drink

Monday, November 13th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Food and Drinks! Plus Mens Room Rules and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Rove on why I'll so low profile this is back Canada all right Iran question question. Eight par par 9990. John here it is have you ever injured yourself doing hard labor or just work around the house using your hands. What does the other one is the worst in just industry related or. Kind of two are related industry era in injury you've ever had. I'm. Eric. What are you can compare. And it was wet and I shut. The door and came got a cult hit all the hair. Me. If worst ball. Grown you know what do you do like deeper into outer do you stay call. Recount press kit called out at Albert G there next to the military. I OK okay. And check the it's I mean it's not that you're lucky that an avenue at all but does the idea victory in the place of asthmatics Ratner I'm gonna do nothing else I did an ax to this year and those problems are worse they nevertheless Lynnwood just kind of went all the way through bounced off the stump and just came right in my shin and. Just like dog. That is lying perfectly down the middle of my shin for at least two years where he'll look. Today isn't there about a half an inch. Know that I can really do about it they cleaned it out they stay stitched it up in your and then have those in of that. I'm trying to think generated did enough you may know labor jobs and eight of them might have been nearly cut up lines at a bar. Area pay back to the night and it was and I have done I'm dude I'm jus got in there is tough injury Nevada was I want to at all like oil from my fallopian Osama penis didn't realize and I was I was joking. And it burned and yeah I drank a long time I drank orange juice went on I had to hang nail I didn't care went forward and yeah I just say about the dangers of drinking and FT brush your teeth unmanned moon and only I'll. The reason we ask to be ever injured herself doing hard later man man others this is unbelievable story. I queens the man has died of after accidentally falling through a wood chipper on his property and just north of risen. In a press conference. The inspectors said that the way the man died was quote absolutely shocking. It is a horrendous thing to have to attend this as a police officer any sudden death in these circumstances. Absolutely shocking time everyone is obviously very distressed we're trying to work out the circumstances as who has seen what. 54 year old man was clearing the driveway of a rural property. With two of his friends when the incident occurred don't remember contractors they were there to help the person who owns the properties are all friends and they're doing a favor for the lady who owns the property seven. The inspectors had two men who are with the man when the incident occurred were extremely distressed. They are understandably. Extremely distressed over what is occurred. They were very traumatized as a result of what's happened police are assisting them obviously in any way we can in terms of ongoing welfare needs. First responders and anyone investigating the incidents have also been offered support services starting shore and the people who showed up. Think about this all time bright wood chipper in the thing is. I don't know if you went all the way through because there's no safety or at some point in jams up on him. And so like an album the bottom half of mistaken Allen Rossum was sprayed in the pilot chips yeah I can see why people might need to talk to someone after seeing that it was an easy out right I mean that the famous theme for a famous movie people voluntarily there's a million things you see in movies in the movies they don't bother you. Car explodes so what somebody's at my car big deal billion stand give heads blown open accept New York just very loud music. Met Brett the White House blows up a monster shoots a lit none of the bug you and then when you see anything in real life rarely loses not like movies at all do you think about just whether. And it. Like tornado old plumber really knows just like crazy weather out on a boat or whatever dumb I'm gonna vote it's like I don't know manner might be shower we shouldn't be out here didn't look really I don't Edwards principally what it's real life just like Jesus rejoicing in the movies like snowman I think I could stay comb through that or maybe I would do better this and that and literal eye for Mike and I sucked it all of this I'm going to pay an economic mistreatment at brands. Rendell Rendell ran hello Brandon welcome to the men's room and I thought it hello I. Brand and our man. Pretty demanded that moved back captains are actually. Oh who would yes. That's that is everyone's interest I have two sons and then I hate San Diego move away. Move away from San Diego whatever you do don't you ever find and I knew I connect. I got a better paying jobs out here time contest. Rezko that went well with. All right first ball's traveling Y zero banner anyway have you ever been held up her add anything stolen from you. Stolen yes I've got my car broken Indio Bennett nothing's going out in my luggage. You bet your luggage stolen who's all your luggage. Just some random people I guess. They actually caught the people doing it but these are Obama did sign there this huge yeah. Luggage after ring no going on up to the airport. I originally also you checked in your bag and then it was gone. This is part of the reason Palin must not. Okay and what was in your back. I luckily nothing too valuable doesn't clothes and some shampoos Mikey borrow my vitals upon me. Ties into your destination OK and you don't have anything and I've never. I've been through this for maybe a day but normally was on a return trip a Mardi home I never home one in other end of the deliver my bag when they get a bit. But what do you do man what were were you win you realize you didn't have your bags. I actually sandy does Don their services strip it's OK so now you're okay that now you've got to buy business goals and assuming. Yeah I had to buy a whole not suit. Okay and and not only that but you spending your whole what morning buying underwear in stocks and it's not just to suit its its shoes it's it's everything correct. Yes they got a Men's Wearhouse and spend almost 600 dollar is getting new suit. Today. We're the ones doing the luggage from so I'm content isn't measured we see now just zoom please just stuff and you're gonna need it. As it meant I had to be expensive so a thousand bucks easy right. Basically and then you add dude also by just regular old T shirt underwear herb you know let George C doomed from the rest your time now there. Yeah I had you know Plantronics. To pick up a Nadal. Toiletries all of it adding up they got them. The vote 12100 hours later after everything. That sucks man I'm glad for my loss my luggage a slide to the East Coast. From Thanksgiving is probably too. Six years ago now but the thing is there was a puddle jumper to my final destination. I am in northern Pennsylvania. Away from the luggage it doesn't show up go to the kind of like hey man. What do we have to do so though the guardian council throw the stuff from the says Al wild I'll cast him the promised. Mr. Olson your luggage is on its way to Phoenix but it must Thanksgiving time Tom has some. On started. The my suitcase haven't done their relative who finished an eagle he's won their for the holidays out of the donors like no no no look we give it back my Harrell isn't going. Two I think Phoenix since 2000 Gandhi miles away from ormat 2501. Have been that big of a deal except to that point you're traveling with a child who's still in diapers select. The car seat craft has gone. All the diapers and honestly I endorsement money and act on the job. And that I'm tough I rather my 600 dollar suit for me the diverse for the children yeah I know how that sounds but so would you. There's one of those rooms man that's like there integrators and is just Phillip Paul slow stuff. Incidents somewhere I don't have a minnows Ireland divers who often found good and evil villain a bit on the suitcases but before they get opens a story hours so you just go and hope which you you're still banking on somebody had good stuff and act. Trent threes and asked would have earlier traveling there this is up I think this is a case. Of drawing a bully silver spoon in your mouth based on the advice that one that Jacques cousteau's grandson. Philip B goose so I gave about advice to keep yourself safe when your trap okay so this is Jacques cousteau's grandson. He's constantly traveling the world and he is an explorer and an environmentalist. And he says the best tip for staying safe when your overseas. Is to Wear a Rolex watch. So I already disagree here's why. Because you want people to know that your worth Monday he says that no matter where you walk everyone knows relaxes and knows that they're expensive. That makes it like currency so if you're ever a dangerous situation you can use it to barter and get yourself out of trouble. I think the Rolex G Julie knew more trouble and as you have and our power PowerPoint are dead don't call attention to yourself how about. That's how long walk fast to look angry Arafat must pretty universally well what is a Rolex cost how much is at least 5000 bucks. Probable I think you can spend as much as you want unity goes on on 300000 African dollar got everything in between but. Like I hear already sent like its currency and luck if I'm on a boat and I'm attacked my Somali pirates and I happen driving Rolex which I don't. Maybe all we're doing what what I wouldn't do is walk through Mogadishu with my Rolex on decide well. Let's just give it over with basically our he's inviting people do to get the mugging over way back that's on sale yeah I agree on a proud I am I calling you to log me most people no matter where you go on earth are fairly decent and Vanessa. Look I wouldn't Wear a Rolex watch on the bus just because I thought if I'm ever gonna get in a confrontation I can ride this bus. 365 days a year not have a problem the molecule that someone sees a Rolex watch may be they wanted to. Then I might have a problem. Most of the time they're not gonna see anything on me every other day of the year that they would want from his theory to me is like look man if you ought to avoid being attacked by sharks. Swim with the bleeding see a look at actually. That way and when a shark shows all of you give him the seals and they did no knowledge of the bleeding seals when I did like why what I do that Carolina's needs travel with ransom money that's basically what he's saying and nobody's calling himself about wearing a Dottie watch that anyway and I would I would and others are monetary and he's only defenses you can use it to barter like. I will you push you around with thousands of dollars in a money Clinton on the outside the PGA championship agencies did did you should down in and robbed and beaten for air jordans. Should I play and they are being murdered and they were walking around with Shaq shoes on. Or any other brand that notre know whatever bother them because they're not wearing the brand and other people want and wouldn't let elsewhere and I remember Jordan got to do what limited where Jordan's to my high school. Because so many people or any shot. Like this a look man. You wanna warm outside the hearing about it didn't matter if you're twelve years old you're taken bulletin that initially your tennis shoes and does it became the face of this they can you not Wear them at the school. Just so when you guys you're each other school can be about the dumb stuff that normally is about but not the Jordan. This is great outing that's pretty bad advice. Why don't come and review cement her roles a complete list of roles on the web site amends in my back on the all categorized in the roles that you made up throughout the years we'll try to put a couple more. In July on the way along with a return. I'll be your guess is as good as mine and emails in the men's room and men's or live dot com all coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Your guess is just my categories food and during the first time for a few emails air from the men's room mad men's or live dot job. Hold it just as my grandson Mason second trip around the sun instead of dirty Germans can meet Ted Smith talked to them. In that mouse cartoon Teva voice. He's due. And years unfortunately the only to those who are very important person. Don't remind you don't forget to remind your grandparents to take you to Disney World this year anything. I'm from lawyers and you're gonna Morgan Lewis has. Or are you. Tim miles son who turns six years old today that would be Connor. When he was three my wife insisted I stop playing the podcast in the truck when he started dissing the TV time with ten intro. Nonetheless when it's just us it's the men's room or Metallica what I would love this would be clean it Germans to say happy birthday to Connor. There are no good come on rodeo so are we teach you all a man nothing. Young happy birthday young mom to. My son calls. Eighteenth birthday he's if you are huge fan although the barber shop they San legends of dirty German doc thanks guys love you from Kristy spears it sooner we borrow this and wins. Oh Jesus taught her on the side. Television. I wish these zoo around there's zero in the morning. And bad news at noon and not. I'll put him out every night. Until a new. Yeah and enough to go to my house. Four people. There's a thug prison virtually a birthday it's the last one more had a went for awhile cause he's going to boot camp. And we would love to get some dirty Germans love a son from mom. And dead. All right Jim Jim looks like you make of them women front seats. Boston always finishes off to private tent for himself. Congratulations go to prison. Mozilla those Labor Day waste my uncle Brad getting you know face sand wedge into dirty German for the old man thanks guys from time Shannon and bring though sandwich. Are you Omar and his song about you truly want yeah. I've continued throughout. Program for YouTube one fish two fish red fish and. No law and could you please look at very selfish and look at it and I let the red fish blue fish needed the money. Could you please could have reverted to our brother and mom and dad's favorite accident Kyle. With some sexy German thrill Nazr dead talking about electricians. Thanks guys from mom dad Alex and Zach. The arbitration. There is ultimately the most popular. Dan Dan if the Melvin how hung out with a few electricians in my day pretty good times they help you screw in a lightbulb I'm a good play with a socket. But know that my husband David thirtieth birthday let's get into a dirty German talk about hunting and fishing from the east sexy lady in his life. Aren't so you Roger hunt for my receipts are releases for your fishy smell. Now and then after we get that Kim we have to get a. All big east beat back up the OK guys here. Here is already my thirtieth birthday today would love an original face and we do we still have the drop the beat that would be great thanks for a great show guys thanks so much. Probably birthday shout out to top mud Darby Scheyer AKA Darby as bond. He's a lovable FL but work you begged everyone to this he's maybe 32 he especially wants the dirty Germans to violate his boy parts please and thank you. By the time we don't know Verizon be stuck together through my glue stick. Yeah he most definitely be classic German snack Cary Grant. My friend during his birthday turtle wax what do you like that would be great. And he just lost her job so please allow the dirty Germans to cheer up thanks guys she's great person deserves better that from Shannon. Please go up. Yup you both that we had McDonald's thing then I would sure you'll through. You put my big moments in your mouth and know each of the fish food. Talk to supplement and everything sorry about the job last June the moment in my. Have plenty of doubts he. Could he ever does John's my hobby and your only faithful Kenyon was her job. Added Vegas to celebrate is a dirty thirty skinny please give me some extra sexy at doha. Xxx rated it dirty German thank you so much from your biggest fan. Opera local folks were mostly and you usually looks like a banking including. And you know I don't. An Argentinian. They didn't come close to improve the mighty fine talking. It's amazing was actually new to me too because if there is amazing wife Rachel's almost forty birthday to those dirty Germans please reminder once in store if any of our family ever goes to Germany thanks guys from there. The. John W lots of sex. Dirty kind nobody can know. Is Germany's which we do. Guys today is why Danielle eyebrows Danny's for Easter brown sees an incredible mother Italian and she's really lucky to have me. Can I get to some Allan thank followed by some sexy Italian soccer lover kids tailored jacket and Addison. Oh look out. You know to do drug deal ladies snacks and begin a bit. No way you look sexy Italian. Like to go moving here. A makes so little assaulted you can straighten out my moon. It'd go right nobody out there and say oh. You'll Bud Black just rerouted go to your defeat. Oh yeah there you know. I'm behind yeah I mean god hey dad yeah yeah I heard and happy I didn't. I'd hate her don't you tell you. But well. Did you German drug. Also available through these world fame on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Know him shrine inside she's. We're not a lot right now is far far 999. Ole if you would like to play your guess is as good as mine a couple of years here. I was like dart chains have never adult should be in Italy and now they are here only if Rubin what your priority is. Guys know what I saw again this is so this is this is something just like what are your callers I to suck at relationships but and a slightly different way. You see in June there is this weeklong camp I go to for blind and visually impaired adults. There was a girl there that I had feelings for her name was Ellie I thought the way of our hearts would be to complement her name on FaceBook. Followed by kissing facial expressions and hard emote geez. Instead I get a private message rumors saying. Leave me alone she did exclaimed if you continue I will have no choice in a place restraining order Euro order on you for harassment. I don't want to talk to you at all period all in caps why it. There have been Moses other girl named Amanda by that time I wasn't sure how to approach her so I just senator text message saying that I had feelings war. I've been asked her if she felt the same way she responded I like you just as a friend. So there's my love life for you basically in a nutshell that's from blind and single Paul. Single ball and blind Paul I think you need to go at this a little bits more slowly and a sense that journalist. Yeah I got in in their blind and they can't see. But the deal is is that no one can really have feelings from you and lets you establish relationship mean so you might find someone attractive but they're not gonna find you attractive until they get to know you. So you can't exactly a minute earlier and knew Garrett in no value on say he's trying to cross the friends under mark demos is other girl named Amanda yeah I wasn't sure how to approach or saws and our message saying had feelings for. I wasn't sure how to approach your means and that's different disaster on a day I'll be back writing was already friends with an out and also you can you can log on to some on guilt. I have feelings for you let's go out. It's just not gonna work and life does not agree Lloyd get away from me. I'll tell you how do you have feelings remain you don't even know via maybe I'm crazy day disaster for a day man GAAP start out slow. Where would you after the date it was established which are looking for what's right worst place have found a group. A whole guys in modern I'm a custodian an elementary school and the last two times I've filled in for eyeballs in the day shift. Some kid in the boy's or girl's bathroom proved on the floor right in front of the toilet. So thrilled be proud that your son may not flush the toilet after he does the deed I'm frowned but at least he gets it in there which is it was a pretty good it does get it and remember that's for sure you're gone trucker but my stomach. Last few remnants he's left from the subject to those hits and with what my sister and I were on a bus going home from downtown. There are two guys again giving us a hard time and what we got off until sis walked ahead of me. I never heard one of them come up behind me all the sudden I get hit in C a broken two by four Landon for enemy he's I'd turned and looked at him. He looked at me then the two by four that was left in his hand. He dropped it and then ran as fast as he cut my sister espouse OK I never felt it mama always said I had a hard hit. Tsang and that is why I got hit over the back ahead we've got them to buy forfeited even know what a turnaround look at the dude and then ran off. Hey guys I was in the Marine Corps in my youth in my body and our given the task of burying a common wire underwrote or com wire. The higher ups didn't want trucks running over the wire yeah yeah. Some throwing and has big gas in the road and it's something big ass and so again harder this time. Pulled up Glenn aerial practice bomb. As soon as I guess they saw. Are my body pulled up 12. Needless to say we called the bomb disposal guys he calls over the drug and said one of you guys are really lucky one of these is still alive. She's this day we don't know which way finger guardian Angel Leyland got blown up that day Brock on that for much. That's a little terrifying part time for all your guess is as good as mine it's an easy game to play we get a contestant on the line from there you pick one of two categories and you try to get as many right into the category. Before three strikes and you around Steve knows our contest and right to play your guess is as good as Bob hello Lisa welcome to the Madrid. I thought wow how Riley's death. I don't fantastic OK listen you got two categories to choose from on your guess as good as mine. These first one is the ten occasions. There were most likely to celebrate with a drink. These are times where something has happened and joblessness happen whether it be big or small but you know what it's the right time to celebrate with the drinking alcohol. The next category is B ten countries in the world with the absolute. Best food. They asked Tony 5000 people around the world. They all voted online to figure out what country has the best who does so today the categories going to be food and drink and deal with the ten best countries for food. Food or the ten best times to celebrate with a drink. I can. Did this time to drink and smoke a look at true alcoholic and Jack and I were off. Oh I knew surveyed they asked people a name different occasions where they're likely to celebrate with a drink. Or several drinks. And their hearts and the way that we play your guess is as there is mindful and get as many right in the category as possible. Before three strikes and you're out there isn't happy private to them and I could be displayed weddings overall. Just terrific way to winning the kid the promotion funeral rule 41 birthday. And nothing else to look like nothing else comes to mind finally the survey also found that when we put down the most drinks. Losing. This would be a special occasion. Back to the weddings the birthday bachelor and bachelorette guy okay nights out with friends wedding receptions goes wrong only drink the most. But this is the survey asked people to name the occasions when we're likely to celebrate that said during. Maybe a few times so what is your first guess in your guess is as good as mine. Yeah. ETV. The deer. I'm like. Yeah. You're. I'd New Year's sending a pretty good time to have a direct push out you have to remember these are special occasions. That you're likely head during so. Overnight a promotion where hit Chris nothing promotion program and forget everything that's it's not personal to you there is one specific holiday that the personal to you where you can have a hearing to visit to celebrate but most of the time. This is not universal. This is specifically where you are. I guess have out. About 41 birthday album coral them. And said weddings or portal that will not work. Weddings to a degree they say people drink the most at weddings I don't get it. A promotional work. 6%. Of people say they absolutely would have a drink after getting a promotional work now we're on track now has gotten very good work. Assuming they're gonna do look at some point dobbs once so that Marty celebrating the future of guys and keep in mind that it doesn't have to be that big of a deal. It can be a big deal but it doesn't have to be that big of a deal the most of these yes they're pretty big moments in your life. Yeah any sporting events like your team wins a championship result now on the lets him. Oh. Who else have they fit the category. I wish list that suddenly part isn't out yet what his birthday and I guess could you want something good times people definitely brought birth of the child. Graduation college is something. We'll graduation. Seems like a really good time to earn a beer for a drink get NN. Earning a degree comes in at number 659 and say they get invigorate. Yes these candidates Jack is really paying for for the rest realize they don't they love the student loans are all okay so you got Nazi rather gently C got one strike. These are the ten occasions were most likely to celebrate with a drink about god. I'm 41 birthday I mean. Richard K okay and I unless it's. Sorry loser long elusive to me. Are there any of those I'm running a duel celebrations like hey you made it to Friday it's. Yeah yeah and yeah. I like them on this Friday. Yeah. Make it sound that is drag on our grades and have a drink is when you finish until we get more to go to a global and that. You've gotten three out of the tenth two strikes you've got one strike remaining lease. There's talked. About what I found out those awards is not hear someone giving him on that. And how to do did you catch the touchdown passes did you run ins or did you return kick off for the first book. It just got it yeah. And the ravens fan a burger time has scored touchdowns and drive football season hasn't had a drink in three weeks people think I'm Greg and sobriety I'm just waiting. Are you lie please let me answer your question are you married. Your divorce bags do you remember when you blow it and I remember I did yeah and I think I'll probably. And physical us please a what did you and your ex husband get together always immigrants. A. Every day. I did you like anniversaries. My. Straight yes or number three it's reminding parents that hey I know one more break down break it at this. Current all right Derek and worth. Every day I think in each and every day and I never and argue. I don't I don't know man ever Bruins and alleys again for out of the ten that would be your wedding anniversary and when you finish it WTKK Friday getting a promotion earning a degree you've gotten four out of the ten move ones drag permitting. What is your next guest in the senate gazans were most likely to celebrate with a drink. It. Yeah Marty. Fish usually Honolulu. All around no not unless you guys gonna guesses. What about stuff that happens good for the spouse they get a promotion yourself. It's councils. They fired up for your temperature and I was feeling a funeral. I've been married tonight in a celebration of the bed all right guys I guess is generally volatile food child. Yeah yeah my child now I thought why Welsh have good when he attitude. We have a baby you're gonna like everything's in it for the shutdown guy you wanted to go games over iron here that's in their neighborhoods in different occasions for most likely to celebrate with a great. Number ten hitting a fitness goals if you lost a lot of weight or you worked out for a while number nine finally playing now paying off a low number eight. Starting a brand new job. Number seven buying or renting a new home. Followed by earning a degree getting a promotion. Friday's. Your wedding anniversary. A friend's engagement to celebrate with him. Or your birthday. Hi we heard earlier today number one that is 83% people say it's a reason to celebrate without go pretty tough they're just we still got four of its. I still don't drink it tells with a shot of the day the return of men's room rules. Is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Fragile Gonzales saying my profile as this coming up we Andrea tells with a shot of the day before and. It's. Shari is naked with a town just another Sharon clutch everybody. Tata apartment room rules are on throughout the day. All times are viewed from rules put those roles and along the complete list of rules and laws are available on our website. If Vijay governments or live dot com and everyone's well take loads and do to put a few more into on this when it comes. From today show and basically we were talking about maybe had non down to the lovely Bonnie mentioned that Jordan Carson City, Nevada. Joining me right things of people dude did you were saying that it seems that some men. Go there to get what they cannot get at at all. Correct more than simply what specific things and your family hey I remember good times and they they enjoyed being with you more. And that's what I know unless business and more about fund this one is on that tip men's room rule if it's something your wife full due then it's not cheating that from Mike. Yeah I don't know Bob Allen chief GAAP and I just for the record I guess that the guys now married by Jack I enrollment on this stuff. Yeah I'm proud and I very easy for me make judgment calls now apparent effect effect. The good comes from our body Evan and heaven is up in a search notice surge so this brings New York which is a level of Millen and you know I thought there was cola lovely serotonin is present essentially. Miles Saratoga Springs like the Academy Award winner. Once you win an Academy Award you'll never be introduced as anything of the band Academy Award winner miles Montgomery so lovely he's not there a toga springs it is. No Lee says like lovely Lake Tahoe lovely Saratoga spring but is beautiful so the reason I leave a bit like being cited an incredible music venues they've got to live horse track and Victorian homes and I'm assuming that Evan is listening on WC about and remember if you ever go to the horse track watched races is good luck you got to drink the water. At Saratoga Springs on this for a good month. And hang Evan you're your rule a man should not call another man would nothing to talk about. If you wanna call that catch up that's great but you can't rely on need to provide the conversation you called me. When a man called someone have something to say downs that are around. Haven't. I could not agree with you more. It is however as we say when you go to men's in my dot com check all the rules have been made throughout the years and if you go to article four section 28 in the following rule party exist. If you call another man have a point. Never called just for small talk so that's whether that was written and that's Allison. Our guys really don't call me in that I'm supposed to entertain you and Jack and I have you have a potential role in July submitted to the humans are much issued as an email to the men's room Edmonds or my dot com and make the subject men's room rules are I have imaginary attacks. Bloody out there is dead or still be ready. Men's room knows just. Saturday that it shows only had to do during desk can't seem to draw will find out who are toast that yes indeed today we chose 43 year old Juan Jose but drew real bright in eye candy saves last night. I knew I look he lives in Colorado and he was in court for felony drug charge aren't. And he managed to get himself then let me a little bit more trouble. The George walks into the chamber everyone rises when you've brought in front of the judge. He's asked of course to pull up the stats because that's a sign of respect and he did because keep in mind he's been at or before. Unfortunately for him when he called office that yeah small square folded paper filled to the floor. That would have been his cocaine which race and even worse is that he was there on narcotics charge. When disaster remove his head as cocaine fell to the floor. I was either reviewed the surveillance footage which they didn't need to do because the bail picked it up in the first place but yes. Our friend went to court under narcotics charge no Wayne you need to pull your head off a majority Waltz it right pretty standard breath yeah he's done this before. No has got him cocaine fell out of a hat and onto the floor. I knew listed say he was it with additional cart. He's gotta be he's got to be highlands there right I'm guessing which started a bad idea to like man you've been through the system before. Why would you put cocaine in your hat and look its federal open a package then and as you'd take off repellents mentioned Coca dates pure cane sugar. What's different if you. That's he done I get to pick a kid government and the record about don't hide anything in your hat and it wants child lost 75. Flew home. To him. You should but his lawyer I've written close drank reporting those boos imagery does lose because we think it's young man national over the tongue and downed. Like to Barney in our Tommy's. Down not a whole lot of zone and I. Get a good does that a lot of the profile that we'll take collar night right now only 44999. Obama. Shenanigans continue on the men's Wear a radio network.