12-13-17 Seg 1 Men's Room Tells A Story

Wednesday, December 13th

Mens Room Question: What is your most unique or unexpected experience?


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You would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program yeah. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This news. All gathered in secrecy. This is the they say. Radio more than three times. And Jordan. I don't know are going to lose my number 2730. Ball are. Almost even through hill. See Ted Smith and all Limbaugh. Had to buy time. Yeah aren't men's draw a. Okay returner who's not flash. It was. They're bringing stories dear to clear a drain civil destroy and enjoy a night. Get ready to play profile this. Plus headlines and their job they thought Melissa emails and everyone's favorite TV time with the click clack did get a draft I knew it opens and Uganda here for his baby carrier on the side street. Comes back to get him half hour later. Ranging in Texas where men including a rifle accidentally shoots a man sitting in back to his creator. I didn't say Mary's banana on video goes directly to jail a thirteen foot washes ashore in Canada would know since on the trail. And it burglars players foiled when he loses his pants that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Oh not good news good. Day to you and yours are we have the story of a new bride she went honey moving in the Caribbean and she decided to go snorkeling. Now if you know the we're nurse sharks in the water but no sharks. Are not usually aggressive and typically they don't attack. But this one however did all those things and ended up fighting got a mouthful of armed. Why would let ago and went swimming away now she'll be fine but geez I'm very small club people that have been bitten by shark it's. It's like a winning I don't know what winning the lottery yeah I hear about them all the time which rarely meet anyone who's ever had a expert who's got that. Yet that continue winning the lottery have you ever met someone who was handed a briefcase with one million dollars in cash. When neither Iraq. But it happened George Clooney day fourteen of his friends one million dollars in cash each chose to show them how much he appreciates. Because that's how George brought here. But back tunnel like the shark attack its unique experience so is getting struck by lightning. Miles however was struck by lightning you're the only person I know who's been struck by lightning and frankly it explains a lot more go to guys go. And every lightning strike kidnapping someone that they you can make its merits. I may or may not have been a bowl the bad some years ago when I was struck. Today we want to talk about your unique experiences so this is today this question what is your most unique or unexpected experience. We're a big joke gone before far 999 only you can Mike commands from on FaceBook follow us on Twitter amends or my answer those emails to the men's room at men's or my dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Because now I know I have a show number 2734. Prabhakaran. It's not a return opposed Sox last had a positive dream story is back. And it's gonna steer you clear of drinks they will absolutely destroy you for the evening so if you're thinking about starting a certain my a lot of us have our own. Our theories as far as the safest way to add a as safe night so to speak as far as we're gonna feel the next day yet drink less but I never do that right but this is more specific on different types of drinks. Different sides about called to avoid it and kind of held to drink properly with the occasion so be a holiday party coming up or something like that. These are some rules in my little by at least for that one night keep yourself out of any trouble so that's coming up with a positive during story and that's how we're spending a positively because all these drinks will kill you. And our question today what was your most unique or unexpected experience we have a couple stories to share more than that but we've all had. Unique experiences some positive he's a negative that a lot of people don't have in their lifetime and it it's it's unique if you told them on the story they would be shocked because you would be one of the few people. Who would be able to share such an experience. Steve and you don't think it's a big of a deal to jump out of an airplane now as far as all the members of the program and here you know I'm pretty sure you're the only one that has jumped out of an airplane I'll god here comes Robin Vince. And I think you all right there's two Valderrama and says that we can and am I Motorola can't have my marvelous people now are telling how many times just the ones I wasn't tandem. Yes I think you have to the first like nine only to help slow the Willies when it's made they say to the guy said look man we're gonna do it tandem and we knew when you realized. How local lake. Did you tell me the dude who was the does the did the guy who was a skydiving instructor. He had a tennis gooch up behind you and Clinton did you say he when he's mountains didn't say he had an enormous penis. Something like a track ball accurately. I'm Leo no when you tell you already tangled up like and they are they're all in you mean might you Laura's core I guess that you would think he is having sex as a true. And that and at the last minute before you jump that's when they when they police in close and even sent to me he says. This is the power we don't talk about paragraph hello I'm all dude right now you're talking about a Martin talking about parties and kind of joke about what you are. And you'll bear re very. Very close and you know high up you you know I don't know me and I don't know what the standard height thing is boy it just as I was about to say go look I was about to bitch out Ahmad. I was fine up until. Right before you jump to kind of sit in the open doorway in gas and shall I guess anti man I'm basically sitting on the man's lap of this points of the very awkward thing of the guerrillas are sitting them grown man's lap. Hanging halfway out of a plane that seems perfectly farm and Omar to jump out like it seems really stupid and I'm about the voice is still but in that moment. We where were in this garment and once you get out of the plane it's not scared. An even bigger falling at all that it's it's cool but any soldier to kick your legs to go yes juvenile but even double that he's that. Do whatever. Particular act like you're riding a bicycle. Why did your lead or routing ethical. So I do better than whatever I don't know why is every door. But whatever option comes out we flowed down and said look man and woman got to the grounds of the reason I had you can Cuba is like a bicycle. It is we're about to get tangled up in spiral out of control my we're gonna back. I'd like to thank you for not tell your dad always know canceled in the time I wanna do it now moment. But yes under what I guess is back of shoot up to come out like did you see. You know he's behind yeah people aren't you feel ago when their shoe comes out do you feel yourself being yanked is like free slowed our own real. I got I'm yet and Robin you know and having these problems you just you've flown into the ground. You do get horribly close is stranger rape and from here to play yes you do right and James Randi BS. I have been instrumental people and I finally closed him out. Nobody didn't tell me we're going to do a series of somersaults exiting the plane why did you do that was at his choice yet just a freak me that's that he thought would be fun he said are you ready and it before you could say yes there you go out and you're doing flips and then that's yeah like you said once you're a plane if find is it's just the adrenaline to. I don't know I don't know the numbers on that are how many people jumped out of the playing compared to how many people have not but I would guess it would be what 1000500. It all depends because if you're near military you know I'll definitely not in your tiny like a normal mile into the back to the guy in nine and Mozambique is never had a makes it yeah I got close to the population in this world is not jump out of an airplane yeah I think you live near an IBM NBA had a chance but other than that like. You're not gonna go to some re like I'm not gonna get a pop a New Guinea for the skydiving he's right. To put it around me like I'm trying to think if I think I only have one of their friends expert to friends and have done well and you have a ton of friends say he had a pretty big friend group yet between those two guys in you it's only three people that I know of don't. On our feels well I did a very unique. There and then whose job I think it's 121000. Feet is a standard for skydiving but even all military that you know they have done and not all Libyan jump from Knight has not and like. This right rise group the others just get thrown out a few hundred feet and good luck. Okay that's gonna edits I'll go there and what that may and it couldn't compete with. Let's say we have a question like this but this bill little a little dirty. Because it's like you got skydiving and people called cool stories like I spent three days and eyebrow all yes you did. But that's also had I don't know I don't follow as anybody there's been three days in a brothel and I gotta have you big would you Wear Randy and I back. I Airpwn basically having intimate relations with the grown man who follows me out of a plane and I'm falling through the sky correct. And it's all done in what 1015 minutes. UN says who ran a women for three WW I'm doing my main unit clear owner the owner takes you out to dinner. It was the first time I had enjoyed guacamole it was 5050 if you could just I hit eagle ever had bought guacamole until it does not to get the correct. I'd always been anti. I'm only I could ever get over the incident that we retirement how he actually is why the mall components. Yes well he makes it sound was the most interesting man in Carson City we didn't dress them go more. Coastal Mexican that's studies think they'll make it table side that's and that other guy. It's and it's also like Alec I gotta eat the guacamole Ron Jeremy there was though the redundant and know who will move we went out the next night right. They were like hey Dennis was taken dinner again start getting ready and since that was very nice news outlets that's what I was at her body she's a wanna runs plays right out of the barn she's very nicely Katie. Just that you know in like two hours Dennis once stated there again so announce that I'll tell about you know chill out for a minute. Meaning that if you're gonna do anything either get it done quickly or just know you need to be ready and then it seemed that he's got a big drinker that I was just more of late. Hate what state did you into Arizona drama it's completely well that's a guys burn a fair that lady had a beer in apparently he never drinks because he was the talk of the brothel boy you talk of that I have one beer. Did everybody music can legally do it may dislike you. But he had a beer with Hewlett east Ito all the girls up partly apparently you party with all the girls they all like all right go and you think somehow sky I'm not as good as authorities I'm not cut. So everything your tell me why. I would rather go look I can tell my story Christmas dinner okay right there yeah get your but hey how good the I love that time you have a a room there. The Lavar my home earlier in my cart date yes I had a room out back and I went back into the birth was other Lamar Odom room. Yes there was never no sorry no he was it a different one he was at the one of my vague it's okay it's not so when I went back for the birthday a when you China is Joey Buttafuoco I think Katherine. It's very good news. Again Scott I know doesn't seem so that China was dating Joey Buttafuoco know what they were both they're trying to sell honey in lake. The rooms are in the back by the pool so late for his birthdays only time the dudes are allowed people aren't. And they were just using those rooms like hang out have again. Add an Allah their private area oh sorry I did you if you go to you so you can go a little if you're if you're a client who's there. For a day or whatever. Correct no licking the back no male can go in the pool only on Dennis is birthday he lets other dudes in the pool he goes and looking like right Jeremy well Ron Jeremy ego and everybody else. I am not podcasting that's very unique I think data. I don't unique it's got it lets us better that if you're in the military you've been skydiving about GM have been of the African brothel now Hollywood doesn't bode burglar broke all the time. Well you're story is better than mark is much better than mine I think is exciting to Steve and I got to gonna assume normal. And see our team went. So let me that's what he got as far as you always do as well ours a numbers game you don't mean that's that's that's that was not cheap first of Baltimore but little thing quote we always said look if the ravens go to the Super Bowl we will go to bed suitable registry and good leaders once a lifetime opportunity based on the team did you like it's not gonna happen a lot threat if your patriots fan and you might be broke majora like payment usually Israel and Brett. Ravens were like man if they go we got about taken so. More on the phone dialer and I don't plan of hatred whatever was right before idea for the AFC championship game. And miles has ordered all the stuff PS is finger on what hope really wanted to I'm gonna he's got command is if if if that happens it just gonna hit the button right now and we're buddies flights. Because you don't mind it was a lot of money you know we were excited still enough moment like man. This is a lot of money. To go do this thing I hit and her work on the fridge and talking and also would you be hit enter man they better win the goddamn game yet. Everywhere even on a New Orleans because New Orleans was that they checked hotel rooms of the 60800 dollars a night not only that but. You basically had to. State Thursday through Monday night right CU he had never really had a book four nights you get a four nights the most ridiculous price I mean 600 dollars running probably close to prime more like a thousand dollars a recording of the day's end so we ended up staying in Biloxi Mississippi which was an hour fifteen minutes outside of New Orleans. In a casino which actually wasn't all that if somebody is considered. It's not as bad as it sounds good even more so look Mann and miles like what I'm trying to book this thing but the closest site and find embrace we can afford it was a hundred bucks a night. And bullets in Mississippi and one man I just I don't know Miami and it's Biloxi Mississippi for the about mcdonalds and ever Bennett god dinner food was great that he if he. They had great food they did they don't play great all that burgers were hot fresh stock you have like different that are bad are you Campbell yes I could believe it goes like I was independently on those deal was. It's fantastic it was a crowded. Hell no. A lot of people in there and but as both treated totaled one family who were having an open conversations. With the people we have on the tenth you know they don't actually they were all one corner this I don't know they're getting food in her little the kept saying mama I'm hungry all those are there. They are my mouth and not area food on a long day that I don't Maggie love my mama come on he. Does that mean the whole time really. And I apple orchard my. And it. McDonald's aria that was killing Mal and Andre the agency was I'm Donald an entirely new motor French Fries he's he's breaking down who this kid was Honolulu and do dog to the nuggets who wanted Ortega what do you need to. You need to be happy I get happy meal. Ireland's move on here it's finally. The team winning is huge I've been to a ballgame and you'll see a University of Maryland play once it's there Cisco it was a great time. But of course he got there raspy brush their every trip I've ever taken to see specifically Maryland playing football they lose. Oh no math that's about what are you going for like for me. You're going for the experience of us are playing in the national championship or must have a landslide we switched late years ago when we started the tail detours he used to be about going to see Maryland games we were like why put our. Emotions at risk we'll just go to games we don't care can be cheer for the home team. Or it's like Florida or Florida Georgia and we'll just pick. But seeing big experience for group of friends to do that what it was what's the biggest what was the one stadium the GAO the general gone to yet that is like the Fenway Park of the of the experience. Is it Ann Arbor and you've been Norris or another place to meet the big house was the big one LSU in nineteen there was there who. Mean I hate to say it because they don't like them but just isn't such a college football fan I mentioned the opera you're dream watching game. Right foot and a half right economical likely see about the way Ted this comic amen this is my 54 jumps out of an airplane. I would treat them all for for three days I didn't I pop up up up up what are all right well understood you have the best story so aloof I wake up all right the kid is steer me through a typical day at the bunny ranch aren't. I wake up and one of the rooms where. About myself items on the yes I mean yeah I'm buying myself a wake up I'm hungry is a breakfast available yes we're we're now lord why we'll have breakfast who's going to wreck. I I don't know how this is currently member Dennis have been on the shows he's been very nice to me. So for breakfast I would go to counter kind of enjoy keep getting better flight catering. On him and that I did this occasion yeah. Okay and they heavily trays of food so definitely going to catering backstage at a concert. And then I would be sitting there eating late girls just walk and their roads and hey say they have relay for regularly lexicon a breakfast ready and bagels fruit scrambled aids through French toast sticks. But that stuff okay what else skydive and this is very yeah I look at their message there was a GM. But they got like a private trade network Al. There's little women like there's a trainer tells me he's like yeah come on over your best buddy eligible for years ago let's get an hour session so you go eat breakfast took full advantage you deference to those stakes or whatever. And then you go win and you and you work out I'm now let's say it's 11 o'clock 10 o'clock tumor in there and oh no and this is like its media its late new 1 PM near wanna get Dicey late they grab. Yeah it's a workout and Andy does it start from there. Did you go clear how long do you wait before you get to go get that I feel like I'm an easy goodness I'll let you know having went on for electrical one day Allen back to room to a map rest stop. One day I had an afternoon. SAS party if you eat well eat at like two or three in the afternoon. If you have an afternoon partied he'd party later to. One day I did OK you party a few times and a day thirty save it up for one big party. First day will you the last there was there are two girls are two separate times two girls site in the effort to. I hope they enjoy the full famous back in the morning time again you were some elements playing in a bowl game so I ordered up a pot similar lights in my room and had a girl. And I and I could watch the team beat while engaging in Phoenix while drinking Miller Lite us. My hands as he lay it could manage. So she's hooking you up pretty regularly on them going through. I don't know to lunch they have lunch available they did I would skip lunch I'll go to the bar is now. Now you've already had sex with over the days are over okay I'm just of the bargain drunken and their like. They wanna go to dinner again the lake shore then that night when you go out. Alpha property to talk a multi media yeah I beat you with all these women are having dinner correct you when you come back is the night over. That night now that the car and then I had another part of his own party says they do very bad day was to the day before was one but with three individuals and the day before it happens once. Okay eat eat eat it while the mailman he jumped out of a plane you paid me busy vocal he. You would turn thirty watts Donna Marlboro but. Yes and as mountain that is coming out of a plane that muffin and everything you described as something that is what people would rather do it right. Maybe not coming grandma over Christmas dinner. The one she goes bad and you're cern have started man. Do you ever watch. Does that show on HBO. Yeah I don't think updated as much recently okay seal on the old people there as much your as far as. I mean I guess is that the turnovers probably every few. So few there right now OK button so she went back you think you would still has been a few years it's been a few years Dennis honestly he likes radio so much like. If I just kind of thing any memory you know while they need that oh yeah. As I look back when you first birthday party walked out of a party at like 3 AM he sit at a bar any news. What is that you like. And get Ted Miller Lite right so it's like he's he has accretive did you damage your memory zero number you all love source yes stuff we together and I'll definitely and he loves radius of anybody. Anybody radio ever listens our show go down that. He that will once I sold a lot of people who are up one point time he comes to be our here ardor Shoney's with he's married her. David Davies sunset Thomas. And her gimmick was what she has that she's gonna have all these power tools. As she's gonna like power tools like the wall power tools are gonna bring empowered tools. And she's gonna do her show power tools threaten. So this is this is before the stimulus is a latex attachment for the Janet Jackson fiasco OK yes. But he gets stopped in custody it's got stopped at the airport the gully power tools and is a suitcase. So they are a little bit late because they couldn't get through because she's got all these issues of soda. Think my dvds are due to ice my agent whom this is well I had the exact a drill one right there to back. And until after the drill a lot of Africa. Man that was that was quite as Matt Forte the hell after that meant every single day just pulled in the meetings and crap and I mean just your image and make it needs to understand constant denial of everything it actually happened all those all broadcast crew. You can kind of barrels going this was I believe it's been gone to a meaning and opening words from balls after this particular episode was. Are you stupid bone through his nose is over and did you really keep the banana or fled new talent and Jalen Egypt. Think it's a larger most unique are unexpected experience a 44999. Hole old line particles coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Is your. It's very sorry Astaire declared during civil destroyer night and ironically enough put it right before we during Intel's Listerine on the shot of the day. Hardcore Georgia most unique or unexpected experience a 44999. Alone here come a few comments are just a few comments we were talking earlier miles you opened about say you don't throw you jumped out of a plane most people knock on Scott about it and we've now learned Robin Eagles announced that I think. And then Ted then comes in with. Man you know. Sometimes the foot whose homes open one more so much storage consume 23 didn't get all yellow dirty. Whatever man this is a government that came in and I now hate my skydiving story follow my pocket. I am being hate you to you lucky mother effort and it just is quite possibly the greatest store I've ever heard these tests this is my epic hero. And they do more Kamen says don't worry dad I got my debit card declined on a horror house in northern about I don't know fourth of July. Which was Tuesday god bless America. And finally you'd also said hey man you know you would turn thirty ones are that way into brothels with. Ted Ted will turn thirty wants when I turned thirty my Bulldog up a squirt and ended a clean and that's all night children's bath. Whoa is your most unique all are unexpected experience 844999. Alma fellow Giuliani welcome to the men's room. Beloved it is thought wow. I asked was. If my train when I was about eighteen years old. You were hit by a train. Freight train day down. Were you mean how did it happen where you throw one across the tracks where you sleep on the tracks what. But boy I took a dare we ask who liked to have like the party down by the which wrestles with these these train tracks there's a little past and stuff like that and now. So there hang out and not. When nice somebody said Lauren as he relived the balls. Lola poorest that train and I had. I just finished a forty of Crazy Horse which I don't think they're making more. Sentiments make them because if you remember that. I tell you guys and you can look at they don't actually you did. It would it would it would it would hierarchy was she so wanted to learn underage so it's harder round railroads road tracks anyway man. You may as it is impossible to run on railroad tracks anyway like even if your own. No I know I I I I jumped across the tracks all you're just timing and out a way yeah did you get hit by the train right. But I was it was like a photo finish my arm loose normal the last thing on the track. And it the planetary get my arms and end broke it low polls how fast you estimates triangles are gone 4045 miles an hour fifty well what this is will this was the select from 11 o'clock at night and they dig it up to speed around if you're sixty. So don't you don't get it was a little bit with a spoiler which they are it's I'm assuming all your other friends on the other side of the tracks at toys this trio buys is a long you know I don't know no betrayed the train stopped. Oh sure you opt. Yeah the train the train stopped and then back. Everybody was we can out eat. A group came to look at me and him you don't elect Michael buddies and now. There's a flatbed. Trailer on the train and not a couple popped over it even got. About my leg is broken and Jen asked did you allow my leg due to the hospital and yet they gave up. Dave Dave Dave wrap assure my arm to you about Lucci. And then less got off to a and was is the last time did you attend this pizza. The first and the last I was an edit that this round on that. Down a man oh man I'm so glad only person I know judge has been hit by drink. And they're glad strained right you still mountain. I'm Alia I've gotten I'd my guardian Angel whom it architecture sure. I don't they did that go that they've been pushing completely out of work. And did some real answers regarding Lagos on behalf on the job man share their own little Gypsy Thursday although some railroad Crazy Horse railroad bridges in West Virginia that basically just kind of spam. The valley. And obviously that's going to split between point eight employee B. Or even new switch backs all the way down a mountain across a stream go all the way up on the backside and you know there's always I always have that there that thought of like man. We can do this and about sixty seconds we can get across is dead and no way you do it would take five to ten minutes that the way you look at in this just like now now. Let's just walked on the got them out you know we like but would you want to warn would you hat I don't know what you would do like you can't jump down it goes a big river on the lakers summoned. Maybe but you can't just jump down into a forest canopy or are into this dream and an event tonight myself I thought was like RA is. Because people do all the time I'm likely these that he really like. All you gotta go there take pictures or be halfway up the middle of it I'm like. Many are too but your faster than I am. Some six trains. They don't look like they're going that fast but they're just so heady in a regular Selig I think they are. I'm only cut across traffic twice in my life of the Wendy was pissed. But it held off the tracks what the conduct aerial Leo yeah. No way year old and 10 did the business yeah outta business rallies in between are deep in no way and man. Number there have been yelled at by guy driving a train before all you have. But yes I'm always your most unique car unexpectedly experience at 844999. No luck and if you. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. The radio network.