11-21-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Has The Wrong Number

Tuesday, November 21st

Mens Room Question: What happened when technology did someone dirty?


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This is dumb men's room. Look at Leonardo listeners into Iraq 103 in Fayetteville, North Carolina that would be Fort Bragg and did your favorite station rock 100 point five. The Czechs have a in Oklahoma City let's give if you had to lie down there I'm Arial. You're listening to the men's room on rock 100 point five the cats are. Thought I'm going to learn how we've got an auto through all your overall day it was late gays love seduce him IDs if you don't Promos were you take care of this crap right now period directly. We'll know I think our listeners coming in right now it's rock 100 point five the cats. Why do the quality I have every time and everyone else joining us if they're Joseph Torre today got right council drug charge coming into since then ten songs that are out surprisingly not about sex. Men's room rules on the way and again profile this and say we're gonna talk about what happened when technology did someone dirty. And Ray Allen former NBA player he got catfish by guy was saying all kinds of things to his family and harassing them and then the guy who was cat fishing him claims on fact Ray Allen was. Was harassing him Jay Rosen among two different women that said they wanna say to them basically in ravens' all about it and we have a sex toy that here's my question. If you're anybody wouldn't be scared to death of brain of people in your GM's now. I don't prematurely athletes are gonna go through its. I I I don't know like it seems to be of anyone's Mary C that's all we exchanges with him. There we have the we have sex toys that runs off of an app on your phone so you can control the sex toy through via. Do we need that. You know I'd like anything else we'll read your own about sure that information goes but. In fact one users and hey you know I looked on my phone that I see this file and it was recording while the are you there while the the unit was in action Lou. EU member of blue. You're watching a video and you like they I don't know something happened to get distracted right so. C staff watching video but then make when you could go like that home screen you just kinda has leaked the name of with a video you're watching news. OK so late it's legislate clicking the button and it's like the tar Raymond how much battery power and also be like. Like big Boston blonde does OK time. Sometimes I recall ballot. We mean that you leave and I forget that the videos on there and enlist the the initial screen in my thumb for some blues and only give a video or halfway through playing. We'll just remain a pop up oh okay so that you just walked by over did you program. I android are damned yeah hey I'm an event. And my bad real Paul has this review process presents its sense. And we had the cops and had to go to a party in Maine because. One of the kids but dialed nine more months of the cops came broke up party. And as all that was going down the other woman who owned the house she was charged with allowing minors to consume alcohol that crap that was not the end of the night they kept on parting but the comes to get a real 911 call from the house. After a 36 year old guy. Pulled a gun from the kid. Who'd done the butt dialing I guess apparently pissed off that he accidentally routed everybody out so our question. What happened when technology did someone 38449990. Look hello dharma welcome to the men's room. Our they just all top. We have technology dear friend of mine very cute he's done by my house but we just need and I really you know make yourself. In near those where you work in the morning I as much money do you saw him then download dashed figure out but it. And it then I realized that I had a recession government. Some ornaments. I he wants it's a different way yeah man I don't know how. Hello I'm Donald headstone or giggle at the latter man my god can you give yourself I learn so OK so how did technology do you dirty he's you had him over his house. Right now every December in my house okay injured by if you read certain you know as luminous stashed. And only on his way to work through traffic jam along toward their a chewed the traffic goes to our third. So we don't know those that the national toll deteriorate. You mean you saw him on television did our own it you learn those other guys away. So he's on a morning news and I know on ways smoking a pipe in his car. Grandstands. Are recession go to new rig up reduce look. I've. Well that is technology look did you go did you get your we'd bad did you call Jose had a sort of notice. Does go a little look track particularly loans and the car and there are certain. 10 numbers that's not you don't own an embarrassment to you don't like. Well you'll hear about double at least. And gently got a great friends that is I never thought I go to my Wii from someone in and steal more steel do we need immediate boss them around traffic came smoking the guys reasoning and drug restaurant that story a bunch reform might. People like their late teens early twenties walked or did he called the guy and started going commanders truck underwhelmed. Station wagon on a right to smoke but we do Bhutto movement opposes news reports and exactly. What you do bad track and I guess I guess I was offense that never really thought about the fact we've been talking about television today but in the world we live in. I you'll see a number of videos out there where. There are people who like they might be walking through the court orders of a basketball game NBA game whatever holding hands to a a couple of the hawks game yeah and then you know there's a reporter doing live stand up aren't they there is doing a live shot as people are leaving the Reno or whatever. And these two people should not be seen together holding hands or god forbid. Some the other guys just don't realize that you know they'll take your girlfriend courtside. That does not work out well. It just but just kissing kids games of his cams all kinds of strange things were like that I don't know everybody wanted people to know that they're together at this event but. You know technology. Then there is that famous one. I think it's the one you're talking about. Is the reporter is like you know just right there with a selling sodas or whatever and so just a couple of walks by and they do it looks over and notices the red light of the camera. And he stops let go to let skip over the girl's hand says something and they both go the opposite direction. Yes my mother horizontal. I think it's got bare ma'am what happened what technology did Samoan dirty 8449990. Hello Corey welcome to the men's room. Hi. I'm got a good stories we're. When technology did mean dirty so and tell you called the right place. Just so happens we're doing that today. Money or. Up until basically would kinda like. But you're talking about earlier lit but that all are here already. Are basically Allen. At a AR you know out Washington adult video in later on in my car truck summary in my. Stereo Bluetooth stereo. Showed up around Detroit in game. Leo you know hours later after you know. Being done marching anyone else in your vehicle. Yeah might you know my goal courtesy car it might actually happened was like man I need to. You know I would like Pluto volume in my eyes got like quite the penultimate ball in order to like make it go away actor looked out. You know anyone noticed it's how much disease here. Well there we know how do we just the name you know it is like I don't know only and has made a mistake on my deal so. Yeah I had to make that the lord don't let you. You would be surprised I have heard I have heard. Not the data was going on but I have I borrowed my my wife's car she's got a card to get her Bluetooth connected in there. And so also like aren't all around the road and get to you know milk or whatever the harshest or beer or something so I'll get in the car in May be her phone rings while she's in the house. Aren't so applied to the call but it still comes to the car and even if I'm listening on the radio thank. I am tired and levered as the day has started a conversation and you know like I'll slowly back out of the by the time I get I don't know maybe twenty feet away from my house thirty feet away from my house. This technology goes away there have also pulled it. The same situation you know I'm like I don't wanna be here in this rhetoric is a private conversation I don't even care. But the same way down that that's a Bluetooth does when you get close to the the phone itself. If the car you hear the conversation here they are causation it was noted I mean you eat wherever the conversation is when you pull in that Bluetooth will. Projected through the speakers of the car is if she was in the car and not upstairs so wasn't like. I think he'll be gone for at least ten days give Jimmy a lucky man I don't let out for Wi-Fi to him yeah I had easier late let's say. Which is sixty your wife for some reason and it's any kind of miles south Nero like human hanging out in my houses chizik no of course not and then when you grow over there. Her Wi-Fi connects on her. It. Think we all know oh look I have run the business. Why yeah. This is technology jaded all right this is completely technology dated but it but it happened at the time. And I wanna say this is probably in the late nineties. And I I I knew this couple I did not know them real well but I knew them I do we have associated at a party or something and they were kind of friends of friends but anyway. So the guy. He is. He got his wife pregnant. And they have a little baby and there in a town home and so they have the baby mothers like everybody else you know I mean you gonna have little walkie talkie affairs announced that. Well he is actually having an affair with a next door neighbor. Then they go they go walk the dog together quite on the go walk the dog and go into the woods is there watchdogs and that's that's all good dog they've been doing right for the underdog routed to a boil it yet but so. I guess did the wounded if something happened here and I and I can't remember what was I believe. That she called him. And she called him on her home phone in her home phone at the time was a home phone wasn't assault lamb I'm it was a cordless telephone. And so it worked for whatever reason on the same frequency as this baby monitor next door. So when she called bad guys husband. His wife could hear the entire conversation on one side only not her husband's side but Bogut on one side only. Through the hand held that she was using but she used his name twice. And she was asking about walking the dogs and specifically all these things when they're gonna get together out tonight so in the meantime as this new mom is breastfeeding your kid or whatever in the nursery she hears all the still going up. You know marriage. It states the tail goes back quick and that they knew his chest like over the baby my baby monitor and a land line. Cordless phone. Those with a things are combined to ruin that. And it's the next door neighbor it was the next door OK now I know look man. Along that they won't let his robes man but it but of course we at the time whenever I found out who was the most because like I can have figured that. It is here he is getting determine now actually yes I mean this would not shock you mean there's people that would definitely shock you if you found something like that out short and I enjoy it yeah this was not a surprise but it was still be. I know I'm not tell mainly to her harshly. The leading next storm next door which seems high risk bullet which means simply put no matter what happens is your baby in my he's still it enabled on the plays he's still live next door to the so the person Bragg I mean. Wanna I wanna do is get it down all right is she gonna get it delivers ideal girlfriend brought out. That would be awkward that's the problem he better to have a good selling market him every night walking the dogs anywhere right even if he got back together with his wife yeah I mean every time and he took the dog all I believe actually that she forgave him. For that. About the neighbor I don't know I did I would love and other us that's sort of wonder how many of the ones who did you forgive that you that's fine you got to move. Always done what happened when technology did someone 38449990. Although I'm articles on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Yeah. Don't come back doesn't try to charge Kevin Anderson and today ten songs that are surprisingly announce amounts sex. Our question what happened when technology did someone 38449990. La hello Aaron welcome to the men's room. Well it. So. One time my. My life I had this. Back massages kind of it's like a dog leg and and that's that's been on the ninth to put half stone on there is so but it plugged in law. Five rated really good but how I know he's just going to excel. I was standing and has her up. Side of the bed and she had that down on her daily briefing on. And we got to whether or not. Clarity attachments are not stones or little attached on there. It out well enough to us. But some kind activity and this. This tall at all not that I saw. That's. Yeah you shot during the good placement and I shocked myself is gone and I'm going to I'm gonna turn it on your own okay yeah yeah yeah so I had a clear that they in the diaries. Block cannot send them back to business polygamy is a drill though. They collect those that does does a little pad things are that the stem stuff was a still Dahlia wore those homeowners like it a sports you know that the stem going to see him. Gave you he said it was shaped like a dog leg. Yeah yeah a world that they did that bother you a little bit when introduced I mean. About it look like going to hurt sit her sister okay. Just a description of anything so yeah it's like dogleg to scenes of estrogen does get to market nobly got that's what I'm not bringing to better if I'm this is a giant one flicks too little. Went some good things on Natalia de area if one looks in case of like a lamb shank and I'm I'm all add new comment I don't know from. What have on technology did someone dirty 8449990. Hello Brad welcome to the men's room. All are on top. OK I could go to eat yeah about a plane they did and chart why its third class they ordered boot loop current. Delivered somewhere else could. This. It's exactly pretty Mort why it happened to me. I had gotten my daughter oh. You eight iron last year and I ate chicken or to my mom's curse bring great. Two other than on the ground all right so. Before I left. Even wanting at that time I think that game came out oh in my day you go on Google however Pokemon go I think it was home. Yeah yeah. So I attended and I felt able it on your opponent look quite like there currently are. He chased a rookie mark. And cheat sheet download the app for that so. We need an email address. It's something in my head that it is a bad idea but it is if you place a limit it but my email on our. Go to that they can OK you're gonna go right to adopt for the week. Back over Seattle won Iowa back in daughter out. Came home went there are my wife and daughter well. And apparently he went out there and it's what I enter our email. It download it to my browsing just beyond it or not. One of the things did daddy's little girl or my daddy. It just. Got a little bit earlier here at X and it's now it's even our DCI thought I was done really really start. Did he find that I mean it's one thing to download your browser history but you have to go to the browser Joseph you have to go to history you have to see what has been downloadable forty thinks he's tech savvy enough to do all that. Oh unfortunately she was beyond that speaks at the ability to screen shot. So I actually. There are actually starlets and look. Okay and Don how bad was it man I mean life. Here is what Linkedin look on our own now I'm yeah it is crowd it's. Not. So who is more bad weather or leisure with your life matter where you were looking at or was your daughter mean. Obviously you can I don't know and I know that I played out. I paid immediately the white it is horrified how did this happen and I I knew right away. Based on this night that was. Available there I'd just be what she does look now like oh man that's the I felt gusts on the lookout for. And you know we're mad we're just we didn't know how to go about it blaming it. Any in this set up a conversation we're ready to I want this underdog as did his thing about. Well I left white chandelier is because I this was so bugged by it I didn't go out but they are talker. Didn't know how to do any stated so. The wife Angela basically I want no we're not mad at a big deal articulate your daddy's Herbert. Yeah kinda pretty much yeah out. You know the bureau gives ma'am my twenty years from now she's still limits on the store. Oh yeah so we haven't had become a state that that's the day I'm way. Our initial understand what is actually going on like it would clearly what he's Sandra yeah she's gonna be more mortified the new. Yeah probably deterred by sixteen ruling cliques and what is it like. Out of there you are pinching your parents or anything sexual societies torn about yes yeah yes she's giving devastates the good work man one that Annan. Outside of lake. If you haven't appear with somebody you might like kind of joke around about what kind of polite yeah I don't know what any kind of porn anybody's watching I don't know you do not my parents Lisa ball. Sure what happened on technology did someone 3844999. Obama. Hello Scott welcome to the men's room. Yeah over needles aren't job. So all I kept I have a technological. Cherish story involving Smartphones. And and about a buddy who got its first Smartphone he wished he was caught so they pocket let me. And I just told my (%expletive) you know here's what's going on stop but not figure out how to not do this. End. So. He would do. Open Mike comedy gala pioneer square and he was horrible by the way you're sick and should have been bombed and every time I saw him he is solved. Stand out I think karma got him tore all the bombs city. Course people are seated on the way home one night he ticked up a prostitute. And end. What happens. Keep pocket styles not need it that would have been BP doubted any easy way out. He talked our wives about park art meet pocket now she is pregnant lies. All I need you here. So yes and dobbs. Well you know I can only imagine what she heard but. It was enough to put him in the dark house for at least a year. On about a two foot long chain. Stand out there still marry which is cool clothes they have two beautiful kids had. They're kinda religious. All know he's not there I mean people say a lot of things in mammoth and Matt Millen Cologne. Double terrible at some serious cheers Stewart just missed. Under the lights are Galloway. I'm a big crocodile or I'll leave like two minutes just absolutely nothing on someone's voicemail and mention Obama prostitute on on the bus yes and thank god it has never meant. And I've been lucky so far but does nowadays you get less pocket thousand more his people free to hang up. Yeah on occasion. OK I hang up man hang of it damn phone right now I think is and it's not that it does me dirty but especially during the holiday season or whatever. And look I love I love my family my family here about the Biden are. I wonder are wonderful people and here at the start Quebec you're about to say something all and I have but I have two beautiful things that are of their beautiful kids they do well schooled there really good kids but. Well OK let's just say anyhow they will say it's Halloween and now though goat though though the senate a picture. And has both my beautiful nieces and now my brother's wife has like five Brothers and sisters that come from huge family yeah. By the time that this takes hits there are 27 people on this right somehow you get sometimes so. 27. Responses and responses to responses later. My phone is a nightmare and I'm going through two hours of hell where every time I looked down. A C a number I don't know. A C a comment that I know what it's about Georgia's stop if I can get a stop in Alaska like two hours. So I normally checked my phone but it cannot be so whatever owning an outside turn off the ringer. But everybody calls him idols go because I'm in the middle of family hell at this very moment like why was I included with twenty. Seven. Other people in a conversation why when diesel that is people can't talk to each other. And then they start trying to be clever Raikkonen descends into just announced that I it's it's you know like I just wanna say like. K can I get an out here is there any way for me opt out without them knowing. Is there like get off out silence is there I don't think so that it was a final I would do it and yellow you're FaceBook I have to imagine there's some way to cap this is a day I don't know I'd like Cingular phone so I don't know if you can I have a few hands and for any conversation they have they want all of us tomorrow. And it's like they're talking to each other conversations about them. They send it basically to every contact they have so same thing normally I don't really talking about them. I certainly don't care and I don't know what goes on but it was her champion Venus or anything witty well I don't do them now did you. My sisters she screwed up and forgot she had my brother and sister in law. On the group text so then she texted. A friend of our families since they are man Amy was such a pitch last night. Blah blah blah my brother wakes up to just all this trash talk about the white chick thanks. What happened on technology it's a 13844999. Cola. Hello Jessie welcome to a men's rooms. All a bit can only job. At all. I'll shorten re gonna play record straight up. Grandma come from troubled but there are on to download. And so large and apply it here cal. And I didn't realize that update the photo stream and Clinton on her own moon boot up picture of my boy gently. It is. I'm assuming your brother was passed out. All you have out hammered with your heart and soul. They're really behind this. In my brother knew of god you know if you call it people would urge you gone out and you've dropped you've dropped the ball dropped all time. And so this picture of her more than just wanted to implement our nation. Everyone's in everybody grows. Yeah opera won't have tactical grids on their foreheads. I love you know I'll bring part yeah. Yes worthless we know it sees the Braves are real. Isn't pleasant but all the picture though because you have common theme on buddy picture that looked pretty good luck a little long on your guard took the picture. But it was recently Eli Broad and on you know like out deployed all of David how to deal. And thought I agree David Omar on the limit to my brother village you know oh well. And I don't know like one of the fun tension on the sort of thought never mentioned that we never talked about it. I wanna see you know say they do my fear testicles on your brother's head. Meat out. You know all I'm trying to wonder cleared up solar often salvation pro I think she I think you've figured it out under. Probably do. Jim Everett is not a lot of reason why one brother dropped thousands of honorable man normally you're closer to your grandmother of the most people they're understanding grandmas if you pay they get it they get. I don't really give you pass they just don't deal with them then isn't it it's your own parenting I kinda have to do. Doctor promissory Bagram terms I don't care whatsoever what technology did so 138449990. Hello why welcome to the men's room. Okay. When there are out there. I went. My best friend day. Nine pound wide good. You can't say on the radio. Children there. Please keep them working side. I widely broke over the store for six months who treated him portly. Yes right she treated him very poorly. Our at a restaurant and to the American you just feeling down. And special protection old Alec you better not be dictionary is you know. And we know. They. And he goes to the bathroom house where it cure territory get their food. And Taylor leaves its own on the table. And I did you do have a lock on it like a drum making sure not text in there and I hate. Click go and you'd like open apps and he had to in my web browser opened Ngo and there. He can't orbital debris like after the battle we don't what do you do and end our. Tried taking a vote for me click start. Andy don't go now come on man what are they know us. I'm saying and maybe he was text in this dudes girlfriend. They around. I don't know where ground zero point arm while we're 00 yeah did right what he's getting to and of course the phone dies maybe X was important. Never Peron on the table of people yield trust. I mean blood is sorry I don't know listen if you let your phone table I'm not gonna go to your phone presidency I would drink your beer right you know you wouldn't expect. Yeah I was I read like go to our votes don't go through your phone what I do on over to Cameron bigger version and I DE. Yeah for sure enough I could have just put the phone back and you'll it will yeah I mean I respect that you that they're you know that is Lewis this is on the regular okay. But it's less offensive. Go to sleep rest and you know gonna do that to you miles three should beards was offense the problem is if you took a deep pick on my phone I would start sending out. Thank. The girls the fast so bad news. What happened when technology and among 3844. Or not I'm not Obama are a so you usually blacks means even more impressed me more eyebrows are meant that one listened to black and look at the hello Josh welcome to the bedroom. Our job. Okay fill up half. I had to go to the trailer lurch. My boss who's been there may I go any American. You know my big issue adult child going on. Knowledge and notice should be any like immediately shuts off this computer. Ed pulled a bit but this out people are going. It's not very good and the computer try to jerk off on and off. Everything looked up the virus or stroke that I liked and didn't get got a corn buyers. Rap rap. I just like it did when George I I don't know what they did drug distributor. And had to write out the door right now in the morning did you arrest in the day. I mean he can't do that already like getting up early in the state care business before you toward grand total war guy and yeah and now I die at a I told him Mandela's those balls were good morning and that morning Joseph the general area that we had where you could whether computers that the guys in the air can use that was the same one of those belly for a couple stations. Worked beside a gospel station I haven't 600 Harvey got a and I get there in a morning. And the overnight guy I knew use use my computer you know I like it because I could tell like the way. Just the way the chair was turned a joy of and I knew he was doing there because he was the guy who locket with a stack porn. So I walk in there one day and my and my my computer just frozen in and nothing's nothing's happening and mean and in my car what's the deal so. I turn on the monitor off a modern life. Nothing's happening is not showing anything and finally went up pops up. I see like. In this point in time. I know you guys remember this time where if you opened up one window that had a pop up 800088000. Things are gonna pop a designers are now based on stadium under a little and we we made it through the phils element I think it's exactly exactly those one theme that they kept coming up. And it was everything from big black bitches got stuff yet it was just bugs and and buts and buts in slots and it was all but shots you know you could did you say anything like hey man well the thing was was that he fried that computer so that was part of the problem was was of the computer got fried. So obviously this is my desk. When the IT people come back to mean they say hey he's he was on this and I said OK all right look man the did you think I'm up all in the eat it's time stamp on this thing frozen. Yeah I mean like the computer is frozen nothing is working it's like 120 like it's frozen in time you know Mike. I do think houses near one toilet in them in the united regularly did slide must act dom and I whoa yes exactly and so they they they had a talking to this guy and then it wasn't too long after that. That in another coworker caught him masturbating on the over par that was the end of that so yeah I got all dials violent ones but if you due to infractions apparently you around the gospels days. There we had a guy Nate member make dad of course all he's it's already but they've also mum porn. And this other don't overnight and is in a wax on the terror and all my and so the way they may. Got a sub masturbating overnight could be able to serve studio and his response already. I don't imagine you give it every day with a black bag you like old war. What happened on technology it's a 134 Ford 9990 LaMarr your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Which is you. And there's still a drug charge Kelly Iraq gas oil since then. It's in songs that are surprisingly not about sex whether that is. On the title of the song written or lyrics within the song these songs although they sound like they might be or could potentially be about sex. Are in fact not end in no way shape or form will they ever meant to be about sex but if you listen closely to the lyrics you might. Here's something that would make you believe that there is sex involved and I would just say this and our rank castle is very hip to this as well. But if you're a fan of football and you enjoy watching the broadcast. You'll find oftentimes. The announcers will say sexual things. Aren't all about that they aren't necessarily sexual. The terms being used during the football games themselves. They could be construed as sexual if you do not understand the context of how they were saying these terms yeah. So it's kind of like that but in musical form today. So look the way you talk about athletes. Go to violence is that like a guy walking on the street doesn't he has such a physical specimen before. Course he doesn't go to me and showed he's got to six I greatly Hart around end really outside of sports committees every medium term this probably would not sack master what happened when technology. Did someone journey that this copper trick up its act as that man he's a sack king don't error and is does that mean there's only a four inches to go you can make it. If you don't sack master didn't panic at this stuff they did. Want to know what happened what technology did someone dirty that's our question a 44999. Lola three sacks a one day get exactly. I told born after this active. I'm hello and sells the welcome to the men drew. I. So all. I didn't have a bad sorry about myself but I'm gonna admit it yeah I was dating diet about. Pioneers Miguel. And then I started cheating on him with his best friend. In June. Yeah. Don't of that and came over one night and we had endeared strangle all day he drink you might still leaves at least in the night lately on the couch the next morning. I haven't I'm at a time he would eight month old. Though he wasn't even walking yet however my son managed to go to the best friend in law he would probably. Get is you did pockets. Pull out hit felt. An open and text messages. Come me. And handed opponent directly to my bar and grueling all of the group of each. That's amazing double. An eight year old did these like I know what's up man. I did sort of take a look at this then. It might can call me out man and my work and a net late he brought all the information can relay to weekly Eric. And they he forgave me and he'd acquired in July from at all. Clearly I would a invested in other relationships that said they don't whatever happened to the crowd there how long did you hang out with him. Really he'd get into early in the app and I and I felt so bad about all of it back out talking to block them okay and you moved on and yes. Yes I'm happily married now I'll guy and it's did now. You almost. Well done and you have any other children. No and you was somewhat in a weird way thank him for this like you know like as time goes on obviously you're in a situation the minute you're not proud of and all that but but is it all shook out you know I mean area. Kind of glad that happened. Well absolutely and he noted that aren't always comes out one where younger I was the bad guy in the situation by. And it everything quick very and I feel like a heart could've been broken a lot more and everything and Donna I didn't spell. And I am happy now I have a yeah really wanna under any doll here aren't good at. The analyst dubbed it a heartbreaker. I would not reality that that nods he's done and everybody that told him what I you probably not a good idea that we daily weather guy got out of our fan myself. Jesus you say I'm glad message you go for guys lately she's like well on the and it did work Alley yes. I have for you remind you can do nude body. Is still hanging out in my fight its defense is that that I was a bad one here the bank were desperate. What haven't technology is only 38449990. Well just you know well if that's your best friend used loosely and also the best friend maybe not the best friend. A 100% and and that's your best friend boy oh boy they suture in his life. Say do and I gather go to the drug charge in the since they got ten songs that are surprisingly not about sex and more calls on our question what happened with technology did someone dirty. A far far at 999. Cola. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.