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Monday, December 11th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. Right sure result is sitting by color 9844999. A little flavor profile that's coming up in minute. And we do under headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not working out all right it says is FaceBook bringing back its creepy pooped feature. Apparently they've been testing a new set of grieving buttons including hug at winged OK and I when a Pope means. Basically it was just take out to make. Okay Don symmetry you do when you're attracted to someone that's exactly what it was opponent JoAnne there was other people who just poking too. Maybe if you get on the FaceBook. So did you go poking it wide you can post doc. But every sailor he did what I got a message that I hope you're right I always thought it was a nice way to kind of subtle like oh I am hoping. I thought then they're. I'm going to be a lot of rain people who just hope you'll like all right plum I don't hopefully over the pope's mass Pope in the bush I just within the thumbs down but I know you can with a thumbs down in there and impose did not want to button that says like. Twenty people like this comment thirty I don't 35 enough. Like that way you know I mean so like the good is equated with the bad not just necessarily good. There is down like 25 times adulthood than dislike fifty set. You can unite if it's a friendly guy get your save you big get a win there but Gaza got a huge loss at just. You can direct message somebody so the greetings really aren't needed that this is just. Kraft extra stuff but we don't need I don't didn't direct message out of thumbs down under as you're gonna go you know our government and just prove. I think theater in Baltimore had a canceled performance of a Christmas Carol last week after they realize that the man playing Scrooge was a convicted sex offender she. It's Scrooge and go to our prisons and I am a little weird inflicted on this one. But they had to cancel because they've done a but he was a convicted sex offender I mean did he do his time and all right that's what I wonder and its leader he's thinking big is not like they just figured out that away by the way he's touched and other kids. Look man and Baltimore being from Baltimore. You but I knew in the cabin being convicted of something that's the least dangerous scenario right now. Anything fashionable friends I mean I'm a man. It doesn't say here whether they eat they caught him doing any kind of other nefarious activity just says that he was convicted is a really that we have to cancel the whole thing because the guys screwed up royal. You know no flowers though it depends it depends on how biggest part is obviously an if they have replacement for the death threat. But that's old. A man in the UK promised his girlfriend you'd only have one glass of beer night until Christmas. Cummings is beer AA got around it by birds sing it to eyeglasses had about a six fax yeah a good thing Obama and how that game tomorrow of one leader but he did it. How big is that Dan glass so how do you lift things. He would do an end in one beer. So we don't understand you'd recommend that water out like a strategy. I visit I wanna see that company and fitness things back a bit inside and let me draw where he's he's obviously bringing it home. He's not taking that Al Franken is that there have his one varies not going anywhere without bothering anybody has won a mere two things here admitted. That you think that he portals such bears inside of it as his wife got home I hope their average is now the Baird also touched each have you ever had a really big beer before my. What does is a really big bear there well on foster's Kana was massive yet but those there was a place going up and there the name of the place was the fish bowl. And granted it was an actual fishbowl. But it was kind of a flu big glass and had a really big bowl on the top and it was I wanna say at 32 to 38 ounce fears mindset a big deal like that would strengthen again and it's only eight inches and it's a lot of fun. Like a thirty actors now granted I would rather have three very cold Beers in a row during a festival and it's a big beer man there's just something about the challenge of lord of the flies of this thing yeah. A birdie and you have 32 ounce mug like. Redrawn. Look I was there last actually I think in a while he wants our beer and that you would you want the sixteen appointed to listen to one egyptians are flawless. Sweetest words which turned around she's like. I can we have a 32 of life. Then that tomorrow and do it when they do bring it to the table you like Jesus Christ have a drinking problem now you're not feeling I tell you gonna sell list. And I drag. It's one of those things really getting on it to be in the car on the way home. There was I got and how quickly. The seal was broken. And I want to have made homage to be met at a what are some like that's like really cheers at I feel like a viking when I drink at a summit that might be every night during gotta DOS boot DOS boot. Technically now. Is that. Is it like the German clubs and of the big glass Booth is a pitcher is that considered bad. Now it's kind of pitcher I mean just think last week Robin well nobody is a glass what does your journey I don't handle it. Okay the last thing is not a pitcher because only you are drinking out of it each of us has of foods. And its use I have a Versa so this goes so you don't share the Booth the mood is one of those things soggy I don't know their mother don't you tell you are on a new version is you go to a restaurant like in the speech generally they'll give you who feel like the place side tonight. You have to have more than one person and America I drink render yourself when I had put it to the yard is a shared thing correct Brian Williams to spin around in your lives legacy of the whole idea with the blues scene it's the final mustard drinking one parents you're trying to take the biggest that you can't and then. If I finish it the persons like my left or right technically system by the next a look at that's the American version twelve what you do is a ticker boot and it strategic the way you spin it in when you drink. Because of the beer bubble. Makes it basically still back at you as you're drinking that person loses and buys around forever Lucas have to say it was a yard. Get to keep their rotating that way don't get older sure your face what Fairfax yep yeah. OK but yeah it's the teen Jake drinking but it's definitely a way things are you drinking a lot from Canada. A photo of a little kid sitting on Santa's lap and saying help and sign language is making the rounds online. But it's actually from a few years ago this month it posted everything from the help. I don't know are going to be sitting on Santa's lap traffic here is an abortion itself. Yeah look at for that amount to supply about that every year out of our right yet here's my kid. I'm comfortable look you watch America's Funniest Home Videos the winners like from 1985 minutes later this year knowing how well we are thought to submit. And I was standing there is like a 42 year old man right in a video whose music being eaten by dog when he was very. You know last very youth. In a white kids as a go to Disneyland. I mean is that truly the funniest video if the kid video that they could sit at Disneyland the sides they're fair. So is like Mayweather won video that's actually kind of funny and evolved little kid in the news one of the past. Right and that's over the line and that kid is whenever the funniest senator Carl and ultimately they give me a little jackass and running your mouth it's all right move on everything people who are your parents provided exactly come picked up fool anybody. Our Miller highlights motto is the champagne or beer in this. And that it actually started selling it in limited edition champagne bottles for new years this is a great idea Dahlia I would give all my friends a bottle. The Miller high life and bring them over instead of a bottle of wine or champagne what are going to amounts. Dissent I think friends I saw that thing out by the minute I haven't seen yet but I would by the minute. There's a new dating germ called sidebar you guys know what that is sidebar inside bars like now like in a court case. I started dating term. I don't know and for when you should be paying attention to summer but he can't stop checking your phone. Oh I don't think anybody in that room as a problem I think they've called it the 21 century women from thirty match to and that's like the fourth fifth month. He put that conservatives it's the that I hate him because he is it an anti. Thanks gonna wait for the food and only checking the phone that's not their friend is making sure that you're still live here now with a cycle on the first day music like a safety number. There was on my first phone call. Drunk naked man who'd also been sniffing glue burst into someone's party in organ earlier this year and started groping a woman. And last third is Thursday a jury sentenced him to four years in jail for ten years erect a new blood into the place. And you have the right track they said he was visually our child I does that back to the last story. I had okay. Do you know that that you don't go to the first day obviously you need to have a plan but for the most part when when they go on a date they have a planet in case of emergency or no one. Here what do you think it would be a pretty fun for a guy to do the same thing it like in the middle of the day you know these pick up if O'Neill possibly jogged. In case you were just absolutely for the kill me you're nuts I had in check obviously give here at home there to bail me out so that everything's gone good mess once and other activists say the numbers is the case. He is just admit that it's safe number he's oh my mother your mother's Nikon right now. Saved and I get it and that's fine but that's understood why you need under same flip the strip a little bit and I think nudity on Israel knowledge of Iowa Achilles eyebrow Veronica what they've done so that we need to save. You one so what you're not around and finally again to this day it's going well if I give him well you might wanna give her head love down and I'm in the one. Violin family in Oklahoma finally figured out where babies baking bread. The big spending technical style battle it out now thank you I thought we'd better head I've got a one hour from now the first today male vote. Precepts. Season throwing early to please everyone how profile this is playing a short ten miles of the simple game where we share with you real life news stories something that happened right here. I'm went earth. Or. And if you listen to the store based on the stereo type you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Less good it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Sam welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. Our guy. And Sammy Sammy understand how does your game is played. Fantastic hear your story officer found a 43 year old woman outside of an apartment with a blood on her teeth. And her face. The woman was tied. And she was also drunk and she both he'd made a demand for a threesome but it was rejected. And when it was rejected she better former boyfriend out of private parts ripping a testicle out of his stroke. In spite of the magnitude of what she did she was basically ordered to stay in your home between ten vehemence they sale for six months. In order to clear victim about 1000 Jesus. Why you think about it. She misses doesn't go out of his short on June 6 months going. Right between 10 PM and six name's Ken Weaver house pentagon thousand that's fair enough water to that that's that's fair anyway during her trial she claimed to he'd been acting in self defense and told officers quote he hit me and I grabbed his bees. Well the police describe the man who's being quote fairly distraught. Let's see with the bedroom in the state of disarray in pools of blood on the floor all had been drinking and he admitted to have taken some drugs while she was on the toilet she enough of a class and who says that hey man woman I got Darren dragged more friendly and another girl local mayor and Jordan did visit the seven that about 4 AM she walked into the bedroom they did jump on a bed instead she wanted to bring some. He said. No if you're against friends and friends know go to bed etc. so if you into the bedroom worried bam. The woman and started storing up he told to calm down to get out of the department. He took her clothes and throw matter you're insulting each other's game against me she bit my left testicle. And there it disappeared in the end he did throw punches and ordered to remove her mouth from those festivals. He is not be chargers and the thing she is but again pretty light sentence all things considered. But do you believe that this festival mighty woman is black white Mexican or Asian. He hit it hit great at cap and I actually do not have been information 200 non. Flute. Played. A man gets wiped. My junk I'll bet that would be my guess is that. Why you wanna go that final answer. Final answer why won't find out accused black white Maxi or Asian next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. It's miles. Well Bob as we have a lady and her bags there and she wanted to get Lama the ranks and I guess third is new girlfriend. So loved us in the room their 4 o'clock jumps and abandon so they don't wanna have threesome. He says no and so she bites on his desk. And that's an oil leasing plan and why you always say yes but Sam we ask you did you believe this woman in the office festival. Is black and white to make your agent you would white straight out of the gate. It. At all now next now. Time. And that was remarks. Now apparently took abiding man cultural appropriation. You should be mad about the clean off and I am a yes those are things. Rosie news on time guaranteed data today. Countless hours in front of a talking. I presents. Now whether you have children or you've been a child most of us have been a child that release that we don't do that face. And who's probably a time that you met Santa Claus. Now did you go to the mall cinemas lap Nate you know Dan. Right so we will deals etc. don't Mozilla come to school whatever but they came to school few times. And then Jim Bradley ran the random. Santa sightings. When I got older I did I notice that around this time of the year and I know if kids are listening. Santa gets warmed up for his big day and I have seen him in some of his friends. Are wondering to differ bombers blew. Yeah there are many yes and has ever asked you I didn't sorry if they're well crawl right up pregnant there's about a girl that those statements but I was really when I was a kid late. Said it would show up toward the house party when people throw up yet on occasion you are now never had a really now on the lose a festive. Let me count the writers Sandra to my two sons bitches trying to get go to the mall pay for. I don't think anybody knew I grew up in the non that dressing up costume party generation. He to me like we're a party didn't have to be like you know. Everything like weird letter they did you toga parties are armada that would elevate that was about it. Yeah that's old no theme park show low was that diligent to sort of towed his rose dudes my toe go toe go. I don't gorgeous site with a party for a fat sugar now like valuable again did you smoke. I don't I would draw party from my friends we now they don't have a 135 pound six foot three senate show. There ho this it still makes a lot of people are Mets and at some point. Does that say you remember going to line or whatever the senate may live did a pretty funny sketch hearsay and I. Santa he's still a little bit of fallen. Look what would you like Santa to bring you this year. And then we'll stay. Yeah. Either. Can certainly try and it's. Now president then sort of bump. In this climate change is coming aiming. Fred in his arm band. And does not do this this. One more. So really elicits more of her registry. Tell it from Santa. Yeah I don't want that our game twos go. And if the fifth I think that. The very funny that's sketch like a lot of questions differ saying anything interviewers that that whole bit. It's up on the mentioned FaceBook page. He could check that out also he thinks and I went to college. Nobody studies I've been a do or my OK my little guy who will be no doubt well absolutely convinced about that too soon it's only sent. It's not I think I'm going to nagging. Whale that they are black book. Like I can't put it I think it's good cat I'm super fast and then he's focused. The moment they didn't study economics he. Musical theater which is perhaps why we're gonna have a bet at this moment. The effect do you listen guys and them all I don't know it explain economics. I would guess that Santa's got to come up with a lot of quick witty answers no matter what I mean eighty Sanath anyplace I mean I'm sure you get a quick undertow. Yes I would think you can have a sound so sad but I think at this point you have to have a good standard might answer for Santa. So like it's a gift basket something just like arguing number three. Yeah maybe yeah I mean just that you know I would think that after all these years of mall Santas and all about the way like for small symptoms like. In the eighteen hundreds different anyway wasn't a smaller part. You don't pro look at bizarre right would ever was but. You dig up all these years I'm sure most mall Santas have similar experiences and complaints and so are I'm sure looks like a reading groups on worlds like walkman. Kid that these things first times change the proportions they have like these and amp is a coma yesterday to quick entered the weird were often. Yeah he's going to be heartbreaking questions as to relish woman dead and come back from an army and luckily what happened to grandma like me and said McKinney ran out I was over my ray it and if you're Santa for the most part you're pretty well compensated for that it. Yeah it's almost like having a big Saturday shows up and does her job or his job and and takes care your kids weird guy like. They're few and far between. And even if you don't get the best gig you'll get another gig that's a good gig didn't you get paid pretty well still weird film and intellect I have kids or to aid group world we're all about the stuff but. I'm like man if you told me like hey here's the perfect stranger you don't know. Any dresses and red jumpsuit you know volunteer your kids at all from I would tell you that your absolutely prison and then once a year light. What am I doing I'm sitting my kids to the weird stranger. Normal red jumpsuit and Jesus had kid but are those lapped all day. And somehow I've decided this is okay it's a different religion it's a strange it's yes it's a strange a strange way of manipulating. Like Easter Bunny rightly didn't believe a picture with him the ball. And especially the Easter wasn't Easter Bunny doing at the mall. That's something like there's no Easter sales he's just I don't break my hand down an outlet woods I don't disagree that our east eastern there's still a massive holiday it is but it's not it's not as fun you know. Well again it doesn't have the same crossover. Like Christmas hands. Think sometimes people like yeah I was fired up about Christmas Newt the true meaning of Christmas stuff at this point that I grew up Catholic and like enough. Christmas is a completely separate holiday protested you have children getting gifts from Coca-Cola cynical and I don't that is what you do it right but we've also established that as it is a time in this country where you can take a break. Between then and new years just based on candidates and no matter what no matter what where you come from a life like you know what to be time often vacation like Easter. Comes and goes and no one really knows one of those. To go to those reckoned to come up. An eagle like oh okay well that's generally the clearance late Christmas they don't know why people would get together on eastern stuff that like you wouldn't together Halloween yet but let me just say this the I found out the black people listen read god damn disappointment right so we are. Britain announce are we African content that's great you do you pick the wheat the most who would get off anyway. Yeah it's a golden opportunity. A lot of people get off between Christmas and New York. Lou op people corporate email we got up five days seven days and got them holiday why don't we do like late November right the marble I can't complain that Milledge to grab give out word for a week. I think if you're Joseph can you give her the command they're not bat an unofficial and abroad before Christmas doesn't doesn't matter if you're Jewish and so many Christmas Day all. Predominantly speaking at after the are up your holiday but you only have one right slow like look. And most rewarding our plea why like if you're gonna pick how would hate mail and have a great day a great holiday I'm gonna take. Rogen get to stay off I don't do it on July 4 well it's taken. Into me. That's three come a squandered it would look on demand or maybe do it from January 1 to generate some might be getting to the new year I think I don't do it when you already have the thought the only reason anyone cares about a holiday is gonna get time off because holidays that you work no one really cares much I think they're certainly there's like the passing over of the of the Christian way why. Second of the night Virginia are dead even better this way right got everybody know that it's the New Year's my guts I got another celebrate him as. We had it right there man and we had it right. They air play that role to grab mail it to write him in trust and I can say it is playing. Although as I futures story Beckett should be as welcome years and years and years and years ago I did nothing to do some work and I was actually joking. They are exceptionally corporate. Did everything by the book so part time at this I think 1718 years ago and they're like look man and your Christmas Day I knew how to work Christmas Day momentum tumble the joke to us that well. And argued the rest of the Euro offer him Lamar Kwanzaa ma'am. I went there looking until we got nervous on the left the room and they came back on tournaments later and pulled me. But I want you eat so much on the court with Marie irritated my Simon did you take it. I didn't get get there until it hit a way to do that many got to take into 'cause you're you're more open and at times I didn't take the time that point they don't lose my art world. Cool. Think Tom Arnold should hit him with a relent not always down but I always I don't read America. They were completely a little earlier if I look at you may have serious and like. We called New York or from almost forgotten range at any given week normally. Cool yeah yeah bids are better about that. Mean. Anyway picked a bad week do we could've gotten real conflict in the middle of guns. Play without you talk I don't know it early Marcus Italy winter still and go on my own people start to get depressed of the strange point. That would be the time that the week that a lot of people get off anyway. It's just it's pork plant and look is there is a poor planning has many people think ahead and frankly it pisses me off man is as many people. Who shop online now and don't go to malls and don't do that thing I'm surprised they don't have the equivalent of 2%. Suddenly you're. They do feel like Agassi like I had my kids are going to be in my house missed time and even other Jewish doesn't really matter I want to senator Schumer induce one and three and I know he's just gonna show up and say hello yeah they're literally and then over does it. They played with Santa they do and you can look on the act follow morale of the Harry also vision become your house Jeremy Mike use he knows what to join them whatever like your kids get a picture than your out. That's perfect. You should do it I know what I would do that then I would do that. At that makes sense. Stranger things I was that's a massive show. You talked about how they are agreement season three. But unfortunately that's I mean coming out to 2090. Compared. Rob and all my brother forget about it. All be sixteen minute fret all gaggle of aged remarkably. More. Down and are the into our lives all of their deadly earlier in the real word thirteen to like sixteen everything to have a team like those great idea is that now boot yeah of abortions large group. Taking their kids are read by then Billy come problem. Broder the Jerusalem quite over yet you know didn't get out of the house and on a bike piercing and on dram and hard dressing and on the driveways and that number unpopular clutch three blocks down and take enough. Yeah that's estranged. Yet it just physically I mean kids just get big daddy then. They're gonna be definitely gonna get the bar like you know what enough of those we've been tormented takes standing up to the bully eventually is gonna be like you know once. Let's just be delivered hell out of this forum. Baseball bats were blown out something you know. Look at the legislative some both move. I don't know the show SATA or may not know just keep tabs in this town so it's like you know a man. Amaechi mom a move and hello closers that weird. Other universe thing if things you've drawn until this stuff. But no one else has this problem where they lived on to a liberal visit yeah I'm scared of Matthew Modine more than these ghosts because he's just great. Did you know what happened to kids get old the spin off eventually be about it that. Strangest thing right strategist the stiffest if I don't work for a little bit in the New York you know that shows they're bushel at the with a chill going to be like Joey. I mean he's got part of the problem Harry Potter but wasn't at the movies in fact think they had a bit of the shuttle flight is those kids can only get so old. But the thing I don't know and I don't know if in the books it kind of followed her trajectory and scanned the simply get sent. Like you there's a backlash about everything you know do make a group of thought Arab people crime I'm about to lose so important. But I never heard of backlash about that so I'm guessing maybe the books followed a little panel from the time he started to the graduate whatever you do which school but. Like no complaints I have to think they got it right. Yesterday I think is a great show so I guess you like it managed it's good that it's there instead of my man I don't mess with they're part of crowd at the all our members at the third they are cool nickname like the potters. Oh would call pottery the Harry's under Harry Harry he's the Jerry's got everything he Harry Potter piece yet so I'm a pox upon missed. Apart yet your bottom just the fans a general yeah do they were named to replace her with parliament's problems that they a of their let me totally wrong little mark potter heads. Ain't got a momentary peace and so solar I don't know why that's not funny what they get aerial potter and I'd better. Spoleto thirty bucks hey how disrespectful I don't know anything about the books. And we were on the air back in Baltimore and so the book had just come out and give my I don't nothing about the book. I just thought eight character's name. Hermione so we went on the air that day I was that are part of looks on in. Marry ultimately goes on her mind you guys. You cannot believe the death threats and yet people were so man and that Bruce Wayne on the line I mean she might start our erosion gathers about back. I just made it up man they were this yet potter and as a potter heads man potter heads like Star Wars people. Even joked about the spoiler when you're younger hired outlook oh yeah if you had. Any of that crap going on your fan base just know that you ripped off a group of hippies. Who are smoke and we do and passes they're your parents and their dead select whatever your group name is little sure basically you're just ripping off an incredibly huge group. A complete drug addicts whether different nickname you if we're river almost I don't know enough I am I and I came Lehman went in follows the data. It I don't know a lot of people would dip. I believe in may new drugs yet I don't rarely hear them talk about Downey I look at my ligaments what have you ever play is like I hear a lot of rappers group of fans recognizes their own groups like Beatles people. Love The Beatles stones and everything but that was the first group of thing I think they're looking counter offer one day older so you don't yet yeah. When before the Taylor so voters I will say I've never been no attention. The notable Fisher had a few things that all the clown have proven Howdy Doody get a group or they didn't do any smash hit I hope 2000 studio do you use. At that because you're duty head. I don't allow it will be a dude just a due north modest I'd just put a put up IST on it but it and and how to be a positive. Writes this I was you'd be a race that is if I'm quite a the only thing I'm out and what we've developed what I feel even though good. We talk to them there who hear about east there obviously your religious holiday well good news Alice Cooper we'll play king Harald. And Jesus Christ to start a lot. Yea that's a different back then thought Easter Sunday but prominent candidate yeah I was there and he's Alice Cooper yes half all right that's crazy. Hey dad I got headlines annoy my cock eleven minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. And Swiss smiles. No let's see what's happening in the real. Are gonna miss Barbara land or New Year's seasonal part financed those young birds on the zone and stuff and obligates her to bed bugs with fire in Cincinnati and now ten families housing situation is pretty rough. Mr. missing pacifiers solve this 21 are found inside the family dog. A YouTube climber with over one million followers career hits a clogging of the leader of North Korea hikes 9000 feet to the top mound. Dressed in black shoes is down your headlines. It's Sunday. It's OK is Mike Cox. Had a job I have family in Oklahoma was baffled as to whether baby pacifiers kept disappearing jail. After 21 being he's had gone missing one of the members of the family finally saw the family dog a swipe went off the table and eat it and he was taken an event where they removed all 21 from a stomach. I am. Think these are not that small man how to be fit 21 and his guide dogs don't care. Well that's the amazing thing about dog or are your credit in my mouth. I'll swallow when you add vicious at some point there's plastic and rubber in the air you're gonna throw it back up right you would hope so. Our pass dog dogs man I mean like anything else that's out there eat whatever the hell man like you that. You can open up the stomach of any animal and find plastic containers there. And aluminum cans I mean. From my license plate and jar I mean exactly and as I'm too far off my dad is little hair bands. Right choice of the defense for the fans and are due for weeks and did my buddy started this paper to let him leave the door of the bathroom hoping to see eighty. The toys made. I got through roll out its summer from pike up but you're also stretching all the way out when that's your cat. I cat now she does a pretty good she just. Insist on eating what's on your plate as he still hiding in not coming out yes OK let's I closed my door and what station just screams at me until I sit down so that you can hide on me. Well that's not that she's getting let me see oh it's other people about young woman and a look at the Lambeau Field how short. Around the world of Pennsylvania I'm gonna say I don't I can't. Don't recall a time come and are going with the results clearly. Did you hear that that's what the city address every kid friendly should no way if you hiding under the zones were like yes I have forecast you do I had no idea they're all under the bat significant guy just did this nobody saw a couple of months ago but where are these cats either terrorists. Another solid flashback if if if if if you've clues to piece these so called pets have you seen them around the world to Pennsylvania another contender for quit his landlord rears his ugly head. The man was cut on the tenant security cameras breaking into her apartment. And he claimed that he had forced his way to fix the water here. However he and it insisting when getting it done because he began masturbating on her dirty clothes yeah. And dash to give you evidence to please and he was arrested don't read the air BMB stuff these days that that's even worse Sallyann. Basically you're Rondo hotel room is completely video all the time and you can find. We want to. You know visage good chance they got John video. Doing what she did see now maybe in under surveillance I would be a little less creeped out about just because I don't do any weird stuff I can understand that you know Matt tomatoes it was dirty laundry that had no food. It says do you live lead and I don't see what people would want to have cameras win whether staring but. What about the threat on the bloody close though man adds to its own nasty third dirty Mike here in Washington might have Mike if you're in the joyful and I would have put on my dirty clothes and comically in what might you have that you have made a big part of us forget you and I. Yes okay so if you're staying where I place and I count then I realized that don't listen to spaghetti house camera okay and moreover top and all the stuff legacy would you know like. More wounds from Rick give me a little almost all of off off off off off a rural economy. That would scare the living hell out of it no doubt about it I would examine like to patrol car. I don't blame people in the nearby ain't strangers in your whole. Yeah if you need to I separate him are you sure don't put that in the open yet it's not time enough you won't get done the right. Moving on another instance of taking killer would fire a little too far. A woman in Cincinnati burned up her apartment 'cause quarter of a million barrels dollars in damage and hospitalized three people when she was trying to read her apartment a bed bugs. Using rubbing alcohol which she says accidentally tells the fire. Do they do they have played if you gave crabs you my rig or whatever right right do they have a brother for bed bugs because right now navigation is everywhere and keep selecting fire and Mike wolf there's a big got to be something better then because. The kind of bad about Arnold my purebred from about develop markets meant like anything available the big issue didn't use fire issues rubbing alcohol and somehow just spontaneously combine its alcohol I'm thinking that she was smoke and once she did this because she's not very bright he's got to bed bugs. If they got a mobile subs okay it's because people are burdened down thousands to remember. I think he didn't. We're now. I would balls in the videos unfazed look at the guy ahead the guys in Russia and enjoy being online daredevil who like to do acrobatics of skyscrapers hearing about one hand over averaged 600 feet drop blown. And building the entire thing. Well and it's kind of an enjoy doing that same stance as suffered from the inevitable. And did not survive his latest daredevil the only why you wrote I mean listen if it wasn't their number Leno will be interest dads and realize that I. You're per share osu tomorrow ever since been turned alien Brian castle we have the top money earners for 2017. And music gets pretty its present was backed fraud I have no idea how find out what do until then please. What you do best in for a lead for the sake it's. Day. Beautiful.