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Monday, September 17th


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He would sure love to hear is real and so this radio program are simply not that break. Trying to offend anyone. Lord and I'm usually invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. They say shake your radio more than three times. And your play in Wednesday. Fat. Joselio. Great Thursday December 8 2016. And Jo number 2508. RO along with Stephen Drew hill. These kids. In my car. Yeah are in the men's room. I want to get we've played big the other day. Dead meat and potatoes as gross things allowed in your food. No Sherlock is back profile this hazard to guess to Guns 'N Roses good didn't read it plus headlines about their job today fun Melissa emails and everyone's favorite TV time would dare clap drink any time you go Mick Jagger is a dad again for the eighth time. Kid to be only two years. Younger didn't makes great grandchild I love how he missed that Donald trouble points hardee's and WWE for cabinets and he's. We're gonna Africa where someone points out that all of the giraffes are dying off for good. Emerson lake and Palmer reunion tour looks like to empty spotlights from Korea what is good it don't have Palmer. Donuts in the the figure murder takes over the White House that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room tonight. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. Although I've been too good day to you and yours okay Casey did note today. Today is the day that we play big dummy. He gave Joseph the rewards you for your stunning ignorance and here's how it works you call us. We spend again. People want. These cats and glory we hoped. To get your fan thank. Amoled to a question from a category but. Here's were big dummy separates itself from your average more reputable games. We will continue to ask you questions until you get one right. Because as always we want you. To leave here smarter than you showed up. Now today our biggest dummy as a two way tie did you know locally Kimberly and equally lovely Eric. This two headed monster man whose answer nineteen consecutive. Questions wrong. And it blows agonizing. And somehow entertaining all the same time we can you do better have worked weekends ago it was a goal at all we go on big dummy. Bigger doesn't play big dummy called tools export to a rock Ron footer at 999 KI SW enemy in your life. Dick 77999. Answer your emails to the men's or amendments or live dot com now back just a man drove here's the question. Rock you like to let live resorts casino 99.9. KI ESW. Intimate details about things it's they're lobbying your field. But once you know they are you know like oh that's that's great to that is in there so. Gross things allow than food from the FDA that's commendable had Jeff in about as good of crude add news to them incentives meat and potatoes that's a result of Spanish result of those when this. Henry said the game is being done into 0642 rockets miles and draw the men's dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle. And miles and. And now I'm joined now I K I guess doubled. Florida rock all of it has miles to elements are met and am IRA ISW a big show we have for you today once again we played a game known as big dining car Jeff rent a house to its meat and potatoes public got somebody. As our gross things allowed in foods no I Sherlock on the way profile those with tickets. Two Guns 'N Roses and yes and then break the game is big dummies and he's given play Ted diesel that a big wheel gets the fans. Okay sorry for you. Is there in the world this could play indeed to give the inflation front door you have to get ten questions right rough one question though you do have to wonder if the strong mentally think. Dozens gun like up. It's almost a public services like welfare are going to show like jeopardy Ullman and your about the chicken different. Your guns and OK to be donated Aaron okay how's Kevin Everett sad story we go outside storage incredibly sad story I'm really bad person I took it is sad but I did chuckle. No no solid look look at that fund the it's just what those eats its very own life you have a wake up trees symbolize that we'll always know it damn life. Is the right reaction but they might struggle for. But we know Fredricka we know what I eyelids the life life can be real mean but but on some level I don't think they would that mean you're trying to be a little far but we also know. The difference between because of the reverend and play go on BJ and things we know the time that it takes from the time that you tape an episode of something throw until the time and it's actually air yeah it has a pretty significant gap there's a few months of between maybe sometimes more than two months so they don't make sense. Knowing that when you read it but anyway the FTV time with Ted's got some fun news on the breaking news I'll Jeffrey news from. It's Shockley news but that's ahead on jeopardy if you wanna keep talking alphabet and who doesn't. You gotta keep getting questions right. Mean the dumb people let's show them that lurching to the side Soledad and we believe the dumb wives matters not one please don't get. What about every hole I just don't know I just let's say how. And I don't still stunned now all right you're OK now we can't our way I'll eye wall we always end the week I locked away it just give me this on TV I'm doing good any jeopardy news coming. I guess just how hard I don't know how. Oh no no girl I don't know is your government has now. You know I mean you had the story I gave you the story we're all moral of the story also just sort of sore it's that now but I mean. Just wait. Just the little took TB tablets at Villanova about five point oh right now stories I got to live up to yet it does hang on this floor three and a half hours. There's your teeth disputes and it is three hours there right now. Wherever you are off I'm a bag if you're still around if it ran out at a Baghdad but if you scrap its. Some people get that joke three hours from now that's exactly like that hang on this punchline later threatened. So on anyway our biggest doubly so far there millionaire it's a good nineteen questions to get one right you're either members of the team sober or knots over the game is big dummy Steve who is our first contestant who play the game and test if you don't some units that if I. Hello Shelby welcome to the mid term. Our Photoshop. Jolie who. Jolene orient. They're really well I don't think I've ever met a Shelby who wasn't a dog. Question resembles some dogs and a few shelters they're cool you know Shelly yeah for human being chili which you're out most people like you you're from a versions. I think so OK let's go to. Give a lot of friends. Checking our UP of playing for teams over nuts over him. And so does so I mean you sound so. I imagine when you get drunk guys like Tom is also going from the chandelier they definitely tranquilizing you want that job really do for eleven. From the moment it is what he. And mr. assistance or you know like what everybody's salaries what they may do everything about everybody what they have the inability to do in the office. That's more like them. I can definitely chart from yes old rule Abbott testifying today aren't that sometimes can be I cringe worthy do you have access to your old age or file. I do do do. Are you kidding me. I'm sure over Bahrain in the bank but if you if I'm the person who gets to negotiate for my old memories and I into question I ever raised me with. If I have access to my age our final item and exemplary employee. I haven't gotten our current secretary and cook. Had given him did you treat you well. And the fact that there are no doubt in my class and how. Of course that usually I'd shelving Pierre is your question. What Rolling Stones hicks did Guns 'N Roses cover for the movie interview with the vampire. Which I think site did not enjoy them. More blood sucking mass slow stuff at asthma ruled environment. I think Jack flash. Because the devils. We couldn't contain it. It is our only enemy and the news matches now. Patton and. I got an opportunity now Italy is well known as the whole soap opera. Bowl what's comp what country over originated opera. And. Deployed soldiers. Listen up up. Thank you don't. You listen to it at the all what is your favorite opera. I can buy and yet the Alley cat. Or are they Maria. Are often say Jesus. What do you know what those sort of issues that are so the damage to cry every time I capital flight. I'm sure you've heard Donny Marie I'm actually sing it but that they played at weddings and you look at the wedding somebody also played a few good shouldn't. Writes I remembered my grandma's funeral that child right and enemies to cry every time I hear it and it's so we both think it's a sick Christmas shop. Maybe everybody does that identified adapt their grandmother went yeah they consider all postal meal as ads. Oslo lowered to enter. It's. Opera. What I visit the tenors. But what is an opera as a and I think I think I think and that whole soul Leo is my favorite operas. Honestly what's the one that's like the one from Paoli action. Cheese and pepperoni and I got to take your order and the famous. And the you remember thinking it's Bolton. Novak and you'll. Look at what's the one that guy over flood sings to Bozeman. Barber school that don't be don't doubt it will be go to Villanova and total ban the test about my underdogs and opera over foot. Yeah I'm excited about green. Yeah actually see the ones like those those things rooster browse subjects with some of them are all all all Ellison medical Catalina wine mixer who. Delicious salad dressing has well had a green a wonderful. Event generally don't had to leave no widely cirrus zone in and if you have that would lead to go to. The only thing Ehud dole here. On the good work you got the joke and edit an. XXX and here is your question no it won't matter not a boulevard Bert is quite what color is a polar bear skin. And that's why aren't there. Yeah black the black the black that's brother grow whether they think tank are they look like like a newborn bigger than than an hour delay no man we realized the more for regroup and less than a hundred us. I don't know something that parliament yesterday you shaved appalled by doing what is that black slimy ferocious on the bench and you know weird yeah I guess if you look at her nose and lips that would be tough yeah. A picture. That speaks to you on that and another. Now you're just talking about that aired. Oh no not in the left. Not let her mother loses why everybody's thank you Brett about it after Carroll breaks like Darrell strong parents are there is a very noted in my notebook Wada like Jay-Z he's known at that and then. It left off pit outlook live at the live look like mush mouth. The man who can remember that led to the quick look at the exit from bat out. How tough could it be they reported by the they come home you could put a record like that you have a. I mean it's like what you want he'd do a better picture if you did not know who Babe Ruth was. In all the storage of anyone that why do horrible idea that those of blue and gold grossly doesn't look black to me it's a big play. Then he wants he'll look at quietly no I mean the guy with a big pianist who had sex with hundreds of women being that guy. Big wide nose around Baghdad home runs the perfect guy to shockingly good athlete friendly if I'm a some BC at the why did the Baghdad there was big coming euros or next contest and read by the day hello Jeff welcome to the men's room probably got it early Dario. October jail. There's been a few rookie stuff yeah. He's dropping and I kept order. Quote Dick Galloway hello Gergen. Terrible blow an engine. I do they'll Jews rumbles aren't. You know tonight in the buffalo seasonable hands and some places are Smart as you drink is in a hot army sent. Is it hot sauce all sorts of other local level also there literally are you to the Rhode Island shaky new. Not what I do with the regular soft and on the base defeats the that is where I thought that is that stills. Generally it is not still tomato sauce and amassed with the animals often little village or might like are you that's like the wind for the barbecue sauce. Right I thought it John. Material a buffalo chicken to implement. Yeah that that that's right up there are Bubba is from Reagan was under Jeff Luc well you're board or get beaten and I'm trying to figure out with the topic should be. Our bureau there were there. You don't mean literally dude who. You know and Hillary are you there are no he does that mean literally I'm. The guy we became instantly be Damien. But now the boy that are confident that category so. There is no question what northern European nation consumes more Mexican food than any other. But then again and order and here in northern European I mean they could be eating red breakfast. But instead they choose my scan through an and think all right Phyllis tells me Oakley the Mexican group. By the way reckless if you're wondering it's made out of fermented Trout. In fact I don't know if you go anywhere in the world and finally restaurant that claims this is what it is that. Now maybe isn't at all. It's got to be one of those top three like it has. It's in black. Let's go who. Didn't win there. Are they don't think are forced to reject the list. Mowing and doing more to look like Sweden and put it right. Yeah yeah we talk tonight question to some Archie asked place DD a lot of Mexican food Spain it's a thing like wouldn't be like Spanish through the earth. Merriman of younger recording we're we're Redskins banners are built on oh now I know obviously played. And we don't eat a lot of English true there's a thing and we took the spin we are front looks like you know that you are black and of the non English people don't eat a lot englishman. English food is not good I mean they do like nobody hunting for everyone else goes here's an animal cruelty to me they go I did down the stomach. There aren't good for the rear okay. All right hey if that's what you want when you have the stuff. For our W appropriate people. Retrieve balls amber or IKEA. No idea let's do you have one of those which recalls and never have but everyone told me I added we have not Arab people who go there just just getting a million miles an allergy read what other that much that you ran ads we usually ball. I haven't been able really go on about IT is an absurd idea you make. Yourself win in that held you ever order Swedish meat. Like when is what NN that's a good points a year holiday party when our special Olga would normally meet Boston never this we should Swiss ripples that's the time of the years presumably for the Swedes are like dog I feel like holiday parties lends itself to crock pots full of need it again but normally a barbecue so I won't sweet and sour my meatballs made other Swedish. What's the difference what makes us we'd be able street alleged to have happen. A pretrial Aaron I usually have nor did I hear is your question the Cassini spacecraft was launched to observe the moon titan. Which or birds which planets. There. You could hear. More if he. There's little room. Senator. Things. That's due February when Arizona and its closure were subject in school Jeff. All. But what we'll go to a goat by. I'm. Like Ecuador biology. Chemistry naive or just all of wrote on her with a urgent question. And what decade was Coca-Cola first sold into hands. McCain. Who I am news. Rivera while there have been around alone if you promote the show happy days it was supposed to take place during the same decade. If you're not familiar that was no help at all. Nazi Joni loves chassis era one score and happy days so. Jones chipped. Along the especially the last the full episode though thanks. Happy days were is. However what will hit these. Iowa on Alexander's enjoy your buffalo chicken pizza and a Swedish meat are so far job with three question Joseph we took two for a team so we're we'll take a break come back with a brand new contestant and more a big dummy next. Men's room retired. Last Janet rice do you like to let live resort casino I'm 99.9. KI DSW. Again. Roses take does that surprise her possessions as it is today had not all this week on a profile this'll do game Foreman who is black what makes your due a 508. Right after the shot and it can be deadly game is big Demi was our new contestant ready jump on board played a game hello Zach welcome to the men's room. Oh are Marat. Thank you so we're not. It says it welcomes yeah. Very sober and just buzzed. So over and over sober should be as very sober all the time. And I kind of Raymond you have ovaries but when you're pregnant you're pregnant and. But that's part. About is corporate it look at exactly united pizza. We are no more guys are one more good I bought an apple. Ha you at a royal Hawaiian guy but you like blue line pizza. We'll percentage of the time you ordered. Eighth day am I gonna saying you prefer bacon and pineapples closed the classic him. Thought I like am I did yeah I like over at all or wherever they get a check. If you don't why includes AB but some of time what for some time. Do you ever have to Sherrod who until it if I ever threaten our law and there are a lot of the it's good when you have bad taste. A toilet a lot of my taste in music numbering happy about it because it tends to be cheaper. And everything was like grape nuts the only serial that a parent can keep in the house at all until I wanted to know tiger you have by this I guarantee when I need it it'll be there. Same with Hawaiian pizza act that amazed how and to align our pineapple people are pizza. You can you elaborate or anything else we'll see note one to meeting the domino is that really need pizza. Soviet energy regulatory percent of time you never really have technically what we call. Traditional pizza greeting that Philly cheese steak on a pizza Hariri and Canadian I can and pineapple. I like all about not a good yeah exactly the right like the traditional means of an alleged to experiment exactly is the one beauty of pizzas you can always go home. You can always go right out of the traditional them and it's just fun. Phillip once a year ago crazy in 190 I didn't cheeseburger. I belong to you on what little time. I'd go to. Our friend and brother and older is the threats across the screen and you'll already afflicted down yeah delighted soft Brussels man with a pizza in the middle. And that's good junior irregular means. And basically take a big giant has who size resolute around the then we're there we'll put greed and though we slack joint routine is on. And you brought up I think I. I hit your questions that I thought oh what word is the same in more languages than any other. There or permit Britain what word is the same and more languages than any other. The S bomb. And. Those guys who do. And and all that ethnic. It's a religious left act board. Jesus how would you grade not the name. You you're kind of paying homage to the fact that you believe in a higher power but some what is said something on behalf of higher power. And you would respond to him saying this but if you really famous or repayment men and it. And Soviet. And Soviet. And I just for the as a bomb miles what I learned is the bombs only the S bomb relief in English but no matter what language you speak. He's he's younger sole problem glass underfoot somehow. That's a sore lose also all the gory and kitchen. He never spoke to Lincoln being listed three other than some basics. There matter what do you know he was though we knew we do but he comes at Wendy's got a tray full glasses and plates. This thing crashes so before first word out as well tomorrow and call dude is a seven year old kid in Papua New Guinea who's not on looking human aren't as to what kind of turned around his mouth dropped nest on the job. The roof of my mouth birdies and everything had to do what are you an arm and he still drowsy as volatility it's universal and his mom slammed into the root exactly. We have guests. Our era is your question or eating them who what and which is more likely to kill you bull washer or dryer. Boo him art or your. That's a man did you consider in the days and I'll know better I mean if you would you get drowned you can down in Washington. A little jet always open and particularly climbing to the bigger political I think in the middle and an average Bryce are on the front loaders. But. Yeah Dryden and right now you back in and watch machine. You've never seen the pictures in the regular kid like hot tub fun time with the maybe it's a Washington. I've seen it but that frequently rap. Collective I don't know why there aren't you know Doug I. Have heard of it but I've not got the water on more not. And yet pay attention that it that's how I washed children and sinks when he what are as an attention they remember just a third game is a big Downey who's our next contestant rated play the game nor I wish they meet. You seem little kids like it somebody's home. And that's oh through the windows it's like a little. Tells academic. Well I mean like it. Kind of depends on death and that they're just put the relentlessly to Yemen go to sleep whom they should make those very adult like rocking chairs rain now. I think you could kid and right so we did get reliable yet but those way. I got as to do. The key canyon road sit up yet she put it on things until you put amend her feet are touching the ground bounces a little but there's still sitting up a little but also what it's like about two chairs you put your phrase yeah yeah well you could but generally they're just finally you sit on the ground girls liking those chairs that are like the analysts are going to be a little houses and city and it. Right and I could have loaded opposite idea to get another man that asleep on a concrete floor that hadn't been sent. If they slipped endorsement. Hello Brad welcome to the men's room. Oh well it sure all I. Freddie is over now. Not so for Brad. Just out of curiosity. What you get on your kids. Hum took early clinical controlled yeah. Hello. Oh bloom about pepperoni pineapple and hello hello how are dead and I'll meet you I'm just I'm not down with the goddamn do they got that across the street. Rio it's pretty good at besides his phone and where the pineapple well or is what the pineapple and how opinions. Would deliver on those go pepperoni okay does that help me if you take down but let's put lineup this week the hot. I don't like vegetables or fruit the pineapple fruit packing get behind I just only economically developing you know they all look bad news here is great because I don't like just how opinion isn't pepperoni too much for me. But the pine. Great aid getting an early and I'm really loving man you know I I'll give them time another good option. Our bread is no question nine out of ten extinct animals belong to what species. On birds are. Damn bad man Brad big brain why I guess birds for some tears. I just can't stimulate Condo word and then like you owner endangered in marriage ended species are mentioned it Harrisburg a stab at what the flip side of that Bremer here George Hussein and that makes sense obviously because you right. But I think I had to cut like every bird seems to be in danger but they never go away like the total birdies and a bird I'd that I absolutely knows and Rambo like. Eagles command and they won't let us do and what about if you look around or what about him. The dollar and although more were mammals. No and I'm sick all the different nations of human there's yeah there's total dictator others had little stability ball and remembers all skeleton deceit but still falls under mammal. What about dinosaurs you get a lot of them are like I didn't like I showed you call them a threat outran our address our source Rex technically a chicken eat me. Did you know that. Closes Rel real walks on the search today the T Rex a chicken chicken don't think you know if you resemblance as lab buffalo wild does that he didn't say red wings really good you're probably direction then the odds and that's why didn't brother inability or animals knew how good the. Do you rate stays at that thing in the wiped out instantly just wanna check it. I know the hard to take down to your what you did you realize that he red states like chickens and I would for a man they need to bring one of those back and think about it well arrogance worried those chickens will be killed. I do it it's a subject you bring back three T Rex is simply how many chickens. Don't do it I've seen this movie don't bring back. Don't regret that he did wrestle the problem directed at me and rogues the raptors man that's probably bag got him rap that's their original one though that T Rex calls at it did cause Havoc but he didn't like kids that I understand but beyond that. It was the raptors at the end of that debt dale movie is much of their freaking out about the heroes who came in and they pretty much saved bay asses. Jesse Reynolds. Not just all he did what he could arm is about getting at and T Rex came as a Monta is like chicken but the bottom in Iraq and if you're on Jeff Goldblum your element your directive. Well there's I don't know he would make is that when they got to see just packs a man and a major they need him finds a way they need. A new object Goldblum in bed. The irony is up and gave his big domain use our next contest and right to play the game hello David welcome to the men's room. But you oh yeah. Yeah. You sobered up over. Boy are we appreciate it. And after Conan pizza would again quality at the airport earlier today as well. After I know I'm going on the gonna double today. You know what I'm thrilled maple bar profit wise. I'm maple I don't I don't have a pizza and the thought if you haven't heard you get at her I love both those things I don't I don't know upon you fail Biden. You there am glad that I address how many hamburgers they keep putting on doughnuts and they do so why not the buoyed the punt I don't know but then there. I wouldn't try it but I believe that you don't believe the pineapples as part of what we broadcasting in Honolulu Honolulu with the Lola and we don't know well you yeah. Are stuck in 25 team. Had no idea ambulances and pineapple she's all that got him ranger who had some pineapple fried rice and I don't know really the DeLia who has. Oh yeah tropical fruit makes it feel like I haven't heard that right that's old days on. With a crack security date you'll pick you are either. I did here's a question who asks the first American president that was actually born in America. Wings. On one of the key nominations of money. Just goes all love it. Forward Jack and. Some bad dude Jackson to announce over people one and done right there is French drug called drew. Drew dead forgeries there if you know drew. Ajax. Typical guy that now realize that pineapples are popular but not on pizza I never thought it was a pop. I look I know I have a lot of friends in a pine apple hater but I think it was either of trying to rule in a row I just kind of figured it was Canadian bacon and pineapple like the Hawaiian style pizza and and I'm Natalie that's opened originally in that it cannot. Correct and then that was it and think it goes any other option to put in a solo pilot Mike hawk eye makes a fine fine observation could relate can't believe this and advances. If it's on every menu that yes it's popular that Alla I. That is strong you're right there isn't white beads on menus and T ball like pizza who gets a white pizza was like spinach and artichoke hearts and all that crap on. Nobody orders. Nobody given the white. Pass though and then just like red yellow peppers now too which McCain's appeal I want you bought an all about white people the ones that I make but that's clan based. White pizza but did not plan B I love Oakland beat odd that I would never glad he's not on the menu understandably Christ are Brothers I have an apple. Would you do they claim and China will be all god we don't know how and a final with anchovies. Can I get a clam pine apple pizza with anchovies I think you might be better than I was and am actively usually get enough. They're good enough to help deal with clams on the seat and is the craziest and a whole can of Antilles lesson. You do not have any idea what the kind of salad Georges street well here's the thing that's sort of put them on us out and there are so delicious I know eight to hold and can't Rihanna Caesar salad. Yes thank god it was good and was really good in chosen you wash your hands of remastered them. I hope so that you don't know the answer oh so yeah I already did game is bigger they are way above market doesn't get an Obama gave his miles tournaments remaining nine point nine KI SW Seattle.