12-08-17 Seg 1 Men's Room Goes For Romance

Friday, December 8th

Mens Room Question: What memorable thing did you do in the name of love?​


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You what you're about. Here is real. Yeah. Trying to. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is done. Other than secrecy. They say. A radio more than three times. And you're. Yeah I do I go look at it to another 2730. Wanna know. Along with Steve the role he'll. Plead Ted Smith and Walden ball. I am in my car. Yeah I lament Breaux a. Campaign here come the bad jokes bridges. The return of dead birds is the FCC. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines image of job that they thought Melissa or emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take place. Tracking how good did wrong I knew it was a good news that the Labor Department says the economy candidate or. Order a million jobs last month. Meanwhile men riding a ride can find the real word that rhymes with month with ironic that central and to Naples Italy officially recognizes making pizza as a large Internet goes after man who say Brandon fire proving it has no hard. And a prankster cements his head inside a microwave it turns out loud funny. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's our question. All out mention is good Dave see you and yours Ari are you familiar with actress Tiffany had. Oh yeah are as she was disposed and personnel to avoid after a reasonably well. She was interviewed the very recently and she talked about relationships and she admitted that she had her heart broken by a guy in the past. Because he cheated up and learn some empty time there. Your reaction you know who knows what's gonna be but her response. Tiffany and this is according to her she swallowed a bunch of untrue corn. And who can do better to. PP PPP I'm making is that not all this thing is just a new book coming out she covers this in detail but essentially says. I in a lot of corn I've been to a well. And who do tune in to a server because that's what love. Makes you do because low whether it's gone good to gone bad are going well that makes is due odd thing. Like moving your corn for him to issue who could forget astronaut Lisa Nowak. She's told undertaken drove 950. Miles in a diaper. So that you didn't hit that. The first scenes romantic rival now the good news was who was arrested before she can go full crazy. But she's seen crazy enough but I'm a diaper did she didn't plan on stopping and drove 950. Miles an attempt to kidnap and kill another person. And in Florida. An eighteen year old guy he was speeding to a girl from towns most were short she called and said I'm forty become available he hop in his car and it is. Pedal to the metal. You whose sole focus and getting deep in the name maybe he did notice multiple cop car in front of home over so he inadvertently. Started out high speed chase. All he wanted was the milky cookie but he ended and getting arrested for felony fleeing. And looting why because he's a lot of love if you government a mobile. You've done something very stupid because and sometimes we call romantic. Sometimes we call it psychotic it depends on the scenario the truth is it's the exact same thing. So today we're led to ask you about that special moment or about not so special moment in your history of well here's today's question. What memorable thing did you do in the name of. Big Brother Joseph caught 844 or nine guys I know you don't like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on what are miserable and views in those emails to the men's or mad men survived dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Joseph and gentle men's room. Just now I know are gonna show number 2731. Car. John program Harry and our returner Ted vs the FCC will pick up the bad jokes right before we drink it to host. With these shot of the day and today on our question we're gonna talk about love in the strange things to love can do there's always going to be something memorable that happens in the name of love. A lot of times that can be very positive and can be a great experience. A lot of the times it can be unbelievable and it's also more on this kind of thing that you have done. Because you were at levels of one and let's face it. When those feelings hit when you were in love basically logic seems to just fall to the wayside when it comes to decision making whether that be good. Or bat killing go to bed. Is just the end result may enemy might like you can. What do what's the move to real was code that's what sane thing lord of the elements that I always just act yet. All right so he's standing outside of those takes place and boy Aaron is in a trend boom box right in the trench coat and everyone says ode to romantic movie because in the end she decides she right. Pharma does wanna do he's a guy named psychopath and trust me she should steer clear of the skies so. If it ended the way that we think it should and which is the cops are called these days and take in the jail you said the guys it's like a parent should have been around. But if she's stupid enough. To be entertained by this garbage and go. That's romantic so to me all the mystery romance and being an absolute lunatic does have the person that you're you're dealing with a fine to attract a receptive trying to attract. Well even as an eldest get on sexual her Harrison in the workplace where they. And Tom Brady involved. Short and the difference was one guy would come up and say something and I don't god is crane get away remain an actual Tom Brady becomes a assuming either equally as disgusting or more so. And at all. All thanking your wonderful to allow that has to do with the big contracts are being attracted to the other person over familiar doesn't barbecue that pitchers hit nominee right and that and it's like I already know before looking that direction. He find drum track doesn't matter what you yet that. Good looking chicks have the exact same thing to look through when you look at blue boost red blood donors have to me like love makes you stupid that was your question even your angry or you're happy with either way you become a psychopath but your. Romantic. If what you did the stupid decision you made like I'm gonna spend 200 dollars on dead flowers. Well of stupid I'm sorry but they called romantic but practically speaking your name the. And same with catfish you know like anything else that elicits somebody who's just messing was somewhat of someone actually wants to have a relationship with someone online. A lot of times they don't want to give the real picture of them because they have they think they know him that if they do that own a mirror things off the table. I do go back to and you. And you realize and people are really really like somebody. They don't even realize what they're saying is just absolutely some of the most tremendously crazy crap you've ever heard in your life and we go back to the guy we used to know and he like a girl and I'm not sure if they wanna Dieter a couple dates or how long we've been going out there. But the clearly this was that this was this guy isn't a lot maybe or he was just really in love this girl. But he said to get her heart bag because she said she didn't really wanted to allow them anymore he was gonna go burn was an hearts in the grass. Of her name. Her name in the yes you are about I don't Marcy she still live with the folks. I don't remember he's asking me those he's tending bar and he's now running the scenario by Wright does it say men don't look so the thing is you know a mom and I ought to be done Arnold should be and I mean this fight. I wish everyone the best I do. Boy you'll love what George I don't care right like I know that but he's got I don't know this girl it's not like when this couple I knew I know him right but. He's going on about the chick that I government I know nothing about it and so I'm right back GAAP OK so. So he's won on and on and I'm most beautifully thirty minutes in the end I think he's just economy in the point of like well. And now it's over and I'm sad because that the effort headed and again like the whole time he's one I'm like man I was one passing from the bear and shot. But mommy in the so what I'm thinking about doing man I was gonna take quite some long chemicals and already Hamlet. Oh no Lakewood every usein next it's a bad idea. And it turns out I was correct he was going to like burn her name and heart or something. Into her long. And he he actually asked me. Do you think that's a good idea. Does that seem romantic I said man you'll go to if inject duke you're going to lose something someone's lawn which I'm pretty sure is already against the law. She said she does not want to be with you and the difference between her being with you and not being with you is you basically. Attacking her yard. Then is that the chief U wanna be with like you don't wanna be the woman who decides she will be with you now just because you put chemical burn in her long run they won't like me and the trust me. Steer clear but but after a sailors and I'm trying to be delicate and I'm trying to explain as clearly as I can about Sam are you crazy. Don't try to paraphrase you know the nicest like it. I wanna finish he looks at me he thinks about this for amenities like. Yeah I think so I'm like yeah man. Yeah I got dampened some of things so don't do that yet and I and in my mind he's going back to that say anything home. We're being a lunatic. And being predatory and being crazy and putting that on full display outside of woman's home is a good idea on what made you do understand. That's why they make movie two movies are about things traditionally that will not happen to you yeah that's why it's interesting. Things don't go the way that they normally go that's why they may win not a biopic man it's a free can romantic comedy. Some of the nice stuff you deal if you go wrong. But I know nick and everything it's nice you just. It's you'll never see that in normal it's absolutely no I think it's always crazy or you can almost guarantee like all right is a brand new relationship through. Maybe you're on drugs threat all yeah they've NSA's who has a great trip but I I I still remember this guy that we that we knew we. I knew his roommate bettors saw his roommate and I grew up basically the same hometown. I knew each other well enough but his roommate was another friend of his that we counted. Either way the dharma party one night and we go to the house and what's at an apartment they get two bedroom apartment. As I mean at parties parties going on those are good part of the world that have a great time. So I ask my team and so when health Ronnie you know I'm Ron and eat it and is that. All man is like you don't want now I'm like oh what order we're what was gone. And he's like aren't and so he's like look so. About an hour ago he calls girlfriend. And he's been called for an hour and she's not gonna pick up the phone. So he is gonna go in 2000. And I'm like I'm like all right well is and the phone you don't pick up the phone I mean this is the day before this these are these are not the cellphone year's tour. This is the house you know the whole both the home phone in their apartment where. And I was like he wouldn't doesn't measure up home and in the reason okay. If we're in the tree. Ronnie also sold we need to poke out OK so one of the reasons that it was important element of this party and we don't have a lot they would bottler and every time the word gets worried and how is our connection. Rather go there and your week so. He's not there so I said OK well when the combatants are probably council tomorrow and I'm like OK well what you know whenever and so then you got some we. We did just that there's question as you are related stories friends got it is very good account Levy drove to Blacksburg tonight. Now Q my work Morgantown, West Virginia Blacksburg is probably if you're listening on the bear you know far that's a seven hour crash. To 67 hour drive an hour drive so he basically. 8:9 o'clock at night got in the car. And drove to Virginia Tech to check in on his girlfriend. And what did he find I don't think he found what he was looking for in when he found what we know he's going to fight right exactly and then he drove back the next day and then you know an amateur world was over in any like of those yeah ardea weed from running but. Do he'd turn fourteen hours and 24 hours. Which is a lot of driving Yani like at that point and I it probably meant nothing and you authority not even at that Adrian like you know he's driving I do know his girlfriend I've never met her before as well rattled girlfriend I don't even know anything about this story you don't in the set up for it and all that and I do do. Like what I did what I did know that she was that far away I didn't know him well enough all I knew was that he he was my buddies roommate Andy so leave me. So I don't know anything about his personal life. Girls or whatever like who did you start buying we've from after he got back because like you say he's not good news is telling us he was he was fine after that took him. It took him a few over the like this was as high school girlfriend I did it again whoever whenever and so I was at but I have my own more impressed with the drive and still wanna do we I mean and that is don't you feel horrible like hey Ronnie Mann. I feel bad we brought did that pitch man that's right. Yeah you deserve and brow let me ask you some and you boost to hold didn't try to act. It until as it looked ambient sense fundamental. Deliver meals to more like look if you break up your break up that he he what are you gonna do. But the idea of driving seven hours like in the middle of the night evenings ago and just to check team. That to me was welfare can't recollect any announcement or housing gonna sell lists and and you know like he's a while he's gonna tiller the digital because none of surprise or did it go forward to it like. He doesn't have a job if he could not surely she knows he doesn't have a job they do a job does these like he's so we need to know I don't I don't really care what it's Eleanor representative of the I GAAP measure and extent he probably a deputy prime informants confirms we're suspension exact recommended usually work out vineyard is so man worked up it's like screw it I'm driving right back. Originally newsman and worked up on its way there oh yeah so then imagine if you show apology now dormant gathered yeah I have a coal that's also the advantage of youth. Because as you get only be like. Add Mac and out of back. You know I am you know like you know you're 42 and onto a video right is gone mourning for and this does not like. I wouldn't ever did in my car and I donate to a friend and he was only driving like an hour and I was late. Don't music while science and from this and attitude now but it is seemingly it's too in the more like what it's not worth. There's a couple of things you know one that's 2 in the morning maybe some of not answering the phone goes tomorrow. The also will be you don't have to the phone sometimes it's a new message. Active I don't want to speak with you would do whatever they might be that that's generally how I played them. I just assume episode especially in the age of cell phone to a plate I obviously see that you called right back at your name and number. The whole Myron I got called back now. You need to have that awkward conversation by the way how everything I don't want to talk to you chore. Now is that that that's that's that too and I'm sure to that point time and of the technology technology was yet you might have been living and house with a few other people but. The bottom line is is that the caller ID was still available than most people did have at least caller ID CBC the number who was coming in so obviously that number into adult ads are towards her and okay easy enough that that that's speaking of everyone who used to be an eighteen year old guy can fully understand the story as well. An eighteen year old named Ruben Hughes from Clearwater Florida got a message from his girlfriend on Saturday night she wanted him to come over for a booty call or as a police report put it. Rubin was trying to meet his girlfriend for relations. Yeah booty call Geithner relations anyway she didn't have to ask him why see how that's on the court and started speeding to her home. But he was a trying to homeowner and rudeness just dogs breeding artist girlfriend sounds. I won't give me some blood it's. Going inadvertently started a high speed chase some other come join in Ruben finally noticeably pulled over even when they told him why he was speeding. They didn't take any pity on him he was arrested for felony fleeing and eluding and spends sixty hours in jail. He did have three or four speeding to its leading up to that point forget his address that clearly but he is also delivery guy so is on the road a lot. And all Akram as well so forget it. But I get him and you get this receive eighteen. There eighteen years old it's like my god do to somebody said they want obsession the ads like absolutely I don't care if you can be on a cross country flight had. We fly adult San Francisco were flying to Washington DC and you get a call or message on your phone somehow. As she says I'm in Kansas City power and uncertainty. You're gonna kick open that plane Joseph about learning how to fly underweight I wonder how where the cut and light fuel figured out you land and water it doesn't matter but to like. I'm going to do it you're eighteen years old and you give Beckel I don't care what else your doing you won't quit your urge you to about a plane if your older have enough money added to the biplane taken before you jump and cars and eighteen year old and drive halfway across country bringing many different like. If you're eighteen your idol why all the way to Texas US around New York. LA to get an important inflow of autos you name immediately what do you drive all the way across and Ghana. To do with that the women I don't have a moment taking our people get it that the but I get older you get ED dumber things like. Well I'm just gonna move across country that is correct I just dumb enough to drive for the weekend that's ridiculous like three days to get there in a three days to get back ordinarily make worse decisions like that. I was gonna put everything in my cars it would happen off. You know I think it. It's almost that you get dumber even though you should be getting smarter you do what we have to gather Colmes well last we don't want to say it was a neat. He was from Massachusetts a farmer was correct he meets a woman in Washington State they've been I'm winded dating or whatever you call that for however long it a ban. He decides to move out. All the way across I mean basically he moves far cross country didn't pretty much go right. Your answer is getting wet from the Atlantic you're from getting wet from the Pacific this is the distance he drove. He finally meets her well couple things he doesn't know why and she still live with the parents farmer who is correct. That was kind of Obama form and also she looked significantly different in real life rather than the picture that have been floating on the Internet now. What he's still haven't met. Her now and you moved across the country now it helps because the pool smaller. Limit. Right. Eighteen late there's plenty of options right like you'll yet you get married this and that the polls haulers now let's let your major was Larry remember your making these drastic decision. And I guess that memory was married on woods ranked 100 countries and we're saying good or bad on this last night on PBS on my favorite shows comes on the dual pledge drive every year whether and it's about this guy named Dick cranky. And they pretty much now last night just do what some military and it feels great cause and an older. Now are all odd toga also hours watch the guy I know. I know it's not X zero. I know they've gone out every bag sleds are Andrea batters he goes Barry hunting he turns oil cans and those who will look kitchen utensils goes Olympics berries from bears he doesn't care made up Barry picker how crazy flag people giving luncheon and then you stop him not new and very I don't winded and they've gotten wild and I'm one black dollar from his blood. Front wheels look that good at that I would have been raised we do you ever see yourself in the real thrill I had the white is made of all time I spent two hours Washington student Alaska wilderness or eight. And then I donated to Wikipedia later wow where do. Ha global data now on the one reason and character is that would have been you guys are excited about Adam Barrett picked him and his wife got a fire yeah he has nothing dude. Yeah he's out there alone you. I'm making a bet I really dad would you eat you have enough name. Humanitarian bicker like me important tool will soon but these will salute the only guy who dame thing on the island I was and I like here's a pool peoples like volleyball my best friend miles who attacked us. A full grown moves even stopped to watch him yeah it is as fast and yeah he was in the moose is probably. That's why do read them all management I don't know Malcom only one government always have to remember is the reason that he was there it was because I am broke both he and his wife got into a fight and he said he couldn't take it anymore street packed it was all about California and went up to Alaska just to live by himself because. You know in all the time who like. The wind was cold and bitter that day. Lack a woman. Like these document. Cranky you must always have this drive turnabout for him women I am not a home run on regular life uses the F women dog I want to go as far away as I possibly can and build a house made a loss. It is the fact upgrade barriers around bears. I think slightly he would just go Jason Behr who her favorite bit of it on and if I'm on Jason but not nearly as mean as a war. If you can just give thing for them for the real thing did you do in the name of love a 44999. All your calls on the way you are. I. That's just gonna get those bad Joe's ready go just to the analogy a men's or women's in my dock I'm looking out the bad jokes right before during a toast the shot of the day. Activity had nation Ted you know all about her she was on SNL the other ninety host of that and there's a new movie I'm sure known as a cynical old girl's trip. But it's pretty popular there are people are or taken out so I cannot unicorn to scanner big Muller right now are released her introduction or launch. And she says quote I would like to eventually definitely by the summer I would like to be dating somebody I want someone out there to get be butterflies. Literally I'll just my schedule for butterflies I'll give you butterflies like I literally went out and captured 100 monarch butterflies they're yours butterflies just like to have those who led the big net you go to area get a neighbor I would okay. We'll see you. Al catching bonds get sick less net dude. Actually I need right now I would pay money to watch the video obviously it's death and I just don't see that happen then the if you can't run you gotta frolic so whoever she does decide to go out on the day with those you get of he's got to be honest those. Especially criticized Iran her in anyway she has a new book out called the last two black unicorn. And she talks about how she got back of the guy who cheated on her by relieving herself in his favorite pair of air jordans. She says quote paid a lot of corn. Lots. And I didn't shoot so well. And yes she was there when he put the month. She told them she did it for quotes. All the poop you put me through but she did news alert to that I guess we should then but she carefully some corn and did not shoot very well planned this out strategically and dropped it into his air there are now known as dairy air Jordan keep our question what to think if you're dating her. That is not just arraigned impaired Jordan's. Our nose like his top those little ones that he you know he absolutely confident I if I gave you 300 dollars do you think you could prove an issue. Daddy watches now you do it on your. Jimmy yeah about balcony to another DiMarco what did you think in the toilet all right continued got to do I mean I was in the studio interview with three good hours are what thumper you could I won't poop in your you can't prove an issue in a room for improvement issue and room you think sells only Dr. Seuss didn't know what I Stewart 200 dollars improving your shoe all right in summary I'm not in front of people but it. Yes I don't do it and I'm not I'm not talking about doing it in the placing it into the issue I'm talking about a great directly straight true and you any easier home to heal right index has. Yeah all of our company's shooting and have a difficult and doesn't put the shoe right here are well armed what do rotten old days they can't miss time like I play butterflies put a member of the bottom line and I got a little leg up make up just to make sure I'm making the right place that I'm not a moment ago you know I want you to please do what do you do little dental mayors are usually back in the guy has an angle on 45 degree like our product down minarets you know what. In my mere moment in history were due to say they grammar rules penal matters if you use for the guy's mouth like CG one memorable thing did you do in the name of love a 449990. Public comments came in and let's see what we have here. I went out bought a car for the girl and then she dump the whole. Alcohol off Augusta as I quit my floor cleaning job to get a pizza booty she was worth of the show. And this one hurdle for a number of and vaguely remember this and says I remember you guys and someone who called him once they were in the military and said that he snuck himself into the luggage in shipped himself to Iraq or Afghanistan just to get some asking what men on a farm that another if that's true I think I may remember we want the way he was flying from the stage throughout Afghanistan and nominally in Germany and somebody made up a sizable distance. Just we did get some rest and someone else says. I learned the words the boys to men and Al make love to you and certainly to my girlfriend now the thing is. I don't know this worked it was a mammoth and I'm appalled at the words I'm late. Come on man and you remember the words of death where I'll make love to you. Not a bad part at all anymore I did well be tight all through the ninth ranked charges about what you're slam I wanna have sex if you wait why anyone Saturday it's the rest of the songs you're starting with. Close your eyes make a wish blow out the candle led. For tonight it's just your night we're gonna celebrate all through the motions. Pour some wind light the fire go earlier which is my command now this is wrapped think you need to really think about what percent. I submit to your demands I'll do anything girl. You need only don't they water she says I'm put three fingers from scratch and there they could you you said this like the I usually aren't reading it you've got to imagine that may have with a great voice LT Matt wants not me. But that's okay now again then it doesn't think he had no plan being on now makes sense and then hang Bernanke and as an. So I need that your teenager went on a man. And being younger when yet and I don't need. The right there isn't very good work okay little okay. Now when me and I think of your calls many rural rural. Our moon. Warren about a twelve the giro you know I you're not really care if I can you imagine if you're like talking to somebody like. Give me you know I think you. Really giro now I think it brought the girl are done we don't think can. He'll he'll probably go to white guys and girls calling I didn't really go all of the entire boy band cultures all of a parent. Yeah I love you in Miramar but there's a difference right there that you say good oral bright you've been sweet. If you stood moment it's all about going to lay it wouldn't you say mama you know Hillary and I think someone else I could do Tennessee say. And mama I mean look we've been on the road right we know more about was noted it is that you edit woman look we haven't had sex but I'd like you can give room. Like look I think they're trying to play obviously obviously bureau you know I love you woman I told you I'm hungry I think it's fifty that the mama puts ads that Cynthia if you think you know what I would still use is Dan Guerrero hit. Damn girl for me plus hundreds to yeah if he damn girl if you stimulants ticket with the there's a whole budget. Thing and growers attacks. While memorable thing did you do in the name of love a 4499 analysts. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.