12-06-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Needs A Towel

Wednesday, December 6th

Mens Room Question: What is your pet story?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. I enjoy right now wireless has in Boston WA AF Boston's legendary rock station also 96 viability still battled in Rochester New York classic rock. And the rock down in Kansas City on the 989 our question today what is your pet story 844999. Alone in a British George WC American Rochester sent through we've some two as the mother. And feel free Rome against Taliban are welcome to the men's room. They get mullah. That's a longtime listener first time caller welcome to assume management. I actually emailed my elder couple times specifically about this dog. Before he made those. Assad he need killed or in my garage for two weeks oh yeah all night yeah right okay yeah yeah all this time so I broke my right. Ankle. And and they walk out on crutches. And I've been out all day came home to the dog. Running around excited seeing me any of the big. Pit bull mix. And so he's trying to you know jump up to say hi I'm just trying to crush around him and I accidentally. Step on one of his pot. And his early like that too much. So regret my crush and threw it through the oh I was trying to law. No way he granola crunching through through the drywall. Yeah and so it's either called me just all on top of him. Which actually broken the other crutch as well. Hate him you're out of drugs like he would. So you're absolutely right dog broke both my coaches and now lawyer can't upload them. And he got what you want an argument let's say. OK okay so you come crashing down on problem in his responses when they. The zoo every outlet. It's safe now I have to patched them all the led drywall. And didn't do crapshoot from the dock there at the end there and hardly. The sermon about it man if you get on the floor if you laid on the floor man it's like the dogs I've been waiting for this my entire life why is that I don't know you're below them maybe. And they're finally above view I don't know with the dealers like. Sometimes legislators to my back is a pain when I rally down the next thing you know I got a cap on top of me like nothing I've. If you do it right it is likely knowing that you can look dead they come right I don't know I don't eat you you don't mean there's any legacy at feeding time I don't know if you go down it's weird though you can never just get fired up a lot now the blue figure on the floor this means it's on amateur what if it is another gonna get laid I don't know if you do that on my iron Merrill there excited how what is your bad story 844999. Cola. Hello Adam welcome to the bedroom. And how we are stop. As well. All I think you've catering to what are accompanied and are we doing this wedding I think the loose lipped on would be islanders somewhere out there and this couple insisted that their dog be part of their wedding. Or whatever he'd like everybody loved the dog. It's we had yet. What. There are so they don't even on children yet you EC. Right where it does it. I gap. Probably. Are mentally when you do did you would not want them to be emboldened wedding guest says he's an all right guys let's imagine you getting wider as happened just sit there try to be good right. That's exactly how to Soledad the dog was like the dog the ring bearer something. I think I think spelled something like that aren't gonna go we were there we were. It's about to serve we brought to open up the book they bird dinners and whatnot. And a chicken and them. Rolls yeah. We don't know when their owners and examination originality standards and ran undetectable designer founders of this in a way to kids' menu in the would you want to order for a wedding menu where sentiment or chicken. But they did an adoption for like a kid menu by nuggets and Fries I would take it might take it. Yeah. I ever met and we didn't know we'd get a shoot of computer mini grilled cheese sandwiches but I did a. Now why. And I don't think I'm making fun I've been three weddings at the end of the little shot a soup yet at their resolve fired up to you people would CNN the shot to big things. I don't soon for a paper called I'm really excited about these things in those mountains different vessel Google by Alfred dinners shot to soon be like yeah I'll pass. The dog do. Ourselves we're serving the K police take a little Breton group they were cutting into their key and not. Beneath the table we had a bunch of sheet cakes. And served everyone else. And the dog started enabling adds almost all the sheet cake just did a quarter out of each of the case. And that is you know this is going honored this go on if you were paying attention. I don't imported out to us. And we how do you do about tennis. Trying to get the dog away from the date. But dubbed bride came up don't usually don't worry about the walls slowly decayed that don't ever want to love that dog thought I've. No she doesn't mind could you probably doesn't mind the dog sticks his tongue in her mouth or his his error and all that some of each from her spoon in lake city Eric but it draws and USA other people Democrat absolutely they really do and it's not that you know like they would do the same with our own dog it's just not they are doll it's. It's like total command when you take your dog for a walk you pick up its group. Then they're picking up another go. An op don't do it we're gonna dog was it. I don't remember some little tiny dog. Oh god I don't dog cake don't take. The dogs think the corners so what would you eat one of the corners it knew about it now. But if you just cut me a middle piece on the and OK yeah as long as the and I don't care community and meet out of a lawn. What do we got a long do we got in a garbage can way out of alone you would go to law on meet the the body was grilling in the kabob zinni thought they were over cooked he's got a nonchalantly tossed him in the yard. I mean everybody went. I don't know mansion. How does it matter that it did Adam other independent to have more what are we know life you know I'll be prison camp Fallujah and my lease allows our buddy south. When you have a garbage Hewlett half of breakfast and she. Now joined by defense though I was very poor and sort out head on and there right not that Barbara you weren't very pour would you pulled over cooked sausage under the grounds. First of all deuce was beef OK my bad at though this is like you're gonna step it. I don't read to me you know it click I can't say get to the don't have kids or just I'm at that age which is one of those weird dad soldiers like I don't know. His visit to Disney does it seem that over cooked I think we salvage but the. That moment is based purely an economics. Yeah I don't know me get your kids gone to which African mind you like even off the floor our government under the bridge came out covered in hair. All right it was unreal moment okay. What is your best story 844999. Cola. Welcome to the party guys are gonna hot dogs undergrowth and that we have some random over good reason already looked great lawn mummies I don't even classy classy monument. Hello Tony welcome to the men's room. And it's tune them. I thought I. Think OJ dog Murray out I have a dog poop or bad I think I'd like it jaded that optical. Green do we we have to change cars change card in play today and I discusses some news the American system right. Storage room. I'm not sure he's screaming and. Now he wants to achieve. I don't like Joey you're given a movie that's what people pay for this. Because I wanted to see the cartoons are to one of the judges. Carl my components aren't I'd stick with the original story receivers we resist are to the. How are so are the thoughts. I heard 65 pound German Rottweiler and now we we take great actually takes in my own ideas did a good boy you know he's always like their. You know without them and not either active enacted them or minus one more note. They've got. Oh my they're my back you know we've just about back in the house. And we cop in front of a bus stop and that covered about stop and there's probably fifteen. People stand and then wait for the bottle and the least start it right. And my mom wanted to crawl. And he won't go and I turn around low eighties in up crouched. Sits down and he's stopped it then that must stop. And looked well and they're there wasn't anything I. Add that I could pick this thing out split it was here liquid and the horror on. These people eight who is if I can get out without enough that you can assume this through the rubble. Just a it is even value of the Smart argued that he even had that look like a rock star. February oh. They'd love to do whatever the book okay. Damn you better at it how long did it Dave and I know for you it was an hour and a half an hour long in today. And all the me 12. So the size of the time who. From the time I was at least you typed in feet past the realize what would happen and then end it like he had that there's a lot. Hopped a guy just like. I guess. It's his liquids or as I campaign and there's just print out there to hear this guy didn't do but he didn't only concrete. Yeah do a lot sometimes I don't know I don't know why analog so critical of this it's just it's just instinctual for me I'm unsure why but. Whenever the dog decides to take a squads like concrete and Mike did. What do you do it you know to me like and I don't know why it like we YouTube where everyone improve your dog the other you'll all the U I doesn't carry they've proven right thing in my mind dogs proving ground Bradley was hurting next to deploy what are you what are you proving on the sidewalk right like we what is going home viewed you lose 10 lead disdains legal when I think this people still glad you act in insights is something the browns are being doubted it just. I didn't like it alienated youth. In that dog poop in the middle Iran wants. Right what does that include because our history we run across the street we got in the middle and she squatted left as usual while write them all around power frightened Stanford cardinals. Avoided garner some of the bulls in your garage next thwarted. Canada and you're not gonna hit a dollar it's a new tires wrecked. I'll try and a horse 1000 kit I was that in a lot of horses and you ain't hating him a little. Little little nudge with your heel area well sometimes they stop to poop. I didn't realize this just kind of kept kicking and we music stopped taking the horse it's poop is Bob read. We Joycelyn kicking you your food and tell her I'm did you did you think it got really gives you know I just yeah like cut off your scars I mean animals group. Come third start of a positive breaking story we got the Al most search for beer in each and every state also the return of who sucks less is coming up our question what is your pet story a 449990. You are listening to the men's or radio network. This smiles. I area. Donald Trump embarrassed by vice president Mike Pence as pets this is a story that just came out yesterday as the bazaars and Isaac and I did not know this. But don't Mike Pence his wife did you know that her her favorite pet that she takes ever whether. It is a rabbit named Marlon Brando and apparently a marlin bond no quite the star on in the grand even as a book deal. Marlon Marlon bundle as a book deal but when the vice president or poorly try to bring his furry friends to the naval observatory in Washington. Apparently the president not too happy about a one of the president's advisors reportedly told the Atlantic the troubles quote embarrassed than thought I was a little bit low class to bring the money. Marlin Mundo opt into the house full animals by the way up besides the money he has a snake that they eat the money's at sneak and dog yeah yeah. A trouble on the other hand the reportedly has never had pads and does not want that he's not a thing you do you think penned several wears his snake around his neck. Dad definitely it was a very very gosh you're all journalists Iliad and ultimately that's religious views he had the serpent in his house. What does that tell you man. Canada they like Apple's your house or even I see. What's your and you figure that says a lot about you as a person I mean whatever you like you like but I mean for the most part I've. Yeah there's a woman who gets on a buses got a a Beretta type of look what McConnell who has labored over the white ones yet what are they Kyle in my car not a monkey now what the hell isn't that's an attack. The tech grad yeah I think it was a McCaw I think and I just like we said random like. I know what they're gonna yeah the Big Ten am and she gets on and it's just like hey it looks cool and you know he's got that doesn't look cool league great talent you don't mean that can hang on it and yeah. But. I would seriously about I don't know I do yeah crazy that exact kind of sent it look if you're bird nobody. I do need to leave the house with a bird the Leo oh no you're like empire I mean she's always a supplier part of Fremont fire that's illegal but the dogs and baby stroller you know like okay. All of my favorite was I think you can judge a judge sometimes by size field. Of the bird of the dock OK okay and feel like. So does a stereotypes of small dog people who are medium size or big dog people that you say you judge by this but I'm ready animal. Don't you never see Shaquille O'Neal would have a great day. Tequila you haven't tomorrow he would like one Taiwan had a pocket doggie just call one is like huge he's a lot of man you are going to have a small animal coming. It's like. It's like the really really skinny guy a guy who dates the heavier set woman being. And he just winds and and a sailing just a gimmick guy right now it just seems like the exact opposite of what you'd expect you know like bill Goldberger somebody like that is that if you live a mile away probably as they live data Dow yours and American Dad!. But the crowd yeah you know the son he's gonna skinny Ashraf is gone and thirty. I'd I competed I would dice with a guy like that and he exclusively. Exclusively dated very large rabbit. Oh the biker guy we had an Bob. David LeBron yet David Brock our pocket dog Brett doesn't mean he's just a tough dude make no mistake but. You're talking to the sky managed only stories that none of us can relate to cause we're just not that tough. You're looking at a when you realized there's like there's one eyed Chihuahua poking its head out of his jacket and a he makes it clear wherever he goes that ball goes with the emotional eating up to the interview. These and intends Dugard writes but leading up to be interviewed only thing was is one stipulation. Good against embryos Dorgan but they don't say it feel like hey. They've wanted to know it to be cool flight data breaches dog. We Wear them well with Delaware's news characters are on the show happy happy okay Sons of Anarchy yes he. He doesn't break character much comments galaxies which he could tickets yet if that was his character on the show I know we have yeah that I don't have to get a grip is like just say these were just here's a UPI will say they'll pay I saw him later an event the group the Mac I gave me abroad as they. This a real bro do I generally Democrat voted to lead like is that while bro hungry guy went no no matter so intense it's intense. The guy I believe legitimately might you and you know I feel you only good thing before you don't want to not like it does people overuse the word powerful. And that's shaking your hand how I usually don't powerful policy and you'll come from AMA. I've powerful OK I am I cannot I have powerful thing the problem but I what is your a good story for 4999. Old I'm running the ball off problems she's. Hello Robert welcome to the men drew. Hope I don't turn your radio rob. Unlimited data management we can hear now. Our good electors one and I don't it's a com. Well a lot of Jewish Burton who also guard Lou I'll be everywhere. Actually I prefer the line till probably our local treasuries directly attributed out of had I followed him. I might not good guy you're crabby and an undergraduate actual like we usually only two outs. Well where do those all the I don't. Are. Finally looked Chico Dutch. There's two Jumbo that got Lucy. Absolutely I received. And those argued luckily I'm a guy only got boatloads. They don't particularly in my truck and I noticed you know like you sort of damage or looks up at engadget you literally run payload. And losing interest. Belgium and in this particular interest in Google. Talks and acknowledge is usually people really didn't have minivans that the actual you know to get to. So you know. How small or did you let your know drive. Little not to judge Constance and I think he's on the video lately and that's a boxer just laying on the horn. The moms in the grocery store owners. And yeah. Man. I do enjoy them than I do and it's cynical box or just look like yet I'm white and about the way it. I want to find the picture you were talking about earlier of you recited to prevent people from driving Mohler don't put your dollar in your lap but you know what should I Google's a light exploded around bagged dog yeah dog I don't know why I'm fairly and Lisa with the dog exploded sprayed over the actual basically the airbag blew the dog in the owner of the dog was Ari on the owner's lap but just. It basically is just take impacted the damn thing you know and I mean kind of like the pressure from. And the president's and then. Scott Oreo audio bankrupt what is your op Eds story it 44999. Obama. Hello Jordan welcome to the men's room. Or it's. Out of the side door for the real story. To get a bare your god make sure you Barea really it's because a pencil by union god and that I would dig up your old. Okay. Around noon and. And it. Why you get a dog cremated but how do you teach you how long do you think the new dog to dig up the old always lived. About 45 minute checks from the time you brought the new dog home. Yeah my you know mom but prior to the new dog that was sad you know and I called guilt about it by UPS and made it worse can brown do for you. You cannot no no kids but. Could do is ill of almost immediately after there was they're well. Are you surprised man. The Italian grandmother used to do you exclusively FedEx comment until the two. Yeah you know that I have all the way and I had a certain. I was like you know what could you say get hit by truck I do it quick melodrama I don't know I don't know when that number out the numbers would say if you're driving a large box banter in the neighborhood you're bound to kill some dogs in your job right it's gonna be around I mean yeah I mean that you think that the two miles I'm doing them a mailman they probably. Probably killed more animals or anybody else think he's a good I'm remember that driving through neighborhoods ensembles who will drive to neighborhood's old friends creepy people depth exactly. We've gone home so how did they turn the dog. All I mean there where they probably only to see where this thing end is like I'm glad an elderly loose dirt so. Let them go. The value but the dog that actually got dugout you know the stock. You know fierce little thing that if you could say. But I would probably about I don't know why 88 or nine years old out I would I grew up on a gladiator. It's almost as big a deal that I was out there you know plain and search. And I remember that bald eagle kites like swooped down and pick up the weird off. He's MI Wiener dog sought comment. Any kind of dodged and ducked and that the eagle guy hit the ground and then it literally it didn't I try to run away from the lot that went after the eagle. It was like Libya where he was no. If Lou really very my BA they have ever seen burning a little dot. And then Lee Greenwood popped out and saying he's proud to be here and marriage Aaron court adjourned all geese are heard. Did you think the Eagles would have been able to take the dog away but it actually grabbed the those audit. Not a chance to do I let him big Macs and you know like let's Christie treat America's. Dogs are ferocious two men there there there's a reason that they are built the way they're built on what demented do royally bred for like always really going in the hole employing a must grab a mink. You name it Oka a manner that is whether clause are that they look cute. But they are they do not mess around and look ridiculous they look ridiculous but they are they're really really really aggress I learned Q because they look ridiculous. Do you because you feel bad for on some level you think that dog's cute like I kind of feel bad for you but I'm done a lot and a bag a bunch what is your pet story 8449. Nine old love. Hello Craig welcome to the men's room. And generally enjoy. I felt they know everywhere around the neck no no no live with a guy who did lost it. I will not let tiger have right. First seven. I'm going to let it by the public and snake. Legends. But really leapt out people. Elliott what is it about him that you like and IMAP they can do crazy and a semi o'clock emerald and I've talked about the Shirley where. Dog is your body it's gonna run habitat could see it you did it. Even a cat on some level is a pretty decent companion right and in if you're missing a dog or cat. But most drop of the neighborhood and people see the symbol to get back to if you lose a snake. New portable post in the says hey I'm also slave basically all you've done is asking neighbors to be a guard grab a shovel. And beat your pet to death like only cats and dogs on the main survivors like with a reptiles are quite warm and Fuzzy what is. I wouldn't let me do bring up the minutes make ten direct exactly what happened. That's the only story that anyone ever asked about the snake is the time we Lawson and the time Erica time that they never found it. Or let out a bit. How water heater under bellowed actually need a pat and she would go on alert. Who would have to rely on low when she went missing child and it actually. I know the crap out of my life wishing your card until they take off for the couple whatever code little changed on. You can't get a lot of attention in las when you got a good for a oddly poetic insure that smaller but that we can deduct it in her tank lid down after that. Got me out yeah I would do we understood you go from two to three months. If she greets you by hasn't seen this is what I'm saying had to restart question. Every Salmonella. Know I don't know whenever they do know that death. I'd look at look at all of ever bin Laden just kind of let me when I legion and right after I'd better. Her and actually. Shouldn't wasn't. And Rudy is that on does that break skin. I don't let. Like little rash not too wasn't hurt that's the biggest makes you. I bit. And it would do what I actually did me insurance you don't restrict it in power about what they try to Alan Ball python. Are actually in a value add they were calculated. Which would break. One in the rule. Although she's learned a huge. What are what happens of these snakes like you still have a stake. I wouldn't let me add that what that did nearly 300 actually had to wait hold a lot of lip out because we were moving around so much because I'm. And it sucks but Lou was in another place and actually clicking. My little canyon and going to go Lebanon's leopard but little. That's the citizens know. That but I am getting him back from my parents are taking care of it right. All your friends like yeah yeah yeah I would think the snake is that right. I can't you know there have been a hug my parent my aunt register actually add that I didn't object to about ten years it would. A lot of other outlaws. You've always been important reptiles Palin and. But I don't know that's a large question of the post when I get it wasn't like cats aren't. There's an at bat Jew the first with a minute left I'm awards love them. What do you do you come home one dig up your snake implode around your neck and walk around me well what is that it would it would go what do you do with us with a stake when it's your pet. Are literally booed every time I can't learn how they're going to have open and as we know it's long been inside that. Route and they didn't I grand Lilly allowed. When I'm back after a bit got another one that did the boats and the other linkage and they're not the steak and a call when they're being handled. Thank god as the weekend dad's gonna think it's pay attention to is this does Alan I just sometimes I don't understand we definitely didn't live up that you interact with the time. Yeah killing more that point I don't know I mean like dead turtles are just they're about boy you're almost more like a like a zoo keeper. Economy like yeah yeah. You might have some fun distorted but it's not like you said you know early in Iraq like unified as salt water tank in my house and like a shark get him like an MBA player now granted. The only shark in a fish tank you can do it you know you know it's cool to look at for a minute though right and then after that Zelaya probably did go to Charlotte because it was a lot. It was almost like the sharp for a little while you're rewrote at least I only with fish that you're watching Mike and I that I four men I knew people that had snakes in Philly. It is just kind of let him. And his era is to get chicks you know whats the point. Ana as an image thing or is it just something that July. I bet if there's something like yeah I live regulator put a lizard lady got a big blizzard means same thing we'll listen drew a walk. Bernie had a beer blizzard we would Mets fan what would you do the beard illustrious. They're sounds terrible down and we were teenagers they don't worry the beard Liz Liz and live a long life there but we are drinking captain Morgan. We decided to put some in the in the cap of captain Morgan right and we had broken out that the British lizard he was sitting on the arm of the chair our couch. So we put the cap and problem he took like one little. And they felt should know what you just. Go way down agenda then what brings you get all the doubts. I don't achieve his candidacy days they'd ever. That is again it is great guard we cannot know that's awesome. Now why don't I don't know that he drinks a hot. He threatens probably charge you didn't get all the maritime let me. Ray that was the last time and we think we pulled out of the KG didn't have fun of them but it was just funny did you go to our hotel check in just like. It is in seemed like five seconds. Is the old bearded lizard the worst. Your read stories for foreign content back nine cola. Hello Kyle welcome to the men's room. Law. It. All right so I've grown up but they'll play at. Long haired German shepherd. And that is dogleg to chew on everything. All my dad got so fed up with that is started. Everything you which you thought he would tie it at the dog and take the dog carrier. So. One day I guess he got there are of our Waste Management event like the bigger cycling event yet all of Claudette school. And it anywhere so walking home from school and all of a sudden SE a dog on the die on the road. And yet managed to jump the Trent what's this been tied to. And was running down on the road. To beat jump the fence and I think tied to. Yeah I would have no idea about six foot tall fat. And the future. You know first I bet they just run double wrote that. There how is it just embarrassing and mortified when you see this. I vote Blair's quite a period at around like quote. Whether you're boat built a. As a present when he tied the trash to the dog. They don't deceive other bad I didn't. But he batted a true picture lawn for Israel real strange. Don't you don't bricks. Yeah like where did behaviors. In our backyard and you would take him out in just should chill autumn whatever avenues on. He dust and that data old age and that. Some dogs are special needs dog and I think like any other animal on this planet you know some are. Are the superior dominating type in the lower and you know and I'm pretty sure the one I have right now in this in the futures. What is snacks and only my cat. Doctor gold doctor go only done by the don't know I don't know not go to my resilience of the drama doctor Gomez doctor goma that you truly is not all that all of those the car that hit in the shook his head up real bad like it once is back she's done everything like you scared. He was he was on a native American land use of my car. He had his and I'm going into America had exploded those who do they he was in like a wild group of cats. Then lived in in the middle of nowhere right underneath and abetted the Ferrell can't for real yet and then you get hit by car and you decided at that point and then you go live with a make it. Trotted ahead and two broken knees I think legs I mean why do you live look this cat. Yeah and audio over this cat when you look back on the army for the damn emergency surgery so they were they're gonna put him down immediately and I saw. Picture as I god. Out there that you could see like you look at his own eyes like soccer do you like him okay you know I think that's an uninvited debated what you this then they have a reason to take you know Bob Healy an arrest he can you want animal within your conference that this little while I'm Muslim have like a squirrel you know directive. What does your head story 844999. All of lawyer calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Third startup moon's dark slacks our question what is your pet story 844999. Loma fellow or Chelsea welcome to the men's room. I stopped. Dole out about seven years old my parents are akin canal and only childish and Galen about eight weeks and you like highlighting them tiger. And one name my mom and they want theory and we just pulling out a close watch machine G screen. So my dad and I ran into legal ride and there was tiger in the bottom of the washing machine. And as a guard how. Okay. Now. And I love the history and killing can actually see his heart will emerge following Q younger and broke its neck didn't seasons I mean he's. So you had the chance he says for eight weeks before mom until Muslim. Eight 100 about released as I earlier that I would only got them and I mean a bottle fed them and and then then they would try to try evening. Well you've Ahmadinejad you have to I was out of an airman on how to tell jokes where like I get a little. You can't really know anymore. No he called my aunt right afterward and I can hear it my crappy album opponent has my aunt Kat detention in the moment like we did get the premiere in Q Blake. But did you did get a kidney. They can my mom like well like I don't watch that and the watch mussina needed here dying laughing and I feel like Ozzie at a pile in my hand is there. Cracking out did did you know we can't. I guess I got another cat and it at the honesty and so I'm Don. Oh no can't do that happens if someone Ed you are in the situation I've been in the situation before where. So those responsible for me not having an Amylin. Not a throw that person on the bus it is loaded but in an attempt to replace that animal it basically just bought the same breed of animal yeah. This thing was absolute fair and you know like I I just I would have just rather got to dig down another. Animal from the shelter though it had a good did disease they'd tried to trick you into believing that there was no I'm OK no you none of that it was just like our owners know what might well and I got to know her death like you know well you don't aboard printers and not a lot looks just like I was like just like Theo say humans do it. Yes they did around him I mean I've done it. Yeah I guess yes you have to tighten Braly keep regular girly for you realize your date a girl looks just like the acts of the same name. Yeah exactly right and your wife and I pretty beaten him and also got a lucky it's not everyone so lucky one dollar measure that story a 4499. I know. And it's also easier to remember stuff Madson and then what do you gain from Washington hit. That's all I'm ask a fellow mighty welcome to the mentally down because I cover and cook for them. I thought I had. Lou. Really Q your parents and not college. And little mud they don't all quiet on end. Basically what that we're going to the bar and I are found a nice young lady in back to. Not my place and we got back and that you know totaling handle all let alone the Battle Creek now in the UK don't worry about it look at it glass Sundance. Don't like okay well I didn't back to my clay then there. They got into gay. All. And really really bad. All Presley would you do win through all of that they you know they almost flat into the piece about the size of piece of paper negated anything in Winnipeg they can get out anything. It all and it. Or that and you know loan all that gave that ubiquitous. Awesome guys night out not. Also I I don't think there in my room and like everything looks likely you. Like that they had called cougar square into that room and idyllic. I don't know that they quote that I knew somewhere in that room that that entry must you know chemical and I'm not where where were they might Walter turtle career and that really neat little three year. I aunt and wayward ran through them. Graduate in the Qaeda thing was scary. At all could be I didn't I didn't really touched I think it would sound. Microsoft series tarantula he ended up retiring so like I had a problem but it was their life. Though that's not want. I know and I am scared of. I added in my early on with me anyway bigger young lady. Correct me like we're the snake and I'd like I don't know. And Sheila promptly and I didn't unethical Pauly Shore side day. Until it surfaced again and I just can't hide it from my remains were four or five days. Reaction was he comfortable enough to stay there are feeling laughs validly. You know him. Yeah I know she she did down there as soon as possible. So wait you didn't tell your roommates for four or five days that you have no idea were Pedro is. Absolutely not where Fuzzy. I didn't know being a now wrapped around salt water oil that's I don't know I don't know I don't know I think he would tell little about another drink slim and what do you do with the drinks or how long they live lately what are the secrecy it's truly. I thought I held that thing one time and it it it was a it was a big credential it would. Remember the species but it looked about cuddyer it was back on now is not yet know when I held at one time. I'm a big jump from one arm to the other arm and I'm I now done that they can even the occasional off beat a baby mice and I'm done with this. Feed the torrential a baby mice. Yeah and a pair like Italy eat it if the local client really did know. You can really ascertain if it was we. I thought torrential on a tree in Mexico and I lost my got them he doesn't like that's the monster's ball I know you have more knowing about it like why why he's got a pets act I don't know. And what are liquefy and animal. No no thank you. What is your op Eds story 8449990. A lawyer calls don't appear just come site. They should many games continues on the men's room radio network.