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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Look at return whose Sox last our question what does a riskiest thing that you have ever done a 449990. Love. Let say how Moulton Jack welcome to the men's room. Okay yeah. So. Look for a 21 at the time or has serve a beautiful 1981 Ford Bronco. And I struggled at a little tasks and all of our content on the road behind me. And saw. Click OK I can speed up and we'll get through some twists and turns for the guy can Tibetan it was. That's already come and hear them. And so I goods and Alberta gone for a road that I changed until it was a forty mile an hour. And I expect up to eighty. And CIA grad just look at the speed limit double. Not who aren't not after that. How are. Halfway through Lou the road there's not a slight turn and it didn't really look like any big deal honestly and he had and it adds a slowdown that's a little bit. I'm not a big I'm. And such are gone and I mr. losing control that's in my church and does this tell him all over the place and trying to correct it and just before my church turned sideways I concede in my head a. And you know I mean you. The yeah yeah oh my god. Polio. All the time. All the time to work over time. Oh my god where has that been okay just a bad although I got me into her kids are very good parents who don't regularly go to Patrick TV could a guy. That was his reaction I hated to I think that he was being very sync with what it was when he was thinking but. You know. You can skip that part we know that's what you're thinking if you're a vehicle that drew about parole because the F in my opinion these situations probably that would that would be a word to could be used about the source of the things the display and also no word probably go through your head when you're about to get into an active. We we know that part. Hello Patrick welcome to the men's room. And are we going to do well are you. Doing great. It's always the other is using that you've ever done. Law. Torre's got weird garden army it and it was deployed to Somalia. It is an East Africa. Internet operation restore hope the whole black hawk down but he won't mind. So there and when we first got there we had nearly stationary and old Soviet air base. At using that forces in that country. It was bailout. They left other guys do all the planes and then. They're Smart. Yeah and predicted and I got everything they wanted but they love the heartland. Aerial bombs that helped out there are kids and and so the old Soviet air base it was a ball are huge bunkers about Assad Costco. That to the brand wouldn't this like I said landmark aerial ball he. So big that ball. Ten guys that we take all this I thought you know the desert. And set it off. Won't spend all these at all but like 120000. Pound. Explosions. In the mushroom cloud it units because it is shock we come across the desert. Mind. How party at the back up from that. You went back about a mile that we're very important before a cut it up. Want to the do you what do you guys. Think it was or button. It didn't go off. Let him longer had to drive down and I'm the end. Seven Tyler. What along the Coolpix who's gonna drive down Marion you go to now is that like hey you ever get the sort of struck I can't imagine volunteering for the. While the mother and Richard aren't there to help an update DOJ guys. In this specialized. Job in the military. Bought it bought just such massive explosions and gambling as old ordinance you know. You never knew and so he got ample opportunity. To visit it was pretty crazy. And very dangerous. Did you did you ever get a chance to immediately the Somali pirates are blackbeard Captain Hook any of those guys. I'll let you all the next. What I want to portray those guys that movie they're really good job it is. All good guys are just hit a straight out of zombie movie. Well they hired actual Somalia and then there and how we're actors employed okay they do EPS up on my boat. This Tom Hanks things. Yeah lot's been. Got caught our eyes locked limit down range. What are you would your would your wrist is what's your take on. All the navy ships that are getting involved in accidents in the in the deaths of naval men who were sleeping or whatever bunkers in Millen I would what is going on. I can't comment on that it is just a period of the world didn't. They were little. We're lucky to be Americans it is it's the world is pretty I don't. Dark place in our case especially Africa. Where were pilots in debt this comment please. Did it all when I was here I had thought that was piled the dead bodies. It was really really risky and and you know. Until pinnacle birdie opportunity because it made me out of there at Georgetown did this or. You know it didn't stick Alter everything Riley didn't want our top. But yet there's this young man it was a bill currently experiencing. It and got very somber and to see death and destruction in the map all this ballot combat. Burning right lets you know 130 degrees site. Yeah you know oddly enough Gillette does not offer that as one of the deal burns. How could I ask more about you don't see combat now. Eight the rest of the orgasms a sporting an anomaly did you just have lazy like that's that's what I have in my life it. When you saw when you saw this ordinance the city guys back up about a mile and been shot or longer that they for the shockwaves to cover the month. All just cup second. It's just ripped it right across as an amateur to be it. The desert base yeah. How many times did you have to repeat that maneuver how much stuff on a dark times it yet to blow that stalled. It was set up at least five or six to do it. Explosions. Took up office or ordinance and a lot of it didn't explode in the initial. Off while you can you know you don't react to that you'd hear rocket hit an overhead. Bin Laden he had to get down a little bit. What happens of the heard runs and that shockwaves and knock it out of the sky. I think I think the birds why they they are not too many don't doubt their budget. Making it scorpion. Oh great it all up almost died after. I borrowed by the guts makes Somalia come for the scorpion this guy for this next guy for the virus that dam on the Somalia. Our question wants a rescue saying that you've ever done a four Ford 999. Ol. So if you're someone who knows whine your Somalia a they Somalia means like. Nice one here except I think it's too close of the never a good thing about Somalia I've never seen a good thing about smaller. And that the limited windows I get to use these Somalia a month. That is not a players are wanna go and I think. I wanna say I just saw something only the BBC or take any. It's not great but it's getting somewhat bad she'll well. Yeah but the newest wonder like how relative is that right so it OK things are getting better and Somalis from our perspective from what we burden sailor well. Things couldn't get worse yeah. Like if you write dirty hit rock bottom and what I say they're getting better like they can get beat and Erick OK this for so long you just you couldn't have eight in the air jointly go. And I don't warlords like legit warlords from Uganda from everywhere I area what does riskiest thing that you ever done. Hello Tom welcome to the Madrid but yeah. Yeah all I Lola. All of us. Yeah well. Yeah I was back in media. Facility there was a time when this scene and one islands were infested with rabbit. It's just. You insert it in and out. Until end up like many guys who had to pick up trucks if we won't see and want to know rabbit at night. We it. With blood. The spotlight in addition net. All cool white early February Goosen and killed my when I don't know where did you do that chance of amid that cervical only break you know all the you know the whole kill the revenue will come back which aren't in case soda and cigarette and running an act. Yeah this is confirmed Kazaa. What we would do before I went and we go out we talk the farmers get permission I'd go land it and two then we go to the bar. And served during games. And does drop little attitude. It's easy to drive these days ago. Sits and that is in the blast because you get good liquor but then go back out the field and at night when he got to spotlight. On a rabid their eyes is glow in the dark. Or are you on NASA crap if if it's not an honest had been. Part of it but I'll pay well. They were there because we've we get plenty of what we do you go. You go in the field shine a light's. In just go Warren out there where the rabbits are and yet bill out of the back of the truck with a big sham and at any get to extremist group. A thousand I'm sort as the rest bush where is the risk involved here. Well it might be that. You know you wit some greeted. Well I can't use that word. Let yeah I would. My creative friends and Laura crises fielded 3540 miles I like that are drunk on lasted it was shot in you and your bailed out. You know they got Ollie got hit that spotlight here in got a guy that's on the rabbits you don't know what's on the ground when bill Riddick a couple of minor injuries but you know that's. That's a little better on password in it infield. So I haven't got any gravest did you exterminate would you say. Well we seem to have lived about a 120 rest peace OK now if you're on a rabbit into the middle of the Puget Sound to the rabbit slipped. Well you know what did stick around the devil they work well we do is we get like about. 810 rabbit in Indonesia bringing back the lives of its skin about it and that's what we live done. You made the rabbit you are at or rather it always is not a big on doing it and leave the good college guy named ravaged Cooper. And they have mentally process like rabbits we what does the riskiest thing that you have ever done we'll take a break come back and read your emails in the men's room and then survived dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio networks. Sage is you. It's true what is their riskiest thing that you have ever done and here come those emails in the men's room. Men's or live dot com. Guys rescues moments and high school girl the live down the street from me conned me into having sex with her at her house said the debt was gone dead were from Homeland Security but not that night apparently. So I get to the window to her room got naked got nervous and took too long to slip on the condom. Once we got to action and how's Barry and go there mom walked in the door saw me yelled her husband said. There's the guy in our daughter's room. Did take long for media are gun cock down the hallway with a heavy steps so I do what most sixteen year old still. I held my naked ass back out that window and ran into the neighborhood I am unblock was to my house late to Busch negative thirty minutes while he was looking in ever found me. But my dad's this did the next day when I got home from school. My parents are divorced which means my dad had to drive an hour to come be my ass up like have been guiana for being that done that from Ian. Riskiest thing I've ever done. Standing on the diving board of half dole at Yosemite Dan and there's a picture included in that I czar or that was but yet it's. I would never do that looks awesome and frightening yeah out I could never comment on the frightening part. You know you could never give me enough money to do not you have to put I mean it would be impossible. Guys a move across country from California to Massachusetts without a job car or permanent place to live to be closer to my girlfriend. Moved three months ago star and a great job about three weeks ago and found a good place to live about a week ago that wrist turned out pretty good I'd say thanks guys. And I knew a guy who lost his virginity in Thailand before hookers of once without a condom insight no diseases as far as we've ever found out riskiest thing that I've ever heard of we have some comments as well. More for you want to know comical or dudes. At all named Jeremiah. Riskiest thing I've ever done I once went in demanded my money back. For Mike meth dealer drugs are bad and I. Great as I have ever done joined the navy as an explosive ordnance disposal technician and their possible ramseys. Bomb squad. It cleared IDs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Disguised as risky thing I've done a draw of the entire world hot the unpaved parked in the dark and it should be spark dodging cars and cows. In the jokes on you could potentially very boring thing no no no he's what he's talking about is he is talking about. The south eastern part of that wrote if you continue on that road hunt would you in the government and delegates on gravelly and weird yeah over a couple of lava flows was interesting because the the road itself is just bubbled that weird look at is still kind of boring it is you think hey don't get around the corner man gets crazy. Yeah out of the whole thing like I'm bored yet I feel like we're in an danger all the ones like I should have an adrenaline rush but I'm just. On board we're gonna die a board and then finally says what the rescue thing I've ever done. I was a kid in grade school there's a place called suicide hill I went down about a shopping cart. They came off the side of the hill until bunch of jumping tactics not bottom spent three powerful immigrant damn. Whatever if you extreme out here to the men's room momentum live duck cops. Only does president James Silas and your show every day today the amazing young man future rock star turns fifteen. You would love to hear an original faced sandwich and Allen think oh look out to lunch this epic celebration thanks for all the laughs guys out from listener John and he introduced me your show a couple years ago and we're both big fans get a big guy get a get a big old LeRoy Jenkins. Thanks guys that from the lovely Michelle and I. I. It is today a quarter century all I want for my birthday is the dirty is German you can give me thanks guys from Alex. And I looked up to about their ability to many to be an astronaut want to be the first post visit Germany and yeah. Camp. On German with the America as a legal trust him when she got from. Belligerent while. That was my daughter is already out of very heavy Tony for a birthday today she graduated from PT school and is now a doctor of physical fell therapy. Stella Shelby and I could not be prouder. All the dirty as Germans give bread dirty birthday wish and maybe a little wedding puke at the end that from the proud dad known as Tim. Yachts and I don't want to own sort of thought I was simply serve of some sunny. Not mentioning the expectation of me asking why so vinegar and now that's a directive sent me. Yet if you Foreman. And to the stakes. Inventory seven trip around the sun a losing the show while driving to big bus thank you guys for all the laughs gonna get dirty Germans and an Australian Ted thanks guys from John the awesome bus driver. Yeah they called in the hunt him. But not for the reasons you think I delivered toolbox and want to show you much and sing the song. Dad Danny and have it. You know speaking of boxes and think about get into a box jelly fish that is dangerous hit and run. Guys guys via a decent boyfriend Brad 31 birthday and I'm hoping he gets internal sex to get him in the mood for dinner. And it's leather thanks in cheers guys that from the lovely Julie. Guys my cousin Ali AKA the bird man 33 bird dating listens to you guys every day can get a second up Keb Kagan to dirty Australian talk thank you guys from flee via. Oh. Yeah. Check it in from television you know look a little bit like a wallaby. But I. I would give you some great thought they get in the great game eight. If you seen a mile you know how big it is thank you again. Oh are dead Stephen is turning 33 years old he loves losing you guys can you make them laugh for his birthday can you please get a barbershop quartet faced sandwich. This will make his birthday spectacular. Thank you guys you rock yours truly Gabrielle Alyssa and Augustine. Use it to move people around this and wins. G.'s daughter on the side. Well it is Stanley is he's in jail really is seeing them on hand at noon afternoon. And not. As judge my wonderful wife Geron arrives with Sarah pronounced big team Iggy. Could you get a LeRoy Jenkins is a dirty German talk to celebrate her latest trip around the sun thanks guys that from top. Yeah. Yeah. I'll open it up there we went through some of the moistened your buns with my man. God and everybody was since the Irish and teach and we Levinson mashed potatoes but we'll need to group. Hello miles and for all the men's room today as I technically think today that our dad Larry pops our rob his birthday is. Again according to a historical documents 82 or 83 years young guy please get a LeRoy Jenkins and a second up cupcake. Thanks again peace and love that from John oh. News. Oh it's. Actually from Shane oh all right guys here you go. It's. Yeah the other. Yeah everybody. Hey good you can take you to see you midday still to come we'll drink Intel's with a shot of the day but first and I'm not I'm. Why doesn't have a word the good folks are good housekeeping. Magazine neighborhood around for a long time. They've been around for a real real real long time power our cars are still around there were around in the early nineteen I can lose and good to be able to read it are still from the early nineteen hundreds. But as good housekeeping doesn't even know writing articles for number of years in keeping up with the modern times. And basically what they did was they kept a list of the top slang terms the top slang terms. Every single year as slang term being just the new word sodas and word comes from zone a little bit of history go back to 1926. Which is kind of relevant now. We know the terms that you go voice gold diggers. Our results golden that was pretty exit from people and actually gold rush. On the money flush times and the roaring twenties gave rise to this time for a woman who is interested in a man but only for his money seat. If I'm the only guys that don't think damaging. Estimate they'll grow if it Rotella. As I. That was up from the appropriately titled book man trap. By Sinclair Lewis where he referred to all the women as gold Vegas. All right these are the cost of putting me about money if you want some right agreed to by the day you what money you get more chicks. As he gets out of it is trust you none of us into 1920 eight's iron the most popular slang term. My allowed me. That's somebody above loud and rowdy at tally at baloney geez I'll gold that's baloney gas a bunch of baloney anything phony is a bunch of baloney. Policy in Bologna makers like Oklahoma in 1931 the most popular slang term it's Nancy. Now saying that they are not owning elegant south lassie like Hollywood sonics. You aren't snazzy. New against men. Snazzy looking to go dig a little bit of medley gold be the term purples coined in 1932 is a slang term. Replicating the noises one makes when belting that was not even actually of their bullet belching them I know the call to divert bill before bar for that. Of Belgium for a government to battle zones over the birth was a slang term that became a common term after the fact you know we knew about it a little different change the name when you do what it's about. I'm 1933. Anything special about that year. Prohibition there you go and the popular slang term at all beard out. Nice beard up again back to 1933. Believe it or not do the bank in 1950 revisit out loud nasty business like germs are the most five other turns of that year were in 1935. Biggest lying turn a year old grant Soledad. And senate and the Bob Graham Paul became the grants 1936 gave us in Garros. OK I think the only game with a bit of the bingo halls became a hot that back then were long love bingo match. Exactly right away your winner allowed this stuff like you answer the question Greg Lego bingo. That and the guys got to turn over in football and being ego down a 1937 it was dunking. Some in those pretty gross demagoguery and out of his impact on Dan Dan is that saint 1930s today guarantee was a Fe that's my favorite dance. Not favorites they started. Shorting words back in 1938 Eaton and never changes yes have a bad mouth and somebody that was the most popular retirement slang lies in 1930 Nash went to quit bad map and gas right when you're talking trash or bad mouth and somebody. I would also we have 1941. This brought us the dream boats. Mike and all I was doing a vote on his design Hollywood phrase for a good look at Hanson acting. You know red Green Day Cary Grant the first green. Many remember mr. ever grant the lady to me is that a dream homes there are those documents stating. Which to me which is something really horrible right. I feel like this the merry melodies cartoons. Of the early forties my favorites 1943. They brought us these slang term most popular term of the year duh. Nice yeah ten must some some later added don't dole 1945. Road yes absolutely. Specifically the radio program it's that man again whom. Don't was 1945. These the most popular slang terms of each and every year 1946. He was teens as dead mate I'm on an NC now as an empty stuff. Oh she lost and I attended a southern I'm Chistov seek out. Technologies that would mean I'm lying to you given an angry anyway. And on 1949 at these slang term was Jetsons. Fan reds lead the image that's exactly right 1950 was the beautiful people. The slang term from 1951. Yeah and there advantage. That started in 1951. Example is lots of spaceships and Titanic but frankly an addict you know adjourned netter at 1952 Russell we still use all the time. This is pretty diving. The dive bar nice back to Justine fifty to 1953. I think it's a little early. Kitty. The most popular slang term. That started in 1953 generally think about did these music. Let's give all what are bad shooting just watch on earth and all the time there's a long hair and now living in San Francisco Bay and hit peak in 1954 to drive and even had the biggest slang term debt and booties on. Booties yes pretty student 1950 bodies just go full Pueblo people don't win on the heels of James Dean. The word cool was brought into our let's coup the biggest slang term in nineteen to keep us positive cools compliment 1956 nit picker. Sony just nags you about everything I know eventually that words can show. 1958 unfortunately brought us nuke. Annan slang term for new 1959 hot dog don't hot dog died down as hot dog around at their brother himself hurt all those checks craziness. A 1960 was Dole's bill. In 1961 was brandy 1960 to drop dead. John Denver area drop dead isn't drop dead gorgeous I hope 1960. Daryn it is I don't know rotten. Bull could part of all shots 1964 hot shots Brody. As in discuss room. 1965 that goes that far back oh yeah I hate that we're we're gonna have a jagr l.'s biggest slang term of 1966. And a good times started road jagr college Life Party that freak flag 1967. Who was responsible for pulling this phrase. James and low popular slang term over 1960 so there you go on the word yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah. Yeah. A tavern those Sox lefty to throw tell you bring us three stories from the headlines it's up to us to determine which of these three stories self police now. If you already like the men's room on the FaceBook the debate is already underway on who sucks less tired we're gonna we have some pig farmers from England the that will be taking on May the Bobby Dodd institute located in Georgia and then taking on ESP accident. This week is a little lighter Mike I think you agreed that these you don't want to laugh. But inevitably find yourself giggling about some of these stories let's just start and England were a litter of piglets. Whose page it was saved that's a story read from a barn fire. Was served up is dinner to firefighters rescued with its arms country. The eighteen piglets into south they survived the fire at the will Shia in February which all sixteen tons of a catch on fire. But and controversial move far manager Rachel rivers she think the fire team by giving them sausages. Animals they were given a fix won't stay of execution woman were rescued at the farm. But having that been reared for meets the ribbons slaughtered and delivered sausages to the fire station team which barbecue. And the black firefighters that double faulted troops were quote highly recommended and to think the former for de Rossi. They added quote. We can tell no Ortiz the sausages were fantastic items spokesman said. However the wire services since removed the pictures of the impromptu barbecue from FaceBook page and a spokesman said he would not comment for Palin back. But like did you save a pigs. The picture office notes go to Georgia war Wallace who were former employer after he says you can fire fighter because of two peer reviewed leaks. Alicia called she's being represented by the ACLU and Georgia she filed a lawsuit last week. Against the Bobby Dodd institutes and employment agency. But in the fire and she detailed two occasions were preparing it leaked in she was allegedly given a disciplinary right up. And fired now he was told she was being fired because she didn't quote practice the high standards of personal hygiene and maintain the clean it up parents while on duty. The first week after the Doctor Who August when he fifteen on Coleman's office chair of here's a report at the state to supervisor who dismissed for for more distinctive clothing I later told her that she would be fired if she ever thought of another care. From the sudden onset ultimately damage goes off well and didn't want to second what he's sixteen cheaply to menstrual fluid needing blood. On the carpet on the wave to the map and after leaving the spot of bleach it this inspected. Her manager told the site supervisor to fire her when she was in fact fired only four days away. He Bobbi died it's due to get to release a statement in did not immediately return a request for topped. And now we go to ESPN we understand racial tensions all time high right now no one's quite sure they should or should not do what. Overreacting probably is not the thing to do and in this case ESPN broadcast or Robert Lee. He will not war the university of Virginia's season opener because of recent violence in Charlotte. Because that violence from Charlottesville was sparked by the decision to remove the statue of confederate general Robert. Now a spokesperson for ESP NS did it live but moved to the Youngstown State's game at Pittsburgh and ACC network never says the decision was made. At the tragic events and told school rumpled and simply because. Of the coincidence it was night. They said the decision to put him on another game to make collectible and also says the machine this is even a topic of conversation one side note if you need to know about Robert B. It's an Asian and bumper to sure people not gonna connect any dots but. Anyway ESPN because of Disney he's not been broadcast so again maybe because he's a minority and shouldn't be in Charlottesville for fear of violence. Who brings up based and so right. That's good yeah it's me it's like hey good news I hate black. And it makes you upset about it until I would not natively that we don't we up to the Jewish. Contingency got the most seats in Charlottesville. I am well we we going to be the guy from playing before and it was amazing is years ago more talk to him we were always under the believe it's just why previously. Darryl we don't would like white black people but we hate you're at how blown away. Now and on this I would say would you even such a loser. Honestly I think it's ridiculous to ESPN thing yet but I think it's not. I can't say if not the least all right that's the exact release okay they're pigs they're supposed to be sausage. I hope they realize there is if you like the men's rooms FaceBook page most of people believe exactly would you say no well says farmers sucks the least. A Jordan so yeah farmer Sox released. Let's see here are never the former done and the Robert Lee guy balls in the safe ESPN did talk to him show. And they switched into another broadcast and I think it's ridiculous but at least. Like there's no real hard he's fine we're fine we're ESP went wrong I honestly believe this is once they sent an outline. Olivia a robber look to remove understand here's why and go what Purdue and I don't care what people once they leave the statement helical Jesus Christ it was only because it got leaked out. He's been when he sees somebody. On social media going off with the name Robert. Like the men's or month FaceBook as a debate continues on who sucks less art we have a very special announcement concerning red eye. A bad match you are listening to the bedroom radio network. Men's room was miles an hour hi yo gonna drink a toast these shots of the day is on the white person. We're pulling useless information. You and you have are too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So lending here while the men's room shares would you don't need to know today unless you don't need to know. There is a fine line. Between things that people think our gross and people think are satisfying. Are as a relief consultants that you know me I'm a big does it bother you Lorie a huge Obama on the big fan of as an error event listener biter is that I have I have bitten the blister off a man's hand and moral debt and not a matter of me that's another man. Nobody is what. Right before you and in the June shuttle overflowing its debt and an amount. So I do survey asked people. If these things are growths or satisfying and would you view these same exact what I'm there are these pros or satisfy radio. OK if you pop the giant pebble is that gross or does that satisfy satisfy. Satisfied beats you probably wouldn't be neat Kamal watt head count and a big black candidates square now like why you'll have fun. Yeah mentor to put money morph to find the to do that brought an an unpopular involvement in happens were few and growth assessment as steely sense like okay now the president on the satisfying on yourself. Yeah yes that you touch it you get an instant pain you know good golf man you're one of those on Mac man but that's when this is when you don't think it's gonna like explode and DC much in the news. Pushes. You when you hear right and you could blue all right grosans satisfying getting a big chunk of your wax out of your here. Well all saddened I'm usually I think it's gross because I didn't realize it was that bad you know remain. Like anointed departments that for the ear wax sort of clean my ears one hole I'll go to the boulder rolls out and use if you given everything epic eastern hills and you feel the rocking like did anyone see that rock bottom ahead. I am in the process the movie that you have you to check that the two weeks. That and a house parties began policy announce that all student at that they like the town get that the pulling out and and her own hair. Satisfying or drugs. Satisfying it is satisfying because those things there for wheat rice keep popping up and Bob and eventually see a little head there and you put like three to law. Like no wonder if that is not as much of an issue for women help OK a rook. No I don't think in the areas where you might shape the that would be problematic is that seems to be where that happens a Robin you a couple of things it's not is huge well. Holding room wall and they didn't call I don't know really the net income and I had no idea. There digging dirt out from under your fingernails and other figured out grocer satisfied. Just rose and he's as necessary business yeah I mean satisfaction out of the business of picking a blister popping it. Satisfying to grow satisfied reps. Pros alike but they're blisters let you address there. Okay have a running your fingers through your hair down there but none of sexual way things went through that brought the hope I went through that I've ever done before. Now we'll try to bring him to run compared to your fingers do you satisfying her ghost dad when you're Nancy there and I would imagine satisfied I don't mean Europe's. Entitled tempting myself down there for satisfaction and sticking your fingernails and finding something large and chunky out there are satisfying her growth satisfying that much of report. Got to get that out again. Cleaning the lint out of your belly button growth. The smells gross how satisfied every day do you do it every day do you not. Nobody got a big one in their home in Lanka and peeling off skin after sunburn. Last time that a sign. Well I know a lot more depth and toppling stray hairs out of your butt crack in the shower satisfy your growth both growth it's below gives triggers your butt crack all the time you. I'm not a man you know the semi he'll do what the quick service and I've never administrator of record on human lives. If you if you live miles they're gonna only show that I voted to bring it to. Bloody LNG zero X to be ready. Men's room knows just to. You go ahead to the very best against even throw a find out nortel's he has indeed today we chose an unidentified. 42 year old woman near Sydney Australia. Not everyone has problems we noticed no doubt about it but today's honoree. Had two specific problem one of them and that domain. The other problem is that she gives such an adrenaline rush while she's stealing. That you put yourself. Every time you can make a so so. She's done it. Four times recently including one at a grocery store where the security camera car pool being in a refrigeration unit all know now a judge decided not to standard jail actually gave her probation until she gets yet therapists to get some help they're a frozen Snickers and fit fit fit but instead. She stole a drill. And prove herself that broke into a model home specifically because she knew there be a toilet to use while she stole stuff. She has since been caught and she's now facing actual jail time. As a hell of a combo. I'm glad to maniac but Edwards got to get such good driven Russert Luke Massa beverage arm is still has had trouble controlling it down and up. I mean that she's serious problem if you steal a lot well which problem was works. Clipped the mania at the collegiate jail. Giving an adrenaline rush of proving yourself I would try to avoid adrenaline rush you DeVon and leave a trail. She is preclude. Look hypocritical. Right they did sports and get a little bit nervous you pulled before the game tablet she pulled after he's done. Like she proved when she gets time was right you like it just took off lockers are speculating malls going like some strong threat that it diary I was very. With more of his booze and we drink this booze because we think of yelling yeah I had over the tongue and down the. Went to party in our Tommy's. Down now and out of a job to do a color not online right now we'll profile there's a 449990. Line. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.