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Thursday, November 23rd


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NT sure sucking on the wrong end of a lollipop during the last amends current performance. Here is what you need. Well I can tell you that Kennedy Ted Smith. We'll be joining. The new originals onstage. Oh I've read more about Michael McDonald oh a guy a break moms hello well as Michael McDonnell you plug the hole it's. Too late to get the other the Michael mcdonalds. Usually you have three of union farewell hug and a good and we'll welcome back you know what yeah I think there's joy he wants the Michael mcdonalds so we can hide behind some other Michael and I actually a lot miles Montgomery as Michael Mike Donald Michael McDonald right up front they powerless tiny fingers around her reasons but mainly boom boom boom you'll truly is a mile Honolulu where if if we're gonna do if if if we're gonna pull it together do you got rock can't you I want miles Montgomery we define as Michael Mark Martin Michael I have been so hard mood and while I'm Montgomery as Michael Vick got all our lives what do we are added that would tennis correcting me. Low point in time we're trying to do the professional thing by putting into weeks and based blue in there and today. Thanks so much physical guys answer they were put number two weeks but real pleasure. And they sort of screaming at us and they kicked us out the bill. I put them like human for the two minutes we had been escorted out of the building until the never come back but here's what we did regular really pisses off so what they were gonna do in the meantime. And until they figured out what they're gonna replace as well. They're gonna Ron Bass notes of our show and then all the show for backed up on CD all those CDs or the stations will be called back to one of our. Can't actually on the inside and said look. We can't walk and build missile called the cops meters in the Baghdad give us every goddamn TV they have their soul. I mean as much as heavy as would everyone say we get out of there the ball goes much Judy later. And is likely limit. I know you have your best don't somewhere else the bomb I don't know to Tony man we were not allowed back in the building how old on earth could I possibly. Get our best stuff that's on June quarter as opposed to do so would you put a lot of work out the two weeks in Libya problem. I don't know if you typed so called her back about two days after that. And he kind of freaked him out but now he's trying to appeal to my better and better angels of world. In the mood to prove important moment revenues will be real hard time on my debit charm him sucks to be you but it did end. We would have been there but he kicked us out of building so does seem like Carmen and me but I don't know who ever. Would steal all the best those and medium such a bind decent. For my favorite thing. Getting isn't dirty German from thrill and some angry German from Robin thanks love mob. Yeah offered a book February kind of make you breakfast and scrambled stalemate. Yet intense and slightly you give what stack up what what did you tell them you know horrible burns. Actually doesn't mean these young men and the mainly not Joseph he's brilliant and I know you lose again let's all the injuries again. Wholly owned a bullet stack. I was so I. Licking the bucks that's just happy birthday wow a little like a cat bath I'll just by default what is the nicest sounding thing that a German could possibly do it though Amanda were Germans say it sounds horrible. I know my favorite left boo you got. It that's sounds really and I. But the dog apparently super nice well trained dog just you know did his job. Trust in the process he beauties about the man's dog well not that that's their job to do is unfortunately they don't we're discussing but I think. It seems weird right did the natural instinct to somebody I know like at a Scottish Terrier. It's a new master race when he was great to meet but if you didn't know won't need only a EB got to meet. I don't know that he would stop it truth there's still a lot of as I dog with a goat coming off Christian. Yeah that's they're supposed to have a guy he had a bald patch to. On. Finance guys go up Tigger he had done some of the ladies he's. I had a tough time in high school is everything did that ball don't think it's that the boy I don't know yet what Tim was also alleged man. I think what how old was he. Just Blake. I don't know if my fingers the dog and uses his head just right here back all the battle I won't be the bottom half back third. All the whole busy I'll call 80000. Big school whose streets oh man that had to be rough for him. Did you expect bigger nick takes his flag flying truck for the city shell station for fuel. Bigger knicks flag flying trapeze and gas no time for another city shell filled bond. Bigger nitpick this flag flying truck to the city shouldn't. If I think I'm hot. I don't shell station from fuel the next flag flying truck the dazzle time for another city shelter no food drink and extensive flagged my truck to city shell station for fuel. Critics flagged twice they drop if we cancel. Oh yeah. So we got a shot at eight pink dolphin swimming up the coast of Louisiana. Okay. I'm. I know I think you know it. At a gallon gentlemen we have heat if you don't give her how did you came out on fan and I gave the thing dolphins. Absolutely a new five years. She does my blow hole I think you know we're doing the King Abdullah that I whipped out the playing golf and I knew I had. Him miles look like Canada and got so we get tighter both pull out your paint off the same thing. The priest has a heart attack was rushed to a hospital he wakes up as he's being rushed to the hospital on the Gurney back to nurses he asks them Iannetta and knows is one of the nurses we're just taking shortcuts through the children's ward. Wait there's more. What you call a three hump camel pregnant pregnant. And one more. Now though I don't allow the start about how we got appear from the commentary this terrible I hate to laugh why it was the orphaned bad baseball why was the orphans and a baseball we didn't know where homework. China's G analyst who do I know I hit three wood came in Iran on top kill the Mets and tell your face damages and dirty talk from thrill and Ted love you guys that from Giroux yeah. The topic of what they really learned the history of America that would show you my school temple. Teachers like one of those bogus the juicy juicy stuff I offer my insight. I've heard chairman and matching and as Jerry just got. Look for your birthday shout out today although we just mad he has proven to blow every other guy out of the water. Happy 54 birthday David Lamar Hogan Bob wasn't Joey chestnut for Melissa. Okay. Nobody ever actually been back there. Know what I did. Well. Not bump into him once. I was back in Baltimore visiting friend this friend Matt doing his right hand person doesn't work out how many parking garage. And who walks and the boss yet at the missile several parking just not at this Indy Lights. We'll tell your golf visors. Low oh you know what you have been kidding me playbook played may have. The west's words you said it was a mystery is. I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure you never worked in radio I believe that's his exact quote. So arraignment to him and listen so you understand where have a problem with you and I'm giving their Ribery Lautenberg calls deliver some valid when you see phased uniform beat the (%expletive) out of you know. I can't explain you do. And RT don't like it was on getting real close so when all the security guard garage comment. Climbing out of the Booth I told the reason amok in the beat your ass to death right here because that mother after the bears' walk him over here with him so his last words he said to me. I do know Floyd doesn't look like that mother rapper. Now done men's room legacy can continue. You what sure love to hear is real the members of this radio program are simply. Let's send anyway. Lord. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is not. Thrill. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. He's really. Okay. Paranoid or go undated November 2660. I. Along with Steve the throw him. See Ted Smith and laden. Add to my car. Yeah and a mentor the. Can't today merger of boots not flags. A very special announcement concerning red that's demo. Get ready to play profiled this plus headlines read your job today fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time with technically accurate here arterial president tells crowd if we get to the war on the beautiful clean coal. You're taking on school. They're going to clean it. Base jumper leaps from a canyon walls then hits the canyon walls. And get stuck there for a bit. British firemen rescue eighteen page from fire six months later they say those Fossett was fantastic. He walks out of woods after eleven days as the situation was beginning to look drastic. Panasonic is arrested after dancing to the monitoring that's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Thought it is good day to you and yours aren't you got the familiar with the typhoon. Or hurricane do well. A typhoon that blasted in the Hong Kong and actually. Offices were closed schools were closed streets were flooded in more than 400 feet deep flights were canceled and Hong Kong International Airport the fact. Most flights were diverted to mainland China because again Hong Kong wasn't in the middle of a typhoon. But that didn't stop the pilot from KLM flight 887 from landing at the airport anyway. They kind of ask him not to be decided he really does one get acquired over let's face it went from Amsterdam don't call alongside. Recommended and our we'll put numbers to back open after they dedicated themselves this dude. Managed to quote unquote safely land the plane in the middle of a typhoon. At a closed goddamn airport. All of us except a private understand. Why the flights have been diverted but he land the plane. I guess he was a daredevil I am so glad I was not a bad drug what better than thing. Now but closer to home. We go to New Jersey with a a guy driving you've told your own rap for our mentally familiar of these vehicles you for those family and family friends and headed to the Jersey Shore. I won't pointed to drive across a broad. Drawbridge in like in the movie the drawbridge stoked to open with the driving up so what does the cool with bad in the world do. He gums that mother that's right he general was introduced the hazard in he'd jump that ditch. Men's room when he smiles a thrill. Miles an hour ago. Michelle over 2665. Of the huge show we have for you they sudden return of who Sox last question today quite simply. What is the riskiest thing that you've ever done maybe you've heard the story but this is great this is one of those things I think secretly. Every single one of us. Has at least always wanted to try this. To some degree this one New Jersey. This is gone to New Jersey. Just just in general does him being a kid and building ramps even if it's a big Wheeler your bicycle or whatever the dealers how many ramps did you except how many broke in how many times did you crash. It was normally a we did a pile of dirt most of the time so wasn't as bad some of that bullet went around like you are on the dirt resorts like suicide hill you know that was one. With a name added up to do love that it the camera rolled snake wants that kind of freaked me dancers I thought of a pipe. Turned of the reps me I'm not realize my body was going down economy. And I see him bureau often in my mind I'm like obviously chick and I got this in just of them hitting the snake and realize it is a snake in our day and but otherwise will be made ramp is always an elected cheapest apply border to bother ahead. You do realize that could carry any weight in whoever wins first inevitably was also the only kid then attempted to jump ball that yeah yeah and it's a you know people get hurt doing it and everything else but it's a lot of fun as a kid chore to give it a shot anyway. And I live we're live in Fremont there is a drawbridge goes up and down all of the time. And I get stopped their lot and I look at that thing go up and there's a certain point where like. That's the money in your gonna make it because it goes it goes pretty straight up man and there's always somebody in the tower who's looking down. You know those bells go off I saw an old man he started walking across the bridge and they waited obviously for him and I'm gonna throw him off for excel and there's crossing guards the go down home and taken to get across numbers for ever he was doing like the shuffle and I mean he's he's getting up there but he still gonna take a walk guys just doing the the issues can't last for three weeks you know hold. Stride Rite shuffle his. Church. He's Tryon but you know me like his back is shaped like an L for you know like I am Scully doses but this man takes the that you can see what ages done. So anyway a New Jersey driver forced to gunned his engine of his Toyota Ralph four. And jump a drawbridge to begin rising as he crossed it with a spam I still don't know how he got past the barriers if there aren't any. There's always on the bridge in the operator. When he looked. There was like that and glare from the sun or so but basically the operator just missed that he was on the brick OK I think he starts to raise it. I've already dry BMA Julia Reed the poll. How could they just paid the goal the driving and realized. As a boat I think of whites to want listen hey maybe I'm pretty sure the bridges go out Terrence maps of blessed dead forward two out township. Terrence maps of west debt for township. I just paid a dollar fifty told across the middle thoroughfare Bridgewater is a word you don't hear very often thoroughfare thoroughfare lol that's that's that's an only gonna get a he and his wife and daughter and his daughter's friend or in the car. The bridge links Cape May with the wild woods area near the Jersey Shore. And as it was crossing the steel grates it began to rise three to six feet because of vessel was trying to cross. My wife said I think the bridges opening. Leaving him in fear. He decided to guidance instead of dropping 65 feet in the water he accelerated and of course. Then we landed with a big impact on the other side it's scary what's going through your mind Terence says. Would get a ball landed in the water he estimates the SEB severed about 101000 dollars in damages authorities say the operator bridge was to blame for the scare. And an employee for the Cape May county bridge commission says the large vessels project the bridge and they had no contact with that vessel due to the radio being down. And police said in the report the bridge tenor told police deactivated the bridges lights and gates in anticipation. That all vehicles would be clear however as Ted said he wasn't sure because of the sun. A terrorist that he said he would never cross that bridge yet. I don't blame and Italy in your mind that you'd like to be the most exciting and cool thing you can do and and older get a might get a you don't ever want to do and he doesn't have to. Well I don't know if he'd stopped what did. I've seen years of this we have across that Brit she can drive an hour oh wow yeah you are like around around it right. But I just the quickest way to get from where they are one point eight point B so the radio was down and Vanilla Ice on one. Pretty not a good combination that we have in the past defense so many years that bridge been there that's for the first time attacked. I you know what it probably gives you know it probably is but I got an active that they split second decision. That you're making. And I am pretty sure the kids to the once they would play to his daughter's daughter's friend personally that would sit in the back so I'm sure there was only. Don't do this has never been done before period on any drawbridge. In North America ever. But even when they're constructing it and they've gotta like this and the mailers say is that I got this man oh I'm sure it's had actual cabinet yet but. But I don't think I don't think Beckham sat ethically right but actively while you're at one thing. If you see going up continued this idea that you wanna do this you know you're drunk or your eighteen he got a motorcycle it's one thing this dude like he had no adrenaline rush about the raffle or is just trying to drive to the guy did is we do whatever four cylinder with four people. Yeah and the now powerful cars my wife has won there they've got a little Oregon vehicle. But they're not designed initially they are really nice did make homeland those are looted and cars and sound of your minimum and I'm like man this is really nice they have great acceleration and you don't look good guess my this program. A brave pilot landed a passenger jet blind after giants hail stones smashed the cockpits wind screen an almost tore off the nose go. And think about that. There's no way he told cops are content to remain quickly ending the front of the plane's missing. The pictures show the plane after the pilots Ehrlich emergency landing at Istanbul's. Airport with a 127 pastors on board. They show the severe external damage the Airbus A 320. From sudden unexpected hail during a thunderstorm and passengers crying and praying out as the plane comes in on a rather shaky landing. Unbelievable I mean if you see the front of this plane this is unbelievable. Right exactly administration on the front of a blank gonna comes about rounded point it's that is completely smashed let me see it again play the bulldogs face. It looks like it looks like the tip of a bullet. It looks as a right arrows where you can they have had stuffing and just punched the roast beef sandwich. I'm always on the ground is heard saying he won't do it. He won't do it that's comforting captain Alexander aka Bob said that he and the other crew were celebrating as if it was a second birthday after his life saving drugs and coping with the damage caused by. Hail stones the size of chickens next day. Incredibly his auto pilot was taken outs in the damage is that have been flying for thirty years. Well did you see the plane landing was an okay the passengers are alive it's normal this is our professional reliability. Are located did not show this weather disaster this is why it happened it was hard but the main thing is that people are still alive. The catastrophe at some ten minutes after taking off from Turkish airline analysts global on a flight in Northern Cyprus. Having climbed to about thirteen hundred meters that hail stones cracked the cockpit windows completely shattering them she preventing the pilots from even seeing his runway approach. Nobody needs to know that. App got schedules permitted trying to land at the airport even though it'd go well you know due to atrocious weather. Full scale emergency protocol was in place with fire appliances they found there and ambulances are waiting dollar cracked so now we move onto another plain stores those people I Turkey's only. He's got an email I you cannot be a good news when both the my own of the plane is gone. Now we go to Hong Kong where a powerful tycoon attack his actions and it. A powerful document named Jim clamp it. If it did it to tie in fact use an old married and if you're a bear attack Kuhn. I think parents are from the northeast tycoons from Texas. OK I don't play golf yes. A powerful typhoon. Blasted and Hong Kong forcing offices and schools to close leaving flooded streets shattered windows in more than 450. Canceled flights in its wake. It might have been 450 watt. But as typhoon hate okay within sixty kilometers of Hong Kong closing up to gag clause would be considered a direct hit under the storm warning system. One pilot managed to land at Hong Kong International Airport. Wind gusts between eighty kilometers and a 113 kilometers what's at sixty mile an hour when it. Somewhere in there. Well category with the Canadian categories are hurting they do not think so far no lowered so that. I'm hoping new categories like we do but normalcy into the city the airport issued the vehicle look at code ten that the album which is the highest. That's bad debts KLM flight 887 from Amsterdam landed at ten at 33 AM just north of the I. Of the typhoon. Others abort their landings headed for a relatively. The relative safety of mainland China. 80 named after the Japanese word for. Pigeon. We have some of the worst weather will pay the airport since it opened almost two decades that this is as bad as it's ever been there. They were strong winds depending on the angle to the runway they would be in excess of lending limits. That's from a pilot there at the airport who is reporting on the conditions. Let's see here. I guess a cameraman went out and fill this thing government. With the accompanying radar image of flight attendant to get the hell out of there there's one playing cumin and and the quote was. This is nuts this guy's nuts. For the first time in five years local weather authorities raised the number ten hurricane signal. By mid day hit it was packing winds of 126. Kilometers with gusts of two. 207. Kilometers. The warning for businesses government officials schools to close ferry operators as well stopped. And as well this was the only flight it's a you know what we're gonna give this baby ago no worries. Others abort their landings. Let's see here it's it's. It was it's insane the fact that this guy even tried to do this but yes but he landed the plane that themselves and they basically closed the airport is like. Yeah yeah common and anyway man don't worry about it. A they closed on the airport he didn't care and Medicare now let's get to a more. A base jumper apparently tried to make it to the floor of an Idaho canyon instead after he jumped he ended up getting stuck on the canyon wall. Emergency responders were called the scene in Twin Falls are one descended the cliff face to perform a rope rescue. Witnesses said another man made the same jump but did end up safe on the floor of the canyon. The man who was rescued. He declined medical attention and he declined comment sort of living out of parachute open eclipse Iraq and then swings and into the sorry he I believe that's exactly what happened and he got stuck on the side of weekend. How do you miss the ground our question what is the riskiest thing that you have ever done. Hello Blake welcome to the men's room. Only it's. I'm my authority is back when the kids. Anyhow my parents like forty acres out here and of course see the old trees all my apathetic. But. Anyway the left a couple feet and he had what do you hope I Peter three bitter. Old man probably. Probably doing the salt. Mean I'm. In all time. I'll immediately started. We had quietly the public that up. The seed playing back at. And you thought it did the blood thing in the world is. You know are not area that we putted died and how old you some. Probably. And I would like. All you have to think like in the eighteen hundreds children dying falling out of trees is probably like a regular occurrence frog the number one cause you know and think well I mean what else you gonna do worry everybody got tree. About got a three but like that they're extremely important here is you know one boy and a liberal a lot of trees and we climbed to eight point sawgrass fallout but with the wind started picking up that's not yeah. And India the tall with fewer apps you do you have are you scared of heights. Not all. Obviously I thought why god some say it like would you be so did you have to Shimmy the tree or was it just the branches afforded you'd just be the kind of climate like a ladder. I I know like a ladder you know on the all the help. No I would dot I thought I would really didn't you know make it big. They're backed down. I know probably I hit it. Whoa you're out of control ago Laura Harris exactly. Yeah. Religious and thirty sewage jeans throw yourself this if you that. Shanahan men. It's a good point and and I never thought about it though that was a thin kid but yes the what climbing trees and all that. I didn't love it. Because at some point I got high and off from like this. This is an okay yeah economy but yet probably the bigger kids like I never countries right those A those of bridge SharePoint bridge across the delay ramblings. Triple into refined I only remember once trying to flip and I didn't get all the way over. So it was like my face to this deck and feel depressed all the way yen yet I like the rest of my body kind of flopping over how it got hurt. Anyone even get away with those back when my kids ever trembling now but it's one of those. Octagon shaped thing has nets on the side that they couldn't fall out of that thing must I tip it over and drop them out at. But I think by the Tripoli we had does that big gas rectangle the Expos springs from the side the gap. Between that pad inside and I mean how we legs went there retired to the springs grant people like you did what we took a look at my kids strictly believe you could hurt herself on the trampoline. Alicia bring something into the trampoline like a knife. But what about late. Hand X. Like I as a child I remember like voter gonna try to do wanna fell out. Because that's the child and I believe this very true and answers and goes that they advocate this different I believe that as a child it is physically impossible. To get into a hammock and yeah. I got an adult I can do a bookstore that moment will will but some eye catcher bounce but at the child I mean it's it got to the point that. The novelty of world we could even make me excited because it's like always does is bring repay. I think god. Not that the if you were to look at it in hindsight. And see what happened I think the riskiest thing one of the riskiest things I've ever been involved and was on a voice catcher and it was a group Boy Scouts and our troop and we went up to Canada. And we did about a seventy mile. Circle around a bunch of lakes and rivers and stuff like that and it was a ten day twelve day may be how many kids how many adults there were probably ten kids and six adults got a and the trip was it was it was it was crazy when you get on some of the bigger lakes up in French speaking Quebec and they are just so old that. There are so massive. The you can not see from side to side of the storms come up these these I mean the storms are insane so. It is not a bad thing to be on the lake is one of the few places were mosquitoes only two alive then but we got out of the middle like a couple times the storms have come out there was not much we could do so. We we took our tent poles. And we took a TARP. And we bring our canoes Olin together and we roll the sale and we would let the we'll look into news you know I mean Kennedy does as far as they can't sound safe and say it because you beat hall last off the lake shore kids that transform our act so that was one of one point where where things were a little bit sketchy and and we thought we're we're in bad day in a bad way but the but the one that I'll never forget was we had. As zip lock bags and they contain all the maps that we had and it did to denote a portage area an area where you could not. And traversed the Booth the river whatever he had to walk around it yet to take her to New York based reported job men and walk around. Well those that was denote a vile little line and the little line was in the seem. Of the match so when you folded the match job on the line was in the fold so to disappears. It's not there. So I'm in the front of the canoe and I get the map and I keep flipping the map over and you can see all these areas where people have obviously portage yeah. There are big trails on each side of the river and now we're picking up speed. And the worst nightmare that you could ever think of in any scenario is yes we are headed straight for a huge wonderful yeah. And I'm like. Oh god now as I turn around were waving people off like get off get off there's a couple of guys that are actually pulling their canoes Oprah and they do OK but there's about four of us that are just. I mean now it's picking up like it is picking up picking up. And or fly and and you hear didn't. Mike. On Jesus and god or the so I don't know how far the thing is going to be prepared right so. We can pull over and like anything else is kind of like when you overall coasters but a paddle up above my head hit any impact at an almost daily war help or balances won't it was about a twenty foot two fifths. She asked for things from me but you have to remember these are still keeping the excitement of a walk and now rides and we fear he was the news about it more and you know their intent is not particularly for nature says in but it was a weird thing is and that they're probably sixteen foot old aluminum groom and canoes they had these big foam. You know to keep floating in the front and the back of the boat so. When the when the nose of the boat hit the water. I was on my knees near the ports like how can locked into it when those that do it to the water it basically submarine straight up in pops straight back out. And then flatten out all right in the pool. It is the kind of step down those gum or smaller. Taller battle or don't take it that they were two or three feet right there was nothing that was the major drop in the pool was deep and up to us to submarine down pop back up. The problem was we turn around we could see the front of all these canoes off of the top. Of waterfalls and they were all coming straight down and oh god going to be these huge gas canoes are now coming down to where we are in the pool is like. Oh god nobody got hit. Which is amazing and I sort of got like if I wish someone had a copy them on video. I just relate to sit back and watch it knowing that everyone was RI and just laugh my ass boy scouts of America this time it was African terror. What is arrest is saying that you've ever done 844999. Hole you are listening to the men's or radio network. What is rescues say that you have ever done a more Fareed 999. Cola HOL. A whole lot. So the good cheerleader now well new OK okay. And I'm I'm trying to say is right every morning our command and and there's emails that say maybe Johnny dollar can get through and try to 844999. Was evident it's a 44999. H. OLA. Old. And the problem is people just thought you saying all that he'll say no I ordered on nine I know that you just couldn't actually see all look a lot like not always late. Right time and yeah slash article number I had six digits. I hear you but I think sometimes you just artists would like bullets wild okay well what Georgia did the dial. Oh LA you know might know it until LA is so all luck piece or Taylor. 999 all just trying to clear the I got there barrel luck is part of the number yes hazardous material very import. I would you comment here. As far as the question goes what's the riskiest thing you've ever done so golden eagle in the craziest. But my cousin used to tape one of those metal roll reflectors to a football helmet and inclined to the top of the tree during a thunderstorm. He would who put the danger because he said he had rubber shoes up. I cannot believe that did still idea I've seen. I see. I see somebody who works when you say with electricity and turn it on swearing like rubber gloves. But literally in sandals that were wet did you know what the whole idea how I think that's hippies say before they are like Tokyo where the rubber gloves that don't. A waiter and are used to work with. Years ago at TG back when she g.s was round and I worked. As a dishwasher there one of the things about working as a dishwasher when the big restaurant like that or most people drop off all the dishes and pots and pans it's just a long aluminum table. And that tables always wet obviously because you're washing dishes okay so. This guy comes and any. Whereas us this was that the chief she's back in Baltimore aren't and so many things or does this is the more I did not actually see this I was there and it happened but. So on the dish washing their little long wet aluminum table. Like an or else or fail fluorescent tube light above that he goes out no big deal this waiter he's gonna change before us like oh I don't know. Basic so I'm I'm a restaurant and liked the power goes out for second. Comes back on and yours didn't move when that people wrote them because the white Flickr that's in to reduce the experience than a dozen again and kind of demo at the nickel back on and then you can. Kind of here's some subdued commotion in the kitchen so. As employees we go out there in this dude is now just on the floor. And he's he's dead man I mean like. Dude that he got electrocuted. Yeah OK yeah I did OK okay pat. And he knows the dude. You felt bad because you feel bad ZLX could have gotten out KG but these morals of it about five minutes before that there were making fun of him he wasn't someone that you didn't like but he was the guy where. It toward professional when he was out of the tables as professional would you going to be key she's but when he would bring dishes and he was notorious for this man. You'd have been rich brown rice he had a mouthful. All your. And I I mean I'm not this is we have to move forward and whoever who. Our blood there if your kids play on how well your significant others play ranger business roundtable you don't is strangers and he did this out of all the time on a first start working out bottoms where it. I don't wanna say anything about the guy is governor is friends with put. As the jokes and around these names might have their way out. He's always been known for years that's what it does so five minutes bruised eye drops dead it worked on a change a light. We were kind of poking fun at him for the fact that he's the guy that eats a diving into. I don't like him can you trust the family mouth more so than a stranger's mouth I mean I do and I'll take a bite of summit on my kids play to select out of my or my wife it's just it's a little white white and yeah I mean I don't know what I trust in 1000 out of their mouth was going to do that much from a buddy. Because you not a guy you bed bleeding Gomes or some issue at some at some point in time we've probably talked about. So you have a general idea you think anyway which one would Ralph. The kids are slop from god knows nothing goes no problem man what we as adults put him as far as I know there is Granger who let's look at the ability game should. Some to take one bite of the sandwich is the best person this person this person we take a bite of the same for a hundred. I don't know the pencil listen violence and I told them I was always takes over somebody take a drink Illinois came and a no Warren a Harvard or his blisters or is up today as general cleared up. Just keep it. What is interesting is saying that you have ever done a 449990. Just letting this continue number makes her radio yeah.