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Monday, September 17th


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I'm men's room legacy can. You what you're not seeing here is real. So this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Lord and invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. This is the so we're OK you know they say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. It's. Oh yeah. As that number 21 2016. Until number 2517. And hello Steve the pro hill. These kids and my car. As soon as our fundamental. Yeah today historian Doug is big check I'm. Featuring a very teeny tiny amount guy also Akira outbid seal. And every loss from ten vs the FCC. Obama says your biggest blue oyster cult plus headlines and it's in shot of the day but embolism or emails and everyone's favorite TV time materially clans rooted arterial men's as McDonald's after realizing the extra value meal cost more. Then buying each item on their own. Meanwhile more people left Illinois last year than any other states to call another one home. Donald Trump proclaims that if the popular vote mattered he'd of won that too little too. It's snowing in the league semi arid desert again today but that climate change is all a bunch of who heads our final show near bitches so thank you. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the mantras. Here's a question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. Includes good day to you and yours in case you didn't know today. Is our last days. Important surge in June June. So amazingly like we do every year we're gonna go back and review are more. Memorable moments of the last year and I'm gonna be dead honest I personally have no idea. What we have wind up for you a little more miles is a Joseph parent I knew that was coming. TDs and mouth guy because he's kinda like we were kids that are rock and roll all night. It's just he's gonna show her retirement also Akira. Man it's also the monopoly cure a I apologize that we can't play the un edited interview middleman. Quite a mouth on her for over. But in no way I'd you're gonna you're well the buzz the ball we had in 2016. So I can I guarantee you that will be a good thing. But it will be any thing so if you're new to the show sit back in judge for yourself. If you don't waste your time and if you really listen Joe's for Joseph blow outs got a morals and so lazy dumb. Children of all ages as we discovered was last year we present. The bedroom 20s16. Year ended spectacular. Can be tough closest okay go ahead and do what you complain now called dual six core two and rock there's no other way really career goal show the this is say that's terrible or high season you know you don't we don't know this is what we did you listen and listen thank god. That's Sox look we're sorry John but you gotta we make it can reach out onto little 220 well that's what else do we journal and a total of 999 KI SW endowments are live take 77999. Today and that's in your emails to the men's or women's in my back comes we will do emails and birthdays and all that stuff on the horse busy endowed by year's spectacular. So the best of 2016 next now. Actor in the men's room in years the last June. Rob do you like to let live resorts casino 99.9. KI ESW. So many highlights how would you edit Darrell. How how the hell when I know I don't listen. I'm Allison got you gotta start reviewing officer here goes again Mueller was really knew before today this is not a review this is a winner title this is what they are more similar to the segments are titled cat takes a dump. All right I intrusive and I'm caller of the year last year and it. Feel like Karen Weingarten says they're only tell when he I don't remember what that is I want what are we gonna play back a little Vince Neil. Also a curator who to be quite onto a player coming appear and a little bit but she. Normally we don't do the adult entertainment world we did back in the day will work for CBS sure we would give more which was my guess fun for us. Certain people into thinking he's not mean. Amid my heroes so I was at Thomas highlights there she was sure and was no longer with the jackass of the boy. We got from bio hazard India. Cause I just the first person I ever saw with the actual little dog yeah generals or left and we take for granted now nobody used to just be rich women. Now it's all when you think Iran and I were the runner up dead serious your but I liked that I get it I like little dogs do which is funny like. I'll think I'll match and that's a real purse dog while you more effort here we've got to but he is black people I don't know goddamn truth. He is clearly linked together because they please. At least it's of any incredibly only since he added these aid you've talked very well there which are both black guys are very. A mother and her the night. If that's un an onslaught and a super racist towards black you'll bowl marketable. I'll tell you one of the ones unlike so I'll sometimes I'm like that there might seem like they don't. I. Don't know I don't like as he puts his wallet in his front pocket and so. Also a few houses in order to also hear I feel for minors and out there at the end. We talked to her unfortunately we we said look we're and this one also one of the few interviews that we take. Similar because we had to get past hair club and all the we had to make sure that the top brass who's gonna call rules we want we want to ask certain questions about the book and she goes into detail about things we well look here's the thing not on another problem is. Morals brought a lot of balls and Graham what's his name also and our balls and awkward girl walks a few expect I think mostly we were just look Urquhart soon put out a book and we listen and are good and and Bob miles made the mistake of Reading a passage former muggy heat heat and saying we want to ask her about. And the balls there's almost fainted what you. If you you can ask you the most of those Illinois are so. He made those recorded this. Still look if you insist on asking about this particular thing that hat right on the set. You you must we can but but we were able to ask these questions we. I didn't really do the interview that's. Wanna do an interview. But he got it a little eyes that this is the perfect example of us during an interview yeah just for us. No no reason that we did B but this is truly are there way we'll play our secure and anonymous silo. Got to replaced anytime I'm out get out guy one of the greats of all time up panties. Through holds up fort Koehler is another one at Joseph Perry unfortunately. White OJ Simpson we've got to sit and spin no one about a wanted this year shaman ninja. Shares on the length of the Chucky cheese party that is all commercial if they as we do our. It ended here spectacular so why as also he's Akira hot stuff is on the way if it's not as SARS it's just it's just sit back and enjoy it is miles to lament dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle. Men's room returns this last gen grouchy. Resort casino on medi nine point nine KI DSW. I had our end here spectacular we'll. Now they've warrior for the year that is a 2016 all right again this is Illinois stuff and see if I can try to figure what the hell that is what's Anna Mae and adequate taught this is are you ready for this yeah. OK you know figure this out. Also a cure okay yeah are remembering that our guys sharp today Bryant so they're not onboard. Oh we were initially not gonna do this interview then we have told not to and then we said let's just do it in mobile tape it and we'll see how it turns out. The problem was was she as a book and you hero this OK but. There was some very specific things in the book that she talked about as far as her adult. Film career and some interesting things that happened during culminating start really poorly and we we said look we really compare tasker these important questions. That are important us. We need Julianne that's. Should demand Internet should decide what happened in the book and get released later situation but truly a fascinating thing we just wanted to knows of those interviewed sadly an and I think I'd say the some have bombs. We introduced senator for you that's what's been done so much darkness was purely just all right and warnings. Oh a little bit of it is that edited unfortunately we did but we're gonna go back in time in the outplay you love this lovely interview only one and only Assad right here. The Angel. Adult film star also Akira. Era adult film star television holes director author thank you Colin how you heard about I'm great. How are you are doing god animated television ordeal hosting what was a TV show. Well back in the dating you hosted in you step in and where the host of other sex factor. Yeah a couple of things how we rapped on the first even affects actor at the last episode finally Harry and where are gearing up for humans can now. And track so you so it for a change you get a television show that actually lasts a couple of seasons. Most of the time it's it's one and done you know. I want. I don't think you're the television thing curt said yeah I think it was more like an intern a certain what we'd like to pay dividends a television show on our computer before. Also this is your second book. And I gotta tell you it's. It's very personal and it's very real you don't hold anything back into. And I don't you do old self back people mind anyone know. I think people wish I had held back a little. Well you know like I could see it's. Seemed to me like that as far as your life obviously you started in the business when you're nineteen years old. You watched Howard Stern Ron upper listen tumor whatever and then you you ended up as a regular. On nub Bubba the love sponge and his showdown in Tampa and and were in radio so. Does this kind of cool to hear a story where some famous in more ways they get famous is is through radio. You know I mean yeah I I've always been a huge fan of parity on very light on what I know now when you look at a dog. He's the pummel him we had argued that receive about 9000 look startlingly like whatever the image above which you mean the other breed a busy morning Nadia Beagle way or in a plug away. He's I mean he he just looks like a creature we think he's decent look like he does go through your trash canned stuff does he have those features have been a legal. He does yet he's definitely a hound and outlet and is he any underwear or Jeanne crotch is loved underwear. Makes a year though that her place most manner and I. Yeah it's just if you cannot do dogs are little more specific though I don't just don't you know as a human being. We try to resemblance on hold of somebody you dogs is skewed to the point. I talked to don't ask don't hide anything. Us they care Oz I got passed a Yuri and eats up your idol that your parents your parents Japanese and you've you've got some time in the and Japan as as a kid growing up and you move back to New York. Do you have that international. Like just in Japan are you huge jurors Ernie plays around the world re kind of surprised where your fans come from. Com you should I don't like sometimes I look at my social media like analytics and stuff and I see that I have. And everywhere but not so much and Japan that is weird isn't like Debbie Rowe pixelated and they like natural. I had fake I'm daylight they're women a little bit more subdued. And I'm very glad it's. Yeah like I'm really submissive but I'm allowed that he. And that's what I am I. I want to I can do want to feel like you're just an enemy of the consortium. You just had to Wear White Sox and regulate. I'm glad he'll choose not sharp here aren't wipes actually just White Sox again on must you can be wearing the wrong thoughtful and it's time to thank you used to penetrate and ultimately I I don't know rear can take golf is that's got a tough. Hoss I get asked as far as the the book is concerned and this is Justin this is just this is just a great story I thought it there's a and tell these guys because they don't they they'd they didn't check book I took it home where a lot of compromises aren't tough tough but that you get on the plane ride in there's a guy that you find attractive and he got to give Joseph look and you realize that this guy is in a wheelchair and just to get up from there and tell them exactly what happened on the flight. Well actually he tweeted me and he was a fan and I and I looked couldn't cope violent father I had recognized him he was wearing a gray gritty and both his Twitter profile. And on the plane and I'm like such a sucker for a great idea. Well I mean I don't ask yourself if you think I'm ready. I don't buy that story is a good idea you would think yeah yeah. And good. So I I noticed him in the yeah I would just like one of those moments where like so I'm married now. And were outside of work where it's totally monogamous you know we don't sleep with other people and it was just the moment but like I I mean it it happens a lot means I hit com you know where I'm like oh my god is with the moment I'm Munich sheets like a good a guy and an. She lived and that I mean I don't wanna give away any player Laird Taipei. They act like the whole chapters of basically about this one time I was contemplating cheating on hold the. That's a joke that was on the play but how close did you come to places like this the play an entire life we'd just. The entire plane dry aid the ride home. And then I mean pretty much a unit I got home I was snaps back in reality TDs. I had an idea that he have any idea will. Yeah had a 100% I mean we he was very very forward. And and and you know the of course they're acting like I had never slept with someone in a meal our. And you know I. Will join the club he exciting to me like I loved. Trying new things I love like experience things you think sexually and that's something I had never done and I'm still very much intrigued by it. Well so you buy a gray hoodie she's. But I do duels but I'll say I was so get your book you were flipping through and it won't ponies things are balks walks him. And I'll also knew you were. Instantly they're trying to backtrack of grew like really managed well okay. Our top relate look at environment yet but the first thing we read in the book and we're dying of laughter in the office and your birds Franken very candid but. Miles over the book and first thing is the more bold. Yeah. It's. Oh yeah and we look multiple ones maybe yeah well it's happened to me twice the I don't even think I learned my lesson and error when did you know if someone wants me right now where is that Shaq. And told me to put a probably get and how much is Jack how much would it talks. A lot of. Well I would be my solo masturbation heard ain't too I have different rigs for us. How did great every fax back do you have any nieces and nephews do you just give marbles to a holiday. In my defense that wasn't just any old marble elated. Yeah. We're all different route exists for everyone I mean when you first get into foreign that you can't charge you know the premium. Because you're not known you wanna get your name out there. On figure it. You know you're not really. Like at that level yet but and you know once you become a name and you're a name that companies can sell sure. And then that's when you can charge more and liken yeah. For example is you know can be up to like two or three times as much as your room. It's expensive thing. I am now compared. Yeah yeah. If you want yeah. What are the most like what are the different things and then like what's the most experts of the new term for what's the least excellence and sought by someone I barely have any money. What's the least expensive thing. The least expensive thing it probably a photo shoot a gun. That they're not a lot of money and photos are just because like the magazine fitness and diet myth. So. The top of the mountain. Arm. Probably I was struck mental surprise in the book also that there's a shot that some guys do and they put their yeah. What is that all about it really rare though I mean I don't wanna make it seem like that's the Norm Ornstein a lot of red I had that's the norm okay. Looks like they're all on. I was convinced of that but I'm glad you're you say it's ugly out a 100% like it found some form public whether it be biography Alice there what ever. No they all definitely take some kind of enhancement. Does that does that make I'm impressed with the old school guys in the day. Yeah I definitely a lot of the world of the Ron Jeremy is in the world of the guys he just had to use two or three takes and just you know. That's definitely really impressive I mean even win the buyout gala it's still impressive because like. Maggert Alec it's not gonna give you looking into him. Yeah. Yeah you know you don't. It be a male performer is not an easy job like IE. I like to think of myself as a fairly factual person and I'm pretty you know I don't know about like we that would not always McCain like sometimes you're working with a woman who you're totally not attracted Kia she does not want to be there. You know Blake. You're having a bad day like there are a lot of things can go wrong and so even even with the Viagra it's not an easy job. Our editorial on Syria we really appreciate you take the time to talk to assume that any time era in Seattle would love to have you on the show it's dirty thirty or more so much all right Gaza thank you. Look at luckily our secure there and I get a multiple times and I'll stick within your body is great Moody's. She says damn amends and resolute and learn how to all that red eye. Say she's not like my usual wake go to kind of for Ford store. But she was like so got a light hearted and funny that you knew you mean they went on once overstuffed well back. And it has been a fighter hospital ward if if if if as a few extra hits that day out and I'm sure should it be lovely also hear there it's are in the near spectacular still to come Joseph Perry teeny tiny mouth guy. A Vince Neil and every loss from Ted vs the FCC it's miles Solomon dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle.