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Tuesday, November 22nd

Mens Room Question: What were you lucky enough to see live?


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Oh my gosh are you so there goes to Randi Rhodes running through the studios in the KI SW building. That's because this lie today and he continues on the rock. Presented by G to get your tickets now at GE to Don live. Now today everything you Hughes being performed live the music to sound effects commercials. All of this completely life. Now he'll back to the men's room on 99.9. KI SW. I get out a way a person and thank you a very Ozzie tribute also thanks to the pretty reckless for stopping by earlier in the doing some tunes as we are alive go to live. On live day still to jump right death of the drug and charged. In this and spend today we have ten songs that you sound better within Joseph and sound better with live day with a barbershop quartet. Who in studio as well some surprises from the past we'll be talking to lovely Jolene coming up our question today why you are lucky enough to witness live and what made it memorable hopefully something memorable happened tonight with these Sanders in the playoffs we talk to Ross what's right after the break. Greer sees the Iraq report within ten daily. Alison James cover of Russia's tears as it digital retailers on YouTube rockaholics. The track is featured on 211240. At which is celebrating Russia's 1976. Concept album with the original alongside various tracks. Covered by artists on side two of that record tears is the first new studio track from Alice in Chains in more than three years can you believe that. 21 while fortieth is due out December 16 save you wanna know what to get me for Christmas. That's exactly yes that's another opera board it's brought you by the same company for more stories like these boards stream live. You can hit KI SW dot com. Those red river broke ground rock group rulers. From the rock of Seattle. 99.9. KM SW. I'm here with John from Carson Colorado body great supporters of KI SW the most trusted out of body experience in the Puget Sound John woody just got stuck. Around eight stores rehearsed or between Tacoma Olympia and even our flagship store and spend way. Mall salute chairman for local fusion cell first services group. How did you get into the auto body business. My dad was an auto body that help him in the garage were released from the cares W. Growing up I never thought I'd be running multiple shops and given getting to be part of the KSW experience. We sponsored cares though his 45 anniversary pain in the grass fly day and of course mr. rock. So why kind of star auto body a horse or else. We've got 22. Cars are locations were all locally owned and we do a great job for you would get you back up and running just like we did for the in this truck call 1800 cars are. Mind. God is not a real X will need to. Okay. Yeah. Television does miles gather around my tell a story it was a dark and wind Stratton night he pulled the jacket collar of around the space and turns into the gale forces. Hoping to make it to the dog and I am a pretty good. Now I'm out. Here's what you gotta do they discover great stories performed by talented actors and generators unlike me with audio books from audible and Amazon company. I'm below is great man made an unmatched selection of best sellers new releases scifi mysteries classics a more direct economic future they got a long take out the free audioblog. Listen to the Kama sutra. Just go to honorable dot com slash KI SW grab your Smartphone or tablet over improbable happened stable the story anywhere. When your commutes doing chores in the car when the wife is talking to you for on the go look I had to Henri books put audible you've got time to make the books you love a bigger part of your life. John Grisham or Stephen King Harry Potter game of drones. Whatever your interest you'll find it an honorable. So your next hitter Brad could be eight spine tingling thriller your next run a breathless adventure here for yourself started thirty day trial and your first valuable Don me go to probable dot com. Slash KI SW. Gene to. The first tee to do is a war exhibition emplacement soul and happens tonight sits at least improve Reese public house on Capitol Hill at 7 o'clock. The tournament will award winners point simple and in the running for free entry into the GE CU rely dividends on December 17. And eighteen to compete in the tens of all these sports challenge. G series in north west's newest. Coming to century link field events into December 17 and eighteenth. He gave tickets and check out everything going on a GE choose to die of recent Bruins are proud sponsored Shih Tzu. Hundred G two you don't live for more information about his upcoming two events from the days of more exhibition place where placements are just starting tonight's draw. Dream and reality. And a CG ETU dad lives. Who live day continues. On the rock they present a might Shih Tzu. Pitch your tickets now wait GE two dot lives today everything you hear he's being performed life we talk and everything. The music. The sound of facts. The crazy walruses. Newcomer rose all of its completely live empowered by heritage distilling company. Now. Back to the men's room on 99.9. KI DSW thank you Malcolm has had to live day by the way you can watch all the shenanigans and here if you go to KI SW dot com or follow KI SW on FaceBook there is a live feed of everything going on in studio in all the different studios with a bans the Foley artists who are providing all the sound effects whenever barber shop court ten coming up. With since then it's all I've gone on and you can check it out all live KI SW dot com live stream there and like us on FaceBook can do that as well. Check out the live streams you can see miles assert yapping don't let shirt is humble you that is very much. Here's the based heads like a new orders men talk about me yeah no way I was in Iraq that is something I would quicker any given day. You'll UN might have on what I would call allow parents may are quite a bit left but your next this is speaker box of our Internet threat is that it's. That is loud and bright and you know it's like a search like the bull absolutely I sure like that you two free mushrooms. I like her and Illinois this. Academic suffer more big hat and no way in Italy the other hand over her. There. Are. Runs sleds are joining us trust Obama a man all right and it's good you're you're it's good to hear your voice again and you don't know does that tell you are dead and how things went on yet back from the back from the that enough to come do a book to kids of a sudden we killed a guy who's just happy enough right now is or is this sort of like these know. About kids yeah I mean just allowed got a little eighteen years of this report could throw them out the door. Opera house and how old is your your first child a two and Hossa you've been through this before is this one a little bit more rough as far as little second go around home easily conceal illicit. Just always what it beats her up but yeah he's kind of all makes you go away and try to make some rates indeed get back then it should not go. OK okay. Shouting in the year to seven week old is doing trying to flicked away and let's go annulment is too little it's amazing do anything about it you have no privacy there's no truth or you can't take a poop on your home as we lock on the door Melanie when they reach that age men want to juice whatever manual GAAP net responded no way you'd like once I might give we'll tell me they loved me and looked pretty good about below dumb I can guarantee in this not a joke. I go to take you don't. And you know you want more privacy policy to always thank you so I'm doing bad there today I went I love you and it's such a weird thing that. That Luke oh I know that I love him look like hey man. I'm hoping guys there's don't know like five African lemons I wouldn't tell me yeah here's here's the tide version of illicit diversion plays. Now here's you know you got to know here's when your loosen up. The what I don't really proud and I took place just that it got to see excavated and browse the Fletcher joining us what would you say is your greatest live experience you've seen a lot of crazy stuff in your lifetime man what would you say was one of the great moments you've witnessed live a home. Talks until I'm maybe the English national soccer stadium 80000 people in net making a ridiculous noise of its emails calling. Winning against gains and a friend her. That she was robbed they were really tired. Oh beat us. Last season so that's great yeah. Please loser instead of but they wouldn't stay in Vegas soloist in the school of escalates own. I'm that didn't didn't know he's he's just a cacophony. At Wembley Stadium. And I remember going crazy and cool so it's. They'll. Carry ons are. Stadiums wrong. Have you ever felt like I'd just like steer it no Palestinian certain environments before like how little you can always make it to the hotel and there noting benevolence to nice okay this is shaking hands say hello how are you doing Tony today both did that a plus your back. Biggest difference between living in England in the US what would what is the one thing you've got to go like this is bizarre all the language she does tell speak English to save your life. The book I did. Okay this is a beads on the whole little Archie are no accidents didn't have had so I'm lazy. And it is as England's you don't but I know the fight to drive through coffee here anyway you want that that's it's that's how terrible he can't drive through tape Atlantic states wouldn't know one of the stores everybody goes to. I'll pass. Just like the society needs us. How do you know it looks SN oh the only story of what is fast losing Michael Marcus like he sucked in yet John -- well into my home going to legacy you've got to look at you gotta go to Tim Hortons Canada always do its fuel Shogun I don't think I saw this clip when he's even so few days about Cuba among would become because they think she doesn't like Canada is symbol means so we just. The last should hold this week for a stuff claiming border. Only delegates 12100 dollar cuts. And instead it's gonna total athletics three you know wanted David to stop clouds faces now there's no doubt in my nicely got a bit of its EB. But just loved it because he's just a sugar rush you have any predictions on the senate match tonight milieu and Matt. Ask you feel not gonna win these are drool hello how are. One of those three on and so I think I do I think they gonna do it Nicholson a Mensa before bit ago wait for this international break. It was a break is close and yet we would like hello is the Michael Strahan and it's two weeks so we have no for the sounded as he'd do it every year Celek is breaking his new moon. Knowing that it's a national salt command you know I think that you've gotten the code that Derek I did a little Argentine guy yeah fund sees dad pretends to funnies that. Every time we schools adults think what also more from that from the crowd. So you can do that's also vote. Might be in the NFL they might help players. I won't Nicholas let Darrow might salt so it's also fired a real conversation with that I want stays passionate all of enjoy. That's right I don't a you're right how this big of a phone that does say that it's made. Little awkward right now because in the middle of the Dayton. My house and that's a daily violence that a flip voting people went inside plus barrels a guy who celebrated by doing a line on the on the Golan OK even if he didn't even talking about the Neeson were doing blow like that's going to preschoolers on and get to. All the way across the goal line a few doubts and I think that celebration their cost of the game I think well let's just say more than a day and notice how could not access our country asked a backpack so. What else is new route through the good men. I'm I'm I'm I'm heading down so it's a late tomorrow it's at a women's World Cup under its twenty match but I Brazil and Japan so if anybody knows what to Brazil number eight's. Have favorite meal is something might not. I'm struggling participants of how you know like how do you know the story I help them adjust constantly briefed you can you talk about a player and they got number eight that this honestly no for an idea. This is my point is yeah. Hi I am I put it right I mean it's not real professional. Asking for listen al-Qaeda because let's face it how many days as anybody ever seen of the Brazilian women's under twenty number eight on the field if I don't. I don't know she's very good is this you don't give her if you call anything else other than soccer we're critics okay cricket solid action is there I mean as far as holding creek Italy and the State's right basketball. They're just going by what's happening but baseball's best broadcasters in the us that basically. They just talked to united fives and the times story tell ya exactly yet there swing animus in the granted don't stores of cricket isn't the kind of the same thing will look eight's I entertain you -- there's nothing to talk it's no baseball buddies and south today it's the same guy and he's you know run. But let's hope level of the sport doesn't want to go for broader as a whole game with. Yeah I mean yeah he did take breaks every twenty minutes and boy you need to fix that currently do and Damon I was having twenty twos so zepa post Betty shaping. And it was only muddy uttered in this provincial game of cricket team Tutsis like 600 bulls. Imagine that like a pitcher throws were a hundred pitches did you dive Denny and broad view that this is a what are you won't know don't know what an evident cricket again it's only sixty in this terrible little tents are overlooking this out Al Phillips five to people watching. And any state cutting in Pensacola writes Obama thought it goes to the stump speeches you well just outside system which she. What I mean you have to wait curtsy section. Of The Beatles and again I think of a story oh this isn't the extreme who proven grass resource drizzling down she's so that you can send the wrong that's a popular wanna look at I did just this dog pooped on the field everything was turned a cricket Texans yeah. Scores more wounded dog got time to dump the most exciting thing I've seen in cricket yeah. I don't see you crickets and I thought a good guess. They were only gonna see this soccer match what channels that are sold fox sports whoa all right tonight and so we did that which at 12:30 AM April to be okay if I can arouse much of everything look at. All thanks thanks is a measure like you thank you sound and we appreciate your help today on not on live day to hash tag. Is live day we've got Ryan castle the drug in charge of the decision spend. Today Ryan's gotten songs do sound better with banjo from the man known as a heart what they are coming up along with a barbershop quartet all that stuff. Our question today what were you lucky enough to witness live and what made it memorable. Hello Travis welcome to the men's room. All our Joan and all wow. Our longtime listener first time caller Motorola today. Clear what better way to caught on my day yeah we've Persian thank you. You during some of them pitched thank you. Think that you know are my age. My story delve what you have to see as most barrels for me. You know buddy remind me. We're 21. And I I came back from deployment in the army in. Met up with him and Eric Carmen a limited never dull moment and I turned out he never went to a strip club. So. We were to aid to strip club. Ladies and there are very nice obviously X but there are one in particular pledge. Nobody would throw money up on this stage. War machine that ugly. That your shared. And then Aaron another certain standards weird kids understand this ladies she's the one that will not stop harassing you about getting a lap dance either. If you don't make what that you don't wanna have to give us a lap dance all of this talk I got thrown out of the strip club and oh I don't wanna go right but another hotel bar. Couple geometric you do surge started really your first fired. So our margin may see it can't no no way lord knows god no public OK why brickyard and throw them. This lady ourselves so bad her mouth the words. We dragged him on stage and Dan you being here. We rate him. On stage it was the most memorable moment so yeah they did he enjoy Lucy disgusted by the hole. He's hated me forever okay. Seth I actually is now are going he's never going back to a strip club ever again because of you. Or not I mean the paper. Sometime ago on his birthday. Drug and drunk driver buy it yeah I remember bill Lloyd premium him ever darkened Malvern employment it it would mean over them in. To Marjorie their place and Jack so you know it's been picked it should play either good or they don't I don't forget it. That's a crazy part of that story below two dollars to look my dollars verdant there's no need to bring her money she's that Bridget I'll take the two dollars. That's how ugly you. When no one is what do you money at this record at I mean. That's what I was trying to tell you about Reno okay. Alright okay so we're gonna go get some this is the honest to god truth best sushi in town where is it. Where this is a strip club. It's at a strip club come on my sister club downtown by the Amtrak station it has only eat fish I want to also so vagina basically came to ruin both in memo basically I don't you know like it would never would have it a huge huge amount of revenue. Alma and I. The draft serve the role bro this woman would she sat down and she wasn't it like she worked there and she was going to sit there and hang out until we gave her anything to make her go through those when tyra does like. We're not gonna shaker like we week there was no way we can check you need is sushi so I know we let you once those compliment revote either. Yes man c'mon get to Santorum it is not what I got different in ideals where's my god no things yet. Former U lucky enough to witness live and what made a member I I found on the people told you it was a restless to pursue she would just. A thrill just did say it out flat out I don't know eight strip club Reno I'm well aware best sushi you re known only as sushi in Reno no way at all and that's different yes it is so that nobody Citgo donated that out later isn't the only place pretty much it's gonna have the best sushi. The road that don't meet the sushi and arena I couldn. If dubbed best placing a sushi in a please let me know is the strip club. Don't eat it's a little bit landline Reno and Midland lot of confusion at the teachers that don't decision freedom just think if you'll understand why. You wouldn't let him what if if if if deported acoustics if there. Hello. Hello and now welcome to the men's room. Well it won't die. Andrea calling in mesa. We need actually get a pioneer in thinking does and Jason lay up I'm here to say yeah I'll have more eloquent statement at the diet. And I didn't get on a matter of items dubbed AMBER Alert red birds and. Gallagher I don't know why does do this sorry we did your pinky and other live events I don't believe Jeanne thank you know they you don't go to Baltimore Bryant's. And the thing enemy a minor shoulder you know. Haaretz it's always your best live a moment to do with what you're facing. That determines our feel back on the news is now more there and watching and I'm not only. I'm behind you know my daughters are guards look we're did Lauren hill smash and and go out there now I can't separate and again and again into the Indian community I think this is. Obama must go and Chris if a got to know her round but it it's a pretty much none of them just it's just. Other humans are much easier I think when they're not. Camera yeah. Flag so are you lucky enough to witness life. All right so I don't know I'm alive showed today I wouldn't go to a lot of things well I don't know who's doing a lot but I DO you if you every primary and every idea don't irrigate pot yeah well drama but it. Continue deeds Bruce I don't know immediately. So all where I go if you want about December to go on a day. It I don't know by getting the name of the can't get out well we don't. Donated slightly you deteriorate concert in OK okay. Question what else do you sensors Obama I don't know opponents say the TV show us lessons. Oh I don't ask me what I had for dinner you know I won't tell you about the rule and I didn't. Anyway I Padilla could look at little alleged a look at the current gravity what else you were out of middleman. In all my god yes. It's not a problem. That a morale that was any intimidation and it adds I don't know I don't nuts I Alberta and Barbara no Barbara is ready. And so anyway didn't play any until I got there's but good guys drunk guy did under the age. And our our play our guys and it doesn't need an edge on base you know no big deal you're exactly as it got big. We pretty big guy like even. Probably admitted mild but on Thursday wow. Wow yeah smile wow home. I l.'s huge okay and yeah metal mines while look at the screen and it'll totally on that is. I don't jumped county resident got a big neat Bernard. Girl. It's only in the right monitor how reggae is reggae gets this thing. Like she carries no number we let you know ready music ended your guide to conduct. And so they leave her doctors don't like what are you doing you give her girl and eat you know these lights. You can't apply you Greg your programme. Guide a videos what's it like you're alone on in the elite eight feet. He get cute he Blake microphone you in the head and then I think you are gay and like soccer when you do from the state. Eight primary market not into venues I'm like a couple yards away but it ashore likely seeing a bit. So I don't I don't I can't beat you later if you actually have been it would hurry he went from like. It he do we hear it they'll let you go walking back with Laura dig. They had come down payment route so a joint that it is a gadget I didn't escorted out like dragged out pretty much every oil as. You know I think they're adding a year earlier this girl she wouldn't you a little girls though he would not it can't hear. I mean she could mean big surely would have but don't jump off a slated to headline news desk and taken down. No not yet you normally did not waited jump boxed. But it learned about in these church and over your rent a crowds Irvin. No. Well should I yeah. Strike means so much I just feel like you're someone's floating on top of everyone's hands I want to hear I'd say don't want you wanna you don't tell people don't tell people when you do but not every icon there because everyone's Q I don't pay attention is their strategy that I would ever figure out why. Well observed so too do I meant by you can't. A few minutes and generic Florio unlucky enough to witness live and let made a memorable. Helo ride and welcome to the men's room. All. Hey guys so I heard you guys talk about this before it's 01 of their share my experience with diplomatic immunity. So I growth but the guy is really good friend of mine like an older brother here is a very very wealthy guy. And his father is a good or a foreign diplomats or your Tripoli and fair diplomatic immunity experience other. And I pick them up from watch yet the stop and pick him up. I'm on my way home from work or pick him up in downtown Tacoma. Figured it out. Drive and brutal waterfront here you're pull over I thought you were sick so I pulled over for you can get out and grow up itself go to Canada fishing dock. He starts talking to guys Fisher and ask guy what exactly what he Christian or are usually all he ever heritage sharks. They pulled his gun out into the guys fishing line said he saw a chart urge you to eat. This guy is right 65. In the tedious and so I ever fixed up by Egyptian guy shoot your gun out the waterfront you know the day. So everybody called the cops. Anything's our hearts and their. Descendants and don't sharking. You're great you're our winner here do you think do you think he was on something there and he just lost his mind you Saddam thought anybody wrong goals and OK because you think tomorrow at lunch and what they'll go all the. I have no I mean he was here hammered there are no idea why either they're turning. If they're scared of sharks but how long does pay more for him to do so the cops show up your fire and go on the confounds you wanna talk to you. But you know you're one of these Teflon Mo flow so but how long does take for the cops just gonna go away. There's nothing they can do really. Bought out earlier than he didn't tell them that he has so very right all of our information aren't excel and I think dongle for a I'm like I'm down under fire a gun that five year long I'm done here as a unit and I fell on us about Madonna and save money buys every figure. Exactly. And it's so. The cop to run our formation the dispatcher radioed back my information. And then they radioed air at the top off the language you repeat that. Any good bit that's repeats its. He walked over opened the car door let the guy out of the car shakes your hand come you like can you please just take him home please. They couldn't break. I. Dahlia Ludden hell that's amazing. It's almost like yeah it still is like having an endless subway card you get a sandwich anytime you want anything to be a big deal like Daniel assailant you don't wanna get really good gold subway card but he's got a card for everything. Does black hearted subway yet he remained at some sailor being an amount very very infrequently. But yet on the money in your diplomat man man. If I diplomatic immunity I mean I've just got around the world or is that just I mean just in the cup well no I doesn't depend soul. I assume other countries might of this they have I don't know right isn't that how were I would think you would trade that all pulling my diplomatic community in whatever country man undone when he got along Catholic I wanted to let you know you'll have remained at some strengthening our Tony Alamo in my pants off managers welcome now to your first Glasgow what do you think diplomatic community there. Think it just depends on who the crime affect who was not who wants the peanuts so you're diplomat and you make my cut a random mistake but it hasn't hurt like somebody famous or somebody's whose fathers in the government. Diplomatic immunity some on you heard it all depends on silly in my opinion on this there's a senator so manic affirmed would you rather than on a helicopter and told us. And a double team that's I don't eat anything you want all the all the yes you can do with diplomatic community who wanna put your pants there on a play that if you're at its exact about but what I. I boys and they're not gonna smoke a cigarette while Foley you can't slogans like that but I can act. I had a career. Has led the with the Communist era smoking cigarettes and don't ran down L'Oreal lucky enough duo and us live and what made a memorable. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Over guy on top. Oh. The age of forty I went to my very first rock concert there is very memorable. Because it's. It would just so Motley Crue. That's memorable and and we're open for true. My crew opened for yet. You know jet. Is that the white or or your computer and the worst part about going to assure the white river amphitheater is that a majority house. Words are really comes out on stage with the chaser bruise I don't know what this is still worried he got it from. I think it was spirited for a dollar per cent sure. Starts tossed the bottle out of the ground. Safe if you can't we are rock concerts overt act against a launch well they had done. The initially they've changed some of the laws throughout the years I think when that was going on they had you know beer garden. Right right that's like a little playpen for kids but for adults who like to drink so exactly and it's sticky when there for a little while I think since that point in time they've relaxed a lot of those kind of habit ma'am I think you'll think you are wary of beleaguered aren't out continue to watch it just kind of forget. You take one step out to. Her I don't want to write and add addition Obama shoot man to walk all around and I could do I kind of missed the beer cart. There's only like certain venue you like here green air or on a memorial stadium you couldn't bring your beer and but everywhere else in his robe around down here that I'm talent yet. When they're gone you got into some beer gardens. Well you miss the social aspect of hanging out the beer garden tonight around like minded people right and you miss that. Though those simple identification and that person has over 21. Right into behind us and I'm actually very very risque ads comes in the hands what were you a lucky enough to witness live and what made a memorable. Hello grace welcome to the men's room. Oh wow yeah. It's. RD down and we're doing great are you grace pretty well pretty swell and Jack British went out to me what was your what did you witness live. Well. Technically Eilat or I guess they're quiet but I'm at my graduation at that I had. A flat area I'm a friend that they are all. And I get a check from somebody and that kid is eaten that hit it big Easter day different or feet. And I'm like bash checks in the eyelid so we're. True or not you know reading huge. All of the Eddie. Ellis ceremony. I have it holds together well Heidi you're all done. It. And leaving his during during the principal's speech graduation. It was a bowl entertain him. I can't attend a mile like chef boy RDA here popped it open beta starting unit. Well why they get an Italian restaurant after I left our. Are you ironic that you just Unger. And if so where these. Are. How hungry are you when you're eating disorders the rule book. Or walk yeah as I was like is Boller moved. We thank god is there anything is there anything more boring than someone's graduation. No matter how he normally does I'd almost rather stand in front of a dead man and a casket and listen to somebody talk for half an hour than go to graduation. Always under twelve valedictorian. Brad like. Your plane has arrived on this three hour journey and now we will salute to the lord you all like well you've got on the plane for a reason you knew the destination you tried to get there when you get there we have to have a party. Writes I mean like in the graduation not everybody makes it. I don't think throws some people like halfway through the people want to make it withered when they're laying out. And a Buick Enclave out of Munich I think at the high schooler or college and it's a big one that I get it and you're right it's not the most excitement today dollars in the order is his moral kindergarten but I mean not I would I'd like I don't know what I'm part of a generation I had a kindergarten English and it's it's like this in my daughter's apparent in time. I'm proud over but the bar is largely due to. You should graduate kindergarten sure that's got their kids go locks its color me dale do you save my cousin failed preschool. Failed to reach what I. How do you scale. School outlets and he had gotten preschool I advance the and then eighth grade when I had to go back he's gonna gonna got up oh I'll tell you where experts. Yeah basically yeah I couldn't get out of preschool. Noting it was a tough Briscoe Manning does your mortgage to play with what you all are doing allotted to drive gals of the drug charge of about this and spent inside. You sound better live banjo and the man known as a heart would joining us as well as a barbershop quartet coming up and up or your calls our question today on live day we're real lucky enough to witness live and what made it memorable hash tag live day we'll take a quick break and be right back. And edit toaster Telemar do no not the morning dew on the grass the initials on mr. Daniel. May work like you don't need the money may use and love like you've never been hurt me dance like nobody is Washington. I'm watching an aide adding that a true irishman. And today just like the Irish we like to raise the truth alongside Telemar do. Wait the men's room originally I had read it. And root of your trailers character which gentler better angles. Unless said the sweet and each is this week as and months and side by side. That's enjoyed among good friends and conversations he's combined of beer until a more do. Gives you new flavors to savor three months and pay three times still country and times this nation. So the more you Irish whiskey grab yourself a. This time a year my parties are college football the show and nothing else. Maybe a shower. On the weekends I lift the travel the distance from my bedroom to living room deposit myself on the couch and crank up the game on TV what's up to avoid me. Ted Smith. Some I don't consider myself an eternal bachelor. It has it's advantages. I don't get caught up in the hype of Black Friday deals and wrestling with with little old ladies over flat screen TV that I don't let it. 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Thank you actually -- first daily you know Rainier beer in here round things out generic drugs into you know they're getting drunk when he starts thinking it doesn't have the telltale -- always does -- -- deeper with every beer Egypt has sacked a lot of additional over there but you're you're not you want is everything we're doing a live from the commercials to the live bands playing doesn't studio Foley artists all that KI SW dot -- gonna live stream also if you like KI SW on FaceBook do you want to is the the stream there as well all dreams come true no man. Oreo or you look out the windows live and what made it memorable hello Brian welcome to the men's room. Or bitch or I don't wow. So did the capital a couple Halloween to dole who are on what I got invited to a cell party. He might as well the lifestyle works likes winners and winner yeah. Gathering know who like minded cop so you you were you like minded at the time. You know we were too weird and not really but we're we're in an article the movie is funny all about. So not a new lifestyle you're not sure if you wanna watch your life have sex with somebody else but you know what hell I'm willing to get this night it drives as a basically looked at a well it would actually got a really nice it's a big I have like five acres and they end up or two out nobody you know what when my wife is getting plowed by someone else I'm always concerned about the acreage of the properties. Well I don't think your man on man that I normally he's so large and she seems to like him until Amanda's is sprawling and one what I settled down here it. Now they're really cool here I felt like my life I've got run over as far as I'm on away from here as fast as I can and still be on your properties. So okay so go ahead. Odor can or are we set a price they had they had a covered area great big dance floor had to beat out an old Madison brother and if you if you. I don't come doubles that you'll woman the if the bottom we have set your life how big is the sex brother. The fact that there at the facility they've put Jolo a little category you'll look at each other and just airline don't want ye dowdy. All one of them run there. I. Wow UUUUUU. Well there was one building where where it would it would basically all dark in the whole floor resist all lined with mattresses so it's that what you're doing all that is glad they're here and now how do Romero could gifts and cash out I don't know you wouldn't. Yeah I go to all the flow is this that you're you're you're exchanging partners with another couple Arizona free for the economy and I don't little hole I mean you know what to do. 1012 mattresses on the floor pulling one corner you might have a little. All orgy going on on news. In reality. All right little net. Milan was there anybody left out and it's one thing you know our rules and gadgets and Michael Deluca branded as a let. I mean a lot of them lose their remarks it's kind of like being a moment you know. Don't. So I kind of brings you the truth to what level or to what I got to witness this is they had this one. Because I I just call the glass house it was like against people with all collapse windows all the way around it. And woods and it was only live so we'll soared during the night to. You could use you you were incurred while I was just watching area right you can go out there and just stand outside to listen and see whatever will. Going on I mean are you. Did you go I don't know what I would work I mean Allison got rights on having sex in his glass zero threat. I would be more comfortable if you walked in the tried to join then I would be well look through there and you send a message put away on the glass isn't valid only let them know you're ready like you can walrus like tag me again how low what do you do. And they you can do that you can you can invite yourself in there in larger askew and only got to respect you know then that's all that matters is a high five part of it is that how you tag and is it like wrestling you know in icu unit of the number this girl and I liked Leno some of that diploma five and I'm in. You know we're not really orgy people lawyer talk about how to all right so you know I don't know on who'd stolen loads of five acres of floor mattresses that sakes what does six Z Bo what's so did you go to wasn't an orgy do you it's easier for him just cool during the night you know you could go to bark what ended dancing about every 45 minutes or so I'd go back by the Costa also going to be totally different Tony you know people did you have sex with them. Mean not well yeah that's there but we didn't execute anybody that night how much of what we're about the next night. Actually my wife and I did because we we actually later on in the night we put on a little chill in the bought out titles are nice and ads but you never ice that's. I got it right at the rose in the what I like a college kid without a mole on his fans but I think our people watch him even handsomely sleep with my girl. I agree but I can also go to one of those covered areas do OK let me ask you this what was your wife proposition. Wouldn't. I'm happy to say yes and go oh yeah only one out to us how many times to us twice and did yeah he was she not by him I wish he considering this or did she have to talk to you did you guys have like how did you work this out. Exactly have we had we had everything talked out in the front didn't you know we went very good and it was our first time it was just kind of spectacle and I'm I'm good enough. We've gone back two or three times since sense and in exchange partners I knew not how we know what we went with another couple one time and then the foremost playground together in the dark room. Goes like being with your buddy Jim. And it seemed too good guy actually yeah I don't want to use your long Johns rarely doubled doubled all liberal loving their man I don't want to why's that yeah I want you about it you know I'll tell you it's I did what I considered you scrutinize structuring you put. Yeah back in his name really was Jim. No doubt cast the same and I pulled out of the net and the Mazen and his wife and real name was journey he can crack. Oh yeah I'm born and I guess that's what I oppose because we are there there really was what you like like was and how much of that was turn away bad. Well yeah it in oh they're not or look good naked no way no accident our whole mass of people look at marinated. Chances are you gonna see more ugly than pretty dog that we went in there actually office pool and Vegas and I. We were there of about fifteen seconds for a submersible all of whom we have the bigs breast here now plays a wanna be. And the people that seem to want you visit the rest of the people whose breasts you never want to see it was horrible man. Post a pretty good crowd so I would I would have to say that simply 5% of the time when I'm by they're cute and I just Q what was going on it was a good looking. Was pretty good looking body Eleanor was there anybody feels so attractive that you could not hide your excitement to see them. Well you know any it's gonna play great actors could you know what's that I I was going there my wife she wants him so much of a watcher you know. But I would go there and I'm standing there and their mother a couple Tim and there are gonna go out. And and she just pulled me over a while the tour assisting and their cheap. Works her magic equipment parents' policy. On the open list so that was carried to sushi just yeah. I learned since they also. Lululemon I think a lot of Smart you know what is uninteresting unless there's like as far as president what are you going to go through bilateral I'll say it I think. I don't hands ethic that he didn't think it is a thirty inches that the I was. They're like a Bernie Mac told it a hundred times but that you've got to see a lot of penises. But the amount of good naked. Outweighs outraged penis yes it's a much better looking pianist and most places and I. There's so many attractive chicks walked around naked that it's okay that she's in now you're welcome to somebody like noon nice look at weighing you got there. No I didn't do that got. Into her own digital. Now not fully I worry about man was born in my in my dorm sand and does that rent so since Indian slam anything. Yet I must protect us there's a story and everybody has about the to a friend of a friend right so they're like you one of the parties are and he's nineteen. Like on this girl's thigh right so keep in mind right. I fail again if he's gaining her thigh or. He's really into it everything now he says it knows that most of the people in this area kind of cleared out in a months of of the guys he just weird T shirts in new paint. They get off flooded it so he's just gonna wall wind behind him he doesn't know what though OK because he's so intense paint her thigh. And then like when he stops he turns around price everybody knows he's just the right he's the Venus I left it. They are flocking groups those guys that say yes. And you least expect you wed just assure you know financially you don't go out solo you got a whole group my I think I would actually recommend them if you insist on going to cancel does have some buddies with the I think voters see my friends we go on Santa's list. The good thing we do you know what I do it alone again will both play. I'll go where you lucky enough to witness live and what made a memorable and says no huge as well does your do and Obey and other place you go to name again as much as you war. Overall he put the laughter back Michel on the you things and it is these guys. Eight million other people uncomfortable in this domain. If you if it's not a bucket bucket for apartment. Does go to the above yeah. I'm gonna pass on the southwestern agro list. Who could pull off off off you know you'd like a baby carriage to check he says. I made them the right about that one it doesn't. Big blanket and got a snowball advise how I hold today in fact the only means. No. OK Italy there an abridged in the breakfast slipped and hit the gas prophet but I think that those small breakfast links on breakfast for altitude. Another ten mega home. Hello Purcell welcome to the men's room. Can't say oh yeah well not lol. I'm not undertake. No can eat what Zach you're not a market phone do you got agreement allows. On the twelfth who. You know an election I. And he could. I don't think there's a few that got bragging like listen I could scream I'm not I don't know. The exact day and you need these dreams and I I cannot be a letter knowledge and the band think. I I like to lay up. Monty conquer. Richard Marx. Yeah. It. You got it anyway or little Aubrey and that's all I. Made everybody go. Back and I'm not relent and Mercury hello. I don't know. I think we have some of that negative. Very Lucas for a nation hello tolerated we do I want I don't know for dinner and I my hair and merry go but he can't say no once it's we're doing alive. If you would Donna did did you did you hear the level did you hear the volume coming. She asks did you understand that that's that's that's that's that's the level I don't get. Just like it's you grow your phone is a microphone you you don't need to scream at you through it is like to drive through thing we've explained to you. They're like hey dude that during the microphone right there three feet away it's like oh there's a microphone in there yelling so loud they can do is open window where you pay any injury like I. How long does that take you or something any fast food drive through one of the big as far as who led after the limited. And how did you Atlantic ten minutes late you'd just now determined to entities murder after allegedly why did you bullet to the drive through at seemingly when they ask you what would you like you unaware that you were hunger and it's like a blind side. And I take your order. Our own. Whether Omar blind sided than the one that gets me it's like. They ask for a couple action honey Muster beat Carl we go no no I can't get divorced instead brought. All the director up thirties like red cowboy. I'd say more dollars for the anybody who's our green yeah. We can't live there isn't room. They don't need that well you know it's truly found that she already told RD notifying its blog and ten minute argument exactly code you know that is what I mean that's a sad statement if you order extra honey mustard Leo 25 cents dammit you don't take don't know hello my good drink a small itself medium. Yeah quite a water what were you were lucky enough to witness live and what made a member of a lot of charter for the war cubs doom and yet almost due to a Roland Italy and guys and got waterlogged it did since elect. Cut the guy a break dude cut they got my judgment of my hand didn't he didn't run so you Siemens I think it. Again actual placate the looks like. RJD two and a trashed it. Spectacles ever goes away or did not know old liberal Natalie that will get reference until Mort do parents Baidu the shot of the day with the stamina we got Ryan castle during a brutal and up. A season and today are ten songs that do sound better what banjo as well have the band hardwood joining us along with barbershop quartet. It's about ready get really goofy and here our question what were you lucky enough to witness live and what made a memorable miles offense looking you're measured in goofy. I bet shirt is the threat that has gotten him priceless it's like you tomato but what does a mylar is adamant he we all I know as I told their club earlier accidentally dropped an ash on this thing that would go up and play until I have to dial and later how do you have the Czechs who got like 56 years I don't know just like Mack well in those aren't exactly what. If you live. You know I go bowling shoes about into got a they're gone it was twenty Latin things are different everywhere I just know coach youth. All the bullied to death audit from a bowling Alley in Chicago and then I had to turn its. I don't know why I don't feel like they've all here's what you don't look here's what you don't understand literally still the guy got so annoyed eleven have not only that peace and also I want your shoes yet so he got my shoes and I didn't think about that with the shoes that I was wearing with the Jews that I had for that trip. So the rest the entire weekend of walking around with bowling shoes on with a big number thirteen on the back and look like clown and the red army airport and usually take you through the scanner instead of got back on the plainly. And take a mob but we're only issues for the rest of the entire how I sort I zero I think this through question for you though how excited was he when he got. All I'm all right Hamas side only hey man. Gonna get the ball issues got the bullion slid well no you know. Is a good momentum really like him guys like I understand ma'am you know I'm twenty bucks but man I can't Celtic. And this goes on probably 45 minutes and you know miles attack. Still at this point are you at a bar you just a little downhill you know I guess so were dents my actor we were drawn to an entire trip so. At this point the guy finally and I was god for relief minutes is that she stink of the Monday night I don't. She got out ever that I'm in the airport looking down my humor both physically fit I can't believe. I lost my running shoes and I'm wearing bowling you guys probably still tell that store and only half of the guys got the wooden bottoms. Like any time I stepped out I slipped all many Alice why and all over the place Amanda was good at times but you know if you wanna moonwalk there are issues but anything other than that there are more and that's the surgeon who would then no support. Our question what real lucky enough to witness live and what made a memorable we do have your emails on the way from the men's room admin -- dot com is live day continues here on the rock and by the way I'll broadcasting live you wanna see live video feed KI SW dot com like this on FaceBook and you can watch all the shenanigans going on. With live day RV I Cassell coming up and a whole lot more as like day continues its miles from a dramatic nine point nine TI is W Seattle.