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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. It's our turn her son's class and our question what is the riskiest thing that you've ever done. We've got way out pilot who landed in Hong Kong during a typhoon there was the time. Blasting winds of 207. Kilometers an hour. Between 126. And 207. He safely landed the plane even though the airport had been shut down it should be noted 450. Flights were canceled they asked him not to do and he decided. I'm good Atlanta's Matt bush Turkish airline they came under some hail the size of they said chicken eggs basically. Completely shattered both the windshields on the front of the aircraft. Buried the nose and somehow the sky without being able to see was able to land the plane. Then we have the dad in New Jersey he decided that as he was on the drawbridge and it started to rise what's he gonna build. He's gonna gun that Toyota raft or he successfully jumped the drawbridge of unfortunately he did 101000 dollars of damage to his car we have the base jumper who got stuck on the side of the canyon wall. In Idaho issue released then he got stuck on this at all they had to basically come down and repel them out of their Sar questions. What is the riskiest thing that you've ever done a 449990. Hello Doug welcome to the men's room. The mood the Ole. Okay. Yeah. Well dubbed. Well I have my story is there's. Back in the late seventies my buddies and I used to sneak into. Seattle international raceway. On the backside of the pants. What a terrible cutters end. All that well so little one day during the race that we stolen. Drag parachute. Stand. Up get back out and it interceded. I grew up in England club. And so we. Did rack sitters papers that you got to be going to strap themselves in or out back of the truck. Now where you guys did you hope. To win them the opportunity to do this. Oh yeah really the big competition and I would really get Iraq the newspaper so I looked. I like you can send an out of order yeah we'll tell you really don't know really good as long regular ball good to see if if that doesn't tackle offensive if you can. Like talking we go to one of the guys bigs on the front line services brought her reroute a really good thank you baseball I'll believe it didn't help go alone all base you just played a lot of notice this drug the that's there is no particularly Irish whatever on the parish family what does a what are you so is the parachute test of the car. No it was it was dead in the pants and it was just tell us. Our no bull when you guys when you got stolen what was the goal of view stealing the parish how are you any user with with when you got a call. Well we wanted to do. Was. Throw it out strap it to work to one of us let them throw it out the back of the truck. And then try to try to candidate glided up the back of the truck you know actually we're kind of adrenaline. Mary I don't know like what like my parents they'll Canada and the truck or just hope that jumping out of the truck the single opening carries. That's exactly I was a dumbest idea I ever yeah so. Now she jumped off club's roof without a bra I nobody I was really umbrella and houses small kit. So that is the gulf of relevant figure dealing Mary Poppins is good but so what happened. So. We get Dolan and now I thought out thought out that it attracts like I got beat up against Bill Gates. And we saw this thing out it doesn't do anything her a couple of minutes. And then it starts with the local air and before you know it I am literally standing on the top of the tailgate this. And my my buddy drag and it is so wrapped up in what's going on he gets to triple about it beat it beat by miles an hour. And so. I had just turned Jones slowdown in my other friend the chairman on the backcourt note the I didn't slowdown and as he started to decelerate. If you guys can remember back in history telephone poll can't take. Yeah yeah about a twelve to unseat Nancy most people can get their it would appear that is correct and so this parachute catches the book tapes. They roll oranges need. Out of the back of the tracks like like and coming out of it can't. It and I barely gave the telephone told that went right through a barbed wire sand boom room. And so I ended up landing that big pilot parachute on our border. Okay he's not you're you're alive that's good luck. I'm idea I broke off my oh my left side ribs sternum goalless. We can't cut up in the hospital. How long how old were you. Sixteen. Succeed as a goodies to do that because you get time off school right. Yeah but it was football you don't well you know what I how long does it take for a broken pelvis to recover. A long time but my guess that I did I definitely areas play football or basketball. I would I'm pretty much out of commission Burt most of here. Did you return to sports are few healed up. I don't know I. You can however now flies to a new assemblies jagged off you have any other knee long lasting effects from mad now wake of the weather changes to your hips her. Oh well so it all you can. Well then in your own way I guess you've got lucky. Yeah I met counts is lucky if you voluntarily do that like generally speaking going door barbed wire fence and breaking all the bones on the left side your body like. That's not lucky if you made the decision to try that might. Okay he knows I Colorado's interstate bridge recent jump off this kids and I know for a fact that we and I'm glad you were just consultant I know for a fact would it take in a parish there and jumped off the bridge where you just in US authorities. I don't want to play every jump every Louis join those are your time without counterterrorism prayer she wouldn't dumber the man I think it was done because you had to go through the I bars that were like it was like a span our bridge so I was like yeah walk underneath you drop through the beams in theory it was insane it was just stupid but of course it will but if we had prepares year you would hit I beams maybe the contrast Intel all right Eric. What is the riskiest thing that you've ever done a 449990. Look how high was this bridge high. I was number one of those guys like I would do some stuff mammoon akin to jump them all the super tiny like super high stuff way it is the plan. It's water below you can beat it kid first I'm a one off a diving board to get in your mind and sense of watered on her. And I want women all wrong but quite this as hurtful as soon as you learn how to land in you do once in the fears ago. And then you know you can do it again and then it becomes easier to do. Any I was the only way that's what we did all the time and after I got through the first time to house the last 100 to them how long did it take you to convince yourself to contorted Boyle heights for ever yes for ever because it was just I mean it was hi and I it was an interstate bridge was really really it was a spam are okay did you do this with a reasoned adult school which couldn't overcome my fear all the more your buddies you gone chicken. A little annoyed look at both the temperature I think Blakey to a river. I think ever done it's like ten or twelve feet and even mats yes a little green guy jumped into a pool from ten years which I think thirty feet like thirty feet generally that was up. Pool suck it only hear the stories and think about it that's okay I'm double the three story building when you are. But don't inaudible it was a damn late man and wouldn't you know it when they demos lacy think well there's a ballot unity there and in the they let them water sometimes to do some work on the damn you realize. Although that's NBA yeah it's like it's also an insult in Philly lets educate. That's not safe. Mean our question was a rescue saying that you've ever done a 44999. Alone. Hello Bob welcome to the men's room. Are they just I'll stop. Again 200 Keating I did allude motorcycle road racing. He's constantly are amateur like is it like amateur and then go amateur here like similar general ray association a little was part of an actual organization. They don't mind control the other radiator out on the track will be O score how many acts in music he did answer. Mack-Cali rich and apathy and I crashed twice in Portland. Well look I do want to not to deal on the little were hundred. I would say that's as far as racing goes when you watch the motorcycle racers crash. Even know there on a motorcycle. It still looks like the safest way to crash like you're just gonna sit there and but you don't mean doing the things slide them. It's that kind of crash remember how Dale Earnhardt died when you look at it doesn't look any marriage wasn't so bad but it. Yeah as a race there were wearing full protective Kiel would back support and everything else and armor tanning. And tirade school is they're telling you when you crash. When you think you come to a stop count to ten before you get up because he'll be moving so slowly a billion million go to an appeal tumbled hurt yourself. See what I would do great school they told me to hate white people think it's a good credit and different school event to different schools and ethnic and at this. And doesn't lower the words it was the worst injury that while duration. I'm to me I cracked my original potential recipients on the on the I kept waking up three weeks gone a minority is still working at the time I quit. On two buddies that are race with crashed booking and bad. One went over the long tumbled down rock. Not into Iraq feel keynote to double bad and bad things out the other guy got worse he would retire all backed by the rock law. Look you're lucky you're accurate one and it's internal organs and really that control. Goods and I'm glad you added I really messed himself welcomes him sound like he was all of the clear that. A smile on Tony five C rocket machine is really puts a line between an activity being too dangerous here. I still like it is subject to normal let me take the wind suits right aren't. If that was the drug I think everybody would be freaking out to be illegal act days of the statistically the high statistics of people dying. Yeah how long the average person doesn't before death and address breaking right necessary and bikes and had two other bodies and they all got injured is not necessarily right or drug and it's a look witness to the average is here and 10% of people to do this suffer sometimes severe injury that would be illegal. In a freaked him hard seem to me it's not the severity of the injury is much is just as the pain in the ass and I know for a fact that if I go truly mountain biking. A man who is take a sledgehammer and break my collarbone right there for ago. Because that's going to be an Everly what's gonna call me for Republicans do decide if I step on a skateboard ever get in my life I muzzled just take my risk consent admirers to seven have to know with the outcome of this is going to be. Oh yeah I'm wearing Meretz lasso an escape more I was probably around there for maybe you get to two Mississippi before and now my feet or bow my head. And I norms and come on horror my ass which a good idea what title floor. Ultimately is those things that they the caught on fire for a while there is two we'll deal through the cover border right as soon as I got all of those in my I'm off because I hope that just figuring this thing out there bring motorists. I know how the Soviets remember I say it in the future to I guess they like actual hovering over board. And they think yourself like I see it keep my balance and a skateboarding you now with me all the ground like literally lift me off the ground. That would in the complete disaster a look at my kids are usually you say that you are the wave of the future flying cars I think about road rage back. Think what I if you want people but at four tigers on the left now imagine them piloting something. He's seen me the guy just on the one whale that gap. You recycle the won't know the little tiny little the we electrical and oh yeah I don't talk another one you know things do they ignore you the women Norman yet they don't know why they thought oh no he won't get in the street why did they noisy come clip but by year's open body on the side no you know each I'm just trying to figure out what I don't know what I put my finger on why there and on what guy real aware what will we go into in a little of it is a bit. Right you're on a bicycle you can also guided by Jackson. It was a rescue saying that you have ever done a far far 9990. Hold the line or your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Third turn out whom Sox last our question what is the riskiest thing that you have ever done a 44999. Alone. Hello Steve welcome to the men's room. And have a gaga it's. Yeah artillery at this thing narrative I jumped up a 25 foot cliff in the sand. Were you aware that same hand it was what was gonna break your fall. Yeah and you chose to do this because why. I children do it well I'd be working out do it took about three years to work until we would do well. The spot for a flag where we go there every year we jump down to stand. Then the edited and the bottom of the cliff all the time ballot wanted to jump off a cliff into the bandit now. Finally it. Most standing outside the club that the band at the bottom click the mark and neck broken and jump and I just decided to go for it and I did it and actually didn't get hurt. Isaac and you don't demand you be if you knew the terrain and how is. Always look at those guys do the parachute partially opens doesn't open whatever they. Landed a bush in survivor land like a soft bond and somehow an ounce or whatever and always think to myself like. Sometimes I crap happens man you know I mean like you just gotta hit the right spot on earth. I guess man I mean I know there's one clip and a moment I don't know one correlate like get my pair she goes no the and I can't fly over a lake a flat no lake and don't try to Campbell on that thing but most of you would survive that each is. Cheats with you I guess when there was a guy that fell out parachute didn't open. He landed in a vineyard where they had just till the ground right price Microsoft yeah I read that yeah exactly and one guy went to a bar and now in the roof of the barn broke his fall. And then when he crashed through the roof of the barn they had stacked hale bales up in there. So basically although he you know went through the blood bath salts will live in an end to pay and they are nice and survive that. Then the guy who recently our remember the front I think it was parachuting he crashed like alligator pond. Yes yes I did work big differences his parachute did open. He was dropping to the ground at the rate that makes everything okay he misjudged where he was that landed in an alligator pond and was African fault. Our question what is the riskiest thing did you ever done not to. Cutting if you sort question we're gonna do who is the riskiest thing you learned on a par 4999. All there's just no shortage grants and other laws now. Because if you're talking now all at hello Shelby welcome to the men's room. All are aren't the I. Well just like they got a couple ad as a smaller races motor cycle well tolerated dirt bikes professionally program how long did you do that. Look at how long did you race. And I laden raking in doubt about ten years all at once when he says just originally set on Monday if you're still professional racer. Yeah we're good to know did you run is over great. I know it's what called podtrac so there is under almost OK so basically every NASCAR with dirt either. Statue what are our borders and the worst injuries you sustained so far. Well I two weeks ago today I didn't broke my humorous it's gonna bond between the shoulder and elbow right in the middle. I snapped it right right in the middle of yeah. Does that they feel like that's what happened at the moment it happens or does your body take kindly to you gotta put you in shock to her to feel the pain immediately. Most in pretty good shock I mean IE you know I crouch had come on a broken in South Dakota earlier racing insurgents and we're on the way to go great serve another Clinton Illinois. And we are just doing the experience would you between. Would you be on NBC sports about two that in the mean is this televised thing else. Really I will be at some point one of the races I am my day might be best friends are. And I shot out to Brad Baker who's on you'll see him on there. In Japan how fast how fast the lights go when your when Iran. Dependent on the tax one of the chat experience in California I would do the mile long course you're doing over a hundred miles an hour on some bikes and bigger guys that grade the out that great between classes. They are doing a 13840. On some places. Do you irregular like did you ride around just to get from point a to point B. Not by news you know pick up trucks and box and he. I'll or the other guys they regularly like you have a hard time I get a ticket you get the adrenaline can you get to do the raising would do it you gotta go to the grocery store maybe two or three miles away but he does want to open that bitch up and drive their ninety miles an hour. Yeah sometimes yeah yeah I found out that adrenaline on the vehicles now I had a streak by for a little bet. And I had about a year and it just wasn't for me just because that was my problem Brad I wanted to go out. How much and like that you that you did did you drive professionally what will be the cost of that by. Saw him. All heard older than any deal like fifteen probably the way I have a set up a guy. We don't write that thing on the street here or fifties. You can because that thing are released really old. On the day Q I've been told they can I I've never done it mines used to set up so that kind of stuff. Somehow when they provide dirt bikes that do you do Nike can mostly actually. They'll they'll be extremely abundant and if you're on your girlfriend or rent. I'm all right actually it's our world or three years. Idea I just say man like chicks and volley guys around and what's what's the tour scene like when you're out on the road and Indians fan base that follows you the comes around and they will what is it. I'm they're just a lot of local budgets come out you know to the races that all all around yet there are some that travel around the country along with that little ball. You know not necessarily checks but you know. Yeah I'm not I'm not all pulled lot of dudes you're in a madman yeah. Asked ad stood didn't look pretty fun king though. I got as good as it does your wife claims jump every time you race. You know she actually likes it she doesn't mind it at all did you use a little worried when I broke my arm but I don't you are now. They make funny your like it Sturges is this not a Harley here and Indiana doing you know if your lane and for us. A little bit Abbott you know for the most part they love the racing series in that in a bar scene. That they did of course. And at the bar courtship which is just one big giant are. There goes your race right in the middle that you are actually see that on TV in just a few weeks. I wanna irony that the ball the wood chip is an outstanding bar in the meantime you do is named employees directly after prove quite it has to be good but Akbar is legendary they have like the concerts they are there breeze and motorcycles airplane does play the miss buffalo chip. They like buffalo I brought you way okay baby the only I know I'm Sturgis is they have the rally in your I go to buffalo chip and cut and 84499 and all of once the riskiest thing that you have ever done. Hello Blair welcome to the men's room. All. Oh yeah. So I get the story that I my body in we will now how a bit of fishing. Left would be Ireland this was about six or seven years ago. One how good fishing out sequim. And we borrowed my uncle's boat she had just bought the boat so I had actually never driven the boat before. And done up work about five or six that banks and news this was during May so it kind of start to get dark when we got to the both. And that my bloodied and I was going fishing let's say how long you can take to actually drive the boat. On water over the square and he's like take up 45 minutes or so. And so we they're taken. And can't figure out how to get you GPS after the electronics worked the Hillsborough. And in the end the 45 minutes turned in Cuba now word. About an hour and fifteen hours thirty minutes later and it's dark at this point and we have no idea where. And then all of a sudden one of the Q motor kicks off and they won't we can get to start again and so I get and the pucker factor when. Okay who called this point we have. No idea where we're and I mean it's completely pitch black at this point them. I mean luckily ended up getting the motor started up again and then and that getting the sequim about Q now the hours later in the it is kind of one of those weekends to hurt anything. If anything could happen batted it happened that does that mean halibut. Knowing that I hit that floor or. Hello I am I don't pay you know that's bugs and now we're almost so announcement businessmen did it. The motor wind the one of the batteries under the going bad we had a hitchhiker a ride into town Saturday and. You know one year old girls like car did this okay this is a brand new boat. No and I was one of the other issues do it kind of an older boat and I'd I'd never been on this particular boat that you and I kind of got eliminated. Into the boat kind of ready to go and everything other than gasoline says yes I know it you know just. Just gone out there and you'll be fine and quite as they had been committed were four written. One thing happened to the next then. It was dark dunes cold in one of the engines we we go there mr. without their profiles. Yeah sounds like you're good times. The pin that you have plan met my my former neighbor still firm in my he had a boat and every come home and got the boat rents are inspired appalled to implement cool one so. We aren't as nice as bowed low as we drive it for why did you give me pointers all of us so. I won't want to Ghana were about to late into rub some speaking he's got like a total Monty that he hooks up. And this is a good day it's just a home good day drinking beer have a good time. The sea planes land somewhere on the slate OK and one of the things about my neighbors that he is also apparently. And I guess the pilot community late eighty community everyone kind of knows each other and you are drinking and have a good time so. These different seat planes coming and making a landing and taking off and he's explained to do most points all right so he's explaining most of the things to me about deceitful. What we see one has now circled around and it's gonna come in for a landing my buddy. Looks up looks at the bottom of the play and what the serial number what I recall and on about it NC seventeen bubble but no goddamn what buddy Roger so. Michael that's so maybe he'll also ask back to the red fire to borrow. Look what you don't like on his flight path with. When you're gonna do what you think you get in the split aboriginal land right here and I mean this playing clearly violates the greed got the MP I've met a week. And anybody. The awesome play layup got turned around a little carpet when opened you can see his arm come out with a finger at the Q you've. They eat eat eat eat. I'm like the smoke goes crazy. Yeah like you tried to get under the in dale Mir got under responds how we do that kind of stuff each other all the time my wit. Shouldn't down at his happy go wrong and it's a plane do when you don't want I mean it will go wrong. It was I'd lead mostly I thought he would kind of massive level orbits you've literally we're trying to get under employed I think. I think the riskiest thing that I've done lately was I was on my scooter headed home Monday from. And we don't some risky scoot Burmese I was gone from a us gone from a spot that I didn't know very well but I didn't know that up and took a shortcut. That I would end up kind of close to where I needed to get which has parallel to the interstate so I turn on the strolled. And I realized when I'm on the road like. Oh god this is an entrance or. To the unit. Act and I'm like I'm on it and there's nothing I can do about it and traffic is moving in a pretty good clip so I estimate scooter much faster than a scooter you know Superman didn't bring that up like Nast dead and I know who I am in the very right lane are right I'm not keeping up with traffic at all if you it is is not a good situated close I'm calm like it. They'd fifty miles an hour are up a hill speed limit 65 for a post on this the last pewter. This not a good situation. So an eighteen Wheeler passes me like. Are you don't feel on the wind and everything and as soon as he gets back in to the right land unlike. I'm a 65. If I stay like ten feet behind you drag your ass so it up I still like fifteen feet behind this eighteen Wheeler he. I'm gonna be able to just draft so but I know who puts on the breaks I'm gonna be dead accidentally write the back of the cab you know me and I swear to god man for like how safe are your door I'll hurdles I drafted behind an eighteen how long were you on the interstate for about five miles god damn mad at me awhile to figure out a way to get up to every single time those are nice it would just take you to a different freeway. Well no cause RIA. I haven't got and here's a ninety on my and Noonan and I'm not get off site is basically draft to the hallway behind him. I was like I get it. I get how NASCAR works now I understand the fundamental area you'll save some gas just draft but is still the stupidest what I got theirs over. Or two of those those stupid but yeah. What eighteen wheelers man I remember around that lit the Baltimore come on interstate 83 has worked and I'm trying to get home. And at this time I'm going to a broadcast schools give us my my dream of course. Is to be on the radio as it works out on this particular based first on my government and on the radio. To be fair not my name I was known officially as the trouble spots and 83 north but. That says so. Driver's side tire blows out no big deal I can change a tire again up but during the side of the senate state in at this point you're kind of on a bridge for torn over a river a little bit. Changing attire and his cars blown by and I mean there's there's not a whole lot of shoulder to the road but I did not see it coming. But you just the feeling you've given an eighteen Wheeler goes by and it felt like he was within two inches I'm sure was not but. How much the road moves one when you're actually standing there and how much wind it created. And I just remember my ass snapshot like involuntary reflex like I snapped my head shot. I never change tires so quickly in my life and and I decide to sit in the car and enhanced options. Like the truck when Byron yeah. I think I almost a guy like I think I almost has got wiped off the reason we are wholly Omar got home and having that we're adrenaline Imus and car shaking. Poly couples obviously do your cast member and sarcoma situations that general do that so you should be scared. Yet change a tireless on interstates it's very simple dangerous now that is an you know I think the other targets he would be little change the passenger side. But the Koreans are getting clipped an American car smash is most base until here's what I do every time I change tire every single time I changed tired old dribble and again that well they're some of the time I couldn't I couldn't find your spare time. How they help you not could not Tomlin how frustrated look wall I was asked him I don't know you lower it for my. Yeah yeah. So anyway I saw. And I are I get out the Jack and I find the place to put me out and I've got out of the jacked together. Straitjacket that bad boy out and I have got to emergency brake on its car park and not get that thing up and remind our act. I can Jack up the car and at the tire out I could change this tire then I go. I didn't lose in the lug nuts. It's another thing that Diana thanks to Jack and all the way back down and start all over again it's always forget I think it's is that one simple step and I can never Gator. Never fails every time like. He had a do it every time emanating it. Our question what is rescue saying that you have ever done a four Ford 999 cola. I do feel like they designed car I feel like and look AAA is a fantastic serve charming and he wasn't gonna if you after Blake you understand a good day but on some level. I believe me scheme with car manufacturers and thinks it would look. Most people continue to tiger but if we can hide the tires and I hear you if we can hide the time. They're going to call us or you gonna guard your realized I can't access the goddamn lug nuts I know. How this is all construct but I can't get the cap off to did to lug nuts. Here's Tripoli that yeah well they're not only that even with key piece that you just so used to how cars worked. Yeah but you knew was their tireless I am now just on Graham's well my car my car blew up early about jeeps and my car here we'll have a line in western Virginia one point in time I mean yeah all I gotta think that on G don't try to find the damn. I don't know. That put the jacket stuff. The cranked so let it go where you can fire and the desire overnight and they were highlighted as the Jeep how do you see it took us awhile and somebody had to help you can and then I made a deluge AAA is behind when I joined the tiger did get released by the Jack my car blew open I mean engine completely moved into more cracked the whole engine fell out of the car driver another on I mean it was a disaster that you conceivable you'll and you Rhode underneath it ninety BC ten and smoke was blowing out the radiator all you know the coolant will burn and I Mena. It was just like this huge fireball. So but I have to go and get this car. And I don't have a way to get the car so I rented a U haul depth and with a hitch on the bank. And I drove back down to Virginia to pick this thing up now what I do not think through these are all two lane switch back roads. Is this the U haul is designed to. As a truck to have stuff in it button so you can't just have a U haul and import car when nothing is familiar could you just Tristan Allen did the car and back just women all over the road the box truck is just swimming up. Shaken at the wheel like for six hours of sweat like. I would die you can over a crappy Volkswagen Golf GT with no doors just sucks. What is a rescue thing that you ever done a 44999. All all the lime or your calls going out you are listening to amend your radio network yeah. What is the riskiest thing that you have ever done 8449990. La hello Jeannie welcome to amend draw. Okay mom. Oh yeah. I did it let you know not all doom. And deterred he's dead right. Oh delighted and current does not make sure we make him an RTG's. Well. And all the balls I don't pole. Did you see what you're looking into that pop. Carl Landry some pop the come out Rihanna a happy dragon. Added eighteen and finally it are quite as an attack on. Cherry cola a. Learn aren't sharing Coca-Cola and Turkey well eating apparently is rescue as a bodybuilder who was found out on the floor after he choked on food I don't know you guys saw that story and and we had some of the body paradise and then knows a guy who choked on an egg was famous rapper within a month bicameral prodigy prodigy he choked on an edge lies in the hospital for so just we might be doing the most dangerous thing you deposited right now by eating you might die before the end of this phone call and we will feel bad. And financial suing solo homer her key did you put into play how big was the priest in Turkey stuffed in a match. And just laid out a normal life but I think. All three they like their criminal to give us Madonna. They are a little on the edge men do a big scoop Adams peanut butter without anything to drink it like 2 o'clock in the morning when you wake up at eleven on the address and it's as close as I usually aren't yet. So there is using did you ever done. They give me technical well like I did in California and my internal response daredevil that we don't all concrete at the skateboard at all rap vet. I striving the most great evening and I say this is the most irresponsible. Implying that thing I ever did the whole other college. On me and multiple votes aren't excited. At eight let it girlfriend parents. Blow out late that. Raison. Some welcome aboard a blip but it was worth it to me it tough to pray that article bedroom underneath and then it. Has good size vote. Yeah. And we weren't. Like nineteenth that we might edit gardening and that they really don't think it ought to be aired because name of that big names drone. Oh yeah. He announcement and it responds. Yeah actually recruiting mode just rose. No I know but do these girl who's likely most of the Beers are especially its strong stony all that. Like it's cheap and that's why we drug Schaefer Schaefer. Well let's Lou I guess that's led screwed up on me added that Al. So you drink on the boat. We're gonna blow a world that the worst part of it is so her parents got to count so we decided that her eleven year old brother. Should be the captain of the boat and honestly. I think we actually made him drive the truck pulling the vote none of us true. What the. And the night before he drank and sparrows. When Howard you begin if she's late Tony Melissa you're nineteen you make an eleven year old drive the truck drug and the bowling the boat. I throws a very valuable added do. No one of their own anymore. It's just fun out in thick yet notes start them but they don't live it so. Are there any way if only we'd been greatly strengthen their night before which is typically where. Had a hangover so you get. Keep driving it archenemy helping out. He's got it he's eleven you get to the lake. Does he put the ball in the water correctly. Yes OK now iron about iron about our our our most gone on now as Kansas gets. So now I haven't left Frankfurt avenue around he manages I don't know how the heck we did that but he got cold and then tied up with a bunch of their vote. So we proceed to drink and then my friend and I have a brilliant idea let's go swimming in between you know Tyler like. How all of those two lined up a bit like a canal between the boats and so let him on the water and swim. Thinking more all that. In a bikini and all that stuff and then the nurse swimming and pierce so drunk. We've seen each other cute kid that must have been twelve. Driving a little teeny. And we're like oh my Diet Coke and well rob we're gonna drowned. Tony Phillips of wrote and they told us just in the water super fast and all of a sudden I'm like. Amid rounds a minute I got let go of the rope and I saw this huge not any different animal overture that. Kind of got that confidence that I didn't really demanding and you know like you mean other. You're nineteen sold only TV that's right. I know. So. Yeah I rarely think about that now they think how it would go to ground how does that kidnapped the eleven ruled the did all that heavy lifting. I've seen out of their life Daryn in about fifteen years ago them under the not really. Need. I went early to ground all I'd never have unprotected sex with someone you didn't know. Knee yeah. Yen and a my third. I mean you could turn the amount and does that come back. Actually it did one kid but it well yeah yeah that's evidence and you knew that person. Ellen married it was to look at how many kids do you have and how old. I had hit irons and on tour money list 23 of them are zero woods. And he I'm William almost in her diploma there yeah. What does he riskiest thing that today you've ever done a 449990. Look the evidence that age you gonna do that stuff and Jose in nineteen. I don't know that I would have a little kid drive a truck of portable like dance and I'm so immense that amber I would do but everything after that lake. Yeah I would jump in water and we were drunk gamble take it so yeah Al climb on someone else's boating party but the eleven year old did not drive the vehicles yeah I don't. Now it's only play our group we went there for one is rescues that you have ever done 844999. All hold the line where calls go another seconds. Shenanigans continue on the men's room. Radio network.