12-15-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Enjoys The Eggs

Friday, December 15th

Mens Room Question: Within your family, what is the story that will always be told?


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This is the the men's room. Listening to. Are losers at 10989 Iraq down and not Kansas City also 105 point three the mayor. In Blacksburg Virginia all day you wanna give these earlier the bears more liars they had done a barrel on your three free of foreign film plane is Janice. I cereals due. One of five point three the bear Blacksburg Virginia here are your allies in Guizhou burial ethics and your parents. You're listening to the men's room on 105 point three the bear Blacksburg camera. You know back the wrong. Elegant they're taking a dump. Let's jazz again all my and extend my Avery what is the Bay Area where they're doing is guaranteeing and see what's scary days yeah its African you know smuggling case and a lawyer who's doing the height 105 point three number in new yeah. He's now and so on and listen man I'm just the actors got to give me direction hired. You are losing to the men's Ramallah five point three the bear Blacksburg. And asked that the kind of learn at their big show created it has jokes stood vs the FCC has as the holidays approach is we're talking about family today. As we have a cop that actually shot his son. Outside of Chicago because when he came home he realized that his son had drank a majority of his vodka and replace them with water. Shot his son five times he's 22 years. Some other guys still alive but yes no signs of a struggle just as would you show right there and then we have the story of the two year old who was just explained by his mom all outs and a and he drops the what the F bomb on her these young hey good news which is going to be the story it's always told and it's that's our question. Within your family what does the story there will always be told me 449990. Look. Now quick comment here my brother sleep walked into my other Brothers room and proved I was well. Forever and Hamels in my family history love cougar ban good man I hundreds and I'm sleep walking two and drop that I'm someone who. Thank you find unless Leo is I was never sleep book and I just want to prove undervote. Hello Kate welcome to the men's room. I have. But whether it's. Tired old argument let me go reload do. I ate there and what they really. The a lot of back territory for whatever reason the third one that stands out above all others. Oh lead that can't quite a bit trailer camp let let's say a little vinaigrette and I'm my sector aren't they shoot like twelve or thirteen actually brought. When and where are they aired a wallet that Eric cash I and now. That's the scenario. We had eight and trailer that we had a lot of oil port a potty they have on the floor and people that sit on electric chair clearly does it feel that they didn't ink a local. What parent wouldn't it fortify it. And that she'd gotten down and got locked the door and somebody and then generic quickly grab the blanket she put little or collapse kick in you know Turkey chicken nanograms and connect. Leave a minute later. No. A second person came into the trailer and tiny little tent trailer it's it's pretty tight and nobody noticed that she is actually you didn't. How can they can not always though because what you're saying is now. Did the toilet itself is one of those that you just kind of sit down yet so the toilet is also being used as a regular seat right so when someone came and she just throw blanket oversaw all went well she just did see things that America or anywhere else I may just sitting there with a blanket over top lover and that you really almost sitting mayor seasonal variety within your saying that she was actually taking a crap. Saying yeah who and what I got into their rhetoric that and that there are per lot faster and Clinton block then and they that I bet there are gonna sit down at the table and started in the cards. Fifteen minutes is ending its wake up her lap and she is super shot at finishing each. He's super that it helps the hitter if this you play cards with them. Won't know what did you finally build up the courage and intellect. Or without chipper awkwardly. I don't know I don't care what I don't let this is that there isn't and I don't ever let let's split taken by surprise. And that was the last family vacations GA camera went on with the view that the oil that's necessary as this problem question did a breaker out of her shell because I figured that point you've got a broken the ice right. Actually that kind of opportunity for a lot about it I can get out. Eric you're listening you're kind of an opportunity and this. Database that were most people. I don't know I don't know if I don't remember feeling real confident and comfortable while they know they learned a teenager and yeah as I wanted to go did feel comfortable on all that stuff get your body feels weird about it does crabby or not. Did every Franken thing man grant that sucked everybody is I think there's definitely some that are more awkward. Oh yeah. Try to think for a show probably at the time I was fifteen years old or repaired shoes that I got was I have size bigger son grow into the yellow parents always told that man that's why you play that now. Are now I'd rather not get well now Janet I'm like I'm not doing that to my kid you just can't and it's stupid and the thing is it. It's so much horrible to walk around she's the don't friction fit exactly and by the time you get into nominate fed because you've proven you're out of yeah you need a new pair. What did your our family was a story you'll always be told 844999. Hole. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Oh wow. Yeah. So I don't we have this Stanley camping trip that yeah however by a brother kids you know they'll always have damn everybody could see a good time. Well a couple days into it starts getting high heel were bored looking for stuff to do. So my brother was like yeah man let's go try to find a rope swing there's going to be hero sling around here. And we're up by baker lake and I don't want to rally don't buy anything and downward slide on like an early lead it's like yeah you know fifteen feet above the water and there's huge trees and they got some branches Digg now and one of my Brothers like Derek we'll build one now and Monticello did you aren't aren't as good idea. That's a little version of holding my beer and well drilled. Yeah so we start looking for big branches to build a platform and whatnot I think end. They both need to try it out dope like Lima did street you know I do you might say I have jumped in the water big Campbell and everybody is laughing at everybody wants to do so one by one near me in my brother's. I'll let off the roads like this though it's my brother must turn and you know it it's kind of out of his comfort zone and you know he's he's more than soccer giant nice guy. Makes a ton of money yeah not really too crazy so. He's on the pressure he climbs up Derek and we're like Gary REIT god man go go. And so he starts to lose his balance in his late cheater and right there and then you just don't support it well. You pickets she got home and that on top and I keep trying to lag goat. You soon so he's just like Stevie. I let you know. I ended each pool and light up a little bit able freak everybody out disease where Ernie is like scuba diving billiards. And as she went straight through on. Moose. I don't like Arnold and I feel like I've just always serious how far I was again. You don't know fifteen feet off the ground and then you know another good key no water so I mean he had a good good good ball. Swinging Casey just. And so weren't shrink and our like oh my god what are your jealousy is through on this channel indication. Absolutely. You know the news. Dot lifeguards overt and and sort of were second and our look at them all hurt bad and the so he's just screaming. Like screaming units. Yeah I was only. What how how within days of his toenails were really rubbed the wrong way why. Longer than they need to be like him any clip your legs a month ago. So when he hits the ground and paste toenails cut the knees he's in the I didn't billiards. And had the luckily he locked out there with a sprained an area NYC area and back to camp that he was dragged out into rested trips but I'd it was forever grew and we all get together and talk about Camden back conversation. And story comes out every time. Chad has got them toenails that thousands and your brain well I will tell you a bit given WW I did did I guess I'll do di Rita Giordano listed as you go to Germany and we threw them flip flops whatever comes on our toenails trimmed now. Oh yeah I have a way and I gave. It's. You know those delegates than him. Stay on the radio. Sugar. But did Galileo what is the story they'll always be told a 44999. All their old rope swing and and long toenails. I'm like how long were they. That's I don't know that's right down stop laughing about it. There's your rightly they would have to be ridiculously long for me go hey man you need to trim. I'm gonna comment on your toes like yes it's got. Do come you don't quite different versions of totally. Hard data like you nailed it. They do offshore but some people miles you show mutations is totally years ago I think but I guess avoid some wannabe terrorist guy I. And he sends the pitcher out council's media of him with his new gunned down. And so I'm looking at the Honda miles hills just read the common threats are looked down sorry the comment and every commonplace. Damage your mute tone could come. And there and you look at the picture generally. Oh my god. Almost wanna give them on the air truly are totally don't imagine that somebody's got you know they see it and they just don't want a popular plug into how bad it's right dinner every one season I wanna pop that and did you complain to the emerald dads go to the zip it you know. It it's good it's ready to be popped and you have to go to the spectacular blow brown would only add it up you really renovated cracked a total of six. Are some weird you know me look like a problem Lincecum for a at least if you don't usually do reportedly were aren't closure I the law Horrow positive or run on your forehead you look like a cyclops just pop the three can save mantle I don't demanded us full automatic you know what's been released at this hit somebody else can pop it. I can't imagine BMI it's not even for you mouth can't imagine you really give me your feet. Clinton and you know I'm sorry I'm knows the right Els and this guy as males though you knew veterinarian to my grandfather who who hear the rest Leno when they're talking he is toenails look like would. Like petrified wood yeah they were all yellow and they look like yeah they look like they looked like woods. That's not a good thug and he's right he said for some reason I started after World War II rhetoric came back was out your right. Yeah my dad is the same thing you Inglewood. Yea cause a jungle rot from Vietnam those I would it is I don't know I think goes about excuse for not figured if it is good Meebo there's nothing in the South Pacific the company is your feet to do that or he wouldn't go on vacation. You know to me like why didn't they are often the yellow thing. If that's what did your family what does this story there will always be told a 449990. Look you're listening to the men's or radio network. Casey is you. True let's turn to police sergeant. Try to kill as an old son when he came home and realize that he had filled up is new vodka bottle with a lot of water after the utility two year old. Decided to help himself to some of that in instead of just owning up to goodie filled the about a lot of open. His dad figured it out so is dead yet had a gun and walked into the kitchen shot his a game person. A guy. And I can't act so I'm still within minutes of I'm doing out there often little little Leo over in England and he and he is a two years old. And as mama him is letting her son know all about Santa Claus and enjoy the Santa Claus bring into China she's trying to explain. What's in it knows who he is and what's gonna happen and the here's Leo's response to his mom. You can and you have war. And yeah. Our. Dropped a little nugget there mean. Our question today within your family eat you did you know give my mom me what is the story you'll always be told a 44999. Hole. How low can tire you out welcome to the men's room. So I thought wow did I say your name right at all. At constant constant like I'm constantly and pretty sure when these moments. JH why I guarantee agency IYA. I don't like him tired I just saw why concept. That concept and we got a. It's a great story great I am right now election trial many Wear a punch and without any what happens people act. Who opt. And so consistently that I ash actually college app that she lacked now tell that to people and traditions and she found an EQ you went out about four years old and we know who I am Moscow Russia is the last. I'm glad I don't know a lot about. Moscow Russia and I need to order a whole lot of black people. Aren't GE cartoons or around at all. Do you think there are now. Each. Couple more out what are they doing over there and do it why are we gonna talk to. Well I write all I Sherlock. Sure sure that have enough beds they saw blackbeard former boxing. But today the good loud black people lot of Russians that are about to lets you onetime. So anyway we are flying into you ID FK airport we are riot and I met a whole giant. Waves all the Russian people traveling in immigrating to hear you ask Shelley let's not complain they. It is how Carty you thank you I question the immigration and here strung out these forms. I'm and I'm a small child and her report bile and my parents are there is an hourly pay attention so I wander off from that. I'm Andrew Kumar who doesn't. Our room to comfortably and think yeah voices or else. I want don't aren't sure everyone I don't medics and security office and out and to talk to me. And I get a look at the security officer and apparently in my eyes and huge turnaround I start running. A bloody murder back to my parents screaming at the birds and asked. And as a welcome to America than I thought that all you can you who did it become on the million man it's so pushed it. I am embarrassed in the present aren't I GE not a straight out of our kids I'm and the whole. Old like blood rush hour right caps yelling at flapping your hat off I get my attitude is the only person Eric Elliott got by that speaks English. And a security architecture running character in front of my seems like very confused here and there is no worry about why I don't like cancer screening and I got explains I'm back I just thought that I was a troubled kid is a security officer. That I would like screaming at not that you like you to put it nanny was like okay. That's probably yeah I love those guys out of the right golf hasn't done through the book you man you know I'm an idiot maybe it is just that I'd say the driver noticed that it. Staffing. Level to Cairo yeah you know. I think yeah I. I knew someone on play time that was from the middle of nowhere in Canada. I explained very similar story that just. The guy a red nose actually a woman but it has vowed that she had it was just it blew her mind to is a good thing it's amazing this is crazy out there like. Well what room like I and then you know there's this sisters are just yet Chris Jericho total since the yeah well we don't like look man he's the cool and I believe he is not too far away from where she is front yeah he's like man when I say I lived in middle lowered Mickey you have no idea civilian incurred it's going what I remembered of the go to the states and he's like. This is black people man if there's wanna talk to all low life. Think if you like. Liberal demand to just don't do that we chosen those bore little people in his high schools that black people there are a good man like three little people won't know I do. Seen this case because I was I didn't tell you little people everything is not black people runs that we had more little people black people must rule and he ran Barbara Roland and I never went to schools one little person. No I mean I don't things about me tonight we will may do. One school one kid at one time to was real turnaround. Oh god no unless I can demand West Virginia again to Reno's those a lot more than that who is it is I mean there was there and I mean those classrooms sure I mean that's that's right that's where my drilling classrooms borrows a student assistant you know as far as just why our man because those classes are. He'd just like anything else only kid well it's it's not that suspected that West Virginia had an at that point I'm pretty antiquated school system so don't say just to be able to get one room that was wheelchair accessible. And then to make sure that that can be somehow connected to a place where he gets the cafeteria to bathrooms and all those things so. Yeah I mean it was we all have a one game of death and if if I'm and all the amenities. Let's stuff I'm trying to think. I'm the guy went to high school. Did you cookie if you're an athlete you can't be in a wheelchair. Hello I'm not go to school has more than just athletes on. But I'm like yes we do them any badly but but I did go to school three Darius is just my class. Sounds impressive yeah Hollywood and here and now he knew that dude named and no question album and I'm about smoke. I've spoken to this our automation everybody calls him smokes are that came up to why they don't smoke. Come on man can. Go ahead good display the for the labor non standard and say he was a darker brother so everybody felt a little right what I just a couple of circle of snow okay. What a great name on both that pretty good they're efforts as a go back to Chappelle. I don't think as an adult you are we gonna get done while one engine album programs smoke you OR. Did you I'm sure it's an adult for that stuff he does a good idea Faisal matter union I just canals and anger and he's. They keep calling it tiny thing that that's a good fighter. A big issue in that moment all of ever call me. 44999. Cola. Well I think this well if they didn't get picked it fellows today welcome to the men's room. Again that he credited the time. Gave them the story and I'm all of the jealous of Sarah got caught looking out dirty wet side mount about the middle school. I just uploaded my dad. Insists that the action. Does she called my dad didn't after a short conversation she turns means she goes Jay spoke college. And I go to CO LL EVG. He would call but it didn't I was caught. Re looking at college girls or what was the college thing you got it curled. I smelled and equitable but I spell where you are all these. He's an idiot and he's Ortiz took out his look at Kirstie if you can't spell college how she knew you Google in college chicks. I don't know how she came across I just remembered here in my name being called from where the room where the computer was. And canoe was college. She got how to spell. Otherwise they'd black states that Kyle what are your dad say when he got home. I've I'm sure I got a talking did years ago let. Really remembered. I was steady CO LL GGG. Did commodity at the beginning or four letter word whose job and Mr. Bush my god mom did open the that's why would say I'm a little some other way a where we're talking about that group are right by the way. Oh yes yes some bad things show you're history to brag. Be aware of what you do open. They were talking markers Jericho telling us where he grew up in high school he went to high schools more little people. The black people. This comic comes and I would school one black person and one little person. They happen to be the same person I went to school with a blank what were your general Jack does Ollie as one carry ox bow. Within their franchise in any college they want to what's what is the story that'll always be told that matter the GPA. And this has nothing do with the topic for the better part of a black little person yeah. The leasing the newest member of the globetrotters Mount Holly and they they signed sad little person he's a four there are equally out yeah cannon ball. Yes all right just a Marley yeah. Kitty downplay how tall. Easily afford thirty loud but they got something figured out where he's gonna dunk all should know he's open about it he says he would do anything that is next thing you sit down but at four foot like. He'll stand before forced her Ferrari now would he settle it's a pat what couple's room ten feet ten feet yet. Yeah so he says he's gonna don't but that is clay is that like Michael Phelps and and generates a shark. Fury like bad it's gonna happen but a you get an air you climbing up from the dude like what's gonna happen. I think this guy obviously thinks he'll he'll be able to jump that island. Now no drive me yeah I think they got to give a go on there I mean come on it is armed globe for new B also in the city yes it looked like I hope he can do much but what. What did your family what does a story you'll always be toll for Ford 9990 Le hello sunny welcome to the men's room. All. Earnhardt's. Ability generally well sir how are you. I don't see a lot of should stick something cents. Oh it's so much sorted by Aqua and I was still in all of this school there not only did he get it took over the water world. And at that time. It was still one where it really was still alive and I had a huge bearish or do you think we really so I don't see him or. All we're aid from Monroe. We actually out of me. Brother your choice of words is the area that is an 03 when I needed it. It's so. Goal and I would make it run up to the blessed to undisclosed. Can't they already huge crowd they want it and and understanding are too large to not that's still up in the and that is little. Those standing next to you. And Schindler Terri. Lulu vote won't stay and offer them. And so yeah I don't they're not like it's just skiing. And it didn't throw. Lou a heat or just started most well last year. And let it sit in the ball low. Yeah multiple. Yeah that is his kid had a good news is you knew right. That's women Maarty Leunen does bring Canada's trade and I think that's why do you think the other names that include all. Why do you think have a fetish for this this everywhere. And not getting around to the glass is the who's mayor in the water yeah exact Agilent. It really does that everything was bigger and water and a growing our magnifies. Pulled under for a short period that that. The unit did marble tablet betterment of acts within your travel backed down when I get out since when is a story you'll always be toll 44999. Nolan swimming naked is also did marry as to give them but but only liken a pool and block it because everything else like a grandma made an amount like you're good karma but no luck man upon swimmingly appeals looks like like bait. As my general philosophy announced they can do it I was miles I don't know my life one more reminder undervote. Right. There's a bigger worm it's a better meal would reap bigger fish in the last place on one of the by. Think you're safe in the late. And I don't know what it says not me I never thought about half so I noticed about me go to live up in the play like act of refunding bonds and I don't see this don't swim in the ocean and not that scary unsurprising yet Hartmann the really draws. Yeah easy thing she had huge groups that we were the most thing that other mark so they let a thousand adopt a Leo a lifetime of been more negative river. Yeah how do you remember radio and the obligatory bath even the judges in the mass you know and river yeah freezing your ass off. Taking a bath good needs to happen. Why why are you taking a bath and Brooke because if you're out camping I hope you guys aren't regularly learn my dad I don't know three or four eventually cross on reverend like our I was just get this over with my name is mapped out is that the rent on that hash tag white people stuff they had sent Andre in the river you you have the the doctor Browner. But I think he's got to make sure you got the all natural the regular soaps appoints a governor Richards biodegradable. Within your family what does the story you'll always meets only 44999. Hole he should never went to pocket. Oh boy more ordinary legitimate Duncan hole. Notre show welcome to the bedroom. I or not yeah a lot of. This is Dario are still much examined. It's so ever heard me and my friend we're Portland there are young are you on 1878. Team. I'm my house. We had it would I want to condoms. And we decided that kind of like our lights out there and eat them on our old amber our money at each other. And I Dodd want them my friend Bradley and my I. Edges arched so. And can I like it did knock me out but I got. Little would be my thestreet.com. Or opting out but what. Spalding and he. And I alert embarrassed that I don't like I hope Ali Q. She did they can and let me out pilot fine. The next day I get to work on my how I look at my car at the time he and I opened my locker. And up and economy just how much I know my locker everybody sort of a vet clinic and everybody there. But then on it now but up until only the winner. So now it's spot out I also have a a little tiny scar on my eyebrows up. What happens when you're in a position where you need to out actually use a condom is is when you tell the story. There's more ridiculous no historian I needed tell in my condoms story I was bust the guy on the stove because of the kind of who's condoms were they were they your mom's. I think there are you my friend now the mom. Are you and your friends guns. Out and you're all not. Now I got I got their way to find my daughter condoms it's going to be a lot of go to. It's almost good news I do yeah that's jazz on some level regulate things. God I guess alienate the other way man I got Obama baby and reverent and somebody who commented nobody knew group will get and I understand that. Someone that says that there's a video out there were guy uses is bone to countries that don't like no way. But what about the so most of the week I'm. Rob why did people and injured junk to catch a fish I wouldn't even have been could be used I would not do that pins. Not on the ocean not the way I've played you know though you've heard of new ruling but it's good to get that at the you're reputed might be nude right now there's another fishing guards in the sound the United States if you know about Seattle only them but many innocent it's supposed to get more than China and onto his job. What do you find the local feasibility of like the line and into six. Back. I'll see you season is right there practice it's they're Iran if they have. I but what I pay these stretch they're below yeah net and I. And I think they fall on the whole process. If you're gonna like you want for. Hope we get to Blue Hill with the within your family one is a story there will always be told a 449990. Luck although I'm or your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Bad jokes coming up email Matt Jones to the men's or amendment survived act guy meadows and away right before drink a toast with the shot of the day in the meantime our question within your family what is the story there will always be told before for a 999 old hello John welcome to the men's room. All yeah. Sorry. I would buy it I'd rather. Bigger baby there it. The game. And bell being younger brother. Outstanding eighty million advocate down when it. At our brotherhood it could split the baby sitter and have like and it helped get. Eddie now you thought he. And I tried it yet not now eventually she is just in LA. I got an arm that got quicker. At the end I hear all the about a although I have. One out in back it ought to be and brother I think you're gonna look out they could now. Gotta look back at it. Anything on fire. Let it eat into that eat out. I'm Billick or kicked open back went out shot a fire out the back court should rule. Cornerback Adam if you're gonna let it bake now and outlook on our earlier. They hit it at that and what does it. I had to drop you got Brandon I think pyro. Our brother and blackmail. Are probably. The mutt. No it felt like Eric we let you ever eight that are. Now you did I mention that I don't know did did you have other struggles through life man. Now it out. I know you look the crowd that vote at the moment I got a brick story out. I love it well the beginning of my future yeah damn thing crime. And you never saw the baby sitter again and see what happens. Ever ever start a big day again another good blackmail it beat out big plunger whatever I especially one night but in the air group. All I doubt a lot of what I do. And they actually had no doubt in my brother black belt and I got up and got very soon. And my brother and I got a lot force it. Yeah. Okay. Okay that's fantastic and explains a lot doesn't it does not happen within your family what does a story you'll always be told a 44 or 999 cola. Hello Taylor welcome to the bedroom. It's. Aren't so this took place when I was AAR. Elementary out outside playing. Back great kid usually do that. And I remember getting called in. From playing. And at the time my brother was too. He's just had a Roman upstairs playing around. Or in it is closet. There's where we just keep a bunch just random stuff from around the house. Did you two we are gonna use is called it. All my mom would get stuff out for Christmas and a bag had fallen. That might. That are so like towel rods and whatnot or there's just one tower ride. That was like a male GOP she's slid the other one and chose adjustable. Wolf the female peace the end we shark like. A giant hypodermic needle. And he managed to get that out of the bag and must play a look back. Rolled right when I come inside my mom you know was just like hey got to commit. But that's sidekick called and then all of sudden we just hear this. Scurbel scream. Pretty close I. I. We get up there and he had. It has it has now and it's done and has two year old legs are becoming just buckled what we thought it. And they didn't Tilden in the back of his. Road all the whole thing. I like little way Angie gave prepared it is not try to bat and I. Having all the power rod out of it now in his blood are they loose as she's allergic. Do you dammit so how will the did you say you were at the time. Thirteen. Tomorrow wire home and sort out yet it was your brother enough I guess he's okay. If I eat don't even know holes that it did happen which Carter as a joke or go to school. A lot about these. OK. Okay how. Good that I laugh at. You can hide and I and it doesn't sorghum and on and on it. Within your family has a story you'll always be solely for Ford 9990. He said. You can't be tough feat when you see you too old brother girl that. I don't know that I can look tough watching a two year old didn't paled in any time and remember your brother Allen at small child does not to have them Graham thought. Yeah right. Your brilliance. Hello Kimberley welcome to the men's room. I its. Okay stuck up earlier I got disconnected ally back to sound like you do this anymore. The story that you. Eli is all about that Tony that. I had a brother I would sign your soda do you like. Weather around that creek is Larry I can't take all our guys are really did it at. Digging your own out gamut from the Internet and I thought it got on Yahoo! messenger and up into the gap from. They area that I would come back and let Kenya. We exchanged names earlier on him he looked and created it military and you know how important. You are likely you're pretty hot do you like you're cheat yourself an act if they lie. And I would like the chill at saint you know a little trauma called out on my day your heart like durst that I like. Silent thank. I'd rather it SA and urged the same at your dad and it like that they. You didn't iron April urged middle class and I'm like I'll do my brother. But who am I. Brothers fox I mean. How do you land though so I'm able wants the nice words thank god you're not from West Virginia to bring this stereotype even worse you know I got really cannot let you are not bad my bad did you guys just walking into it to you hit it. The jury I can't I can't let. Art MLS I'm in the trying days. Your hot brother. Yeah. Yeah. That. And support you've never met the brother. No I ain't my dad coming out. Had a brother and. You know it's a small town but he actually gonna tell me that border are counting. And I actually went to the courthouse and the guy that you live in an app. Permit information and actually didn't hit me and I search can now what are they you know Mehdi Emily loves contact. Am ready again a couple of years later in the end that's come up our act together yes. It's typical busy it's crazy but he clearly looks like exactly like my dad. Now despite the years went down you from voter aquae. Arianna. I'll Charleston and then that's a big Littleton. The man and hopefully. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.