11-16-16 Radkey

Wednesday, November 16th

The boys of Radkey joined us in studio today! They'll be performing at the High Dive tonight!

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Good job market says it's an analyst we got profile those like for tickets to giraffe tongue orchestra will be profiled as a viable it right after the show today enemy timing of the ban on his racquet and studio guys welcome to Seattle a commitment are we got to Isaiah do you Solomon and here on asked about that pretzel Isaiah and Solomon bird bill called the department of the what's done it at at at at. You guys get a brand new album out and it's called a delicious rock noise and I guess this is yet another album before that. Dark black makeup and then and a little people may hear a make or that would presumably for real could it effect and that is an amazing and I got I doubt Robert Downey junior. Yeah of course what they'd talk about the you've got how long have you guys been Roberts well now we know that but you guys are actual Brothers yeah Helena. You've been on the road to get it continuously seems like you guys have been a lot. Yeah we've been touring. Pro the sixties. Yes like six years to Dan. San tumors. And the longest one we heard three months. Your. It is America. And it. OK but but in the beginning of this year and a little banner so nobody yet. It was mini van you know I mean. It was. Dented on the left side it's difficult are so yeah I did you lived in this manner that you know is shorten it. What doesn't like them down it was we've we kept it pretty chill or or which is really the snow outlined the. Drive or did you have some of the drug for it back at your dad drove you have Dorsey now I gotta admit that I'm a parent. Most of the time when kids grow opulence Heatley. In some reason your parents are content with them you guys stick around so listen if I don't get of the thirty day that they're trying to make a lot of money off that helicopter accident like that mean. But you're dead as a manager at Howard is that avenue dead as a manager Mike do you worry about him knocking on the hotel room door at certain times like is there anything where you know it's. Gotta hope that's not bad. No we actually share hotel room pretty much every night. We hang out all the time since we're home schooled everything's really weird morale really close and everything works out and just. You never hear that home schooled today. You the took courage is beyond us but also home school I don't care what school you went to. One you would have been valedictorian. The other one would be like lucky to get out and someone ultimately who will be the valedictorian of Fargo according to your parents who do you think that I'll be glad when this was Smart. Home here but I think that kind of these chickens yeah. The economy gets better equipment that the and may need that in the well I'll. Slow sales and if you ever. Nothing you just tag along blender on. At home schooled I mean as far as well that well first of all the the twenty year reunion is not that your joy and all the other magical going and and he never seen before and Mena for the first time. Go ahead. Don't was like he set a moment I am like this and regular way. As better attention you know me and him and go slow. Certain number hours a day that you guys do the league from. League. We will not. Kicking. The decline. -- it was a and one given. You got to be imam over bag that ambulance as they bigger women. This guy's article I was like yeah I don't I got caught like that Saddam as the weeks passed. You guys feel like do you feel like KK can you cannot feel the momentum here a little bit with the banking you can get a I have a feeling and a few years it's it's it's going to be huge there right now the morals just groping school along but now I got some that out as a tour and all of a -- and the like are. It's taken a little time and miss six years and everybody you know like do you feel like yen and a year ago this is just come. Yeah we're really excited about things being the only really soon to be on my exit too long like tour link right after the album came out and yes he can really feel like people and like the rock music or China like do you so it's really cool. Asia still on crappy banner they upgraded. Upgraded to Diggs ran blower is city rancher right now. Still. It's and actually can get to greet net communities. Kept. Adrian grinning or signed you know his record label many years ago yet we did are one of our first things was we did catch our cat and mouse view in agencies basement studio truly equal the guitar player from the Austin and giraffes and grow with them. Like they're like best friends at school what's his place like is it just a sick pad that you wasn't like entourage it's cool men. What is it like on drugs like oh my god I'm not and it is what it feels like it builds schools and through the first black characters ever thought. I think if I see this don't happen pretty wise if it happens at the vehicle guy. Yeah me and you is really cool we get to the state house or record because we came back from recordable EP there is slip them options. Now through school. Radke playing tonight's at the high dive in prima we've got a little game and play your record of the game is called. Know your hometown. And you guys are from the Mecca of Saint Joseph, Missouri yes so he does Malcolm and trip but there for the whole family Christmas Isiah DR Solomon if you know the answer you can entry accordingly please Frazier hampers the area. Saint Joseph Missouri know your hometown here. Now what's what major park that runs along the Missouri River in Saint Joseph what is the name of the major part the wrong runs alongside the Missouri River there and lovely Saint Joseph, Missouri your home town the town that you grew up as your hometown but what did you know on the back it and the one that you drive through the one where your parents are from. Your hometown what is the major part the runs along the Missouri River major part and I think it's actually about a third of the city link me to think yeah I know it is definitely the that's a big part they huge. Come on up is where you live is where you grew up. Oh. My dad that the answer. River bluff park. River bluffs park and continue. Does anyone know your hometown with Radke. Saint Joseph, Missouri what museum in Saint Joseph deals with the insane. That all you've been there yet. Our. Lower global war psychiatric. Museum that. I thought I'd. That or taken out of the police were blown. How would you years it's really skewed. View that they had electric chairs with the probes analysts outbreak of conflict does this thing. You salute. Not only evidence like exchange with a big change people to the walls and stuff like it sounds pig today yeah. And and the two weeks off I think at Toronto. Angels it was Ireland. Oh. That you would. You. Okay we're gonna stick with that we're gonna stick to museums categories museums. A this Saint Joseph museum features the birth of the US mail service the birth of the US mail service come on guys come and it. What we kind of know it today. Is as we're all kind of started with a horse non. And they were very. Panic stressful way of doing things. And only drink the beer com. Little tiny pony beards. Pony express partly wrath I think that this guy there again I think if I. I would have looked to vote question three more plus this is know your hometown advantage Iraqi the hometown saint Joe's and surgical and North Kansas City. Backwards and this outlaw. Was mergers. In Saint Joseph, Missouri. This outlaw was murdered he's also a tight end for the Pittsburgh Steve. Jessie yeah I. Yeah I've been murdered in Saint Joseph mother and it works himself back in the day today is that he's still. If I think made. See there. Cash. Paul is a tough business and an update a little bit Clinton musically I think unions. This lead singer. From saint Joseph's. Would tell you too late you're weary head to rest don't you cry no more he. Yeah. It is can't. Event is Kansas to no lead singers and he is from Saint Joseph, Missouri. The most famous member of Kansas new. All we are is dust in the wind. That story is that. Are immediately. Afterwards. And now all of a bank and just can't remember last time now doesn't Steve Walsh yes. Which leads Americans and what more on the inaugural gown with a rent it's not a terrible thing you know. We don't need it we did an accident guys maybe into the bin Laden and drummer. And posing as they've when he now. Went with them. And a bonus question this rapper born in Saint Joseph. Missouri as the Matthew into your rock punk yank. TM. Well yeah. Sure he and Roy. Wrote it yet. I wonder what talent he went with street name it would be eight mile and definitely if you let those Stuart street and I think if I don't avenues for racquet ball. Rampant. I don't know. She's kind of weird places this scene and again Amber's importantly we even really very much like. You. Don't think I'd love from there really you know no one in the stimulus of the show. A Kansas City like in Kansas City, Kansas is Kansas City in the area let's say Jews became like. It's weird. You know we go other places to play. You can beat me here to play. It's light intensity will later we have we've field it's. Easily. We think that's kind of Eminem thing. That I don't want to wrap but there. Aren't totally totally. It's this kind. Read it to hide that tonight in effort not what so what what are some of the the weirder experiences you guys had on tours ours either the accommodations are just. The environment ticketed adult. That what really. Actually when the guys have been on the road basically most of your lives since an old so you know I mean it's like you've been on the road a lot like what are some of the weirder experiences. We actually. And you're on stage yeah. You got that you've got the knife through. Yeah yeah. Smiling and ninth in the early in action it. They ought to throw it back what are you doing that have kept playing the song go as a rule that. So no matter what. And something about man I am hopeful the shoe made the not only nothing it was Obama and the band. And it's him and he got out and in someone working in abusing him in. This league yeah yeah. New Orleans well over a minute through your not gonna. Onstage. I don't work that I heard a let's play people from prime they'd made asks them Brooke with the same question he got it I think who's pulling in Iowa State income. And somebody threw it was severed pig's foot for the middle of the child Samantha silicon tone element pay was sort of like rip has just opened the same thing however it wouldn't you what would be seen as you look down on the stage two and he does play it's a big festivals in Lincoln talents from a SXSW illiquid we would have you looked down and Catholics in the audience for she's funny and a walk over when he throws to him and check this out there. At is that I mean is that recurring thing. You sometimes seasons and definite people that are on and so that's cool. Yeah definitely I think damn bitter experience for him unlock. On. And right side. They make it obvious that one universal bands of metal music and that's that's going to to let you know they have a good time. Yes yes and speaking did that happen it's an honor to. What's up you guys can just you guys. Your sound kind of just came up with your own sound. He has just started plan. And based on your influences everything else like the sound you hear is they cannot trying to replicate and I'm sure you have imports and everything and this is just what this is the sound that you guys create its. It's an incredibly unique sound as the new album some saying this is same tip resembled a more yeah it's late princess. And kind of like we just won a delight. Rockets are educated in night our own mind sheer rock away and might sneak kitsch you know it's hard in weird tees. It down all of yet ever anything lake. It's fabulous it's like who we are in the album that's the best we can really. Can draw something a social perspective lyrically on what's going on around you sadistic kind of a turn on when I kids these days like Edmonton so. My editor Gerri you guys you know still on that tip as far as totally blowing stuff up. It is currently year auction those UK you can if you listen it parties definitely. Deal each year than the earth it can if you unique Wii users experience. Them that way. So the ads can relate Kingsley. Rock. Get off your phone and Danica. Yes if if if and that's like telling your friends can bring proof. Of duke duke do you guys are still do you have a home. Yes what do we do it doesn't have a whole what where's the home we moved to Kansas City. Yes we have our own guys some cats and stuff like cats now. Which really after a four legged cat yes you have lots of tech yes yes and they're just. Yeah yeah didn't the we take care that you backed. Up well that's. It's. Rob you about the marine who you're hitting it if it that's on the new album for Brad. He has called delicious frog noises are now you guys critically acclaimed people. In the music industry people who seem to really like music really dig you guys and I would have to think that's a pretty high compliment. The people who do who do you like Q and do support you and everything else recognizes that you guys are some specialist that's got to kind of weird culture you just think well we're just dole were dormant yeah appreciate that. It feels incredible because I always mention this it's it's like we started off in this high light green room upstairs just jamming wherever he come up with. With just the dreams of like all of these kinds of things and then. For any event in needed to happen is it's insane like it's especially me think back to that really hot or really cold green room stern often. As a bit a moment where you looked at onstage and yet in you know enemy has or the royals on Israel which round you're an okay. It was it was a rock for years. In Belgium and then it reliving them how many people. It's a point doesn't she open the mainstays in believe Metalico is playing the metallic balls were backstage that. He gets he goes yeah and don't touch that you want to I don't know to me how it is here and name metallic balls like I'll pass a I thought everything Metallica it's out. That giant balls drop from that orbiter and from the they did enjoyable. Just in here and around the aggregate at the. Solomon you know as he turns the drums way way up there in the McDowell it's all ground you can do good things yeah but so it sold 20000 people they have no idea who you are they know who you army with. I know the Belgium and all those areas that they love the rock music and they're very knowledgeable but do they know the songs are they just like. Getting down to you guys have thrown that. Whoa. I feel like a lot of them were new. But lane there are some personal sometimes in like Europe and stuff were people do you know the songs really feels crazy it's like. You know they deal they really get it like the rock the American rock music and stuff over there and it's really sweet is it really makes it feel like real. And I was like it when used in a you'll see count the voted as a complaint and would be Europe South America. And it's disgrace to me because someone. No one here speaks English. Bulldozing of workers and medical. Yeah I definitely could say that's got to be one cools things are people's courts of its there. Most beautiful women in the world country so far. Me and Adam. Where you're like oh my god where are. Check it out how how the crowds in Japan. We those who. Are expert on nine. Loss to the Japanese girls like you in return. We didn't give communion yeah did you see any penny machine penny a vending machines or any of the weird culture we didn't. Fine in the opera house. I think where they're ninety days but it was amazing because that we like levee enemy incessantly. All of that what is. Incredible. Industry. Man. Hey man look it's our out of Baltimore America. And its properties. Is yeah. That's not the envelope yeah. I don't over the water I'm glad to implement them that's pretty ugly dog that didn't go through that may have what it even ugly babies could hit they the it would it could hit an ugly ugly as but it. About food and we kind of weird food and download fee in Germany than it's amazing. But what you get. We do it. Sausages is much you can you can like Iowa blows it it's a curry words that's the best thing ever can't stop its Fries and. All right TTE curry worst in you guys needle supplement what it would have occurred were settles and just curry worked as a positive if you had a situation where one dissent Heyman and the smoke you've thought yeah. I got to take. That seventieth. Not yet that the grouping has announced opposite. No nailed it he's found a bloody clash sometimes and that's and places like me fevers. And you eat all of it and stuff in complaints that you can pretty good. I'm always worried about the food poisoning ailment you never column that I didn't you guys aren't you guys are out there prolonged absolving fast. You get this food out there all day of the catering services Donovan and Angela going to get a bad piece whenever. That piece of sausage and in your day's ruined. Yeah we had the poisoning when we're about to be doing indicate and so we're like at the border and easily keeping us. We're gonna walk and he just looked like we received perceive her eyes are horrible stuff and it was. Super I'm. If you. Hit it into it. Would are you surprised. The drugs around the world and near when you're traveling was what people are into her most people smoking weed around the world these days and can smell in the crowds there's in that's pretty nice and lets us other drugs either we only knew you knew anything about it and stuff suddenly keep Cassell we've. So what's it like being a place we can just walk into a storm that we. It soon knives and so it's asleep because that's that they need to club again as one of the seat he has potential time. And time yet and that's a shady deal yeah. Kobe bag luggage now our man goodies will be sketched out right now that's Internet and as a crap. Yeah exactly things that could give yourself so it in because there's so much down time here on tour. In you know like three hours rivers funny it's finally it's over tickets and look. Man I'm downstairs video. You have stated quote. It again Tokyo. With with an abrupt hit you like being put any illicit activity in the City Council an old. If you ask who they they will Bubba and I just. My personal throughout it I have found a couple of pounds a year would ever I'm looking. It is completely dating. Reggie is tonight at the high dive by Iraqi defrag you Solomon wreck it thank you guys so much coming him and the band is ranking the brand new album is called delicious rock noise and if you don't have dark black make up that that as well it's that's another. Guys thanks becoming a man we think you guys are possible sees tonight's show we'll take a recommend them articles or question for better or worse what's the most member memorable memorable nickname did you ever be back.