11-22-16 4pm Mens Room grabs a banjo

Tuesday, November 22nd

Emails, What You DOn't Need to Know is about being THAT guy while drinking. and Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Songs improved with a banjo


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Just so those shoes. All the bullet Judea audit from Kabul in LA Chicago that I cared until my. I don't know why I don't look okay volley here we go here's what you don't understand is the only guy got so annoyed that not only that peace and also I want your shoes yet so he got my shoes and I didn't think about that with the shoot that I was wearing was accused that I had that trip. So the rest the entire weekend of walking around with bowling shoes with a big number thirteen on the back and look like clown and and regularly Europe and the Jews would take them through the scanner it's that when I got back on the lately. Take a mob of where bowling shoes. For the rest of the entire cow ice or I zero think this through question for you though how excited as anybody got a call on all right Hamas I don't think hey man. And it bullish inaudible. Well no you know. Is a kilometer reflecting on what I understand and you know I'm twenty bucks but man I can't summed it. And this goes probably forty time and you know miles. So at this point are at a bar you just ignored Belinelli you know I guess so ward get its act that we were drawn that entire trip so. At this point the guy finally and honest to god for Lehman has to take the night I don't. She got out ever that in the near Portland in Italy where the ticket at camp completely. Lost my running shoes and wearing bowling is probably still tell that story and only half of the guys get the wooden bottoms like any time I step I slipped all many slot and all over the place I mean it was good at times but you know if you wanna move your shoes but anything other than that war and that's the surgeon and no support. Our question what real lucky enough to witness live and what made a memorable we do have your emails on the way from the men's room Edmonds in my dot com is live day continues here on the rock and by the way a broadcasting live -- does he live video feed you guys W dot com like this on FaceBook and you can watch all the shenanigans going on with live there aren't your castle coming up a whole lot more as like day continues its miles throw them a dramatic nine point nine KI it's W Seattle. I don't settle anything. Dual phone. Yeah. From. Yeah. Cool IV. Yeah. Yeah I know. You shined. We'll alone. Am saying he can shoot. On hole. Cancer do we can't. Only. Mac well. I'll be. Yeah. The. Yeah. Yeah. I. Well how. It's. Well yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I. Very much indeed KI SW UN KI SW HD one CE at all. Now the united boy nine K I asked WO. And I. Well. Well let. There. Absolutely. I the. And. Live today did did you know on the rock and given over late September dogs people come out. President of IG to get your tickets now at GE two dot lives. Today everything you are hearing is being performed live the music. This sound effects since its cause guys you better sound effects tomorrow night. Commercials all of that completely lives. Now back to the men's room on 99.9. KI SW. Iraq thank you document thank you late September dogs there you go live date and now we we've got a lot of crazy stuff coming up right cancel the drug charge coming at us and spend. Ten songs that you sound better with Banfield is on the way as hard little B and here with a is along with that. A barbershop quartet which is. One of our favorite things of course we also have your emails coming up the men's or amendment to live dot com lot of birthday requests online day hash tag live day video by the way if you wanna watch all the shenanigans. KI SW I come out the sharks right like it's on FaceBook there you can watch the live stream from everything happening today from the music to the commercials everything Malcolm said that we're doing it all live in the trees are a joke to be sure how much Angela thanks Mike if you look screens and me your. Good change I can't even really here it's it's right in here I I came and actually that's got to be yes. My day hash tag alive day we are going to take me a quick break we do have your emails on the way tournaments or amendments or live dot com and very special guest joining us right entities. Here's the rub. We're pretty happy we've got great partners like carriage distilling company. Just as the owner of heritage distilling company and this year they just introduced the SB one of three that's brown sugar verve and at 103 through just in to us about that. Let's just say dubious below three is. Smooth him a smooth as it. It's smoother than a baby's. Little kind of model. It's smoother than the candy apple red finish in the city pristine. It's smoother in the fresh lawyers' notes you can access so you're saying it's smooth. I think that says yes it's smooth. And we're so proud of delicious they get the taste the finished product is not so. And your back again this year with Ayers distilled spirits. Yes it was Foreman is about suburban of course he has the brown sugar we're in it's perfect in the ugly Christmas sweater box. And it's amazing for you shortly for flip. She's a ticket to produce tornados and 99 that brought Turks. Paired is distilling companies we got this Gig Harbor Washington please get your response. Rockaholics it's scary and it. Is so a lot of the insanity today and everything that has let up do it. I also disclosed on my first house I'm a caller holy talent scares the hell out of me how that's. Gonna be rat here's the problem money is a little tight does that has given away and down then and plus in Christmas and gifts and this girl is scouring her play is looking at all the stuff she's not in the I'm looking at some jewelry that was passed down to me that I'll never ever aware and I am going to take them to friends that they'll be rare coins to get evaluated. Some extra scratch. I was just down there a few weeks ago is my mom and outer downsizing. So my mom looking up with a bunch of old silver and other stuff to get appraised that's staff is great. The energy accredited experts and they give you a free no obligation evaluation. There even offering the highest payouts of around. You want now at extra cash in your pocket go check out I'll be critical point in Bellevue but the Lynwood is o'clock and all nine adult you rare going dot com. I'm here with John Copeland from car star auto body great partners of gay is still be in the most trusted auto body brand in the Puget Sound. Many of our first thirteen members have deep bruise was cares that we haven't Parsons or marketing chair was a leader in bringing back to miss rock. He was on the men's room a few months ago and was extremely passionate about having cars are auto body bring back legendary mr. rock. This care is still be roots go way back to when his father bought him his first rock album. Black ServiceMaster reality on this twelfth birthday ball so what does Kevin do for current star. We don't several cars are out of body stores any serves on the board with me. So Sean how many cars are locations are around us down total. Currently we got 22 stores each independently owned and operated. Our entire team invest scares W listeners to trust us for all their out of body needs for minor dents and dings to all their insurance claims. We'll take care of you call 1800 cars are. And time is done career X. Call the president and going the way you lean on her. Live today continues on the Iraq presented by G two. Get your tickets now way GE two dot lives. Today everything you leery of being performed live. The music the sound effects commercials. All of this completely lives and hollered. By the advocates. Back to the men's drew. More on 99.9 KI DS doubled you. I'd love to get to the pretty reckless very it's review late September dog's still to come we get the band known as heartless joining us persons in Wendell play. Is also commendable Clinton. And the guys as we celebrate life day hash tag. Live day here on the men's room and KI SW streaming live at KI SW dot com and FaceBook if you like is there ladies and gentlemen. Very excited adult pregnant studio ladies and gentlemen the public domain is back. I know. I never thought he'd have to do this again into us this is got to be just doesn't get you walked away from you know as people staring at your deuce Bigelow male I think yeah. See Batman yeah you bit. And really good. There's the picture I'm really really good about things that are. Well and you look at something you can't not see. I can see what I a close eye on subtlety that so I now. Yeah I that your and so I mean I now and the weirdest part is I can envision mildly wearing at home tonight without any pants on and riding around. I have a plan if you look at things and the wind that's exactly graphics just put on the show. We cannot fronted them until they would dealt with the new and what's that I was elected I didn't really deny it I'm a little bit more laid back these days at a time and what's funny is every time I see people really you looked younger in on the retire from KIF. Hitler yes. Think they're really good gotten here definitely a year ago do you mind my ultimately they're back in the world. How is married life. Same thing like next month we'll even get nearly ten years since it's. Not that long out totally I'm at a rate after one of its holiday parties like bass and I and every now and Al started but. I've that they want to handle that and yet it is. I got shot out of the wedding. Yeah I think there's anyone out there are at that all of the things goes out and demand that let you dead damn hard. All and again I want to won his party's now. Google on the shows he still checking out the yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm I'm working. Ballard these days it's a little bit warmer and choose the track certain courses and make. Cores now I'm not out as often as I would like and trying to get more back in the group but it's still a huge part in. Today he's been so amazing seeing all of the old school on east from back in back today and some flashbacks and it's it's a good thing is that you're expecting a bitter angry ugly to only. And now I'm glad I don't think that was his only gonna give it. Budget years positions pumped up she got to a commercial for. It is amazing act on their got a little better at that Hume in that I'm gonna get away with like not do chores around the house. Longer because I've got this picture at video Hillman colossal understands that. It's legal precedent now nobody will be cross eyed at a bar someplace watching that very. I kind of go straight to you guys and I. Getting as much and how we address Laporte and everything I've had lectured. Aren't. Everything you have to make it any time off and on topic you can give to your right hit it has to be the Hillary was lucky enough to witness live and what made it memorable and we have a bunch of your emails here for the men's tournament men's or live dot com. But. You. Well our Wragge of our that it is still far back we got a barber shop yeah and it is here all the time. Our idea like I think we could have got them barbershop quartet all the guys and a privilege Joseph Beimel. Emails brought to Miley general improper or to men's armory to read because that it's him again I had the privilege is the -- fantastic ninth inning brawl between commanders in the Yankees in 99 quick recap everyone purposely. It everyone. Yankees pissed yelled Rodriguez for not getting ejected. He started punching yankees everyone wants everyone to loop and elegant choked out most entertaining baseball game ever. That's from day Eric. Guys in the seventies I was lucky enough to see evil can be able personal hero in the Kingdome jump some bosses is twelve year old watching. A man hurtled as models of motorcycle some seventy feet I was in all of then. In 2009. I witnessed Ryan keeps jumping his motorcycle 311. Feet and it was so lost right now I still get the while watching it on video. Long lived to stroke dirt bikes guys that from the Amex junkie I will say get a chance to meet Robbie can. I was if that's appearances out of split that's it's a different guy right there allegedly met him at a bar I can't believe that the guy had a hotel room that in the sweet the barrage rant you Hillary stay that entire week that he led up to the New Year's show you told me he had an RV parked on the and at the door open and basically he just invited anybody in the entire term. So like there's this RV and there's a ramp going across the volcano right yeah he's gonna dump this thing that he literally has parked his RV at the base of the ramp he's sitting there he's drinking Beers and outside the thing that Robby can be able. Damned thing of the drug problems bike pretty. Well he had a reality show for wise engaged at the daily occur. Our guys have a huge granite state vote tally Al when it. Pain in the trash is the prime attraction he had a sweet and eating lunatic. I let the guys are huge fan of us in a calorie count myself lucky enough to see Mitch Hedberg lives it was a just three months before he passed. He was really trashed the shell in retrospect it is kind of depressing but he was still funny and came up some stuff on the spot that was great true genius RIP match. Guys got to the Ozzie a Key Arena has that wild was not over yet. In the middle of a guitar solo he fell backward off the front of the stage. Every Prodi's god has been gas. Zach never missed a notes due. I don't direct action when he fell backward and it may take him. I didn't have a big like all of us for all assembly has yet and that was the infamous night we're Meehan I Cassel ran into backstage. Any hug death and Cassel sit at the ultimate question. Why is your beard way because. That got a group don't shower around restrictive on tour right now action just and then when he was singing in and we are my sheet that ninth Corey Hart Kerkorian. Yeah sunglasses line yet but. He was singing at the OK dude he was waist I. The guys I was like you know to witness an all out brawl little Chucky cheese I worked its oh hole and that's during high school and as I was clocking in in my shift on a cold Saturday afternoon. I saw two women throwing hay makers at each other in the middle of the game area. Whole ordeal probably lasted 23 minutes and end up without a fairly rotund woman falling over the water ski game and it's like. Ball probably the most surreal thing at all doll and I've done some weird things there it down for a few text I would. I was like you know to be in the crowd for W. UW Rowe audience hijacked raw for Daniel bride something I will tell my kids I was bored out of my view at the same thing differences Al B line. Our blogs dot Nolan Ryan gamble well Graham slam to a rookie in the Brentwood retiree there can go somewhere around my house I look at that. 28 years ago evergreen speedway. Marching sixty minutes of the year two cars but the next one hit the other did some soul flip over the top of the caller may have wheels kept driving. A carpenter's berets do know. I and I. I put the car. And ended up in Izturis. What did you think of the alive I was lucky enough lucky enough to witness the guy did it by a car all this that and Edmonds but what made it memorable. Other than reported watching you'll be it hit my car Mobil made it memorable that he did not drop this expense can be. Both of his legs were broken so was gullible. Try popular beer while waiting for the medics ha ha ha and ha ha ha ha ha men's room that's currently there are both. Old woman was in the C championship game where Sherman Block the pass to Crabtree. Oddly enough one of country's most memorable moments and finally admitted somebody. Offered me a ticket. The day before and didn't just face value right. In my exact quote was. I can't I promised my girlfriend watched her use you thought she took an actor and also get use to open I now China. Bedroom I got what Kingdome get imploded I'm sorry implode so funny word and rode bikes all my beautiful morning saw history was the per Seahawks game and lasted Kingdome said but awesome that from -- all right you have time for a few extra emails here for the men's room a men's or livestock jobs. And and things do you. I'm. Now fund analyst. I can put an end I don't I don't you know how happy we aren't you guys again. You realize how legendary you are mentally we've been play in the barbershop quartet fish sandwich and an entire year he realized that so her dad. All of that is I would like to give a shout out to my son Anthony he turns sixteen today he loves your show would you please give internal sex. And if they sandwich thank you guys that from Tiffany. It in he this damage. Jesus. It's always made these. In the I mean. I thought I. It's all over dollars and eighteen best buy low key day. I had when I heard today was Lima got so excited sniper and Chelsea's birthday turning 25 I note you would love a bong rip. Thanks guys love the show and we get a bomb ripped for the lovely Kelsey. Oh. Portion. If that's the law this victory AT. I ever doubted us said to Tammy I would encourage Europe questioning of what type of Tammy she is but I think most of you already know. Markets to get a base there with pleas from Randy Riley Andrew reefs thanks in advance guys is it. And you book around this and wins. G.'s daughter on this. The reason I raise babies do really is in the morning. And. As they did not turn thirty about it. All I want is for my birthday is dead do be a creamy German in the middle of little turtle wax thanks guys that from knees. You put the bag put the biscuit in the T. You can look at this negativity. Of this jobless. I got about it that's going to as the biggest IMO for a fellow radio row you guys the rocky the spirit of radio alive the rockaholic skin I can't think you know what to do in your service of others especially with men's or proceeds going to Fisher houses. As a disabled veteran. A my thoughts are with those and their families who deserve the most. Along with a birthday song. May I get a what that after is that a thank you Brothers and rock card that from JJ to fly sports guy in Olympia. And seasons. Happy birthday from the management's view. On it again. Are they set up my buddy big daddy's Jane the biggest transplant who loves the man's robe and get only draw a jacket. Do car. And a game guys today at 34 and I get a civil happy birthday to Angela that would be great that's all thank you guys. Happy happy birthday and they all injuries and let me dividend from the management you know it. Only guy that my girlfriend Jordan's 24 partake in two it'll turtles next please thanks from Dillon. Too bad that turtle is now. That kind of jealous the turtles now aqueduct that struggle there. Men's room and so forced internal bickering get my American tea coincides with a live Dave Merrick was his right up your Alley months ago by the greatest time listening to your birthday requests he was having a particularly hard time all the turtle sects. He's a god damn it every time almost left. It was the funniest thing. Photo audio flagrant face and journalists suck it up cupcake that you liked that it now whenever however I would be thrilled Steve throw hill one would give me a custom job to edit gland. As only he could go in thinking he had Bieber they would be nice to that from Glenn I damage glanced up. Shut your back warm outline if you could think what you wanted to hear partner Merck lately in the U ugly subtle bit. Naked ladies today is my Tony a referendum on the I'd love to sing the birthday song can I get to that in thrills German sexy talk followed by miles talking about panties. That from Jeff Rowe the president of thrills ginger extermination gore. I do not know at one of them yet. Which. Now if you've reached that finished it you might spend time with the Pat Day. Guys Obama Michelle turning 54 today she would love a barber shop they sandwich she is awesome thanks again that from Jay is it. The these plans. G.'s daughter on the side. There's a reason he's due relatives in the morning AA and I mean I. And I. These guys my son around the united starting for our let's sound off with a few bong hits for my four year old and a good field and anybody else Florida that would be great to that from Joshua. It's hard I. And like ten years ago there for real. That's why I got a journal and and and and and knowing that break to working on work as a first I mean about Illinois Tom I have Ebert dated a town moon on men's or in my day we would love to celebrate with a barber shop they sandwich guys that from the moon came garage group. Is it to other people around examines. And she's done Iran's. That is when Israelis do really is in the moment being bad news and news ten now. As my boys that credit cards birthday get to give him a birthday song blaze thanks guys that from Michael. He had he been emailing him that the affidavit from the men and have you. By day man love it I'm turning 25 and ideally broad chickens that from Bryn Martin. Lee raw. Yeah yeah. Only guys they've met 38 while it's already a huge gift to have live day today in a sound as playoff game icing on the cake would be getting the birthday song gonna cut that big jump because. That's and I'll be saying tomorrow in my head if anyone attempts to try to interrupt me leaving work for this long holiday weekend a rock on guys that from Melissa. The happy birthday and aliens in June. You have even been on the men's review. Yeah it's now. Nick Cole Aldrich Nolan Ryan in Puyallup fair reverend next live in suit and would at least in the beginning of there. Don't you call my Anthony student so. I don't know how you do that I am boy might have been. The amazing need to costing me. Like Hogan with him like three hot dogs and great outfit. I don't. Dude you would be a wild ones limited there outside you can do that don't do. OK I am you don't. It is a private steel that we can turn on and oh yeah. And you guys should take my gig magma. How logo alchemy. And booted out of US and Canada that studio. A back up what the IX this. If it's. Original as Bryant Puyallup bears my. 39 order on the side investor calls live day can I get a barber shops they sandwich in honor thanks guys love the show that from Brian. Use it to people these damage. And she's done Iran's. Now with these enemies main reason do really. Is in the morning. And news and who had not. It. Wanted to let us even without ideas and they aren't. I'm David Glass and I am 41 years old and looking forward to my own men's number they sound effect all year so instead could you have the Ted Smith say the following either in a German accent or Sean Connery. I enjoyed porn and chicken with Channing Tatum and George that's not a passing from the club in Atlanta yes you do that and either Sean Connery bowler. And I got us into the creek creek and the German I mean who does it. I enjoy at some point in chicken with training and if you could picture which I'm from. Things. Now John I know via. The Minnesota to me the Brazil's my motorcycle crazy Frank Quinn is turning 42 today along with a birthday shout out he would love to have a turtle sex and maybe a little a birthday song. I can't wait to hear everything in my day guys that from David in maple that. It didn't sound and yeah. Hotel as I know all of that I had to pay Aaron back. Other well now go to someone's yeah. All the guys an original thought the event and it. They don't let it leaves little Google he won't know what we Gundy did. Everything broken and it goes on him. Of internally knows that if. Let's I don't know what I'll I'll. Beaten up and appreciating you Jenna to my husband Marty you'll be celebrating his 49 birthday today when you're alive he's loyal fan from the small town council rock Washington. I notre for him to hear your show. We had to buy an antenna and attention over twenty feet in the air so he can rush over and listen neighbors love. Yeah he would love to have a barbershop fish sandwich please if you go to thanks guys sincerely that from the jealous wife. Is it do he these families. She's done as. And he's he's. You in the morning and afternoon. And I. I may. Enact. I don't think we've ever had this kind of an email before but I know there is live day and show 2500 we figure we agreed to hear and see how this goes we have no idea how this is going to go maybe we can tell you later showed them Lima. It goes on the like this. Our guys are need your help. Being alive day. I think it's the perfect time to reach out and ask for a solid from the best damn radio show in the world drug results do you favor about eighteen months ago I met an amazing girl. She restored my faith in humanity and makes me smile every single day. Having turned her into a rockaholic getting her hooked on the men's room and having her as my eyes to ship I just know she's the one so could you guys tell me and asking. Molly falls. Will you marry me. Thank you guys keep up the awesome work I really appreciated that from shift to gin in the silver so. Molly polls is being passed to be married by chef Jim in silver. You don't Molly. Overdo it Marley is not totally accepting an award and someone else be at the could me you know whatever things so I'm gonna go ahead says that model is that no. I I don't know though I guess it. I'd say they think they appreciated. You embarrass them but bring this up operating. I outwards up realism and you've got a lot of jobs that went up we don't know. Are there I go on nine emails we got ranked after the drug charge comes in spends an eight and songs that sound better with banjo things in the band known as the heart would joining us. In studio the first time for a little what you don't need to know. And now. It's time flow would jolt don't need to know how to let that. You know the reverend Jackson is the end it is thing is out suffer gonna try to keep my game wouldn't know what Malcolm Gail. Would the mayors and other acts of Lydia got by yeah. But today up and puts it don't need to know we have got rained enough about eight zions. Eight signs that you are the worst role in the world to go drinking the last guy in the world a guy party feel guilty and I mean seamlessly so check yourself on some of these. I didn't want if you go out your friends you wake up the next morning completely unaware of what happened the night before rest assured you were difficult to be around Italy's. And over some people that I couldn't memorable whatever all know. Know you were terrible in the fact you have to ask I didn't want the next day makes you that gas. I. Hello here's another sign that you are the first guys good wringing wet I'll have been there. I'm borrowing that the cannot borrow five bucks GAAP. I used the figure five bucks loosely but you know what I mean if you can't go out you don't have any money that don't go out today at home nobody likes the moot if he can't go out. You can't do it in the situation. As I don't have money I can't that's over eight signs of the worst person in the world go drinking with from a reference the robot here. On the glorious a shocker. This is pretty simple if you're absolutely cubes when he drinks Nolan. Go home. The next guy actually especially if you're over the age like 25. But you're puke and if you ever want tomorrow. No all right I didn't. It's gotta your goal as time. It it all the time. I jumped on it at its worst guys you're drinking with the quit while you're behind guys every time you're drunk you insists incessantly hit on women who have no interest in the near you. You're thoroughly embarrassing all of the other guy friends by association again. No one likes you they need W of the situation kind problems out doing this you walk on the eight people that I Barack parity with. I thought he would say get me out and I don't. Hear argument is that it is but it I'd start this guy is not known as the Rolling Stone. Some guys are just happy where they are in every group. There's always the one guy who was super drunk it starts rambling about heading to all these different bars. And boasting about how the girls they're so much hotter the food there is that whatever the deal there's an idea. Limit the amount of people are gonna see your ass in that condition hammered. It'll timber this thing of shame the next morning. I don't buddy like that name out of body just. We have a rule we just won't go out and actors are prominent. Eight guys you don't wanna go drinking lift the pizza isn't going anywhere. You're never gonna argue with getting pizza after nine outright war but it is necessary and not necessary to start talking about it two hours into the night and you'll get your pizza. We promise stop bringing it out every brick and thirty minute. It will happen for the into the night it would get on. What you love about it leads the blog. Then there's the bull in the China shop. Similar to the vomiting one this is a given but if you're knocking crap over left and right it's not because you have a problem with your equilibrium. It's because you don't know how to drink go home. It's that there's a guy you don't wanna go out with who has liquid courage. You pacifist by nature that all the sudden your few drinks and you think you can float like a butterfly sting like could be yet you can't no one wants to be around that guy. Honorable mentions by the way for the aids these signs of the worst go drinking with. You cry of god often don't know. The wrong do trying to bar you call you talk. Numerous times. You start texting your acts do you see your bags and yell at her in public you steal things you drink other people's back wash. You're bad about that plus Jamal will be here yeah credibility when you that your its full. Other ago few tips there eight signs of the worst -- go drinking with that they would encourage guys texting taxes like if it's a recent break up. I'll deal with it but it's been a couple of years for the bullets that issue out there which do. But don't make the part of my activities to healing and you're gas it certainly. It's like he's just directly to Google it yourself and Vernon hill. Would what did you think response would be that and there's the Rolling Stone to quit while you're behind the glories of jokers. I did Watson can borrow five bucks that. The guys you don't want. I'm OK go without what you don't. Well we're gonna take a quick break here on now live day come back drug charge Ryan has its in house since banned all live on live day next. I. There's been. Canada's W has been a wealth of 45 units without tails dragging comparisons are ready yet that it it started in 1878. That's eleven years before Washington even thank Avis thanks. A little bit of history lesson rated them as well as the largest prairie west of the Mississippi and in 1954 the iconic doll was raised itself the brewery. Here in Seattle cementing mania there's a regional ally house not says he is and a great tasting snacks that radiate there has produced some of the most memorable. Your muscles just dozens of Foley artist behind me bring you advanced molding just failed through the great years. Happens retreat program will be 45000. Trains have been planted since twenty point three. Ray yet they didn't stop there though they introduced Rainier pale mounts that held its first new beer and needy twenty. It's it's a seasonal Arab American style I am so using. Our goal and cascade hopes pairings now as W week. I'm happy not to have radiate there as part of lied to what he 62. Iconic brands and great things again that. Branyan amounts in fresh bid since 1870. What's up it's avoid V Ted Smith and I'm here once again with my personal attorney cow from the advocates not Kyle for years ago I went to college football game. Maybe had a little too much fun. Later that night I fell off my own balcony now is it possible that the railing was not the standard height that I have a case against the railing. You know tired at the outfits we see a lot of cases where people are injured as a result of a designer maintenance problem in all sorts of different walkways including steps railings on that spears stuff. That's a real issue we can help where. The other issue here is how much were you enjoying yourself if think I released soon the flower bed I fell into that. For catching your fault juries are usually respond kindly to people trying to see flowers everyone likes flowers. He's remaining flour stared out though how look the consultation is free to talk with the etiquette they're here to help. Text car to 77999. That's car to 77999. Messaging data rates may apply to please don't Texans draft. Get ready for a new buying experience at northwest motorsports everybody knows it's jock straps and more trucks. The tellers and if he beats team. Check out and WMS rocks dot com and find a huge selection of white now you can choose from more than 2000 rigs are priced to sell or give McConnell and alienate and WMS rock's northwest motor sports. And distracting. To show you honesty integrity loyalty and trust the college held. Some go CY and WMS rock's as the fastest growing dealership in the country not because I know. I. Yeah and isn't the best collection of four wheel drive lifted and diesel trucks but they don't stop there Jurcina fantastic collection of cars and suvs do northwest motorsports is in Q well at Lynnwood Everett and down the tri cities. Head on an inexperienced skill for yourself honesty integrity loyalty and trust. It's all waiting for you allow the cars suvs and of course trucks trucks and work to cat that's not what I had to sweat and W I'm not done. It's. Yes friends it Stan once again her sit in Spain. Let's gather ran the old radio and listen this swing and terrific new music. I cast of the -- target it and then it's been an online today how argument you know a different guys that college about trio obviously do very cannon with a great to have got through like you know it which is better than normal. You know I'd I would at 4 o'clock it's Pristina film forget that we go back we've got we got the shot of the day coming up and also low profile this more live bands more live everything on them alive day ranking as the UN force in spent today. And today we are joined by the band known as heart blood and they they play a little banjo music. Lovable little bluegrass we did it from the heart. And sometimes nothing better than having a little bit NGOs having sold the list that we've come up with today are. Ten songs wait to do some better than I got a surprise for you do they have eleven songs and I couldn't think of one the cut because the role awesome so it's a letter also. And your boys now. OK so he's not because heart what goes to eleven OK so here are then eleven songs that sound better when banjo starting at number eleven. Agree grades. It's. When your weight and for that next. No better standing. I didn't oversaw the fiddle and oh yeah. I think I was gonna say this as a black guy that's scared that if if if I. Today my vote today you're a Philly got the trooper from made their from a from our ten dollar ten songs it do better with a banjo with a man known as artwork made it to number ten. It. Yeah yeah. There was no way out and that. You thank yesterday he's also known as Bob Montgomery favorite song cream who has an art it's a great song but is it better with bands or did already have been around negated one out maybe you should do about it yeah exactly they are the ten songs that you better when Joseph eleven exactly thank you hardly made it to number nine. No I live in a number nine number nine a human being. It's and a. Carriers. It might have sweetly. That's good that if miles and I was like that's long as they look me and are these not one of those people lifted. And Ebert mystics in the script my main thing about we'd it is in the middle like I. Yeah. I got rid. And the corporate WP I'm gonna. I've hopefully if you daddy ten songs that deuce out held a lot better when banjo today on since been more at number eight's. Okay. All. If on honey I don't know I guess I would have incorporated events and thought for sure that's pretty awesome and I gel. Thank you a hard look for joining us today on those things mentioning we've got ten songs it definitely do sound a hell of a lot better than Joseph number seven on to evidence points. Now. Somewhere near. The the Angel of death. These aren't. Eleventh dog it's now better a banjo today as alive day rolls violence and then we made it to number cents. It's. It's. Acts. And that's about. Headed that I beat him about a pound bombs. On an accordion and it sure that this about the last great. It's hard to sleep with them explain accord is goodness ended. Yeah. A lot of songs that that dude at least now better with a banjo things the guys in our what we made it to a number five I believe number five. I. That was the line if we financial life that there. But. Yeah. I don't question so there's that there's a slide guitar and there to. Deal. All right those are different between the slide guitar and a steel guitar. Yeah adds. Fuel in. The animals you. Well so I'll I'll I'll I'll let you gotta dull summer I believe the rock audiences falling asleep at this point yet. Tears prayers are eleven songs that you felt better and banjo thank you guys enough heart literally minutes number full. A. I. You know it's poetic they've recovered you know explain that yes that they that's how lucky that Velika event it is wildly liberal things that are here. I think. Most of that and into it is my mama and squeezed on the could have been checking the oil and perhaps yeah. Are you you guys are all sitting around by the way for the show that there OK are we gonna tell more duke on congress to human what you've got the bears aren't got to live. I today Johnson spent as we celebrate life day hash tag live day by the way you can watch all the performances lively KI SW dot com like us on FaceBook. And you could watch you know all the videos and the bands and everything else there. As well today ounce and spent ten songs it do sound better with banjo. The band hardwood with us the barbershop quartet in house I believe we had made it to number. Her three. Your fans well. Are there okay. Oh yeah. There's sort of realizing suit late that that the risk starts and that's on and that's that's a pretty that's a pretty cool sexy kind of didn't wreck and the drums come on. And rather than you know slow way into the whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop them so I'm gonna say that there are quite a fine song yet. You want it could be turned into a pull. Up and they're schedules that it's been today. Lots of that you went up the rubber plant overtime because he boards I mean did you ever you tomorrow. Unless they're gonna do you have mines its confident he'll have political. Yeah thank you about. The hot hot hot hot hot off the money just they gotta I gotta get to the bottom two inches total. I'd like five dudes that's been abandoned the bad news. Heartland that's part hood did not hardwood Bret Hart hearts and our hearts with a T that's where there aren't talking it will get there if did songs that do sound better with a banjo today on since been joined by now hardwood that we made its number two it's. Can we. Wish. Should have been well. But you sought to this kind of it's. It's. Now that we've you know a lot of hail. Abdullah that's what happened with the government on the North. Africa apple product goes lately you know it you know that's funny is I saw a guy an awards show in February Vegas except in the work for goes and that's exactly what he said the manager of the drug agents while Angelo you want from the podium please what. Hail Satan and yeah. It's not about who had a lot and you know what that does what do that the year before that. Pretty reckless for reckless it was ironically and I got a brothel. If if if if if if about the way they responded jump from tall I don't know if you remember that Parade Magazine magnate. And every year that you like best rock Internet in Anderson I'm coming and so was mode. Best rock loudness. Every year on it and all the companies that he had. In advance every single year even over the it's clear what did that. Obvious here say hi I don't even though that is another rock of its. Oh yeah that the other. Write cancel the drug charges that defenseman today we had ten songs that they do sound better what banjo part would joining us and we had made it to a number well number. And. I. I. Well. Yeah. Have realized hey. And everyone's. So good so yeah. Thank you guys so much credit book off color have been in their. Thank you guys men with Batman. I'm really well. Live their roles on hash tag alive day you can watch all the video streaming live KI SW dot com and finally that if you like it's on FaceBook. I'm like yes W FaceBook page there's also a live feed going on still a lot to come I do believe we have made it finally. To drink in town.