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Tuesday, November 29th

Mens Room Question: Why did you get kicked out?


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So men's room where miles and drill 99.9. K. Leon Iraq all the talk mild to lament dramatic nine point nine KI SW today is a giving Tuesday a day of giving we've spent most of the day. Today talking of not only bet men's room original read and the the birth of the beer the birth of a men's room original sausage and that we get. In the points in the store were we pick it up if you're just joining the show. We created the beer with Joseph down the lesion we we did the sausage with a lead and into Lee's world famous. Sausage Pike Place Market okay things are going great appears on the shelves that's flying the money's gone the Fisher house. The sausage is Ellen the money's going to the Fisher house and then that. Good news not only does the sausage get into century Lincoln now aliens and all this stuff but lo and behold. There is a brand new menu on the Washington State ferries. So we will take a break and come back and tell you the arrest of the story don't forget that this is giving Tuesday this is a day of getting we'll take a remote era back after these. Now back to the men's room and here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let them resort casino in 99.9. K I guess done. Welcome back. Giving Tuesday. They've how we tournaments are we spent the majority of showed today if you're just joining us explaining how men's room original red got its birth and then from there men's or black men's gold. That our charity. The Fisher house which had two locations in the area when we started doing all this which now has a third thanks do you buy beer by the sausage and everything else was kind of created from the beer. We went on to explain the sausage. The red fess of the world the black parties all of this stuff is about one thing and that's giving back money to the Fisher house it's giving its national give us we're talking about giving. And then in October even though this is kind of back in time as was breaking news. And this come from its well thanks. Carol seven. Move very food service starts this month that is the headline on the story that I picked up from Carol dot com and it goes back to October the third and it says as the new Washington State ferries food vendor unveiled the on board offerings that Coleman doc on Monday. The localism message could not have been more clear. Quote really what you're gonna see is a lot more local products according to Diane Evans she's the vice president it's in a play the national hospitality company that handles the food for Safeco Field into a great job and some of the best who did any ballpark in the United States of America. When the ferry system awarded sinner played the new contract for Galley food service the outgoing vendor Olympic cascade services. A soon unsuccessfully instead localism will be lost. So on Monday senator played lined up workers from local companies that are to be providing the ferry food. Clam chowder. That's gonna come from my purse and access continue to compromise that was coming from divers I guess already misses and are giving caring of the gonna continue to carry. Coffee will come from cafe vita and it's a good cup golf. I do look at the EB Erekat Avian tore at that you have manual nowadays it's fantastic. Why and from stimson estimates on the news. And I know what I drink line it's exclusively from. Stimson the State's sellers online but it sounds chances they were not I don't know enough about want to provide answers to questions. And then we have a sausage from all these world famous south. The. Yeah. Several local craft breweries will sell beer that's not my understanding and his original raiders have made it to a tap and maybe someday that there but I haven't heard anything about that so the story continues. Sinner played says in some cases customers are gonna pay fifty cents to a dollar more. According anytime and anywhere you're gonna see a price increase is going to be a premium product behind it sure you're not eating out. A pink deadly hot dogs are on your way home. Four ferries at this point in time minority have a new food service it's an all bode should be up and running by October the sixteenth senator played. Plans to renovate the Galley spaces which will take up to six months and it's the boats food would be. Brenda Puget Sound provisions similar provisions of of of a third does an exciting thing for us but today. Men's and original cell red sausages are going to be. On the Washington State ferry system which is taken back and forth from people who work all the time into the back from the island and now they have local products on their early in the let's say one of the largest and most Jews fair system in the world that's got to be to have a lot of -- and unit every day on that so we were out we were ecstatic about somebody courageous was a big deal and I just I just been on a fairy and the food offerings were with the food offerings were back then to the idea knowing that. It's gonna be some difference could be better good food as I mean yeah it's going to be something where you can sit down and you can't you can eat okay so that allows. It's all excited if things get these are live I'm not neighbor Giles would take the ferry wanna welcome moments ago rankings command about me. Wanted to be granted and out but you don't thirdly he. Which are results the impersonating them and ultimately it would there are a couple weeks ago but but I just see how excited they were much did you buy any do it on. Now it's great to hear that it charting a path to sausages and thousands of locations is on menus in restaurants it is in grocery stores the Beers going go to a third Fisher house bill. Allison beer sales lower probably over 600000 I can't. Australian ahold of the the exact number earlier but I could not everybody. For irreparable figured out we we don't know the facts any of this. But about so here's thousands here's where things get very gray okay now all that we know to be true. Although we just told you we know to be fast that's as best as we can recollect that's how things happen I'm sure we listened stuff do you go away that's that that's the root. So today we get word. That another radio stations of illness called program and it's over it's a Cairo FM and dory who does the mid day to two or three I think he's off the urban. We sort of get emails from our posters and and our freedom as they are. Heard about the Jewish bag the complained about your sausage name on the ferries. Someone complained about men's room original Saltzman name of the name of the sausage what about the name. What a loser sausage defend them what NF loser this guy is doesn't have anything better to do this pathetic life you guys rocked by the way your sausage is delicious. And from Floyd there's more guys on my way to get lunch I'm listening to dory. And he mentioned your sausage and how one guy is getting the name changed. Do you guys know anything about this sadism so Travis. Doesn't listening to the radio right now and there's a listener who saw the men's room sausage for sale on the ferry and didn't. No nor to where the name came from in and fired off an email. To a state agency. And now they're having to change the name to a lesion Beers sausage we do not know anything about it's we have put in a cult of the Washington State ferries and we've try to get ahold of Brian today from Belize as well we've eye contact with him he's. I think up in the air with this is well Heidi we haven't heard anything concrete one way or another I alongside of many others sent in emails to dory but I fear the damage has been done. You guys. You if you wanna hear it he's talking about it now hold it all works out that pass from pat divisional encourages more. The firing shots at your beer and sausage getting yanked from the fair across town you're from. Chaos generated talk show I just called. A guy a hero. For writing a letter to the offices of the Washington State ferry services the requested the service changed the name of policeman's or sausage apparently it worked. And it will now be referred to as a lesion your sauce molest noted is a lesion of the might missiles known as the excellent at it in an NN Lisa makes it. Adamantly to from bear who called this guy here role for changing the man what does it matter we don't usually don't always guided on the leg veterans hero does is again what is the god damn radio show. That Mo Fo needs to call this just explain why you think the summer goes for veterans right now. Is the world so hearing what what about bad to you. It's heroic I don't think of school at all. I think what congress does a better absorb. I always says that's why we do what we do so someone on a different station things that you were heroic. To try to not to help out veterans of the free to prepare for regal. That's your position. Call the show I would love to talk to you after veterans elevator from you why you think you're above. Continues at this guy turning in the minority the radio host and out and I'm I'm I'm taken a lot of negative stuff about this out here. Suggested the a listener should get a percentage of any increase in sales this change may produce. Does the fun of by boring scared passive aggressive Seattle boomers ask for men's room sausage by name. Because the freedom to do both is just one thing our citizens fought and died for Bremen this guy's a tool that from Jack. The talk show holes but I refuse a road. Things that this guy though they're saying that the guy is dead guy's a hero who got the name changed cry to get from a veteran Bimantoro good for you but he they're also saying the discussion get. A percentage. Of the birds of the sales so. So do not like veterans a marked change of name mobile product could you don't like the name more veterans usually get. He should give for not wait not the Fisher house not the Fisher house and helps the families of veterans. This I don't know what got him talk show what is an an analyst radio could start out this is one whatever that idiots that would regarding the show so this guy. Supports that Barack. Who don't don't wanna help the veterans believes that the money that should go to the Fisher house should go to this whole raw white guy because he doesn't like the name on the field that beat back a little missing five year old Mike got a merger went on yeah. 55 year old like automatic. That's the position now you someone 55 girl like that. He should get the money for him home because he's rolling because you don't like the names you wanna take that out of a pleasure out of bed and pain and he should get that money there because it who was the talk so we're silent but those dates are empowered god damn show out called third shows that a man or woman in the summer and what do you mean it not someone says guy and Cairo just plays a guy who just praised the guys at the name change in entrance Austin fairly -- I'm gonna stop him shown him listen you son of a bit targeted directly elected god damn is. You don't want. But did you join us tomorrow work is good until Roy you wanna take money out of veteran's hand and I have a problem with you don't do that right now overly god damn air. You wanna take my mail I have what. Let's have brother we need to get together explain to me I face to face what you're Brahma the veterans are why you think that this. The heat this deep bag this bill it's a dozen of I got a problem in his life. Under a name both started I don't know. Don't think that moral vote of the monitor and veterans. What does the bridge of my lose but got him talk to continue we're gonna have an issue down the wrong thing to do I understand that. Thousands thing the show lunchtime and handsome guy on from the no fun police arrived to ferry. He was offended by your sausage name and wrote a complaint letter sounds like a Washington State ferries changing the name. To just say at least in sauces talk about having nothing to better to do with your time take care guys are by the way love live day at least another Microsoft's June check out the radio right now guys cross a street had a guy who called in to say he complained to the ferry system about men's room sausages he said the Port Authority agreed to change the name of the sauce it's really get a hold of these summer from the Port Authority. The Port Authority how dramatic fare a bit I was sure oh that I am class thanks for the heads I think that long should take the money for veterans. We have an issue we do look. I don't care which you talk about and radiation dominated the emea north sucked based on fact mr. on Mir. But man to wanna steal money at a veterans got him into exhibit does some little squirrelly incidentally the main. Album meet I don't know both that's what you think the heroic. Got a problem. Understand what are your goddamn name is Robert dive into. I don't care it doesn't really god they'll open we have an issue. So understand that I do think that this well to be rewarded. For being a bit and take the money from we have real we have breaking news on the. It happened show brood of our gas bringing news. So we actually. A believer in knots got a hold. Against the guy that was on the earlier today and and issued the complaint he's not willing to come on the program from what we do it shouldn't I'll read you what I don't come on the show man outrage what do. In the new some of the and understand that to be true name without an op won't get that support joke regarding its recent low. Bitch ass man you need to apologize every guy to embody that their position I here and he's app. Guys who started out as a tongue in cheek notes to the port commissioner after I had observed many people in the ferry making comments about the unappealing name. I did on those connected to a charity but I had nothing to do with any name change. The very people said they had received comments about the name and I thought that if they were interested in selling more of the product. They might consider changing the configuration of the label. I'm just a ferry commuter most of the people here and British food items on the ferry our Taurus. Now that's not true I thought overall that's that's that's actually most of going for most of the people who would purchase food items on the ferry are tourists. And they would know nothing of the chair well it could be true that we probably to do a better job of informing people that once saw those goes to the chair. With the right knowledge economy when exactly we put a sign up if you wanna fly. There's about a body still putter you're you Paul adds veteran muddies the bitch you. Most of the regular commuters have stopped buying items on the ferry because the prices are so much and then we reached out once again. Add to see if we just talked to the what about the podcast a meal would got him talk show that George aggregate of them it's our dollar is supporting that position dominance that's pretty much done with radio interviews. When did you start with a radio guy he's for it when did you when you wouldn't you be by calling into a radio show and you go wrong with possible under the bus you're done with the radio interviews. But they're not meant when you wonderful wild world you live and you're gonna take into write a letter tonight to be Manitoba to Mattel. Why you think this is this is okay where it is better to Muslims per. My only concern was from a marketing standpoint of sept Obama. Dramatic gap and mark from shall to the name was a turnoff to many people on the votes and now he speaks for everybody that reads the current affairs and he's the nodal sausage sells so well it's and thousands. Of locating all fairness this guy does live on an island. My parents don't know I'm not at least at least I do have to have used the home. I'm used to be pitch excuse me and asked if you think he's veterans UN and so what doubling later either either nor his listeners are Lewis if someone informed disguise that that would that would sausages connected to. He's is now that I know that this is connected to a radio station and a charity I still feel. Bill label change would be beneficial so it might be dumb as the men's or logo would not have to disappear they could be something like they lesion deer sausage brought to you by the KI SW men's room. As it is now most people that I've observed don't know that the men's room is connecting is connected radio station shared what our I'd have to do it Sargent Tara others are joining us I don't wanna fuel and wants fire except your stroke non Goodman. But isn't the marketing of this my job. No no it is. Thank you and I got to got his ass isn't grateful because I got other stuff to do it if he's taken over marketing awesome note tell what else you know and we were Palestinians and album from the study union named frank thingy thing about some. A layup or eagle at the veterans. Didn't. Do him the money. Because this day it's complained because that's what the veterans faults and demand. The right to the Republican cable assaulted and go to Washington state fair to change it of that Bob's. It's about. You Ireland bullet at a whatever dumb bits and other dumber every illicitly used heroic you know this workbook you don't like I. I know where I was not a fairy over the weekend and I think may be one well here's my arm Ron. I was on the very my mom I took our our job Vashon island and I got to tell I I do you think oh a lot of what you say it's right miles student in that. There's a lot of tourists. And I saw old like a lot of versions of my mom wandering around affair in program it's Thanksgiving weekend too and and none of us had ever been there but. Now other than a couple coffee how many people really. Are stopping by the concessions and that's not to say that they don't look on the top deck you have to go out there and Howard is right but if you do that twenty minute commute you're huge you'll want to really take the whole universe of people generated bag couple you you take a whole universe of people and and how many people actually get on a fairy and how many people actually buy something. To eat or drink on a ferry and you keep breaking that down smaller and smaller and smaller. I was excited about. For coffee I got simply because. Kevin wasn't chosen got happy feet exactly it was like okay cool off and I told discriminate against us and then again at the cup it's into battle but I'm gonna bring it put of the universe. And again the universe meaning anybody in Seattle broken down all the way to the amount of people who might get offended by. The name. Of as you put it the name of meat on a boat. It if only employers are gonna marry really meet on a boat. You don't vote mean to beat Arnold got to meet public pounded I mean I hate to put Jones but it did we do do you recent update coming thousands pounds of this. Think what. We now measuring it tons OK and I I believe were up to about ten tons. Can we throw put on this don't adds. Who has no all the crap that I could it mean if that's the problem vote please call me back about her name is bow down probability. Yeah I. Got Rachel did you vomit word bubble me. Well me please don't call them heroic who got this bit found a way to make nothing so well. Me and my cousin teaches at Ohio State right that's the first thing I was they get all say yeah. Oh yeah of course not not about bought me. It's amazing thought about all the good luck with a Wii I did do what do we do we know we didn't hear hitting back from the port through the affairs of America Google we talked it does Brian from bullies is he available we talked in either. Yeah ultimately I don't know if he knows and I think and other people and talked his brother busy up there make it has me what about the the auction. Mr. does not follow with a one for the veterans to the sky didn't even though we had a radio show notably subtleties. You like urinating wells understand heard from me and Seattle problems you dump and then we have this this is actually did it ironically enough big that is national giving day here we come up with. This list in this just that haven't about the Davis and there are so this is from wallet wall of a dot com. And they post a list of the best charities to give too in different categories. And here are five they say there were checking out all right and they do have come they don't want to more. So if you like. Something Felix on the might be a scam and you don't know how. You're charity spends its money. Be sure to go and check out charity watch dot ORG and Charity Navigator dot ORG so if you do give. Any charities and your guess I have been through this before. And we've actually learned a lot about charities while working with the Fisher house that summer a lot of charities are better than others there's a lot of reasons yeah times were we don't get a ball to certain things. Based on those charities being involved. And we know and it's tough it has got to go do research a lot of charities. On paper look great right but what you do is you are. Right out of my area is going to Liggett. Yeah we real don't do it in all ma'am we spent most of those who don't read the fine folks at charity watch dot ORG that's their job account monitored and they tell you where the money so. If you wanna help people and other countries they say check out direct relief dot ORG or action against hunger. Dot ORG those the ones about charity watching Charity Navigator saying are doing good. If you wanna help get people off the streets check out the national alliance to end homelessness and homelessness. Dot ORG becoming a number of five. And number Fortis and if you wanna help kids get a better education. Check out donor's choice dot ORG again these have all been checked out and they know where the money's going in the approved. Number three if you like to help out animals you know might know about it burial will amount analyst at. PetSmart charities that ORG that's a that's a great place to go to wanna help with community development and your neighborhoods donate. To the YMCA either your time or whatever you can't. And number one. If you wanna help veterans. If you would like to help better hmm. I wonder if I'll wonder what charity. Wallet but do we have any jeopardy music here I wonder what charity. That wallop. Dot com. Says is the best. To help better in the second to think of the busy you all its own people think anybody who might give yeah should go to be with the wind. So him. I need more time given warmer tones of Stiller. Cheers be polluted and the number one charity through the help of and he doesn't anyone anyone that we've done any veterans don't matter anyway. Who cares anyway I guess I'm not comment on the charities that didn't you have against. You know what. We'll see those go cause you take a rent cost. Did you know this is he there. Oh David welcome to the men's room. Lowell are not deadly thing in our blood charity for veterans this. Are guaranteed a bigger out they did earlier under arrest ever present thing about it at a Toledo he knew that he doesn't even radio if you know it and he he doesn't have to do research before you opens has gotten him out to blow. Right what he'd he'd. There's no plan does not fighters asked by the way so I want the heat of the late. Sought to the bombings dealt a docent and an interest in emails says. Should we able from a cheese nips and spotted it. Let's face in a fifth of his views about it. Clinton has just about my name's Joseph you make a seven point cry ever think about cheese nips. It's about a day pedestal but we haven't driven English listener who conceive their rented by spotted Dick is that predominant in the top it's very popular high end product believed delicious in England and we don't know if we have an English listeners or not we would be curious cheese nips at the middleman you're right and I kind of don't want to become. There's more a business from our FaceBook page to like cast of the interface and pays you guys having discussed and radio show today because one of their listeners is trying to Edmonds or sausage taken off the ferries because the names and scored an appropriate. Guys 97 FM they're trying to get Metairie. Get rid of men's room sausage in the ferry system thank you Barbara for the heads embark on a go punch him in the face after the show John aces. The guy dory did apologize I can't stand the guy found nothing offensive about sausage called the manager went to the Apollo judgment I guess he apologized maybe he came back isn't you know where the sausage can see the cultural person miles he looks so good looking with a stash also armory just ran another grandpa there's another I love how hot I am stash you know what I can't relief. Get through all these because of black. The stash comments on how good looking and let's see here oh god they're talking about you guys across the street trying to get prettier name all right so so that's where we stand right now it's national giving day noise don't require out of the other station when he apologized for. And I'm sure it I don't showed and for the record I did not listen they used to reimburse I don't know that we don't know anything that that's the thing we we don't know where we sit on my chosen to show no limit on his lower I don't know hey man you should apologize to your thrown. Heroism around some guy who turns out is a complete. F thing indeed it. Another here's Twitter. That would radio stuff. Up from police famous sausage here you go for the record name change pusher who Larry are we have our own marketing departments and all positions are happily filled. From Lewis on policy here. You know it in and we're trying to find out anything we can't really gonna take the name off the size I don't know if one person is that powerful I I don't know what the deal is he good enough here's what I here's my Cairo distribution here's what I think I think we should maybe. Think about putting either sign or a little Packard next to the sausage disarming like a worldly needs explaining the policy issue I think that's a fair idea I don't think it's fair to change the name of our Stasi the timing of. Slowly changed them and really have a little lesion has a lot black Ambiorix monster and otherwise but it's my act together there's something else we will do what we do if you do you can't do what do you think about it but I need that now kiss my ass off. Do mother effort not come out to meet you and change what we do. For you you can make out wrote this in my past I'm walked growth story grow up and you can kiss that it snaps data bits. It could be fun after him. It holy roller is a piece that ass. This guy has a story he's a garbage that's RG dance off on there that's our days guns of the hour here we are thank god why jackass it's national giving day everybody Donna do you are a lot of we're given a suck my. We'll take a regular night back. Men's room returns here's the question rod do you buy to let live resort casino 99.9. KI DSW I. Guy. I national game. Giving do whatever. On a day of giving back out so far today thank you bet thanks for all the calls man it's been a fantastic on the on the phone lines today we have not got a chance to get to you yet but. We're trying to explain the how our day went today. As we came in today and found out that this it looks like they're gonna change the name. Of the men's room original sausage that they're now serving on the Washington State ferries because one guy who earlier called the door months and show and I don't know. The context of the of the call I don't know but basically from what we surmise from the emails. I don't know if that was he. Or who was who would cold and and petitioned for a name change global Bly and a I don't know if they agree to we're still trying to get a hold the port authority of ferry system or. Anybody we do have Brian promote Lee's world famous sausage on the line Brian how aria. All of it your own religion and I are trying to stay on today's busy. Well you've got a little bit busy. You know go out minutes worst talk about some stuff pretty exciting things. It's exciting exciting things going on yet to have a cup even a slip up. All right so what did you find out have you found that any thing about the sausage on the fair oh by the way thanks again for the delicious sausage and I and I knew it doesn't work in your ass off and we just have one of these days today where we came in the past. And he doesn't hang on Libya and Brian no Brian basically what happened was was what we kind of learned second hand that they're trying to get or they have in fact take in the name and your original sauces on our sausage that was on Washington State ferries do you know anything. This is what I know. Yesterday. I got on the very. There's a nice actually a decent data right there any kind of Sony went up there it is that seconds. Floor where the gallery is gonna Bremerton ferry and you know they'll probably end original package. Okay all right so we know that I don't know if there's and I tried to get there could get a good do make it a night. I at this very people about it what they thought about it. It is the only the only real complaint did they get about the sausage is that this those seven dollars on the menu and then he gets to the register he got a pickax. I. Have a okay added below below of the sausage. And I talked to Josh the manager. And did they got a big got a letter from the states seeing someone was complaining by the name it if it is gonna change right then and there without yesterday. Content that was yesterday I how many how many restaurants do you do you think we're in now. Both how many restaurants at least two that we know world. Mind you'd have their course several distributors now. That buy your product in which he. Hoots who buys it from them. And people come in and it is speeded by the product. Nation's one really native Aaron Curry. Okay stimulus sources here in Europe at least five to 600 I would say restaurants. A lot a lot of on grocery stores in chains. And end it you know there are thousands of customers online right now. Is it is one of the top sellers or is it does it work its way up and that as far as Italy's world of all the different and he gets carried a ton of different sausages so how does it how does it do sales was. So applies. I would seeing the men do original hostage positively. Is the number one's own cottage in Seattle and a. Good singer and good evening have a number on grocery stores as well would you take a rookie out or worse yet. I didn't even number of pounds a guy yeah in the account and we don't know. We'll split lip let's just say. In my he knows rating so kindly to inform you need isn't this an wanna run away. It's. A is that we sold over over a million. Over a million man you touch it links to I didn't Fisher house stay on the remote guys. Many didn't. It's math on that. Well what is so what like three sausages to a panel to really yet. Thrills of Brown's old slate 333000. Pounds of go Lehman you gotta get it you gotta get a quick at the gates to man did you guys sellout pretty fast if your I sold at the last playoff game changing in minutes in her pregnancy and that's and sometimes starting on I did the bacon sausage ridges and I can't go wrong that let my second choice is taken I thought I did all right break in the sausage GAAP comment on that. All right well hey if you find anything out Brian let us know because we we just on the settled yet when we got and here's or just kind of figured out that we have heard from anybody in either if you apparently so thanks. No we didn't know it knows how to do it and just so he had no we've sold over 141400. Men do more original saw which is to the Washington State ferries. No one complaint. Welcome the. Goldman there. Even know 141000. Aziz he's the one guy that's important while the good news is he's done doing radio interviews and daughter talked over at that the shooting of an hour right when we needed him back right when they show needed this guy he was just like boom we stop doing regular armies like man that timing on this though it looks just stopped. All these people I had hair all these people have something to say about a hundred civil won't you go merely swing and now suddenly and a suddenly nobody that had an opinion only. We wouldn't do this on ourselves. Now suddenly no one actually has anything to us way to man up now Mandel on here's a view from the email. Heard about the guy those offended by the name of the vote mate then how much is this enough for a vote and something pisses them off for the journal sexson has probably thanks guys that from vacant alphabet from bake somebody from Baikonur dad and tell them negative is that correct. A desired break in itself as Xena are currently enjoying a. Chum F that's nibbling bitch for complaining about something so stupid. Keep raging through all of that from Justin in kings and I agree with all that except for keep raging throw he's. I just posted on Doris FaceBook page about Steve losing his mind and how much I'm loving this. I'm not gonna say the negative stuff about Dora because it's not necessary I'm sure we haven't heard what dory said. I'm sure he's simply shocked at Steve's language and doesn't deserve a response. One response to my post was asking the cones of the record straight I told him it was RD out of hand and wonderful this entail. But under shelled a loser since the buzz is thanks John appreciate that our guys just why do we incidents national giving day. There and until that. Hey guys just want to let you know I had a delicious men's room sausage on the Whidbey Island very today it was awesome guys. After changing the name please rock on that from Scott thanks got. Thrill you sound a bit worked up dope should not come take you for a walk around the block and an ice cold and interim beer that from Christie. Nuclear brink of beer and as a woman yes are. These. Guys by the way dory totally backtracked on his statements wants his listeners informed him with the men's room is and who you guys are he also quickly realize what a huge crossover audience or is between the show the minister. That's from a dam lets keep going. Appreciate your support guys all of us veterans dinner tonight. Men's room read and men's room sausage. From chest the man my husband and I are army veterans and love would you guys do for veterans we should change the name to eat my sausage and tell that jackass to F off from all the veterans. Anyway Estee awesome are you got. The powerful. The complainer who went on the Cairo he replied again. On hearing you know increase and now we're right. Come on the so called northern do we just missed the window he stopped to America and are you not to be all right before it's so it's just sometimes that's what. He's in demand. He's probably on CNN right now I'm sure and then I called me I got brought MSNBC have veterans have Boe meet two months that he just doing TV interviews now know Murray which probable and Omar Arnold blame I don't like bats I don't like me yet I czar if we lost your against dory if he's never coming on radio and because those were stories we're sorry that was the last time you have a month. Also there's nothing on the current label you an aside I really don't mentions KI SW Herbie or sausage just says men's or sausage in plane type face the ferry workers have told me. About the can't donate many negative comments. Boy McCain announced he would but they sold 40000. Go get them throw your the man that from Scott quick I quit taking him on. Other Smart. Now I guess guys you me I'm a huge investor that I have consumed so much of both products that I MA rockaholic and vote no no no name changed to a poll. Half the fun is in the name them from Billie Jo bell played a Billy Joseph thank you and do we get a pull up their Michael are we did where upon though FaceBook right now. Would you say. He's like get an ABBA album of the day it's the letter yet is on its own guests will be shorter noninterest women's men's room alive Twitter very safe are on both Twitter. Other winners relay that is by the Twitter is on Twitter yeah. Donna twitters and is on and there's a lot this guy on the letter and ends a lot blue and blue. The prospect of changing the name. Baby boomers need to keep their whining to themselves and keep their hands off your meat guys. Keep on rocking that from John the police sash squad says squash what they held the job in the polish SaaS watch look at life. I think you know it's yeah maybe you could be the new spokesperson did you interim original sausage high I'm John the polish accident that. I don't know me but I'm appalled and that's podcasts. Is an original sauces. Now we might because you might have a new game for. Guys heard the show elected share. Tell Mike to answer them. I don't know almost although I might be from dory when man I have had one guy on hold since two. All binges I don't if it is go to Ellie O Jones yeah as students are those what do assistant. Hello David welcome to the Madrid hey guys I don't know users have been on hold for two hours. I've been on all the at a critical real quick. An hour and 31 minutes an hour 31 minutes were you calling to answer the question why did you get kicked out as we never got that there whenever it is yes yes they did you know yes we need you right now because we just got to act like we answered one question one call. All right so get what you. One calls it gives the answer what did you do gig is better be good man what did you make you doubt she's gonna make it up so. So I'm a bartender and a I didn't get itself and kick somebody else out who would appear able. Is it because they were drunk or because they didn't like that meat on the ferry. Now I did it should have been because they didn't like the need on the ferry but no he would you break it for awhile he got garage I kicked him out once he. Viewing an eighteen crack a beer out of our cooler in the back in drinking it on the back porch with a spark Hayden again. Tried to order from the bar bat Barbara Cook like hey you already got itself by webpart a girl there and he looked at me like a deer in headlights play. Whoa. Well about in the bar save articles Serbia like if I had to leave fifteen minutes ago you've been here for two hours you came in drunk I couldn't serve you had to give you water. You know and that does get the continuing thing. And one of our customers just told me that you sold eighteen pack of beer plumber Liz Zack and ordered linking it on the backcourt. And I'm like you're coming I have to physically take him out of the barn he put it like you're trying to yeah I was pretty big burly this is back in Montana wanna look like. You know far out bars. What I personally don't do it just like oh yeah that's exactly right out Amare out there I think it is exactly. Anyway. This guy's pretty Big Apple remote gonna do it. He wanted to feature I eventually I came out behind the bar took him out with. With my it like his arms in a little. He came back in after an hour later. And tried to come back into the bar he couldn't come into a bar yet so me and five other customers pull them yet to leave. Five minutes later a guy trying to steal paid. Out of our car she's disguised his cat got going on talk. Your barn and much fun confident not yes there are a lot of you know it started feel it's headed out of the cooler the bar and you in different parking lot with the tech. And his drunk brand. It is. It is her friends anyway it's one of the guys was sober in the DB for the night. He can't didn't help me hey man. My drunk friend who bigger than all of us. It's trying to steal it's I got to back your Bart Starr comes running out and I scream out today. And he looks to me again like with a bigger in the headlights but then he doesn't like so mr. would you stuff. And drop the tag on its foot starts screaming. Like like Italy or rabbit squealing after your cup by an owl. And he just starts screaming like a little girl basically. And they can let him run out grab the tag and it appeared in the public face down in about 67 inches of snow. And trying to crawled to his current pick up. Dad hop on time and got an eye contact and let there be enough to fuel that's not there you go there's our question today co. What do you don't what did you get kicked out national giving days we've got a lot you know what barely able Maureen always worried I'm having trouble reading the mood on the program today is real upset I can't really tell that I have from Kristy how far you think that thrills upset now did you wake is coming up frank castle's got to since then with the two best songs to bring down the house for karaoke night. And Steve's a huge karaoke thing about Aaliyah it's coming up with us inspect miles to the beds are made up point nine KI SW Seattle.